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MGQ Part 3 First Partial Patch (37%)

July 17, 2013

This is the first Partial Patch of MGQ Part 3. It covers everything from the start of Part 3, up until a little more than a third through it. It also contains all of Part 1 and Part 2, so you can choose the Conversion option to combine all three parts into one. Read the readme for information on what to do with the .nsa files for that. You can also import your save from Part 2 into Part 3 to continue. Again, the information is in the Readme for that. If you find a crash in the first 2 parts of the game after converting it, please let me know (I haven’t fully tested the first two parts of the game in the converted game, as my focus has been on Part 3).

Remember that you need Part 3 itself, not the Part 3 demo.

How to acquire the game:

It can be purchased at . This is the final part, so if you were going to buy it and haven’t yet, this would be the one to do it to clear your conscience.

Patch Location:

There are two Patch types, one with side stories included and one without. I recommend the one with the mods, especially if you haven’t played any of them (Especially Cecil’s).

The first is the patch AND the \mod folder, which contains the Japanese mods that I translated, including the special Cecil side-stories. This download is 150MB. Located here

The second is just the patch itself, with no mods/side stories included. This download is 50MB.  Located here


As ever, save at the Save Locations. Yes, I know you can type double byte text or hit escape and save anywhere, but it can cause unrelated issues. Rarely, but it has happened to me.

Word Wrap:

Use mon_que_2-patch.exe for English word wrap. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this.

Other Issues:

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

How do I combine Parts 1 2 and 3 together? How do I import my save from Part 2?

The instructions are in the readme.

If you find a crash in the game, please comment about it on this post or tell me in IRC. I’ll fix any that are posted, and update the patch. 

I was a little more careful this time though in testing, so I don’t think there will be any crashes in the Part 3 portion. There may be some in the Part 1 or 2 portion though… I’ll be idling in irc at #mgq on .

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    Finally! Thanks a ton Rogue!

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    Awesome thanks rogue for the hardwork

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    wow, I checked this page like 30 seconds ago, saw no update, then refreshed the page and it popped up, lucky!

    if you ever need funds to support the site or the translations please put up a donate button, I never would have been able to enjoy some of the games you’ve translated if you hadn’t put this hard work into them.

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    To think that in my country it is even night. Perfect time for the fap of my life!

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      lol fap of my life. but indeed it will be the fap of my life too

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    So it begins.

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    I have problems installing the game, I have the an exe archive as part one and a rar archive as part two, it always get’s stuck during the first part.

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    Thank you for letting us have the chance to enjoy this masterpiece.

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    I LOVE YOU ROGUE!! The fact it’s almost midnight and i have work in the morning won’t stop me from fully appreciating your hard work, all night long :D

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    It’s like a mini-Christmas.
    Thank you, Rogue, for being so good to us.

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    Encountering an error when I try to open the game starter. Help plz. qq

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    Just got home from work. Perfect timing.

    Rogue is a god among men!

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    I’m trying to download the with-mods patch, but it’s stuck at 99%. What’s going on?

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    If only I knew how to get that MEGA site to actually work…

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      same boat i get blank page

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        What browser and are you using any addons? The site can be a bit picky but works in vanilla chrome.

  39. Cory permalink

    I can start the game, but it crashes as the Goblin girl is running through the forest… also my Arc3.nsa file is at 14,883 and not 1,685,322. Why the hell is that? all the others are perfect.

    • Anonymous permalink

      same here

    • Anonymous permalink

      i am having the same problem and my arc.nsa 3 has the same file size

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yea, I’m having the same problem, Goblin Girl running through the forest, and then crashes. I get something like this:

      099.txt line:294033
      cspl 699,705
      bg black,7,1500
      >bg “bg/”+$haikei+”.bmp”

      • I was getting this for the first few minutes too.

        Remember to read the instructions carefully; you need arc.nsa from Part 1 (which would be in your Part 2 folder if you combined those already), and arc1.nsa from part two.

        I accidentally replaced the arc2.nsa from part 3 with the one from part 2, and that caused the error that I see you guys have now. You need Part 3’s arc2.nsa

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sadly, this didn’t work for me. Oddly enough I don’t have an arc2.nsa from part 3 – even an untouched part 3 doesn’t have one for me.

          • Don’t know what to tell ya, a clean install of part 3 should have all 6, but arc.nsa and arc1.nsa would just be smaller.

        • Anonymous permalink

          thanks redownloading fixes it

        • Anonymous permalink

          You’re right, I missed that.
          And it worked, thanks Rampage.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I redownloaded the part 3 file and I’m still not getting the arc2 file. I only get arc 3, 4, and 5.

          • AnonB permalink

            You sure you’re not just looking at the contents of the patch?

          • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

            Are you sure it wasn’t a demo you have?

    • passing chaos permalink

      arc.nsa 692,203KB(part one data)
      arc1.nsa is 861,980KB(part two data)
      arc2.nsa is 1,685,322KB(part three data)
      arc3.nsa 14,883kb(5,717KB without rouge’s patch)
      arc4.nsa is 9,034KB(part of rouge’s patch)
      arc5.nsa is 5,717KB(part of rouge’s patch)

      • raza permalink

        That was a pain and a half spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what i was missing facepalmed after i realised i didn’t just copy over it i deleted it so i had to go back into the original files i downloaded and reaply it lol (so glad i keep backups :P)

    • The Great Lurker permalink

      Hey for anyone else that had trouble with the game crashing while watching Gobby run through the forest, while I can’t for sure say that this is what fixed it for me, I managed to get past that part after re-adding arc2.nsa from the the very first download part.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue!

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    Thanks Rogue!

  42. Anonymous permalink

    one question it dosen’t start from part 1 for me and it said nothing was wrong? help please`?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      the entire point of importing the save data from the previous parts is to start from part 3. however, if you have combined the games and hit new game you should start from part one just fine

  43. Anonymous permalink

    And once again Mega is broke on my browser and won’t allow me to access storage to allow downloads. Jesus fuck.

  44. Robert permalink

    why dosen’t it start from the beginning from part 1? i did everything right? help?

    • Robert permalink

      and one other problem with the monsterpedia it dosen’t have any monster names from part 1 and 2 just part 1 monster and part 2 no question marks

  45. You’re the best!

  46. Anonymous permalink

    That’s weird, I lost my achievement for taking all attacks in part 2 after combining. I have the achievement in MGQ2, and none of the techniques are greyed out after combining. I still have all of my other record achievements too. I’m assuming my gloval.sav is messed up or something and not that they added more techniques into chapter 2.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have the exact same problem,i don’t know what to do maybe there are new moves after all?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Same here,I’m a perfectionist so i’ts kinda annoying,rogue doppelganger is missing too.

        • Hmmm I’ll have to take a look at that in the future patches. Wasn’t doing that with my save…

        • Yeah, I see the same thing happening in mine, its quite strange.
          I looked over all the monsterpedia for anything greyed out in the data pages, but its all there and accounted for. Seems like a minor bug to me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Ok good. It’s not just me. If anyone notices what move may have been added please let us know.

  47. xandos permalink

    downloaded, installed, united.
    i’ll stop reading monster girl saga for now (i was at the end of chapter 6) to go back to the original.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, just a heads up R00g, you’re ReadMe is wrong. You have this:

    You should then have 6 .nsa files, with the following filesizes:
    arc.nsa 692,203KB
    arc1.nsa 861,980KB
    arc3.nsa 1,685,322KB
    arc4.nsa 9,034KB
    arc5.nsa 5,717KB

    When it should be like this

    Y0u sh0uld then have 6 .nsa files, with the f0ll0wing filesizes:
    arc.nsa 692,203KB
    arc1.nsa 861,980KB
    arc2.nsa 1,685,322KB
    arc3.nsa 14,883KB
    arc4.nsa 9,034KB
    arc5.nsa 5,717KB

    I accept paypal and money order

  49. Anonymous permalink

    When ever I try to download the patch it says I need to install Google Chrome… the thing is I AM using google chrome… help?

    • Anonymous permalink

      yea i cant get the download to work too trying on the smart phone still coming up wrong

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Err It seems I have a bug, I don’t have any battle sound: like summoning the spirits or the squishy sounds from the monster’s attacks.
    I checked the sound menu but the SE volume was max out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve noticed that this happens when downloading someone else’s save file. It’s happened to me in MGQ and Desire Dungeon and was only fixed when I re-downloaded and played through again. I’m not too familiar with this, so there might be a more efficient way, and I’m hoping that someone will correct me if there is.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Actually, I’ve finished downloading and this is happening to me with my own saves, so please disregard my previous comment.

  51. Zero permalink

    Hello, just asking you Rogue(or anyone who would care to respond this), this link you have posted to Dl Site is just for Part 3 itself, or the other ones are included if you purchase this one.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    37% in so little time have you been sleeping at all!?

  53. Thanks a lot ! :)

  54. RandomRedeemer permalink

    Oppai Lily Heaven crashes after only a few frames. Rest of the game works just fine. Any guesses? :(

    • Doesn’t happen to me, not sure why it’s happening to you!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve had that problem before, means you need to redownload in jap local, the data gets messed up if you don’t :/ Fixed my problem in the past.

  55. bagel permalink

    crap I accidentally my save file.. does anyone have a save for mgq parts 1/2? :(

  56. Anonymous permalink

    I lost my achievement too,is it a bug or something?

  57. Anonymous permalink

    can we please get a download link from any other site? megaupload never ever works for me and nothings wrong with my net

  58. Smelt permalink

    Any chance of getting you to upload it to an alternate site? is just coming up white screen… think they are having bandwidth issues.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    It won’t go past 25% being downloaded for me.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    hmm I was the one requesting a new dl site I tried downloading with google chrome instead then it worked so apperently firefox and megaupload dont go hand in hand for me atleast, oh and thanks for your hard work rogue well done.

  61. Steele permalink

    I don’t speak Japanese, so this may be right after all from the original, but did you really want Promestein to call us “Pedants”?

    Was that to show that she’s not as smart as she thinks or something? Because I don’t think that Luka and Alice are being pedantic (overly concerned with formality) by saying she turned into seaweed.

    Of course, I hate to be a jerk, but I was just wondering if it was a typo or an autocorrect or something for what you had originally used. :)

    • AnonS permalink

      You sound like a pedant.

      • Steele permalink

        I am.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Maybe it was meta-translation. Anybody who comes on here and complains that Promestein calling them a “pedant” isn’t quite right – well, it suddenly becomes totally accurate

  62. Smelt permalink

    ” I was the one requesting a new dl site I tried downloading with google chrome instead then it worked”


    I tried in Firefox, IE and chrome, all of them go to a blank white page, no download.

  63. Smelt permalink

    Can anyone who already downloaded it host it on a new site please?

    Any site will do.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    omfg!!! cant play it until the 20th in 2 days might die by then!!

  65. Anonymous permalink

    So at what point does the patch end? Does it at least reach the Chrome point?

    • Anonymous permalink

      yes, it does
      last mon is our wind spirit – sylph *-*

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  67. Anonymous permalink

    Yaaatttaaaa !!

  68. Freeloading Anon permalink

    And now I wait for someone to upload the game on a free site as I am strapped for funds. Welp, I’ve waited this long, no harm in waiting a bit longer…

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I’ve already finished part 3 (before join all part together …)
    so I have ‘part 3 completed save file’

    then I joined them up with ‘combined part 2 completed file’
    which already unlock everything in last 2 parts

    As result, I have all-join game with all enc from part 1 and part 2 ,but no one from part 3
    so , how can I combine ‘completed part 1&2’ with ‘part 3 completed save file ‘ ?

    thanks in advance
    (well … I will play this game entirely again when your last patch release lol)

    • AnonRoy permalink

      I see what you’re saying. Unfortunately, bringing over 1 and 2 means overwriting 3. In other words, all your encyclopedia needs to be re-explored. That, or wait for someone to upload a save with ALL the games combined, which should be fairly soon.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve copied over a 100% save of MGQ parts 1&2 in the save folder and did Inherit Save and was sent into part 3, but I still don’t see the monsterpedia entries from the past two parts.

    • Anonymous permalink

      combine first and then inherit
      do it consequently // do not close the game between those 2 steps
      I’ve been in this trouble too , but I solved it with this

  71. Anonymous permalink

    First off, thank you for the patch.

    Also, it looks like the conversion process in mon_que_2-patch.exe won’t work–Illias tells you “it’s working!” when it actually isn’t. She’s so misleading.
    You have to use the vanilla mon_que.exe to combine Parts 1, 2, and 3.

    I also thought it was a glitch that Luka’s SP turned into those blue weapon energy capsules from Megaman 2, but it looks like those are actually intentional. 1 blue SP = 5 regular SP.

    • I was able to do the conversion with the -patch.exe…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Weird…it didn’t work for me until I used the original mon_que.exe. I don’t get it.
        No complaints from me since it works now, but I thought I’d caught something.

        While things are up in the air, I should bring up that the Ika Musume images have artifacts in them, like they’re transparent where they shouldn’t be. I had the untranslated version on hand in the folder labeled 戦闘サンプル(イカ娘), and copying its images to the translated BattleSampleIka folder solved the problem.

        Also got a crash when she used her bind attack. It says something like this:
        099.txt line:296850

        The exact same error happens verbatim when the Nabe uses a bind attack.
        I guess Alice’s cooking has the ability to crash the world’s logic.

        These two errors happen whether you use the word wrap .exe or the original.
        With the Ika and Nabe fights, there’s also untranslated text, random yen signs, and oddness like it saying “The Nabe attacks!Luka recieves 82 damage!” without any pause. I’m pretty sure none of this was around before.

        I’m using Win XP Pro Service Pack 3. Hope the info helps.

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s likely my error thinking that getting MGQ 1+2+3 combined has something to do with whether you use the word wrap .exe or not. Ah, I give up. This bug is too confusing.

          I dunno if it took longer since I copied the MGQ 1+2 arc.nsa files straight from a combined MGQ 1+2 game, but I don’t have a fresh copy of MGQ 3 to mess around with anymore so I can’t check what exactly causes the “combining MGQ” issue.

          It could be the “Inherit Save” function that finishes the combination process, since the above post mentions that, and I was moving over a MGQ2 save at the same time.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Indeed thank you Mega got stuck at 9% for 3 hours

    • Anonymous permalink

      Appreciated, Mega got stuck on the loading screen for me.

    • Rockerz permalink

      Thanks to your upload .. able to download the patch ….mega sucks in terms of download speed ….

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh thank god for that mirror I so loathe mega. Its a piece of garbage IMHO.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks bro.
      Mega wont let me download the patch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks, mega stalled at 25% like 3 times for me.

    • Kitsunelover permalink

      Thank you very much I kept getting a 404 error with the og ul.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks alot dude I had no idea where else to get this.

    • lee erik porcal permalink

      thanks man for the mirror..

  72. Smelt permalink

    Thank you for the mirror :)

  73. magic9mushroom permalink

    Choosing “Full” text display in the config screen appears to revert to waiting for some reason (while still showing “Full” as selected). Not sure whether this is specific to this patch or an actual game bug.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Also, the younger harpy of the Harpy Sisters randomly said “29” during the fight.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Nanabi’s charging still comes up as “Magic Cocentration”. I’m assuming this is a typo?

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      The text for Luka’s attack being weakened by the Lamia’s bind is missing, there’s just a blank line.

      • magic9mushroom permalink

        I’m specifically talking about the unbreakable bind here.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Same goes for the Sea Anemone Girl’s (unbreakable) bind.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      This probably isn’t an issue specifically with your patch, but the “sealing” effect appears on all three of the Zombie Girls when the first one’s defeated. The second one works properly.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      The “But the wind pushes back her tail” message for the Scorpion Girl has an extra slash after it.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      So yeah, I figured I’d give a few more problems per reply. Half of these are typos in the MGQ2 translation, but hey, any mistake fixed is better than nothing, right?

      Wind Protection messages – extra / after the line should have ended
      Sphinx – “Our child became the next Lord of Sabasa Catle.”
      Sara (after Pyramid and blowjob) – “Goobye!”
      Luka (on trying to enter Lily’s mansion) – “Slyph!”
      Ilias (Frog Girl evaluation) – “You can escape normally, but b and severely hurt you.”
      Samurai Elf and Kunoichi Elf both get the “sealing” animation when the Samurai Girl is defeated
      Youth in Yamatai Village – “I’ll surprass all of them!”
      Yamatai Village Chief – “Now then, lets go.”
      Crash during Alra Rooty/Arum fight in Plansect (persistent, not sure what triggers it but it hits on both .exe files)

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        The Crash during Alra Rooty/Arum fight occurs if “Luka moves like a wind and dodge it” so you an get around by using Gnome instead.
        Still, there seems to be many bugs in part 1 and 2, is it because part 3 is different to the 1st and 2nd parts in some way?

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          Thse same crash happens during Lilith&Lilim fight, only happens when Lilith&Lilim use “Tin Sirus” and “Luka moves lika the wind and dodge it”.

          • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

            The Lilith&Lilim crash can be fixed by copy a specific file from “system” folder in Part 2 folder and replace the file in “system” folder in Part 3 folder. (I don’t know which, I just copy all files(not folder) and replace them all.)

            But the crash in Alra Rooty/Arum Battle (when dodging “Rooty Caress”) seems to be from the lngtwave.dll, which did not include in any of Rogue’s patches (whether it’s Part 1, 2 or 3.), so it mght be the inconsistency between the file and the script, or even because of locale (though using Applocale doesn’t solve the problem).

          • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

            Never mind, it still crashesm but not always.

            I notice that sometimes the text change position. After Lilith&Lilim use “Tin Cyrus”, the “Luka moves like the wind and dodge it” sometimes appear on the first line of the box, sometimes on the second line, both don’t make the game crashes, but when it’s on the third line, the game crashes.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Not sure if you’re actually reading this, Rogue, but in case you are I found several more typos and/or bugs while playing through. Using this version of the patch on MGQ3 with 1+2 conversion.

      Erubetie 1 – “Why are the spirit’s lending their power to a human?” (“Spirit’s” is singular possessive or contraction of “spirit is”.)
      Record – “Most Lost to Monster:Page 65537ji¢” (Some sort of display bug? Didn’t happen when the most-lost-to was Sara later on, though.)
      Luka (Grangold) – “And they thought the human’s orders were the Queen’s orders?” (Should be “humans’ orders”)
      Promestein (Grangold) – “It looks like you’re having quite the difficult time creating a homonculus” (It’s spelled “homunculus”)
      Alice (Grangold) – “They feel sad, pain, and happiness just as we do.” (Should be either “sadness” or “hurt”+”happy” to be grammatically correct)
      Queen Ant – “Very well… Then lets assume it has ended.”
      “Soothsayer” – “If the Succubus come, I’ll just offer them my trade…” (Should be “Succubi”)
      Also possible crash in Lilith/Lilim fight
      Emily – “Wahaha, Emile won’t let go even if you struggle!”
      Salamander – “Weak struggling like that own’t ever break you free!”
      Text after beating Salamander – “Salamander acknowlegdged me… With this, I’ll finally have all four spirit’s power!” (should be “acknowledged” and “spirits’ power”)
      Alice’s menu screen (during the cooking joke at the start of part 2) is not translated.
      Luka (after defeating Elf Queen) – “Its come to this because you were unwilling to look at humans as equals.” (should be “it’s”, as it’s a contraction of “it has”)
      Luka and Alice (after Wyvern fight) both say “Lets land” (should be “let’s”, as a contraction of “let us”)

      • magic9mushroom permalink


        Serene Movement sound appears to be missing?
        Tamamo (on using Moonlight Healing) – “What? You’be been doing it too.”
        Alice (in battle) – “You wouldn’t lose this level of attack, would you?!” (This makes no sense. Luka isn’t losing power or anything.)
        Battle text of Undine + Sylph – “Like a bolt of lightning, Luka’s sword flashes back to his sheathe!” (Should be “sheath”, “sheathe” is the verb)
        “The King’s sword clashes against Carmilla’s sharps claws” – should be “sharp”
        Ariel’s technique name – “Archangel’s Feather’s” (second apostrophe is unnecessary, should be “feathers”)
        Ariel’s defeat notice – “Luka continue being raped and having his spirit sucked” (should be “continued”)
        Return to Remina – “There are stange machines lining all the walls.”
        Promestein battle buildup – “Just how can the weakend Alice and I beat her…!?” (“weakened”)
        Promestein loss scene – “It’s interior hole contracts and expands as it comes closer” should be “its”
        Luka (on Galda’s back) – “What reason did she have for bringing us both to an allies base?” (should be “ally’s”)

        Dunno how I sound to you, but I’m honestly trying to help. :S

        • magic9mushroom permalink

          Aaaand a few more typos.

          Flash Kill’s title (at the top of the screen) is not translated in Ranael’s fight
          Luka (after Raniel’s fight) – “Evacuted? I sure hope so…”
          Promestein’s Monsterpedia entry – “Though she is an angle of the ninth circle,”
          Micaela, after scaring Rapunzel – “No matter how strong those artifical beings are,”
          Micaela, explaining reality – “Even humans were drug into it,” (should be “dragged”)
          – “Yes, Ilias’s stategy has gone way too far.”
          Luka – “Alright, lets go Alice” (should be “let’s”)
          Iliasburg victory – “The three of them seem very aware of their relative weakeness.”
          Chimera Medullahan fight – “Chimera Medulahan is sealed in the form of a snake!”
          Alice (en route to Sentora) – “Even though they were her favorite pets, I’m sure they were forasken too…”
          Muzukiel (loss scene) – “Converting the amount of semen into orgams,” (should be “orgasms”)
          Scholar (San Ilia Castle) – “In addition, the existence of Fairys and Ghosts was thoroughly deleted from them all.” (should be “Fairies”)
          Alice (San Ilia Chapel) – “People who’s true passion lies in art,” (should be “whose”)
          – “The ones who’s true passion lied in their belief in the Goddess are the ones must in shock, of course.” (whose, lay, most)
          Luka (San Ilia Library) – “breaking the Six Ancestor’s Great Seal…” (should be “Ancestors’ Great Seal”)

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      And the last ones I found…

      Haunted Mansion – “XX-7’s tentacles coil around the youths, and peels off their clothes.” (should be “peel” since the tentacles are plural)
      Chrome – “I’ll make it twice as worse later in payback!” (should be “twice as bad”)
      Alice (Cirque du Croix) – “She posessed huge magical power,” (should be “possessed”)
      After re-contracting with Gnome – “though she is still weakend” (should be “weakened”)
      Vamp Queen (buildup) – “I thought Heroes only appeared in the human’s folktales.” (should be “humans’ folktales”)
      Luka (Lucia talkdown) – “I wan’t say that I completely understand what you went through…” (won’t)
      Alice (Safaru Ruins, after Endiel) – “I don’t know any any more than that…”
      A bazillion instances of “lets” instead of “let’s” – I don’t think there are any cases in the whole game where “lets” is actually right, so you’d probably be best to “find all” and replace.

      That’s all the typos I’ve found in the game so far as you’ve translated. I like to think I’m a decent proofreader, but I tend to skip through porn scenes so there are probably a few there that I’ve missed.

      Anyway, thanks Rogue for translating this amazing game, and I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the next installment! Hope I’ve helped a little with this.


  74. CivilDeviation permalink

    Thanks Rogue! Your slow is still exponentially faster than any translation effort I’ve seen.

    To those that talk about or alluding to their masturbation on here, I give ya props in that you are comfortable chatting about it so freely, but for your best self-interest and that of others please don’t mention it on here!

    Thing is, unless the translator/webpage manager welcomes posts like that by either doing so him/herself or responding positively to them, ya don’t know if it bothers them. As precarious as most H-game translation processes are, ya don’t want to risk ruining the appetite of the translator. I’ve seen projects get dropped for that or less. Just saying…

    • AnonS permalink

      Why are there so many dumb people on here now? Why do you morons come to an H-game translation page and start nit picking grammar or lecturing us on what we’re talking about? Most of us have been here since MGQ1, we didn’t just find this blog and them jump on here to lecture people like you do.

      • magic9mushroom permalink

        I was presuming that Rogue would welcome someone proofreading for him, since presumably he wants his translation to be as good as it can be. I’m not “lecturing” anyone.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Don’t presume, ask him if he wants it.

          • magic9mushroom permalink

            Okay, I did, and he did. Now kindly stop flaming me for trying to help out.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Complete part 3 with combined game to unlock EX mode (normal – hard and EX)
    *EX Mode = ‘whosyourdaddy’ if you ever play DotA lol

  76. Anonymous permalink

    I transferred over the the .sav and the arc1.nsa to it kept crashing on me during the start where the goblin girl is going zazazoom. I deleted the entire thing and reinstalled fresh with the patch and it’s working fine. Something’s wrong during the conversion process.

  77. CyberKaku permalink

    Thanks a lot Rogue!
    I’m making a Luka cosplay right now, so this was good timing!

    • passerby permalink

      can you post your cosplay once you done with it,
      i want to know how it looks

  78. Anonymous permalink

    In cecil adventure I got this error :

    just want you to know, and thanks for the partial patch!

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Well that sucks balls…
    I was a good way into the game, with ~20 saves, when my computer froze. Some random driver issue, not directly connected to the game. At any rate, when I got back into the game all my saves were gone and there’s no part 3 data in the monsterpedia. Probably nothing anyone can do to help, but I wanted to vent my frustration.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If your saves are gone from the save folder, then yeah, I think you’re out of luck. That seems like a weird side effect though, are all of the .dat and bitmap image files just gone? Is your entire save folder wiped?

      I had an unrelated computer crash corrupt my gloval.sav at some point during part 2, but that’s a different problem than erasing your saves.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Actually, upon further investigation my saves are int he folder, the game is just acting like there aren’t any. I also don’t have any sound effects in battles. The music is playing, but attacks make no sound for example. I’m going to try extracting the game again and see if that helps.

  80. Darwino28 permalink

    I’m having a reeeeally strange bug here:i combined the 1-2 part with the 3 one,but i messed up with the conval file,so i was re-doing the game from the very beginning.Then i get to the fight with yamata no orochi,where tamamo should pop up and kick his/her ass,but,instead,yamata keeps attacking her,while i can freely attack yamata even with the death sword chaos move.If i keep attacking her,the last hit,even if i use a normal attack,magicly becomes an earth rumbling decapitation,then sometimes the game crash,sometimes not…it’s not a big deal,but its still bugging me,any ideas?

  81. Anonymous permalink

    And here I thought my body was ready… damn I was so wrong~

  82. YES! Finallyyyy~ Thanks a million, Rogue. You’re amazing, dude ^^

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue, though i feel kinda sad this series is finally cumming to an end…

  84. Anonymous permalink

    I have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow Rogue, what have you done!?! ;-;

  85. Edale permalink

    Had a little trouble integrating 1&2. Oddly enough though there was a global.sav in the save folder from 1&2, there was another one in MGQ2’s root directory, and the one from the root directory was what I needed to put in the save folder for part 3, the one from 1&2’s save folder wouldn’t enable the import save option.

    Also, I also lost my experienced all attacks from part 2 in achievements after moving to part 3, as it seems some others have as well. Should I be hunting for a new addition to part 2, or is this simply a misplaced comma or something similar in the code?

    Would be cool if there’s something new added to part 2, though probably be a pain for me to find and get added to my MGQ walkthrough… – next update will include an EASY way to get the win a fight on hard mode achievement (give it a week or two, I’m gonna be busy raping MGQ3 for the foreseeable future, heh)

    • Already checked everything, I don’t see any new techniques in the Part 2 section.
      I thinks its just a bug; the comma in the code thing.

      • Most likely – Can you e-mail me your gloval.sav file to ? I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

        • Edale permalink

          sent. sent a copy of both my global.sav files, the one from MGQ2 save directory is 41.5 KB, while the one from MGQ2 root directory is 41.7 KB.

          I’m thinking the one in the save directory is either the completion data from part 1, or what was used for part 2 gameplay, and the one in the root directory was generated when I beat Alice and created a save completion data for part 2.

          Then again, there are several CG images that some monsters have, but are impossible to view in a fight. I think kraken had a full set of images for an second or extended rape scene for example. I was hoping some of those might have been implemented, and that was the cause, but alas…

          Oh, and in-case anyone’s wondering about the easy hell mode win, it’s against lencubus, 10 fights on hell mode and I only lost once. Full credit goes to Trev186 for discovering this.

          • Derpityderp. permalink

            Gloval.sav from part 2 tend to be really buggy for many people, including me, i’ve lost 2 days looking for reasons i’ve had huge problems. Like missing locations, skills and crashes.

            Eventually i came up that the reason of it is gloval.sav itself, game started by using your gloval.sav is corrupted from get go, also all your future saves made from your gameplay after using “inherit save”. I suppose it has something to do with character data being coded differently IN MGQ 1/2 and MGQ 3.

            As such i strongly recommend starting your adventure with MGQ like this:

            1. Install MGQ 3
            2. Merge (if you want to) MGQ 1/2 as per rogue’s instructions.
            3. Copy your gloval.sav over to MGQ 3.
            4. Save Inherit from config menu.
            5. Go back to title WITHOUT SAVING right away.
            6. Quit game.
            7. Copy this uncorrupted save game into your folder
            7.1 I made that save file and uploaded that save file myself, so i assure you it is safe.
            8. Launch the game and start your adventure from save 01, you have missed few dialogues, but i assure you that many crashes will be avoided.

          • Edale permalink

            If you use Derpityderp.’s solution, you should be able to view all the dialogue you miss by playing the demo, since the demo is MGQ3 up to the end of the first fight.

  86. Simple permalink

    I’m grateful to see your handy worky, Rogue. I did encounter an error for the spin-off story for Cecil. Right when I get to “(Little Cecil…)” during Alma and her dialog, an error pops up and game crashes. I tried launching it from the battles, but encounter another error. I’m sure that I unzipped everything correctly. Tried both launchers, too. This error occurs during some of the other spin-offs too, btw.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    Is it only me who has Cupid and Valkyrie’s names in the monsterpedia still in katakana.
    everything from Archangel Ariel to Sylph (2) is in English however.
    Is it a glitch caused, because I have already unlocked the entries prior to the patch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I had everything unlocked before installing his patch and everything seems fine so far.

    • Anonymous permalink

      same here, their names are still in katakana, no idea why.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    It’s not working for me. I set my locale to Japanese and I’ve followed the instructions on the ReadMe file, but it won’t even run.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rogue! thanks for the awesome work!

    Quick question: There seems to be gaps in the mosterpedia for the chapter 3 stuff. Is this normal? or did I miss something?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      you really aren’t being at all specific here, so i will have to take a shot in the dark. perhaps your choices have made you skip certain scenes, like how ignoring the mandragora in part 1 would skip over her monsterpedia entry. i do know there is a choice early on (trying to keep spoilers out) that immediately leads to a “bad end”-type scene which gets mixed into the rape list for a monster that is later in the monsterpedia, which would cause a gap to show up until you reach that part in the story where you meet that later entry.

      i have combined and imported my saves as well as playing all the way through the patched parts of part 3 and i have no gaps, so make of that what you will

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks, that helps. I was trying not to spoil anything by mentioning specific parts, But there are some rather large gaps ( 4 or 5 entries) in between groups of entries in the monsterpedia. so I think I’ve obviously missed something. In my game, whenever selecting locations to travel to, it only showed one location on the map. So that’s probably the cause of the problem that I’m having.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’ve found out what the problem was for anyone else experiencing the same issue:

          This happens if you use applocale to unzip the mgq3 files (not the patch), but then don’t use it to run mon_que.exe.

          It’s probably a really rare problem, since you have to use applocale in one instance but then not in another. But, in case anyone else is having that problem, there’s your fix.

          • Edale permalink

            I am on a US region windows installation, with all the language packs installed (ALL of them, though the Japanese one’s probably the only important one for MGQ).

            I unzip both the game, and the patch without applocal, then run the game via the vanilla exe without applocal. and game’s never given me any type of problems as a result.

            I don’t use applocal at all for MGQ, though there are many other games, such as violated hero, that do need applocal.

            If you play foreign games like this frequently, it’s really better to just install the language packs, you’ll make running the games much simpler, and less prone to error, and even remove the need to applocal for many games. I could even run the unpatched MGQ3 without applocal.

            If you do get the language packs installed, remember to re-unzip/install your games without using applocal to ensure you don’t hit any bugs from incompatibility between the language packs and applocal. Then only use applocal to run the game if it won’t run without it.

            Anything that can be done without applocal should be done without applocal, it’s FAR from a perfect program; and in typical microsoft fashion they released an alpha version calling it a beta, then a beta version calling it a completed program, then they spend years ignoring the bugs and bad coding throughout, saying millions of users must just be using the program wrong….lol

          • AnonS permalink

            Most people use HFAplocale from Hongfire, it’s a bit better but still buggy.

            Do you keep your system in Japanese locale? You still have to do that for games because of some unicode thing. MGQ I don’t need to do it for, but some other games, like Alchemy Meister and onesyota I do.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    The link will not go past 25% for me i click allow and all it does is flash and freeze :c

  91. AnonS permalink

    Looks like the integration and save inherit has worked, also I don’t need to run in japanese mode or use applocale.

    I do seem to be getting text sort of cutoff. Not a big deal but I thought I remembered traditionally Rogue’s patches have the words set together and not cutoff at the edges.

    I also seem to have a graphics issue with the skill points displaying correctly. I either get 2 blue dots or 4 yellow ones.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The skills are supposed to be blue or yellow dots. One blue dot = 5 skill points. Otherwise having 15+ circles on the screen would get obnoxious as you level up.

    • AnonS permalink

      Ah nm, the blues must mean 4 stocks, and the yellows are 1 each. So we have a max of 8 right now and start with that.

      I don’t remember if it was like that the previous chapters.

      • Edale permalink

        Blues are 5 SP each, and yellows are 1 SP each.

        You start MGQ3 off with 10 SP, because that’s what you ended MGQ2 with.

        In previous parts of MGQ there was only yellow for 1 SP each, and by the time you got to the monster lord’s castle you had to take a second to count them to actually figure out how many SP you had; However, in MGQ 3 they condensed the SP down to base-5 (for the math savvy of you), meaning for every 5th yellow SP, they get condensed to one blue SP.

        It should also be noted that when played through MGQ3, MGQ1&2 also use this new SP display…Awesome.

        Another way to look at it is if the yellow SP is a $1 poker chip, the blue SP is a $5 poker chip. Sure five $1 chips and one $5 chip equal the same thing, but you condense the five $1 chips into a $5 chip to make it easier to count your chip stack at a glance.

        Let’s use an example of 2 blue, 3 yellow.

        Now to count your SP it’s simple:

        2 Blue x 5 SP = 10 SP
        3 Yellow = 3 SP
        10 + 3 = 13 SP total

        or algebraically (far simpler, but some don’t like math):

        5(Blue)+(Yellow) = SP total

        With about 5 min of practice, you don’t even need to think, you’ll just glace at the SP bar, and instinctively know exactly how many SP you have.

        …I’m gonna have to remember to come back here and copy this for when I’m writing the Part 3 section of my MGQ walkthrough, heh.

    • mon_que_2-patch has wordwrap from the looks of it, the 2 executable files just haven’t been renamed yet I think.

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Hello everyone. I followed the steps, and im getting question marks on part 1 and part 2 monsterpedia. After playing through until the first save game prompt for MGQ 3, I saved then looked at monsterpedia, and all it shows is just part 1 monster and part 2 monster instead of who they are. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Edale permalink

      After you copy the arc.nsa and arc1.nsa files from parts 1 and 2 into 3, you have to start MGQ3, go into the extras menu, and select convert. That should make the stuff from parts 1 and 2 show up in mosterpedia. They show placeholders because the actual data for all the monsters and such from parts 1 and 2 isn’t included in part 3, once you convert with the proper .nsa files everything from all 3 parts should work.

      • MorkusOrkus permalink

        Happend to me, too. I converted first and inherited the save files second.
        Just convert again and they should appear in the monsterpedia.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t select “Save Inherit.” I (think) I did everything in the readme correctly up to that point, but I can’t seem to chose “Save Inherit”

    • Edale permalink

      Check in your MGQ2 root directory (the folder mon_que.exe is in) to see if there is another copy of global.sav. if there is, try that one for MGQ3 save import.

      That fixed it for me.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, first I copied the global.sav file from the MGQ1 root directory and pasted it in MGQ3, but that didn’t change the “Save inherit” function, but then I then I tried copying the global.sav file from the MGQ2 root directory and pasting it in MGQ3 again, and the “Save inherit” worked!

  94. Anonymous permalink

    The ‘skip’ button doesn’t work for some reason. It didn’t work when I played the game in japanese either. I’m using applocale to play it with.

    • Anonymous permalink

      My skip button doesn’t work either. I’m in Japanese locale, so that’s not the issue. I figured the game just wanted you to play through a scene once before you were able to skip it, that’s pretty common in games from what I’ve seen. I haven’t tried replaying old scenes though.

      You can hold the ctrl button for the same effect either way.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Yeah, it’s set so you can’t skip through unread text. If you were to say, fight a monster girl and miss some attacks, but then go back through the encyclopedia and fight her again, you’d be able to skip through the attacks you had already seen, but not the ones you had missed. Same for any other text. If read, skip button works. If unread, no skip.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    One of Micaela’s lines during her story has a typo, atleast i think. “Her title as creator of the world is obviously a lie. But the one who guided life from that star was certainly Ilias.” Are you sure “star” was suppose to be “start”? It’s been bugging me for some time now since i don’t know what “star” she is talking about. Is it the sun? If not, then it must be a typo. It doesn’t help that there is a “that” before “star”. In other words, if it isn’t a typo then what does really mean by “star”?

  96. Michiru permalink

    Guys if you are having a problem with Mega. Just get the MegaDownloader program. Its way better than going though the site itself. And it doesn’t freeze you up.


  97. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rogue I copied the arc.nsa and arc1.nsa into the MGQ 3 directory,opened both the patch.exe and the vanilla one but the conversion option is greyed out. I tried redownloading it and using a fresh copy but to no avail.

  98. Thomas permalink

    I am having a bothersome issue. I have DLed, bought legitimately from the website, and I always crash when the goblin girl goes through the forest. I have used applocale, set my computer to the Japanese Locale, and each and everytime, without fail, I get this

    My entire game is good until that moment where the goblin girl goes through here.

    Help is appreciated, as I am at a loss. :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here, I don’t know what goes wrong here, and in patch readme there is no arc2.nsa…

    • Edale permalink

      You succumbed to the readme’s typo.

      On a fresh copy of MGQ3, apply rogue’s partial translation, overwriting files when prompted.

      Copy arc.nsa and arc1.nsa from MGQ1&2 into MGQ3, overwriting when prompted.

      You should then have 6 .nsa files, with the following filesizes:
      arc.nsa 692,203KB
      arc1.nsa 861,980KB
      arc2.nsa 1,685,322KB
      arc3.nsa 14,883KB
      arc4.nsa 9,034KB
      arc5.nsa 5,717KB

      arc2.nsa should be the one that came with MGQ3.

      Start MGQ3, go to extras menu, and select convert.

      Continue on to Import your completed save data.

      Check monsterpedia to make sure everything’s displaying correctly.

      Enjoy the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Weird because my arc2.nsa only has 44,892 kb, I don’t where it goes wrong.

        • Anonymous permalink

          If your Arc2.nsa is that small, you either got a bad copy of the game or it corrupted when downloading. You shouldn’t be changing anything about that file, that’s basically MGQ3.

        • Shadowblade777 permalink

          I have this exact problem :(

        • AnonB permalink

          You guys….
          44,892KB is the size of arc2.nsa in Part 2
          You must have overwritten the arc2.nsa from part 3 with the smaller one in part 2.
          Reinstall Part 3 and overwrite the correct files next time.

      • Hintero permalink

        YOU SAVED MY ASS OFF! man i redownloaded everything but it seems that i didn’t move arc and arc2 from my previous game to the third one. took me 4 hrs til i read your solution.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    In Illias’ evaluation, she said to use ‘Serene Mind’ or ‘Fallen Angel Dance’ to avoid some of the powerful attacks of opposing chimeras/angels. But when I look at the skill options, neither seem to pop out. I’m currently fighting Principality Nagael (the one after the tongue chimeras) and I do not see ‘Fallen Angel Dance’ skill anywhere.

    Is this a bug? Or is it something else?

    I’m having trouble fighting some of the enemies because of this. Anyone having the same problem?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      you’ve gotten that far without either of the dodge stances? impressive. anyway, instead of finding them in the spirits’ side-skills-list like i expected at first, those two skills actually show up right underneath “meditation” and “edging” on your skills list (serene mind is actually taking up the old spot for quadruple giga at the moment). If you don’t have them there, then there must be a problem with your installation somewhere because i can’t see any reason they wouldn’t be around by that point in the game

      • Edale permalink

        Not that impressive if he’s on normal and not hard difficulty. and a surprising number of fights in this game can be won by:

        Daystar < attack to 6 SP < Nine-Fold Rashaka < Alice (rarely necessary, but fun to see Alice kill someone, and them be amazed by Luka's powers, lol)

        or earlier on:

        9-fold < attack to 6 SP < 9-fold

        Even on hard you can ignore defense and healing, if you focus solely on offense, for most of the fights in this partial patch.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yup. I more or less attack Kamikaze style but keep alice around just in case I run into trouble

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t have the Fallen Angel Dance skill, too. Is it the bug with the English patch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Having the same trouble, iam at attempt 60 and iam starting to get pissed…

      Is there anyone else with this problem?

  100. Anonymous permalink

    i get an error code
    099.txt line:308491
    >Isp 701, “:a;chara/slime_h1.bmp”,0,0

    can you help me with this rouge?

  101. Santa permalink

    Yes!!! Thanks Man you are the best!!!

  102. Anonymous permalink

    There is error at the first part of the game when the goblin girl is “zoooming” in the forest. Can anyone post the solution to fix this? I already redownload fresh mgq part 1 and part 2, combined it together and alas trying to merge part 3 (been successful), but same problem still exist, and arc3.nsa’s size is only 14,833 kb…

  103. AnonS permalink

    What game and track is the theme for when Black Alice first shows up? It’s so familiar, but I can’t place it. I’m pretty sure it’s an old JRPG…although it kind of sounds like Mario haha.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone good enough to post their working mgq part 3 with all encyclopedia unlocked? I’m tired of having same issue with goblins. Much appreciated!

  105. Incognito permalink

    Rogue, can you upload the patch to Mediafire or 4shared, please? I can’t get MEGA to work.

    • Incognito permalink

      Never mind, Rogue. I took Michiru’s advice, used MegaDownloader, and was finally able to obtain the patch!

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Love it so far, especially the joke part with amira when the patch ends. going to be back here to look for updates regularly. Thanks so much for making this patch available in chunks, you rock!

  107. themengsk176 permalink

    Every time I quit the game and restart, my save is still there but all the monsterpedia entries and whatnot vanish. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Edale permalink

      Sounds like for whatever reason your global.sav isn’t updating. Try running MGQ3 as an administrator and see if that fixes it, if it does, then either set it to run as an administrator automatically (compatibility tab in properties) or change the folder permissions for MGQ3 to allow unrestricted access to everyone, should fix the problem, if not, try a new install…

    • namehere permalink

      I had this problem as well, it was because some of the files (like global.sav) were read-only, once i changed this they worked as normal (also running as admin may help if this is not the problem)

  108. Anonymous permalink

    Everything works fine on my end. A few spelling errors are the worst I noticed. Finished the patch in one sitting. Can’t wait for more e_e

    • AnonS permalink

      I’ve been trying to split up my play but it’s just not going to happen. I’ll have to replay the entire game probably. This story is pretty good, it just drags you in and you want to see more. I also really like the music in this one.

  109. anon permalink

    what did the new patches for part 3 do? add more CG?

  110. Anonymous permalink

    I encountered same goblin problem, I tried fresh reinstalling and did what Edale said. I’m giving up now, I will wait until 100% patch is out.

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Just a heads up- there’s a crash… bug if you ejaculate prematurely from the Chimera Bug’s oviduct.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason when I get to the Noah Queen, scene at the start where the “monsters” are taking over cities the patch stops working causing the game to close. Re-downloaded the game, and tried both patches but same thing occurs.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Never mind I think I figured out what was wrong

      • AnonRoy permalink

        This is the kind of situation where you need to post your fix for this, in the event others encounter the same issue. I Can’t tell you how many “Help Me!” Threads I’ve seen where the OP ends up fixing the problem, but not leaving behind instructions for any other poor sap who encounters the exact same problem.

        Post your fix, d00d.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    achievements are loaded from autosaves, that is why some people got the bug, as for how to modify the autosaves, i dont really know and id really appreciate if someone could solve it

  114. Anonymous permalink

    What the hell?! I stopped playing for a bit, came back to it, and now my save files are gone! Anyone else have this problem, that’s really annoying!

  115. Jake permalink

    What the hell?! I stopped playing for a bit, booted it back up, and now all my save files are gone!

  116. Anonymous permalink

    monsterpedia and achievements are loaded from autosaves, you need to modify them to make it saved. i’d really appreciate if someone have the solution

  117. Jake permalink

    DOUBLE WHAT THE HELL?! Now I can’t even inherit the save data from MGQ 2! The “Inherit Save” option is greyed out!

  118. Kenan permalink

    Wow.. amazing.. can’t stop reading, can’t stop the orgasms, can’t handle the cuteness… fufufu..

  119. Jake permalink

    Ok wow, apparently this version is riddled with bugs, because now none of the sound effects will play

  120. Anonymous permalink

    thank you sir, it is really apreciated

  121. AFK permalink

    Typos: Sould instead of Should “Dannce”
    Will post more as I Find them

  122. john permalink

    How do you buy it ? i see the price but i don’t know how to order of the web!

  123. john permalink

    oops nvm

  124. Anonymous permalink

    Game won’t launch at all. I click on the application and I get an error or some shit and that’s that.
    The closest I’ve ever gotten to actually getting the game to run is doing the exact opposite of what the patch told me: I copied it into the part 1/2 folder. There, I can start the game, but it crashes with the goblin girl zooming around.
    Fuck this shit

  125. passing chaos permalink

    is anyone else getting Japanese text in the Valkyrie battle?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      that is suspiciously the same point the original game demo ended. are you sure your mgq 3 installation was a full installation and not the trial version? Im assuming the patch you got was from this post, so that is the only idea i have

      • passing chaos permalink

        since I bought it off dlsite yeah I’m sure

  126. goten1986 permalink

    Thank you for everything, Rogue. Take it easy and try and get rest, if possible.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    I felt the readme was a little confusing in regards to combining the parts, but it’s mostly because I took unnecessary precautions. I didn’t know how part 3 was going to be combined so I had three folders just in case: a strictly part 1 folder, a strictly part 2 folder, and a combined folder of both parts. I followed the readme closely by taking arc.nsa from the “part 1” folder and arc1.nsa from the “part 2” folder I had, which resulted in me not having the part 1 monsters in the monsterpedia after conversion. I then replaced those arc files from the combined folder I had, which rectified the problem after a second conversion. I also used the gloval.sav file from my combined folder as oppose to a “part 2” folder as stated in the readme, although I’m sure it doesn’t really matter.

    I’m not sure if there are others that are in a similar situation, but perhaps the readme could be clarified in this regard for the next patch.

    • Edale permalink

      You can get arc.nsa, arc1.nsa, and global.sav all from the MGQ1&2 combined folder, no need to have 3.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am aware of that now. I just felt the readme should be more specific (e.g. specifically state the arc files can be taken from the combined folder) just in case there are others like me in this type of situation. Had I not made three folders and only had a combined folder…I wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter anyway even if the readme is saying to take things from the “part 1” or “part 2” folders, and it would have worked.

        Also, thanks a lot for your efforts Rogue.

  128. The Noble Shade permalink

    Well that was awesome. I can’t wait for the next patch; and I’ve gotten all but one of the requestable skills, the only one I’m missing for now is Dominion Endiel’s “Hold of Sexual Pleasures”. She never uses it, how do I make it trigger?

  129. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have any ideas as to why the sound effects aren’t working? I’ve seen multiple posts above ignored about this but my se actually stopped working awhile back when i manually installed one of the patches from the site. While i still have music it is somewhat irritating not to have sound effects for a lot of the scenes and definitely for combat

    • AnonS permalink

      Hmm, probably a file name issue. Look in the folders and see if there are boxes for some of the file names. That would indicate something went wrong, probably a lack of a Japanese font or something like that.

      You should also check your config and see if SE volume was lowered all the way.

      Without more data none of us can really do anything, plus we aren’t tech support anyway. My game works fine, although I waited for Rogue’s patch and didn’t manually install the patches.

  130. AnonRoy permalink

    Oh wow.

    Chimera Tentacle enemy.

    I lost it at Tentafiesta.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah same about the sound effects music plays fine but no combat noises or anything in the h-scenes

  132. Zworden permalink

    Cant wait for mariel…

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Too bad I want to wait for complete translation
    Godspeed Rogue!

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone having trouble with the Goblin Girl Zoom crash – re-download. For some reason that file seems to like corrupting – took me three tries, then suddenly it was fine. Didn’t even need to applocale.

    • Edale permalink

      I’m pretty sure you can only skip applocal if you already have the correct language packs installed for windows.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the patch Rogue! But I might have found a bug, everything plays well but looking at the records it says that not all the techniques were taken in chapter two but when I looked at my file in chapter two it said I achieved it. I did remember you saying that in the new patch there were new things added in chapter 2, could that have been the cause? Thanks again

    • Anonymous permalink

      I lost my achievement too,it’s probably a bug or something that will be fixed in the final patch.

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Cheers for the patch. Just wanted to report that for some reason the attack name text at the top of the screen for Flash Kill is still in Japanese when you fight Ranael.

  137. Crimrui permalink

    Done everything like it was written in the readme and works flawlessly. You people ether don’t know what you’re doing or downloaded a bad copy. But anyway, great work Rogue and thanks. It’s nice to see familiar faces again. ^^

    • Edale permalink

      The people who are having problems are mostly the ones without as much computer know-how that are following the readme too closely.

      From the readme:

      “You should then have 6 .nsa files, with the following filesizes:
      arc.nsa 692,203KB
      arc1.nsa 861,980KB
      arc3.nsa 1,685,322KB
      arc4.nsa 9,034KB
      arc5.nsa 5,717KB”

      This is what is messing everyone up. the file size shown for arc3.nsa is the size arc2.nsa should be, and arc3.nsa should be 14,883KB. Also it only lists 5 instead of all 6 nsa files. I’m sure rogue’ll fix it in the first patch update…If he does bug fix updates for partial patches,..I discovered MGQ after 2 had already been completed…

      There’s also a possible misprint about where to get the global.sav for save import into MGQ3, It might be in the MGQ2 root directory (assuming you’ve created a cleared data after beating and sparing Alice), rather than the save directory. But mine might have been a unique case, none of the people I’ve recommended checking that to, when they couldn’t import their save, have responded with if that fixed their problem…

      • AnonS permalink

        Most of that is unnecessary. All you have to do is copy arc and arc1. I really hope people weren’t renaming files and such for the rest of that.

        • Edale permalink

          Having the correct file sizes is important, since some of the arc.nsa files get overwritten both by the patch, and by you.

          Knowing the correct file sizes to convert successfully lets you verify that you didn’t mess up and that it will work, and helps you troubleshoot if something does go wrong in the conversion. Having incorrect file sizes can causes MGQ3 to crash when you try to convert.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Seems to me like everyone who’s having problems are just having torrent problems. 1.6 gigs is a big undertaking that some apparently don’t have the sea legs for…

  138. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    But I don’t want to die. ;_;

  139. Anonymous permalink

    Conversion and save inherit works fine but whenever i quit the game and start playing again the conversion is undone and i have to do it again and all of the monsterpedia entries are reset save/load works fine what do?

    • Edale permalink

      Try running MGQ3 as an administrator (right-click MGQ’s .exe file, and select “run as administrator”), and convert, make sure convert worked, close MGQ3, run normally.

      If this works, then select “properties” rather than “run as administrator” go to the “compatibility” tab and select “run as administrator,” then click “apply.”

      It’ll cause a little warning pop-up verifying you want to run the program as an administrator every time you start it up, but that’s only a minor inconvenience.

      If you’re tech-savvy enough, you can change MGQ3’s folder permissions to fix the problem, but I won’t go into detail, because if you don’t know how to do it already, you’ll probably mess things up trying, windows allows you configure it to not work after-all, heh.

      If running as an administrator didn’t work, try moving your MGQ3 folder to a different location on your hard-drive. C:\MGQ3 for example.

      If THAT still doesn’t work, try re-downloading the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        A different person here with the same problem, tried applocale, my windows is permanently in japanese local setting. Tried everything. Illiasburg won’t appear no matter what, even in original japanese version (didnt apply the language patch). If there’s no solution, can anyone kind enough post a save inside illiasburg?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Previous poster here, i successfully found what was causing the problem, as such i’m going to share partial solution. In short, the save files are broken, at least mine. If i use gloval.sav or any saves i made when i used my original (part 1 and part 2) gloval.sav. Illiasburg will not appear.

          As such i worked it around by installing it again in second folder, i made sure not to merge it with mpq 1 and 2, and started a new game (via new game – not via save inherit!), make sure NOT to copy gloval.sav, nor any other. Then all locations on the map should appear. As you lose all your CG it’s not ideal solution, i know.

          The way i dealt with it, is – i saved my game in second folder with (clean and uncorrupted gloval.sav), then took the save and copied it to my original game folder which has all cg unlocked. And continued from that to beat up those ugly(yeah right) monsters in illiasburg.

          Also, merging all the parts and starting game over from part 1 until the end of part 3 works will work as well, the only problem is corrupted gloval.sav (in my case, but that may be for some other people as well).

          • AnonS permalink

            You can just erase your gloval.sav, and the game should create a new one. So if you erase gloval.sav, re-convert the game and then load a save file it might work. I erased mine to start with a fresh monsterpedia after getting to the end of the translated part.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Then i’ll lose all the CGs and stuff, also, as long as the game was created by “save inherit”, then all the saves made during that playthrough are broken as well. So only erasing gloval.sav and starting game over from the very beginning works.

            Well i worked it around already and everything is working for me so its fine.

  140. Anonymous permalink

    The heck? Whenever I try to load I get a Txt line error for no reason. I don’t want to get further in the game and lose every save because of this. So what can I do?

    • Edale permalink

      Be sure you only save when “SAVE POINT” is displayed on screen.

      Also, don’t load save files from MGQ2 into MGQ3. Use “Save import” from the extras menu to continue from where you left off at in MGQ2, it gets all needed data from global.sav. Create a new save file for MGQ3 at the first save point.

  141. Anigai permalink

    YOU THE MAN rogue!!

    i’m still planning on waiting until the 100% complete but its getting very hard to keep waiting lol

  142. BradMason permalink

    Game crashed just after beating the queen bee and facing the plant monsters. Have no idea what the error message was because i hadnt saved in a while -.-‘

  143. Anon permalink

    is sylph the last monster in the Encyclopedia get translated??

    • Zworden permalink

      yep, true for the moment

    • AnonS permalink

      I’m already at the forest, I have stopped playing because I don’t want to get through it too fast. I’ll probably wind up making a second save and playing all the way from the beginning, that way I can also test to see if there are any problems with the full patch.

      • Sair Velrend permalink

        dont worry, you still have some time before the patch ends if you are only at the forest. To avoid spoilers, i wont explain why

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much, Rogue

  145. Anonymous permalink

    when surrendered to valkirie there was couple lines on japanese

  146. Anonymous permalink

    very much wanted translation of lamiaroid and next blue girl sex scenes, well is suppose have to fap on vampires and chrome for now.

  147. A link is better than words : It’s my problem … :x

    • Rogue, i found the problem : m_circle1.bmp and m_circle2.bmp were not on the effect folder … I don’t know why but when i extract them, i have only a bm … I have to rename them … but now it’s good.

  148. Anonymous permalink

    Okay! I can’t fix this Goblin running in the forest problem. I redownloaded part 3 MANY MANY TIMES and I’m still not getting the arc2 file! It would be nice if someone could upload their working game somewhere for us who have the same problem. I read through ALL these comments and I keep seeing people saying how to correctly move all the files over. But I’m. Not. Getting. The. arc2. File. In. The. Download. So it is impossible for me to fix the game!

    • Zworden permalink

      arc2 was the largest file in mgq 3… if you dont have it id say your download has a problem
      try torrent the game.. or buy it…

    • AnonS permalink

      Are you telling us you bought the game and the download isn’t working? In that case, I would e-mail support for DLSite and see if they can help you.

      If you’re commanding us to pirate the game for you…LOL no. Even if you asked nicely why would we do that?

  149. Anonymous permalink

    I find that the “Flash Kill” skill sometimes stays in Japanese when it appears on the top of the screen. Noticeably earlier in the game, when you first get it.

  150. Anonymous permalink

    please re upload on other provider server
    i cant barely download it on MEGA
    i have such bad internet
    i failed 4 times already :(

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Did you try either chrome or firefox?
      Mega doesn’t really work on IE and Safari, for me at least.

    • Anonymous permalink

      thanks. mega was repeatedly stopping at 9%

    • Anonymous permalink

      Many thanks, mega stopping at 9% using chrome, weird..

  151. Zworden permalink

    finished the game till slyph (tho i already finished all in japanese)
    pretty much all good, no bugs encountered for now…
    gonna go for second playthrough….

  152. Anonymous permalink

    In the monsterpedia, all monsters from the previous games just have a greay “Part 1 Monster” or “Part 2 Monster”. Also, Cupid and Valkyrie have their names listed in Japanese. The others are translated just fine.

    Just thought you might want to know, for the next steps in translation.

    Thank you, Rogue, for the patch. I wasn’t sure if I should take it at first, but I couldn’t wait.

    Now I’ve played it through all the way to the end of the translation, and I’m eager to learn what’s next. Good job on the translation. The word wrapping is slightly anoying, but other than that it reads like a top notch translation. Professional, with little to no spelling errors.

    • Zworden permalink

      i faced this before, just combine the game….
      go to extras>convert, after you copy the .nsa files

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do convert -> import in that order without closing the game or anything inbetween. That fixed the monsterpedia for me.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have any solution to the sound effect problem?

    • Zworden permalink

      what kind of problem?

      • Anonymous permalink

        The music plays fine, but there is no sound effect. Like the battle “slash” sound or the sound when you summon the spirits. Not even the sound of the H-scenes.
        I already checked the folder “se” and everything seems to be in order, in-game the “se” sound is on high and still, no sound whatsoever.
        No one have any solution to this?

  154. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, slight error in the Valkyrie battle when she uses her “War Angel’s Vagina” technique. Namely that her name pops up surrounded by japanese in the text box on a line on top of what she is saying.

    It is minor, and does not negatively impact gameplay but could use some fixing.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    There is a typo in the fight against Valkyrie.
    When she uses her wings, sometimes she says “Pleae feel my feathers.” Correct form would be “Please feel my feathers.” :)

  156. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you beast of a man you.

    This is so damn awesome.

  157. Anonymous permalink

    I found a bug in san Ilia castle.

    Everytime you talk to soldier A it says tahat luka earned 20.000 points of experience.

  158. Awesomely stupids permalink

    Anyone have a converted part 2 save I could use? Lost Mine transfering my files from OS to OS.

  159. Pyro permalink

    Dammit Rogue! Now my office / keyboard at work are all white and sticky :) lol j/k. Thank you for all your hard work.

  160. Toby permalink

    099.txt line:40081
    name ” ”
    csp 700:print 10,500
    >dwarve 1,”se\aura.ogg”

    I’m in japanese locale and don’t know what else i can do

    • Anonymous permalink

      i got the same problem not sure what fixed it but i redownloaded the game and followed the instructions and it fixed it make sure you have the right nsa’s the readme has a typo

  161. snake permalink

    Alright rogue you want a bug report? I will give you one. but first *troubleshoot*

    yes I am in japanese region
    Yes I did the file conversion even though there was a typo in the read me
    Yes I only transfered the gloval.sav data

    Problem: I look at my monster pedia and it has all the monster from part 1 and 2 (sweet) I port my save over and begin playing I slay about 6 monster girls and go back to monsterpedia (6 new monster entry’s for monster girl part 3) *awsome* exit out of game and come back later. ALL monsterpedia entry’s are gone. I have to re convert the files and after that kill the monsters again. The monster pedia never ever saves my monster encounters when i turn off the game…Yes I did try mon_que AND mon_que_2-patch.

    Am I fucking up? please let me know. I will check on this site every few hours.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s just you, bro.

      No problem here.

      • Anonymous permalink

        No I have the exact same problem, in where all of my monster enterires from the monsterpedia vanish.

        Running the program as a administrator didn`t work for me either.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Really? I’m having the same problem as he is.

  162. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for a great job! All extra stories crash for me, but it did the same in the earlier versions as well. If I find the reason/solution I’ll report it.

  163. Anonymous permalink

    The best monster girl is Chimera Bug.

  164. Lowlightt permalink

    Thanks Rogue and also thanks for using Mega makes file sharing much easier.

  165. The Noble Shade permalink

    In the second chapter’s record, I have the achievement for taking all the techniques, but it’s grayed out in the third chapters’s record (I still have the achievement for all the first chapter techniques).

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here,I tried a lot of things but it’s always grayed out,maybe the gloval.sav is messed up :/

  166. Anonymous permalink

    Some bugs/translation thingies:

    Followed every step in the readme, but monsters from episode 1 & 2 are all gone.
    When requesting valkyrie’s last move, there are some japanese characters every time valkyrie speaks.
    In my encyclopedia, Cupid and Valkyrie are both still in japanese characters.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to convert and then, without exiting, import your save. In that order. I converted, then closed the game, copied the gloval file and then imported and ended up with the same monsterpedia(no p1 or p2 monsters, cupid and valkyrie in japanese but the next two in english). When I redid the convert and import in order without closing inbetween it worked fine.

  167. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rouge, I would suck your dick if could. You are doing amazing work.

  168. Newprimus permalink

    I didn’t understand when I played the game raw, but now that it’s in english, I see that Luka is still occasionally a total idiot and Alice still makes a habit of verbally abusing the silly out of him. I missed this humor.

  169. snake permalink

    double postin

    Alright rogue you want a bug report? I will give you one. but first *troubleshoot*

    yes I am in japanese region
    Yes I did the file conversion even though there was a typo in the read me
    Yes I only transfered the gloval.sav data

    Problem: I look at my monster pedia and it has all the monster from part 1 and 2 (sweet) I port my save over and begin playing I slay about 6 monster girls and go back to monsterpedia (6 new monster entry’s for monster girl part 3) *awsome* exit out of game and come back later. ALL monsterpedia entry’s are gone. I have to re convert the files and after that kill the monsters again. The monster pedia never ever saves my monster encounters when i turn off the game…Yes I did try mon_que AND mon_que_2-patch.

    Am I fucking up? please let me know. I will check on this site every few hours.

    • Anonymous permalink

      have you saved in spots other than save only? Or changed the save only text? That has been known to corrupt saves.

  170. Anonymous permalink Valkyrie has some untranslated text.

  171. Anonymous permalink

    Maxthon is failed with Mega too, but Chrome works

  172. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having trouble triggering Promestein rape scene 2. Has anyone here figured out how to get this scene? I’m pretty much at wit’s end.

    • Anonymous permalink

      When she asks if you want to surrender in the monster lord castle you get the scene if you surrender

  173. Anonymous permalink

    wow a little of a month and a third of the game is translated. bravo rogue bravo. at the rate your going i know that you will complete this translation before January or even earlier. keep up the good work rogue.

  174. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone remind me what the upgraded water spirit does now? I can’t remember >_<

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      are you referring to the reacquired spirit you get at a point in the game after the patch? or are you talking about the white-silver serene mind you get early in this part? because the latter is hardly an upgrade

  175. Ok i said nothing. My game crashed and other stuffs … Like i have the “menu” music when i fight. :(
    Uninstall the game until the 100% patch is out so i will try again. ^^’

  176. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue! Words can not express how awesome you are

  177. Anonymous permalink

    There is a soldier in the city ruled by the old priest guy who, when talked to, says something like:
    “Luka gained 200000 Experience Points!”
    This is when you revisit the city in part 3 and start talking to NPC’s after the battles are won.
    I just assume that’s not supposed to be there since most npcs don’t blurt that out. Too random.

  178. Anonymous permalink

    So quick question for those that have bought the game. What is the purchase called on the credit card?

    • AnonS permalink

      I just used one of those prepaid visa gift card things. They work like credit cards but it’s a bit safer and more anonymous. I used a fake name and address and it worked fine.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I just want to know since some times my room mate forgets to look at the name on the bill before opening. Generally I wouldn’t give two shits but I would prefer him not to know about these >.>

    • DLSite purchases show up as “DLSite Tokyo JPN” or something like that.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you very much. Decided to use prepaid credit card in that case.

  179. AFK permalink

    another typo:

    “any any”

  180. Anonymous permalink

    Here’s another weird thing I’ve been experiencing. After the fight with Cupid, in which Luka is supposed to be lvl 67, he jumped right straight to lvl 72. Is this normal? Then after the conversation with Luka’s aunt (The fallen angel Micaela), the only location available in the option is North Sentora(if I remembered correctly), with Illiasburg and Harpy Village gone. Is this a bug? Or did I messed up my installation?

    • Zworden permalink

      it should be north to sentora, happiness village, illiasburg AND enrika

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well yeah. But in mine, the only ones present are Enrika AND North to Sentora.

        • Zworden permalink

          i’d say it is the installation if any of that gone..

        • You’re likely using an imported save from Spas’ NG+ mod; beat Part 2 again and overwrite the save you’re importing to fix this.

    • Edale permalink

      I believe the problem here is unzipping MGQ3 with applocal, then unzipping the patch without.

      Simply make sure everything gets unzipped either with or without applocal, not a combination of the two.

      I’d recommend unzipping everything without applocal myself, only use applocal if you can’t unzip it without it. then be sure to use applocal for the patch if you had to use it for the game.

  181. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone having trouble saving during fights?
    I was able to get it working by copying the text that pops up when you save at a save location, then pasting into a text file and changing the coding to unicode before saving. Whenever you need to save during a fight, you only need to open the text file and paste the unicode from it in place of whatever text shows up that is not letting you save.

    • AnonS permalink

      I just save at the save locations. Why would you need to save during the fights themselves? The game is easy enough.

  182. Anonymous permalink

    Saving is not the problem.. the problem is loading: When you do that, there’s a high chance you’ll get a rape scene, and then you lose.
    For example, i was in the cave, chasing promestein, and i decided to load Promestein’ first battle, and i ended up on Archangel Ranael’s rape scene.

  183. YAYY permalink

    Say, I did try to buy it but for some reason it says:
    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.de3dfad.1374210993.2201d948

    Anyone have any idea how to get through this? I’m using my own laptop, and while does allow me to access the site, I can’t log on to pay….

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t need to log in to pay. Just add it to cart. Click cart on top right. Then click credit card on middle right.

      • YAYY permalink

        Thanks, I just tried it, but it seems I can’t get to the final payment using….

        • Identity Theft permalink

          Why the hell would you submit payment information via a proxy? That’s probably the most unsafe thing you could possibly do with your info short of shouting it on the street.

  184. Anonymous permalink

    It’s probably not a bug, but is the Trinity’s binded tit fuck attack supposed to do pitiful damage? They bind you first turn, wait second turn, then hit for two normal attacks on the third, then only once every turn after that. It does less damage than their normal unbound attacks (which hit 3X each.) Illias even mentions in the evaluation that the binded attack is dangerous, so it seems weird that you need to take it 10+ times to lose.

  185. Andarielw permalink

    In the battle against Archangel Mariel in Iliasburg , if you use the Skill Flash Kill, the name of the Skill appears in Japanese. Only in this part I see this happening. But in the overall everthing is going very fine ^^

  186. David Drum permalink

    slight typo in the forest of spirits. Alice: And there’s going to be compensation needed for surpassing the limits of a human body… Luka, don’t over do it…
    Luka: Yes, I understand… New let’s go!

    • Edale permalink

      When pointing out a typo, it’s usually a good idea to actually… point out the typo, especially in a block of text more than a few words. don’t make people hunt for the typos.

      • AnonS permalink

        Yeah usually people will bold it. But I think pointing out typos on a partial patch is pretty stupid.

        There are lots of typos, that’s why this patch was released so blazingly fast. It’s pointless to just identify one or two typos and then post them here one at a time.

        If someone is really serious about it, they’ll playtest through, write down all the typos, where they occur, then compile them and e-mail them to Rogue sometime around the release of the final 100% patch. Rogue will probably check the typos for that final patch anyway however. Just as he’s done for the previous chapters.

        And with that, I will probably not touch MGQ for another month or two, to give Rogue some time to get ahead on the patch. I am in the Sabasa region but don’t want to finish too quickly.

  187. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing god’s work son

  188. Anonymous permalink

    This is of no concern on a page riddled with game breaking bug reports and typo notices but does anyone know if theres a way to change the program icon for the games exe back to the little pink haired face girl?

    • Edale permalink

      If you create a shortcut to the MGQ3 executable file, you can change the icon of the shortcut to the icon from MGQ2.

      Right-click the shortcut, select “properties,” go to the “shortcut” tab, and select “change icon.”

      In the resulting menu, select “browse,” then navigate to your MGQ2 folder. Select “mon_que.exe” and click “open.”

      In the resulting menu, select the icon you wanted (there’s only one) and click “OK.”

      There you go, one shortcut to MGQ3 with the icon from MGQ2. Move the shortcut to wherever you want it, and enjoy.

    • Takata permalink

      This has been bugging me for a while, but who is the girl with the pink hair and red eyes in the executable icon for the first game?

      It seems normal in eroge for the executable icon to be the face of the lead heroine, hence I’m not surprised that Alice is on the icon for the third game.

  189. Edale permalink

    Typo Report – Monster “Experimental Organism X-6” the monster when you first enter haunted mansion.

    The name is actually the report.

    In game name is displayed as “XX-7”

    In monsterpedia name is displayed as “X-6”

    In monsterpedia entry name is displayed as “X-7”

    Three places you can see it’s name, three different names. Enjoy :-)

  190. Angellus permalink

    Just finished first patch, great work rogue. Thanks.
    And it even had nice joke on cosmic scale at the end ;D

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Yes, after that one I’m constantly afraid now…

  191. Anonymous permalink

    I have the problem Arc.3 program, that is smaller than the text makes downloading. That’s because it’s the trial version.

    I mean, I have to buy the game, fanciest over 20 € to play, like it or not. Is there a free download of the full game? Like previous versions? To me that is a luxury expense. Rouge, I respect your work and your dedication to translate for us this great game. If I hope to finish a full translation, I will be able to download the full game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Go somewhere else if you want to find a download link. Rogue has never and will never upload one. He wants us to support the creators, plus it would be illegal to host a download link.

  192. Anonymous permalink

    When fighting the Chimera Bug, if you use edging then lose to her Forced Oviduct Mating, the game crashes.

  193. Anonymous permalink

    When the the first patch end?, I’m currently in Witch Village and I assume it probably ends after re-contracting with Sylph.

  194. Anonymous permalink

    Is it just me, or does the art seem significantly better in this part than the last two? There’s still hit and miss based on the monsters themselves, but even some of the less appetizing monsters look better than their equals from the past games. You can kind of see the discrepancy with the non-battle chimeras. They looked rushed compared to the rest of the monsters (well, I kind of liked the prison.)

    frfr’s CGs in this game have been amazing so far, and I haven’t even gotten to UNDO’s stuff yet. I checked the artist list, and there’s a lot of both ahead :) That doesn’t even factor in the returning characters who have scenes. And I loved the redraw on the harpies. I wish the regular harpy looked like that from the beginning.

    Of course, it helps when Thomas isn’t tasked with drawing half of the monsters. It’s not that I dislike his style as much as there weren’t any CGs for a huge chunk of monsters. How does queen elf have 8 insta kill attacks and no CGs >_>

    • Edale permalink

      Check out the spin-off “Tiny Lamia’s Licking.”

      It’s a demo spin-off, that shows a very nice addition to MGQ3’s coding over MGQ1&2.

      Some of the monsters take advantage of this, though none I’ve gotten to yet to the same degree as the demo.

      Now THAT’S a graphics improvement. ;-)

      • Anonymous permalink

        Just checked it and it shocked me! It would’ve been masterpiece if all rape scenes is moving.

  195. Anonymous permalink

    Are you looking for minor wording errors? Not sure, anyway… “None of them to try fight me…” should be “None of them try to fight me…” which is just after the “S – 2” fight.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Also “Why reason does she have to concern herself with a deserted village”, should be ‘What’.

      • Anonymous permalink

        And “do you remeber that hidden village to the west of here” should be ‘remember’.

  196. Anonymous permalink

    “The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!”
    I have a problem similar to this. I install east asian language pack. Chapter 1 and 2 is ok, but in 3 letters are run against each other. Also i cant see my hp in combat and monsterpedia are empty. Can someone help?

  197. Lolcat permalink

    Anyone know how to get the Amira achievement? Specifics plz.

  198. SilentWill permalink

    You have all my thanks Rogue :D

  199. Krukaren permalink

    What monster is before Sylph?

  200. Mincubus permalink

    some of the bgms doesnt appear in the music list? is this normal?

    • Takata permalink

      I’m just guessing, but I think you might have to complete the game for all the bgm to appear in the in-game list. If you want to listen to the bgm outside the game, you could always go to the \bgm folder. I like battle2.ogg. ^^

  201. BradMason permalink

    Can anyone help?! I’m trying to complete the monsterpedia for part 1, and when I click on Alice I have all her rape scenes except rape scene 2? Anyone have any idea how to unlock this one? The ones i have unlocked are:

    Rape scene (When you find alice for the 1st time and choose “hurry on”)
    Rape scene 1

    Rape scene 3
    Rape scene 4

    • AnonB permalink

      Rape scene 2 is challenging Alice and losing after your get Poseidon’s Bell and letting Tamamo go.

  202. Anonymous permalink

    My game is crashing at the fight with Valkyrie. She says “But if you’re that powerful, then meeting force with force won’t work…” and splat (“mon_que2-patch.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close…”)
    Just to be sure I didn’t accidently run the demo instead of the full game, I checked the arc3.nsa and it’s the right size (1,685,322KB). I ran in applocale too, no help…

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      the readme has a typo, you should have arc2.nsa being that size. all you should do is extract arc and arc1 from the previous games and grab the files from the patch, don’t rename anything.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Woops, that was me messing up. I got this:
        arc.nsa – 692,203
        arc1.nsa – 861,980
        arc2.nsa – 1,685,322
        arc3.nsa – 14,883
        arc4.nsa – 9,034
        arc5.nsa – 5,717

        Whatever I did wrong the cupid fight works fine, it’s just valkyrie where it pukes.

        • Jikorde permalink

          Are you sing the demo? That would probably be the reason it works till the Valkyrie, since that is as far as the demo goes.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I didn’t think so since the arc2.nsa is so big… but I wonder. I don’t know what else it could be since it seems to be working for everyone else.

        • AnonB permalink

          Yeah, all your files look to be the correct size, maybe you just have the demo’s nscript.dat

          • Anonymous permalink

            HMMM… that would explain it!
            Mine’s 10,984 kb; if someone with a working copy has a larger one I bet that’s the culprit.

          • AnonB permalink

            Nope, that looks to be the correct size as well;
            I have no idea…
            You’re not by any chance loading save data from the demo right?
            That should be impossible to set up, but I could see how it might mess up the program.

    • AnonS permalink

      Are you running it with applocale or in Japanese region?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Applocale. I also tried windows 7 with east asian langage support.

        • AnonS permalink

          Did you actually change it to the Japanese region first? Sometimes you have to unzip/install these games in that mode, or else the directory names and file names aren’t correct. I haven’t had that issue for MGQ but for a lot of Japanese games/VNs I have to switch to the Japanese region and reboot into that before I can even install. Applocale usually does not work for me, either the game runs in Win7 regularly or I need to go to Japanese region.

  203. Raine permalink

    Firstly, I’d like to say what an amazing job you’ve done here, Rouge. I know you did it for fun, and will refuse to accept donations.. But is there anything we can do, for you? You deserve something..

    Anyway, praise aside.. I’ve been having a glitch since part two, and I was hoping it would be fixed by when linking 1+2 with 3.
    It wasn’t.

    I’m unable to add “Nekomata” to my monsterpedia, I have a save point just before I can give her food, yet no matter how many times i fight and lose to her. she never gets added.

    I’m a perfectionist and have every monsterpedia entry, rape scene and attack. But i have this ONE empty space between Yuki-nna and Samurai Elf where neko should be..
    Which also prevents me from accessing the doppleganger fight..

    I’ve tried googling it and checking the wiki, but no one else seems to be having this glitch.

    Is there any possible way I can edit the golbal.sav and change it so she appears?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to win to get them in the Monsterpedia, not lose.

  204. Anonymous permalink

    You need to defeat opponents to unlock monsterpedia entries, not lose.

  205. Anonymous Maximus permalink

    Rogue you are the real Hero of this Game.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  206. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone help me a bit? Trying to download the patch, but my firefox won’t allow it. MEGA tells me to allow it by clicking on a ? mark to the left of the adress bar, but I only see a padlock icon.

  207. Kuro permalink

    when i tired incorporating part 1 into part 2 it copied across the saved data but not my items does the same thing happen here?

  208. Anonymous permalink

    Finally got the time to beat it and I loved it, keep up the great work Rogue!

  209. Anonymous permalink

    fking love u!

  210. Anonymous permalink

    When talking to Soldier A in San illia castle, His text is:

    Luka gained 200000 experience points
    What next? Robotic monsters?

    Is that correct?

  211. snake permalink

    sombody PLEASE email me there save data of for part 3, weather its completed or not i dont care i just need a save data taht will allow me to continue with all my stuff or a save data of you in the middle of mgq3 my email is

  212. leatherhead333 permalink

    So if the file size numbers don’t match then is there anything that can be done to fix it or did i just need to get a proper version? The game won’t start and i’ve done everything to try to fix it (putting in japan locale).

  213. Incubusknight permalink

    Hey Rogue, started in part 1 and have been playing through the whole game to find any bugs.
    Part 1 played fine for me with minor errors popping up such as the inability to use edging in certain fights (The ones I found where the elf and parasite plant boss in Sylphs forest). Instead the interface would blink and nothing would happen.

    Only other error I found in part 1 was an extra ” \ ” key at the end of some sentences (such as when Luka would dodge a monsters move with Sylphs power).

    Part 2 was fine up until plansect village and this is where my game starts crashing. Right after you defeat the bee queen and Luka starts fighting the plant girls this error pops up.

    Going to try to get around it to continue but since this was the first bug that’s stopped me from playing I’d thought I’d go ahead and list the error’s I’ve found. Hope this helps.

    Oh also as a side note,(if you haven’t been told already) the Mermaid general monster girl isn’t completely translated. Whenever she grapples you her name and dialog is in Japanese. The rest of her battle is fine though.

  214. Anonymous permalink

    I accidentally tried to save in a non-save section and when I pushed Esc in the screen where you can (but should not) change the writing of the save name it saved and when I load said save it switches between going to the last safe save spot or starting from the point at witch I saved I have not seen this info on the web so thought I would shear it

    • Anonymous permalink

      (same person as above)
      so-far I have used it at least once a battle up to the recently translated section and it has only froze the game once and that was on the first mermaid that you fight in port Natalia in part 3

  215. jon permalink

    sorry rogue can you upload the 2 last English patch for the part 1 and 2 alone
    thx for your great work

    • Anonymous permalink

      You might want to find another way to get them. It’s a bit unreasonable for rogue to upload those two when it can be found if you dig around a bit.

  216. JustAnotherUser permalink

    Can anyone help me?

    Before merging the 1st part and 2nd part of monmusu quest, I have all the achievements of both part
    However, when I merge these two (along with the global.sav and all other save files), I lost one achievement from part 2 “Hit by all requestable technicques from part 2”

    Anyone knows why?

  217. Anonymous permalink

    Heya rogue, are you planning on releasing a second partial patch, or are you just gonna shoot for the finish?

    Much thanks, mate, thanks for your hard work.

  218. Any chance I can download the game without buying it? I kinda don’t have a credit card… Oh, yeah, great job rogue! You’re my savior!

    • Dear Guest permalink

      There is a torrent.

      • Can you provide a link, if I may kindly ask? Please and thank you!

        • Edale permalink

          Rogue doesn’t support pirating, so noone will post a link here, just search on piratebay or something if you must.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You don’t need a credit card, you can buy it using paypal by switching to the G-rated site to buy points, then switching back to the R-rated site to use those points.

  219. Anonymous permalink

    Using Alice’s “Omega Blaze” during Shadow Girl fight seems to freeze the game, at least on my end.

  220. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, you’re the man.

  221. I am haveing a bit of an issue, I start up the game and the text is all squished together to difficult to read, I went back to mgq parts 1 and 2 and they now have a similar effect, it seems I have made some change to my system causing issues and yes eastern language packs are installed

  222. Anonymous permalink

    Reporting some errors and bugs.

    • anon permalink

      that’s minor stuff nobody gives a fuck about, just be happy he’s translating it at all

      • Anonymous permalink

        If he reuploads the patches or uploads a new 2/3 or 3/3 patch, he does try fix typos as well you know…

  223. Anonymous permalink

    Chimera tongue’s rape scene: “It’s just as if I was beaign eaten alive inside a giant mouth…”

  224. Adi permalink

    Thank you so much for this. We all really appreciate your hard work.
    I love the new bgm tracks on part 3. I’ve grown attached to some of the characters and I’m not just playing it for the monster girls, I genuinely like the story line and you have made it possible for me to experience it.
    Can’t wait for the next patch.

    PS/- I just got a girlfriend. n she likes mgq!!! :)

    • Takata permalink

      Wow… must be good to have a common interest. Little unexpected for it to be MGQ though?

      • Adi permalink

        It didn’t come out at first. We are both interested in the same things professionally and have a lot in common. I can’t imagine life without her now. It’s been 3 days since i met her and made my feelings clear. things have been amazing since.

        She just had the shortcut of the first part on her desktop. I asked her about it.
        She told me that she liked it.

        • AnonS permalink

          lol, when something like that happens, I can only chalk it up to cosmic destiny. It’s hard to find someone with really similar interests and with an open mind. Most Westerners actually would never play something like MGQ because they’re so insecure about it, you see it even with “ecchi” video games or anime, they’re so busy trying to convince everyone else that they’re living the models and bottles lifestyle and are too good for that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      How does one even bring that up in a conversation?

      • Down with Illias permalink

        Hey honey, I know this may seem strange, but there’s this game I like where a young boy gets raped by monster women and… why are you packing up and leaving?

    • Edale permalink

      You sir, have hit the jackpot. Now you just need to talk her into re-creating some of the scenes…. ;-)

      • Takata permalink

        Intentionally re-creating scenes sounds a little odd to me… but don’t take my word for it. Nevermind 3 days, it would take me at least a month before I could think of a girl as my girlfriend. o.o


  225. Awesome work dude

  226. Anonymous permalink

    Dude …. for the love of god get her into cosplaying. You have a chance most men only dream of! I mean yeah no ones gonna be ably to cosplay a lahmia but a something relatively human like a harpy aught to be no problemo lol!

  227. Anonymous permalink

    After the battle with Virtue Revel there is a line said by Luka: “Yes, I understand… New lets go!”
    it should be “Now” not “New”.

  228. PerBert permalink

    Words fail me to find the way to thank you.

    As I was writing somewhere else, playing this third chapter, was a real experience: the “high and mighty” attitude of Illias’ posse, summed with their insulting zealotry simply pissed me off at the point that I entered each battle with the sole purpose of winning!
    First, shields up, then pound them with heavvy artillery (Daystar and Alice’s skills where possible) and laugh at their defeat.
    I’ve unlocked almost all of the rape scenes after in the monsterpedia, as a trophy.

    Childish of me, falling in one of the most abused “plot devices” to point out “the baddies” (nobody likes bullies), but I really enjoyed it and the sheer quantity of comic relief.
    Returning to each location just to talk with the NPCs is real fun, Alice’s retorts are top notch and even Goddess Ilias’ evaluation is more sarcastic than before (“So you really wish to reincarnate into a dried fish!”).

    All of this was real fun, and was all thanks to your translation.

    Dude, you have my gratitude!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Couldn’t agree with this more. I played through 1 and 2 before this patch came out, and I ended up purposely losing to pretty much every monster on the way. I patched the third, lost to Cupid, Valkyrie and Ariel on purpose… then eventually fell into the same desire to smite all of the enemies and worry about losing later. It’s so satisfying to shut up those smug angels. I lost to Raneal the first time through and was pissed.

      Illias definitely stepped her evaluation game up as well.

      • AnonS permalink

        I don’t like losing when I’m trying to actually play the game. I hate losing in general. The game is kind of random so it just happens though. The Angels are definitely more annoying, a lot are also absolutely grotesque.

        The Mermaids don’t actually seem to kill you as much. The Vampires do kill you but at least they look better.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I usually try to balance winning and losing; you don’t want to play through the whole game ignoring the H content, but you also want to advance the story. I think this part is the easiest so far when it comes to actually winning. I only legitimately lost three times in the translated portion on a blind run through on hard (the CG changing usually means the counter stance stopped, you know who you are…)

          Gnome’s kind of overpowered when you get her, and Daystar speaks for itself. I’m curious how hard the game will be when I play through without it.

          I like what they did with the angels (lower ranking = hot, higher = scary.) It works for story purposes that they’re kind of the worst of all on all scales. The 8th and 9th circle ones are some of the best enemies in the game though.

          The mermaids were a definite win… er, ‘accidental’ loss. <3 mermaid general.

          • AnonS permalink

            I just get the H-scenes if I feel like it in the monsterpedia. But I mostly play this game for the story and music, both are great, and the old school JRPG feel. This might be sacrilege, but most of the monster girls actually disgust me and I don’t like the “get raped and killed” aspect of the vast majority of H-scenes. Even the non-death ones don’t actually do anything for me, I need actual porn to get really excited.

            I don’t judge anyone that really likes losing for the H-scenes. I’m just stating my own personal feel on this issue.

            I lost to the Mermaid Queen in one shot despite having my proper defense up and full health. Many of my losses have happened like that, which is why I don’t bother losing intentionally. The game will just make me lose sometimes with nothing I can do about it (usually a trance attack that goes right through Sylph/Serene, then a bind, then rape off the bind, or something similar to that—none of the Spirits give you 100% chance of success, especially/atleast on Hard…but I think maybe even on Normal it happens; there are enough one hit kill moves in this game that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing if the game wants it to hit you lose).

            That’s why I think this game is really hard to get a full clean run through. To me anytime you lose, it means you couldn’t play a perfect game, and if you can’t play a perfect game, it means it’s a hard game. I’m one of those people that does permadeath runs, I’ve actually erased save files 25 hours into an RPG because I took a death.

          • Anonymous permalink

            They have to make some losses random because you could play through and never lose otherwise. Every battle would be Daystar > appropriate spirit > attack until 8SP (probably use Alice’s eye of recovery in here,) > Daystar > win. It’s not really a puzzle battle game because there’s too few options, but it’s not really an RPG system either because the stats are too simple. It’s just a plot device to keep the game from being a straightforward visual novel.

            My three losses were because I didn’t know what Fallen Angel Dance was at first, I attacked a counter stance because I didn’t realize it was still up, and I struggled on an ‘attack to escape’ that wasn’t very clear. Playing through again, none of those would get me. I had the no chance luck losses a lot in part 2, but I haven’t had one on this part yet. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

            I enjoy the story, but I mean, it’s a young boy with a big sword fighting to save the world. It was obvious the ending was gonna be you and Alice fighting against Illias about thirty seconds into part 1. Alice and Luka are pretty interesting characters, but any average game has some kind of interesting protagonist.

            It just seems like a weird game to get into if you’re not into the loss scenes. I mean, the subtitle is ‘lose and get raped’. To each their own, and I certainly wouldn’t find it odd that people are turned off by the bad end aspect, but I’d also be surprised if the game could be played as a standalone RPG. Is there really enough there from a battle perspective?

          • AnonS permalink

            There’s enough story and all the old JRPGs were pretty much the same (just attack, cast some big spells, heal etc., not much variance). Traditional JRPGs are pretty much just VNs. You play it because you like the story, characters, music and exploration. If it appeals to you, then it’s going to be entertaining to you, if it’s not your cup of tea, you won’t enjoy it obviously.

            In Japan they’re still extremely popular. There are some made in the US by indie devs too actually. I think this one stands alone fine, you could take away the rapes, but then you’d probably have to throw in some other type of filler and pad out the length of the game. It’s a fairly short game if you just push right through it and don’t get raped. I think 10-20 hours is a perfectly acceptable RPG length, I’m not entirely certain it gets there though if you ignore the rape parts, and I think it takes all 3 parts together to get anywhere near 20 hours. Maybe I’ll look to time it and see.

            I work on the monsterpedia afterwards and I watch the end scenes there, although I go through them pretty fast. And like I said before, the scenes don’t really do anything for me. So when I’m looking at it, it’s usually just a torturous death. I especially rather dislike the vore scenes, but in Part 3 I think they stopped classifying it as vore since it happens pretty much every fight.

            JRPGs were my favorite genre. I also used to read a lot of fiction when I was younger, nowadays I pretty much only read non-fiction. I think when I’m a bit more financially secure (i.e., retired/don’t have to work anymore) I will write my own fiction to try and get published, or try to make my own JRPGs. Most US gamers though I think want an action gameplay or something, and aren’t interested in the traditional JRPG style story.

          • “I don’t judge anyone that really likes losing for the H-scenes. I’m just stating my own personal feel on this issue”: Trust me, that’s still much better than what most people would say. I’m into MGQ for three reasons, actually: First and foremost, the characters. Luka and Alice are very interesting characters, and, believe it or not, their speeches or reflections about coexistence and all that jazz can actually make me tear up a bit. Ilias, well, I love her sarcasm and her crazyness. Crazy girls are attractive, and if they’re snarky, better yet. And I also loved the Four Heavenly Knights (mostly Tamamo and, to a lesser extent, Granberia, but I also found Erubetie somewhat interesting, if only a bit neglected, and Alma, well, I can only say I have a weak spot for succubi. Also, she’s quite mysterious, and it’s interesting to try and guess the way she thinks or her actions in various sceneries) and many other minor characters (the king of Sabasa, the Succubi in Succubus Village, or even Chrome in part 3. I found even Lily, for how despicable she might be, kind of interesting). Then, there’s the writing: even if Japanese humour sometimes flies over my head (though that might be because translated jokes can sound awkward, no matter how good the translator is), I still found myself laughing at many of the gags and found the lampshading of JRPG clichés quite funny. I even liked the more “serious” parts, and I think they could have been even expanded a bit (the MGQ world is quite interesting, in fact, but there is so much more that could have been explored… yeah, I’m never satisfied), and of course the story. While the plot by itself may be a little cliché, the way it’s presented is what made me fall in love with MGQ. I won’t hide it: I’m a fucking sap. I like stories about genuinely good and heroic people doing genuinely good and heroic things, and Luka and Alice (after a little character development) fit perfectly. This world needs to be reminded that good is not dumb. Maybe a little airheaded like Luka, but Alice balances his (relative) ditziness quite well. So, yeah, clichés or not, MGQ made me laugh, made me cry and made me feel alternatively enthusiastic for the characters’ accomplishments and scared for their lives. And that is, in my book, what makes an interesting story.

            And then, well, there is, of course, the fact that dominant women is my main fetish. I liked some monsters (Minotauros, Cerberus and Alma are just the first that come to mind), some others left me quite indifferent, while others terrified me (though not all of the NOPE monsters actually did). So I think I enjoyed all of the game’s aspects one way or another. My main beef is only about the fact that sometimes the porn feels quite forced and goes against the characterization. For example, I can see Alice letting Luka be taken by some monster if he loses in the beginning, but I expected her to object to Alma eating him. I would have probably found it more consistent if she would just let the monster rape Luka, then bail him out and tell him that he’s a failure and to go back home.

            About the losing on purpose part, well, I only did it with one or two monsters in part one. Most of my losses are from the monsterpedia. And it felt REALLY satisfying to me too shutting up those irritating angels with a sound beating. After playing through the first two games where Alice or someone else had to bail me out of trouble when I met some nasty monster, finally being able to answer to the angels’ stupid “holier-than-thou” speeches with a nice “SHUT THE FUCK UP” and beating them to death with the stick they have up their ass feels indescribably satisfying. Needless to say, I never lost on purpose in part 3, and the only times I lost were when I got REALLY unlucky (mostly with Chrome and her goddamn syringe attack).

  229. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’d buy you a ton of beers anytime, anywhere. Thank you for posting the official link too. I didn’t think it was so easy to acquire legally. I wish you and yours nothing but the best in whatever you do after this!

  230. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone else get something saying this when the game starts up? If so how can I fix it?

  231. Down with Illias permalink

    Anybody else lose credit for the all techniques found in chapter 2 achievement when carrying over?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I lost, double checked all of the part 2 monsters and I’m sure I’ve got all techniques

    • Anonymous permalink

      Try bringing over the whole save folder instead of just gloval.sav?

      • Edale permalink

        Don’t do that, only bring over global.sav

        Save files from previous MGQ games don’t work in MGQ3.

        The missing achievement is a bug Rogue is already aware of, give him time to work out the fix, it’s probably just a misplaced comma or something like that in the code anyways.

  232. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve played through the entire game from part 1, got just one crash at granberia fight at part 2, but only happened once.

    Also I think the Valkyrie isn’t fully translated, saw some japanese text on her.

  233. Anonymous permalink

    Found two lines of dialogue still untranslated or miscoded, figured you should know. It’s during or after the intercrural of Valkyrie (before losing, as you can see from the HP remaining).

    Screens for clarification:

  234. Anonymous permalink

    The doppelganger seems to have vanished? I can’t find it

    • Edale permalink

      If I remember right, the doppelganger fight required you to have filled up the mosterpedia before it shows up, which you can’t do with the partial patch, so looks like we may have to wait for the final patch to see the doppelganger fight again…or just load up your MGQ1&2.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Go into the extras section and look below the menu box, you should see a white dot amidst the black. Click on that, it is the doppleganer fight.

  235. Anonymous permalink

    The spin off stories keep crashing on me. This happening to anyone else?

  236. Hedoro permalink

    GAH, I imported my game and everything apparently successfully, but it wasn’t until I got all the way until the Sister Lamia fight that I realised my fucking encylopdia entries for parts 1 and 2 are still completely empty.

    Is there any way to solve this issue? I put way too much time into getting 100% for my encyclopedia in MGQ2

    • AnonS permalink

      What does it matter? You don’t get anything for 100% anyway. Just an achievement that is in brighter text instead of being greyed out.

      I am probably going to erase my gloval.sav after I finish part 3 and replay it all from scratch, trying to get 0 deaths.

      • Anonymous permalink

        A 100% completion compulsion is a pretty common thing among RPG gamers.

      • Hedoro permalink

        Being able to access about 70% of the game content from the trilogy on MGQ3 without having to replay about 10-30 hours or constantly swap which game you’re playing, yeah I’d say thats a pretty significant matter.

        • AnonS permalink

          Why? Are you just going to complete the monsterpedia and never touch the game again? In that case what does it matter, you won’t be playing again.

          Do you actually like the game? Then just complete it again. I actually lost my p1 and have a complete part 2, but I’m just going to erase my gloval.sav and start it up from scratch. By the time I finish parts 1 and 2 again, Rogue will have completed the translation, and I can complete part 3.

  237. Edale permalink

    Did you import global.sav from the previous MGQ and import save?

    • Hedoro permalink

      I did, and as I said the ingame utilities told me both had been successfully done, but my enclopedia is still empty besides what I’ve played in Part 3

      • Edale permalink

        Try going into MGQ2 loading up your save closest to the end, run through and beat Alice, spare her, and make a new cleared game data. It should generate the cleared data in MGQ2’s root directory, not the save directory.

        Then try importing the newly generated gloval.sav.

        Hopefully that’ll fix the problem, if not try:

        It’s my gloval.sav file from MGQ2, same one I used to import to MGQ3 so it should work, if not, the problems with your game and not the save, Try a fresh install of everything everything, reinstall the patch, re-convert MGQ1&2 into 3, and try importing the gloval.sav.

        On a side note, is it strange that I’ve been working with that file extensively for about a week now, and JUST noticed it’s gloVal, and not gloBal, lmao.

        • Edale permalink

          There’s still a bug so in MGQ3 the achievement record for experiencing all attacks from part 2 won’t be lit up. Rogue knows about the bug, so should be fixed by the final patch.

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          Just to discourage anyone from trying, I went and got hit by all attacks from all monsters in second chapter again, and the achievement is still gray.

          • AnonS permalink

            I was unlocked for me.

          • Anonymous permalink

            you dont have to get hit,u have 2 request.

        • Hedoro permalink

          Something really strange fixed this, I wondered if I should maybe recopy the arc and arc1 files from MGQ1 and 2, but to be certain I tried “convert” again, it did the exact same thing, but then suddenly my enclopedia decided it was full.

      • AnonS permalink

        Did you Convert the games? I erased my to start all over again, and it also un-merged the games. I had to convert again in order to get everything to work as one game again.

        Also apparently Luca is 18, since he has “come of age.” Although I suppose that could be set to a lower age. But I think Alice mentions she is older than him and mentions her specific age and it’s only a difference of a year or something…I’ll know for sure after replaying.

  238. Edale permalink

    Just finished the partial patch, nice joke at the end Rogue.

    I’m probably going to take a few days to recover my stamina (heh) before I start work on a walkthrough for MGQ3, expect a rough version of the walkthrough on within a month or so. I’m gonna be posting it as a separate walkthrough from my MGQ1&2 completion walkthrough, I won’t be combining them until after MGQ3 is complete and I’ve finished the MGQ3 walkthrough, since combining them will require a fair bit of re-writing of the MGQ1&2 walkthrough.

    On a semi-related note, anyone know f the hero’s proof actually does anything in part 3? Like an extra scene at the end or something?

  239. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks Rougue. Illias bless you :D

    On a side note, I had a problem but I got it FIXED
    Girls from the monsterpedia in P1 and P2 came out as Monster From Part1 or something like that.
    Cupid and Valkyrie were also in Japanese.
    If anyone has this problem just Convert again.

  240. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having some trouble with the side stories in particular. Some of the new ones work perfectly fine, but certain older ones constantly give me error messages partway through. I have system locale set to Japanese so I don’t know what’s going on. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    • Anonymous permalink

      hye man for the older ones to work you need to have merged part 3 with part 1 and 2

  241. Anonymous permalink


  242. Ken permalink

    Just wanted to help some of the people who are having problems. I see a few people having the problem where after conversion everything will be ok until you exit the game. Once you start it back up the data you collected will be gone and everything from part 1/2 will be “part 1/2 monster” again.

    To fix this make sure the global.sav you moved over from part 2 is NOT read-only and NOT hidden. This will fix the problem.

  243. Anonymous permalink

    A typo:
    Valkyrie: “Pleae feel my feathers…”

  244. Anon permalink

    I think I’ll hold off on the patch because I want to play all at once, so I’m just here to say thanks for all your hard work! 37% already is amazing!

  245. Anonymous permalink

    For those who have not noticed, if you unlocked the doppleganger fight it is no longer located in the monsterpedia. You will find it on the main Extra’s menu, below the menu itself as a white dot amidst the black background.

    • Edale permalink

      Nice find, wonder if Rogue was ever gonna mention that, or leave it as a hidden easter egg, lol.

  246. Anonymous permalink

    Found a typo where Lily and Lucia are talking in a cell.
    Lily says: I’ve tired of this. I pass my torch to you.
    I’m sure it should have said “I’m tired of this.”

    • Takata permalink

      I think ” I’ve tired of this. ” is still grammatically correct.

    • Edale permalink

      “I’ve” is more grammatically and contextually correct than “I’m” for that line.

    • AnonS permalink

      Why do you think that’s a typo? If you’re not sure there is no point in posting it up as if you are.

  247. Koldstare permalink

    Flash Kill appears in Japanese if used right after fallen angel dance.

  248. jon permalink

    i can’t download the patch from this site Mega
    anyone help pls

  249. NightmareChild permalink

    Not to spoil anything, but in part one, when luka learns meditation, alice mentions how an angel named erigora could heal HIS wounds by meditating. Save one, there are no male angels, so was that a translation error on your part? Or was that the only way toratora could hid who erigora really was?

  250. jon permalink

    thx man for this link

  251. Anonymous permalink

    I also remember Fernandez was a male.

  252. Anonymous permalink

    Is anybody else’s game crashing as the Little Gobiln Girl runs across the lands at the beginning of the game?

  253. Anonymous permalink

    To say that good MGQ fanfics are rare is an understatement

    but if anyone’s interested, I found a little gem

    oh btw, I’m not a sycophant, just curious to see what everyone thinks

  254. Michiru permalink

    I just lost to Power Berryelle and the message came up that the vore scene was skipped even though it never skipped it in the storyline. Is this a glitch?

    • Michiru permalink

      Also did it for the next angel… Did they take out the vore in this part?

      • Michiru permalink

        Oh I see. If anyone else has this problem go to Extras>Special Config> and make sure Vore is On.

  255. Anonymous permalink

    Ok so this keeps popping up on my screen… any suggestions at all?

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is also what I get when I try to play certain side stories.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ve been getting it with the main story

  256. Anonymous permalink

    i love you ;_;

  257. Anonymous permalink

    So heres a question. In the patch readme it says I should only have “arc.nsa” “arc1.nsa” “arc3.nsa” “arc4.nsa” “arc5.nsa”. However I have an “arc2.nsa” in my folder. Really confused me for a second. I am guessing this is a typo but just want to make sure.

  258. Michiru permalink

    Need help guys. What are the characters for the save after the first angel in the desert? It came up in english and I can’t save it. I don’t want to have to go though all those battles again…

    • Santa permalink

      If you mean after the patch, then you should be able to save at any time.

      • Michiru permalink

        I fixed it. I copied some random kanji and it fixed it. And no it wasn’t after the patch. It was two scenes before the patch ended.

  259. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      I felt the same way. The end of each area I expected to see ‘end of patch’ message but it just kept going. I’m guessing there is a lot of dialogue in the last 3rd

    • Takata permalink

      I actually found it to be quite short. Maybe that indicates that I enjoyed it a lot. O.o?
      Looking at my save times, I think it took me roughly 6 hours to read it. Note that I skip most of the h-scenes that aren’t on the main storyline and I fastforward through most of the battle text. Need to be careful to not miss bits of story contained in the battle text, like with Erubetie and the Mermaid Queen, so I just tap the ctrl button.

      • AnonS permalink

        Yeah I blew through it too. I did my best to split it up, but I still got through it in 3 sittings I think, maybe it was 2 hours each time, but it felt pretty short. This entire chapter, without H-scenes, I don’t think will be more than 12 hours. The entire series put together might be a solid 20-30 hours though. And then the rest of the time you’re just working on the monsterpedia, which is fine. Definitely worth the money imo.

  260. Novelsfan permalink

    Can I use the same save when the next patch comes? or should I wait for the finished part 3 to play it without having to repeat parts of the game?

  261. Anonymous permalink

    Before doing the full conversion, the ‘skip’ button had a chance to randomly crash the game on any dialogue (story/combat/loss).

    After doing the full conversion, the ‘skip’ function no longer works properly. Instead it just advances the text by one line as if you just clicked normally.

    Im sure someone posted this already, but the ‘Flash Kill’ ability is still in Kanji

  262. Anonymous permalink

    maybe you can layout translation of next 3 girls when you do it?

  263. 光闇 permalink

    Can someone please make a side story or extra monster battle for the Dark God, Alipheese, that is of exceptional quality?

  264. Anonymous permalink

    They should continue the serialization of monmusu quest. This is the most epic game ever been made. Even after finishing chapter 3 I redo it again back from chapter 1 while reading the entire story again.

    • Takata permalink

      Hm… I’m not sure about a continuation. If you try to tack more story onto the end of what was planned to be 3 chapters, I don’t think it would turn out very good.

      Sometimes I think a remake (someday) could turn out good though. No offence to the artists, but the art style for characters and backgrounds varies a lot. Some of the backgrounds look a bit computer-generated rather than drawn. I think the game could use more CGs too. Not just for h-scenes, but for main route events like Alice landing in Ilias forest.

      The two images of Alice after she lands in Ilias forest are my favourite images in the whole series so far. ^^ I also think the redrawn sprites of the Harpy Queen and Micaela are improvements on the previous images. ^^

  265. JayDen permalink

    iv’e been following this series since day one, and im so happy to see it shine when the last patch is done im going to put it all together and spend a couple days just playing from start to finish. GOD BLESS YOU FOR……. wait is that wrong in this case… oh well… YOUR WONDERFUL AND MASTERFUL EFFORTS

  266. Anonymous permalink

    Worked flawless here.

    Thanks Rogue!

  267. Anonymous permalink

    That sure was fun.The story of this game is way too awesome for words.Can’t wait till the next translation patch.Keep up the good work Rogue!

  268. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing great, Rogue. Take your time

  269. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge, after playing your translated patch, i continued playing the untranslated patch. and by the time we are suppose to use alma elma to fight hainuwele, there seems to have a bug(or glitch idk) where we are using Luka with alma elma’s skill with no chance of winning.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, I’m having the same issue, but you know, He told us to expect bugs outside the patch, so you can use a japanese version to keep playing

  270. Anonymous permalink

    Hello. I combine part 1+2+3 and start new game with no prior save data.
    The game crash for me when Frederika in Haunted Mansion killed me with “Immortal Trio” attack. (Specifically third tick of damage)
    This was the scripted attack when Chrome tells her to use it for the first time after doing some damage to Frederika.

    Here is the error:

  271. Lyei Hawaquae permalink

    There is a typo I found. Shortly after defeating Revel in the Forest of Spirits, Luka says:
    “Yes, I understand… New let’s go!”
    It should be:
    “Yes, I understand… Now let’s go!”

  272. Anonymous permalink

    Game-crashing error in Chimera Bug fight: Use Edging, then request Forced Oviduct Mating.

  273. Just saw a really small bug.

    Whenever Luka dodges using Sylph’s wind effect, there’s a “/” at the end.

  274. Lyei Hawaquae permalink

    After beating Lucia in Witch Hunt Village:
    “I wan’t say that I completely understand what you went through…”
    Should be:
    “I won’t say that I completely understand what you went through…”

  275. Ehunkel permalink

    Heya, You asked for bug/crash reports, so here’s mine!

    During the fight with the Sister Lamia, everytime she uses the attack “Love-Filled Breasts”, the game crashed telling me that “sisterlamia_hb1.bmp” wasn’t found in the NSA archive.

    Here is a screenshot of said error

    I’m already re-downloading the game, in case I messed up something during patching or anything, but I really don’t think I did…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have every request move (up to the end of the patch) without having encountered a crash, so it might be an isolated problem.

      • Ehunkel permalink

        Yup, redownloading the games and repatching with “clean” games solved it. Oh well, sorry to have bothered you all!

  276. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting this error:


    |csp| 699,705
    |bg black, 7, 1500
    >bg “bg\” +$haikei+”.bmp”

    It happens in the beginning cutscene when Goblin Girl is zooming by. Anyone can tell me what’s going on?

  277. Anonymous permalink

    Hello. Another crash while doing full playthrough. This time during fight vs. Alra Rooty.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same crash minute later at different part. Seems to randomly happen when Luka dodges with Sylph. Not always.

      • Anonymous permalink

        After crashing on wind dodges in that fight for +10 times I just went with Gnome. Highly annoying.

        • AnonS permalink

          Yikes, guess I shouldn’t have erased my save. Looks like the full combined game just really isn’t ready yet for playthrough. Thanks for doing the testing, I will be joining you soon in the frustration most likely.

  278. Anonymous permalink

    Infinite typos as always, but wonderful job nonetheless; thanks! I hope you’re able to comb over the typos in later releases. One that sticks out in my mind is the improper use of “than” vs “then.”

  279. Yabu permalink

    There’s some selection bugs…
    When after choosing “Extras” in the menu…

    There’s a dot “.”
    Yes… a dot in there… when you select it…
    It’ll direct you to Doppelganger Extras series…
    The Doppelganger was in the Monsterpedia before when selecting a selectable “???”
    Now it’s gone…

    • Anonymous permalink

      that’s probably on purpose

    • Edale permalink

      The coding for doppelganger was too complex for the engine used by the side-stories, so Rogue set it so it would display as “???” in the monsterpedia, but only if 100% of the monsters were filled in, since this was the only way he could get it to work. (from rogue’s previous posts)

      Since we can’t have 100% of monsters filled in with a partial patch, he had to find a new way to access it, and he couldn’t use the monsterpedia page. But he did want it working with the partial patch (he pointed out doppelganger worked when he released the patch).

      Since he couldn’t use the monsterpedia page, and he couldn’t use the side stories, he had to throw the link in somewhere, guess an inconspicuous dot is what he decided upon.

  280. Anonymous permalink

    mega took down the link in the last minute or so

  281. Anonymous permalink

    mega link for the patch with mods got removed by mega less than 5 minutes ago

  282. Quladi permalink

    Don’t know if someone have already sent in this but I found an untranslated part in the Valkyrie battle when she just her last attack War Angel’s Vagina for the first time…

    • Quladi permalink

      I also just noticed that my “have all techniques” for chapter 2 in the records didn’t light up even if I had it in the second part as I imported and combined the games…

  283. Hintero permalink

    i wanted to wait till the full patch… but i can’t wait enough… i have TO PLAY IT! since the game is 1.3gb than it most mean it is way longer than both series combined. :D and of course the mega site doesn’t work..

  284. Anonymous permalink

    As an fyi to people trying to play on Wine, I managed to fix my issues by doing the following:
    Copy fonts from a Windows 7 install (Usually C:\Windows\Fonts on that system) to the wine system folder/drive_c/windows/Fonts.
    Set the locale for Wine to

    If you’re using Crossover, you can set up a bottle that takes care of the locale issue by creating one and then adding the following to cxbottle.conf (which is by default located in .cxoffice/bottle_name) under [Environment Variables]

    Other notes: the DLSite copies of Monmusu quest P1 and 2 are zipped, which means that if you’re on a Linux system, you need a version of unzip that can have the correct code page specified. One of those is Info-Zip’s 6.10b version (still in beta, but available from their sourceforge site).

    However, you will need to ensure that you have iconv installed *and* you have to compile from source. From the terminal, setting LOCAL_UNZIP=-DUSE_ICONV_MAPPING as an environment variable before running the makefile (make -f unix/make generic_gcc) should enable it. After that, run that version of unzip (I copied mine to /usr/local/bin/unzip-iconv) and specify -I cp392 as an option.

    The default Windows zip utility takes care of this, if you have a windows vista or 7 partition handy to do the unzipping from.

    Then you can extract w/o a problem.
    The DLSite download for Part 3 does not have this problem, as either RAR sorts it out for you or those filenames are UTF8-encoded, I don’t know which.

  285. Anonymous permalink

    There’s some untranslated text in the Cecil mods, they look like standard “you win” to me as it appears after every fight. I’ll also mention the pronoun used for “Meditation” is “he/his” (the protagonist in the Cecil stories is female), but I suspect that’s because the mod author used the standard text for that and that is set up for male (or in Japanese could be either).

  286. Ciol Nirrep permalink

    I don’t knowif it’s like that in japanese, but the name ”cirque du croix” is grammatically incorrect, because La croix is a feminine noun, so it would make sense to call it ”Cirque de La Croix”, as the word ”du” can only be used when the taget is a male, otherwise it’s ”de la”
    kinda heavy but it’s french.
    Thanks so much for this release !!!

    • Maybe she pretends to be male when wearing the whole outfit?

      • Ciol Nirrep permalink

        Maybe, that would be funny ^^
        But since the noun itself is feminine it still should be ”de la” as ”croix” is feminine in french, but well, it’s not like it’s SO important, I just noticed it as a french

  287. Den permalink

    MEGA says the file is no longer available? Tried the mirror but it downloads so slowly that it says it will take 11hours to complete.

  288. just found a crash during my playthrough from the beginning. The plant fight right after the queen bee, says:
    099.txt line:29649
    csp 690
    if %wind>3bg “BG\” +4haikei+”.bmp”,99,700,”system\”

    I’ve also been encountering the ending / after slyph-fueled dodging.

    • offkorn permalink

      I’ve had the same issue. I had to avoid summoning Sylph to get past the Alra Alum battle since every time it dodged an attack that error would pop up and the game would crash.

      Haven’t had it on any of the other fights so far (up to just before the fairy island) yet.

  289. Anonymous permalink

    can i just ask if there is going to be any games after that are based around this one maybe with the same characters or the same world but at a different time or continuation of this story?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same world, probably. There are some monster girls on Torotoro’s site that are going to be in his next game which is a rpg maker game. Not the same characters though as from what I have heard the lamia that is pictured is Alice 1, so a prequel or alternate dimension stuff is most likely.

  290. Anonymous permalink

    As great as this patch is its now got me completely hooked on this game and i really wanna finish it haha, even tho i know its gonna be sometime until anymore is translated i still check this page nearly everyday!

  291. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you man for your work, this game is huge and really good so good work!

  292. Your the man have all three and ur patches for them XD

  293. Anonymous permalink

    Can you update the download link for the patch containing the extra mods because it’s down.

  294. Anonymous permalink

    Where does this game get up to? No spoilers, just tell me the town name that you reach by 37%

    • redpanther permalink

      Amira will warn you when you are at the end of 37% patch ,so don’t worry.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s at the end of the section where you revisit Safaru Desert (the same desert you found Chrome in the first game) which is nearby Sabasa.

  295. Anonymous permalink

    Getting a crash while talking to Alice after talking to the Sabasa king at the end of the second Rescue Sara quest. It does not matter what I choose to tell the king nothing works.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Never mind. Re-installed and re-did the conversion and the patches. Working fine now. Not sure what the problem was.

  296. Anonymous permalink

    the patch with mods is not available u.u

  297. bluna permalink

    Ok so i completed the game up to when the patch ends, but when i started up again, all of the save data was deleted :\
    I read above that i have to do open as administrator, but everything keeps getting wiped. Is there a solution to this yet?

    Also, has someone uploaded a full save?

    • Michiru permalink

      Did you open as admin on japan local?

      • bluna permalink

        Yes i did. I tried both, and neither worked properly.

    • Edale permalink

      Try checking the properties for global.sav (and possibly your other MGQ3 files) and make sure it’s neither hidden, nor read-only.

      Some have reported this to fix the problem.

      • themengsk176 permalink

        I had been having that problem too, but I checked by gloval.sav and sure enough it was read only. I unchecked it and that fixed it! Thanks for the feedback!

  298. shadow permalink

    Chaos Labyrinth is great can you or dargoth translate it?

  299. Anonymous permalink

    Mega says file not found

  300. Monster Fan permalink

    The 150MB download is no longer accessible

  301. Sajuuk permalink

    I dont think rogue will translate more games after this, as far as I understand it maybe dargoth will do it why not ask him on his blog.

  302. Anonymous permalink

    It says the one with Mods is no longer available, did I screw up somehow?

  303. Anonymous permalink

    Your work is greatly appreciated!

    Sadly, all spin-off stories crash for me even after reinstalling/unzipping with/without applocale.,

    • Duufuus permalink

      beause the side stories need the files from the previous games.

      correctly covert part one and two into your part three folder, and the side stories will work correctly.

  304. TeKett permalink

    the download of the spin-offs and the patch dont work, says its deleted

  305. TeKett permalink

    but how do i move over my pedia record after i have combined the games?

    • Anonymous permalink

      take the gloval.sav file from part 2 and put it in part 3’s save folder

    • Edale permalink

      Copy the gloval.sav from your MGQ2 root directory (this file is generated when you create a cleared data after beating MGQ2), place the copy in the save folder of your MGQ3 directory.

      Start MGQ3, go to the extras menu, select “import save.”

      This will load all monsterpedia data for part 1&2, and start you off playing MGQ3 right where MGQ2 left off.

      You must have already converted part 1&2 for the monsterpedia data to show up.

      • TeKett permalink

        ah ok thanks man :)

      • TeKett permalink

        but i forgot to import the pedia from MGQ1 when i got MGQ2 so how do i import pedia from both? cus if i import the MGQ1’s MGQ2’s dissepear

        • Anonymous permalink

          How about you import MGQ1 to MGQ2, and then import that new combined file to MGQ3?

          • Anonymous permalink

            I don;t think that’l work. You can only import one file into part 3 and have it read that, so you will need to replay at least part 2 if you want to get everything.

        • Edale permalink

          Assuming you have a save close to the end of MGQ2, easy solution:

          -Import MGQ1 into MGQ2 (I’m assuming MGQ1&2 are already converted together; if not, do so).

          -Check monsterpedia to make sure import worked, and everything shows up.

          -Load a save in MGQ2 close to the end of the game (right before/after Alice fight is good if you got a save there).

          -Create a new cleared data.

          -Import the new cleared data into MGQ3.

          If you don’t have a save close to the end of MGQ2, then load up the save farthest in, and ctrl through all the dialogue. Only took me 2 hours to beat MGQ1&2, beginning to end, to create a new cleared data for MGQ3 (one of the updates to MGQ2 made my old save unusable) by skipping all text in and out of battle.

          If you’re REALLY lazy, try:

          It’s my 100% completion gloval.sav from MGQ1&2, though a bug makes the 100% of attacks taken achievement from MGQ2 not show up as achieved in MGQ3. Though I always recommend using your own gloval.sav when possible (on principal, rather than any technical reason).

  306. Juanma permalink

    Thanks for the patch, I’ve been waiting for it :D

    btw, I found a line of untranslated text.
    In the Valkyrie fight, if she uses the vaginal move, she says “I’ll finish you just like this, let it scatter out inside me…”
    Right after that there is a line of japanese kanji, but any text after taht is in english.

  307. lala permalink

    can you re-upload the 150mb one? it got removed

    • Anonymous permalink

      yea, it’s really annoying how ppl just remove it for no damn reason

  308. Anonymous permalink

    Looking forward to the eventual completion of this patch
    Keep up the good work bro

  309. Anonymous permalink

    Cannot wait for this (If it is even going to be a real thing.)

  310. Michiru permalink

    Let me try to upload to my dropbox guys. Its gonna be a 7zip though. Its uploading now.

  311. Sirgoodguy permalink

    My game runs fine with this patch and with out the patch but when i import my monster girl 2 it just dies at the start of the game about 10 secs in…

  312. Anonymous permalink

    If anyone has trouble with the fights, here’s my save collection – one save before every single fight (up until the patch ends)

  313. Anonymous permalink

    Forgot to add a link to the damn save:

  314. holy permalink

    theres a new 3.03 patch at momonsu webpage….

  315. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, I just cleared the game and I can tell you guys the epilogue is worth the wait.
    Spoiler incoming!
    You don’t need to end up with Alice. While traveling around the world, before going to the monster lord’s castle, you can choose from Sara, The Four Bandit, The Harpy Queen, Cupid & Valkyrie, Meia, Tamamo (non-loli), Erubetie, Alma Elma, Serena, The Succubi and Granberia. Although they propably are considered just screwing around and bad ends.

  316. Anonymous permalink

    @dude who wrote the spoiler

    FUCK YOU!!!!
    I didn’t read it but why the fuck would you post a spoiler here?!

    • Anonymous permalink

      It was a very, VERY light spoiler. Nothing on plot or anything. Basically just the fact that there’re more endings than one.

      No need to be rude, even when posting anonymously.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well besides the part on Tamamo…

        • Takata permalink

          The line breaks are insufficient for hiding spoilers on pages like this. Next time you want to post a spoiler, type in backwards. Better yet, post it in ciphertext and include a link to a webpage with a suitable decoder. >.>

  317. Teryl permalink

    I experienced crashing while fighting Gnome and again fighting the Moth/Mosquito/Caterpillar girls. For Gnome I remember it usually happened when I was in a hold. I didn’t see a pattern for the others. Sorry I waited awhile so I can’t remember too many details.

  318. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Bad news for those who like Alice’s horas. ;_; She’s not gonna make it.

    That’s not nice. ;_;

  319. Novelsfan permalink

    I’m crashing at the side stories :(

  320. Michiru permalink

    The side stories been crashing. Its cause of the cecil thing I’m thinking.

    Guys my dropbox locked out cause of all the traffic. I am uploading the file onto 4shared and it will take some time to do so. So if you are wondering why it isn’t working now that’s why. I’ll also find some other sites to upload to have backups.

  321. Anonymous permalink

    Raaaaaaarghhhhh!! IM READY!

  322. Anonymous permalink

    So any advice on fighting Amphisbaena? I’m just playing through on Japanese for kicks, but it seems like everything I do except guard in that fight leads to an insta-KO.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for translating this, Rogue.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Insta KO you say? When I was playing around with the untranslated part of Rogue’s patch, I ran into similar promblem with the unheavenly knights. The game wouldn’t change player control to Alma Elma in the first fight. I was playing as Luka and with his couple of thousand HP, I would lose in few hits. This problem corrected itself when I tried playing with an unpatched version of the game. Rogue said at the end of the translated part that bugs and errors may occur, so I guess this one of them.

      Anyway, if this wasn’t the problem, here’s something about the fight. You’re losing the battle pretty fast but during the last few hits you can take, a new skill costing 0 SP comes available. Use it and you win. Note that you have to survive a hit or two after using the skill, so this may not work the first time. There might also be factors I haven’t seen, since I can’t into moonrunes and I basically completed the game guessing what to do.

      Hope this helps.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks, yeah, that was the problem. Hilariously, I actually made it past two of them with Luka HP.

  323. The game crashes when I try using Alice’s first two skills; it gives me a message about damage2.ogg. I checked the se folder, and that file seems to be there, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

  324. Michiru permalink

    4shared link:

    Please use this link now, not the dropbox link. Thank you. I’ll make sure it stays up for you guys. Also making another link via mediafire, but its still uploading.

  325. Anonymous permalink

    read all the comments but still having problems with the goblin in the forest crash can I get step by step help please?

  326. Anonymous permalink

    very bat that there no ending with chrome.

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      Yes, there is! Even multiple endings if you like! Sad thing she takes off her swimsuit though.

  327. Anonymous permalink

    The link for the patch including the mods is no longer available. Either way, thanks a lot!

  328. Anonymous permalink

    rogue pls fix the download link

    • Edale permalink

      Dude, don’t post pics with nude images in facebook, there’s dozens of free image hosting sites you could use, the one on facebook will probably be taken down within a few days. pornography’s against their ToS.

  329. Anonymous permalink

    No crashes or technical issues, but I’ve noticed some minor typos. One thing that bugged me though. It seems you’ve changed Garuda to Galda?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s Galda from the start. When Luka and Alice revive the Garuda Girl, they name her Galda

      • ryu permalink

        I think that Garuda is basically the japanese way to spell the name Galda (Ga-ru-da).

        • Edale permalink

          From wikipedia: “The Garuda (Sanskrit: गरुड garuḍa, “eagle”) is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.”

          It also appears in MANY Final Fantasy games, heh.

          Just like most other monster girls, Galda’s based on a mythical creature.

          As for “Galda,” it’s either a commune in Romania, or the Galda River, a tributary to the Mureş River in Transylvania, Romania. and yes, the commune is right next to the river.

          I’d say that makes it safe to assume that in MGQ2, you hatch a Garuda egg, and name the (fully grown?) baby Garuda “Galda.”

          I find much more interest in the fact that in MGQ2 Galda wouldn’t listen to Luka, and would only listen to Alice, but in MGQ3, Galda’s Luka’s personal chauffeur. (Being the first time I’ve ever had to write the word “chauffeur,” I have to say, it’s one HARD word to spell, lol)

  330. Anonymous permalink

    can you please make next patch at salamander or it will be more far?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      i have a feeling that the next patch will be going quite a ways passed the Salamander scene judging by how the game has been flowing by the end of the current patch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Really, the postgame probably contains almost a third of the text in itself.

  331. Sair Velrend permalink

    Is it possible to get a status update soon? I don’t mind if you havent had time to work on this much in the past two weeks; i am more just curious to see how it has been going.

  332. Angamir permalink

    You guys know if there is any Monster Girl Hentai Anime (I mean video) can you share the titles or DL links ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You know, that is actually a very good question. I watched many hentai but can’t remember actual monster girl ones. Of course, there is plenty of elf rape (Kuroinu is very good, watch it if you didn’t), demons/succubus (Viper GTS, Brandish).
      But other monster girl are very rare. I can’t even remember catgirl or kitsune in hentai.
      BTW, Aku no Onna Kanbu has very delicious blue girl with horns.
      Can anyone help us and name some monster girl related hentai?

  333. Anonymous permalink

    great job translating the game, thanks a lot… I hope it will be finish soon though.

  334. Anonymous permalink

    i hope we get the next patch soon

  335. Bernaregna permalink

    Best of all games, fantastic story and awesome charatcters

  336. Michiru permalink

    Reposting again in case people only read bottom post:

  337. DeliciousPMan permalink

    Anyone interested in getting this Vn Translated?

  338. AnimeCrazy permalink

    Was really looking forward to play part 3 after i beat 1 & 2 today but looks like i have to wait which is alright with me. But damn this game is so good, i showed my friends and they called me a perv and all i said was ” I dont care what you say but this game gives fan service AND a great story and the person/s who translate this are gods”. So keep up the awesome work man and if there is somewhere i can donate to you i would really like to know thanks!

  339. Anonymous permalink

    Somehow I seem to have fucked up my downloads because i cant seem to find the arc2.nsa file anywhere from the download in the 4shared link.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or maybe the download is borked? Anyone facing the same problem?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Actually I cant find the arc2 file anywhere, can someone upload it? Thanks in advance.

    • Duufuus permalink

      well Arc2 file is in your previously bought games, the ones you can download for free after you’ve bought them already? or are you asking for a illegal link to a file?

      try buying the games and you’ll have all the files needed for your games to work. instead of using a possibly faulty filesharing link, but the few beans that it costs to buy all three parts, its not going to kill your wallet.

      and you dont need a credit card. a bank account works fine with paypal, and you can charge your paypal account using your bank account directly. and you can then buy the game. so there is no excuse.

      buy the games properly if you have trouble with using downloaded links.


      the arc files in the third part are there for compatibility, you need to transfer the required arc files from MGQ 2, for it to run properly in MGQ3.

      Thank you, happy paying for your legally bought games. and asking for support for those legally bought games ^.^

      • Anonymous permalink

        Love how ignorant assholes play the pirate card. Go fuck yourself, look in the mirror & admit you’re a total douche with no right to post anything, then apologize to the community for trying to be an expert by attacking an honest question. Which didn’t have to do with piracy. Buying a Japanese game from DLsite is still going to give you the Japanese language version. Since this is a translation thread, leave your misplaced & more than likely flawed sense of morality at the door. Then take ten paces (hopefully into traffic).

        • AnonS permalink

          You’re the asshole. You’re ripping a small time niche product maker off and then throwing a hissy fit when someone tells you to buy a product or have the brains to actually pirate it correctly. Not only do you fail to buy the product, but you demand someone hold your hand and walk you through pirating.

          We’re not going to fucking help you. And no, you calling us names on the internet isn’t going to intimidate us into doing what you want, you little shit.

          I hope you never get to play this game. Go whine somewhere else.

          • Anon Unknown permalink

            AnonS, did you ever stop to think that maybe the person you’re ripping into bought the game, then ended up having one of the files corrupted? It does happen, ya know.

            Oh, and before you go and call me a pirate, I bought all three games from DLSite.

          • Anon Unknown permalink

            Now I feel like an idiot. The anon who you were talking about was talking about the patch that was loaded onto 4shared because Mega decided to delete it.

    • Edale permalink

      arc.nsa = MGQ1
      arc1.nsa = MGQ2
      arc2.nsa = MGQ3
      arc(3-5).nsa = part of translation patch

      and when I mean it’s MGQ3 I mean it’s MGQ3, as in arc2.nsa is the pictures, text, choices, and such that add up to the game MGQ3.

      If you’re missing arc2.nsa it’s not because it was missing from the patch, it’s because it was missing from your original MGQ3 download.

      If you bought MGQ3, re-download it from your place of purchase.
      If you illegally downloaded MGQ3, find another source, the one you used is botched up.

      Also make sure your MGQ3 is the full game and not just the demo.

      For a correction to a misprint in the translation’s readme file, concerning arc2.nsa, check:

      The usual symptom for falling to the misprint is crashing in the beginning of part 3, something related to goblin girl.

  340. Anonymous permalink

    Plz rogue fix crash in lilith and lilim fight,i can’t fight those bitches again and again.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I believe he is focusing on completing Part 3’s translation before going back through old encounters to fix bugs. You can always play through it on part 2 and import it to part 3.

  341. Anonymous permalink

    Does anybody know does the ex-mode have anything other to offer than one shotting everything? New dialogue or something? I can’t into moon, I’m just scrolling through the game and killing everything with one hit. It’s pretty funny, but it gets old fast.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s for finishing achievements I believe.

  342. Anonymous permalink


  343. Edale permalink

    Bad news for everyone that was waiting for me to put out my MGQ3 walkthrough on gamefaqs.

    My aunt was just diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 mucosal melanoma (melanoma of the mucous membrane [inside the nose], rather than the skin) and it’s less than 1 cm from her brain. She’s starting radiation treatments tomorrow.

    I’m still going to get the walkthrough out, but it might take longer than the one month I’ve said previously. Sorry for the delay, but this isn’t something I can ignore to focus on writing a walkthrough for a game.

    There’s already a (really bad) MGQ3 walkthrough out on gamefaqs, so anyone who needs the help can at least try that one.

    Oh, if you’re looking for MGQ on gamefaqs, look for “Monmusu Quest,” rather than “Monster Girl Quest,” as gamefaqs used the Japanese name for the game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thats tough, hopefully things will turn to the better soon.

  344. ONE – SYOTA : Kariyume has a demo! Release later in the month.

    • demo seems to indicate that that game will be coming out on August 3rd!?

  345. Anonymous permalink

    the link is broken :( i was so excited to see what would happen next and now it doesn’t work :(

  346. jaoriwe permalink

    I don’t even care about the porn, but I’m interested in the story. When you’re done translating, could you dump the translation texts somewhere for us to download?

    Thanks for your efforts.

  347. Anonymous permalink

    i hope that soon you can give us another patch because this game is so good and you really need know what to do for win the fights

  348. Anonymous permalink

    Typo, a soldier in the mermaid city says “Even wose, I head that Ilias herself is the one who triggered this…”
    I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be “worse”

  349. Anonymous permalink

    *A loli squid girl whip Rogue for the next patch !*

  350. Anonymous permalink

    1st patch not working q-q. It said on Mega that you removed it.

  351. AnimeCrazy permalink

    i was wondering if it would be possible to translate the languages my self using google translate or something like that?

  352. AnimeCrazy permalink

    and by that i mean like changing the text in-game to english myself

    • Edale permalink

      If you managed to dig through the code to locate the text strings you might be able to translate them, but it would be a BAD translation without an understanding of the language to work with

      Japanese is full of words with the same romanji (English alphabet, also same pronunciation, since romanji is created phonetically) and different kanji (the symbols you’re used to seeing as Japanese writing, which give the words different meanings) and other such things, given that by it’s nature as a purely connotative language Japanese is drastically different than English, which is a purely denotative language.

      Then you run into the problem of you can’t simply just replace the text strings with the translated text. You also need to recode various things so that it can display the new text.

      Then there’s the recoding so you can actually save your game.

      Short answer, no, you can’t translate the text yourself and get it to display in game if you needed to ask here if it was possible. Too much coding knowledge needed disregarding the language barrier.

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      well if you get programs like Interactive Text Hooker (ITH) or Anime Game Text Hooker (AGTH) then you can at least get a hold of the Japanese text for your own playing purposes. Personally i use ITH and Translation Aggregator to both instantly grab the text and give me an immediate side-by-side comparison of translations from the biggest sources (google, yahoo, bing, Atlas, etc). But, as Edale mentioned, putting the translations back into the game would require a ton of work modifying the scripts to get things to display properly, so you are better off letting Rogue handle the actual patching

  353. AnimeCrazy permalink

    Well it was worth a try i guess. Looks like ill just have to pray to god (Rogue) every night for the english patch to come soon.

  354. Ter permalink

    Other glitches: The record entries for “Defeated an enemy strengthened by Gnomeran” and “Hit by all requestable second chapter techniques” don’t work…

  355. Koldstare permalink

    Hey,i found doppelganger in extras.
    On extras screen,you will see a white dot (bottom center) click on it and you will fight doppelganger.
    Try it. :)

  356. Anonymous permalink

    The link to the first patch is down

  357. Anonymous permalink

    the first link is dead , need new link

  358. Anonymous permalink

    i cant acces port natalia where the mermaids are attacking it doesnt appear on the map?

  359. Anonymous permalink

    link of patch with /mod is broke

  360. Anonymous permalink

    The first link with /mod is indeed broken.

  361. Anonymous permalink

    Hi and thanks for the translation. I have some issues : I’ve finished MQ1 and MQ2 monsterpedia but when I import them, there is nothing in MQ3’s monsterpedia. I don’t know where the issue come from but it’s really annoying. BTW, your first link is actually broken.

  362. Santa permalink

    I have a weird glitch, I played the 1st part of the game, and I mean the originial MGQ 1. And I have played the 3rd till the patch. Then I loaded sometime after getting 1st spirit, and I don’t have her, Then I loaded when you get 2nd, and its the same problem. It seems that it took some data from somewhere else. And a cool one was when I didin’t have the 2nd spirit and actually summoned her against the Iron Maiden, so cool xD.

    Ah, and this is doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but does anyone think If ToroToro will make merchandise? A friend and I though that an Alice’s Couch would be really cool, I though of doing it, (You sit on the tail and everything).

  363. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve run into a problem loading a save from my second playthrough, which is saved just before reaching Iliasport on the first continent. The game acts like it’s loading and my CPU jumps straight to 100%

    I clicked close and got a dialogue block telling me that mon_que_2-patch.exe is not responding. Perhaps a bug with the coding?

  364. Kuroneko permalink

    What the Hell Someone deleted the /mod 150MB SHIt

    Still have’nt downloaded it yet

  365. Anonymous permalink

    ThumpieBunnyEve says: /mod 150MB link @ is “Removed” Please update the status Rogue. ~~~~~ Recommendation, open the door for others to aid you in the translation process, so you just have to over-see from a managerial position, and make minor corrections.

  366. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue! You are my hero!

  367. Virtue permalink

    I want to donate, I really need to thank you!

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can start by purchasing the games. If you have, there’s not much more you can do.

  368. ReNZ permalink

    When the 2nd patch will come???

  369. ReNZ permalink

    I hope it release as soon as possible.

  370. Master Mink permalink

    For the ones that missed it, you will need 7zip to unzip it.

    Both files are there.
    with mods is now 40mb smaller

    PS: Fuck white knights!

  371. ReNZ permalink

    Is this the 2nd patch???

  372. Anonymous permalink

    The game seems to crash whenever I try using a skill while fighting Cupid.

    Is there something I missed? Or perhaps did wrong?

  373. Michael permalink

    LoL, good luck with that about closing the chat.

  374. Milouztovitch permalink

    Wow! That’s some stuff! And you also did the translation of MGQ 1&2? Impressive!
    Thank you very much for your work.

  375. rly amazing Translations *rawr*
    to bad you wont be doing any other games after this one =/

  376. Anonymous permalink

    I Cant download this cause the link dont function!!!!!!!!!

  377. Santa permalink

    Here links for the patches. Don’t mind the names.

    This one without the MOD.!QNgHwB7Y!CvLAVRkzo1LyJlC-Ml5h6kd0sEp9MYdryRGJ73aOH3g

    And this one has the MOD.!IRJlTJJC!WDX9xXjadLWOnhFegbXYtQ1vYYZHorGH2fXfdZBmHNQ

    Godd luck and enjoy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thank U Santa Claus, even u luv this stuff, lol xD

  378. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a bunch rogue , apreciate the hard work keep it up :)

  379. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone help me? This keeps popping up when I try to use the English patch. 099.txt line 305130 l effectcut l mode_wave_demo > exec_dll”NSFont>dll/ gaiji,YZ,system/hut.bmp

    • Santa permalink

      Are you using the Monster Girl Quest 3 game and not the demo? If not, I will try to check, because you need the Full Monster Girl Quest 3 to play with the patch.

  380. RogueTanslator permalink


  381. perv101 permalink

    For the people with the Fallen Angel Dance bug I found the solution here:

    First you need to get part 3 file and then english patch it. After that DON’T merge it with part 1 and 2.

    Play it as a standalone, press New Game it will continue where the second part left off and it should work.

  382. Anonymous permalink

    Dunno when the last post was, but for some reason the link for the translation with mods goes to a dead pages, says its no longer there.

  383. Anonymous permalink

    file doesn’t exit at mega anymore

  384. Nikfg permalink

    Um, the second link doesn’t work??

  385. Anonymous permalink


  386. kyaru permalink


  387. JimJam permalink

    If you’re thinking about buying Part 3 then I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAISNT IT since Part 3 is NOT worth a purchase!! After seeing the monsters for Part 3 and reading a spitball of the plot I was disgusted by such a lack of quality, variety, creativity, and the shocking omission of Monster Girls that I thought would’ve been obligatory! The art quality also degraded heavily since Part 2. The monster girls in Part 3 are a mix of angels and chimeras that look ABSOLUTELY NASTY, grotesque, and unappealing!

    Toro Toro and the artists clearly wanted to be done with this project so they phoned-in this last installment just to rip-off the easily impressed masses. Admittedly I bought Part 1 and 2 because those two had enough good content to warrant a purchase despite their flaws. But without a doubt Part 3 is by far the WOREST of the 3 installments due to half-assery, god-awful artwork, horrible storytelling, subpar endings, and the omission of monster girls and enemies that I really, really, REALLY wanted to see. In any case, despite my disgust with this terrible last installment I still want to thank you for all of your hard work, Rogue. Thanks for your time.

  388. Not-really-a-girl*chan permalink

    ^_^ nice to see some progress. I’m softly rubbing my monstergirl pussy in expectation
    Love you guys. X3

  389. Anonymous permalink

    Can u re-upload it since meda is bing an ass, there r tons of other ppl who like it or not couldn’t get to it, T-T

  390. Anonymous permalink

    The link for the translation with the mod (150MB) say The file you are trying to download is no longer available. Can you fix it

  391. Anonymous permalink

    the link for 150mb one is down, please reupload

  392. mgqplayr permalink

    great translations as for part 1 and 2. thanks for this :) to mention the mission, yes its a bit weak than expected and a bit disappointing because of this.having to visit most of the places again to kill an equal number of monsters and angels and to regain element powers is cheap. but to be honestly, i’ve seen much games with a similar progression but without a story around it trying to explain. sure, many of the new creations look grotesque. but i cant say they are of less quality than in the first two parts, and there were some ugly creatures too, and of different drawing style sometime. i don’t mind it. just played through the whole first part of the patch and enjoyed it.

  393. sinpathic permalink

    well i have made it to the end of MGQ3 eng translated got greeted by the upsidedown laima girl nice touch i might add cant wait for the next patch

  394. Santa permalink

    These links are for the 37% patch, don’t mind the names and the still work, just unrar them.

    This one without the MOD.!QNgHwB7Y!CvLAVRkzo1LyJlC-Ml5h6kd0sEp9MYdryRGJ73aOH3g

    And this one has the MOD.!IRJlTJJC!WDX9xXjadLWOnhFegbXYtQ1vYYZHorGH2fXfdZBmHNQ

  395. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone have a full monsterpedia save file for the first partial patch?

  396. Anonymous permalink

    Based Rogue!

  397. Anonymous permalink

    you are AWESOME!

  398. I’m gone too say to my little brother, that he should also ppay a visit this website on regular basis too obtain updated from
    newest reports.

  399. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really
    useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided

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  401. The Great Lurker permalink

    Hey for anyone else that had trouble with the game crashing while watching Gobby run through the forest, while I can’t for sure say that this is what fixed it for me, I managed to get past that part after re-adding arc2.nsa from the the very first download part.

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