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MGQ3 Demo Soon

February 20, 2013

According to Torotoro’s twitter ( the MGQ3 Demo will be out sometime on the 23rd Japan Time (Or any time after around 10am Friday). Depending on how long and how changed the system/interface stuff is from the previous parts, it could take a few hours (from when I first start) to a few days for it to be translated and out.


He also said that just because the trial is out it doesn’t mean the full game is right around the corner. There was about 3 months between part 2’s trial and release… But I don’t even know if that’s a good benchmark to go by.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready

  2. Anonymous permalink

    May not be right around the corner, but the demo being out means it’s close enough for me. The succubus village was straight up the best area imo in the last game (and by that I mean, every monster had great art and multiple positions and such, generally), and was also the demo, so I’m hoping the demo will also be on that level.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Unfortunately not it seems, it’s just a fight with the Cupid, which has awesome music.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    My excitement is leaking out. Is it meant to be red and come out of my urethra?

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the wonderful update & all the work you have put into translation in the prior two games.

  5. Anon permalink

    Wonderful. Can’t wait.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been saving myself since New Years so I can perform like Luka…..

  7. Anonymous permalink

    YES!!! Now I’ll sacrifice 1 less kitten a day till the whole game comes out.

  8. snooze permalink

    Thanks as always Rogue :)

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Waiting for the game to come out is such a torture hahaha.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Demo means progress, progress means it will be here eventually, perhaps even soon. Can’t wait.

  11. Flaris permalink

    I’ll take that news :).

    Let’s face it anything for this is a good sign. Have gone with minimal news for quite some time so at least a demo would give people something to obsess over for a while.

  12. Softicedragon permalink

    Waiting ~3-4 months after the demo comes out? Well if the trial part is good i can wait. Otherwise it will rip me apart from inside. :(

  13. Anonymous permalink


  14. CMrCr permalink

    HAIL TO NEW MONSTERGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. themengsk176 permalink



  16. Anonymous permalink

    Im going to work on a monstergirl vagina simulator as my class project.
    Any suggestions/ideas?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you are our savior!

  18. Anonymous permalink

    “it could take a few hours (from when I first start) to a few days for it to be translated and out.”
    If you’re interested in a free blowjob from a fat neckbeard you can send me an email

  19. Ehunkel permalink

    Eagerness level: up to 11

  20. suopis permalink


  21. Anonymous permalink

    The time has come, and so have I.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ll laugh last, ’cause you came to die

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ll foil your plans, for I shall come to save him.

  22. I wonder if the demo text will be a lampshade like everything else in the games. “Sorry Luka, you have to buy the DLC in order to use Vaporizing Rebellion Sword…”

  23. AnonS permalink

    Interesting, I’ll likely grab it and then wait for Rogue to translate the demo. Then wait another month or so after that before trying it out. Then of course I will re-start all of MGQ from the beginning again or try the new game plus mode or something, and by then part 3 should be out.

    Funny thing is Rogue probably thought this site would die between releases, but he has probably been surprised that so many of us still stop by mwahaha

  24. Dear Guest permalink

    This is such a great month. Appart from the MGQ 3 demo, Erotical Night 2 was announced / is already in development. Also the PS4 but fuck Sony, who cares about them.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Waaaiiiit. Erotical Night 2 was announced? Where? Link?

  25. Febo permalink

    Oh man this news makes my day! I dont care how long the final game takes to come out. I am just glad to hear somthing. Also @Dear Guest that news makes my day as well, Ero Night is still one of my top 3 H-games!

  26. WildFour permalink

    it may be still months away, but looks like we can finally see MGQ3 on the Hora-izon

  27. I like slime girls permalink

    Oh my what a coincidence, I re-started playing the other parts like 3 days ago.
    In these times I’m happy I know japanese. Tomorrow will be a good day.

  28. for teh winz permalink

    yeah! gonna drink my night away wit tha new monster girls like i did a year ago XD

  29. DeadSilent permalink

    I can’t wait till this game comes out!!!
    looks like new monsters will be a blast to get past and the graphics look better (from my opinion of screenshots iv seen) and i think Alice turns into a Lolicon version of herself.. maybe.. :P
    but she looks cute~ or maybe they had a kid? i dunno im assuming here lol..

    Does anyone have or know the summary of this story in MGC 3 game?
    like what will happen to Luka? where he has to go? and what he has to do (aside from bypassing monster girls or getting raped by them)?

  30. AnonRoy permalink

    More twitters from Torotoro. Most recent first.

    “Large Icons display format on behalf of a little icon of SP from the last chapter, refers to the five points come out. Easy to understand, even if the battery level is increased in this SP!” So, to show massive amounts of SP, instances of five dots become one big dot. Like making change. Simple enough.

    “Trial epilogue, ready to go. It will be available around tomorrow morning.” Which he said at 12:30 am, Tokyo time, or 3:30 pm, UMT, on the 22nd of February.

    “Organisms is no shortage Zaigoto, Sarieru, Arda Nova, Amaterasu, Alisa …… erotic, GEB.” Not sure if this one is about MGQ, but if it is, it could be the list of monsters we’re fighting in the trial

    “GEB, Amaterasu and combat for the first time. What a monster of this erotic! That would be bad tea out to the general game. I will be out on eroge.”

    He put out plenty of other messages, but I don’t think they’re related to MGQ. Lots of stuff about the PS4. And again, all of these were run through Google Translate, so there are probably a few errors here and there.

    • Anonymous permalink

      GEB seems to be God Eater Burst. another game.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Are there any similar games like MGQ and Violated Hero? Need something to play while waiting for MGQ3 :)

  32. Anonymous permalink

    The demo is out now im downloading it as i type.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    The demo is out now. Im downloading it, sorry if this is a accidental repost. dont see my previous comment.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    For those who can’t read jap….where is it?

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Where is it? I need to play this :'(

  36. AnonA permalink

    The page is not update so someone mind sharing a download link?

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Is it another one of those deals where you have to delete all your browsing history to get the new page?

  38. Songit permalink

    i think its the ones that say 終章体験版 終章体験版

    going to take me an hour to download D: wooooooo so excited.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    It’s the link 終章体験版 終章体験版
    Now , I don’t speak japanese , but there is one thing I am going to say.
    Short Demo is short..

    • Anonymous permalink

      well it’s only 80 something MB and it contains all kinds of system function too right?
      So yeah…. I’m sad.

    • Anonymous permalink

      On the bright side, that means a quicker translation from rogue

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its bigger than the last two demos, they were 48mb and 55mb respectively

      • Anonymous permalink

        wait… this can’t be called a trial right?
        It’s only one battle and voila it ends… well I didn’t play the first and second trial so I don’t know how it is.
        I’d rather not judge how far it is from complete from this trial XD
        If I do it’ll be like… 10% out of 100%?

        • Anonymous permalink

          All trials have only been one battle. The first was the Slime Girl, while the second was the Lencubus. As the above poster pointed out, this is the biggest one file size wise.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I see. Well, anyhow, just to share some info with you guys.

            If you bother checking the system folder, you can see that the ‘face’ files (the face icon of luka in battle) also contains files for alice, and the four heavenly knights.

            The only time in Monmusu that the face changes to alice is at nabe fight (I think the english translation doesn’t change the face file but I can’t remember. the japanese one did.)

            With all the ‘face files’ of the four heaven;y knights, we may have battles where we control them. but well, it may be for something else. who knows.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Man, I hope their aren’t any Yari scenes, but seeing the monsters that dom’d you get dom’d would be pretty funny

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone share a download link or something? I keep going to a page unavailable link :/

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Link to demo:

  42. Anonymous permalink

    FSSSS i cant play it yet ; – ; looks like i need to wait for the translation

  43. Anon permalink

    My old computer crashed but I was able to get MGQ2 on a USB before it did then when I got a new computer I reinstalled it after downloading the Asian Languages Pack and changing the locale and it works fine for the most part except the font is really tiny and it crashes at some points, any advice?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    In summary, a large army of monsters suddenly appeared near every kingdom Luka has visited during the last two chapters (on the main continent, not the island to the SE), and now those kingdoms are under attack.

    That’s about it, Rogue should be able to translate this quickly, nothing really important happens that we don’t already know about after the middle chapter.

    Oh right, Luka is the only one able to beat the angels since he is using Angel Halo, that’s about it.

    Alice continues to call Luka ‘kisama” even though he’s now an official ally, that’s funny :p.

    I also don’t like the new SP icons. Want to know exactly how much I have left… Oh well.

    • Anonymous permalink

      it isn’t too hard to count though? 2 big ones is 10 and if you use 3 it’ll be like 1 big one and 2 small ones.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not with this new outlook. All I see are 2 large circles and once my SP gets to 5, I see one large circle.

        This bug is probably from playing the game on linux.

        • Anonymous permalink

          ? that’s correct. so each big one counts for five. isn’t it easier to count that way? if your sp get to 15 or 20 later on, this will help.

          Rather than having 20 small circles, we will have 4 big circles. if we have 17 it’ll be 3 big circles and 2 small circles. I think it’s easy to count though.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I agree, but like I said, I don’t see any small circles, only large ones :p. So if I have 7 sp, I see two large circles.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t read Japanese at all, but I figured I’d give the demo a try anyway, and man does it look great. Better looking in battle and attack CGs and an extended losing scene. Obviously they’d pick a battle with more bells and whistles for the trial, but I’m fine with waiting a little extra if more battles have these kind of losing options.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    the demo is ouutttttt theereeeeee……………..

  47. Anon permalink

    already being defeated 5 times………………..

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Dont know if it is just me but on the defeat scene while i’m fighting the cgs don’t change, while they do if go there with the scene selection isntead of fighting

  49. Anonymous permalink

    I really hate Angels and man made monsters.

    • Anon permalink

      Angel made monsters

      • Anonymous permalink

        then you will probably hate pt3…seems like 90% of it is going to be angles and constructs

        • Anonymous permalink

          It looks like there are plenty of monsters too. On the main page they have previews for the mermaid queen, a couple vampires, a spider girl, two lamias and some more. If one group lags behind, it seems like it would be the constructs. They look more like bosses than common enemies to me. MGQ has done a good enough job appealing to everyone so far that I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re not gonna go completely away from what worked for two games.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait!

  51. Anonymous permalink

    My body will never be ready for all dat NOPE

    • Anonymous permalink

      In case you didn’t know yet.

      Just one freaking commision CG can cost as much as 3-5 eroges dude.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    it’s now available for DL
    (you can get this from MGQ’s main site)

  53. Anonymous permalink

    ahegao cupid…


  54. Anonymous permalink

    1 angel demo still nice

  55. Anonymous permalink

    To everyone who has already loaded the demo
    check out the folder ‘system’ in the extracted folder

    you will see the icons of 4 heavenly knight (and Alice) as status icons where would show if Luka got blind, tempt blah blah …

    Is that mean we will get to control them ?

    and so … I got a problem with too small font to read for this demo …
    Is there somebody else like me ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      There are also white versions of a couple of Element icons, and an altered feather icon for sylph. I’m taking this as meaning there will be more elemental upgrades. Perhaps Luka will learn to control his holy powers beyond just meditation, then augment the spirits with them?

  56. Anonymous permalink

    cant wait

  57. Anonymous permalink

    so how much scenes demo has?
    What girls are there?
    Can someone take some screens and upload them

  58. superhatrix permalink

    I seem to be having a problem where, even in Applocale, no text appears except in the main menu. I get no dialogue, no battle commands, nothing. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, this has never happened before with any of the other MGQ chapters or demos. Can anyone help me out?

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Amazing horas!!! Can’t wait :D My birthday is July 6th… I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one!

  60. Sajuuk permalink

    well its nice to know that the demo is out but the main game is probperly stilll a long ways off,
    i cant read ore onderstand japanese yet still trying to learn.
    so i will have to wait for translations.
    good luck Rogue i will be watching this site…

  61. Anonymous permalink

    To celebrate, I’m going to upload some monster/cosplay girl wallpapers I made from virtual trading card games.
    Deity Wars:
    Legend of Cryptids:
    Magnus Ignis:
    Jewel Dragon:


  62. Anonymous permalink

    Rage of Bahamut monster girl wallpaper:

    • Anon permalink

      speak of that game, if anyone is going to do it then do tutorial and type in this code odm17418

  63. Anonymous permalink

    “Meat stick is sunk in the mud and warmth of Nürburgring…”

    Machine translated H-scenes are just the greatest.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    I ran the game through chiitrans and got a general idea of what was going on.

    Apparently Ilias is still gonna do evaluations, but it’s explained as being her conscience or the good part of her soul or something like that. I’m looking forward to Rogue’s translation so I can see exactly what’s up with that, but it looks like we’ll still have her being disappointed with us every fight :)

  65. Anonymous permalink

    why does it keep crashing, i have keyboard set to blank, what am i not doing right?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same problem, It worked for me when I ran it under Japanese local

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Crashes with the text thing :(

  67. Anonymous permalink

    It’s taking an eternity to download unfortunately

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