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MGQ3 Translation First Update

June 1, 2013

The very first update – Basically to give an idea of the line counts.

City: 0/15603

Story: 727/27500

Battle: 1080/88600

Encyclopedia: 1/93 (I’ll change this to line numbers later. Right now it’s number of monsters)

Total: 1807/131796 (1.4%)


This doesn’t include a lot of skill battle and item stuff that’s new, since that’s too hard to count lines for. But the overall total % should be a good gauge of where it’s at. Remember that the lines aren’t actual lines for sentences, but just the total size. So there may only be 30% of lines of the 88,600 in the battle that need to be translated (The rest is code for handling the battle).


For comparison;

Part 1 City: 7041

Part 2 City: 5175

Part 1 Story: 19700

Part 2 Story: 19600

Part 1 Battle: 56400

Part 2 Battle: 83000

  1. Denamic permalink

    You’re the greatest person on the planet.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    OMG It’s huge!

  3. BradMason permalink

    It’s a huge increase from the previous games lol. But take your time Rogue. I’m content to wait, I mean it’s definitely worth it. It’s amazing that you’re even translating the game for us. A million thank you’s Rogue, you’re the greatest :P.

    • raza permalink

      wouldn’t the increase tho be because it basically houses all 3 games in one after you add the gloval save and then it holds the entire 3 in one so to speak?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m pretty sure this is the individual game’s line count.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    So part 3 is roughly twice the size of both previous parts put together? Damn, thats pretty big. and to think all of that is NOPE.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What? No.

      Part 3 is significantly bigger than Part 2, but not that big.

      Besides, I think the NOPE is charming. I can’t fap to it, but somewhere, a person with that fetish is fapping and relishing the fact that his fetish got into a plot heavy porn game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The hell are you guys talking about…? The fuck is a “NOPE” fetish?

        • raza permalink

          I can only say i don’t want to know but unfortunatelly i will eventually find out due to the fact that i actually like the games story and now i don’t want to lose to anything for fear of finding out what that means noooooooooooooo lol

        • Anonymous permalink

          Technically, every single enemy monster girl is a NOPE fetish. At least for Luka.

          • Anonymous permalink

            including alice? seems like she’s the exception to the rule

          • Anonymous permalink

            Luka actually does explicitly state interest in some monster girls (Alice being the obvious one, though other random ones pop up.) It’s more the complete loss of freedom for the rest of his life (sometimes the very short rest of his life,) that’s a ‘nope’ for him.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Oh my god I haven’t been this hyped since I was a kid

    I made the mistake to peek through my fingers at the CG thumbnails and now I’ll suffer what feels like orgasm denial for 3-4 months

    Thank you sweet Jesus for translating

  6. suopis permalink

    Rogue ♥

  7. Anonymous permalink

    The Occulus Rift dev died the same day this came out


    • Denamic permalink

      An Occulus Rift co-founder, not ‘the’ developer. But yeah, he got run over by a car chased by the police. It’s a horrible tragedy to be sure.

  8. Anonymous permalink


    I would give you a blowjob if you make the number go higher faster

    Not hyperbole, I would straight up do it since you don’t take money

    • WildFour permalink

      now why would that even be tempting with all the monmusu he will be tinkering with?

      • Anonymous permalink

        …because, in theory, you can do both at the same time.

  9. Anonymous permalink


  10. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing God’s work Rogue, we all love you for it. Saw some of the CGs, super hyped to get it out in English.

    • angellus permalink

      i dought that Illias appreciates Rogues assistance in spread of monstergirl fans around the globe ;D
      then again who cares what she thinks, im gona stick “angel halo” up her “where sun dosent shine”

      • Anonymous permalink

        Up her Illi-ass?

        • angellus permalink

          precisely ;D

        • Anonymous permalink

          Nice one ;)

        • Yabu permalink

          *badum tss*

          There’s still a good side of her…

          “In the dirty, polluted river of filth that is her heart…
          A Tiny Glimmer of conscience that still exist, still free of the filth.
          … That is me.” -MGQ3 Trial Evaluation(Illias Conscience)

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, good going, Rogue.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    already working hard i see Rogue.Wish there was some way i could help.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    You know that feeling when you know it would be totally unfair to bug someone but you kinda want to cos you’re so impatient … yeah.

    Totally awesome work rogue can’t wait for the translation.

  14. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    Wow! City and Story section are almost the combined amount of two previous parts, no wonder Torotoro said it was a hassle.

    …Now, I just need to figure out how to obtain the game, with no credit card or any friend in Japan…

    • angellus permalink

      buy from using paypal to buy points and then spend points to buy game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You god amongst men, been looking for a way to purchase this legit.

        To clarify for the folks out there with the same idea, make an account, go to the bottom of DLsite home page, and click the “Go to G-rated page” button, then you can use your “my page” tab to buy points with paypal, and spend ’em on the adult games.

        • angellus permalink

          no im not ;D

          credit for this trick goes to KaiZoegret, he told me how to do it, i just advertised it so more people will buy game.
          Glad to see more people spend money on this, hopefully this will encourage torotoro to make more great games

  15. Techies permalink

    Keep up the good work mate. We’re counting on ya!

  16. Cropsy permalink

    Here are the english logos you asked for on /mgqg/ – posted em there too.



  17. Anonymous permalink

    Sending good translating vibes your way.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rogue, do u mind reuploading MGQ part 2 patch?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue, do u you mind reloading MGQ part 2 patch?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    God speed Rogue.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I salute you Rogue, you’re a god among common men, deliver us the last piece of the promised land and we shall be forever your followers..

  22. Anonymous permalink


    At the very last end at monster queen castle, you are given 3 choices, then … with Alice and game ends. What are those 3 choices? and What’s “ex” game after you start a new one?

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue!
    Just wanted to thank you for your hard work, I really appriciate it!

  24. CMrC permalink

    Umh the combo 8pt counter -> salamander -> 8pt counter is too op

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, it is… :-( I figured that one out too. Thankfully you can still get insta-gibbed by monsters using enhancements and binds.

  25. Monster Girl Lover permalink


    Rogue, you’re awesome!

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Good work, Rogue!

  27. Flaris permalink

    You are a great human being.

    Honestly just totally hyped knowing that the translation has begun! The fact that it is that much larger than the previous game just makes that more true. I hope it has an epic and fitting conclusion.

    Good luck.

  28. Today history is made.
    All hail Rogue!

  29. no name permalink

    Shit.. that will take some time. Anyone has a time machine?

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Do anyone know how to get these two achievement?



  31. Anonymous permalink


  32. Anonymous permalink

    sigh my old full saves arent working properly, anybody happen to have a useful full save / encyclo link? much appreciated. your my hero rogue!

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man, we really appreciate you working on these! Hope you enjoy the awesome of part 3 while you’re translating :D

  34. Anonymous permalink

    *Cheers to that!* Now if only the hard difficulty was a notch harder without going to *Hell* difficulty. After I beat it, I was excited to see the “EX” mode. Sadly, it just makes monsters one shot-able.

    • Towelhead permalink

      agreed,… hell mode is…. sadistic. Hard mode is…. a bit too easy

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, has anyone ever asked if you’d be interested in any assistance translating these projects?

  36. Keep it up, Rogue. I’m a big fan of the work you do, and I wish you’d keep doing it after MGQ3. Regardless, know you’re appreciate by your many fans and the community as a whole.

  37. Afaggot permalink

    I fucking love you. Keep up the great work!

  38. Dabeavis permalink

    I wonder how the translation patches will be portioned, the patches of the first two chapters were portioned into thirds, and knowing that this is the biggest chapter yet it could be either thirds or fourths.

    I’m predicting a third – half of the chapter could be translated come August.

  39. Hooray for Rogue!

  40. Anonymous permalink

    So Rouge is it the same as before with how you are gonna release the translation patches? 25% 44% 66% then 100%?

  41. Anonymous permalink

    God bless ya, man!

  42. Anonymous permalink

    based rogue working on translation the same day it gets out. If it goes up by the same percent every day, i’d be more than happy to wait 100days

    • raza permalink

      possible that it could take longer as you know that rogue works just be patient and wait it out :D

  43. Thank you for your work. I appreciated it a lot.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    That’s alot of translating, I will patiently wait even if it takes as long as 2014. Luckily there are other great h games to play in the meantime as well as videogames.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    someone has a complete game save?

    • raza permalink

      yep no clue how to upload it tho got nearly everything done too apart from taking every move in part 2 (so much rageing -_-*) other than that my record is topping :D

  46. Softicedragon permalink

    Errrm did i miss it or where are the H-scenes with the 4 heavenly knights? The game is over…. im rly dissapointed if toro toro has forgot that…. :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      I hear there’s more than one ending.

    • Anonymous permalink

      They specifically stated there were h scenes with heavenly knights. If you kept up with the news then you would’ve known. Don’t go around spreading baseless rumors based on your playing experience

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dargoth’s translation of the blogpost a few weeks back. I’m a diehard fan so I keep up with the news.

      “It seems I scared everyone more than I could have imagined. My apologies. From now on, my twitter will be private and used only for my friends, and don’t worry, the message board will be reopened when the final chapter is released.

      I’ll answer the questions I’ve been receiving to the extent I can without spoilers.

      Will there be H-scenes with the 4 heavenly knights in the final chapter? Yes.

      Will there be H-scenes with adult Alice? Young Alice? Yes to both.

      H-scenes with the four spirits? Yes. It was intentional that the first chapters of the game didn’t have any actual sex scenes with the spirits. You will have actual sex with them in the final chapter.

      Is La Croix a woman? Definitely female. She may be somehow connected to a character you’ve already met…

      Will there be an H-scene with the 5 arc-en-ciels seen at the end of the middle chapter? Each of the 5 has her own. There’s also one combined picture.

      Are there any other monsters that will make a reappearance, whether battles or h-scenes? Other than Chrome who has already been revealed, there are other monsters that will challenge you for revenge. It should be something fun.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I finished Chapter 3 and all I have to say is Heavenly Knights endings are pretty disappointing compared to the real one from Alice. To see the rest of the endings don’t just go straight to hellgondo in the end. There are 6 different endings of which there are 13 different hentai scenes with 13 different kinds of monsters.

  47. Lowlightt permalink

    Cough cough, well all this talk of MGQ3 got me thinking about World of tanks (wink) so try downloading my world of tanks zip password “lol” (no quotation marks)!aE1HUSSD!UN98gTOljAGNE3DpDipkRBJK_cQxFdCarX0GZUM_K5g

  48. Softicedragon permalink

    Oh yes i found it….a lil bit crazy but ok. xD

  49. anon permalink

    anyone know how to combine the first 2 chapters with the third one?

  50. Random Guy permalink

    Does anyone have a full part 2 save? Lost mine when my hd died =

  51. Softicedragon permalink

    Another question…..if i look on the monsterpedia i can see that granberia has 2 h-scenes but i have only the second one. How can i unlock the first one? Heres a link for a better understanding.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      I believe the second one is the Granberia x (spoiler) scene you get when you can visit the four knights in the castle later on.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue you are such a hero. Seriously.

  53. Anonymous permalink



  54. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance on a hard machine translation script? It’s really hard to avoid spoilers, and I avoided spoilers in MGQ2 by using a google-style gibberish translation patch that was at least enough to understand the basics to play it shortly after release. Then I replayed with full understanding when Rogue’s patch came through. :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can beat this game without a translation. I did.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      You can text hook MGQ3 with ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) Then you can also use Translation Aggregator to auto translate the text as you go.

  55. raza permalink

    I see it’s begun fun times ahead people fun times ahead……..i already know who i don’t want to lose against at all costs even if it makes me lose out on files in the encyclopedia i will turn on skip already viewed scenes if it comes to that…… for my sanity’s sake or at least the shards of it that remain lol

  56. Raizu permalink

    Thank you Rogue.
    We are forever in your debt.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Now that I’ve finished the game, here’s my review:

    Content (10/10) – Everything you want, it’s there.
    Battles (9/10) – Daystar -> Salamander -> Daystar.
    Story (0/10) – The dialog makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Anonymous permalink

      How sad. A serious story would make this game infinitely better.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    >Encyclopedia: 1/93
    are you saying there are 93 new fights.

    • No, there are 93 Monsters but some fights may have multiple monsters in it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There’s also a handful of monsters who – unless I missed something – have scenes but no fights.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    How do you use granberia to fight?
    Tried all 4 moves, don’t know how to win against the chimera.

    • Jamse permalink

      Just keep spamming the moves, when granberia’s hp is very low, they’ll be a new atk for 0 points. It’s the attack luka learned from Alice :D

  60. 1800 permalink

    The fights sure are hard. Most of the ones early on seem to be those ones where you learn how to win through reading dialogue. But since you can’t read anything, you just get your ass kicked forever.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Not really just remember these tips.

      1. If an enemy didn’t attack last turn, (there should be audio cues now) then guard as its probably an auto kill ability

      2. It the enemy sprite changes then they are using a counter stance. Guard during it or heal but don’t wait as they now attack during counter stances (so don’t be confused)

      3. Early on in the game you won’t have access to the 4 spirits but you recieve 2 new abilities costing 2 points each. These are wind and water stance (like Granberia’s version) abuse these in your fights. To figure out which one to use, use wind for status effect enemies (like angels) and use water for melee attack and bind enemies (think tentacles)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wish I’d read that sooner. Just beaten the game by guessing which one to use, and reloading if I’d picked the wrong one.
        It soon becomes obvious, because EVERY single move will take a massive chunk of HP off if you get it wrong.

      • Xoverguy permalink

        There is also some other things to note. If an opponent uses dark gnome, even if you have gnome yourself, grabs become unbreakeable no matter how much you struggle, aside from the enemy getting a defense buff. The point where I call bull though are the instant deathgrabs I’ve been seeing. The first being the second vamp girl in sabasa city but that dosnt count since she always uses it after dark gnome so as long as you have sp for daystar its cool, BUT, for the first angel in gnomes desert, and the abhorration abusing the young boys in the lab, those and some others have death grabs that are 1 turn, show no text change and no sound, and you have to get lucky timing a daystar right to save yourself.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    You know whats hard…figuring out those bonus scenes in the castle…..
    Anyone want to share the correct combinations?

  62. Softicedragon permalink

    Guys pls help me….i have already finished the game but i missed granberias first H-scene. There is a part in the game where you can talk with all 4 heavenly knights in the castle. For everyone of them you have 4 answers and i think the last one is always “i have to go”. Granberia has a other “armor” in that scene but if i leave the room i cant talk with her again.Dont tell me now i cant get the first H-scene if i havent a save point BEFORE i did that mistake… xD

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m pretty sure you can pick whatever choice in the dialogue before you get to roam the castle but I picked the first choice, talked to Granberia by picking her choices in order, left her room and then chose the first option. Voila, hot yuri.

  63. takemeon permalink

    Take your time with it.

  64. Thesuperanon permalink

    So… It has begun

  65. Anon permalink


  66. Anonymous permalink


  67. JollyGamer123 permalink

    omagodomagodomagodomagodoasdmfosdf@$@$!!@$^&#$ ive waited for the day as have many and can only patiently bid my time till the great Rogue himself dishes out the translation thx rogue u da man

  68. Anonymous permalink

    This game is quite easy on normal mode.

    Early on,
    – Against most Angels: Choose that “Echo of Sylph” or whatever you want to call it. 7th option, first window, gives a grey sylph icon when used.
    – Against most Chimaera/Monsters: Choose the grey Undine one, 8th option.
    – As you reacquire spirits, you can summon the actual Sylph/Gnome to counter your opponent’s use of the fake ones. Their Sylph will make their hits attack multiple times and quickly, but your Gnome will reduce the damage a lot. Their Gnome will make their attack strong and a successful bind inescapable, but your Sylph will evade it.

    Once you get Salamander,
    – Most enemies will drop with 8-point Counter => Salamander refill => 8-point Counter. You can also use your 4-point to finish them, or summon an appropriate spirit. This remains true for a LOT of enemies, even with boss music, straight til the end of the game.
    – You won’t be able to use multiple spirits in concert until those 4 nemesis chimaeras are beaten. In general, if a foe isn’t going to die to the above combo, use Gnome.
    – Keep the general rule of Sylph vs plants and most angels, Gnome vs other things.

    Higher HP foes near the end,
    – Get the first 3 spirits up, dump SP as appropriate, refill with Salamander. It’s a lot like the last fight in MGQ2.
    – On the special fights where you control another character, use all their SP moves once and a new move costing 0-1 SP should become available to auto-win. If not, just keep attacking and using moves, it might work. (I dunno how I did the 1st one’s trigger.) On the 4th of those fights, just spam the highest SP move, attack, and use only the highest SP move. You’ll get a 5th option costing 1 SP.

    On the last bosses,
    – That new ability in the 8th slot which costs 1 SP and causes Sylph to fly by is completely useless and does nothing… until the end of the last boss. When the last boss gets angry at ~10% health and the scene shakes and Alice says things, give it a turn, then use that ability to trigger the ending.
    – One will dispel your spirits whenever you have 2 up. Use this to your advantage. Keep Gnome up unless you need to summon Undine to counter her Salamander or Sylph to counter Gnome. When low on SP, use Salamander. If it’s your 2nd spirit (which it should be), she will dispel your current one and Salamander… allowing you to use Salamander on demand for infinite SP basically.
    – On most of these, you will get a lot of free assistance in damage dealing, so your priority with SP spending is spirits and healing to survive. You can still use SP offensively, just don’t forget your priority.
    – On the 2nd form of a boss with multiple forms, watch the sprite and guard on the turns when the boss reveals a dangerous portion of its anatomy.
    – On the 3rd form of the same boss, listen for a sound effect at the end of the boss’ turn sometimes. This will indicate you need to guard or be caught in an inescapable grasp.
    – On the very last boss (you’ll know because the healthbar is massive), feel free to save in-combat whenever someone comes in to start talking. It’s a good 10 minute fight and there is some auto-loss potential.

    • KaiZoegret permalink

      tbh, the last fight i didnt save at all then fcked up at the end so I had to do it over again, but I found that to be one the best fights ive ever played as a gamer. The fact that, I feel, they choose the perfect music for it adds to my not hating to replay it. My advice: do what he says if u dont mind fighting an epic battle more than once.
      I can’t wait to have the full translation, cause then I get to do this game all over again with even more enjoyment.

    • Anonymous permalink

      About 1 sp sylph summon it is probably quadruple giga. And it has it’s uses. If you have 5 sp you can use it to dispel salamander and get sp refill in 2 turns. But you will dispel all spirits this way.

      • Anonymous permalink

        A word of warning on the very final boss. Don’t prematurely use Quadruple Giga (i.e. before taking down her hp bar completely for the first time), or she will counter with Ultimate Messiah to instant kill Luka for 8000+ damage.

    • Anonymous permalink

      for the most you don’t even have to activate any spirit you can just 8sp skill and normal attack and then hit again with 8sp

    • Anonymous permalink

      What you call “echo of sylph” is actually fallen angel dance.
      What you call “grey undine” is actually Luka achieving Mind of Still water without undine’s help.

    • CMrC permalink

      Umh i’m pretty sure on the first of the 3 form of one of the last bosses u cited u don’t have to guard, but use the daystar counter

      • CMrC permalink

        And if u fight the last boss properly u can get the hp to 0 before reaching the 2nd portion of the fight

  69. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing God’s work Rogue. Ilias would be proud.

  70. CMrC permalink

    Someone know how to unlock 2 second loos scene of the 1st enconter with promestin? Tryed basically everything (loosing to every skill and in various section of the fight) and the machine traslation of ilias consultation at the end says nothing about it
    PS: used chiiTrans there is not a patch yet for what i know

    • CMrC permalink

      Umh i’ve uncompressed the arc2.nsa and it seem this scene would be the drainlab one maybe i’ve to get it elsewhere and no in that fight any idea? (Since it take rlly long to understand a few jap lines i’d like ot avoid searching how to get to it from the nscript :P)

      • CMrC permalink

        NVM got it it was form the fist choice in the castle

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Sometimes I wonder why he won’t accept donations

  72. Hey Rogue! I wish you at least had an Amazon Wishlist where we could give you stuff in appreciation!

  73. Not a nameless faggot permalink

    There are only a few awesome people… You are one of them Rogue!

  74. Down with Illias permalink

    Where was that auto translator thing that gives raw translations to english?

  75. Anonymous permalink

    How is Rogue able to translate the visual novel?

  76. Anonymous permalink

    there seems to be alot less vore in this part 3.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    can someone translate this, please?

  78. Anonymous permalink

    My eyes are bleeding from the awesome.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    The battles will be even harder when the game is translated due to not being able to save in middle of fights.

  80. BradMason permalink

    Has anyone got an in-depth guide as to how to get ITH and the other one, translate aggregator i think, working with MGQ3? I’m having no luck and honestly, i have no idea what im doing -.-‘

    • Anonymous permalink

      I got it work but it is pretty much gibberish… although I could tell by keywords when they did blowjob attack, handjob attack, etc.

  81. Softicedragon permalink

    You should wait for rogues godly work. The other trans are rly shitty i think. 100% in enzy now…yay. :D

  82. NanabiLives permalink

    Yeah, not being able to save in the middle of fights will be an even bigger problem than before, especially during the multi-stage bosses. I hope Rogue puts save locations in-between for those because otherwise it’ll be very painful.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I rarely had an issue with saving outside the safe spots. Last boss might make people wish for mid-battle saves though, so long.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, are you planning on releasing it 25%, 50%… or 33%, 66%..?

  84. Edd permalink

    Here is a link for my full save game for MGQ 3!!zRIlwDiI!Jrvdbl5JQMql9g1D73pFiBdXdU4xgGe28cD7dPME5KU
    Happy fappi…I mean hunting..! :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Haha 99999 hp in the fight with black alice, you cheater xD
      But I got to admit, one of those fights with black Alice was very difficult, but I still could get through without using cheatengine.

  85. pedemonte permalink

    anyone have any save game of “part 1 & 2 game in one” in the last castle??? i lose my save game and i was on the heavenly knight of the fox girl. i want know the rest of the history :)
    if anyone can give me a save game near the zone….
    thx in advance

    • Pyro permalink

      I have several save games from within the final castle in MGQ 2, I however can’t remember the choices made within game such as Killing the Mimic / moving the one plant near the start of the first game, I do remember getting the bell of friendship or whatever it’s called. — Also I’m not sure what patch level it’s on, I know I have Rogue’s 100% translation in there but not sure if that was with a patch after that.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Is that really the only young alice scene? Im dissapointed… You cant even see anything.

    • Ken permalink

      Im kinda glad they didnt go overboard with the loli alice… cause you cant skip scenes the first time and im not into loli lol

      • Anonymous permalink

        shut up ken

      • angellus permalink

        Ye shut up Ken… lol ;D

        Sorry i didn’t mean that, i just really had to say it ;D
        PS: loli alice is ok whit me

    • Anonymous permalink

      Didn’t you have enough with that angel mariel or however she is called

  87. Anonymous permalink

    So how do you plan on doing this? Are you going to translate it in 3 parts like the last one?

  88. Softicedragon permalink

    I was a lil bit dissapointed about the fact that there was a loli alice. Ok the idea was good but iam not a fan of it. And i think there was too much “ugly” angels. Valkyrie was a yum yum…..^^ Oh yes and the bi H-scene with granberia and alma elma was very me gusta.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    I’m honestly almost disappointed in how easy the fights are… MGQ fights were never really too hard but its just ult reill with fire summon ult. Everything dies. Even tbe bosses are dying to this combo in 2-3 turns.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Weird, to me this game is impossible. Maybe because I don’t read japanese so I have no idea what’s going on, but I find myself struggling to get past almost every monster so far. Also, I don’t think that I have the fire one yet.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Any game is easy if you use the most effective tricks. When was the last time you died numerous times playing to the fullest of your ability in any game? Games stopped being hard about a decade ago. If you want a challenge now, you have to crank the difficulty way up (which usually just gives enemies stupid amounts of hit points,) or limit yourself in some way. And I’m talking about games where the gameplay is the main feature, not a game like MGQ where it’s the side dish.

      I’d suggest playing through again without using that combo, or without using a certain attack, or whatever (generally in MGQ, whatever new skill or ability you just got is going to be overpowered for a few fights at least.) There are things you can do to make losing anywhere from possible to likely. Don’t nuke the game then ask it to put up a better fight.

      • Anonymous permalink

        *coughs* Demon’s Souls
        *coughs* Dark Souls
        *coughs* Vanquish

        I should probably get that looked at.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just saying try playing Xcom: enemy unkown on easy mode that shit is hard

      • AnonS permalink

        There’s Ninja Gaiden and God Hand just off the top of my head, both less than a decade old. And if you really want a challenge, there are competitive games in a few different genres, including FPS, RTS, Fighting games (2d and 3d) and even MMOs.

        But it’s really silly to look for challenge in a menu driven RPG, and this one is more VN than anything else which makes it even sillier. If you want the challenge it’s out there, but most people honestly don’t want it. I just appreciate the story in MGQ and even some of the sex scenes (i’m not really as crazy about it as a lot of other people, honestly I hate losing in this game).

        • Anonymous permalink

          You hate losing in this game? Good sir, you’re playing it wrong.

          • AnonS permalink

            Hehe the only time I care about losing is in monsterpedia just to complete it. I got sick of losing when those two succubus sisters kept beating me, and alma elma at the end of part 2. Those were the two toughest fights I could remember, mostly because they were kind of long and my bad luck is legendary, so the longer a fight is the more likely I will miss 8x in a row and eat crits 3 times in a row (no joke).

    • Anonymous permalink

      I noticed that as well, I wanted to play through casually but I blew through it in a day and a half.

  90. goten1986 permalink

    It begins. :3

  91. Anonymous permalink

    I guess there aren’t any H scenes with Micaela (the mysterious Enrika woman who knew Luka’s parents) nor with the queen of Grand Noah… or am I wrong?

    And am I the only one wishing they release an additional H-scene deluxe package with every female characters appear in MGQ saga? (especially the one without any H-scene from the game!!!)

    Sometimes I feel like If I ever become rich enough I’m just gonna buy one of these companies and develop games the way I like it.

    • CMrC permalink

      umh basically almost all the whomen that aren’t a silouette have their h-scene (maybe the queen of grand noah is the only one who doesent) (and amira not sure yet though since i’ve an achievment concerning her but i cant read the rest: damn kanjis too fking many)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Unfortunately, Micaela doesn’t have an H-scene. I was extremely disappointed too because she is very nicely drawn.


      But I guess Torotoro didn’t want Luka to have sex with his auntie, though having sex with the reanimated corpse of Alice’s mother is ok apparently.


      The Grand Noah queen and Amira doesn’t have any H-scenes either, unless there is some hidden scene not viewable through the encyclopedia (extremely unlikely).

  92. Kirlrik permalink

    Plenty of time to finish the first two parts for the third time and fill the monsterpedia and see every attack and loss scene (and every premature ejaculation, because I’m OCD about seeing all the different text)

  93. Delta permalink

    anyone with a full monsterpedia(Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3)?

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Why do people always have to post spoilers? Even if there are spoiler warnings, it’s a dick move none the less.

    • Anonymous permalink


      Oh, sorry ’bout that.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Why do people always have to post spoilers? Even with warnings, it’s still a dick move.

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Small dick means small actions. =)

    • Anonymous permalink

      People who have just got and played the game want to talk about it immediately, not wait a couple months until the game’s not fresh in their heads. I’m amazed at how well people have been marking spoilers, actually. It’s a general internet rule that if you’re on a forum/thread/whatever for a game, it’s your fault if you run into spoilers (and you will.) There aren’t even any rules about marking spoilers on this blog, so you’re risking reading whatever just by being in the comments.

      It’s more of a dick move to expect the whole world to wait for you than it is to clearly mark everything and consider both sides.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I agree with you 99.995%.

      • AnonS permalink

        When you are on a translation blog for a game that hasn’t been translated, no, you don’t expect spoilers for the untranslated portions. That defeats the purpose of a translation! Anything in the previous parts yes, by now in these comments a spoiler makes sense, but not for MGQ Part 3.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just because this is a translation blog doesn’t mean everyone here is waiting for the translation, it means that the people here mostly speak English. A lot of people are attempting to play through with ITH and other machine translation programs; some people don’t want to wait any more before playing the game, even if that means trying to decipher gibberish. Playing through with a machine translation leads to a lot of partial information, and people want to clarify that, which is what most of the spoilers posted here have been. How’d they miss scenes, how do they beat this fight, etc.

          Also, for a lot of people, this blog is the extent of their community access for the game. It’s talk about it here, or table it until the translation is out.

          I just don’t get why people expect to peruse comments and not be spoiled. The internet’s been around for a while now, either avoid comments and forums, or accept being spoiled. I’m waiting for the real translation to play through the game and see all the CGs, but I’m not gonna enjoy the game any less if I know the ending. Ctrl+F Rogue’s name and you can see all of his comments if you’re afraid of missing something official. Anything else you’re counting on courtesy of anonymous to not spoil things for you.

          • AnonS permalink

            Amazing, the selfishness and inconsideration of some people. There is no excuse for spoiling things on a translation site, none whatsoever. If you need a “community” there is monster girls unlimited or hongfire, Rogue’s site doesn’t even pop up first on google and you wouldn’t have found it if not through another site.

            You are just making excuses for spoiling the game. If you’re going to use a machine translation because you can’t wait at least have respect for other people who aren’t using it, or go comment on the site you got the machine translation from.

            I’m very much just quickly skimming the comments and don’t really care about spoilers, at least people here are putting the tag. You though don’t have any of that decency. I would never spoil it for other people just to do it as you are suggesting.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Have fun expecting the entire internet to hold to your definition of unselfish and considerate. Let me know how that goes. Let me also be the first to welcome you to the internet.

            It’s debatable if asking questions about stuff like battle strategy and other stuff is even selfish. Expecting that to never come up in a place where the game is being discussed with no spoiler restrictions is just stupid.

  96. Softicedragon permalink

    Hey rogue, can you finish the patch for mgq3 next week? Lol nah just a joke but what did you personaly think how long can it take? For the patch of mgq2 it was ~3 months i think. Maybe you can finish this one on december 24. =)

  97. ChaoSpectre permalink

    Rogue, I’m an amateur translator (Five years of learning Japanese in high school/college, limited scanlation experience) who would like to ask if you’re interested in bringing on any help for your translation projects, and/or MGQ3 in particular. However, it’s clear that you don’t make your e-mail publicly known to avoid getting all sorts of junk. So I’ll just ask if you’re interested in any help?

    • Pudpud permalink

      I think Rogue might be working alone on this one. That said, there are a fair few Japanese mods that haven’t been translated if you’re interested in any smaller projects.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    can someone translate this, just missing this two achievement



    • Anonymous permalink


      + Get yelled at by Micaela
      +During (the battle with) Ilias’s final form, surrender on the turn when Micaela appears

      +Did not remember Amira
      +When proceeding with the story, ignore all non-required events; clear the story through the absolute minimum amount of content possible.
      +You can easily unlock this by playing on the EX difficulty that appears after clearing the game once, or by quickly playing through the game on normal mode.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What are these achievements? I don’t see them in the list.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What are these achievements? I don’t see them on the list.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    hey Rogue when do you think you would be done translation MGQ3? Not to nag or anything but this one hell of a carrot that has been dangled infront of the faces of us monolingual types. Also massive props for the work you put in on the translations and good luck with whatever you move on to. Also if a rough date estimate has already been posted forgive me for missing it, as I was trying to avoid spoilers.

  100. redtack2009 permalink

    mr rogue i have a suggestion. seeing as this game is much larger then the others do you think it might be worth putting up a patch every 10%? i dont know if you have to pay anything to put the patches up or if theres a limit or somthing (and if there is disregard this statement) but if not it would really help quell the wait for the fans of the series as id imagine about 10% worth is probably about an hours gameplay. just thought i would throw that out there and see what you and others think.

    • Anonymous permalink

      and some h events with text more interesting

    • That won’t be done – I haven’t decided how/what % I’ll do interim patches yet though.

      • Magamis permalink

        Rogue, can you fix Marunomi game and English Patch? I cannot get it working.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work Rogue-san!

  102. Anonymous permalink

    I wish there was some way for this to happen faster. Thank you for doing this.

    • Softicedragon permalink

      We should ask mother russia for a new high tech clone program…..

  103. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, good sir. It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Took a peek on the new stuffs, and look what I find, dem awesome new BGMs!

    Can’t wait for the patch! More power to Rogue!

  105. Anonymous permalink

    Took a peek on the new stuffs, and look what I find… dem awesome new BGMs!

    Can’t wait for the translation! More power to Rogue!

  106. Anonymous permalink

    I am excited. Seriously.

  107. Anonymous permalink

    131k lines is a lot of text for this kind of game.

  108. Anonymous permalink

    I think it’s time for Rogue to show us his final form.

  109. redtack2009 permalink

    thats fine good sir as i say twas only a suggestion. really cant say thank you enough anyway for translating all this for us. good luck in whatever you do next with your life :) and to people who keep asking for translations of games……….. dont you know mr rogue is retiring after this? gonna go spend a nice time with all the monster girls on a beach somewhere in the bahamas XD

  110. Anonymous permalink

    get off your ass and translalate this game you fatass I could of done it in 30 mins.

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Lol lil kids shouldnt play adult games… <3

    • Anonymous permalink

      Prove it! Supply a script & menu translation or go back to your Call of Duty & Chocolate Milk.

    • codered999 permalink

      then where’s your translation patch at baka?

  111. Ryu permalink

    Thank you again for the valiant effort Rogue, which is gonna be though (looks like there’s a lot of text in this final chapter).
    I only have a little request for the next translation if I can: please no more “crushing” something between a girl’s breasts. Sandwiching or pressing would probably sound better… for obvious reasons ;P

    • Ryu permalink

      tough not though…. lol ^^;

      • Anonymous permalink

        You don’t wanna have your dick crushed by muscular women?

        • Anonymous permalink

          i want to be crushed

        • Anonymous permalink

          He just wants a sandwich.

        • Anonymous permalink

          He doesn’t want to be crushed he wants to be sandwiched and I rather be squeezed. Who wants to be pressed?

          • Ryu permalink

            Did I really raise a discussion here?? LOL! Just saying that I’d like more verbs like press, or yea even better squeeze when it come to breasts. Smoosh is also ok with me hahaha.

  112. Crust20 permalink

    Hey Rouge i’m sure this is getting old but none of your patch D/L work anymore id suggest changing to another file sharing site but that’s me though.

  113. Softicedragon permalink

    A lil question for everypony…<3….which part was the best from mgq? In my opinion every new part is getting better. Not all games have that ability. COD is the best example for it…..

    • Anonymous permalink

      How is it even possible to compare MGQ with CoD?

      It doesn’t makes sense at all.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He isn’t really comparing them together. He is saying that he thinks MGQ gets better with each part and that not all games do that, using COD’s numerous games as an example.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That said, I think that MGQ is getting worse in terms of fappable monsters. There were only a few monster in the first part (mainly the zombies). A bit more in Part 2 (Cerberus, Behemoth, a couple insects and a few others). But the majority of Part 3 is NOPE and that saddens me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Seems like a result of running out of monstergirls more than anything. I give them credit for keeping things fresh as opposed to just throwing out more and more succubi and other popular monsters, but the extra nopes are to be expected because of that. The angels and monsters that I’ve seen have been plenty of yep for me so far though.

          • CMrC permalink

            Umh i think there are more creepier monster, but i think on term of fappable one there arent that many less. They simply added without subtracting too much

          • Anonymous permalink

            I thought there’s some amount of unfappable girl every game. I can’t fap to any monster that kill you, to be honest.

            Remind me of Pokemon’s Gen 1 is the best somehow :P

          • Anonymous permalink

            I think Gen 1, 2, and 3 were the best.

          • Anonymous permalink

            There’s also a large theme in Part 3 of Natrual vs Unnatural. There are a handful of natural and classic monstergirls aligned with Black Alice, but a lot of the chimeras are SUPPOSED to be freaky abominations. There’s still several classic mermaids, lamias, spider girls, etc in Part 3. Plenty of variety to be fappable for all.

  114. Softicedragon permalink

    Ty for that good and interesting answers. How did you think about this game called Hero (monster girl quest 3D)? Sure atm its just the beta but i think its interesting.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ugh… I don’t want to be a negative nancy, but the 3D renders just don’t appeal to me like the 2D drawings.

    • Anonymous permalink

      3D can be extremely hot if done well. But well, removing the “18+” form MGQ and… well, the major part of the game is just gone.

      • pyro411 permalink

        Actually only Hero is removing the 18+ where as Monster Girl Quest 3D is keeping the 18+ content.

  115. Veinscut permalink

    Take your time but since you are un superhero translator it should take a few months when it’ll take three decades for any of us ^^

  116. Anonymous permalink

    I know this has gotta be the biggest of all the monmusu series, BUT STEP IT UP! I have the game here just waiting for the translation patch, and I don’t think it likes waiting. In the meantime, this will be a good way to practice some JP. kukukukuku…

    • Steele permalink

      Hey, calm down. Rogue is working on it. Us silly English-Speakers are all waiting. If you’re that desperate, you can machine-translate. It’s not very good, but it’ll give you a vague idea of what’s happening. :)

    • Impatient much? Dude has a life outside of this too, telling him to hurry up won’t make it go any faster.

  117. codered999 permalink

    I ask that you stop uploading anything of adult content on mediafire cause they do not allow adult content when they find it. Try megacloud.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, if it’s possible, can you released the two chapter monster+trial patch for part 3? I find myself just wanting to get all attack from Cupid in the non-demo together with part1+2.

  119. Softicedragon permalink

    Wow ty again for the answers. Hm…which monstergirls was your favorites? Mine was Valkyrie, Chrome, Alma Elma and Granberia.

    • Anonymous permalink

      3.Alma Elma
      4.Vampire Girl
      7.Dragon Pup
      8.Tiny Lamia

      • Anonymous permalink


        • Anonymous permalink

          I prefer the term lolicon,thank you very much.
          P.S.-I like the succubuses too,but there was no space in the top ten and they are not loli…some of them at least…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Alma Elma, Fairy, Alra Priestess(2 new looks in chapter3, one standing and one sitting, sadly no sex scene, what a waste!), Succubus Witch, Valkyrie, Queen Harpy

  120. ryu permalink

    Little spoiler request:
    I’m stuck at Erubetie vs Amphisbaena and the crappy translator aggregator is not helping much understand what I’m doing wrong. Any help?

    • ryu permalink

      Ignore that: found out myself, also feeling stupid for asking LOL!

      • Anonymous permalink

        please enlighten me, I tried everything I know and I am stuck…….don’t have any translator as well Q__Q

  121. Larius Thornswallow permalink

    Does anyone know if the Samurai & Kunoichi elves star in this latest episode?? The suspense is killing me. They were my favourite from the 2nd one and even though I’ve made my purchase on dlsite I’m waiting for the proper translation to begin playing.

    Hopefully it will be done before my birthday– Oct 28th!


    Wait one second. Only answer my question if the answer is a positive yes. If the elves do not star in this latest episode, leave me in the dark.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    OMG! Look like ToroToro is going to add more monster!!
    Look under ??? section

    Other than the first picture of the first demom lord, the other two picture of the ancient 6(which Tamamo is apart of) is sweet!!

    No idea when he’s going to finish the patch though, but really looking forward it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait.. i thought the game is already complete. What is this?

    • Rampage permalink

      Those look like post-game type enemies.
      Perhaps Torotoro wasn’t quite done with the ending, or he’s got some side story he wants to add.

      Rogue’s probably just busy translating away at the script not even paying attention to his progress right now.
      He might even be a little distracted this week by what’s going on at e3.

      Based on earlier partial patches he could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months away from an initial release, but based on the size of the script it’d wager on something closer to the latter.

    • Holy crap, they got Psychadelic G2 to do monster designs. That’s my absolute favorite pixiv artist ever!!! O.O

  123. Anonymous permalink

    I think Rogue died again…

  124. funkyfish1992 permalink

    fuck man i cant beat black alice in the second time you fight her :S i’ve tried everything i can think of. every time she lifts up that dress of hers its pretty much gg for me :S anybody know how to dodge it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Use the 8SP counter move when she lifts her dress.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Pleeeeeeeeeease, i need more

  126. Anonymous permalink

    You my friend, are awesome!!!!!

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your time and skill, Rogue.

  128. Anonymous permalink


  129. Anonymous permalink

    excellent. keep it going. any chance a person of your talents would take a stab at riajuu saimin? :D

  130. Anonymous permalink

    we all bow to your awesomeness rouge

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for translating the game.

  132. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ3 will be epic i cant wait to get some game overs

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I just want to thank you for all your hard work.

  134. Ruka permalink

    i must really much thank you its such a shame that i cannot help you and i cannot so much good japanese like you especialy kanji

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to defeat black alice final form

  136. NightBring permalink

    When I convert arc.nsa from part 2 to part 3, i can’t see the previous monster form part 1 and part 2? it’s just Part 1 Monster and part 2 Monster.. only the part 3 like cupid exist in the monsterpedia..

    any help??

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