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In Other News

June 1, 2013

In other news, the game Dargoth and I were working on translating is almost done. Like a jackass, I dragged him into helping me, then left as MGQ3 got released when we were on the verge of finishing. He put up a 90% patch of what we had gotten done over at his blog at . May be something to keep your mind off of MGQ3 during the weekend if you’re the type to wait for the translation patch before trying it!

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot Rogue.

  2. Brave permalink

    Desire Dungeon is a nice aside to spend time on before MGQ3 (or Dargoth’s other stuff if others haven’t checked it out already, the man does nice work), but none of us fault you for giving that priority.

  3. Haha, like I said, you did more than your fair share of the game. I can’t complain too much that Torotoro’s “early June” release turned out to be June 1st.

    • I always took “Early” in a month to be code for “Probably the 14th, the absolute latest”. But Torotoro doesn’t fuck around I guess.

      • Brandon permalink

        Hey i was wondering if you could after mgq3 make a translation to this game id actually donate what i could to see this your amazing and a blessing to the eroge community ty for every thing
        it is called fantasy ma india amazing rpg but sadly dont have a clue what to do on it and hate using aght

        • Anonymous permalink

          Rogue doesn’t take donations, and has said MGQ will be his last translation for us all. So probably no, but while I don’t know anything about japanese, agth doesn’t scare me. I’ll take a look at it, and see if I can help.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          I’ve played that game. It’s some sexy stuff. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but it essentially revolves around a hero who sets out to defeat a crapload of Succubi. Now, these Succubi all use various methods to essentially brainwash any man they come across. TransAgg+ITH tells me that most of these were non-sexual by nature. Softcore things, like whispering in ears, posing and teasing, and so on. Eventually, if you lose, your mind is overthrown and you live as a servant to the succubi. It’s a very sexy game for those who like corruption and forceful seduction. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s an RPG Maker game, though. So bear that in mind.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah game works with ITH (Interactive Text Hooker), which is Much more user friendly than AGTH. Use ITH + Translation Aggregator instead Brandon, and you should be able to figure it out. Now I would rather go play with some MGQ3 monster girls than softcore succubi so, I’ll go do that instead.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The title of the game is actually Mindia, because the battles are called “mind battles” as they’re mental rather than physical. Really awesome game, but pretty grindy. Still, I would love to see it get a translation since I’m a fan of Neitifasu’s works and it’s pretty much a collection of almost all of them put into a game form. Really erotic.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Try asking Dargoth!

    • The Bronze Puma permalink

      I like his style. And thanks to both of you for your great work!

  4. WildHawk permalink

    funny story already beat the game of corse i have no idea what was realy going on and a cople of fights where difficult since i had to guess but hey some of us acualy have Patience to wait

  5. redpanther permalink

    Man, I love you guys.
    No homo.

    • Anonymous permalink

      To be fair, if you didn’t start the MGQ 3 after it came out you’d get poorly guised posts pressuring you to start. I’m just glad you’ve done as much as you have, hands down the most reliable translator (and yes delays are to be expected w/mgq3). Thanks and we wish ya the best in whatever future ventures!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hey boss. Getting an error when copying over my arc file. All my versions are legit.

  7. Some dude permalink

    You need to copy arc.nsa from part 1 and arc1.nsa from part 2..

  8. WildHawk permalink

    after running through MGQ3 i really hope its sucsessful enough where Torotoro Resistance might make another one that would be awsome.

  9. GenocideHeart permalink

    First update for Chapter 12 of Monster Girl Saga. Started it. First five and a half pages done. It’s an interlude scene between the Heavenly Knights in Hellgondo.

    I aim to get this out in a timely fashion, come Hell or high water. NO ONE CAN STOP MR. DOMINO! …er. Never mind.

    And yes, this is nearly the same message I posted on deviantArt. Only, I wrote one more page in the meanwhile.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    can someone translate this, please?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    has anyone got a download link for monster girl quest 3 yet? i will be buying it but im not gonna have cash for a couple months and would rather play it asap

  12. Shuel permalink

    Does anyone have the full english patches for part 1 and part 2? Been searching for them but all links I’ve come up with has been dead.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    hi Rogue, do you know is torotoro writes all text by himself and others only make pictures?

    • Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

      Torotoro is credited as “Setouchi” in the artists and supplies a fair amount of the art among others. frfr and UN_DO are also main contributors.

      • Anonymous permalink

        so UN_DO and frfr probably had part in h-event text or even plot?
        sorry what is “Setouchi” ?

  14. Kell permalink

    Ok, playing Dungeon Desire while waiting for the first MGQ3 partial patch. You released the 33% partial patch in 20 days last time. Hope its as fast this time too :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do you even MGQ lines comparison?
      Part 3 has three more times amount of city talk and two more times amount of story than 2 part

      • Unfortunate Mermaid permalink

        Seeing those numbers in the last post was scary. Torotoro’s definitely upped the ante for this one.

  15. You may also want to check out this: – it seams like a similar style of thing to MGQ

    • Anonymous permalink

      After MGQ, he will not longer be translating.

  16. would it be possible to release a interface-patch first?

  17. Anonymous permalink

    man im stuck at the last battle as i dont read jap

  18. Anonymous permalink

    you need to use skill wich cost 1 before her daystar (after 2 talk of alice)

    • Anonymous permalink

      After MGQ, he will not longer be translating.

      • This is technically part of the MGQ setting, which is why I ask.

  19. Ido permalink

    Wow the last stage, is very difficult( and I think the eighteen monster lord is a very very very BASTARD), don’t wory this isn’t the… suspence

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone who beat the game tell me how the fuck I beat black alice? She keeps using a chargeup move which can’t be dodged or guarded, and I can’t get past it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      if she uses sylph use gnome if she uses gnome use sylph (or undine)

    • Anonymous permalink

      In general, a core of the game (if I read the machine translation right) revolves around using the opposite element that an enemy uses. Slyphs opposite is Gnome and vice versa, and undine’s opposite is salamander (and reverse).

      For the early part of the game, undine translates to,… I forget what it’s called, but it’s the first stance you learn. Salamander is the fallen angel dance.

      So there’s a number of fights where you’re fighting in say fallen angel, but then someone pops slyph, and you switch to gnome while they’re in that stance, and then when it ends, you switch back to fallen angel. And stuff like that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you’re referring to the third form of B. Alice (her very last one) then as the others have mentioned you need to summon the appropriate spirit opposite of what she summons. Considering that Gnome is relatively cheap in SP I would at least have her up if you are not countering any of B. Alice’s spirits just to get the higher defense. Summoning more spirits other than Gnome is pointless because you need to conserve SP to be ready to make counters and B. Alice has that ability to nullify all of your summons.

      Each spirit B. Alice summons has their own particular “hold” move that will insta-defeat you if you don’t have the right spirit up to counter it. Other than that she has three other hold moves that don’t require summons. The venus flytrap looking one you can counter by attacking. The one that wraps around Luka jr can be countered by struggling (you don’t need Gnome for this although it takes more turns to get out). The last hold move takes B. Alice one round to charge and you should hear a powering up sound. You can guard that move without having any spirits up I think.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have a save for the desire dungeon translated?

  22. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have a save for the desire dungeon translated patch? I been griding by butt off to 21 and rather see all the cg X-X

    • Anonymous permalink

      The CG isn’t the same as the actual loss/win scenes, and you can’t rewatch scenes from the main menu like in most eroge. Not a huge problem though, you just have to fight to whatever girl you want (which takes very little time if you just defeat them normally and skip all the text) once you’re overleveled.

  23. CMrC permalink

    I’m starting to notice the life is a long wait, first for mgq2 than for the translation than for mgq3 and again for translation.
    Love u Rogue i appreciate ur work from the bottom of my heart

    • Anonymous permalink

      I appreciate his work from the centre of my balls

  24. angellus permalink

    anyone knows if some company will make maby Alice figurine or some other figure from this series ?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Is it possible to use the english patch on MGQ part 3? I’ve combined the data for all 3 games, so I’m wondering if it’ll result in the first two parts of the game and their monsterpedia entries being translated, and the third not being.

  26. Anonymous permalink


  27. 光闇 permalink

    Searched for AGHT and Atlas, then searched for ITH, both to no avail; where can I download one of these?? Please and thanks–I appreciate all of the help that this awesome community has never failed to provide.

    I’ll do my best to figure out how to use the program on my own…

    • Anonymous permalink

      ITH is the first (and second too, I think,) result if you search ‘interactive text hooker’. Search ‘translation aggregator’ to get the other one. They’re both very straightforward to download and set up, and that’s coming from someone who usually struggles with this stuff. There are good tutorials on how to get them working on those pages.

      That said, be prepared if you’re not used to machine translation: It’s way worse than you’re expecting.

      • 光闇 permalink

        Yes, I’ve since figured it all out, thank you very much! The translations are indeed hideous. Rarely, a sentence will almost make some sense, and all other lines are complete nonsense. Thanks to the software, I’m now getting very much into many other games I’ve been eager to try out for ages! Succubus Quest and 幻想世界マインディア are two examples ^^

    • ^ Is a voice drama with (a few) supplementary illustrations and a transcript of the dialogue.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    very liked art of guy who drawn robots (xelvy or something like that)
    anyone know his site?

  29. Dear Guest! permalink

    nananana nananana UPDAAAATE!

  30. Anonymous permalink

    anyone found a cg dump of the game yet?

  31. Alex permalink

    Wow…. You’re frenetic! 90% already??!

    A Lord between hentai mortals lol

  32. jon permalink

    is rogue start translate MGQ3 or not? i want to know can anyone tell me

  33. jon permalink

    oh sorry man i didn’t notice that thx that is make me happy i forget how rogue translate the game
    lol i am very sorry

  34. Dear Guest permalink

    Since we haven’t heard anything of Rogue for over a week:
    Who thinks he wants to go out with a bang?
    Like releasing a huge ass patch unexpected by everyone?
    HA! I’m onto you…

    • JP90 permalink

      Yeah, you just go ahead and keep being delusional there.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I dunno, he could have activated hyper mode…

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well, even then we should keep our expectations rational. For MGQ2 it took about three and a half months, which is approximately 1% per day. Now judging from his blog activity I get the idea that Rogue’s personal time is even more limited, and MGQ3 is around 50% bigger than part 2.

          So unfortunately even 4 months would be hyper mode, even for Rogue’s high standards, my guess being around 5-6 months for full translation. Divide that by 3 or 4 to get the approximate day of the first patch (depending on whether it’s a 25% or 33%) and that makes a June patch highly unlikely.

  35. KaiZoegret permalink

    Has anyone checked lately? there is what i assume to be a new teaser there in big ? does this mean they are working on a sequel or and extenstion? idk cause i cant read japanese yet.

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