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MGQ3 Second Status Update

June 28, 2013

As promised in the last post, here’s a more accurate line count;

City: 2554/15603
Story: 10710/27500
Battle: 23915/88600
Encyclopedia: 13/103

Total: 37192/131806 (28.2%)


In other news, Dargoth finished off the last of the Desire Dungeon translation! It’s another Monster Girl game, half “consensual” and half not. I thought it was fun, so I started working on translating it before MGQ3 came out. Then I selfishly dragged Dargoth into it, and abandoned him like an ass as MGQ Part 3 came out. But he finished off the last of it, and it’s available to download on his blog at ! I’d recommend giving it a try this weekend, it is quite fun.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Off the mark by 2%? And you were lower? Lucky. Keep up the good work Rogue. You have all our gratitude.

    • Sylph permalink

      Good job, keep up the good work Rogue ! Btw, does any1 know where to download MGQ 3 besides torrent?

      • Sherringford Hope permalink

        Dlsite dot com, you can buy it for around 27 usd

    • raza permalink

      I’m waiting for the final patch to come out b4 i go off and download the game and when i do i think i might start again just cus i like the story get that whole nostalgia bit while i go through again probly turn on skip already viewed scenes just in case lol (probly not tho ;P) :)

  2. keep it up! you’re great :D

  3. Tats permalink

    Keep up the great work, Rogue.

  4. Unknown permalink

    Poor dargoth

  5. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this so far.
    Wow, approaching almost half of the city segment done already at this stage, how fast. 〜(^∇^〜)

    Have fun with the upcoming Battle segment translations; Luka hasn’t even begun to know true failure as a hero can mean.

    Keep up the great effort Rogue. I’ll go enjoy that last 10% of DD now. (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*)

    • Anonymous permalink

      You read that wrong.. its 2554 / 15 603.
      Still a long way to go.. keep up the fantastic work rogue

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome job Rogue. You’re still a machine.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, man! Keep up the good work!

  8. redpanther permalink

    You guys are the pioneers of this awesome fetish!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work ^^b

  10. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    This might be off the topic, but I have a favor to ask of you, Rouge.

    I’m making a novelization of Monster Girl Quest (not in any Europe language, mind you) and I want to translate your english Monsterpedia into my language, so I came to ask for permision.

    • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

      I mean, I’m writing a fanfiction, sorry if I didn’t make it clear enough.

    • I translated the game without permission, no need to ask permission for turning something I did into another language again.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        Okay, then, thank you for translating this wonderful piece of art for us to enjoy. if it’s not for you, I wouldn’t have met Luka and Co. Now I think I understand how vast the World can be a bit more.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Based Rogue does not need permission. Based Rogue translates what he pleases.

        • gpyei permalink

          i imagine its fine as long as you don’t turn it japanese and attempt to make a profit off it….. wait thats totally legal in japan….. uhhhh i don’t think theres anything against it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        My good sir the English patch’s where once again removed and i can only find the complete translation of the game already done, could you kindly re upload them?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I never caught the info; are you releasing a 33% patch this time around?

  12. AnonB permalink

    He said he’d try to release a 40% partial patch sometime around mid july. ^_^

  13. Anonymous permalink

    get of your lazy fat ass and translate this game you lazy bum i could of done it in 30 mins.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      If you could do so, and do it to the same excellent quality Rogue does, I think all of us would appreciate it – not least Rogue himself since he would be spared the tedium. If you in fact can’t, then please shut up and let the master work his craft.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Allow me to repeat myself: I’m under the assumption that you’re not a Troll. This topic DOES concern monster girls that force themselves on men after all, so if anyone’s going to try and blow him first, it would definitely be the Trolls.

    • JustAnotherUser permalink

      patience my friend it the best answer for your annoying troll…

      Do you even know how difficult it is to translate Japanese into English? I myself can only translate one page of text in 2/3 hours from a beginner’s book. Our hero, Rogue translates this MGQ3 alone without any significant flaws… If you can’t even be patient to wait, just leave and don’t say a thing….

    • Anonymous permalink

      Piss off and do it then, and be sure to carry your poor spelling and grammar into it.

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink


      dunno who you are but that comment was so ridiculously generic, its hard for me to percieve it as more than a parody

    • AnonS permalink

      How do you guys get so bent out of shape from this guy? He posts that same comment every once in awhile. At this point I just find it hilarious.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The only thing hilarious about is the trollbait that still takes him serious.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m new here. So sue me if I didn’t know that was trollbait.

    • tR011 permalink

      OH god, I can’t tell where one anon. ends and the other begins. Its a fat guy party!

      • tR011 permalink

        But seriously I think rouge is doing great so far and anyone who complains should ether shut up and do it themselves or just shut up. kudos to you rouge. :3

  14. Ehunkel permalink

    You are still the most awesome translator there is. Thank you for all you’ve done!

  15. Softicedragon permalink

    28%? Oh yeah thats machine speed. I bet china didnt let rogue go before theyve updated him to rogue v2.0. Transformers 2014 with RogueOptimusTranslationsPrime in the main role. :O

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Holy fucking shit 28.2%?! Are you a wizard?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes. He is the Wizard Who Did It. Fear his all-encompassing awesomeness.

  17. Da Goof permalink

    Rogue. Your the shit. I’ve already used your translations for MQ 1 and 2.

    Rogue. Nobody Does It Better.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    wow one day and you already did 2% more of the translation. I want to thank you rogue for going through all the trouble of translating this great game.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Are you going to release this in 3 parts or the whole game at once? please respond

    • Anonymous permalink

      He doesn’t need to reply – you’ve not read what he’s written. He’s doing a patch at 40% and afterwards he’s not sure if there’ll be a second partial patch, or if he’ll wait to release the full thing.

      If your next question is when he’ll release it, read his last post. He’s answered that too.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    At this rate I’ll have something to look forward to after MCATs are done :D

    • AnonS permalink

      Probably best to just concentrate on that for now, and look forward to monster rape as your reward haha

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I freakin’ love you rogue.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I am going to make a request that you are, of course, totally free to ignore. I would love a partial patch at where it is right now. The demo was so astoundingly short, yet we all enjoyed that. I and perhaps others would’ve been estatic with even a 10-20% patch, a 28.4% patch would be amazing to tide over while you are doing your thing in July :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      No. Please no. 40% is actually far enough to be satisfied with. Even less than 33% would leave me unsatisfied for too long, and I know damn well that I wouldn’t be able to resist it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Given the machine that Rogue is, I have to think that play testing and dealing with bugs associated with putting out a patch is more of a hassle than the actual translation. It’s not as easy as hitting ‘save’ then uploading a file.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        I agree, sometimes even the translation can be fun, but Bug fixing? Definitely not.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It may not be as ‘easy as uploading’, but it is probably not hard. Changing the text for a game, while not changing the requirement for jap locale, should not muck up the rest of the game.

        • Anonymous permalink

          ‘should not muck up the rest of the game?’ NScripter laughs at your silly logic and messes up twice as much stuff just to screw with you.

        • Putting together the patch takes a little bit of time, but not much. The only issue that comes into play are the save files… If you’re modifying the script a decent amount, then it has the risk to mess up your saves and have negative or unintended consequences. I also like to have a pick up and go attitude toward translating, where I may work for a few hours and do a few scenes in a row, or maybe just half of a scene when I have time. Then I’ll plan for a certain patch day, and free up hours of my time to release it and fix any crashes/bugs that people discover.

    • AnonS permalink

      I think it actually takes him a bunch more work to make it a patch than to translate a certain amount.

  23. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    You forgot the horacount again. Please do not keep all those horas to yourself ;_;

    • Serpentcross/Scarletrose permalink

      For a hora count you can do it on japanese… just search for ほら in the text… probably more like ほらほら since is usually Hora Hora… also watch for ほ-ら and things like that they are meant to be Hooooora

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Keep it up~
    Fortunately my friend got me hooked an Rewrite so I’m not checking here multiple times a day for a patch now. xD

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Wasn’t the encyclopedia count 93, not 103?

  26. Anonymous permalink

    If I’m not mistaken there’s been a patch for part 3 released on the main site. I have no idea what it’s for but I read somewhere that it has something to do with the epilogue. Also, I’m guessing I don’t have to do anything with the three text files included in the patch.

  27. Anonman permalink

    You good sir are a GOD.

  28. edwin jannsen permalink

    Will the 40%(or what ever exactly will be the first patch) be the first part of the game,or do you start with the more important parts of the game?

    • The first 40% straight through. There will be nothing translated past that 40%, and nothing should be untranslated before that 40%.

      • edwin jannsen permalink

        Thats great,can atleast fully enjoy a part of the game

  29. angellus permalink

    patiently waiting for part 1, will replay all previous content before that

  30. Anonymous permalink

    THanks rogue your so awesome!! where can I donate money

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue your so awesome! where can i donate?

  32. Anonymous permalink

    I also want to know where we can donate money, I would have never been able to play the MGQ series without you, and I’ve gotten way more entertainment out of them than some $60 triple A games i’ve purchased

    • AnonS permalink

      I honestly think Rogue is responsible for the huge popularity of monster girls these days. It really is amazing how it’s spread.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    He could easily accept Bitcoin donations, and would be totally safe from anyone trying to find his information. But he chose not to it seems.

    • I appreciate the offers, but I’m doing this because I enjoy it, not for monetary or any other sort of compensation. I didn’t ask permission to do this, so I wouldn’t feel right taking money for it either. Not to mention the questionable legality of the whole thing itself. If you want to support the game, just buy it off english dlsite instead!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Definitely going to buy the game by the time a partial patch is ready, want to make sure we see another title in a year or so. With how popular MGQ is, I’m sure there will be someone willing to translate whatever Toro Toro follows up with.

        Thanks for being awesome, Rogue.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Stay up all night and get lucky, just as you are Rogue :D

  35. WildFour permalink

    Ah Rouge, using Dargoth like a pawn in your palms. how horafying

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink


      Thats’s nice, gotta remember that one.

  36. Smak64 permalink

    Got a bug you should know about ahead of time for translating. It’s late game, so I’ll try not to spoil.

    One of the succubi (I can only guess her name as Eva. I recognize the ‘a’ on the end, anyway.) has a counter attack, and this triggers a grab. Losing to this grab in the monsterpedia is a problem. If you return to the monsterpedia, everything seems fine, but right clicking out of it drops right back into battle. No enemy sprite, no health bar (It’s there but all grey.) on either side, no status effect sprite, no SP counter, 0 HP for Luka (But you can heal.), the grab doesn’t carry over, the monsterpedia’s background music continues playing, and the abilities the ‘fight’ gives you aren’t what you should have at that point.

    The game corrects its sprite errors when it becomes relevant. (Enemy changes stance due to grab or such, their sprite will start showing correctly. Get hit with a status effect, the sprite begins showing. Heal, Luka’s HP and SP show. Deal damage, enemy HP shows.) I’m guessing it’s possible to win the fight like this, but I didn’t go far enough to do that.

    I’ve been messing with the Nscript of Part 2, so I know enough to take a guess and say it’s probably a coding loophole forgetting to say the battle ended, seeing as you can still access the right click menu. I can’t read enough Japanese to take a peek in Part 3’s script and check for myself, so I feel kinda envious of you there. If I turn out wrong, my mistake.

    I don’t know if Torotoro managed to replicate and correct this already, but if he didn’t, then I figure it’s best to let the other expert know and see if they know how to handle it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is already a patch out on ToroToro HP which fixes this problem and many more.
      In fact, he also added 2 CG, 1 for Sister Lamia and another for Nurse Succubus.

      All in Japanese of course.

      • AnonS permalink

        Do we need to get the patch or should we wait for Rogue’s patch, which will likely include the patch? Or will you not include the patch with yours Rogue?

        • Jikorde permalink

          Rogue has always incorporated any official patches in his patches, so just wait for Rogue to finish.

      • Smak64 permalink

        Like I said at the bottom, I wasn’t sure if Torotoro had already fixed it or not. In either case, somebody fixed the problem in the end, so I’m glad it’s fixed since what the problem did was just really confusing.

        Oh, the 2 new CGs would be nice too. Might get that patch to figure out what they are. …If I can find the link in the Japanese text, that is.

  37. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    By the way: applocale or any other modifications to play MGQ are not necessary – at least to me.
    On Vista Business- Win7 Professional it works right without any trouble.

    • AnonS permalink

      Same with me. MGQ has been good for me in that regard. I think after Rogue translates it, it works for everyone 100% without any modification needed.

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work!

  39. Jack permalink

    What a king this guy.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    I really appreciate all the work you put into this. Translating all three games is more than I could have ever imagined! Thanks for the work!

  41. Calcifer permalink

    Thank you, if not for your translation I would have overlooked this game and it has become one of my all time favorites. I am amazed that you have managed to translate so much in such a short amount of time.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Fight! Fight! You are our last hope!

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks !

  44. you should Drag Dargoth into this project as well

  45. Down with Illias permalink

    Just refinished parts one and two 100% on hard mode (yes that is a big deal for me) and am ready for part three! Can’t wait!

  46. Newprimus permalink

    Holy hell Rogue you’re like the terminator of translators! Or the Energizer Bunny! Either way I can’t believe you work this fast on top of a regular job and everything.

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      IMO, The reason he is so fast is probably because he enjoys it. If he didn’t he wouldn’t spend the large amount of time I bet he does into working on this. It’s the same with a lot of different tasks. you can’t really be “good” at them unless you enjoy it.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Me: I made another character on SWTOR
    Me: and named her Xopheese
    Me: then gave her the legacy name Fateburn
    Friend: I don’t think that’s possible

  48. Rogue do you know someone who is willing to translate a Yaoi visual novel called Laughter Land I found it on the visual novel database it is published in both Japanese and Chinese here is the address

  49. shakey2 permalink

    anyone know how to get that second rape scene with the mermaid thats right after the young mermbaid, I’ve tried all sorts of things and I still can’t get her to use those last to moves she seems to never use or only use when I’m protected from them which means I can’t unlock the requests for them. I’ve beat the game and 100% on everything but this one scene and those two moves QQ help me complete this game MY PRIDE AS A FAN DEPENDS UPON IT!

    • shakey2 permalink

      I guess nobody else is played/playing it because its not translated yet QQ

      • Anonymous permalink

        I can’t give you a specific response because I can’t play the game yet like you mention, but I’d guess it’s just something where you have to keep playing unprotected until you get it (heh.) I remember it taking me forever to get Level Drain from the Succubus Chief in part 2. If you’re not protected with Silph, she’s about ten times more likely to just insta-gib you. Eventually she’ll use it though. Maybe the mermaid queen is different though, I don’t know.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Grrrr…. I can’t wait for this… but I always make myself wait for the full translation… STOP TALKING ABOUT IT YOU GUYS!

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        He who won’t play even the partial patch is a stronger man than I…

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I know this has been said, like, a thousand times already, but thank you Rogue Translator for taking your time on translating this game. This game has been a life saver for me, with it’s badass storyline, & of course the rape scene’s are awesome. Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous permalink

      life saver?


      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone commiting suicide due to lack of fapping material

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Whoa! I found this blue fleshlight on amazon. I imagine its geared more towards Mass Effect/Avatar fans but you could pretend its Alice or another monster girl

    • AnonS permalink

      I should probably buy one of these things one day. I guess Amazon is as good a place to purchase it as any. I’m not really interested in a blue one, but it’s not like I’ll be looking at the color.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Bought this, and it sucks seriously(and not in a good way either)

      • AnonS permalink

        Hmm I see. I read some of the reviews and it seemed like it’d be a pain to have and use. And you need a ton of lube too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seems like you need a foot long dick for this. That’s bad news for me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      fleshlight is lowest quality there is on market, and sucks not in the good way.
      Get onahole, they are more expensive whit price of 80-140 but worth it.
      example is: Meiki no Shoumei series.
      There is also plenty of “monster” type onaholes, ranging from fairy’s to succubus.
      PS: japan is wonderful place for pervy stuff it seems ;D

  53. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed that I can run the game on Windows 8 without applocale or changing any settings but generates some kind of error at the part where the King of San Ilias and the Fairies and blue guardsmen silhouettes are talking in the prologue

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Are you going to do the save points the same way you did before? Just curious, i apologize if you already answered that question.

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      It’s most likely a yes to that department. I actually sorta like it like that, just because It saves me from making a million saves for one play through.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Will it be possible to merge part 3 with parts 1 and 2 (just as it was possible with parts 1 and 2), thus having a full encyclopedia and record statistics in a single game?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      If I remember reading correctly from torotoro, It’s said their whole intention is that the all 3 MGQ are technically just 1, split in 3 parts. To answer your question yes you will be. However, if you can after rogue has patched it is not my call.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can combine the three parts right now (even pre-translation, though it’s probably easier to wait if you can’t read the menus.) That includes your prior record and monsterpedia. After combining, you can start the game from the beginning or the start of chapter 3.

      I’m not sure if there’s any way to carry saves over though. Just copying over the save folder isn’t working for me. Then again, playing through again to have my saves at every major point isn’t really a problem :)

      • AnonS permalink

        Yeah you can carry over the saves. Just copy gloval.sav and save.dat, I did that and it carried over. Not sure about monsterpedia entries as I can’t access the old ones it looks like, but I do see my save files when clicking to load. I don’t know what the other files did in the save directory so I left them alone.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          you need to combine the first 2 parts to the third to access any monsterpedia entries. Or at least to view the CGs. At least thats how it was with part 2.

          • AnonS permalink

            I am just waiting for Rogue’s first partial patch to do that. He’ll probably give instructions on how to combine them, and the menus will be translated too.

            I can wait. Actually might wait all the way until the complete patch is finished first, I’ll be a tad busy the next month, honestly the next few months probably, so this game to me is like a reward I am saving for myself.

  56. Zinny permalink

    Hey rouge you ever get my email with the new logo?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Hopefully this 33% happens before the 14th

  58. Anonymous permalink

    do these translation patches require you to have the game or do they come with everything, I am guessing you have to buy the game then get these patches to translate it?

  59. Hey Rogue. It’s me, Alyssia, again. Remember around like a year ago when we had this conversation:


    I’m sure you don’t know me, but I (despite not really playing this game for H, the somewhat comedy is pretty hilarious and whatnot) really appreciate what you do for everyone here. While my Japanese is somewhat adequate, by no means am I good enough to translate Visual Novels into English and things.

    But that’s not what I came here to email you for. I downloaded your Monmosu Quest 2 Patch and realized that it was a copy paste patch rather than an actual executable. Your patches are great, so I am willing to offer making an installer executable for your game if you want. I can create it from scratch but that’s usually a hassle so I can make it into an NSIS format and then compress it. Again, I’m not doing this unless you give a proper approval and agreement, and then we can work things out from there, if you want me to make an installer for you.”

    And you replied it with:

    “Hey, I appreciate the offer. I think for now I’ll stick with the low-grade copy/paste stuff. But when Part 3 comes out, I was hoping to get a more advanced installer that would do everything (Install the patches, prompt user for old arc.nsa files from Part 1 and 2 to combine them all into the “full” game in part 3, etc…). If you’re still interested then, that would be awesome.”

    I’m giving you a heads up to say that my offer is still up. I wish you the best of luck on your translation. Godspeed.

  60. Elven permalink

    But I don’t want to try it this weekend!!! I wanna try next weekend :/

  61. Anonymous permalink

    It feels like calm before the storm

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to get Amira achievement? Details please!

  63. redtack2009 permalink

    well rogue said hopefully mid july so it MIGHT come out in the next week or so but i wouldnt get your hopes up. expect the patch to come out end of july early august, that way if it does come out sooner its a nice suprise

  64. Softicedragon permalink

    Hey watch this guys: Isnt that the dragon pup in the small pic of character menu? It seems its a lil brother version of MGQ. :D

    • redtack2009 permalink

      im seeing a lotta other monster girl quest monsters in that pic too (golem girl, the giant thing from hellgondo island) must be a spin off of some kind

      • Anonymous permalink

        Seems like Shingeki no Kyojin to me xD

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sure does looks like Singeki no Kyojin indeed :P

    • 光闇 permalink

      Lookin’ good~

  65. Anonymous permalink

    i love monster girl, keep doing good job and thank a lot for translate this amazing game^^

  66. Anonymous permalink

    I want to legitimately buy MGQ3, but I’m worried about using my credit card online. How trustworthy is dlsite?

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Well more thrustworthy as big banks…..

    • Incubusknight permalink

      It’s trustworthy. I’ve bought around 3-4 games from the English dlsite. You can also pay through paypal I believe.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Aye, DLSite is a legitimate business. They’re about as trustworthy as any major online business. In other words, you’re safe.

  67. Jon permalink

    Hey guys. i got a problem that recently appeared in my mgq games.
    -when going to load savegame page it scrolls to the bottom and stays there. i cant do anything xept quit the game
    -when in game or options wherever the text box is present it goes on automatically. ive tried changing on the options but nothing works.

    Anyone know of this issue or has a clue what the problem might be?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It sounds like you have a button of some sort held down. Ctrl skips through the text box, and the scroll wheel and a few other things fly through both the text box and the save menu. If there’s no input at all, I’m not sure what the issue could be, that sounds like an external problem.

  68. wasad permalink

    I thank you for your hard work.
    And my dick will be thanking you when this is all finished.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m oddly curious to see how your dick will be thanking him.
      Bowing maybe?

  69. Anonymous permalink


  70. passing chaos permalink

    oh rouge i heard that merging with part 3 adds some minor changes to parts 1 and 2 any idea what changes?

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge, I’m just curious but do you play/beat the game first untranslated or do you translate as you play/beat the game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      If I’m not mistaken, I believe Rogue once said he plays as he translates.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing gods work.

    Seriously, there clearly isn’t a god because if there was one he’d have translated this and distributed the translation himself.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      God is already translating it into english. Duh.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Given that Ilias is an obvious allegory for Jewish/OT Christian God, and half the point of the game is how much of a yandere He/She is, I really wouldn’t trust God to translate this accurately.

  73. Anonymous permalink


  74. Anonymous permalink

    this wait, soooo painful.

    • redtack2009 permalink

      *gives i know that feels hug* will be so worth it in the end though

  75. Hale permalink

    Jeez, I only recently heard about MCQ part 3 and you’re already nearing the 30% mark on the translation.

    You, my friend(If I may call you that) are incredibly insane in how fast you translate the lines.Thank you so much and keep up the good work :3

  76. Jack permalink

    Are there any Amira H-scenes in part 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Luckily,there are none.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh I was really dreading those! That’s great!

      • Anonymous permalink

        That actually makes me quite sad. I thought I would finally get it just for the lulz

  77. Gale permalink

    Gosh , waiting for it is so painful… I guess I replayed the game like 5 times from MGQ 1 and 2 not skipping a single dialogue or scenes… And now I am playing MGQ 3 japanese version not understanding a single shit. I guess I will just replay from the start again…

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Want 33% now plz.

  79. Waiting permalink

    Will be looking forward to the patch !

  80. Anonymous permalink

    how long till the patch comes rogue the wait is killing me. I beat the game but I didn’t understand any of it and there are some monsters that I thought were pretty neat and am now waiting for the English patch so i can understand why luka is facing those monsters and the story itself. I hope with your mad translating skills rogue that you will be able to complete the 40% patch soon so i can start part 3.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    slave to some angel’s feet though…

  82. Anonymous permalink

    What are we going to do about those damned marathon bosses when we can’t save in the midst of battle?

    • anon permalink

      beat it without being trigger happy with save button

      • Anonymous permalink


        • Anonymous permalink

          I laughed my ass off, because this is fucking true!!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Are you talking about the Cirque?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Cirque du Croix. Yes, probably. Damn zombies queens. If it weren’t for the fact that they had some of the best H-scenes in the game, I’d have ragequit by now.

    • AnonS permalink

      None of the boss fights are that long. But now I understand why some people keep insisting the game is so easy for them, they just save and load every time. I only save the game when I need to and most of the fights in this game are luck (whether you get a dodge, whether you hit with an attack etc.). The most luck based fights seemed to be a few of the boss fights, like the two vampire/succubus ones and I think the final Alma Elma one.

      If you play the game on hard you’ll have many instances where the following happens:

      Luca summons Gnome!
      Enemy performs bind attack!
      Luca struggles—and fails–despite gnome supposedly letting you escape it as it usually does! Game

      Or there’s:
      Luca misses!
      Enemy attacks! Crit!
      Luca misses!
      Enemy attacks crit!

      On normal mode I don’t think you get those misses, or they’re a lot rarer. I’ve also never failed to struggle out of a bind attack on normal if I had gnome, but on hard I constantly see these things happen.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Is it because my computer isn’t in Japanese region mode that MGQ3 crashes about 30 paragraphs into the game during the prologue? even thought parts 1 and 2 work fine on my new pc that has Windows 8. (There are a few graphical anomalies where parts of sprites are left on screen during changes)

    • raza permalink

      it may also be just a bad version that you got changing the region doesn’t really affect anything else much so if that’s why you havn’t changed it you can change back just as easy :)

    • CDJ permalink

      It’s definitly your locale, I had the same issue on Windows 7 and switching to japanese locale fixed it.

      The previous games share the same issue but the patch makes it so that you don’t need to switch.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I can save anywhere in MGQ 1 and 2 including while I’m in battle.Click save, pick a save file and confirm it but instead of clicking the next button and getting a error just press esc key and it saves.

    • Anonymous permalink

      load that and see if you can say that your statement still means something. that is if something is nothing.

    • wf71 permalink

      That method of saving also work on mine. Actually I’m doing it since the first time playing MGQ3.
      This is just my thought, but maybe that error came out only if you try to play the game with auto-translated apps like Visual Novel Reader. It changes many in-game text automatically and maybe that makes it corrupt. Still can be loaded though

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue! We’re all grateful for your sacrifice :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      How is it a sacrifice?

      I highly doubt he’s sacrificing anything to do this and before you say “He’s sacrificing time.”

      No. He’s doing this willingly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Every sacrifice is a willing one. That’s the whole point of the word, willingly giving up something of value to you.

      • AnonS permalink

        As someone else stated all sacrifices are willing. The only time your action isn’t willing is when you are forced to do something, in order to survive or under some sort of other threat.

        I don’t really know where you are going with it being willing. Yes, Rogue isn’t in a room forced to translate with 5 gunman pointing their guns at his head.

    • Wf7 permalink

      Sacrificing time = yes
      Got satisfied because of it = yes

      so what was it called?

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