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MGQ3 Out (Japanese)

June 1, 2013

MGQ Part 3 (Final Chapter) was released earlier today in Japan – You can get it at . I already started some preliminary stuff such as moving over Battle/Skills/Encyclopedia text and all that. I’ll have a post later this weekend with more particulars such as line numbers that will need to be translated, which should be able to give a good idea of Part 3’s size compared to the previous two.

  1. Dear Guest permalink

    >already started some preliminary stuff

    Are you a robot?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you.

  3. I like slime girls permalink

    I’m downloading it right now~
    I have a test on tuesday. I hope I don’t do too badly, but considering…

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for starting early Rogue. I’ll be waiting with great anticipation.

  5. goten1986 permalink

    My body is not ready. Better drink plenty of water from now on.

    • Towelhead permalink

      I just finished after 6 hours *wipe sweat from face*
      so…. epic <.<; *faints*

  6. E-tan permalink

    Thank you very much !

    Now the first questions:
    How do we combine all the previous games together with our save file ?
    And if we combine them together can we still play the first 2/3 of the game in english ?

    • E-tan permalink

      A got it,

      I took arc.nsa and arc.nsa1 from MQ2 game folder and copy it over to the MQ3 folder.
      For the save you need the gloval file in the save folder.
      Then start the game where you have to click the “extra” button and click the lasts two options for your save file and for the game fusion.

      Now then i press “new game” I start with MQ1 and I have the complete monsterpedia from the previous games with all my statistics.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks! It mostly worked, however I can’t seem to load from where I left off on chapter 2. Do you have that problem too? D:

  7. Anonymous permalink

    thanks Rogue, I will raise a beer to you tonight.

  8. Thanks a lot Rogue.
    We are really in your debt.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Great news man , cant wait for the translation!

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    We need a 100% gamesave, stat!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue’s lived up to his legend of translating at 180 sanics as expected

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Here’s my savefile, not quite 100% but pretty damn close.

  14. Prototype909 permalink

    Not sure if my last comment went through so I’ll just link it again in the event that I screwed up the post.

    Cleared (But not 100% since I’m missing some rape scenes) Save file. For all intents and purposes of having access to all the battles in the gallery, it’s 100%.


    • BradMason permalink

      If this works, then I’ll love you until the day I die 0_0

      • Prototype909 permalink

        I just zipped my entire save folder so you should be able to just drag and drop into your MGQ Part 3 directory and have it work, that’s my assumption at least.

        • BradMason permalink

          I managed to get it to work, but it seems there’s no way for me to transfer over your save AND keep the monsterpedia for all 3 parts complete :/

          • Prototype909 permalink

            If I were to link my own monsterpedias with my part 3 folder and then reupload it would probably work. Give me a bit to see what I can do.

          • BradMason permalink

            If you could do that man, I don’t even know what i’d do haha i’d just be so grateful.

          • Prototype909 permalink

            So bad news, the only way to merge the monsterpedias at this stage would be to replace my global.sav which would in turn erase my monsterpedia for part 3 and make me start over. Because I don’t feel like going through that amount of effort right now I’m probably just going to leave the save file as it is.

          • BradMason permalink

            Ah ok then, no worries, I don’t blame ya :P lol if I really wanna go through MGQ2 again i’ll just load it up, cheers anyway for the save file, massive help :)

  15. Anonymous permalink

    How much money do I need to give you so I can hire you to work on the translation fulltime and finish ASAP

  16. BradMason permalink

    I’m transferring over the arc.nsa and arc1.nsa files from MGQ2 to my MGQ3 folder, but I still haven’t got the monsterpedia entries from the previous games? Any know what i’m doing wrong?

  17. Vishi permalink

    I know you are doing this for fun(rly?;0) but why don’t you open a donations account and make us help you a little bit,just as a huge thank you for doing this.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Totally worth the money and no sleep. Some of the bosses ticked me off though.
    Making a request now Rouge: when you start translating this thing please put save points between each of the multi-stage bosses forms. Damn things are nearly unbeatable without saving between forms.

  19. Random permalink

    And the story continues.

  20. Anonynony permalink

    You are wonderful and awesome Rogue!
    Thank you so much :D

  21. Anonymous permalink

    For those having issues with merging monsterpedias and having to start the game from lvl 1 heres what i did.

    i copied over a clean save file and replaced the one with full part 1 and 2 monsterpedia, then started a new game with the clean save folder, it started me from part 3. I made a random save, then closed the game, copied over the save from the clean one into the full monsterpedia one and put the full monsterpedia save folder into the game folder. restarted the game and now had full monsterpedia and starting at the 3rd chapter.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Now that it is finally out,it’s going to become very hard…The waiting for the translation…I think I might not be able to make it and play the game untranslated…But I will find the strength not to…
    And thank you Rogue for your hard work! :)

  23. themengsk176 permalink

    soon.. soon..

  24. angellus permalink

    Guys anyone who is interested in buying game via DLsite and cant cos you cant use paypal do this:
    Register account
    Swap page to G Rated section
    Go to your account and buy points via paypal
    then go buy game

    PS: credit for this info go’s to KaiZoegret

  25. Thanks, Rogue. Can’t wait!

  26. Vishi permalink

    I hope some haxz0rs will find you and destroy your PC.
    have a nice day =)

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know how to beat the final boss (well at least I think she’s the final, which transformed for 3rd)?

    I keep getting instant death no matter what I try…

  28. Goddess Ilias permalink

    Now go oh Brave Rouge.

    I will always watch over your Translation.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rouge… really?

      • gpyei permalink

        Man this red guy is amazing, he doesn’t even exist and hes getting tons of praise

  29. Arbiter permalink

    All of our hopes are resting on you, man. I can’t wait to play this.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    *SPOILER ALERT* – at the end of my comment

    Ehm… ^-_-
    Wait..! O_o
    WHAAAAAAAT!!!??? O_O

    If this is true, then I’m going to kill that b*tch because of Alice had to die!
    It was Ilias, am I right? THAT B*TCH WILL F*CKING PAY for every live she ever take and mostly for Alice’s life!!!

    Please, some one! Save me and tell me that this spoiler isn’t true. ;_;

    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;
    *SPOILER ALERT* – DON’T READ IT! I beg you! ;_;

    Alice will *** (on 3 letters)

    • Brodon permalink

      It actually depends on whether or not you’re on Alice’s “path”.

    • Anonymous permalink

      In my case she’s already dead and Luka is in hellish heaven.

  31. Softicedragon permalink

    Well i got the game now too and hell… seems its a hell of text there. I dont understand the story yet but i think its a very good final.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Guys I forgot how to combine the games. How do you do it again?

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Please try and not post spoilers guys thx

  34. Anonymous permalink

    I uploaded the game to mediafire if anyone wants it. It also contains the previous versions of MSQ.,wyzzc84gnz1ed,10n0mm4iqeclg/shared

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why do that? I can at least understand people being too selfish to pay for it, but why be a dick and post something that someone’s been working on for a year so other people can avoid paying them for their work?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh please faggot. Get off your white horse and get with the real world.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The real world? The one where devs don’t like using Android as a games platforms because of precisely the same sort of shit above? That’s the real world right there.
          How about you fucking pay the requested price for something you neither made nor own, dickhead?

        • Anonymous permalink

          -Use of the word “faggot”, check.
          -Unimaginitive way of challenging “authority”.
          -Referring to morality as fake. check.

          Looks like we have a Chanfag here!

      • Renami permalink

        Cause unlike you some people don’t have the money to buy it douche.

        • Anonymous permalink

          So is shoplifting a CD alright if you can’t afford it?

          • Anonymous permalink

            False analogy is false. If I shoplift a CD the shop loses a physical copy of the CD that could potentially be bought by someone, and has to eat that loss (or the insurance company does). If I download a file (not that I ever would, that is worse than genocide!!!1!1), nobody loses a game. there is just another copy in my computer

      • CMrC permalink

        I agree, ateleast dont post it too soon and for the ones who say that they dont have enough money, i’m pretty sure that ont erm of corporal enjoyment this game bring it is worth it’s price 10times over if not more. So dont be greedy and pay for once a game u rlly love and enjoy

    • Luka permalink

      part 3 isnt there

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m currently uploading part 3, but I got limited internet speed this month

      • Anonymous permalink

        Great dude! please can you leave us a comment when it’s ready to be download?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just kidding man, you should go buy it.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Its uploaded.
            And I did buy it.
            On all the complaining why I uploaded this.
            Not everyone has a creditcard to buy this game. You can’t buy this with paypal. That’s why I uploaded it. I didn’t own a creditcard in the past, so I had to search for other ways to play these games. And that means download it from a person who spreads it.

  35. angellus permalink

    Guys if you got any money buy game and support creators of this content, so we can enjoy great content in future as well.
    You can buy it via DLsite and pay via paypal, easy and fast.

    Bought that way all 3 chapters today myself.

  36. Steve permalink

    Hey guys, is MGQ 3 for free?

  37. Some dude permalink

    Cant buy porn stuff with paypal.

    • Scarlet permalink

      Actually, you *can* buy this game (and all others on DLsite for that matter) with PayPal. On the G-rated part (and only there) of DLsite, there is the option of buying points using PayPal (which equivalent in 1JPY per point):
      With them one can pay for stuff on the G-rated as well as the M-rated page. It works well and is fast, just did it myself^^

      • NightmareChild permalink

        Thanks for that, must of tried a dozen times with my card and it wouldn’t go through.

  38. Pyro permalink

    Quick question, with the release of the 3rd game, does anyone have Rogue’s patches for 1 & 2?

    For MGQ1 I have English patch 1.1 which has a changedate of prior to the latest patch & for MG2 I have english patch 1.0 which also predates the latest patch release date & wanted to repatch my prior two games prior to playing 3.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Meh flame wars over stupid things… It should be a simple thing friends, the way of the internet has always been the same sense it was created in the stone age… Pay if you can afford it, don’t if you cant, for the internet is a bountiful and karmic god. Pay if you can because you want to support the very thing you’re about to play, so they can make more and better games in the future.

    Take a look at the art between one and three and that should be proof enough, do you think that increase was possible because 99% of the fan base illegally downloaded it? No they maned up and payed for it. I too torrented the first two but I payed my dues and dished out the ~30 bucks for the game this time around because toro deserved that money. Simple shit guys but damn just because it’s there floating on the internet doesn’t mean you deserve it or have some right to it. It’s there because someone wanted to share it and you as a consumer have to evaluate your moral code. Either make something better yourself or pay the asking price or be grateful to the internet and pay it forward later. Don’t be a douche bag and the internet will take care of you.

    • angellus permalink

      I torrented first 2 as well, but only cos i wasn’t sure that all 3 chapters will even come out, now that we got full story i buyed all 3 games

  40. Santi permalink

    Found torrent here: , so thanks to YoungMike for it. Though, I’ve bought previous 2, planing to buy third one, and I suggest others do the same. Seriously, if it wasn’t good – you wouldn’t be here. “Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT”

  41. Anonymous permalink

    You guys are making this too black and white. Some people don’t want their account (personally identifiable) tied to this content. What if their country is ass backwards and monitors them like China. Then they starting a crusade against that content and is consequently charged/embarrassed. Hell, it’s happened multiple times already. I don’t doubt they’ll do it when they have even more usable info.

    Just don’t call me crazy or lazy for pointing this out.
    Why do you think Rogue won’t carry his translations overseas?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I doubt many of the people talking about downloading it here are living in China.
      And if you don’t want this content attached to your bank account and don’t want to buy it, that’s fair enough. It doesn’t justify downloading it without paying the creator though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        All’s fair in Monster Girls love and war

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