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Marunomi English Patch

January 18, 2013

Game: Marunomi. You can get it off DLSite or through some other means, probably posted in the comments section of this post or the previous post already.

How to install: Simply put the patch.xp3 in the game directory (The same place where you see 丸呑み.exe). Probably requires Japanese locale or language support to run properly like 99% of other Japanese games. 

Patch Download:


Special thanks to Sylphtastic for re-doing and vastly improving the buttons and Dargoth for help with getting word-wrap to work! Make sure to play through the Prologue first if you want an explanation of the battle system in the game. I’ll try to fix any bugs as they come up, just post them in the comments section.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Ehh. Loli. :(

    Still, nice to see you’re active!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    i like you, come over to my house and fuck my sister

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You’re the best!!!

    • I’ve played some of it. It’s pretty good for an RPGMaker game at least.

      • Anon permalink

        I’ll take a look at it thanks!

        P.S. I’m always impressed with the translations you and rouge make just wanted to say I enjoy all your hard work. I only understand enough moonspeak to confuse myself most the time ^^’

    • Anonymous permalink

      That game blows, it’s a really crappy RPG with some images, you would gain more just looking at the images and forget the game.

    • Megatron permalink

      Name of game ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      dude looks amazing what is it called?

    • dude looks good what is it please give me source

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I got an error after the fight with Nagi and the girl. Selected her, got him down to 1 hp and then an error message popped up and the game screen went black with and empty text box, although I could still right click and go to system.

    Hope that wasn’t too vague

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same for me, beat him down in my 2nd fight against them and got an error/black screen and could do nothing but restart.

  6. Tats permalink

    Thanks a lot for making a patch, Rogue.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Right, confused here, any reason why I cannot seem to assimilate the other girls aside from than Ayafumi and that cosplay-girl in the current playthrough and thereafter? Would that be a bug or am I missing something?

  8. Anonymous permalink

    The game is great but are you planning on translating the information section?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    I cannot hunt Chiri, she disappears after I defeat the boy.

    • YAYY permalink

      You can hunt her later, after you’ve hunted certain girls, I think. You need new characters to enter the stage in order to hunt her. There are many characters that appear only after you hunted some girls.
      I finished the game, at least 1 ending… not the END 1, I think it’s ending 3, and well… it comes up if you you have no more girls to hunt.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah I looked up a walkthrough and completed the game. The game ran without any problems for me

  10. Hyosuke permalink

    This game was actually surprisingly good. I’m not a real fan of loli either, but I love vore, so this was right up my alley. For anyone having trouble on getting the the true ending, look no further than this helpful little site that I found. Hope it helps anyone who was stuck like me. Also cheers to Rogue for another great translation. Many thanks!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait a sec, this game is by the same group that made Violation Beast? That explains why it looked so familiar to me, I played that ages ago. It was the first game I used a text hooker on Ah, memories.

    • Anon permalink

      Thanks for the site

    • Mr. Braun permalink

      thanks for the share (^0^)/~~~~~~
      wow….this VN is really something…..somehow i feel really touched by the true end….just enjoy your life as it is, although its shown in twisted way……

  11. Just a puny wanderer permalink

    Thank you, Rogue!

    Though, I had a problem opening “エンジン設定.exe”. I supposed it was a configuration, is it not?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Could you tell me how you solved it?

  13. chipp12 permalink

    Can you translate Chaos Labyrinth please?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Hey I found a error in the game

    It happend when I was chasing the girl with a gun… (and I was so close to capture DAMN IT!)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I can confirm this. It happened to me too in the same place. You might want to look into it, Rogue.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I received End 2, and it wasn’t translated :( .

    • What do you mean by that?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, seems I was being retarded. It said End 2 and then the credits. Credits are not translated. My bad.

        • No it’s my bad – Anyone who can’t read Japanese would have no idea those were the credits and not more story text.

          • Adam permalink

            if you do requests could you try to translate please rape me and master and me i would appreciate it

  16. Anonymous permalink

    You need to finish the game more than one time to get the true ending.

  17. mikufanboy permalink

    That was a fun game, a bit sad though… I lost it for Regina and Doris. Thanks a lot Rogue!

  18. Anonymous permalink

    how do you save?

    • Kai permalink

      you can save while on the map,and right click,the save function is on the top left

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, slightly off-topic but do you know a tutorial that explains how to take a txt document and make it into an english patch?

  20. JuJuMan permalink

    I can’t believe how good this game’s story is. It’s weird how positive they all are, despite the big monster trying to rape and eat them.

  21. YAYY permalink

    Who’s the girl you have to hunt in order to get Chris(?) the pink haired girl alone?

    • YAYY permalink

      I mean Chiri. She’s always guarded by Nanazora.

      • YAYY permalink

        Nevermind, I found that it shows up as the story progresses.

        • Just a puny wanderer permalink

          I finished the game 7 times already, even ate Mahiro once, but still did not have a clue about Chiri.

          • magic9mushroom permalink

            To reach the true ending:

            – Release Ayafumi (only becomes possible once you’ve eaten at least two more girls), and assimilate girls whenever given the opportunity (only Ayafumi, Nanaumi, and Yukina can be assimilated)
            – Defeat Nanazora at some point. Chiri will still escape, but the scene in which that happens is crucial.
            – Otherwise, play normally on your first playthrough.
            – On your second playthrough, avoid eating Maitori and Rosa/Miya right away. Go for the others (Nanaumi, Benie, and Yukina) initially, until a cutscene appears depicting Rosa, Miya, and Doris.
            – Then, attack Rosa/Miya, and choose to focus on Miya. You’ll catch Rosa instead in a cutscene, but don’t worry.
            – Attack Miya again, and Doris will intervene. Eat Doris.
            – Continue to avoid eating Maitori (using the “escape” command if you run into her) and go for Regina, Mahiro, and Arlu instead.
            – By this time, Maitori/Chiri/Nanazora will have arrived at Sakuramichi (the place with the cherry trees that was previously locked out). Go there, and Maitori and Nanazora will escape. Eat Chiri.
            – Having outmanoeuvred Suzuran, you are now able to fight her directly. Do so, defeat her, and you will receive the True Ending of Marunomi.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    the patch download page doesn’t load for me for some reason, can’t open mediafire.

  23. Anon permalink

    found an error attempting to catch Miya after doris showed up I’ll see if i can replicate it for a screen shot. It turned the screen black and system was able to pop up but anything else didn’y work.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody been able to run this on Win8?

    Downloaded, unpacked, copied patch.xp3 into directory.
    Tried everything from built in windows troubleshooting to searching for threads in other forums – which was entirely without result – after doing the usual stuff (jap. language support, run as admin, *all* compability settings etc etc etc)

    Even in japanese applocale I just get an error stating:
    “???? C:\userstuffandsoon\RJ063983\???\???.eXe ??????.”

    The configuration tool won’t even output a message whilst not starting. =/

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Haven’t tried this myself yet but did you unzip it in Japanese locale? I think unzipping it in English locale can cause problems.

    • Bob Bobertson permalink

      Yup, for Win 8 switch to Japanese locale before you unzip/install the game. Jam in the patch then done.

      • Michael permalink

        Just Run the applocale shortcut (which you make with the applocale itself) as Administrator.

      • Anonymous permalink

        How do you switch the locale, though? I just downloaded it and I can’t run it.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Surprisingly enjoyable game, though very short. Managed 100% completion in an afternoon.

  26. Kraze permalink

    Thank you Rogue for translated this great game. You will love this game if your are in to Tentacle + Loli + a littlebit of Vore but not Guro (Thanks god)
    Back story for some heroines are really good and deep. I’m really enjoy playing this game a lot from both gameplay and story hope there more than 3 ending too because there are so many potential for some heroine to have there own ending like Suzuran,Chiri,Arlu espcially Mahiro if they can accomplish their mission like Mahiro can defeat our protagonish and save Ayafumi Suzuran can cure her father and blah blah really want to see what gonna happen in the story. And sorry for my bad English :D

  27. Anon permalink

    Thank you for translating this game, as mentioned by previous posters this game has a pretty good story.

  28. The Perv permalink

    Thanks Rogue! I appreciate your constant support in translating ero for the horny Japanese illiterate of the world.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the Translation brah, played a bit, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  30. Ookamisuke permalink

    I found this game much to my liking. It will hopefully tide me over until – at the very least a MGQ3 Demo comes out.

  31. Mena permalink

    Thanks for the translation as always, Rogue! I played through the whole game with all endings and 100% completion in one sitting (no bugs and only minor spelling-errors detected, so very good work). The Game was way better than expected! At first I just thought it’s only about raping the lolis and that’s it (which I’d have enjoyed aswell haha), but there was surprisingly much story to the whole thing. Some of the character background stories were very good imo. So… Very nice little game. I really enjoyed it a lot, so thanks again! ;D

  32. Febo permalink

    glad to see you are still active! Thanks for doing this for us.

  33. CMrCr permalink

    Played the whole game and found no bug, really GJ.
    Anyway i’ve to say that i never felt that much of an asshole as when i played this game, even if the ending is not really a bad one i hate playing the part of a villain expecially when the good one have a paraplegic girl, one that has every kind of disease possible, etc
    The story was intriguing though

    • tubehunter permalink

      I have played a lot of games where I am the bad guy too.
      But this game is a bit too much, honestly.
      There is an innocent girl in wheelchair.
      There is an innocent girl who has weak heart since birth.
      Yet we torture them and eat them alive??
      Whoever made this game is a cruel heartless fuck.

    • Anon permalink

      end 3, and some of the later endings have a more bitter sweet undertone

  34. Is there any need to download official patch before applying translation?
    “- Fixed a bug that has appeared twice under specific conditions with Doris.
    – Fixed a bug which effects the appearances of Arlu.
    – Fixed MAP bug that makes you unmovable.
    – Fixed some typographical errors. ”
    Are these bugs fixed in translated version?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a reason the Profile pages aren’t translated?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Would like to know this too and also Rogue, can you add the option (I know that is editing the game instead of translating, but I think some people would like it (me included)) to NOT skip the sex/vore/story scenes after the first time? A few times I would have liked to be able to read certain texts back for some more info about what is going on / what I need to do (or just have a nice in-play sex/vore scene >:P)

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you wish to view the scene again go into scene recollection, Turn CG off. Now click the girl you want to view again.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Already know that but notice the word(s) IN-PLAY aka during the game, instead of seperatly. Also the scene recollection only goes for the sex/core scenes but there are much more story scene’s that can’t be seen that way.

    • I spent a long time editing the button images and they came out like crap. I tried editing the profile things but I couldn’t get the transparency to work, and they kept ending up as giant white blocks. In the end I just gave up.

      EDIT: The buttons you see in the patch are not the ones I made. Sylphtastic was kind enough to make the ones in the patch, which are leaps and bounds better than mine.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Then Rogue is it possible for you to just upload translated profile picture separately? Or you can just post those translated text here but if you can’t then there no problem too :)

  36. Sajuuk permalink

    well i played the game but i dont realy like the fact that the monster is pratcly raping and eating children so this game is for me a no go.
    if it where grown women it would have been fine but that is not the case in this game.
    still the translation is nicly done,
    maybe you shoud translate the second game as that game you eat adult woman,

    • Anon permalink

      The raping part, yes but not really eating. They practically LIVE inside the monster after they’re swallowed and become immortal, never aging again ( so the monster has eternal lolis -> jelly as fuck). So only the Raping part really remains and I have no problems with rape (especially lolis *laughs insanely*) as long as it’s fiction and not real, so I love it! :D

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Is anyone willing to post a 100% save?

    • Nopeasak permalink

      How about google? I found it in one search..

      • Ookamisuke permalink

        What search parameters? I tried and I can’t find one within the first three pages.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Only save I’ve found was removed due to age. If you got a working link, I’d appreciate it.

  38. Thank you anon that upload the game, Hyousuke for posting the walkthrough and Rogue for translating the game, just finished getting the A ending and it really was a nice read.

  39. Anon permalink

    Already gave my thanks but wanted to thank you again for translating this game Rogue.

    Just finished end 3 (and I think all the sub endings too). I really liked the story the villain actually has some “character” and isn’t just your run of the mill looser that feels his dick is to small, so he has to bully others to feel big, as they typically do when portraying the bad guy.

    Don’t know what people are complaining about, your in the role of a monster that has a one track mind, and I thought that it was portrayed “beautifully”, with plenty of explanation as to why its doing what its doing.

    Take it for what it is, a game with a fictional story, no one got hurt so no need to take it personally.

    To each es own I guess

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Any one know how to reliably get the alternate sex scenes with each character something about letting them run around long enough?

  41. CMrCr permalink
    Not entirely sure but i think this is the n°2 of this game
    Most likely i’m not gonna play it if it is cruel like the first one, moreover i’m a fan of vore, not tentacle rape :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s part 2 of a different (but very similar) game called Hoshoku Gemu. Both parts feature a battle system reminiscent of this Marunomi, although the victims are not lolis.

      Speaking of which, Rogue, are you considering the Hoshoku games as well?

  42. anon permalink

    completed the game, anyone interested in savedata?
    tell me how to take the savedata out :X

    • Anonymous permalink

      Compress your save data folder (A.K.A. Add to archive in winrar). Then upload

  43. >No, there’s no need. I added in those fixes.
    Ah, good, because my version (DLSite English) comes with a patch.xp3 already. Guess I can just overwrite then.

    • Anonymous permalink

      .. Even if the content wasnt added you could have just changed its name to patch2.xp3. Would have worked fine

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Dang.. Ending 3 is depressing, yet so joyful at the same time. Props to this for surpassing my expectations for story.

  45. KANA-ART permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      To get Dorris you must attack Rosa with her friend. Target the friend first and rosa will get eaten. Then find the friend again and Doris will jump out and attack. You won’t get to eat the friend on this playthrough.

  46. Skorno permalink

    I need some help. anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what programs i can use to play this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I tried this, it isn’t working for my save sadly. brings up errors in Japanese.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The same for me.
      If i open the game with this save, it brings up an error and i can’t run it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Don’t copy the “datasc.ksd” and “datasu.ksd” files. You’ll get a prompt that shows up, but ignore it and the game will run fine.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I do as you said but it still can’t load the game :(

          • Anonymous permalink

            Worked for me, thanks for the upload.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    The endings (All 3) seem like a downer to me. Girls are forever locked inside the monster, the memories of their past are gone, and act more like ‘tools’ considering that other girls are being pulled in and they’re going “give up”

    • The Kin permalink

      That’s not entirely true. If you notice in the ending..


      If you notice, the “Man” sees Yukino in the street so the “monster” is letting them out to go get food, although one clearly says they don’t have to eat. It’s also giving them eternal youth by a crazy, crazy method..While he lost his humanity, it shows he didn’t -entirely- lose it as he’s trying to make them a family in his own, weird monstery way. Most of them also have very painful memories, with the exception of a few, that would probably rather be forgotten.

      • Anonymous permalink

        >Posting near where the english patch is posted while saying : ‘Read at your own risk’ Yeah that’s a good one

    • Anon permalink

      Well… you are suppose to be playing the role of the bad guy after all….. And did you see all the sub endings yet? A couple of them have some fairly positive tones (well in terms of survival horror).

  48. mac permalink

    how many subs ending are there,
    i saw miya and yukina

    • Anon permalink

      Sub endings ive seen so far



      Maitori – might be part of Nanaumi’s ending


  49. Anonymous permalink

    This is actually a pretty fun and enjoyable game.
    Never felt like a porn game other than MGQ would get me so interested in the storyline.
    Thank you Rogue. Awesome game.

  50. Anon permalink

    Damn… the story actually pretty nice.
    It totally worth waiting until the translation released. :D

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I found Bakery’s (Marunomi’s author) previous game. Here it is for anyone interested:

  52. shakey2 permalink


    Wow the story was great, I’m having mixed feelings about the true ending. Its sad and yet it gave happy futures to what might have been lives full of pain. The author did a really good job of presenting moral dilemma. I’ve seen alot of mindbreak stuff but its always so empty and focused entirely on the sex.

    P.S. If you read and are whining about spoilers you shouldn’t have been looking in the comments section in the first place. There are ALWAYS spoilers in the comments :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Look again, on Rogue’s post. On the first Paragraph.

  53. 7th Raizin permalink

    Hey Rouge it great to see you still being awesome, There a game that called 7th Raizin which is a Eroge Space combat simulation, fun game with TBS although the hentai part is only CG but it is a good game, a lot of people needs a translated version as they are having trouble understanding what does what, (I am slowly getting the hang of it in two days I can win the game without being able to read Japanese) But we would be great full and forever kneeling to the mighty Rogue.
    (I try to do some translation but to get nowhere the manual is all image so I am stomped.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t get it to work. I hit エンジン設定.exe, which I assume is to install, but nothing happens, and hitting 丸呑み only gets me an error message. Tried running with Japanese locale, and everything. Anyone else have the same problem, or a solution? Running on Windows Vista.

  55. 7th Raizin permalink

    You could try and go into properties and go into Compatibility and making it into Windows Vista. Then try again with Jap Locale.

  56. Bob Bobertson permalink

    Make sure to extract the game under Japanese locale as well.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    I have same problem, under japanese locale i extract and tried opening, but every time i’ve got a error mesage. I bought the game and my operating system is windows 7. (sorry my bad english)

  58. 7th Raizin permalink

    If this is just an Install problem then I have no idea, Since I have no interest in small young girls. If the content package is an ISO then mount it and do not install it, open it location and right click the setup or AutoRun and click on “Run with Japanese locale and Administrator”, (For those on Vista I would recommend following the same thing but before pressing “Run with JL and Admin” Go into prop and set compatibility to Windows Vista then right click “Run with Japanese Locale and Administrator”. I hope this works for you cause I have no idea if the File is a WinRAR or a ISO, But if it a WinRAR then just ignore then Mount, just place it in a random area and then follow the instructor from there.

  59. Anon permalink

    Is there any new news about when MGQ3 is coming out, like a date or something?

  60. Anonymous permalink

    When I click on the 丸呑み.exe file nothing happens. Any solution to this? Yes I’m running in japanese locale btw.

  61. 7th Raizin permalink

    Anonymous read up, I do not like to repeat myself, Anon information regarding to MGQ3 is sketchy as best, it is being made but no release data has been set, but you can expect one when they deem MGQ3 is almost complete.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    So, this game has a sequel/prequel, from what I’ve seen. Any chance of that getting translated, too?

    • Monster Smash permalink

      I hope so really like the story here just wish the cosplayer had a better scene and less depressing backstory

    • Nanaya permalink

      Any link to this sequel/prequel? I’m interested in seeing it

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Wait, you translated this game…?

    …you don’t know how happy I am right now. Finally, I could understand the story!!!

    Thanks a lot, Rogue~! :D

  64. Megatron permalink Guys need a little help here … so i extracted the game whit 7-Zip + AppLocale and even tried admin mod whit both the game and 7-zip but this keeps popping out … why did i wrong ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It might not work with AppLocale. Try changing your system locale.
      The patch file also appears to be partially downloaded/transferred from the screenshot.

    • 7th Raizin permalink

      Or read up and see if you are running Vista, rather then just posting a message about your problems, try reading the comments to see if they have Information that would help you help, rather then wasting people time on what some one already said. So that said. Look up and bloody read.

      • Megatron permalink

        Yeah everybody is posting about their problem , not any solution found … so far
        I don’t play much eroge games just those who rogue recommed/translate , so i played mgq and vh and they are working just fine but got a newer windows verson(vista to win7) and dont know what more do i need to play it because i didnt had any problems before.

    • Cman permalink

      I am still having the same problem after installing the extra languages to XP
      (and downloaded multiple versions of the game)

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for translating this. I need a little help though. I’ve been playing a couple of hours so far, and I’m sufficiently confused. How do I “assimilate” girls? I’ve only seen Ayafumi act obedient so far.

  66. zaku permalink

    I hope you can translate this someday =3

    by: 蒼見鳥

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, do you think you might translate the predecessor to this game someday? It’s called Violation Beast ~The Targeted 11.1 Students~ or something to the effect. It looks really good. C:

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Have you thought about translating sei monmusu gakuen?

  69. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ question here, is there a site with spinoff stories on it? Im trying to find some good ones, but can only find the ones Rogue posted months back.

  70. -.- permalink

    No monster girls teasing and voring little lolis. Truly, ryona is a harsh mistress. One day its everything you’ve wanted and more, the next time you visit it sold that stuff completely yesterday on clearance, but asks if you’d like to spin the Wheel Of Torture.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    superb jobs with the translating and really good game

    thanks a lot for your effort! :D

  72. Cman permalink

    In case any of you need language support, I found this from a post on the site ErogeDownload by Salt

    Read the “Multilanguagesetup.txt”

  73. anon permalink

    What kind of shitty monster you play as if a little ~8 years disabled girl in a FUCKING WHEELCHAIR can easily beat the shit out of you

    • AnonA permalink

      NEVER underestimate the power of loli!

      • Anonymous permalink

        People in wheelchairs tend to have incredible upper body strength.

  74. Anon permalink

    Really liked the game, especially the story. Reminds me of Ryukishi07 in both style and atmosphere.
    Rogue, if you translated profiles can you put them in txt and upload? Or just post them here
    Also, how ending 3 is called?It was also untranslated

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I know Rogue is busy and already does a lot for us with these translations, but was there any chance of him translating Sei Monmusu Gakuen? The game seems decent (from what I’ve heard). I just can’t get enough of monster girls…
    And if not, then does anyone know why he won’t?

    • Anon permalink

      He already said numerous times that he won’t translate Vanadis stuff. It is too boring and vanilla for him

    • Pain E permalink

      I posted this literally 10 comments back:

      “I believe Rogue dislikes Vanadis, so I doubt he’ll translate it.
      Someone else is translating it, but progress is slow.”

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m highly doubt he will translate it. “My japanese is nowhere near good, I still depend heavily on dictionary diving, and I have no idea on where to begin trying to get inside the game’s files.”
        He doesn’t know japanese nor game script.
        Of course I still hope that he will translate but possibility is near zero

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, are you going to do Onesyota?
    Seriously, it’s the best game out currently that doesn’t have a translation project running.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Got a nice vid for those craving a little MGQ early. The first scene in Konyu Fantasy (OAV, not eroge) could have come straight from MGQ. Don’t bother with the others though

  78. Anonymous permalink

    i have a strange bug in this game that just wont let me enter battles after the proluge ends.
    how do i fix this?
    (note : this is in the larger map that when i just walk somwhere it gives me some strange warning and then wont let me make anymore moves)

  79. Anonymous permalink

    when i play i get this weurd error in jappenis ( when i interract with the map (walk on it) probobly entering a battle) then it somtimes shows an empty tab or simply makes me unable to interract with anything. can u please fix this? or is it just me and my computer?

  80. Maru0 permalink

    I may really be stupid, but I can’t get past the first girl’s map session. It’s like, anywhere I click, nothing happens… And when I put the tentacle it just gets stuck at 0%.
    I’ve tried clicking in every path, map in hell of lots of orders, but it just doesn’t do ANYTHING!
    Is this a known bug?
    I’m running an Applocale on a Windows7

  81. Maru0 permalink

    Ah, forget it, worked when I changed the locale to Japanese, rather than just using applocale

  82. Anonymous permalink

    How do I run this with Applocale on Win7? When I try, I get and error message “Applocale was unable to run it, make sure it’s a valid application.” paraphrased of course.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    nvrmnd, i figured it out, but I would like to know if the character profiles in the game will be translated. I like stuff like that.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know where a walkthrough for this game is? I’m having trouble with the endings.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    What a strange ending. Well, I feel a bit conflicted, but the game itself is fun even aside from that.

    Thank you very much, Rogue.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Can Someone Please Re-upload the English Patch?
    the mediafire link is not working. Thank you ^^

  87. annon permalink

    reupload patch please

  88. Anonymous permalink

    pls re-upload the patch i want to play that game D:
    thank you very much.

  89. Yanonimouss permalink

    4th Re-upload request

    the download has been removed in the phase of the the internet
    it would be good if you act immediately :3

  90. Anonymous permalink

    This torrent has the game and English patch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s not working for me- the client gives some weird message in japanese whenever I try to launch it.

  91. Alist permalink

    I’ve uploaded/relinked the patch to my dropbox if anyone comes to the party late

    • XrageXshadey permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      I dont know who you are, or where you are from.
      But, you’re a god-damned legend thanks m8

    • BL.Kunkka permalink

      you really saved me. thanks bro

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Alist, you fucking rock.

  93. JamieBrown permalink

    ————————> ( SPOILERS INBOUND ) <———————-

    This was… surprisingly good. I just thought "Hey, this'll be good for a quick fap!"

    But then Regina, Surusuze (I can't be arsed to see if that was spelled right) and Doris showed up.

    I was entirely caught off guard by the revelation of what Nagi was, and I was excited to see he was actually still alive all this time.

    I was so damn curious that I spent way too long playing this game, and didn't stop until I had 100% completion.

    I felt like the overall story was extremely bittersweet. You had the doctor who tried to play up being an altruistic man of healing but really just didn't want to die, creating his immortal/loving family with the last vestiges of his humanity in a seriously fucked up way. And his daughter/the fairy trying to atone for everything.

    The game made my heart pound, my breath quicken, and the occasional tear well up in my eye (the backstories in general got me really hard in the feels). I felt like such a bastard during the first part of the game, but the longer I playd, the less bad I felt about it simply because the story simply was quite good.

    20/4 stars. Thanks for uploading, Rogue! Your game selection is why you're the boss.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    that mediafire link for the English patch no longer works.

  95. I have create a French Patch based on your English translation :D
    All is ont forum. (Link on me.)
    Thanks for this translation of the game :)

  96. Anonymous permalink

    mmm seems that the link is dead now…
    well good things will come with time

  97. Regashi permalink

    Mediafire Link is now broken. Please reupload again.
    Thanks. ^^

  98. Anonymous permalink


  99. Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly
    this weblog and I am inspired! Extremely useful information particularly the ultimate phase
    :) I deal with such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thanks and good luck.

  100. GoroY permalink

    is the dl link to the patch dead?

  101. Anonymous permalink

    can some one fix the patch i want to play bad

  102. Anonymous permalink

    any updates to link? link dead

    • Anonymous permalink

      nevermind didnt read through like a goodboy

  103. Anonymous permalink

    Fix the darn link.
    Some of us aren’t privileged with the knowledge of Japanese.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Like MGQ, this is another one of those rare H-games where you come for the fap, and stay for the story.

    However, this game differs in that the plot is extremely dark and unsettling. I would elaborate but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

    It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth trying this game.

  105. Anonymous permalink





  106. Superb blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about here?
    I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  107. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appearance. I must say that you’ve done
    a excellent job with this. Also, the blog loads super quick for me on Opera.
    Excellent Blog!

  108. Chang permalink

    the translation patch link is broken

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Downloaded it, extracted it, put patch.xp3 in the correct directory, but now what do I do? I tried running both of the executables (tried in Japanese Locale, tried as Administrator, tried in Compatability Mode with Windows XP SP2), but 丸呑み.eXe gives me an error when I try to start it, and when I try エンジン設定.exe, nothing happens.

    Before anyone asks, I have a 32 bit computer, and run Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2.

  110. magic9mushroom permalink

    Is there any chance of a .txt with the translated profiles at any point? I felt like I was missing something by not being able to read them.

  111. Smelt permalink

    Link still dead, and re-uploads dead also…

    Can anyone re-upload the path file please? I have the game, just need the patch…

    Don’t have the bandwidth left to download a game + patch, actually.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Here you go, smelt.
    And if you could, can you help me with my problem with the game? I was the post two places above you.

  113. Peroxideclown0 permalink

    Could somone please reupload the translation it says its taken down :[

  114. Peroxideclown0 permalink


  115. eh…the status screen of each girl on the menu wasn’t translated boo!! *wink* thanks for the work guys love this game even more now that I know what is going on! How have I not found you before now by the way….

  116. Anonymous permalink

    Despite this game being short it has a quite deep developed plot. What this game really lacks is info about progress like ending list or scenes watched. Maybe there is such option in the game, but I did not find it – all previously watched scenes are skipped and only new are shown – dificult to keep in mind girls’ background stories.

    Also, I am curious what is written in their profile – text is in japanese and only girls powerlevel is measured with letters S A B C D

  117. Anonymous permalink

    I think the link is dead. It says invalid or deleted file.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    It’s a shame that all the info cards weren’t translated. Would’ve liked to read them.

  119. Anonymous permalink

    How can I capture chiri?

  120. Anonymous permalink

    I tried to DL the patch, but when I put in the url, mediafire says there’s no DL to be had. :/

  121. Anonymous permalink

    Yes, this link don’t work anymore :/

  122. Anonymous permalink

    To think that such a short game would be so hard to complete the right way…
    Even with a guide it took me several days to figure out the mechanics to progress the story properly

  123. Anonymous permalink

    Is there any way to see the story scenes again without replaying the whole game from scratch?

  124. magic9mushroom permalink

    What’s the third ending’s name? The first couple of endings’ names are translated, but the third is just two Japanese characters. It comes up as END 3 [two characters]. Does anyone know what that word is?

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Link is broken

  126. Bigest Fan permalink


  127. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone got a full save data? I searched online with no avail

  128. worldendDominator permalink

    I thought I can try to translate the character profiles (just to practice my Japanese). Is it possible to get the text (or images) from you? I don’t know much about resource unpacking. You could insert them into the game if you find the translation good enough.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    Can you re-upload the English patch? The link no longer works :(

  130. The helpful SeeD permalink

    Above this was posted (I am so sorry but I can’t seem to find you right now to reference you correctly ^^”), but for sanity’s sake this link worked for me

  131. Anonymous permalink

    someone know how to solve it?

  132. thang1160 permalink

    can anyone upload this game to or other please ( >﹏< )
    i tried download this game with torrent but it to slow ( 10byte/s )
    sorry for my bad english (Q_Q)

  133. ShunRenHu permalink

    Excuse me, the File of Maruonomi English Patch had been deleted, Would You Please give me an New Download Link.

  134. jack permalink

    yeah, this download link is dead

  135. Anonymous permalink

    i got syntex error and ??????. when i run the game

  136. Screwed permalink

    Ah…….. Rouge? can you re-upload the english patch please? it said that the link is too old already, and mediafire is not supporting the file?

  137. Screwed permalink

    nevermind that, i got an error everytime i start the game (which is ???”game directory”/???/???.eXe.???) can you tell me why this is happening and how to solve it?

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Can not find patch because link to it has gone bad

  139. Adam permalink

    I can’t download the patch (not that I can get the game to work at all)

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