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MGQ3 Update

June 27, 2013

I’ve been out of town the last couple weeks, so progress was at about 1/3 of what it was before (As referenced in the previous post). I’ll get a line count update later this weekend now that I’m back, but I think it’s at least over 26% though.

In other news, the first partial patch (I haven’t decided if I’ll only have one partial patch or two) will be at roughly the 40% point in the game’s storyline. It makes the best stopping point for a partial patch if there was going to be one. No update on when it will be released, but I can say with 100% confidence it will not be until mid July at the absolute earliest. July is another busy month for me, where I’ll be unable to do anything at all for roughly 1/3rd of the month (Spread out over it).

  1. Anonymous permalink

    It’s okay Rogue…
    Even for you to spend your valuable free time to post here is enough for us peasants…

    Please just relax and enjoy your time. Your happiness is our happiness too…
    After all, you’re someone heroic enough to do this noble thing alone on your own!

  2. Incubusknight permalink

    Thanks for the update rogue. Will continue to look forward to the finished version, and as always keep up the awesome work.

  3. anon permalink

    Don’t worry Rogue, we’ll wait. Glad to see you’re stilla alive though.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    While I’m incredibly eager to play this (learning japanese at the moment for the future lol) I hope you take your time and dont burn out on it. Thanks for the hard work!!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    The 40% mark, at what monster does that stop at?

    • Partial spoilers warning. Being vague on purpose:

      It’s after the second scene with a spirit.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It was vague enough for me to understand, thanks a bunch and goodluck

  6. themengsk176 permalink

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the fruit of your labors. If there were legal/legitimate means to patronize your work, would do so.

    Thanks again from one of your many fans!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    40% sounds good. Can’t freaking wait for them horas.

  8. I wish you could post an Amazon wish list or something so we could at least thank you by purchasing computer games and brownies. :-)

  9. Sair Velrend permalink

    I find it so strange that when I look through these comments of people expectantly awaiting a porn game translation i see some of the most polite, well-punctuated, grammatically correct, and (above all) patient comments i have ever come across on the internet; yet the comment section on a video of a cartoon parody or simple animation on YouTube is often rife with flamers and similarly rude/illiterate visitors. I, quite honestly, have no idea if my faith in humanity is destroyed or restored at this point.

    • redtack2009 permalink

      XD made me laugh so hard but its true. perhaps its because we all know someone is going out of there way to help us to fap and without him we will miss out. although its not totally true. we do get the odd douche yelling and crying about how he could do a better job with his eyes closed ect ect ect but we blot them out….

      • Ookamisuke permalink

        I dunno. When mistakes are made or there’s some odd translation that seems funny (All your base are belong to us, for example), I get a good chuckle out of it. I appreciate it! It means someone’s done very, very hard work, and found the best possible translation, without destroying the initial sentence!

      • Jack permalink

        And then this idiot came along.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s the beauty of internet. We never know which site contains better netizens than which…

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s not surprising that this is a more mature and understanding community. Comments are made by the target audience, so YouTube comments are made by twelve year olds with their first experience with internet anonymity. I assume anyone here is at least mildly familiar with the translation process, specifically how rare it is to get quality translations for games that would be great if you could understand them. I also doubt there are many twelve year olds who have searched through foreign games and found stuff like MGQ. The key to a good internet home is a more mature community without a huge amount of members, and I’d say this place fits pretty well. Everyone here understands what Rogue’s doing.

      People on the internet with niche sexual tastes are always pretty welcoming towards each other in my experience as well. If monster girls couldn’t bring us together in a polite way, what could? Clearly we’re just a monster girl invasion away from world peace.

      • Fernando permalink

        Believe me my friend, I have found much more twelve years old or even less boys that searched, found and keep accompaning the translation work of MGQ than I think you imagine.(here on Brazil at least). And I really loved your comment about World Peace. If political problems of our society would be solved with a monster girl invasion who knows, but this might be something I would like to see.

    • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

      What you said, good sir, is the truth of the World. What people indulge themselves to does not define how those people are, you might say it’s almost completely unrelated.

      (Sorry if it makes no sense, I’m not very skilled with English.)

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, just posting to show my support. You’re one amazing person.

  11. The Noble Shade permalink

    You do all this translation work for us, and ask for nothing in return.
    So I give my patience, and thanks, and my faith that the project isn’t forgotten even if progress updates are scarce. Kudos to you, RogueTranslater.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the amazing work. You are a blessing to us all.

  13. redtack2009 permalink

    even if it took him a year rogue wouldnt forget about doing it. he said he would and he will, he’s never let us down before :) thanks for the update anyway mr rogue. it helps keep us in perspective and i would be more worried if your summer WASNT busy :P chillax and take your time. aint like the games gonna get up and run away now

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time rogue. Because of you I’ve been able to enjoy MGQ… all because of you. Thanks again for come back to translate the third. You rock.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    A normal book can take an entire year to translate by a publishing company. You’re one guy translating an awesome. That you can even assume to finish 40% of the translation between the time of MGQ3’s release and the middle of July says a lot about how great you are.

    Take your time. There’s no point in rushing this. We’re all patient.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    What you do is incredible. I think you are a wonderful human being to do this for everyone.
    No pressure, just have more life then work. it will be over before you know it. 8)

  17. Anonymous permalink


    Nothing like some MGQ to liven up the summer!

  18. Kell permalink

    Awesome. Ilias bless you, Rogue.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Your a rather busy person for months on end. Might I be a curious stalker and ask what it is that you do? Thanks bro, love your work

  20. likkyzero permalink

    Take your time… the “corruption” of Luka will have to wait

  21. Anonymous permalink

    take it easy rogue.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Interesting, looks like everyone would suck rogue’s dick if they could… Time to stop reading comments.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m under the assumption that you’re not a Troll. This topic DOES concern monster girls that force themselves on men after all, so if anyone’s going to try and blow him first, it would definitely be the Trolls.

      • Anonymous permalink

        haha made my day ;) , anyway keep up the good work rogue !

  23. Anonymous permalink

    I’m just glad to hear an update. I don’t think anyone will fault you for not being able to devote yourself wholly to translating porn. Thanks for all of your time, still!

  24. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the update, take as long as you need/want. You’re doing this for us for free and us beggars can’t be choosers. I’m just glad you’re here to translate my favorite series.

  25. BrianD permalink

    awesome, thanks man

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Sounds great. Thanks a lot for your work.

  27. JP90 permalink

    Out of town for last couple of weeks…..

    Oh my god, Rogue is Edward Snowden.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Lol. On the run and still finding time to translate MGQ. That’d be pretty impressive to say the least.

  28. redpanther permalink

    Good luck with the translation and your work too!

  29. Anonymous permalink

    You are a god, we are merely your followers. Thus all we can do is pray…

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time man.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your time and effort, Rogue. This is by far the best english-translated eroge I’ve played, and I have no problem waiting knowing that the translation is in good hands.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason, I just can’t seem to contain the excitement that I feel when I think about this game. It’s like there’s this feeling in my chest.

    Oh, and it has nothing to do with anything below my waist.

  33. Not being able to work on it 1/3 of the month still leaves 2/3.

    Still a win in my book.

  34. Rite permalink

    Nice, a slow and steady update!

    Please go on at your own pace, we will gladly wait and support you all the way^^

  35. Softicedragon permalink

    Already 40%?! Oh man workaholic on tour. :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      He didn’t say 40% was completed. He said he might release a partial patch at that mark.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        but still 26% in a month DOES sound pretty insane to me…

  36. Techies permalink

    Thanks Rogue! Take your time.

  37. Soumynona permalink

    26% is still an amount of lines that makes me shiver. Good job, Rogue.

    And now, with the danger of falling into a cliche, I will wish you good luck.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    oh nice for a second i though something happened to you since you didnt post keep the good work :3

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the hard work! does anybody know if there is a download link for the translation patch somewhere?

    • Soumynona permalink

      I don’t know what you mean by that, but if you mean the translation patch for part three, you are making a mistake. Rogue will release his first partial part at the 40 percent point, most likely. He now thinks he is at 26 percent, which still isn’t 40. If you are talking about the patches of the first two parts, just look a few updates back, if the links aren’t dead yet.

  40. Ah, rogue, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this. I have to say, no one at all faults you for not coming out with it after half a day, or even half a year. That you’re saying there’s even a possibility that you can come out with almost half of the game even after it’s said that this game is longer than the first two parts. (I say this as someone very used to trying to make deadlines constantly…) Plus, the fact that you don’t take any money for it, regardless of what people want to give you. I personally wanted to donate to ya, but after reading the comment, realize you don’t take donations. I remember reading somewhere you said that if we wanted to donate, do it to the company that comes out with the game. Sure thing. Monster Girl Quest part 3 may well be the first computer game I’ve bought in a long time (I haven’t long been a Monster Girl Quester, my friend gave me to the first two to get me addicted…)
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you for all the effort. I wish we could compensate you for doing so well of a job, good translations are really difficult to come by, and you’re is professional level (Better than some of the official translations I’ve read as well). I suppose all I can do is buy the actual game as I wait diligently for the translation. Thanks for all of the hard, free work that puts so many other work ethics to shame.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Ramadan this year gonna be a torture.

    • Anonymous permalink

      My friends here in Bangladesh would disagree with you. Then again, the moment I even mentioned the premise of MGQ, they called me a sick, perverted weirdo right off the bat. While I admit that they were correct in a sense, the fact that they wrote MGQ off as a, and I quote “stupid game where you rape monsters and worship a sex goddess” pretty much convinced me that they weren’t mature enough to really take the plot.

      TOf course, that I’m the only one in my class (with both genders) who doesn’t like the Twilight series might have been a clue. Mind you, we’re all 18 already, so that’s pretty jarring.

      • KNC permalink

        I don’t even… Instead of wishing rogue luck I’ll wish you luck with surviving that class without braindamage or at least an life long reserve of annoyance.

        Also that sentence is somewhat the perfect opposite of what’s happening.
        “stupid game where you rape monsters and worship a sex goddess”
        as opposed to:
        “Game with a weird but intelligent plot where monsters rape you and you fight a lygophobe goddess”
        Gave me a good laugh there.

        Yeah and then there are the generic words of encouragement, good job rogue, seriously.

      • AnonS permalink

        As a US citizen my media only gives me negative information about your country. I however am looking for a low COL area to retire to.

        How is Bangladesh’s infrastructure and crime? Is it safe there? High speed internet? Postal/shipping services? I hear the government is very corrupt, is that true?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’ve lived here for… 13, going on 14 years now. In that time, we’ve had one car stolen, and my parents were mugged once. During both cases, we were living in the same house where I’d gotten into an accident which could have either killed me or led to brain damage, but had only required six stitches instead. We strongly suspect that there was something wrong with that house.

          The garments industry which my parents work in is suffering from unrest right now, but that’s mostly among those factories which don’t follow proper compliance. If you can follow a few simple rules, the chances of being the victim of a crime is very little.

          Live in a DOHS area (areas right next to and protected by a military training camp), chances of crime near your home plummets by a good deal. Never make it obvious that you’re rich while on the street. Never go out at midnight unless you have a car. Lastly, if you know of people causing trouble in an area, travel in groups. Also, know the language, or at least the basics.

          Contrary to popular belief about Muslims, people here in Bangladesh are quite accepting of foreigners, Many people will treat you the same way as they would treat their fellow countrymen. Of course, this means that scammers will still scam you, but that’s what makes knowing the language useful.

          Also, while my class is, on a whole, a bunch of idiots, I’ve met quite a few people at or close to my age who’re actually mature enough to not judge a story based on the initial premise or how popular it is among their peers. Sadly, I’m in the wrong school and have been going to it long enough that transferring will just hurt my life as a student.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I love you rogue, (no homo)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I also love you rogue (moderate amounts of homo)

      • Anonymous permalink


        Uhh… dude, I don’t have anything against homosexuals or anything like that (my favourite uncle happens to be a homo), but don’t you think saying something that might make the guy uncomfortable is counterproductive to supporting him?

        • Anonymousse permalink

          Don’t you think that implying that Rogue might be a homophobe could possibly have that very effect?

          Also, do you think that Rogue does this for the sake of receiving declarations of heterosexual love?

          Also, ability to detect sarcastic joke fail.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I implied nothing. Why do you think I put the ‘might’ in there? Also, I did realize it was joke. My response was because I felt it was a bad one. No offense, but I found it tasteless, and I’m pretty sure that unless pointed out, someone would think it was serious.

            Someone ALWAYS thinks it’s serious.

          • Anonymous permalink

            agreed. In this case, that was you

  43. For anyone who cares, might as well update on the status of Monster Girl Saga. 25 pages, 10700 words written.

    Currently struggling a bit with an event featuring Shellfish Girl and Sea Cucumber Girl, though. I actually wrote it already, but dialogue doesn’t flow as well as I’d like. Oh well…

    • Anonymous permalink

      You could always ask me again… this is sagi btw.

      • Maybe later. I’d like to see if I can get this right on my own. Yeah, it’s a matter of pride… but if I absolutely can’t, I’ll probably hit you up later. Thanks!

  44. Anonymouss permalink

    GJ rogue but this is like one man minng a tunnel through a moutain while everyone just sit there waiting. are you doing this all by youself ? have you consider gettting help, Free Help ?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Great now I can’t say hurry up or else I’ll sound like a Jackass X.x :)

    No seriously though you’re doing great, over 26% is a lot higher then I was expecting you to be at at this point so no worries man. :)

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Ganbatte Rogue-san!

  47. Anonymous permalink

    take your time

  48. Anonymous permalink

    YOU PERVS…. and me you say? I just happened to get this page as a pop up window haha ;)

  49. Michiru permalink

    Go Rogue! All of us girls are awaiting to do our own fapping as well. ^^ I’ll wait for a whole year if I had to.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Take however long you need Rogue. Waited this long I can wait a little long. Don’t want you to burn yourself out.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Okay, I’ve run through EX mode and skipped all the side quests, but I still haven’t unlocked the Amira achievement. Can someone tell me which parts to skip and which parts not to, or if I’m doing something wrong?

  52. Anonymous permalink

    So much love in here
    I guess it shows what actually makes a good games and a good translator
    Can’t wait for more horas, but I’ll be patient for your translations Rogue

  53. Anonymous permalink

    you do baseball or something?

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