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Marunomi Finished

January 16, 2013

Just a short post to say that I finished translating Marunomi as of today ( It’s in what I would consider a near final version at the moment. I’m going to go through the game start to finish one more time and then release it. Probably Thursday or Friday evening (EST). I fiddled around with Insani’s Kirikiri word wrap fix, but I just couldn’t get it to work with the game.

If anyone familiar with getting wordwrap to work (Dargoth, lol) is willing to lend a hand, I’d appreciate it. I’ll be sitting in #mgq on rizon for a few days, and in the MGQ /vg/ general.

Still no release date for the game or a demo of MGQ Part 3 yet, by the way.

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  1. baba permalink


  2. Flaris permalink

    Alright you are alive!

    But good to hear that you’ve stayed busy during this wait for MGQ Part 3.

  3. John Navia permalink

    I thought you had forgotten about us! DX
    Gald to hear fron you again.

  4. What part of the wordwrap is giving you problems? You need to first modify a few system files to add the wrap function and remove the Japanese word wrapping, then run the wordwrap script on each of your files to add the wrap commands to the text. The first part requires being careful with your braces when inserting code, and the second may require you to edit and use that if there are any code sections contained in the script file that xp3-wordwrap.exe wasn’t designed to handle.

  5. redpanther permalink

    Look much more promising than those generic eroges from some bigger companies.
    Indie FTW!

  6. miichan19 permalink

    better than nothing :) thnks

  7. Yay! Thanks Rogue.

  8. AnonRoy permalink

    Rogue is a Bawss. A Rogue Bawss.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    when MGQ 3 hits, a joint effort of Rogue and Dargoth would kick so much ass, like Batman and Superman side by side!

    • Anonymous permalink

      As much i would like to see that, i dont think it will happen.
      (I hope) he is doing this because he thinks its fun. Why share something you like? Thats just stupid. More to him!

      • Anonymous permalink

        so sharing is bad, my gut tells my you are not good people…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I, too, would like to see that, if for no other reason other than to finish the game faster.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m not sure that would make thing faster coz they would have to check with each other for references across the story to compare the names and the word to use in the translation, that’s if u want somethin well done as the other 2 MGQ have been

  10. Jackiesadslik permalink

    I and a few other people who know Japanese and a bit about extracting text and so forth are interested in this. We’ve done translating for Gaki No Tsukai, and batsu games, and we want to move on to a visual novel project, will you be setting up a team perhaps Roguetranslations? Either way we’re going to move on to some personal projects and for the time being.

    • I started the games solo, and I sort of want to finish the last one solo too. I’ve had some big help along the way (The wordwrap .exe hack, button editing, proofreading, text-display help, etc…) which I’m still very appreciative of, of course.

      I greatly appreciate the offer, and I thank you for all interest :)

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Did anyone know where i can download this game?

    • anon permalink

      just google the game and add something in the end like “download” …….

      • AnonA permalink

        Finding it wasn’t all that easy.

        • Just a puny wanderer permalink

          Thanks! I was having trouble finding it, you really helps me!

        • AnonB permalink

          “marunomi” as a google search ends up as search for the whole genre involving vore in my case; it makes it really difficult to pinpoint this exact game which ends up being an obscure game with a generic title in Japanese. Thanks for the link ‘A’.

        • Fanservicefan permalink

          Thank you, but I can’t download it due to the following error…

          error: domain / ckey mismatch (Z94dMnWequbvKmy-HchLrZJ3-.qB6AJ1)

          Which is to say, the captcha doesn’t show up. At all.

  12. The Perv permalink

    Good… Finally something to that will be able to satisfy my “blood-lust” till MGQ3 is released… Your constant support for towards my cravings is will appreciated mortal known as Rogue. Thanks!

  13. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    What type of game is it ? :s

    • Anonymous permalink

      Love and Harmony, where you care for the lolis. If they get unruly, they will try to escape from you,

  14. Mr. Braun permalink

    thanks for translation (^0^)/~~~~~~~

    wow….this VN is really something…..somehow i feel really touched by the 2nd and true end….just enjoy your life as it is, although its shown in twisted way……

  15. mrv permalink

    Well, Somehow I can’t move in the hunting session in the prologue (or at least nothing I do triggers any action.)
    Is this a known bug?

  16. Magamis permalink

    The downloads don’t work, once they’ve been saved onto the computer. I need help cracking this problem. I want to play Marunomi, unless someone has links to a working download with English Patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here, I’ve tried about 18 (yes I actually tried EIGHTEEN) different versions of the game download and not ONE of them even had the .exe file that launches the game. Help us out, Rogue. Please. We need a download link to a file (.rar archive or something) that has ALL the files for the game in it, not just something like “data.xp2” or some shit like that. Please help us out. If you can fix this, you’ll be my own personal hero, dammit. Just see what you can do.

  17. animeloverxX93 permalink

    Excuse me, I have a question, if nobody minds.

    I was wondering, where can I buy this game from?
    And, will the game be sold in a real boxset, or will I be just given a virtual download link after paying?
    If so, I wouldn’t want to buy it, since I would rather want to have this in my shelf instead on my computer.

    Does anyone know about that?

  18. Adam permalink

    would it be possible for you to upload this file on like mida fire or something my internet access is at the library and their shit won;t let me go to DLsite if you could id love it the patch i downloaded doesnt even work

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