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Violated Hero 2 out!

February 14, 2013

Just released by the good man Dargoth over at is version 1.0 of the Violated Hero 2 english translation patch! Why not go on over and give it a try. Nothing better on Valentine’s Day than spending it being raped by monster girls!

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  1. YAYY permalink

    First comment!

  2. SFrame permalink


    haha what a lovely way to spend a valentines day!

  3. Dear Guest permalink

    There is one thing about this game that actually prevents me from enjoying it.
    The orgasms. Or rather, the sounds you have to endure when they happen.
    It sounds like bones breaking, children’s skulls cracking and the souls of the innocent being tortured in hell.
    If I knew which sound file was responsible for this ear cancer inducing nightmare, I would have changed it long ago…

    • \data\others\射精音.ogg (literally ejaculation sound.ogg)

      Feel free to replace that with one from your favorite game. The game has great voice acting and music for an H-game, but the sound effects are pretty bad.

      • WildFour permalink

        or they just really wanted to enforce the ‘femdom’ point. utter and total dominance. Alice looks gentle compared to how they treat their shota here.

      • Anonymous permalink

        There is nothing better than just changing it to the Monster Girl Quest climax effect.

  4. The Perv permalink

    Hehehehe…. This means it’s time for me to “Violate” my Tallywhack.

  5. Rant Rantington permalink

    Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!
    It may be unfair to compare Monster Girl Quest to Violated Hero 2, because MGQ is obviously meant to be a game with a serious story, while VH2 is merely there to provide H with some tacked-on gameplay elements. Still, I found VH2 to be severely inferior to the Monster Girl Quest in pretty much every aspect imaginable. The gameplay of VH just pales in comparison to MGQ. While VH is more interactive in that you can move around the dungeon, the combat pretty much boils down to “okay, should I go for a magic or physical attack? Let’s see what the monster resists”. There are no levels and no death penalties, so the most sensible thing would be to die before any important encounter. Lucia completely lacks any character (basically all he says is ‘I must save humankind because my ancestors were heroes, too’), and especially especially when compared to Luca (similar names much?), who later on starts to question his morality. I have yet to beat Xulie in her true form, but somehow I doubt she’s going to point his completely unethical actions to that bland, forgettable piece of shota meat post-fight. But I don’t think that I’ll even beat her, because I decided not to kill off the generals and therefore didn’t get their energy, which apparently is needed to beat Xueli. So here I have a savestate that can’t beat the final boss because of my choices, and the best part is that me saving the generals will most probably not affect the ending in the grand scheme of things.

    • Obamanation permalink

      I didn’t read the text wall, but why do feel the need to blather your mind here?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dude, don’t be so hard on VH2. It is just a fap game, and fap aspect is pretty good.
      It is better than MGQ in 2 things at least. In art – Dieselmine always has good and fappable CG art. And in voices – every scene is fully voiced

    • Anonymous permalink

      Like the first game, there are three endings in Violated Hero 2: a victory ending and two failure endings. In order to get two of them, you first need to answer the demon girl Amu’s questions correctly when she visits you before you enter the castle. The correct answers are:
      1. Because I want to bring happiness to the world.
      2. Answer that it felt good, but with regret.
      The actual text is subject to change, but both are the second options. After you defeat any one of the other demon generals, Amu’s far left door will open so you can fight her. When she’s defeated, you have the option to take her power or decline. Taking her power is the only way you’ll defeat the final boss, and the power boost scales based on how many of the generals you finished off.
      1. Defeat the final boss. You’ll want to kill all the generals for the power boost.
      2. Lose to the final boss with any of the generals dead or undefeated.
      3. Lose to the final boss after sparing the lives of all of the generals. Harem ending.

  6. Snow permalink

    I though this was a different game. Not much into games like MGQ because I dont like the role playing system it has. Though I like its story but that story is only for MGQ.

  7. angellus permalink

    when i first played MGQ i did so for some monster girls h:ing, however that changed very fast, now its all about story, and story in mgq is lots better than in any other h type game i played.
    VH however lacks in that department, so im just w8ting for some MGQ part 3 ;D

    • Obamanation permalink

      When I first played MGQ, I didn’t know it was an “h-game” until the part after your first encounter with Granberia. Some forum people were telling me it was good, so I downloaded it… Yeah.

    • Vulpes umbra permalink

      MGQ u came for the Fapping but stayed for the story it was the same for me another good game with good story and a realy nice gameplay (FF Tactics style) Kamidori God Catching Alchemiey Meister also good CGs and fully voiced ( a NG+ and NG++ function also is there) not exactly monstergirls but quite some different species

    • Anonymous permalink

      MGQ needs a serious upgrade. It’s one of those games that has potential to sell big if professionals worked on it.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Wow this game is a complete MGQ rip off and they are not even trying to hide it.I lost to the final boss and I don’t have the necessary nerves to play again for the good ending.Still I have to admit that it managed to held my attention for 5 hours.It has indeed better art than MGQ,but the CG were boring (exept for a few) and the “demon queen”and her “4 generals” (FAMILIAR MUCH!?) are very very poorly made.I mean they were not even a least beat intimidating and no big of a deal.

    • Down with Illias permalink

      Eh, the more popular the obscure MonstergirlxCuteShotaroBoy genre the better. :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey, it’s not like they named the protagonist Lucia or something… Oh, wait

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a reason we’re complaining about more monstergirl porn? Would you guys rather have nothing at all while we wait until MGQ3? Come on, be grateful to the translators, they did this for you guys.

    And besides, this game’s story may suck compared to MGQ, but it’s not like MGQ is fine literature on par with Shakespeare. It’s still ultimately a cheesy story where the protagonist apparently runs around with his pants off so every monster in sight can go directly for his dick. Just some perspective is all. Let there be peace, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  10. AnonRoy permalink

    I do believe Torotoro’s Twitter has an interesting message for us.
    Translated through google, it reads:
    “Something may be published on the official website (Sat), steamed Mont …… we may not be 23 this month.”

    What I’m getting out of that is that Something may be Published on the Official Website on the 23rd.

    • Anicake permalink

      Nice heads up! Yes, that’s roughly what I get from that message too. Something may or may not be published on the official Monmusu site on the 23rd of this month. The interesting thing is that the verb being used, “公開される” is in my experience often used with the connotation of something being “opened to the public”, in other words something more than a simple announcement being made.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Another one: だいたい準備完了! 今月23日、もんむす終章体験版公開予定です。
        Which becomes: Almost ready! 23 this month, will be published trial epilogue steaming Mont.

        Followed shortly by: 「体験版が出たから、本編の発売ももうすぐだ!」とお思いの方……申し訳ないです、完成までもう少しお時間を頂きます。
        Or: “Trial version because you saw! Release of this story is also just around the corner,” who of thought …… I’m sorry, and a little more get time to complete.

        So, it looks to me like the first one is announcing the trial, the second is apologizing to people who thought the FULL game would be out on the 23rd. I could be wrong, though. Someone wanna double-check me?

        • Anicake permalink

          1st tweet:
          Preparations are pretty much complete! The trial version of Monmusu Final Chapter is scheduled for release on the 23rd of this month.

          2nd tweet:
          To people who thought “the trial is coming out, so the full game must be just around the corner as well!”… I’m sorry, I will require a bit more time to complete it.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well at least we now know it is the scheudeled release date for the demo. A DEMO!
            Meaning we can actually play some new MGQ, after all these months. Yayifications!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe a demo that would be great .

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Pretty much MGQ3 release date in a nutshell.

  13. john permalink

    translation Kyonyuu Fantasy?

  14. Kiwi permalink

    O.O that makes my day. Thank you!!

  15. Joshua permalink

    There’s a futa on male scene in this one.

    Fucking finally.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You totally not gay. Wanting a dick in your ass is completely straight and natural thing, right?

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know which .ogg file from MGQ is the climax one? Having a hard time finding it.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    This game is horrible. :I All it is, is fight, repeat. Over and over again.. Not even a great story. MGQ has got this game beat all the way.

  18. Crimrui permalink

    What ungrateful bunch. In a little scarce Monster Girl games that we have today you guys have to go and bitch about the story. It’s because of the likes of you that we don’t get the games translated cuz’ there is always one superior game and cuz it’s not like that, they don’t want to play it so people don’t want to translate. The art of Violated Hero far exceeds MGQ so don’t give me any shits. It’s a fapping material and look at it that way.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    i love everyone being raped

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