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MGQ3 First Patch Date

July 15, 2013

I’m planning on releasing the first patch on Wednesday night (7/17), from around 6 to 8pm EST. It will cover everything from the start of Part 3 until a little over a third into the game. It includes the two patches that Torotoro has released so far. It also contains all of Part 1 and Part 2 for combining them all into one, but I haven’t exhaustively gone through the first 2 parts of the game with this combination yet, so random bugs may occur in those first 2 parts until I have a better chance of testing through them.


City: 2756/15603
Story: 11288/27500
Battle: 33984/88600
Encyclopedia: 41/103

Total: 48069/131806 (36.5%)

  1. Dear Guest permalink

    I left a comment in the previous post literally just ONE second before this one (about how many fights there would approximately be, just so that I could get a feel on how much I will have progressed, in order to make it last a little). Thanks for clearing that up so quickly.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The Encyclopedia says 41 so it will be at most 41 not counting the possible Alice scenes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        41 sounds very good. I had pretty good self control and only ended up cheating ahead and seeing the first 6. And 1 I already knew because of the demo. Looking forward to the patch :)

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Lol 41 would include any alice/spirit/four heavanly kings scenes, but Would incorperate all their scenes into 1 entry.

  2. Rikis permalink

    Oh, my. I’m excited.

  3. CivilDeviation permalink

    Thanks Rogue, out of curiosity what sort of non-translating project will you be moving to next? Whatever the case, we appreciate ya and hope the best in whatever the endeavor.

    • Anonymous permalink

      he is probably going to translate violated hero 3 , that will be releasing in a few days

      • Anonymous permalink

        But that game really does not need a translation… fap to sound + CG XD

      • Anonymous permalink

        Doubtful, VH3 is Dargoth’s domain.
        I think it pretty likely that Rogue is going to take a fair break from the translation scene.

        • Jikorde permalink

          Rogue has said he is done translating after this, so it is doubtful he will be doing any project after this is done.

          • Anonymous permalink

            This. RT keeps saying MGQ3 is his last project and people keep asking “durrr what next??”
            It’s over, you twats.

          • CivilDeviation permalink

            Awh, I was asking a legitimate question that got lost in the “I don’t read or want to believe that rogue is done” posts. Ah well, wishing ya well.

  4. WildHawk permalink

    woo so excited

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue, it’s always appreciated when you share a bit of progress!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I love you.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    so the patch wil have part 1 2 and 1/3 of 3 translations?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Woo doggie.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    God’s speed Rogue. My body has never been this ready.

  10. Surprise happiness is the best kind. Only a couple more days Alice…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Will you include a dlsite link? I haven’t bought the game yet, since I was waiting for the patch.

  12. CwHart permalink

    Know what MG it will go up to by any chance?

    • Anonymous permalink

      3 is the last one.

      • CwHart permalink

        I ment which Monster Girl in other words what will be the last fully translated fight and H scene that will be translated with this patch.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I believe Rogue said it was the second scene with a spirit in an earlier update.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    we have to buy the game? When the translation is done, will you upload the full game with the patches?

    • Jikorde permalink

      Rogue has not, nor ever will upload the game for download. He wants people to actually support the creator. If you want to pirate it go find it yourself.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “we have to buy the game?”

      Yeah, Rogue’s expecting you to actually give the guy who made the game the money he’s asking for his work. How thoughtless of him, right?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    can’t waiiiitt

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Wasn’t it possible to merge the games together so you could play it the full story from one exe?
    I think it was possible with 1 and 2, hope it will be possible with the third.
    kinda wanna do the story from the beginning.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I pre’d just from reading this.

    Rogue, I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort you put into translating this saga. May you have a long and lavish life.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue! I’ve gotta finish my second play through so I can combine everything.

  18. Lonerider permalink

    Thank you Rogue for doing this. You are a legend.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, good sir.

  20. Adash permalink

    This will be the highlight of my week.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Does someone have a pt 1 & 2 100% save? Just a bit concerned I may have missed something.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This isn’t exactly Crackdown when it comes to collectibles. Check if you have the Hero’s Proof, if you do, you got everything.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Do you have a save for it though? I lost my Monmusu Quest files entirely so I’d have to do it all over again otherwise. I can do without how often I’ve fapped to x and y monster.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I can’t imagine using someone else’s save file for a game that has choices, no matter how little they actually change. But I’m sure you could just google it, the games been out for a while after all.

    • Jikorde permalink

      There, a gloval with a full encyclopedia and a save before and after the final Alice fight with Hero’s Proof.

  22. Uguu permalink

    <3 <3 <3 <3


  23. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready

  24. Anonymous permalink

    The wait is so long i have even refused to play the demo till rogue finishes just to play it all in english from start to finish

  25. Jikorde permalink

    Actually, I have a question. With a yes or a no,could someone tell me if the Lazarus flag where you decide to kill or let him off is actually used? And if so which one is “better?”

    I have a save at the Lazarus choice, and one at Alice with either chosen, and want to know which would give me a more full experience on my first playthrough. Please no spoilers other than direct answers to the questions though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have no knowledge of MGQ3, but I highly doubt something that ignores your choice five seconds after choosing is going to care about your choice a game later.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a saint Rogue. Wish I could just go to sleep right now and wake up Wednesday evening.

  27. themengsk176 permalink

    My body is ready. I have trained exhaustively for this, and I am confident my heart can bear the load.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Does the patch automatically combine all three parts? I’m curious because my save data unfortunately got corrupted when I transferred it to a a new computer and I would prefer not playing through all of part 1 and 2 again.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The combine part feature has no bearing on your saves. It combines the arc.nsa files and unlocks the prior chapters/monsters to be accessible from the MGQ3 exe. If you still have the actual games you’ll be able to combine them. After combining, you can still choose to start from the beginning of MGQ3 whether you’ve beaten the first two or not.

      The import save feature you’re SOL if your saves got corrupted though. That keeps track of your record and the stats inside the monsterpedia. If you don’t care about that, there’s not much else to it.

      Rogue’s patch has never done anything aside from translate the games, and I’d assume that’s the case here. There’s been instructions on how to combine the games in the readme he adds IIRC, but the actual feature is a part of the game.

      • AnonS permalink

        It’s probably a matter of copying the older arc.nsas to the same folder, then selecting an option in the menu within the game. Rather, that was how I remember it for combining 1&2, so I assume it’s the same for 3. Most of us have 1&2 combined now.

        I am certain Rogue will mention instructions in the actual patch release post. It will be an easy process however I am sure. I don’t remember where my final save is, I probably saved after getting the “good” ending with Alice because that seems to be the canon one. So I will pick up MGQ3 right from there. Even though it’s a simple game I bet I’ve forgotten how to play it anyhow.

        • Anonymous permalink

          There is no canon bad ending, just the one good one. The only way you can add the flag for MGQ2 is after sparing Alice and turning your blade on Illias. Eternally raped by Illias is just another game over.

          It just seems like an ending to the game since it’s a logical stopping point. It’s not a logical stopping point once there’s another game ahead though.

  29. john permalink

    Do you have any idea if they are going to make more or a side story?

  30. magic9mushroom permalink

    What’s “6-8 pm EST” in GMT? Isn’t the US on daylight saving at the moment?

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Also, is it safe to patch first (so that the menu is comprehensible) and then combine the parts, or do they have to be combined first and then patched?

    • Anonymous permalink

      EDT is GMT -4, EST is regularly GMT -5.
      6-8 EDT would be 10-12 GMT.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks¡¡ By the way, you know where i can get an english patch of souten no celenaria?

  32. Waiting permalink

    I am just curious but is the item “Hero’s Proof” necessary in MGQ 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why would a company make an obscure item that requires playing two earlier titles in a specific way necessary for a third game that’s being sold as a standalone title?

      Maybe I’m out of the loop since I haven’t played a lot of recent titles, but is there some kind of carryover between games fad that I’m missing? So many people are scared of missing stuff. MGQ2 plays out exactly the same whether you got the items for the Hero Proof in one or not. You just miss a couple lines of dialogue and an achievement in the record.

      If games like Mass Effect barely/don’t change based on the radically different stuff you can do, why would MGQ?

      • Jikorde permalink

        There is no radical change, the plot and ending are the same regardless if you have hero’s proof or not. You just cannot finish the side quest if you do not have it, is what Torotoro has said.

      • AnonS permalink

        I think a lot of people just want to be completionists but are also too lazy to replay games, even if they say they like them. Of course you are right, the only difference will be dialogue changes and it will be small.

        Still, people like maximizing those changes. The only other 2 games I remember where saves carried over are Dragon Age Origins to Awakening and the Suikoden series, although by the time they got to III it didn’t really do anything and after that one I don’t think they ever carried it over again. I believe there is a PC game or two coming out in the future that will also use carry over (and I’m sure ME had it because you listed it).

        • Anonymous permalink

          Mass Effect had a lot of fan outrage because there were all kinds of promises/allusions (I forget which,) that your choices throughout the first two games would really matter later, but it’s just basically dialogue stuff. And the stuff you do in Mass Effect can be radically different from run to run, a lot more than something like the Hero Proof, which Luka points out as useless in MGQ2 since Alice already destroyed the sword.

          I get people wanting to see everything, but they should just play through MGQ2 again going back to every city after each set of battles instead of worrying about carryover. There are a lot of cool missable scenes. I wonder how many people have had orange juice with Lazarus.

          • AnonS permalink

            I don’t remember doing that either. I go back to towns sometimes but not always, also iirc after you go to each new continent you can’t go back to the old areas. Eventually someone will need to put up a guide on the missable stuff I suppose. Maybe there already is one. I really should hang out at MGU.

          • Anonymous permalink

            The second Lazarus scene is after either the Pyramid or Witch Hunt Village, but before Gnome. You chat with him in the Mermaid Pub.

            You’re not really missing anything. That’s probably the most important missable scene plotwise, but it doesn’t change anything. The other stuff is finding out things like Yamata no Orochi being held at the snake shrine at Yamatai until she repents and Queen Bee not being unsealed at Plansect since she still wants to fight.

            I’d suggest revisiting towns before moving regions if you like that kind of stuff though.

  33. Question permalink

    is it possible to just copy the part 2 game and patch it to the part 3 game, coz in part two, i can still play the part 1 playthrough.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      You start with a fresh copy of MGQ3 and copy in arc.nsa from MGQ1 and arc1.nsa from MGQ2. If you can play through the MGQ1 content in your copy of MGQ2 then that means you’ve already pasted MGQ1’s arc.nsa into MGQ2. So you’ll just need to copy that same file as well as arc1.nsa over to MGQ3.

      • Question permalink

        oh so thats how it is? thanks a lot, you’re a lifesaver.

  34. Anonymous permalink


  35. Anonymous permalink

    On behalf of the Anonymous community, I, Anonymous, do so declare that Rogue is, was, and forever shall be a badass, alpha male, and above all else, an overall cool guy. Many thanks for doing these translations Rogue, as you both gave birth to and nurtured my now uncontrollable teratophilia.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work, Rogue. Man, I hope this goes far enough to reach the Dominion fight – that’s the one I’m really looking forward to.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Great work, Rogue! Hope this takes us to the Dominion fight, at least; looking forward to that one.

  38. Thane permalink

    Rogue mentioned that Torotoro has released two patches… where can I download them? on their own website? or can I download it on Dlsite?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue always incorporates the official patches into his translation patches, so if you’re planning on using that, don’t worry about getting them elsewhere.

  39. This is good news. Although I think I’ll ignore part 3 until I’m done with my own fic writing. Otherwise I could make a mess of things.

    Speaking of Monster Girl Saga, I temporarily sidelined chapter 12 because I got a sudden bout of inspiration for some sexy scenes from later on – particularly one featuring Alma Elma. I know that writing scenes out of order isn’t usually a good idea, but the sudden inspiration I got shouldn’t be wasted, so I decided to write those ideas down and resume chapter 12 after I’m done.

    That’s all from me.

    • Lonerider permalink

      Ohh you’re writing a saga? This sounds intriguing tell me more.

      • mauro permalink

        sounds interesting, i’ll give it a look.

      • Just a fanfic. You can find it on my deviantArt, which my screenname links to. It’s also on AFF.Net – last I checked it was the only MGQ fic on it.

        A word of warning: it’s an alternate-universe setting. Luka is still recognizable as Luka, but he acts a bit differently due to having had a different upbringing, among other things.

        People seem to like it so far, so I guess I don’t TOTALLY suck. :p

        • xandos permalink

          i’m reading the first chapter right now :D
          by the way, i just downloaded the full save for part 1 and 2 (i missed some techniques from some random monsters) and, only by luck, i saw the secret monster (doppelganger) in the monsterpedia. really nice, rogue :p

          • The funny thing is that there’s a Doppelganger in canon, too. Part 3 XD. Wondering… did Torotoro plan it all along or was he ‘inspired’?

            I have one in my fic, too, although mine will only appear way later and isn’t the same.

        • Lonerider permalink

          Its really good. I just finished chapter 2 and shall be reading more later on tonight.

          • Good to know you like. I try to keep quality as high as possible.

            Just a warning, recent chapters got pretty long (90 pages or so each), so those may take a while to read.

        • Lonerider permalink

          That’s okay! That’s more to read!

          • Hahaha, well, good to know you don’t mind long chapters. I tend to lose track of length when I enjoy myself writing. Take that Alma Elma scene I’m writing for later… it’s already several pages long, lol.

  40. Edale permalink

    Don’t know if someone asked this already, but one of the updates for part 2 (I think it was the monster brothel one) made previous saves invalid. will part 3 use the original saves, or the modified ones from after the update?

    • You import the cleared gloval.sav file, not an actual save location itself. I didn’t have issues with the few I imported as test cases… But we shall see.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    awaiting glorious rouge to deliver

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Goddammit…. Started SMT4 today too…

  43. Waiting permalink

    Countdown to release ! Can’t wait for it :D

  44. Waiting permalink

    Gonna go out for a few hours. Hope when I get back the new patch is here !

  45. Anonymous permalink

    whats the 5 monsters you want to see translated more that any other in part 5?

    mine are
    1. the angel clones
    2.the imp girls
    3.the young angel with the footjob scene
    4.the angel cross (you know the one)
    5. the purple haired mermaid

  46. Incubusknight permalink

    “It also contains all of Part 1 and Part 2 for combining them all into one, but I haven’t exhaustively gone through the first 2 parts of the game with this combination yet, so random bugs may occur in those first 2 parts until I have a better chance of testing through them.”

    I was actually planning on playing from Part 1 to Part 3 again once the first patch was released. Will post here if I run into any bugs.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Gah, my body is, sadly, not ready.
    Replaying all of Part 1 and 2 in preparation for this has left the spirit willing, but the flesh spongy and bruised.
    Still, can’t wait! Thank you for all your work, Rogue!

  48. Waiting permalink

    Replaying the last 5 battles again. A few more hours to go !!

  49. sinan permalink

    dude thx for doing this but almost all media fire links are dead -.- especialy monster quest 1 and 2 can you reupload or add new download methods like u torrent ? thanks.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    How many scenes does Yao have in MGQ 3?

  51. Anonymous permalink

    rouge just before you leave forever, could you possibly re upload all the media fire links, cause media fire is bad and they are all down. (which for people like me means only 1 doppelganger)

  52. Sajuuk permalink

    maybe using 4shared is better, to use, to put the patches on just an idea,

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Will there be save points in the middle of the final boss battle, as it takes over an hour to finish.
    And if you make a mistake in the usage of skills, you will be slaughtered. There is dialogue at several points in the middle as well.

    • Anonymous permalink

      just use 4 spirits and skip text until angelgirl hit illias little later after that you have to use other skill that’s all

  54. Anonymous permalink

    am trying to wait until there is a hundred percent translation but no matter what i do i keep ending p back on this page thinking maybe i could just try out this 1\3 translation its killing me! love this game

  55. Anonymous permalink


  56. Anonymous permalink

    I see a time lapse for the patch, does that mean that we only have a window of opportunity tonight to get the first part? Awww man…Wednesday nights are never good for me. :P Good work on the awesome translation speed Rogue. Thanks a lot!

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, it means it’ll be released sometime during that time because he’s not sure exactly when he’ll finish it. You can still download it anytime later.

  57. My body is ready

  58. Anonymous permalink

    My challenge is to fap 100 times to each monster girl before moving on.

    • Lonerider permalink

      You let me know how that goes for you. lol

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think that would actually kill you.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Who is saying he is doing it consecutively? Just do it three times a day(not really hard, right). It would be more boring and tedious instead of challenging though, so I don´t see an appeal either. Fapping to each single monster would be tricky enough, as I don´t like everything(Insects? Lady Village?)

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’ve fapped to every single monster multiple times.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That which doesn’t kill you makes you hornier.

    • Anonymous permalink

      who is (judging from parts 1 and 2) the sexiest monster girl you can meet?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Episode 1: Suck Vore, Chimera Dryad, Anglerfish Girl, Cobra Girl, Iron Maiden
        Episode 2: All of Plansect and Lady Village, Golem Girl

        • Anonymous permalink

          I wouldn’t put the Cobra Girl in the same category as the others. She’s in the cruel and heartlessly killing you category, but at least you get to try (and fail,) to endure sex to save Sara in the meantime. I’d sub the Roper Girl in for her.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Roper Girl is so fappable I could die

          • Anonymous permalink

            Hey, everything is in the game because it’s fappable for someone. She’s still in the ‘cruelly digesting you’ group with those others though.

          • Iron Maiden permalink

            More anal sex and fuckable nipples/lipples. Fan-made MGQ4?

  59. Anon permalink


  60. Anonymous permalink

    I’m so pumped right now. I haven’t been masturbating since last week in anticipation. I’m ready rogue! I’m ready!

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder what Alices excuse will be for not fighting alongside you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      She does fight alongside you, but her skills have to be selected and she can only be used once in a fight. Her main use is the fact that her skills don’t cost SP.

    • Anonymous permalink

      She’s been turned into a depowered loli.
      Where the fuck have you been?

    • Alice permalink

      I’m fapping sheesh.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    I know Rogue said it won’t be released until 4pm EST at the earliest, but I’m still F5ing five minutes or so, just in case.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    i know im gonna be really happy when he releases it and then really annoyed when i finish it haha still tho thanks rogue for this part translation!

  64. Anonymous permalink

    My nipples are ready

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Can I hug you?

  66. Anonymous permalink

    i just checked and your nipples are definitely ready.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    *Possible Spoiler alert* Dont read if you dont want spoilers!

    So for those of you who have played through part 3, att he part in the elf village where lots of talking goes down you see a bunch of shadowed out characters while they are talking. Im not sure if it has already been mentioned but one of them looks very much like the first monster shown in the ??? on the monster girl quest page.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Are there more Rape Scenes in there for every monster?

    On their Website I saw a Succubus kind of Monster that had like 9 Rape Scenes… Is that possible?

    I can’t remind myself of any monster that had more than 4 Rape Scenes in Part 1 / 2

  69. Anonymous permalink

    To Rogue
    Are you sure that the total number of monsters in the third part are 103? Because on counting the total comes out to be 94 and 41 of them are unlocked.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    to those who are waiting for 100 percent(alongwith me ;))
    Calculations show that the 100 percent patch should be done around 15 sept at the current rate
    so come back then

  71. Sooooo anyone knows what happened to the two most recent post? I cant seem to be able to open them without having my browser crash.

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