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MGQ Chapter 3 Update

December 2, 2012

New preview images up on the main site:  . He uses the same imagenames as the previous ones, so you may need to force a page reload to see it if you have the old images cached.


Looks like Loli-alice is going to be the solution as to why Luka has to fight alone (Probably gets sealed into that form). Also looks like Chrome is back!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Top right looks an awful lot like Lily.

    • ryu permalink

      I noticed too. The idea that crossed my mind is that some of the characters who were dead in the previous chapters may come back to life in angelic form… just saying.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    so excited, thanks for being here for us.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, I probably wouldn’t even notice that, since I am blind.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Loli Alice is pretty cute. That would explain the problem they’d have in not having her fight while being that powerful.

    Still, going to be one heck of a wait simply for this third part to come out.

  5. Dracon permalink

    Looks like the Sister Lamia is back. I wondered why she was there, but not it looks like she is a Chekhov’s gun. Hope that means she has an important plot point.

    • Dracon permalink

      *Um, remove the not. I wish I was allowed to edit my post.*

    • Anonymous permalink

      Remember, Sister Lamia is a monster nun who is devoted to Ilias. Because Luca is against Ilias, so Sister Lamia see Luca as a enemy.

  6. Softicedragon permalink

    Any informations how many plant/insects monsters are included now? They arent my fav monsters and mgq2 was full of them. =( I hope this time there’re more animal or hybrid monster ladies there. =)

    • I hope so too. I’m worried about the chimeras and robots :/

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Looks really good. I can´t wait for it.

    On another note, how is marunomi going rogue?

  8. Anonymous IV permalink

    mmmm looking good… cant wait to play this ^.^

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Ah, more big-tittied lolies by Arekishi <3

  10. Anonymous permalink


  11. CMrC permalink

    Anyway now i can say that there is atleast one “new design” chimera that doesn’t creep me out (Atleast not as much as the previous ones^^).
    And yea i’d say the top right one is Lily. I just hope that they came up with a better explenation than “we changed they guy who drew her” to explain the design change (not speaking about shapes, that’s something u would expect from a powerup but about colors: i’m not an expert so i can’t figure the details but i rlly feel that something is not right)

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you’re talking about the picture where Luka is being binded, I don’t think it’s Lily.
      The name of the monster talking seems to be Lucia (well, it’s written Rushia)

      • CMrC permalink

        True, now that u mention it… I got confused with the rucia of VH2 and tought that it was ruka speaking :P.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    glad to see you are alive rogue.

  13. Some random MGQ fan permalink

    is loli Alice maybe a flashback? what bothers me is the black&white Alice picture. PLEASE DON’T LET HER DIE OR LOSE HER MEMORIES (remember that Erubetie can revert age along with memories)

    • Kyon permalink

      She was probably sealed and depowered from saving the rest of the Heavenly knights. Promestein was working on a way to seal Alice. Normally, she would have been turned into a snake but as the monster lord or more importantly The Strongest monsterlord since The founder Black Alice she reverted to child form.

      • Anonymous permalink

        GOD DAMMIT, they will pay for taking away my hora time!

      • Sherryingford Hope permalink

        Black Alice isn’t the founder, she’s the VIII

  14. Anonymous permalink


  15. Lunaris permalink

    Wonder what will happen when Luka returns to Enrika and finds out more about his mother and stuff.
    You know, when he first visited Enrika the woman recognized him as Luka because of his mother’s ring, and turned him away, saying something about the time not being right yet? Yeah.

    • Kyon permalink

      Some of Luka’s powers when he is asleep are synomynous with Lucifer. Heavenly demon. DayStar all names of the fallen angel Lucifer. He may be on a level of power greater than the Illias and black Alice combined

  16. Darg permalink

    Exciting stuff, can’t wait to see it all come together. Glad to see you are still here rouge.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Any given reason for the expanded update instead of the same two monster preview? Is this the end of preview content or some kind of notable point in development?

    And I like most of the cute lolis, but I really hope we don’t have to go all of MGQ3 without Alice’s chest. The game would be missing something big… very big.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I agree with you. I like the design for small alice but I prefer the actual Alice.
      I guess it’s the effect of playing the game for god knows how many time already.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Mermaid princess? Loli Angel? SWEET!

    • 光闇 permalink

      Quintuplet loli angels!

      • CMrC permalink

        I’d say more dwarf than loli coz the physical traits are that of an adult, but with small bodies

        • Anonymous permalink

          loli doesn’t necessarily mean it “must” be flat-chested.

          • CMrC permalink

            Well not necessarily flat but not that big either, and that kind of design… i rlly dont feel like i can call it loli

    • Anonymous permalink

      Those angels all look like Astrea (I think thats her name) from Heaven’s Lost Property!

  19. 光闇 permalink

    Looks amazing. Let’s hope that a trial version is released before 2013! Ho ho ho…

  20. niki permalink

    this is only a trilogy right? this will close (most)the unanswered questions right? i know the chance for another expansion is exiting and all, but the cliff hanger of part 2 is killing me and i don’t think i can wait a year for another one.

  21. anon permalink

    was that 8 lose scenes for one of them?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      No that was 8 bukake scenes many MGQ Girls have lots of cum shot pics but some don’t even use all of them.

  22. someguy permalink

    this is gonna be one hell of a sequel to translate i can already feel it rogue

  23. Anonymous permalink

    WOOHOO! Let it rein.

  24. Fateburn permalink

    Haha, i prefer the Original Alice, but this form is okay too…Looks like the Shitenno are helping out too?
    And did i just see a Chimera Promestein? XD (last pic on the bottom right[not the monster book entries]) Looks amazing, can’t wait!
    And i wonder, when you get defeated, is it Illias or is like Alice going to be there to patronize you?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I really wish the developer would create a version skipping the useless normal everyday monster H-scenes but keeps Alice’s, I really want to know what happens with the story.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can’t, if it’s your first time. That’s the point of losing, you have to get punished at least once. ^^’

    • Anonymous permalink

      Part of the story is to be punished by the monster. Hell, it’s on the title. XD
      but I agree that the story is awesome though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Part of the point of the game is to be punished by the monster girls. Hell, it’s even on the title.
      But I agree with you that the story is awesome.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just play on normal. Very few of the random monsters can beat you unless you’re trying to lose (which is the whole point, but to each their own.) The combat system isn’t exactly complicated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’d like to see the whole thing remade with higher production values at some point. Some of the art was a bit sub-par.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Could anyone possibly translate the text that is on the new images?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    I want to be raeped by loli alice. NOW.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Holy shit I am the hypest mother fucking on Sesamee street right now

    • Anonymous permalink

      I dont know why but I imagined Elmo playing this game all of a sudden, you’re not elmo are you?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Haven’t you read the news? Elmo is a pedophile, not into monster girls. Well, just his voice actor. Also, those “boys” he molested were really teenagers.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    OMG cant wait !!!!

  30. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    One of the screenshots looks like it has 9900 hp, and 12 sp.
    I wonder if hp stat progression is accelerated, since Luka has 1600hp and 10sp at the end of part 2,
    and always gainned one sp increase every seventh level, indicating that screenshot is from around level 77-84.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s 2200 HP

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        That’s far more reasonable. The resolution is so low it is hard to read.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    I’m guessing something happens to Alice or she has to leave you for whatever reason and that black-haired succubus is your new travel partner, considering she has all of those H-scenes and no fight options (assuming, since I can’t read Japanese)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait I take that back… I think those are just different variations on her sprite… lol nevermind me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Quite a wild conclusions in here…

  32. kana-art permalink

    OH! some caracter is come back.

    I like sister lamia.

    • CMrC permalink

      She was sure to come back, they already posted that picture quite a lot of time ago

  33. That loli angel Mariel? is concern me the most.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, can you please translate the pink text on pictures? Thanks

    • Anonymous permalink

      The pink texts are all promotion thing. It’s nothing related to story.
      Like the cg is a lot, the monmusume is using pleasure attacks, etc etc.

      It’s what’s featured inside. a lot of the word rape. I think you got the point. XD

      • Oh and I think it states the game has over 60 monsters, but he admits on his twitter he’s just copy pasted that from the earlier chapters and that it should be around 80. At least this is what I gather from google translate :)

  35. Anonymous permalink

    I heard they had to change story and turn Alice into loli because Kenko cross doesn’t want to draw CGs for part 3. And it is also the reason why it takes so much time to release the final part
    Is it true? If so I’m platinum mad ;(

    • Anonymous permalink

      Where did you hear that from? Why would kenkou refuse? Goddamnit internet.

      • I would love for jingai modoki to do the loli alice but I guess that ain’t happening

        • Anonymous permalink

          I think the one doing loli alice is actually jingai modoki. your wish becomes reality?



          It’s a question that appeared yesterday I think. torotoro answered that Loli alice is done by Jingai modoki.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Hell yes!! Jingai modoki’s lolis are the best!!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Kenkou has been very much of an ass over the past year, half-understandably. The fansite for the Monster Girl Encyclopedia came under fire itself from the artist after a quasi-racist “joke” on the forum and is now being very tight on owned material. If Kenkou threatens to shut down a main fansite forum unless a particular forum member is banned for good, I wouldn’t see it out of place for the same artist to get grouchy over content supplied for MGQ.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Never heard of this so it just sounds like someone is trolling you personally. The game didn’t take longer or shorter than the previous versions of the game and the release date for it really hasn’t been shortened or extended at all so most of it is simply hysteria.

      Simple Hysteria. The game will release most likely on schedule in the first quarter of 2013.

    • AnonA permalink

      Whoever you heard that from is full of crap.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Should I just write here if I want to tell rogue about the translations? I don’t see any e-mail or anything like that.

    Well, rogue, I know you are not interested in making small changes to translations (from your readme) so I’ll just put the biggest one. When I replay the Japanese version:

    (Spoiler) – I don’t think it is spoiler but to avoid people getting angry
    I realize that Alice’s dialogue in plansect village (when the event is over) should be “unlike me” instead of “me too”

    It’s kinda vague to say it like this but I don’t want to spoil it for people that haven’t played it so yeah sorry for not being specific. I just think it is clearer and conveys future events better. anyway, that’s what she actually said in japanese.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    A.. queen mermaid is in one of the images. Is that the one from the legend?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, it was said in the second Mermaid Bar (I think), that the mermaid queen hates humans, so I think it’s not her…

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        why not, Ilias is wiping out humans/enslaving them, and black alice has recruited all the monsters with grudges against humans, like the red-ribbon wearing shirohebi. So why wouldn’t the Queen Mermaid participate in Ilias’ war.

        • Anonymous permalink

          No no, that probably IS the Queen Mermaid… However, she’s probably not the mermaid from the legend of Port Natalia (you know, the one who gave his blood to her lover)

          • thenobleshade permalink

            The mermaid in Sabasa said that the queen holds humans in contempt, so it’s likely the Mermaid queen.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            the name says mermaid queen. spelt ku-i-dash-n.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Did just anyone curious about a “mystery lamia” ??
    did you even remember this character ?
    if not. it’s pity for her

    • Anonymous permalink

      That character is only there as a comic relief and to advance the story when the author got lazy.

      At least that’s how I see her.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Are there any new pics on the left? As in where they usually appear every 2 months under NEW!? Or are the pictures on the right the only new update?

  40. Anonymous permalink

    So stoked about Chrome.

  41. Imoutocon permalink

    Where is chrome, i cant see her anywhere.

    • Anonymous permalink

      • Imoutocon permalink

        Ohhh i see it now. careless of me. she looks more of a lady to me than a loli now if i take a closer look.

  42. Softicedragon permalink

    Look on the first picture on the left with the purple japanese text and you can see chrome. =)

  43. Anonymous permalink

    I’m gonna be sad when this game finally comes out and there are no more MGQs to release. Hopefully future games will continue to be awesome and Rogue (or some altruistic soul) will keep translating them, but we’ll see how it goes I guess.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Fuck yeah, there’s another succubi! My favorite. :D

  45. Ido permalink

    O.M.God(not Godness :) )
    a loli alice…Wtf

  46. Kusojijii permalink

    If there are h-scenes featuring loli Alice…
    …I’ll cry with sorrow.

  47. pokemonfan6080 permalink

    hello Rouge im wondering if youbcan share with me the tools you used to translate MGQ and MGQ 2 i want to translate it to spanish i made translate almost all of the ending in spanish with spin off stories you can download it from my video on youtube named “monster girl quest 2 final español” so im not a n00b you can send me a pm to my account with the link to the tools you used to translate monster girl quest, im awaiting your response thanks in advance.

    if you find errors in this message its because im not very good at writing in english.

  48. thenobleshade permalink

    I just looked at the official site and it looks like there is going to book of some sort detailing what happened to Nanabi, the Crab Girl, and Emily after their battles with Luka. I hope it gets translated; I especially want to know what happened with Nanabi, I kinda like her for some reason.

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Emily got eaten by Cassandra, so I’d think what happened is she died… -_-

      • thenobleshade permalink

        I know that, but it seems this book might say otherwise.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So “Monmusu Quest – Beyond The End” is book that tells us what happened to every monster girl in game. Cool, I’m waiting for it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I hope it gets translated too. Emily is probably one of my favorite GOR scenes, just because of her personality and the way she plays with you.

  49. Malcanthet permalink

    Torotoro has been busy!

    That anime listing (which you can find streaming easily) has its screenplay written by the creator of Monster Girl Quest. The ‘spider girl’ is the main monster girl in this and.. the entire premise is interesting. I don’t want to spoil the single episode of it, but it’s a good watch for MGQ fans.

    • 光闇 permalink

      Very awesome! Was the old man’s monster girl a slime? It was hard to tell when you could only see a small portion of a tentacle pushing his tea out for him. It was extremely well-done, anyway. A great watch for MGQ fans, indeed!

    • AnonA permalink

      wow I didn’t know he did this.

    • Kusojijii permalink

      This– erk– what the FUCK–


      …well THAT was quite the departure from what I was expecting…

    • 0_0

      Dat ending. Curse you morals! Why must you torment me so!

    • Anonymous permalink

      That ending made me sad :<

      • CMrC permalink

        Yeah, that was rlly sad, and also made me feel a little (a lot) angered to the spidergirl

  50. Anonymous permalink

    I hope they bring back the 4 bandits form part 1

    • gpyei permalink

      they will probably be mentioned at the end when there’s peace between humans and monsters.

  51. Sav-kun permalink

    Hey GenocideHeart! I just got done reading your latest chapter and it’s a great read as always! I don’t know if your reading this, but might you have Luka fight the doppelganger in the wayyy later chapters? I like quirky battles like that.

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Hmm, I might do it. I actually HAVE Doppelgangers as a race in my fic (and their Queen is severely broken, to boot, due to exactly how her power works), so it’d be pretty easy to fit her in.

      By the way, if anyone here wants to contact me for feedback or suggestions about my fic, my email is rb3_genocideheart AT yahoo DOT com. Just a heads up. I do have a basic plot firmly set, but am always open to ideas.

      • Sav-kun permalink

        Wow. I’m getting the shivers as to how their meeting will play out! Battling an older, Fem-Luka is pretty cool. And hot. I think I’ll replay the battle again right now… That bgm it has playing during the really amps up the excitement!

        By the way, out of curiosity, would you also include in your fic those things that Luka picks up along the way? Like that genie’s lamp, that acorn from the faeries or that bell from the nekomata? Granted, we still don’t know it’s true value (and MGQ still hasn’t been released) since they were fused together by… was it an alraune queen? Then with the hero’s symbol… Maybe it unlocks a special scene in the final installment because you may not receive the above mentioned items if you handled their conversations like a blood knight…

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Alraune Priestess. And I do plan to use those trinkets, though not in the way you may think.

          With that said, the story pretty much takes a turn of its own starting, oh… pretty much next chapter, and completely goes its own way around Lady’s Village, so you have plenty to look forward to.

          • Sav-kun permalink

            I’ll be twiddling my thumbs till next update then! Here’s hoping Luka convinces Emily to tone it down and find a new perspective… I feel that she had a chance to change in canon if only she was given more time before being reintegrated by Cassandra…

            On another note, if you check Totoro’s website, the second picture… is that a book containing side stories around the monster girls that Luka met? The one in the upper left is Emily, yeah?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Does Luka get butt raped!?

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            @Sav-kun: Unfortunately, things don’t go well for Emily. On the other hand, they go even worse for Cassandra. That’s all I’ll say.

            @Anonymous: No! :-p Although, later on, he just might take Alma Elma up on that famous offer she made to him on the ship. :-p

          • Sav-kun permalink

            While it is a bit sad that the hapless Emily won’t have a favorable end, but the silver lining is that Cassandra will be get hers soon after. And other inhabitants of that village.

            …I seem to have an unfortunate bias regarding a village full of carnivores that preys on other sentient beings… humans specifically.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            For Luka the problem isn’t that they’re carnivores – if you note from Chapter 10, he does understand some monsters simply eat humans because they’re part of their diet. His problem comes when monsters just plain enjoy eating humans, or worse – like in Lady’s Village’s case – do it simply because they can, not because they’re hungry.

            If a man-eating monster is hungry, Luka would rather prefer she doesn’t eat a human that she happens across., but he understands she has to eat too, and if the hunger’s too strong, then she has the right to seek out food as well – even if it happens to be a human. But singling out, hunting down and eating humans simply because you can and you enjoy doing it? That’s about as OK in his book as humans hunting down and torturing monsters to death because they can. Which is to say, not OK at all.

          • Sav-kun permalink

            Mhm, that’s what I also though what Luka’s view would be from what I gather from his interaction with Lamaia in the latest chapter.

            I suppose that the higher the level the monster, the more confident, those of the vore persuation seem to be instinctual sadists… Not that most other monsters would be different, but they’ll mostly drain you of your semen not your life (eh, they can do both at the same time though) like food for survival or reproduction.

            Most of the types that are carnivorous and take joy in predation seem to be plant types from what I remember from the game like the Canaan sisters to name a few..?

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            The Canaan sisters just plain enjoy killing, I’d say. They indiscriminately eat monster and human, simply because they can.

            That said, insect and arachnid types can be pretty ruthless too.

          • YAYY permalink

            Say, it sounds like you’ve written a lot. Could you tell me where I can find your stories?

        • CWK permalink

          WHAT? Fem-Luka? GenocideHeart has a fic? Battles? WHERE?

          • CWK permalink

            ok nvm… i found it. now i’m HOOKED!

  52. Ido permalink

    The first final part of my free-book of this game(exscuse me but is only in italian)
    • Capitolo 1 L’incontro tra Luka e Ido con Alice

    Questa storia avvenne in un altro universo più di mille anni fa(durante il periodo 1000 A.I.), se me lo chiedete questa storia mi è stata tramandata da Ido in persona e da sua moglie, mi dispiace di non potervi dare più informazioni e solo che ne andrebbe ha scapito della storia.
    Storia in generale(dalla biblioteca reale)
    Ci troviamo sul pianeta Eden, un pianeta meraviglioso, dove la magia trabocca da ogni parte; su questo pianeta però gli uomini non hanno pace… essi sono sotto continui attacchi di esseri per metà uomini e metà mostri, che non avendo la controparte maschile sul quel pianeta, dovevano costantemente fare razzie di uomini; per fortuna loro, gli uomini erano deboli in confronto ha loro, quasi patetici… per loro sfortuna esistevano gli eroi! Umani che costantemente riuscivano ha proteggere ed ha respingere le orde di tali esseri mostruosi e che con il favore della vera e unica Dea Illias facevano regnare la pace; una cosa però successe più di 60 anni fa, che una piccola cittadina chiamata Remina e guidata da una persona chiamata Zero era riuscita ha creare una perfetta coesistenza con tali persone, essa ebbe talmente tanto successo che il 15° Monster Lord andò ha farci visita!!! La cosa ancora più incredibile dice uno dei frammenti dei diari ritrovati e che lo stesso Moster Lord con sua figlia, ne rimanne stupita dalla tolleranza degli umani verso i monster girl, essa era arrivata ha tal punto che tutti si rivolgevano alle monster girl con il termine “mythos”, in segno di rispetto; una sciagura avvene però trenta anni fa, Remina all’improvviso smise di comunicare con l’esterno, essendo una città estremamente importante(sia economicamente che politicamente) con più di mille abitanti(fra mythos e umani) furono subito inviate delle delegazioni di ricerca per capire cosa era successo… solo pochi uomini tornarono, e tutti dicevano la stessa cosa: “Remina non esiste più, è stata distrutta da dei mostri…”, ogni volta che gli uomini finivano di parlare morivano al suolo stremati, come se cio che avessero visto gli demolisse lo spirito fino ad ucciderlo… e cosi fini la storia di una delle più grandi città esistenti, ma il suo messaggio si era insediato più o meno profondamente nel mondo di Eden, per esempio i tolleranti umani chiamano ancora mythos le monster girl, altri collaboravano più o meno proficuamente con i mythos, altri… altri li odiavano… ha tal punto di creare una associazione chiamata Ilias Kreuz, essa si narra che fu la causa della distruzione di Remina… si narra, solo questo si narra.

    “E il mio compleanno” penso Luka, “è Giunto finalmente il giorno!!!”; Luka era un abitante nato ad Illiasburg, una piccola cittadina ha Sud di Eden, viveva nella vecchia casa dei suoi genitori con suo fratello maggiore Ido, anche se lui molto spesso stava nella sua casa personale vicino al bosco.
    Nella sua cultura al compimento del 18° anno di età ogni persona scelta dalla Dea Ilias poteva diventare un eroe, lui fortunatamente era stato scelto un mese addietro tramite un sogno; all’inizio era eccitato ma poi appena ne aveva parlato con suo fratello Ido che ne resto shock atto si fece venire dei dubbi. In quel momento ripenso al giorno in cui si sveglio di colpo è si getto in camera di suo fratello, appena Ido ancora intontito capii quello che stava dicendo il suo farfugliante fratellino Ido gli disse corrucciando la fronte: “Cosa un eroe??? Aspetta ma sei proprio sicuro di volerlo fare?”, Luka ancora emozionatissimo disse: “Si! Si! Voglio diventare un eroe!!! Sai bene che è il mio sogno da quanto i miei sono morti!!!”, Ido sbuffando disse tristemente: “Va bene, va bene…ma ora ti faccio una domanda semplicissima, ucciderai i mythos quando sarai eroe? Ti macchierai di questo peccato per l’unica vera fede???”, a queste parole l’emozione di Luka si attenuo, dopo poco tempo guardo seriamente Ido in faccia e disse: “Non… non lo so se ucciderò le monster girl..”, ha quella parola monster girl Ido diede un poderoso cricchetto sulla testa di Luka, Luka strofinandosi la parte dolorante disse: “Scusami fratellone, certe volte nella foga mi dimentico che dovrei chiamarle mythos”; sbuffando Ido alzandosi disse: “Bene! Allora io partirò”, Luka guardando vestirsi in modo frettoloso Ido disse: “Cosa stai partendo? Ma come? Cosi all’improvviso!”, Ido vestendosi sempre più velocemente disse: “Devo fare delle cose molto importanti! Ritornerò il giorno stesso in cui tu ti battezzerai! Ora dove sono le chiavi di casa mia? A eccole!”, Luka guardando Ido mettersi le chiavi in tasca e prendere il suo bastone grigio disse: “Va bene, stai attento però!”, Ido uscendo dalla propria stanza disse con tono assicurante: “Non preoccuparti! Sai bene che ho viaggiato in tutti i continenti!” poi Ido si diresse giù per le scale e uscii nella notte per le strade.
    In quel momento Luka pensò al suo rapporto con suo fratellone, infatti loro due non erano neanche fratelli di sangue, ma solo… fratelli. Luka aveva incontrato Ido dopo il funerale di sua madre, era una notte di pioggia battente, si ricordava che vide arrivare questo straniero dietro di lui, con un oggetto molto particolare, si chiamava “ombrello”, egli gli offri protezione e gli chiese: “Come mai piangi?”, Luka tutto fradicio disse con una tristezza infinita: “Mia…Mia madre è morta ieri”, quello strano personaggio disse: “Mi dispiace molto…sai anch’io ho perso qualcuno che mi era molto caro…ma dimmi dove sono i tuoi nonni o tuo padre? Saranno preoccupati a quest’ora”, Luka stringendo i pugni disse: “Non ho più nessuno…mia madre era l’ultima persona che…che …”, in quel momento Luka non riuscii ha trattenere le lacrime, subito lo straniero abbassandosi disse guardando in faccia Luka: “Su. Su. Non fare cosi? Altrimenti tua madre in cuor suo stra male non credi”, Luka guardando in faccia quell’uomo vide una strana cicatrice che gli tagliava in diagonale la faccia e disse: “Mia…mia… madre starebbe male?”, l’uomo disse: “Già! Non hai imparato dal prete che dopo la vita c’è né un’altra?”, Luka guardando con speranza quell’uomo disse: “Davvero?”, l’uomo sorridendo disse: “Già! E ti posso assicurare che è vero! Quindi asciugati le lacrime! Altrimenti tua madre stara male non credi?”, Luka disse: “Grazie. Come ti chiami?”, L’uomo alzandosi disse: “Il mio nome è Ido. E il tuo?”, Luka dando la mano all’uomo disse: “Il mio e Luka”, appena le due mani si toccarono, un leggero flash avviluppo i loro corpi, e Luka intontito disse spaventato: “Cosa? Cosa è stato?”, Ido disse stupito: “A quanto pare ragazzo era destino che ci dovessimo incontrare. Interessante davvero molto interessante. Bhe puoi ospitarmi per una notte? Sai gli alberghi sono tutti chiusi”, Luka disse: “Va bene Ido” e dicendo questo lasciarono il cimitero per andare a casa di Luka. Quello che successe in seguito e che Ido comprò il giorno dopo al limitare estremo del bosco una casa, ma ogni giorno andava nel villaggio per lavorare, in poco tempo diventò molto popolare, perché non era solo un grande inventore, ma anche un grande chef, medico e mago, questo gli permise di rendersi molto famoso nei villaggi circostanti e dovette fare più volte dei viaggi al di fuori di esso per servire tante persone, ma non duravano molto solo qualche settimana, ma niente di più; una cosa molto interessante e che legò moltissimo con Luka fino a diventare letteralmente fratelli. Ido poi era anche un ottimo insegnate per Luka, che imparò soprattutto dal suo nuovo fratellone l’abilità di cucinare. Oramai Luka era diventato ha tutti gli effetti un adulto, anche se era piuttosto giovane sapeva benissimo cavarsela da solo.
    All’improvviso un urlò impaurito sentito fuori dalla sua casa destò Luka da quei ricordi malinconici, all’improvviso ne sentii altri che urlavano: “Un mostro! Un mostro scappate”, Luka stupito disse: “Cosa un mons….Mythos qui nel centro città? Ma come è possibile? Devo fare qualcosa!”, subito prese la spada di suo padre, e corse fuori, un anziano arrivo di corsa da lui e disse: “Luka! C’è un mostro nella periferia del villaggio”, Luka disse: “Ci penso io!”, subito correndo dalla parte opposta arrivo velocemente alla periferia, li vide che la maggior parte delle persone per il troppo panico erano scappate via, ma la cosa non lo turbò affatto anzi andò in giro con la spada sguainata ha cercare il mythos, all’improvviso vicino al limitare della foresta vide delle tracce bluastre, subito corse in quella direzione, appena raggiunse il mythos vide che era trasparente ma di un colore bluastro, capii che era una Slime Girl, il mythos volgendosi verso di lui disse: “Uh uh! Un ragazzino sbattezzato quale delizia!”, la slime si avventò addosso a Luka che rimanendone intrappolato disse: “Merda! Ma che diamine???”, la slime girl cominciò ha tastare in giro e a stringere, Luka comincio ha dimenarsi e infine riuscendoci indietreggiò di qualche passo, la slime disse come se le dispiacesse: “Che c’è piccoletto non ti piace?”, subito Luka attacco di istinto i suoi colpi però vennero respinti facilmente della slime girl, che tentò di avvolgerlo ancora, ma fallendo, subito Luka disse: “Proviamo cosi allora!”, comincio ha tirare colpi su colpi alla slime girl, che comincio ad indietreggiare, Luka non perdendo l’occasione ricomincio, fino a quando la Slime girl disse molto impaurita: “Basta! Per favore smettila! Non voglio morire!”, a quelle parole Luka smise e disse indietreggiando: “Vattene da qui….”, la slime girl non se lo fece ripetere due volte e scompari nella foresta, a bassa voce Luka disse: “Non so neanche se ci sarei riuscito…”, all’improvviso senti una persona applaudire e dire: “Bravo, veramente un eccellente combattimento”, subito si girò e vide suo fratellone Ido che disse: “Bhe? Non vieni a salutarmi”, subito Luka si lancio addosso al fratello e disse: “Ahhh! Frattellone! Mi stavo preoccupando! Hai mantenuto la tua promessa!”, Ido disse: “Già! Mica potevo mancare?”, all’improvviso si senti un rombo di tuono in mezzo alla foresta, entrambi allertati si guardarono in faccia, Ido disse: “Andiamo a controllare!”, correndo verso la fonte del suono arrivarono ad una distesa di terra abbattuta, in mezzo ci stava una mythos, Luka vedendo che sembrava ferita corse, subito seguito da Ido, Luka abbassandosi disse: “Sembra non stare male!”, la mythos era una snake girl con il colore della pelle bluastra, dalla cinta in giù aveva un colore rosso scuro, aveva i cappelli argentati e sulla testa portava uno strano fiore; dopo qualche secondo la ragazza apri gli occhi, e alzandosi lentamente disse in modo un po’ imperioso: “Chi siete”, Luka guardando il fratello disse: “Io sono Luka e lui e Ido”, la ragazza guardando un poco stupita Ido disse: “Quindi voi siete il famoso medico Ido”, subito ritornò al tono di prima dicendo: “Dove sono?”, Ido rispose: “Siete ad IlliasBurg, per la precisione al centro della foresta a nord di IliasBurg. Ora vorrei chiederle chi e lei?”, la ragazza guardando stancamente Ido disse: “Il mio nome e Alice e ora scusatemi, non pensavo che quella maledetta mi avesse mandato cosi lontano, con permesso”, e Alice si allontano, Luka sbuffando disse: “Che ragazza strana non credi Ido”, Ido guardando in faccia Luka disse: “Già, veramente una strana Mythos…Luka….non ti dimentichi qualcosa?”, Luka disse stupito e cominciando a correre verso il villaggio: “Il mio battesimo!!! A dopo Ido”, Ido cominciando a camminare disse sorridendo: “Ah i giovani d’oggi! Gli dai una spada in mano e credono tutti di essere Hein, poi si dimenticano le cose importanti” e infine lascio la radura; Alice che non si voleva allontanare troppo da quei due stranissimi umani penso dopo che Ido e Luka lasciarono la piccola radura: “Ragazza? Mythos? Non mi hanno neanche data del mostro? E poi mi hanno soccorsa??? Ma perché? Sembrano interessanti”, con calma andò anche lei in direzione di IliasBurg.

    Ci sono ancora problemi con la grammatica li correggero il prima possibile

    • Anonymous permalink

      ma piu che la grammatica il prob è che stai prendendo la storia base di MGQ e gli stai aggiungendo un personaggio, non so cosa ne potrebbero pensare gli altri ma per me la storia di qst gioco è un capolavoro cosi com’è e non va toccata

  53. Anonymous permalink

    great angel mariel? wohoo…
    moar loli

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have a crazy interpretation that she was Merlin.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Just in case people didn’t know. you can use the MGQ website without the awful frames
    by going here for the home page
    and here for the menu

    reason you should do this is at least in chrome the text will get auto translated.

  55. iverniler permalink

    I wonder if the pope-king will make a return as a cameo or something. I can see it now:

    [Luca rushes south back to the main temple of Illias to confront his former goddess head-on when suddenly the pope-king (still with a pot on his head) emerges from the woods, holding a shining sword.]

    Pope: YOU!

    Luca: Um, hello. I don’t really have time to—

    Pope: You’re the traitor who ruined my kingdom!

    Luca: What?

    Pope: Don’t deny it! Illias told me all about it! You brought down the plague of ghosts and fairies onto my fair city! You helped start the fire in my library! YOU BROUGHT THE MONSTER LORD INTO MY THRONE ROOM AND LET HER DESTROY THE GODESS SWORD!

    Luca: No, I… Well, that’s not totally inaccurate, bu–

    Pope: But you didn’t count on me repairing the blade! [brandishes weapon] But enough of this! Have at you!

    [Pope-king charges at Luca, screaming wildly and waving his sword about. Luca meets the sword head-on. It shatters instantly.]

    Pope: …Uh… No matter! Illias, guide my fists of holy venga–!

    [Luca swings his sword again, sealing pope-king into a scarecrow. The non-threat defeated, he moves on.]

    Ah… Also, I wonder how they’ll handle the requisite Alice sex scenes. Will it all be loli Alice, or will the four heavenly knights accompany them and take turns “recharging” with him? If so, will we finally get the long-awaited Sara-Granberia-Luca three-way?

    And will the proof of heroism from the three “sages” prove useful after all?


    • Dey permalink

      If Granberia come with them , Sara is likely to come too. Given she is now a very powerfull succubus , it mean one more chatacter that require a lot of “recharging” ;)

  56. thenobleshade permalink

    Amira might be Alice I. It’s not too improbable.

    • Kusojijii permalink

      I consider that possibility to be less than 37%. See, when Alice and Amira hatched the Garda-girl, Alice barely noticed, but Amira was left barely conscious. That means one of two things:
      1) Either she’s actually a very feeble monster…
      2) …or she’s very good at pretending.

      Now, I would be willing to believe the first one… but I can’t shake the feeling that Amira is MUCH more important to the world of MGQ than she lets on. Is there a way for her to be very important, yet also feeble? If there was, I’d consider it the most probable.

      (Something I just thought about… If Luka actually is very similar to Heinrich, could Amira be a long-lived monster that used to love Heinrich and now projects that love on Luka? Epileptic trees!)

      • Down with Illias permalink

        Well that would make sense I guess. Amira being outward about Alice’s feelings towards Luka while her original self can still be the tsundere.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I still believe in the theory that Amira is the first monsterlord with her powers somehow sealed (Ilias created the world together with her, then got rid of her to create a monotheism, or something along those lines).
        That she manages to get three of the orbs (if you don’t find them yourself) demonstrates that there should be more about her than shown on the outside.

      • Anonymous permalink

        either all that analysis is right


        the creator got too lazy and put her in as a plot device to get one or more of: comic relief, plot related exposition, or items (the orbs) at a given point in the story

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s also possible that she started off as a plot device but due to her popularity the creator is planning on making her a legit character as well. I personally don’t care that much, but it would be pretty cool if she has a real backstory.

  57. 1800 permalink

    Sometimes I think making a game like this would be pretty fun. There’s way too much vore in this series for me. Yeah, yeah, plant lady. You’re eating me. How hot. sigh. What? IS THAT A NEKOMATA!? REQUEST REQUEST REQUEST

    • Anonymous permalink

      What’s wrong with vore? :/

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is it that hard to understand that people have different sexual preferences/dispositions than you? I personally find vore appealling in only extremely creative art or if it’s playing on some other fetish. The idea of actually being eat is horrific.

        I think it does in fact need to divorce itself from the harsh reality of the subject because it is by definition… disturbing.

      • 1800 permalink

        There’s nothing sexual about it to me. Replace vore with something else that has nothing to do with sex. Like they turn you into furniture or play board games with you. Vore doesn’t bother me, there’s just nothing whatsoever erotic about it to me. And there’s a LOT of it in MGQ. Especially the first game. So it comes off as just being weird.

        • IzanaginoOokami permalink

          speaking of turning into furniture, there is a character in Toaru Majutsu no Index New Testament, particularly volumes 4 and 5, who is a female Dvergr named Marian Slingeneyer who can transform people into living furniture, or walls or weapons with her golden smith’s tools.
          She is completely nuts.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That is one of the things I like about this series. Sure, there’s the time where something hits your Fetish button to the point that you have a hard time willing yourself to actually fight the monster. However, and this is different for everyone, there are also the moments where you will “…NOPE!” so hard that you will do everything it takes to win and that kind of struggle is more immersive than your average game.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    dammit everytime i try to type the site name im always in a hurry and accidentally type instead of just changing the n and o makes it so much different. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?

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      lol yes a few times… this amuses me :)

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        And if you’re really paranoid, drag the shortcut into a password protected archive which is housed inside a hidden folder.

        • Lowlifee permalink

          Oooh, you’re right, that’s nice! thanks for the tip, master. You’sa genius. Must improve my porno incognito ninja skills moar.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            kinda defeats the purpose of being a shortcut though, if you have to go to that much effort to click on it, you might as well just type it in and actually pay attention to what you are typing.
            (and delete the history) it would be far less of a hassle.

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      psssh… not gonna lie, i share my computer with a few people. I don’t care to explain the perverted awesomness that is monster girl quest to them

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    i want grown up alice back >.<

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    guys bad news if my japanese is ok i think he says that the game might come out in the year 2013 june onwards.

    • Anonymous permalink

      where did you get the information?

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Can you copy and paste this information in japanese here? Maybe someone can proof that.

      • AnonA permalink

        I think the Anon is referring to the first half or 2012 text on the website

        ” 「もんむすくえすと!終章」2013年上半期完成を目標に鋭意製作中。
        発売予定日は未定となっています。 ”

        Other than that, I’m not seeing any mention of a later release date on Twitter or the website.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That text means the first six month so between january and june.
          I went to twitter and look at toro-toro’s account. there’s no new mention of new date or whatsoever (if I’m not wrong.)
          well, anon, where do you find the info?

        • AnonA permalink

          First half of 2013* Damn typos!

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    could you please go that one extra mile;
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    Also, does anyone know how I could obtain Succubus Quest? I’ve searched for quite some time now with no success.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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      EDIT: I was able to download it but now I can’t get it working. What platform software do I need to run it? Is anyone familiar with the configurations I need to make for it to work properly?

  65. Anonymous permalink

    I posted this information all the way up there, replying to one guy so many of you may miss it.

    But hey, just as side info, Loli alice is done by different artist. it’s done by JIngai modoki



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    Feel great to continue the great story of them,thx for your workhard. rouge
    Very impressive.

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    And for the mod with Cecil? The chapter 3 is for? x)

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      It’s been like that for me as well. I think it’s down.

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      Remove the .html.

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      there was an extra “space” after the .html
      that’s why it goes like that…

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    Sei Monmusu Gakuen ~ Hey rogue why not translate this after the Monster Girl quest series :3

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    Sei Monmusu Gakuen
    Hey Rogue why not translate this next after the monster girl quest series :3

  71. Softicedragon permalink

    Series? Its a trilogy because a fourth part will never exist. :( Lil question here….is it true that only one person create mgq1, 2 and 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      yes, I believe Torotoro himself developed the whole MGQ game all by himself (writing the story, doing the programming…picking the music…etc) except for some pictures from different artist…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Doesn’t he do some of the art himself too?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sure does, ya know Frog girl? Chrome? Yup, that’s him.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            I’m pretty sure Torotoro is a group of authors, and IIRC it was Setouchi (you know, sameface artist?) who founded it…

          • Jikorde permalink

            Torotoro Resistance is a one man group, and he made MGQ and does some of the art under the name delphinius or Setouchi. Frog Girl and Chrome are from Un_Do who is one of the many artists that Torotoro has do the art for MGQ.

          • Anonymous permalink

            @Jikorde: Thanks for clearing that up. Was a little confused before.

            @GenocideHeart: Sameface artist, that’s true! That made me chuckle :D

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    Oh hey, Chrome is back! And she’s….. in a…. corpse chair….

    Goddamn Chrome is one creepy, messed up chick

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      Now THAT’S my type :)

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        • yabusa permalink

          loved how she can easily massacre you in her moded version…
          1 unlucky dodge chance and your dead… XD

  73. Softicedragon permalink

    Seriously? Torotoro is doing ~90% of the work alone? Magnificent….

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know, right? And I thought Rogue had it tough doing all the translation and debugging by himself for us impatient English readers…

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    that’s looking like a great finale for monmusu quest. Will you be taking any other project when this is done? like Sei Monmusu Gakuen? That’d be awesome too!

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    Could someone tell me if there’s a list somewhere with monster girl based games? If there’s no such thing then i think we should all get out there and gather whatever we find here! (“get out there” i mean the internet of course) .Who’s with me!

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    Just have to keep being patient and waiting for it to be finished. Then the fun watching the translation progress will begin XD.

    2013 will be interesting.

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  88. AnonA permalink

    A plague doctor is going to be a main character in Part 3? Wonder if it’s an enemy or an ally, either way that doesn’t sound good… Looks like Black Alice is going to be using something like the plague.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Considering how many of Promestein’s experiments are part human I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some plague that turns humans into monsters. Whatever the case, that plague doctor does not look friendly.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Merry X-Mas

  90. Kusojijii permalink

    Loli Alice:
    “Alice, who became a little girl due to some circumstances. Of course, her power has also fallen from her previous almighty level.”

    Black Alice:
    “A mysterious girl who is amassing influence to oppose the current Monster Lord, by becoming Goddess Ilias’s right-hand-maiden. Her true form is Alispheese the 8th, defeated by the legendary hero Heinrich. Saved by Ilias just before she was destroyed, she swore[?] fealty to her, but…
    Famously called the strongest in the entire long line of monster lords, her face might be cherubic but she’s extremely ruthless and avaricious. She has embraced her ambitions to reign over heaven and earth alike as god.”

    Someone please photoshop these. I’ll do the rest as well.

  91. Kusojijii permalink

    “An angel under the service of Ilias, and a scientific investigator who independently researched the magical arts many millenia ago. She doesn’t meddle on earth, but needs[?] high-grade arts Whether it’s genetic engineering or machine engineering, she has mastered innumerable cutting-edge arts.
    From what she says, under Ilias’s orders, she manufactures new species of chimera monsters and artificial spirits, herculean barrier magic, and even new varieties of humans.
    Although her rank as an angel isn’t high, she has remodeled her own body to obtain high combative and semen-wringing capabilities.”

  92. Softicedragon permalink

    Pfff loli alice…..i hate this shit. What next? Loli heavenly knights and loli ilias? Seriously….i love loli arts but not in mgq3 please. :(

    • AnonA permalink

      MGQ could use a few moar lolis!

    • Anonymous permalink

      One of the heavenly knights is already a loli… And a loli Granberia would be so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    • Kusojijii permalink

      Let me add my opinion.
      Loli Alice is adorable. Tamamo is awesome in her own way, dat vixen. But the h-scenes with grown-up Alice were just about the only h-scenes that I could count on to be to my tastes, and if Alice can’t return to her original form, I’ll have lost more or less the only h-scenes I liked. And that would make me sad.

    • Imoutocon permalink

      I can tell you never truly like Lolis from your comment it seems you dont want any of them to show in the game, they would not put loli alice there because it appeals to lolicons but it has a background to it. If you truly like lolis, like me, you will be open about encountering some loli characters along the way. Preferbly DFC’s

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    I have some weird idea.
    Is it possible that Ilias isn’t real goddess, but the legendary first monster lord.
    Since the real goddess was vanish, the only one who has nearly power disguises as goddess and fill in her role.
    Because many things that Ilias do are very much like monster. (raping Luka, strong emotion,…)

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Ilias considers the monster girls an abomination, but her more “ideal” versions like the chimeras and promesteins projects emphasize the grotesque, violent, and murderous aspects of the entire setting with near to no flirting or intended sexiness from the creatures themselves. It makes me wonder… what is the “mistake” that Ilias wants to correct? The monster? Or the girl?

  98. Kusojijii permalink

    By the way… Rogue, you’re going to check those for mistakes I’ve made, right?

    “The archangel that sits on the summit of all angels. She has absolute loyalty to Ilias, and wouldn’t hesitate to destroy herself if Ilias ordered it.
    Ordinarily, she’s in Heaven and serves helping Ilias, so she never goes to earth her own accord. But her powers are monumental, and she’s in a totally different level compared to other angels.
    Of Promesthein, who has forgot the duties of an angel, and of Black Alice, the previous Monster Lord, she hasn’t taken too well on them having been appointed so important responsibilities.

  99. Kusojijii permalink

    “The android that’s independently controlling the Drain Laboratory. A fully autonomous mechanical life-form that Promesthein developed, her body makes no use of biological organs whatsoever.
    Possessing superior independent will and extremely high semen-squeezing capabilities, her additional warfare capabilities also let her surpass even the highest-grade monsters of the earth.”

  100. Kusojijii permalink

    La Croix: (That plague doctor person)
    “A magic scholar that serves as Promesthein’s right-hand-person. Possesses an intimate knowledge of biology, and exceeds even Promesthein with regards to biological engineering.
    S/He apparently leads a powerful army corps named “Cirque Du Croix”, but the details are totally obscure.
    Apart from Promesthein, no-one has seen his/her actual face, but there are rumours that s/he is not an angel.”

    • Lowlifee permalink

      Thanks for the effort man, it satisfied my curiosity.

  101. Imoutocon permalink

    I dont get what kusojiji is talking about. (translation of what?)

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Kusojijii, you are a legend!

  103. Softicedragon permalink

    Wow seems this time the story is verrrrry good. Doing it even better after the great part 1 and 2 makes me horny and happy at the same time. <3

  104. can someone please! tell me where I can find an english patch to this extreamly similar game “Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~” please please PLEASE respond back if you do

    • Anonymous permalink

      How about, there is none?

    • AnonA permalink

      There is no mention of a translation for that game on vndb or vntls.

    • anon permalink

      There is no translation for this game
      learn moon

    • Kusojijii permalink

      I am currently translating it. If you have either patience or money, all is good.

      (But seriously, if you have the latter, please post a comment here with an e-mail I can use to contact you.)

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you’re seriously translating it, get a blog or post about it on one of the various VN translation sites. You’re not going to let many people know if you’re only mentioning it here.

      • anon permalink

        You should get a blog. Like this guy or rogue
        Give us a link when you make it

  105. Samael permalink

    Loli Alice ? Please don’t….Oh dear, as nerve wrecking as it might be, please no loli Alice…..please let her stay as the ol’ dom Alice…oh God, my fantasy is ruined….oh well, might as well for the lols anyway…

    • AnonRoy permalink

      You’d think by now you’d understand, Loli’s can still be Doms. There’s around 10 loli’s in the game already, maybe more (I’m too lazy to count), and every single one of them is capable of restraining you, defeating you, or otherwise raping your brains out. Seriously, man. I have no doubt that Loli Alice will dominate our poor Luka more than enough.

  106. scarletrose/serpentcross permalink

    No reason to be upset about loli Alice.. she is going to return to her normal self eventually. It’s pretty obvious that in the end luka will be the partner of choice of the full powered and adult monsterlord.

  107. Anonymous permalink

    The lolification really doesn’t bother me since I never liked Alice to begin with. Feel like the only person who didn’t. :/ I’m just hoping Loli Alice doesn’t lose her memories as well. She was already a brat, I can’t imagine how bad dragging around a mentally regressed Alice would be.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Damn… You’re starting to get my bummed about the sequel. He better not pull that sorta shit on us. We’re loyal non-paying customers DAMIT!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I didn’t care much for Alice either.

      • Anonymous permalink

        (Part 2 Spoiler Alert!!!) I wont play part 3 cos in my world i killed Alice at the end of part 2 , I kept repeatedly killing her. Never chose the other option. Thats how much i hate her…

  108. Softicedragon permalink

    Well…no trial version on christmas after all. :(

  109. Anonymous permalink

    If anyones interested, Desire Dungeon was released. Here is a link for it

  110. Anonymous permalink

    I dont know whether its true or false but check this site

  111. Tanker permalink

    I dont know whether its true or false but check this site

  112. Takata permalink

    I’m hoping that Alice will be restored to adult form by the end. Hopefully that greyscale image of a smiling, adult Alice isn’t as ominous as it looks. ((o.o))”

    Assuming that child-Alice is Alice’s sealed form, I wonder where they can get the energy to unseal her. Maybe a 6P h-scene with Alice, Luka, Granberia, Alma Elma, Tamamo and Erubetie ?
    I wonder if child-alice can still transform into a human too.

    I’m also hoping for better art in the third game, at least for the main characters. I think Alice’s first two CGs in the first game were particularly good. …actually, most of her CGs.

    Coincidentally, the third game should be released in the year of the snake. ^^
    I can’t remember when the Chinese calendar rolls over into a new year.

  113. anonomg permalink

    now its officially 404…….I am scared……

  114. anonomg permalink

    hope the site will resume normal , the links from the official sites are all 404……………

  115. anon permalink

    dont know, keep getting 404 ……

    • Anonymous permalink

      Looks like someone didnt pay his domain for 2013…

      • anon permalink

        oh thats why its 404 …lol

        • Anonymous permalink

          i dont think this is the case since u can access to the lower lvl of the sites
          it is just the monmusu one that won’t open

          • Anonymous permalink

            This page was not available at the time of my post “Looks like someone didnt pay his domain for 2013…”

            It can mean he is creating new website for 2013, bit by bit

  116. Mark A. permalink

    Happy New Years everyone!

  117. Incubusknight permalink

    Happy new year everyone.

    So loli Alice huh…some reason I can’t help but to feel that her new appearance has something to do with Kenkou Cross not being one of the named artist for MG3 this time around. (A different artist handled her loli form/face) Hopefully that’s not the case though and we’ll be able to see some new art of Alice in her adult form from Kenkou Cross.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    SITE IS 404’ed x-x

  119. GenocideHeart permalink

    Before any of you ask: no, I didn’t commission this. But in light of what happens in my fic, it’s wtf-worthy.

    • Sav-kun permalink

      Hmm, truly. My thanks to you for bringing it to my attention and to whoever created that fine piece o’ art. Sophie looks much better than what I imagined her to be.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Queen Harpy does have official art. Also, most monsters in MGQ are unnamed, so don’t consider the names I use to be canon. :-p

        This is what she looks like in-game. Artist is frfr, who also drew a bunch of my other favorite monsters.

        • Sav-kun permalink

          Official art, eh? Now that I think about it… I should be off to find Alice and Tamamo’s as well…

  120. First episode of Maoyu streamed on crunchyroll.

    The story of the Hero and Demon Queen. (Sadly, she is less demon-like than you would hope).

    • Anonymous permalink

      Apparently it’s called “Beyond the End”, more info here: with links to

      links to any Setouchi’s publication would be appreciated.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Ugh, sameface again. How anyone can ruin the looks of Tamamo, Lilith, Lilim and even Alice is beyond me…

  121. asd permalink

    Yeah, I been trying to get a hold of those, any links? or can I buy them anywhere?

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody else notice there is a 4rth game mentioned on the website now?

  123. Lightslash permalink

    if i didnt know any better I’d say that many old enemies are being revived. namely i think i saw the canaan sisters

  124. miichan19 permalink

    any news regarding MGQ 3?

  125. The Perv permalink

    ARRGGGG!!!! I can’t wait any longer!!! When is MGQ3 coming out!!! I have to know soon, or my testosterone will explode all over my comp screen just thinking about it!!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve been feeling like that since I finished MGQ2.

      Seems like we are going to be kept waiting for quite a bit more time. I mean, a demo is not even out yet.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think that sticky white stuff is testosterone…

  126. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Loli – Alice? This is giving me a lot of horas!

  127. Anon permalink

    we can only wait painfully and hope for the best……………

  128. Softicedragon permalink

    Hope for the best? OK whats going on here? <3 Something new or just a another comment?

  129. anon permalink

    gonna be GOTY

  130. Takata permalink

    I’ve been gradually finding monmusu quest backgrounds in various places… Didn’t know they used stock backgrounds. O.o They looked good though.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    All of a sudden randomly i the program crashes when i try to load a save. I’m scared.

    • Just a puny wanderer permalink

      Are you sure you didn’t replace the original “nscript.dat” with one from one of the custom made scenarios?

  132. Any updates or at least signs of life for Violated Heroine would be nice….

    • anon permalink

      not yet , but I am sure its in progress. just wait :)

    • Dear Guest permalink

      A few posts back, RT has stated that he’s “pretty much done” with VH. If anyone is going to continue with the translation, it won’t be him.

  133. Sajuuk permalink

    i believe violated heroine will not continue to be translated atleast not for now.,.
    what i heard was that the only game rogue will still translate is monster girl quest part 3.
    if he will start again on VH i dont know maybe not.
    but i do hope he will

  134. GenocideHeart permalink

    For those who don’t like, all chapters of Monster Girl Saga are now available on my deviantArt account. No cookies for guessing what my deviant-name is on there. I was kinda unoriginal on that one. :-p

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Rogue, Thank you for translating this awesome game! I want ask you, how to translate it to other language? It’s looks like this game supports only English and Japanese.

  136. Anon permalink

    Rogue, thank you very much for your translations of this game. Tell me, how to translate it to other language? I know text in nscript.dat, i unpacked it. So i can now just change text there? Will it works or not?

  137. 光闇 permalink

    Just for convenience, here are other games MGQ fans will want to check out:

    Violated Hero
    Violated Hero 2
    Desire Dungeon
    Fairy Fighting
    Succubus Quest
    Corruption of Champions
    Unholy Sanctuary

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Ooh~! Why thank you!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Very convenient indeed. I’ll check them out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      In case someone can’t be bother to read through this entire blog post comment thread, here’s a copy of Desire Dungeon I uploaded. Again, enjoy!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Are there any rape scenes in that desire dungeon game? 0_o

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just downloaded it, looks like it does. Bit grindy but the monster are pretty neat. Give it a go I say.

    • anon permalink

      And which of them have english translation? Aside from Violated hero 1-2

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      Monoke village and its expansion are probably the two best ones I have seen, A lot of those are lacluster

    • AnonA permalink

      This list does not have Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da!

      • Bob Bobertson permalink

        Does anyone know of a translation for Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da? ‘Twoud be nice to actually be able to play this!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think corruption of champions can enter in that list, there are only 2 or 3 monster girls, the rest is furry shit

  138. Anonymous permalink

    here is another monster girl type game that comes out on the 25th of january:

    there is a trial out now so see if it is to you guys’ fancy.

    though quick note: i cannot into combat in this game as I can’t read japanese.
    still an interesting game though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t think I have ever had a bigger time waster than that. So much fucking left clicking to skip through boat loads of text you can’t even read. Felt like i spent an hour just to watch a minotaur rape a slime girl 0_o if theres any possibility of even a crappy machine translation i may try again.

    • brad mason permalink

      This is without a doubt the wierdest game I’ve ever fucking played :/ it just doesnt make any sense, ok its in japanese, but you cant even tell whats going on by the pictures. One minute like anon says a minotaur is raping a slime girl, the next your being chased by a boulder, and then you’re trying to touch up a cat girl? Seriously, wtf?!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Okay this is weird. as the above posters said. it went from boulder chases to slime girls and I think the main character turned into a Minotaur and persuaded the slime to join me.

      also could someone explain what is going on in the ‘combat’ scenes (it’s a sex fight) how does one attack? defend? i thought it was left click or something but after a while my results did not vary all that much when i just started mashing buttons. thought the main character did turn into the Minotaur thing during a fight after a certain button got pressed.

      on the art though the monsters look interesting though i have not found a gallery to look at any of the images if that is possible in this game.

      quick note: one of the monsters has a mouth for hair on the back of its head and I think it tried to eat the main character on two occasions.

      strange game strange game though entertaining for me anyway.

      • Anonymous permalink

        For those who didn’t understand, here is what happened:

        It has been said that a Hero would save the world, and that he would be a Man above all Men, has in manliness. When the Hero was born, for some odd reason, the parents actually wanted a daughter, and so they raise him into being a girl, instead of a boy. After some time, he must follow his destiny, that he thinks is to erase all demons, and goes to the level 1 forest, where he finds the Demon God and the Angel God, that say that Heaven and Hell and having problems, that they are not getting enough energy (sperm), and some other weird shit, and that the Hero is the only one capable of doing so, but they are underwhelmed by the Hero’s “manliness”, but they attack him non the less to access his potential. They confirm that he is indeed the Hero and they force him to do their bidding, that is to distribute his “energy” among many demons, so that he can grow stronger and be able to restore harmony. So they send him to a cave to give energy to a demon inside there, that is the Slime Girl. There are many acts that give a game over, but the correct path makes you hesitate into having sex with her, so the Demon God uses her power to wake up your innate sexual appetite, that ends up turning you into a Minotaur, and you go on to fuck the Slime Girl for the whole day “until she turn white from cum”, on the next day the Hero can’t remember what he’s done, but the Slime Girl is now pregnant with his child, so he, like the Hero he is, says he will take responsibility for that and so promises that he will take care of them, but for now he must continue his journey. On the stage where you can move, the Angel God explains that there are many routes that you can take, some that lead to Traps (that’s the Boulder), to Enemies (Slime Girl), to Treasure, where you have 4 options, to open it fast, slowly, throw a rock, transform, and last, the Event.

        About the Battle System: It’s automatic, the only thing you do is choose a perk at the beginning of the battle, first one is recover 20 HP, second one is 1.1x damage, third one is extra 5% chance to crit hit.

        The game was fun, once you understood the mechanics.

        • Anonymous permalink

          thank you for the battle system explanation. looks like I was clicking to make myself feel better.

          though a note to amend the battle stuff.
          when the enemy turn is over hit the Z key when the text turns yellow to turn into the Minotaur during the battle if unlocked. I seem to have unlocked another form latter on that looks like a bug type monster since I just fought one that looked like an insect queen of some kind, I think.

          anyway thanks for your time good sir/madam.

  139. Anonymous permalink

    just hold ctrl button to skip text.

  140. Anonymous permalink

    ith + translate aggregator works fine with the trial.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What the hell is ith and translate aggregator?

  141. Anonymous permalink

    ITH or agth helps you capture ingame text and translate aggrigator is a fast translation tool, that uses google translate, atlas or some other web translation tools.

    Here’s a guide that explains it.

  142. please can someone here who is capable of playing these games upload monster girl quest the final part h cg after it comes out this year and the h cg from the game 幻想世界マインディア for those who want to see how good all the sex scenes art is in all of these games and are incapable of playing the games on their pc for their indiviual reasons. these 2 games i mentioned have arekishi artwork in them and i am a fan of his art, so i really badly want to see the h cg for the characters arekishi draws in these games, but in 幻想世界マインディア, right now i have the game but i am not able to play it or unlock or see any of the h cg because my computer is not compatible with rpg maker or any software for windows computers that allow these type of games to run,so for now i want to see the h cg for 幻想世界マインディア before mgq part 3 comes out so can someone here post a link to where i can get or view the hcg from 幻想世界マインディア? thank you in advance for the download links or online image viewing like or gelbooru, but no e hentai,g.e hentai because they remove any cg collection with arekishi in it or exhentai because it is diffuclt to get past the sad panda. if anyone here has the game 幻想世界マインディア, please upload all of the h cg in an rar archive onto file sharing websites and post the links here and please do the same thing for monster girl quest the final prts’s h cg.

  143. Kusojijii permalink

    Does anyone know if Torotoro announced anything on Twitter recently concerning news for MGQ3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      If I am not wrong, I think he plans to do the update sometime at the end of February. Something about two month after the last one.
      But I may be wrong since he might be talking about an entirely different thing. I am guessing that it is about Monmusu when I read it at his twitter.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rogue, by any chance are you going to be updating the MGQ patches for windows 8? I only ask because I got a new computer with it and everything works well but the sound lags which causes the transitions to take a while. Thanks for your time and hard work

    • No… Any reason for them not working on windows 8 is likely due to the nScripter engine itself, which probably couldn’t be fixed without nScripter being updated.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Do you know how to update it? I am not that computer savvy unfortunately…

      • Anonymous permalink

        never mind rogue, My computer went through an update and now it works perfectly. Thanks for your help anyway, again thank you for your hard work

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Small issue: after successfully merging the first two parts, the game gives me an error message and crashes upon trying to enter the pyramid (desert story arc). Everything else in the game works fine up until the pyramid.

  146. Anonymous permalink

    Currently trying to un-censor everything in mgq :P Tentacles suck :( hopefully, although this will take dang near forever, it will get done! Fortunately genitals are shown relatively little in the game, so not too bad. Wish me luck!

  147. Anonymous permalink


    Looks like he is going to release some information on Feb 23 in the Monmusu Site.

  148. Anonymous permalink


    Something will probably be released on the Monmusu site on Feb 23.

    I stress the “probably” since he does too.

  149. Anonymous permalink

    hey everyone im still trying to get a working english patch for parts 1 and 2 where can i download them .everyplace i go is delted :-(

  150. loki134 permalink

    Anyone have a complete save with part 1 and 2 merge with part 3? since i tried looking everywhere. they only have a complete save for just part 1 and 2 or just part 3 but not for all three.

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