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MGQ3 1/3 Point

July 11, 2013

City: 2554/15603
Story: 11192/27500
Battle: 30061/88600
Encyclopedia: 17/103

Total: 43824/131806 (33.2%)


As referenced before, July is still a busy month for me, especially the first portion of it. But I’ve pretty much just hit the 1/3 completed milestone, and still going strong! Right now I’m aiming to have the first patch released on Thursday or Friday of next week, barring anything coming up in personal or work life that will interfere. It should be around 37% of the game for that patch.

  1. Michiru permalink

    w00t!!!!! Go go go!!!! This girl loves you. ^^

    • Cory permalink

      Whoa… a girl who likes MGQ? o.o….

      • Anonymous permalink

        girls that likes to dominate and rape guys hehe

        • Anonymous permalink

          And yet, I wouldn’t give a damn if she tried one tried to do any of that to me. Well, except vore, but that would count as cannibalism too, so I’m hoping it wont happen.

          Granted, I doubt the validity of this one being an actual girl. No offense if you are, but its practically an Internet rule never to trust someone when they say they’re a girl if you don’t know them.

          • AnonS permalink

            I believe it’s a girl because she’s ignoring the dorky comments afterwards.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Welcome to the internet: where the men are men, the women are also men, and the children are FBI agents (who may or may not be men).

      • Dane permalink

        Well being a man and a fan of this. Girl liking MGQ seemed not only possible to me; but likely. There are more girl Otakus now than there has ever been (duh)

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I just recently stumbled upon MGQ. Feel in love with it. You made it possible. From one man to another I just want to thank you. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks again!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You’re amazing Rogue, keep up the awesome work!!!

  4. spantherix permalink

    I love you so much rogue <3
    You made it possible for me to play MGQ and to enjoy monstergirls While I never will be able to thank you enough for ._.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Confirmed for clearing my schedule for next saturday.

  6. AnonS permalink

    When this is finished another chapter and era of my life will be over! It is probably time I finally learned Japanese myself, can’t rely on people like Rogue my entire life! The JRPG is officially dead in the US, yet it’s so healthy in Japan. Playing MGQ really took me back to when I was younger and you could look forward to a lot of great JRPGs. And then some translation patches for games that never made it here, like SD3 and some Fire Emblem games and a few others…I need to find those translation communities again too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      what you talkin bout JRPG dead, you dont count handhelds?

      • Johnny Cage permalink

        He is saying that JRPGs are ”almost” dead in the west, and he is right. Yeah we have FF, Disgaea, Star Ocean, Tales of Series but there are much more. Check the Japanese only releases and you’ll see countless RPGs never released over here. Good VNs included. And if you would go back to PS2 and PSX era, for example, you would find a lot more. Learning Japanese now would bring you collection of games that would hold you for a lifetime.

      • Anonymous permalink

        List of FF games better than 7;
        10 and 12, in terms of mechanics. Though 10 has a retarded story and terribly gaudy, retarded characters. While 12 has the 2 kids who have no bearing on the plot whatsoever and were completely superfluous and obviously just added to appeal to the lolicon market that is so prominent in Japan’s gaming community.
        Alright, I went on longer than I really planned, so that’s enough for now.

    • SilentWill permalink

      Final Fantasy series are damn great JRPGs and are still going strong!

      • No, lately they haven’t been great at all.

        10 was passable, 11 was unique, 12 was boring, 13 is terrible, 14 had to get rebooted, 15 looks alright, but the jury is still out on if it can put the series back on track in terms of gameplay quality. Handheld final fantasy games are fine, but they’re mostly ports of the older games.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          I liked 12 because the combat system (Was quite interesting, had and still has lots of potential). I liked sorta liked 13 because of how strategic certain elements where, albeit combat was still boring, and farming was an issue later on. I really just play the games as more of a beautiful cinematic, with a semi-good story and interactive bits.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            I will say the only way FF can beat 7 IMO is if it’s played by a sole male protagonist, with all the monsters nothing but girls. It would be MGQ, but 3d and have FF graphics…… *Freezes in thought*

        • They, didn’t even want to bring bravely default! *crushes glass of water in hand*

      • Anonymous permalink

        *cough* Dragonquest ftw

      • AnonS permalink

        I never really liked the FF series the best, but I felt their quality has really gone downhill. VII was their last truly great one and I did enjoy it, VIII and IX were decent, X was an interactive movie and since then it’s just been something I’ve not been interested.

        Even in the previous era my fondest games were non FF games, many by SquareEnix but many from other devs. There was a time around the PSX era where every week it was like a new JRPG, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Grandia, Tactics Ogre, Star Ocean, Shining Force, Dragon Quest, Suikoden and many many more, many I am forgetting.

        There are some now on handhelds, Golden Sun was fun, but I don’t think it’s that many. There are some PC ones too. But none are as popular as in the past. Tales games have been good recently but they don’t come out that often. Basically I miss that era where there were a lot from many different devs and you’d get no name RPGs even that turned out to be a lot of fun, while more popular games everyone played.

        MGQ did more to capture that old feel for me than anything I can remember playing recently, I have not been playing JRPGs as much.

        • Ni no Kuni isn’t bad for a couple days of reliving the old JRPG grind, but its true, there really isn’t the same kind of devotion to the genre like there used to be.
          MMO’s have gone downhill as well; our only hope now is indies and and kickstarters.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well said. I am a lot like you. I’ve been learning japanese for a few months now, and already I have learned to write and read simple things. Hopefully i’ll someday live to translate and speak fluently. Sadly, J-gaming is pretty much dead to the western market, but I will not miss out on all of the exclusive titles we don’t get over here. I am a strict J-gamer.

      I would recommend purchasing a psp. There are many J-games that are unnotticed. A few are Dissidia, God Eater, Queens gate, Half minute hero, Kingdom hearts birth by sleep, Black Rock shooter, Fate Extra, the lunar games, and the pletora of other games you can get with a modded psp. And the ps3 has had a number of Jrpgs, but not many as the ps2 era. I’m a huge fan of the Tales games. We are getting Tales of Xillia next month, and a Tales of Symphonia HD collection was announced.

      • Why would you mod a psp? psp games are region free, you can buy the japanese games and play them on an american system.

        • Edale permalink

          If you mod your PSP, you can just download the ISO for a game, Use a USB micro to USB A adapter to hook the PSP up to your computer, pop the ISO onto your PSP’s memory stick, and play it from there, Never have to buy more than one game game for it (some, not all, of the mods require a retail game UMD to be in the system to play ISOs).

          And you can find ANY PSP game for download, since ripping the games is literally a drag-and-drop operation, that only takes 15 min or so, on a modded PSP. No extra software needed.

          You can also play most, not all, PS1 games on a modded PSP, even multi-disk games (I helped someone convert my PS1 copy of FFIX, a 4 disc game, to PSP for example, after conversion to PSP all 4 discs were in one ISO), and PSP’s have a feature to “swap discs” for PS1 games, so they’re fully playable,

          Modding your PSP also lets you use CFW (Custom FirmWare) which lets you customize just about everything on the PSP, including stuff like custom animated backgrounds and differently formatted skins for the main menu. All the official skins just change the pictures used for different stuff and the background picture, CFW lets you use skins that (installation of CFW [i]is[/i] how you mod a PSP, so the ability to use custom skins comes default with a modded PSP)

  7. I can’t wait. Thanks so much, Rogue.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I hope your site comes back up soon as well

  8. Anonymous permalink

    You are a hero this shitty world doesn’t deserve

  9. Thanks Rogue.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks you so much! Rogue!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Great progress Rogue. Thank you.

  12. Crash permalink

    It will be a shame to see the series end. But more than that I am excited to play the last part! LETS GO TEAM LOLI 4 GENERALS!

  13. Wf71 permalink

    Thanks rogue, can’t wait =))

  14. I love you Rogue. One more week!

  15. Newprimus permalink

    Amazing service you’re doing for all of us. Thank you!!

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks !

  17. Imoutocon permalink

    How can i get the 33% translated file?
    Is it unavailable?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      It is unavailable. And I personally have mixed feelings about it.

      With how rogue does it, he writes the story as it goes, as he isn’t just translating. He has to reword, rework, and refit it all together so it not only makes sense and fits to us english readers(my japanese isn’t at a workable level yet), but keeps everything the creators put into it. Doing it like he does, he stops us at a point(for each partial patch) that isn’t just a drop. An example would be to stop us after fighting tamamo from part 2. It just isn’t right. He stops at a place which makes sense for a stop, considering what he has to work with.

      You have to wait a while. I personally also wouldn’t mind having each girl given one at a time, or 3-4 at a time(to keep some sense of linearity), but at the same time this also poses some issues. Mainly with why what he does is good.

      Why the dilemma? It’s mainly me fighting against myself. The normal part of me wants to wait for it all and play it at once, ad the story is quite nice, specially for an eroge, and I really enjoy it. The hentai part of me just wants to get to all the porn. I have a good solution, but won’t work well on this game as new uses of your power/new powers you get are explained in the story. If it was simpler, like Violated hero, you could simply translate all the battle stuff, give it to the porn seekers, and then translate the rest who want the full experience.

      Just goes to show how well MGQ is put together, that something can’t really be done perfectly to aleviate both sides.

      PS IMO the VA’s of MGQ are just better than VH. VH 2 had a big improvement (IMO anyway.) but the script for the scenes just felt a little lacking, though VH has touched upon the use of magic for denial, where All MGQ had on that subject was a loli with strong muscles. (let me know if there is any others whom also do it, as I would then like to go back to them.)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Basilisk does it with petrification. Crab girl’s bubble wash hell definitely qualifies in the second battle, and I think samurai elf does as well.

  18. 光闇 permalink

    My jizzum has turned rouge.

  19. ChaoticNemisis permalink

    Like I thought, if you where doing the 1/3 partial patches, you’d be done by this week, but You are right to go the 37. I have looked over the game enough to know it’s the best call(haven’t gone far enough to tell if there is room for another before 100%)

    Keep up the good work. I’d live to donate a little, but again that’s not your style. I do honestly think if you managed to get into contact with the right companies in the right ways, you could do damn well producing legit translations, in the way that they are sold over here. But that’s just me.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    The 17/103 Encyclopedia, this means you are only up to 17 monster girls so far?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Means he’s only up to 17 encyclopedia entries(I BELIEVE). It’s easy to take as 17 girls, since we aren’t into the later bits, but remember there are characters that are repeated. Also. I’d believe that the encyclopedia entries are probably lagging a little behind at this point compared to where he is in the story, and thus leads me to believe where the majority of the remaining work before partial lies.

      Remember, I am not all seeing and as such could be very well the opposite from the truth.

      • This is right; I don’t really like doing the Encyclopedia entries, so I sort of lag behind on them.

        • Anonymous permalink

          why dont you just not do them and save them for the 100 percent patch? that way we get the story even faster

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            He has to at least translate the Stuff we care about,. you know, the redcall and such, btu yea, I can wait for all the lore

          • AnonS permalink

            Because then he’d have to do them all at once for the final patch, and that’s probably even more annoying.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    How many monsters are we expected to confront in the 37% patch?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      I Have a very rough idea, and am going to say around 30. I am probably right in saying that there is definately a larger amount in the second half than the first, but it shouldn’t be so bad as to completely skew the numbers.

      In truth I have no IDEA, but from the rough blaze through I’ve been given, it’s a rough estimation.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If he is up to 17 at the 33% patch than i doubt he is anywhere near the number 30 when he get’s to the 37% patch(more like 20-22max), which is a total bummer. But what can you do…
        I was hoping he would at least reach the -SPOILERS -vampire girls- SPOILERS-

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          17 of the near 100 there are seams a little small. I am guessing that 17 in encyclopedia is not 100% up to where rogue is in the story. Which would make more sense. However, I could be wrong, or something of the like. 25 sounds alot more resonable, but you never know.

          PS: Would love to see the look on your face if he stoped right before them. Just sayin :P

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Ah dang it, Dynasty Warriors 8 comes out next Friday here and you’re putting a patch out just before it? Why must I choose between Nirvana and a fiery hell of demolishing thousands of ancient cannon fodder!

    • Cio permalink

      This also be my problem :D And if you love monster girl as i do, 19th July is the release game of Violated Hero 3 too… Darn, so many game, so little time :D

  23. Kyon permalink

    If you are going to make patches, could you make them at region changes like you normally do?

  24. Anonymous permalink

    does someone know what ” hora hora ” and : hoora ” mean?

    • anon permalink


      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        Look MIGHT be the litteral description, But, like english words, has more than one meaning(use; contextual meaning). Alice uses it as a provocative way of saying “come on”, “hurry up” etc. There are one or 2 more meanings to it, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Hey is another, and what I believe to be the Litteral translation.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          … wish there was an edit option. Anyway. As a side note, any hoora, hoore, soore or anything like that is just an extended form of the normal word(Reason I like japanese so much is because of the flexibility of how you can emphasize and accent your speach to convey meaning).

          ALSO. The closest meaning to tamamo’s Hore is “to fall in love” or “fall in love”. I personally feel like it’s more used as a hora than for it’s meaning, but for all I know it’s being used as forms as fall in love. Would seam to fit with what happens to luka whenever he looses to her. (marrige)

    • Anonymous permalink

      During regular porn you might here them say stuff like “Oooh yeah” alot; I think it’s pretty similar in the sense that it conveys something but doesn’t have an explicit meaning.

      It isn’t just used in MGQ either. You can hear it in alot of other hentai/eroge (I hear it alot during Discipline) , but it’s usually not kept in the translated text

    • Anonymous permalink

      It is just meaningless teasing phrase like “come on”

  25. Anonymous permalink

    The entirety of the English MGQ 1 and MGQ 2 can be merged into MGQ 3, right? What I mean is, will this upcoming patch allow us to play from the beginning in a single game, or will our only option be to start from where MGQ 2 left off?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      You should be able to start from the begining. I mean fusing all 3 changes a few mechanics slightly in the first(possibly second) so wouldn’t make sense if you couldn’t.

      • yabu permalink

        May be for those ppl who already had finished off MGQ 2…
        And for those who just recently stumbled upon or recommended by friends on rogue’s site should be able to play it on the beginning…

        I think someone is gonna do a favor for rogue that a file that can combine/compile the 3 certain file of each of the series of the game…

  26. Sh@d0W_F[i]GuRe permalink

    Thanks for updates, Rogue! This post made my day!

  27. Orange permalink

    I better start saving up.

  28. ChaoticNemisis permalink

    Now to post something worth while.

    Q: What is everyones top 5 H scenes from the first 2 games.

    Mine are:
    1: Tamamo On Top
    2: Alice Human Rape
    3: Lamia Blowjob
    4: Alice Blowjob
    5: Loli-Dragon

    • Brave permalink

      Hmm. Never really thought about ranking them.

      I like most, if not all of Alice’s scenes, so they’d clutter my top five.

      Succubus Witch is pretty great, can’t forget her. Doppelganger in side-stories was interesting too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. Vampire Girl
      2. Queen Harpy
      3. Kitsune
      4. Beelzebub
      5. Tamamo (2)
      – all are rape scenes

    • Kell permalink

      Alma Elma (Colloseum handjob)
      Alra Priestess
      Granberia (First and Last)
      Rafflesia Girl (or whatever the name was, forgot)

      Anyways, schedule cleared for next weekend. I’m now awaiting the first patch.

      • Kenan permalink

        damn straight niga i’m bringin that orange sodaaa

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. Frog Girls (mating)
      2. Lencubus
      3. Imp
      4. Lamia (mating)
      5. Kitsune

    • Anonymous permalink

      I fail to see how this is worth while.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        bring back memories of what Everyone felt was the best of the games, partly to have a comparison mark to the new ones. And it’s better than talking about some gibberish, like FF

    • Zworden permalink

      1. Lencubus
      2. Tamamo on top
      3. Chrome (tell me loli or whatever)
      4. Kitsune (yet another)
      5. Goddess Illias on top

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hoping its just the position and not the age bracket ya llke. My one issue with HRPGS and Hentai is that ya can’t really get away from the pedos.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Y’know you can like something that’s fictional and not like it in real life right? If I like vore, that doesn’t mean I get all hot and bothered by watching others eat things in real life. In the same way if someone likes loli in hentai, it doesn’t make them a pedophile in real life.

        • Zworden permalink

          pettanko… to be exact…
          yeah, not the whole world only like big boob…

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. Imp
      2. Crab Girl (first battle)
      3. Frederika
      4. Erubetie (first battle)
      5. Mandragora
      5. Alice’s tail vore (not having Alice on the list would be criminal.)

      • Lonerider permalink

        I agree with the Alice statement. Pretty much 3/4 of the way through part one I wanted to slap Luka for not going for her lol. Those Alice scenes are great. I wish Japan didn’t require censoring. We need a god like Rogue to uncensor artwork.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah, can’t say the US has it right, but pedophilia seems a worse crime that lewdness.

    • Anonymous permalink

      1. Tamomo (2)
      2. Illias (2)
      3. Crab Girl
      4. Shellfish Girl
      5. Frederika

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hard to name top 5, here’s top 8 (coincidentally 4 in each part)

      Spider Girl
      Zombie Girl
      Zombie Girls
      Nefertiti Lamias

      Sara (succubization)

  29. White Mage permalink

    Good work Rogue.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, i will wait for the 100% patch but thank you.

  31. Zworden permalink

    love you rogue…

  32. Ehunkel permalink

    Rogue, I know many people said this already but:

    I love you.

  33. Commander Raze permalink

    Rogue, will you be setting up the system to combine the chapters in this patch or later?

    • Jikorde permalink

      That is already in the game, no one has ever added that in.

      • Commander Raze permalink

        You aren’t able to combine parts 1, 2, and 3 unless they are all patched due to code changes if I recall correctly. I knew about the combining being in all the previous games, obviously. I was asking him if he was going to set things up to where we can combine them now or if we have to wait.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    WOO! WOO! WOO!

  35. Anonymous permalink

    I am excited.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    bless you

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Yay, much love Rogue.

  38. I feel like I ought to be paying you.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for your effort and dedication, Rogue.

  40. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ permalink

    MGQ3 will be as great as… free bacon and cheesecake id assume! Loved the first two parts, and for a story it honestly does better than a ton of games old and new, which I honestly find very surprising.

  41. Anonymous permalink




    • Anonymous permalink

      That actually made me laugh

    • Anonymous permalink

      This gives me an idea. Say, Rogue, do you think it’s possible to switch Luka’s theme with Skillet’s Hero?

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can manually switch whatever music you want by replacing the corresponding .ogg file in the bgm folder. Just save the music file you want to use as an .ogg file with the same name. The ero.ogg (H-scene music) is the most commonly replaced one in my experience, but you can do anything.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Hurry the hell you lard fat-ass I could of translated this whole game in 30 mins if i wanted to.

    • Anonymous permalink

      troll bait everybody. he just copies and pastes the same message (this is for people who are new to the site) so no reason to reply to it

      • Anonymous permalink

        Trolling is a strange art. By the time most people are old enough to not suck at it, they realize it’s pointless and stop doing it.

        • passing chaos permalink

          If their not old enough to realize that, they are not old enough to play this game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I suppose, but when have age restrictions ever meant anything on the internet?

          • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ permalink

            Two thumbs up o`o

  43. Awesome! Can’t wait! Thanks again for all your hard work, Rogue~

  44. Siquall permalink

    I will wait for the 100% patch.

    I can wait this longer, i will do the first and second MGQ again :)

  45. Just loggin in to say… You’re awesome!!!
    Even as english isn’t my first language, I really I’m enjoying your work of translating all 3 parts of this amazing adventure.
    I really am excited to see this final chapter, so GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I must say, you’re quite well “spoken/typed” for english not being your first language. Kudos. ^_^

      • I like videogames and to read. So I love visual novels.
        And because videogames are mostly translated only in english, it was my goal to learn it in order to fully enjoy it.

  46. legacy permalink

    theres a new patch update on the monmusu webpage.

    • passing chaos permalink

      lets see looks like
      a update to the sidestory system
      some bug fixes to the encyclopedia
      a bugfix for hard and hell modes
      and a bugfix for one of Carmilla’s attacks

  47. Serpentcross/Scarletrose permalink

    5) Frederika
    4) Succubus Infinite Pussy
    3) Nefertiti Lamias
    2) Alma Elma 5 steps
    1) Sara Succubization

    • Anonymous permalink

      dayum that’s almost the same as my list! except that it’d be fliped 1-5 for me and replacing sara succubization with catgirl.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you…just Thank you…:D

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Hello everyone. I was just curious, because it is said that this is the final MGQ game, is there any word about the next project that ToroToro will be making? Thanks.

    • Jikorde permalink

      I’ve heard something about a rpgmaker game that from the sounds of it will be a prequel to MGQ. Or an alternate universe.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Don’t overdo it!
    We want you to look back at your accomplishments with a smile :)
    Thank you thank you!

  51. Anonymous permalink

    From start to finish (reading story and not fapping) how long would someone say this game is?

    • Incubusknight permalink

      Will differ from person to person of course (depending on how fast folks read), but from start to finish without reading all of the different game overs, I’d say maybe around 3-5 hours. Sooner if your difficulty setting is on normal and your using the two hit combo abuse method for all of Luka’s opponents.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        Actually, in the 2nd part, If your difficulty setting is “Hard”, you could spend ten or twenty minutes on just 1 battle as RNG were happily messing with you.

        (For your information, the last battle of the 2nd part took me around 100 tries to beat with Hard difficulty.)

        • passing chaos permalink

          On the other hand if you play on ex mode you can 1hk everything

    • Lonerider permalink

      I believe my first play through(no fap got caught in the story) was prolly about 15-20 hours for the first two parts. Then again I would occasionally reload and reread certain parts. I also didn’t abuse any two hit combos as Incubusknight mentioned.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Upon reaching 50% can you post the patch? I can’t hardly wait to play this…

    • Anonymous permalink

      “Right now I’m aiming to have the first patch released on Thursday or Friday of next week, barring anything coming up in personal or work life that will interfere. It should be around 37% of the game for that patch.”

  53. HorasIsALie permalink

    If you finish the Encyclopedia first, you’ll have more guys working on the other parts.
    (Just finish the smallest to largest) It feels like its faster this way when I do it.

  54. NonAnonButAnon permalink

    Although I would love to learn Japanese, English is my native. This game deserves translation, and I could not thank you enough Rogue for doing it. This is one of the finest RPG tales I’ve seen in a long long time. you have my respect, and heck maybe some of my money if I could find a way to donate to you.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    thank you so much for translating^^

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Q.Q pls be hurry…after finishing MGQ 1 and 2 the 12th time i cant wait to play MGQ3.

    And Good job, its really cool how you can translate all the Dialogous within 2 months.

  57. CAnon permalink

    You’re the BEST around!

  58. Kyon permalink

    I can’t beat the game without being able to read the dialogue. Even with cheat engine giving me infinite hp

  59. Steele permalink

    If you can clarify – Will it be possible to have the fights in English out of the Encyclopedia, even if the entries aren’t, with this patch?

  60. jon permalink

    sorry guys but what is the meaning of entries of the game that Rogue talk about

    • Anonymous permalink

      Encyclopedia entries.

      Apparently everyone is extremely confused by the ’17/103′ on Rogue’s progress list, despite the fact that he’s doing everything exactly the same as before >_>

  61. VernictenLied permalink

    Rogue you are amazing (my apologies for any errors, English is my 3rd language). I have been able to play this set of masterpieces thanks to you. Your hard work pleases the masses; but remember everything is up to you, don’t rush because of the masses, perfection takes time and Patience is a forgotten virtue. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    I will wait till the full translation is ready. Good work rogue!

  63. Sajuuk permalink

    so the last game is going to be in to part ? won’t that make 2 games then ? well I am glad you are translating the game, thanks for all your hard work…

  64. Dear Guest permalink

    Rogue, could you guess just about how many fights there will be in the upcoming partial patch? Or at least include how many encyclopedia entries were translated when you release it?
    It’s just that I’d like to have a “feeling” on how much further to play – I’d like to stretch things out and make it last a little. Thanks, rock on.

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