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MGQ3 First Status Update

June 11, 2013

For the first status update…


City: 226/15603
Story: 5944/27500
Battle: 12382/88600
Encyclopedia: 1/93

Total: 18553/131796 (14%)


No, that doesn’t mean it will be finished in another 2 months. The next month will be far busier than the previous week, so that rate will not be maintained.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    New update on the mgq main site..Apparently there is yet another game in the works! Very few details though, other than the 3 character profiles

    • JP90 permalink

      It’s possible that Torotoro is just going back to producing audios. No mention that it’s a game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why couldn’t we have more like the second and third characters in part 3? Heck, if the focus was on angels then replace the wings for the second character with angel ones, slap on a halo in place of the tail and we’re good to go! :P

      • Anonymous permalink

        To be honest, I prefer the first of those. The third just seems utterly bland, save for the funny tentacle thing coming out of her skirt.
        That said, Torotoro’s done a good job of putting something in MGQ3 for everyone.

        Downside is there’s lot of stuff that’s Nope to me personally, but there’s probably someone out there that likes them.
        And even xelvy’s stuff did grow on me in the end.

        • Anonymous permalink

          liked xelvy’s and UN_DO’s art most of all
          and i think there is more animations for xelvy’s monsters then for other

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s more so that I like the art style of the last two, even though the design of the last one is indeed a bit bland. The first one just doesn’t do anything for me although that’s not saying it wouldn’t be worthy of being a part of the MGQ series. The rendering and details for that pic are superior.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’ve figured it out. This new game is another in the MGQ series. the first character is someone you might recognize…Even if you can’t read moonrunes, compare Alice’s name to hers.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Click on the artist link by the last two pictures (they are the same person iirc), and you get his pixiv page. That guy has done some really awesome pictures, that I originally ran into on gelbooru. Lots of femdomy succubi like stuff and such, and he seems pretty good to me. Feels like it’d fit into a MGQ world pretty well.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I must admit I’m really into Xelvys monstergirls I liked them the most. xD

    • Jared Moen permalink

      I love this series!!

  2. Based Rogue.

    Thank you.. You’re the best (=w=)d

  3. Anonymous permalink

    for the love of Ilias… 14%! have you been sleeping at all???

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think not, 14% in 10 days? This guys are T101.

      • Dabeavis permalink

        This is a very large chapter compared to the first two, and he does damn good translation work.

        • Steele permalink

          I believe that anonymous was agreeing

          • Red Queen permalink

            You’re all going to die down here.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue is obviously a God and therefore does not need sleep.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, Rogue is extremely fast when he’s actually translating and not just working his day job.

  4. abc permalink


  5. Anonymous permalink

    Still, very impressive, man, cool to see, thanks for the update. Will you be releasing it in 33% chunks like with MGQ2, or are you going to do the whole thing before release?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Depends on if there are natural stopping points at the 33% mark. Honestly, he should probably stick to either a 50% release or a single full release if he’s going to end up finishing everything in only 12-16 weeks of work.

      • gpyei permalink

        12-16 weeks of work, with about 12 weeks of life mixed in

  6. Dear Guest permalink

    Halfway there!
    (If you consider low 33’s and large 14’s that is…)

  7. Softicedragon permalink

    Thats why rogue squadron from star wars is that fast. Ilias and the other gods are allies… :O

  8. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    How many “horas” are there in total? Did the horacount increase over mgq 1-3?

    • Irontax permalink

      This is actually a very important question. I believe MGQ gave me a hora-fetish, so I’d like to know the answer to this too.

    • Takata permalink

      Anyone got a program to count the number of occurences of “hora” in the game data files?

      • Learch permalink

        Nerd here. This is achieved using a simple unix script. provides an example. Someone who is more interested can make this work much better than I can.

        Good luck internet.

        • Anonymous permalink

          or just use grep

        • Anonymous permalink

          grep -c ‘hora’ FILE *flies away*

        • Anonymous permalink

          grep -c ‘hora’ FILE, you’re welcome

          • Learch permalink

            Or perhaps someone who uses Linux on a regular basis will do much better than I can.

            Clearly, I do not use Linux as often as most people do. ^^;

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m sorry, but what is hora?

      • Incognito permalink

        Hora, hora, (taken from the MGQ Wiki) Alice happens to have a verbal tic: “Hora, hora hora!” (mostly during the sex scenes with Luka, though). “Hora” seems to be a word in the Japanese slang Jisho which is a cutesy way of saying “look” or “hey”. This same verbal tic is shared by the Four Heavenly Knights, most notably Tamamo and Granberia.

        • Anonymous permalink

          In MGQ it also seems to be a shorthand for: “I am a massive perv and I’m giggling over your reactions to what I’m doing to your dick.”

          • gpyei permalink

            so hey, hey , LOOK … *fingers then proceed to turn into tentacles*

        • Anonymous permalink

          actually, hora can be translated as “come on” or “come” (as well as come/cum – ejaculation), so by me, i rather translate it that way.. cheers

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      Maybe Rogue will list the horas seperately in the next newspost. I am looking forward to it either way.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Do your best rogue! I’d pay you money if you apparently had already stated that you didn’t want people doing that.

  10. shuyin78 permalink

    even if the rate isn’t maintained, you’re doing an awesome job !
    thank you for showing the status update. we’re looking foward the complete patch whenever you’re done, take your time ^^

  11. themengsk176 permalink

    very impressive progress. thank you for all your hard work. I’m a big fan, and if I had a way to legally compensate you for your efforts I would. I (and many others, apparently) eagerly await the product of your efforts.

    • Cloviswashere permalink

      I’m suprised to see you out of doomstream. Good to see you have good taste. And I would totally throw in a few bucks, MGQ 1-2 have taken several hours of my time, and I feel it would definitely be worth the money for the translation (And actually purchasing the game as well.)

      Also, thank you Rogue, as always I look forward to your quality releases.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, 14 %! I really look forward the released !

  13. redtack2009 permalink

    well there he goes… good old rogue living up to his god status hell il pay for the sleeping pills you must have used up till now XD like everyone says man do this at your pace. anyone who bitches about you hurrying clearly doesn’t understand the intricacy’s of translating things and isnt worth the time of day

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Are you SURE this isn’t the second update?

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, that’s a lot more than I expected.

  16. Yamapopi permalink

    Concerning the Encyclopedia, many translations are already available, if it can help you.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    You are a goddamn machine. It’s like watching the Terminator of translations.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the update!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I just wish you told us when you will release the first patch… At 33%, at 25%? Neither?

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Jesus 14%? You’re a machine Rogue.

  21. anon permalink

    only 86% more until I understand what I played

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I got a question, what programs do you use to edit the text in monster quest?

  23. angellus permalink

    Gogo Rogue !
    I still didnt even start the game after buying it cos im waiting for translation first so that there wont be any spoilers or anything on story part.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Bravo pour ton boulot Rogue !

    Good job Rogue !

    • Anonymous permalink

      tiens, un commentaire FR xD.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Super !
        Maintenant je sais qu”on est 2 français à jouer à MGQ ^^

        • Anonymous permalink

          On est sûrement plus que ça, avec moi ça fait au moins trois…

          • Anonymous permalink

            Si être francophone suffise, quatre.

          • shuyin78 permalink

            non, maintenant ça fait 5 minimum ^^

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Schneckenfresser raus…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Funny, I can say the same thing for Schnitzel/Currywurst fresser ^^

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue ! :)

  26. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm 14% is totaly cool. But pls upload only the 100% patch. Its better to understand the whole story.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Then you can either just play up to the 33% or 50% mark (whatever it is) and wait, or not play at all until the 100% comes. It doesn’t make it faster or slower for Rogue, and some people who wants a portion of the game translated in parts, but its all up to Rogue.

      • Softicedragon permalink

        Yeah sure but for me its better if i can play it without interruptions. Because i didnt have the willpower for ignoring the single parts until the full patch is done.^^

        • Anonymous permalink

          in that case that is your problem and not ours nor Rogue’s

    • Dear Guest permalink

      A partial patch wouldn’t mean that only some of the lines you see would be translated. It would mean that you could play the first third of the game (it is linear after all) normally, and after that everything would remain untranslated, pending the next patch.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        Exactly. It’s like a manga that has 2 or 3 chapters come out monthly. I’d rather the translators spread them out so that you can enjoy it(albeit smaller tidbits) over a longer period.

        Also, @ Softice. If you need a 100% patch to understand the story, then mabee you should wait till the 100% patch of this game, then start playing the first, second and third one after the other to get it even more.

        Just seams kinda silly.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The patches cover the game in sequence, they don’t translate random bits.
      If you want to wait for the 100% patch, that’s fine. If rogue releases incremental patches and others want to get partway into the translated story, then they can.
      I don’t really see your problem.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    gj :3

  28. Anonymous permalink


  29. Anonymous permalink

    Been awaiting for this since Ep2 was released, I think I can wait a few more months =P Thanks for the effort that you are putting into this, looking forward to the finish day.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    This just popped in my mind about donations…

    Rogue, why are you not accepting Bitcoin donations? They are 100% anonymous and untracable!
    You would be safe from anyone trying to find you and your info for copyright infringements etc.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Because he doesn’t want to payed for doing this as he has said numerous times. If you want to give anyone money give it to the creator of MGQ.

    • JP90 permalink

      Because not everyone’s top priority is money. Besides, everyone knows that Rogue is a clandestine agent with the CIA. He’s got all sorts of money.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Another reason being, he would be sued for profiting off of Torotoro’s work. Also, Rogue does this for the fun of it, which is why he doesn’t want help or money.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    How is Rogue able to take out the text and be able to translate and put it back in?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Basic Text Extraction Program. Check out hongfire.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I know about text extraction, I mean how is he able to remove the japanese text and replace it with english in the visual novel?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Because he’s a level 999 Based Rogue, that’s why.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          He extracts it, translate it, then puts it back in? How is this a hard concept?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Text extraction doesn’t remove text, it just grabs the characters and puts them on a clipboard.

  32. jon permalink

    nice work man you are the best

  33. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    You can take your time, Rogue. As this is your final project, make it great.

  34. ChaoticNemisis permalink

    I’d love to expect the first patch (33%, but for all we know it could be 25%, with the addition of so many more monsters) sometime the first week of july.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can expect it whenever you like, doesn’t really affect when it comes out.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        It’s true. I like to be reasonable so that it comes out close to when I expect it. Just a thing I do

  35. Anonymous permalink

    take your time and we greatly appreciate all the work you put into this for us. we beggars cannot be choosers. you’re a great guy.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    That’s pretty good progress

  37. john permalink

    if i find a jap version of this game will it still work if i just put this patch on it?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      What the patch is is a translation. All it really does is replaces all the text files(by that I mean the files that contain all the In Game Text) with english text. You have to get the game first to make it work, and It’s only in japanese.

      Long answer short. yes.

  38. LeoDeo permalink

    When the patch is fully complete, Will you also include the link to the game itself?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      No he won’t. He doesn’t accept donations for the same reason. He want’s absolutely no legally sound grounds for prosecution. The game itself doesn’t cost much (I will admit I pirated the first game to try it, loved it and bought it.) and the money supports the devs. It’s the revenue the first brought in that sparked the massive surge of games of this general genre.

      I will say I can guarantee if it isn’t already out there, between now and the 100% it will be available to pirate, which is unfortunate, because there are a fair number of people who would buy the game, and could easily buy it, but because it can be got for free, they do that instead.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i’d buy it if they sold physical copies.


        • Dear Guest permalink

          They do actually. I have seen pics of MGQ part discs in some Japanese store.
          Don’t know though if these copies are legit.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            I believe they are, But remember, you’d still have to go to japan to get them.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or you could always just, y’know, buy it.
      Just throwing it out there.

  39. Steele permalink

    You do good work, and you’ve explicitly forbidden people to pay you for it too. That’s a sign of nobility, and passion.

    I hold up the Monster Girl series as a sign of what having pride in one’s work can do, the desire to create something great, unhindered by societal norms. That is something noble, that is great art. And Rogue’s steadfast refusal to accept donations, despite people ASKING him to, KNOWING he won’t work any faster if they do… Is a sign of the same thing.

    Monster Girl Quest, and its English patch, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and I do mean that. It sounds stupid, but it’s true. It’s a sign of human greatness to create a work that great when you KNOW you don’t have to try that hard.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well spoken! I couldn’t agree more!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Never have I heard of something so true and so beautiful. Amazing words Steele. :)

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, great work and good luck! We can’t thank you enough for your translations.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue. Always love it when you post an update. Also, anyone know what Torotoro did before MGQ?

  42. 光闇 permalink

    Hip Hip Hora

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Damn you’re fast! Are you SURE you aren’t some kind of experimental translating robot? As far as stopping points go, the game *minor spoilers* revisits each continent, so maybe after each continent?*end spoilers*

  44. Megatron permalink

    Guys , if u could take a little of your free time and go to this link , it would mean a lot to me and a lot more people

    its a RPG Adventure with Monster…wait for it …GIRLS a interesting story and battle system.
    The minimum pledge is 5$ so if u want to support them it would be really nice :D

    • Megatron permalink

      I forgot to mention … Please share this link as much as u can so your friends or acquaintances can see it and donate if they want .

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Why would you want a porn game on a mobile phone?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere, but now that you’re getting into the translations, do you plan on releasing a partial patch like with the previous games?

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up and take your time Rogue! I’ll be glad to wait.

  47. MichaelTheGhost permalink

    14% already? unbelievable

  48. funkyfish1992 permalink

    fuck man i cant beat black alice in the second time you fight her :S i’ve tried everything i can think of. every time she lifts up that dress of hers its pretty much gg for me :S anybody know how to dodge it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Save at least 8 sp so that you can use daystar/the counter move. It will nullify the attack~

  49. Softicedragon permalink

    Sometimes you shouldnt attack. If that doesnt help try to change the spirit or activate more as just one. Some hold attacks can be breaked by attacking and others just with struggling.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Holy shit.. You should probably get some sleep =O

  51. RSE permalink

    Does RougeTranslations have members to help translate this? I can help get text out of the game…..otherwise i have nothing to do over the summer :/

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Rouge translations is a one man project last I checked.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    There’s been a new announcement on the MGQ homepage regarding a possible next game!
    I’m shitting my pants over this!

    no spoilers for MGQ3 in the link so no worries
    The link shows the first Demon lord as well as two of the “six ancestors”

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      … wait. SHIKI IS GETTING INVOLVED !?!?! ^.^

  53. NotMegatron permalink

    Anybody heard of ? It really looks interesting :3 Pls show some support !

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

    • Dear Guest permalink

      So basically this is pokemon with porn?

    • Well well permalink

      20k $ to make a game ? Seriously ? Japanese people for 500$ make MGQ games likes and those americans idiots claim 20k just to conceive ONE game.

      And the worst : “This project will only succeed if at least $20,000 is raised by August 9, 3:26 pm”.

      But WTF man ! And where will go the 6k $ if they haven’t all the money at time ?

      Project seem interesting but anyway nobody should donate anything BEFORE a project completion, it just seem a complete swindle !!!

      • Anonymous permalink

        People only pledge money. They aren’t charged until the whole project is fully funded. If it doesn’t get funded no one gets charged. Keep your pants on.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Still…. I’m currently developing an Android game (Advance wars/Fire Emblem clone) and I could never justify doing this because you really don’t need any capital to start doing one unless you want to hire people to expedite things. The IDE (Eclipse, dunno about Android Studio) is free. Free software like and Audacity are good enough to create basic art and sound. I just don’t see the need for it.

          • Anonymous permalink

            This. You don’t need money if you want to start a project, and even if you do the least you can make is a fucking demo. No one is going to throw money at your project like this, make a video or at least show some screenshots.
            For me the only things that can justify that amount of money is programmers and maybe good music, the rest can be done by anyone with just some patience,

      • Anonymous permalink

        Part of it is likely art outsoursing, paying artists to draw stuff for his game. The other part of it is likely salaries for him and his other two workers (as the costs portion explains).

        20k is actually stupidly low for a game. Can you live off of 20k? Maybe. Can 3 people live off of it, plus outsourcing costs? No, but it’ll probably cover some part time salaries at least, and its probably not gonna take them years to make.

        The people that make a game for ‘$500’, are working other jobs completely, or have money coming in from other things they’ve already made. But when you’re a startup, you don’t have that option, so you can either slowly plod along while also working full time, paying for everything out of pocket, or you can try something like this.

        And again, 20k is nothing.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Yea. I still am not too trustworthy of it. If there was a short demo. some sort of show of work, or such then I might throw a few dollars into it. But since I see no evidence it is being worked on, then I won’t put them money into it.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Which is totally fair. I’m not putting money into it, nor do I trust them to make a game. Really, unless I know and trust the developers (Obsidian and Project Eternity for example), I’d want to see actual in game footage and examples to get an idea of both what my money is actually going towards, and the actual capabilities of the devs. As well as concrete explainations of what they’re going for and not vague crap like “Open ended world with a focus on exploration and user customization where you can go anywhere and do anything!”

    • Anonymous permalink

      Personally I’ve nothing against you posting a link to this, if rogue’s okay with it, but when you do it more than once it veers into spamming territory. Please don’t do it.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    You’re awesome.

  55. Flaris permalink

    That’s outstanding progress, you are an amazing human being.

    I know it won’t stay that fast, but still that’s a huge chunk of progress made there. Just know that everyone is grateful.

    • logicdefyer permalink

      Rouge translator translating at the speed of light , surrender now and prepare to fap.

  56. YaroslavZ permalink

    dude thanks alot for your work! \(^o^)/

  57. 光闇 permalink

    We’ve posted a few similarly themed “games;” ones featuring monster girls raping a male hero, but what about similar eroges? Anyone?
    Or, what is the most recent game like this one you’ve picked up? I’m doing a little of Fantasy Repure Aria Castle and Fantasy Ma India right now, and a little One Syota here and there (I wish One Syota featured monster girls instead of just humans!)

    • 光闇 permalink

      Actually, someone should really get on that idea. A One Syota game with monster girls would be disgustingly popular, I think. Centaurs chasing and pinning down a young hero, and Slimes dropping from ceilings and bubbling up from sewers to catch and rape him. Anyone with me on this?

      • Well well permalink

        Stop think about it and make it. Then you will see if this genre is popular or not. From my point of view I know it will be awesome.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          I would. Problem is though I know it would be programmed right(don’t mean to brag, but I am a pretty decent programmer, and a pain in the ass perfectionist when it comes to the little details such as that), but the audio and visuals would be lacking so much it would not be funny.

    • Alex the lazy permalink

      this has been bothering me for a while but how do you get “Fantasy Ma India” from “Genso Sekai Mindia”?

  58. Anonymous permalink

    I love you man. Please never stop bringing us free translated porn.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This will be Rogue’s last translation project, but Dargoth will be continuing.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    I just finished japanese version. I dont understand a word but it was still funn. ( dont forget to go back to cities after defeating last boss almost everywhere is little surpries )

    • logicdefyer permalink

      can u post a 100% complete save game with a complete encyclopedia , i want to try it out cant read jap though.

      • Softicedragon permalink

        You didnt need jap to complete the game. If you´ve played part 1 and 2 you should be able to manage part 3 with some brain and time. =)

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yup, it is pretty easy even on hard. A little trial and error and any of the opponents can be beaten on hard.

          If the enemy appearance changes beyond the (medium/low) health threshold or they get a spirit you probably need to change strategies. Beyond that, it’s burn em down fast or do slow heal battles. If it gets tough, use alice. Might get unlucky at times, but it’s really simple between salamander and the dances.

    • Anonymous permalink

      After the victory,
      My first visit was succubus village …
      The girls have to eat properly don’t they;-)

  60. Anonymous permalink

    im stuck on Dark-Alice’s 3rd round battle.. Anyone that can come with some tips on how to defeat her?.. its on normal and still to hard for me on that boss.. :(

    • Ryu permalink

      Her instant kill move can’t be avoided, so you need enough SP point to summon Luka’s counter move when she prepares for the instant-kill catch. Hope it made sense ^^;

      • CivilDeviation permalink

        If you are talking about her final boss form it’s a bit tricky.
        3rd form: Use opposite spirits when needed and use counter move when she pulls her skirt up.
        4th form: Use opposite spirits when needed, keep undine up otherwise, if she doesn’t attack for a turn then guard the next. Use salamander to recharge and heal otherwise.

        • Anonymous permalink

          its the form where she take the whole screen.. think it is 4th.. i use the spirits but she keeps removing them all the time so i dont have points left to attack.. a little to hard boss for this kind of game i think hehe..

          But thx for the replys

          • Ryu permalink

            Ah that. I made sure to always call Salamander each time SP got low. Doesn’t matter if Black Alice expells it, the full SP remains for recovering, attacking and summoning the other spirits.

            Other than that, just pay attention on summoning the opposite spirit each time she summons one of hers, don’t neglect meditation when necessary and you should go through.

          • anon permalink

            na just have gnome always up, counter when she summons a skill unless it is water spirit. If water spirit then activate salamander.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Funny stuff:

  62. Ryu permalink

    Anybody knows what’s the “EX-GAME” thing? (appears after you beat the game for the first time).

    • Anonymous permalink

      A comment above mentioned that you can revisit all the locations and find “surprises” which I assume mean hora hora time

  63. Anonymous permalink


  64. Anonymous permalink

    figure out something rogue and translate this please until October, it would be such a pre-college gift

  65. wasad permalink

    Holy shit, rogue.
    You are a fucking trooper to translate that quickly working by yourself.
    I salute you and your work to give us monster girls as quickly as possible.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks you for doing this sooo fast!!!

  67. CivilDeviation permalink

    Basically you break out of binds and one shot kill opponents. It’s for running through the game quickly; particularly useful for the last Amira achievement in which you skip as much Amira content as you can.

  68. Anonymous permalink
















  69. Anonymous permalink

    You do yourself discredit. You could probably finish it in two months without trying. And even if you don’t, you’re a much better person than the fuckers at Wairu, so take pride in that.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue The best guy in the world xd

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you are a glorious bastard. If I was a women or you a female monster I would allow the making of children in you name. I thank you for what you are doing MGQ is crazy

  72. Dear Guest permalink

    I miss the times when Rogue used to interact with us :(

  73. Anonymous permalink

    take you’re time on this we are not forcing you to finish this right away relax from time to time

  74. coldtoon permalink

    hey rouge please translate this next

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s being said many times this will be rouge’s last project. Still, I’d kill to see that one translated

    • Softicedragon permalink

      *facepalm* He said, MGQ 3 will be his last work in the translation scene….

    • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

      That thing had a translation that was stopped by a cease and desist order.

      We don’t wanna send our translator friend off to a suicide mission after retirement, do we?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Seams alot like the rance series. Hmm. Interesting. I personally don’t know however if he’d translate it even IF he was staying after MGQ3. Looking at his previous translations, He seams alot more like the person who would only translate stuff he fancies. Which in our case involves monsters and rape at some point, way and how.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        I’m an idiot for not noticing this, but it is a rance game. I completely didnlt see him up in the top of the pic given. wierdly not front and centre(or close to it) where he usually is.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    You’re the best Rogue OMG!!! did you have the time to rest? plz have a time to take care of yourself because I don’t want you to go to hospital before you finish the translation

  76. Duufuus permalink

    Cold toon,

    I think you’ll find that, that game is already translated. if you took the time to read the page you just linked.

  77. Duufuus permalink

    Or, maybe its just a partial patch.

    not completely sure.

    if it is a partial, then ignore my post.

    • Anonymous permalink

      its only part and the people doing it were told to stop by the company

  78. Parrot permalink

    so… i copied the arc.nsa and arc1.nsa along with your patch of MGQ2 but the game its still in japanese help please.

    • AquaFire permalink

      It doesn’t work like that….
      There is no translation for part 3 right now.

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Lol are you dumb? Its not a translation program….rogue translating it alone word by word. Ofc it cant work on this way. *facepalm*

    • Great heads up! Yes, it appears that it’s a Gaiden (“side story” of sorts) to Onesyota. This game is supposed to take place shortly after the events in Onesyota, and will focus on Shota’s friend Funawatari Dokku, who is briefly shown in the original game.

      From what I can tell, dlsite slates the game for an early August release, and the date given on the developer’s site is the 3rd of August. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one!

      • Alex the lazy permalink

        Oh yeah that’s the boy at the start of day 3 in ONE-SHOTA.

        if anyone’s interested here’s the scrip from his scene



















        独駆「いいだろ~ 女子大生だぜじょしだいせー!
         大人だけあってみんな上手いんだよな~ お前も来るか?」






    • Anonymous permalink

      Aww hell yeah. I loved the first one.

    • 光闇 permalink

      Hip hip hora!

    • August 2013 can not come fast enough

  79. Dear Guest permalink

    Sunday update please.
    Because it’s sunday.
    And we’d like an update.
    And because I said “please”.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    New post on the blog of MGQ!
    If i translated correctly a patch with news monsters (the ones with ??? for exemple) and anothers scenes with somes characters (Alice, the four knights?) is in preparation!
    Please check out the news!

    • Anonymous permalink

      May I have a link to the blog? I check the official site and saw nothing.

  81. AnonS permalink

    How do we combine the second one with this one, and how do we copy the save file over? Is it just copying gloval.sav over to the new directory?

  82. john permalink

    Please tell me that there is a easy around the last boss! Its not hard but good god is it a pain to watch it all over again! -_-

  83. NightmareChild permalink

    Just Beat the game, Slightly dissappointed though. Not the ending I wanted.

    • anon permalink

      and what kind of ending did you desire. Everyone dies, Luke, Alice, etc?

      • NightmareChild permalink

        Oh no, I mean I wanted a harem ending. I’ve actually wanted to make a mod like that, hmmm. maybe i should. been to lazy.

        • A harem ending, eh? …without spoiling too much, you may want to keep an eye on the fic I’m writing, then. It’s still in the early stages (even after 11 chapters it just now moved to Sentora), but due to plot happening all over the place, a harem solution is actually the most desirable outcome in it for Luka in the end, and for reasons other than ‘I want all teh wimminz’.

          Why yes, it’s plot with porn, I guess. I just don’t like doing things just for the hell of it, and generally provide an explanation in-story for anything and everything. That includes an eventual harem ending. >_>

          • NightmareChild permalink

            Can i get a link?

          • My name up here has a built-in deviantArt link, or you can go to and read it there. dA also has a forum link for the forum I commonly go to, which is, along with dA itself, the quickest way to contact me with feedback.

            Speaking of feedback, if you do read the fic, please do leave some – especially any criticism, no matter how harsh. I need to know what I do wrong, not just what I do right. And don’t worry too much about Luka seemingly having it easy so far – it’s just Ilias Continent, and he’s, in game terms, still under noob protection. Starting with Sentora, I’m taking the kid gloves off. :p

    • Anonymous permalink

      there is couple of endings as i understand about 7 of them (with little bandits,succubus,harpy’s and others)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is this impacted by how many times you’ve lost to different monstergirls? If so, I may need to start out with a blank slate…..

      • NightmareChild permalink

        You can ‘choose’ which ending you want, but i wanted an actual harem ending, Like this the closest you can get is if you choose the bandits, the harpy queen, or Erubeti with her dozens of copies.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    here the link of the blog:

  85. Anonymous permalink
    That’s the link of the blog with the news!

  86. iceiceice permalink

    Apparently the person translating the games so far is called Rogue. You are a legend. This is my first eroge that I’ve played and I’m enjoying it heaps thanks to you. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to rush. You’re using your own time to satisfy us and maybe yourself as well. Thank you so much. Seriously, you are awesome.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    I would like to thank you man for doing this job, without you many people wouldn’t be able to enjoy this great game.

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Yes indeed….ofc there’re other translations but i think rogues work is the best.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    who remember dark silhouette in talk with angelgirl (mother of luka maybe?) it looks like a first picture in new ??? game or something or is it mother of alice?

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work rogue! :)

  90. Anonymous permalink

    whatever man, take as much time as you need, better getting it late than never

  91. Dear Guest permalink

    If I just ask for an update often enough, it will surely happen.

  92. Anon permalink

    check him out!

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Zone is Alice?!

  94. Anonymous permalink

    i need the English patch for Part 2 Darn it! it was deleted! DOOOOOOM!

    • Anonymous permalink

      you can find part2 in english on a world famous site ( the pir*** ***)

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Are we going to get a status update every 10 days, or will it be random?

  96. AnonRoy permalink

    Okay, maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t there, but… isn’t this a bit of a nod to MGQ?

    It’s a long-running Webcomic, often makes pop-culture references (Gangnam Style joke on the next page, for instance) including small internet phenomenon. MGQ is rather niche, but I’d estimate a few thousand people play it, and that’s enough to catch the eyes of some people trying to be funny.

    So, am I seeing something that isn’t there? Or… is it there?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I didn’t know that LfG is still running. How old is it? 7-8 years?
      I don’t see any references. Is it wrapping him in a spider web? Or the way he tries to persuade him to be wrapped?

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Actually that reminds me more of Dark Souls – specifically the fight with Chaos Witch Quelaag.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Well, the most likely comparison I can possibly-but-not-definitely see would be to the Tarantula Girl. If my memory serves, upon loss, poor Luka gets wrapped up in spider silk and violated, whilst being placed under the Tarantula Girl and her gloriously large boobies.

          In this scenario here, Cale is placed under Spider Richard (Spider Dick), who unfortunately is lacking gloriously large boobies, but still proceeds to wrap him up in spider silk. Further, if you look at the appearance of Tarantula Girl and that of Spider Dick, they are quite similar.

          Furthermore, there’s the understanding that it was forced. “How would you like to be wrapped up…?” “I would not like that at all.” Seems pretty dry, and yet we can extrapolate that out to match with common pre-fight dialogue in MGQ.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Definitely seeing something that isn’t there. The comic is in character for Richard being a massive trolling asshole, it doesn’t share any “similar appearance” aside from it being the only visually appropriate place to “graft” a legless torso to a giant spider, and spinnerets aren’t actually genitalia. It’s just LFG comic humour.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Well dang. Oh well.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If I had to guess, it’s more likely a nod to Quelag of Dark Souls and her sister rather then Monmusu. Both were magically fussed to demonic spiders, pretty much exactly like that, just with more fire. Richard will likely fix the fire part at some point.

  97. The final boss is more like a post game boss from the FF games. It took me 80 consecutive retries before I managed to somehow win, on hell mode…

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Seams fun. I think if there is a hot scene afterwards for beating her, taking such a shot like that would make me savour it even more XD.

      • emperorace permalink

        I don’t really want to give to much away, so I’ll say this; for each location you can visit there is at least one scene you can watch.

  98. alelouya1 permalink

    I just finished mgq 1 and 2 now i can’t wait for the final part!

  99. Anonymous permalink

    Any updates…ANY?

    • mauro permalink

      i second this. not to be annoying, we’d just like to know how are things going. and if there is a 25%/33%/XX% partial patch programmed

  100. redtack2009 permalink

    the feller already said he’s gonna be busy this month so progress is slow id imagine its at about 20 to 25 % at most, all things considered. i know how you feel gents, i check back like 3-4 times a day but yeah ya gotta remember he’s doing this in his spare time and theres nothing wrong with that. .

    • mauro permalink

      hope is the last to die. by the way, i check everyday too. I know Rogue has other things to do, but this doesn’t stop me from being curious and hopefull, right? :p

      • redtack2009 permalink

        aint that the truth XD only reason i check in so often is in hope of some form of patch or news same as everyone else here…..well thats not exactly true i use it to keep up to date on other games coming out like the new oneshota demo that got posted a little while back the demo folder was called KARIYUME_trial so it got me thinkin this one might not be called one shota at all

        • Delta permalink

          That’s the subtitle: Kariudo no yume mamoru tabi – “Journey to protect the hunter’s dream” as I understand it :)

          • redtack2009 permalink

            aah touche XD i will never understand anything japanese

  101. Anonymous permalink

    *sigh, i wish i could help with the translations but my japanese language is equivalent to that of a 10 years old japapnese kid. better study hard to be a translator

  102. Softicedragon permalink

    *looking on some japanese words* Oh boy, i cant read it. Better wait for the translation. Rogue cmon and finish it or i kill a tomato.^^

  103. Buttface permalink

    While I like the idea of partial patches like with MGQ1+2, I’m probably gonna have to say I’ll be avoiding partial patches this time.

    Since it’s the finale I feel like I won’t be able to contain the hype if I can only play up to a certain point, gonna have to do it all in one go.

    • redtack2009 permalink

      :'( i wish i hadnt played it all the way through tbh cause it kinda killed my exitement for the game

  104. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve got a question for those people, who played MGQ Part 3. Did ToroToro add any new BGM’s into Part 3?

    • redtack2009 permalink

      if i recall there was 1 or 2 new ones but its been a while since ive played mgq 1 or 2 so i couldnt say for sure

      • Anonymous permalink

        MGQ 2 has 69 bgm soundtracks.
        MGQ 3 has 93 bgm soundtracks.
        So they are far more than just 1 or 2 new ones.

        • redtack2009 permalink

          well i skimmed though mg3 in a day so i wasnt really stopping and taking time to listen to the bmg but i remembered hearing a few new ones hence my vague answer

  105. Vorpal Tiger permalink

    man MGQ3 was fucking hard some of the boss fights including the end ones…god damn plus guessing at what they where going to do with out understanding japanese made it even more hard

  106. Delta permalink

    So a new ero-beat ’em up game was announced today, sort of the opposite to the Oneshota games previously mentioned. I really dig the animation and gameplay seems solid but repetitive, try the demo here:

  107. Momoyo permalink

    here we go game + hcg – enjoy :p (xx change tt)


  108. Sair Velrend permalink

    I’m constantly sitting here with a never-changing mindset of “Rogue must be really close to a good stopping point (like 33% or something) so he must be delaying the update until he reaches it.” I will admit it has very little basis in reality, but it sure does wonders for keeping my excitement up for the game thinking that it is constantly one day away from a partial patch or something.

    • At best he’s probably around 25% done I’d say, considering he said progress would be a bit slower in this update.
      I hope if Rogue does partial patches he lets us transfer our saves into the game right away, I’m interested in seeing which flags from the first 2 games make a difference.

      • Sair Velrend permalink

        indeed, though i cant think of many optional flags that dont have anything to do with the hero’s crest.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Wondering if the orbs, or whatever they where that you collected have anything to do with it.. I dun know. mabee access to a unique enemie?

          • Anonymous permalink

            All the missable items from the first two games combined into the massive pay off of… a single achievement. I’m not sure why you would expect more this time around. There will be some bone thrown to us completionists who played all three games and got everything, but it’s not gonna be anything important.

            There may be something missing if you haven’t played the earlier ones at all (wasn’t the second Sara quest only in part two if you played one?) but they’re not gonna bury scenes like that.

  109. Anonymous permalink

    the third of the new characters is called Hiruko which means “Leech Child” and is the name of the first child of the Japanese founding Gods Izanagi and Izanami, who was supposedly born deformed due to Izanami (the female one, for those unfamiliar with Shinto Mythology) speaking first during their marriage vows.

    I assume the first one is meant of to be “Arisufuezu” the first due to the kanji for kami being present.

  110. Anonymous permalink

    I tried applocale and it still doesn’t work it keeps on crashing then i get to the san Ilia king in the intro. it says 099 text line:39952 please help

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Please run the game in japanese local

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have been, it still isn’t working

        • Anonymous permalink

          Do you think the issue I’m having with correct itself once Rogue posts the first partial patch?

          • Anonymous permalink

            If you’re on windows 7, you can also try changing your native locale to Japan. This will NOT change language to Japanese. Everything will still be in English. To do this, go to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Click Region and Language (Or any of the selections underneath it. They lead to the same screen.) on the new page that opens, click Administrative, then the button “Change System Locale”, and choose Japanese in the drop-down menu. This will restart your computer, and now you will not have to use AppLocale, or similar programs, to run japanese games.

          • AnonS permalink

            The Region change is usually how I have to play the games since Applocale usually fails me, or I don’t even need it at all. Very few games seem to work for me through Applocale, but everything seems to work with the region change.

            MGQ always has worked for me just regularly, especially after Rogue’s patches which I think rename files.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yea, I have this same problem even with applocale or even just setting my locale to Japan. It sucks but I’ll just have to wait for the patches. (Had same problems with 1+2 as well till I got an english patch in em.)

  111. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm guys did you really want a 33%, 66%, 75%…..(sample) patch? How can you enjoy the whole story if you must wait after 1 part of the patch until the next one is done? :S I think its better to wait for the masterpiece.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes! Enjoying the story in partial patches forces me to appreciate the story more. This happens because we have to wait x number of weeks for the next patch. During those weeks, we reflect on what happened. But, if the complete patch were to be released at once that’d be great as well. But I would probably blow through it in about two days.

      In the end, I’ll be happy with whatever Rogue decides to do.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t power through these games as quickly as possible, so the partial patches work perfectly for me. By the time I’ve finished with one, the next one is almost out (the fact that Rogue’s awesome obviously helps here.) You have to take ample time to savor each monster girl. It’s not like the story is so complicated that you’re gonna lose grasp of it if you don’t have everything in the front of your mind.

      You’re gonna finish the game around the same time either way, so why not enjoy the ride longer?

      • AnonS permalink

        I like the partials too, not only because of how long it takes me, but also because it gives us all a new post to put comments on and share the experience. I have to go to MGU and hang out there when this place is gone for good, but we have a whiles yet.

        Does anybody here really want this blog to just die out? We’ve posted here between games as well.

    • AnonB permalink

      I agree, the partial patches were great because you could just absorb the content at an easy pace and not really worry about running out of text for the first hour or two.

      The ‘utility’ benefit of having the first 1/3rd of the new monsters in the monsterpedia unlocked cannot be understated as well.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not asking him to hurry up, but I would appreciate him telling us how far along he is

    • AnonB permalink

      I would rather Rogue continue at his own pace until he feels satisfied that enough is translated to warrant a partial patch.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Hey this is kinda unrelated to the post and you’re probably not going to read this anyway but is there any chance of a new link for the VH patch? It looks like Mediafire took it down or something. Thanks if you do, and sorry for asking if you took it down for a reason.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is so unrelated that you would better try at Dargoth’s page.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh, Heroine is the one being done. Didn’t even check, sorry.

  114. Anonymous permalink

    I’d rather have a 33 66 and 100 patch, I enjoy fapping to every single monster, so it kinda helps me rest up a little.
    Also, I assume the 33 patch is coming at about this week right? Oh boy I’m so excited

    • Anonymous permalink

      Last I heard was that the first patch will come out sometime this weekend.

      • Anonymous permalink

        how do you know that ?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I think he suppose that

        • Anonymous permalink

          He posted something regarding this matter on hongfire the other day.

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            he is on hongfire? mind giving a link or should i just search users until i find Rouge, i would love to see some extra updates

          • Anonymous permalink

            The last post he made was over 3 months ago from what I’m seeing

      • 光闇 permalink

        (6/28 – 6/30)

  115. Anonymous permalink

    When Rogue finishes the work, will it be a patch file or will he upload the whole game that’s translated?

    • Anonymous permalink

      He will just upload the patch; You’re going to have to look elsewhere if you want the game. It isn’t really that hard to get your hands on a copy of MGQ. I would would suggest supporting the developers though.

    • Pudpud permalink

      Agreed, more support means more MGQ in the future. Be it third party, mods or official.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Here you go! Only $28. Support the developers for even more future releases bud!

      Best of luck.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah i gots the game, i’d be funny that i bought the game and i download an english ver. from rogue.
        still doesnt matter, ill consider it a donation for a good work if the 2nd option happens (which will not) lol

  116. Johnny Boooooy permalink

    If Luka ever marries Alice they should have twins a male and a female.
    The male should be named Aline and the female Luna.

    • Anonymous permalink

      A fanfic’s already got that covered. Except the girl is Alice XVII (older and seems to be an Echidna, which makes sense given Kenkou Cross’s MGE) while the boy is named Alexander (human, but with eye powers like Alice, or at least Eyes of Obedience. Also the main character).

      It’s a crossover with Zero no Tsukaima though, so I don’t know how that works for you.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    MGU forum (latest revised ones and recently, a preview of the next chapter): version, unrevised. Likely to be changed with the next chapter:

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is a reply to the request right above it. Made a mistake on where to post.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is a reply to the request above. Made a mistake on posting.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    anyway thanks man

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