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July is over

August 1, 2013

And so has most of my time away from home with it! I’m back at home now and able to keep going again. Only two weeks in August where I’ll be gone, so progress should be a little better than it was in July. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.


So I stopped using Mediafire because they were deleting my patches, and Mega is now deleting them as well. Does anyone want to offer another alternative for hosting them that won’t require a bunch of hoops to jump through?

  1. Cory permalink

    You could use Anon like Dargoth?

    • Learch permalink

      This 1000 times.

      • Anonymousse permalink

        @the bitch who who keeps spamming faggoty videos that fuck up the page:

        I hope that, whatever file host rogue ends up using for his translation patch, he’ll find a way to block you from downloading it.
        Please die.

        every person on this site.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Pretty much this…

        • Michael permalink

          And that’s why you added more literally gay videos ?

          Seriously though, you’re so sad it lowers the media of humanity… and I made sure you will never get the next MGQ patch, so you could start searching somewhere else to live cus when Rogue comes from this month’s trip, you’re a goner.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The spamming pretty much shows your respect for his work. how would you think he’d reply if he suddenly got this spew of videos that you spammed out of sheer sexual frustration?

          I hope you don’t get the patch because of this ya dipshit. Some of us actually * want* to read the replies of others to see what’s going on.

      • Anonymous permalink

        @ Waiting for Rogue

        Being bipolar is no excuse for this BS. I’m bipolar and i would never do stuff like this. Quit using stuff like that and claiming to be disabled in order to trick people into sympathizing with you, Being bipolar does not give one carte blanche to be an asshole.

        • Translation Junky permalink

          Waiting is a typical troll of the bottom level. He will throw back most of whatever is said against him at you, and try and make ppl feel pity for them.

          He is lieing about not caring, as someone that did not care, would not have placed this much spam on a thread. This also shows his intellect that he thinks 99% of the people here use this as fap material.

          To me people that just wanna fap to a porn game are not really interested in the story. Therefore they do not need, nor care for a translation in order to do such fapping.

          Now others that like the game beyond it just being “porn” as you call it, kinda like to follow the storyline (granted loosely called as such) as we have with parts 1 and 2.

          • Bernaregna permalink

            You are right, every words you said about the interest in the story of the game are gold for me, good job

        • Anonymous permalink

          This. If Waiting is cannot take accountability for his actions on the internet to a bunch of people that will never meet him in real life then he is truly pathetic. Sure, IRL, people may tolerate his bullshit because they either feel obligated or actually are obligated (HR at a job, or something); however, nobody will ever respect or like him because he refuses to rise above his condition.

          Unless Waiting can turn his attitude around, he is better off just killing himself because all he has to look forward to is a lonely, alienated existence wallowing in a filthy cesspool of the shallow excuses he uses to convince himself that someone or something else is to blame for his actions.

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            I am not blaming anyone for my actions, stop assuming that. Yes its my fault for spamming porn on a shitty little wordpress site? Does that really merit suicide.

            IRL people don’t have to tolerate my bullshit because I am a perfectly normal person IRL. Two weeks and I will be attending college.

            Don’t get your panties in a bunch over 5 mins of spam. There will be worse things in life to worry about.

            At least we know Rogue is back woopie!

          • Anonymous permalink

            The point was there was no need to do that. I seriously doubt you are bipolar and that you were just being an absolute dickhead and no having a mental illness does not give you a free pass to be an asshole, while people would tolerate and forgive some things you do irl it’s not an excuse to be a bad person, and this isn’t about a game anymore, you went out of your way to piss people off, bipolar or no that’s a really, really shitty thing to do.

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            You are right, I don’t have any illnesses. My dad was part polar bear so I am bi-Polar. In a court of law it does give me a free pass to being and asshole. Spamming a porn forum with softcore porn is bad? Do you even know what trolling means?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Trolling, by textbook definition, is arguing someone into a corner they can’t get out of. Not all this “Hey u suck” “NO U” “LOLLOLOLOLOLOL TROLLED U” Cock and Bull.

          • Anonymous permalink

            God trolled your mother by giving her such a retarded son.

          • Anonymous permalink


          • TrollingNinja permalink

            Anonymous at least god took pity on him whats your excuse.Not even ghandi would show love for you.Your mom said when you were born. She asked the doctor if its still too later for a miscarriage.Doctor replied well euthanasia might be another way.She acquiesced doctor if i don’t show him any love. Will he accept hes useless and off himself.The response was lets hope so.
            Learn how to troll your worthless cesspool of human excrement. :D.Have a great day everyone

          • Swedishmeatball permalink

            lmfao now thats is a troll burn alls thee nooblets tills they cries

          • colonelgives2fucks permalink

            Your my hero ninja rofl.Teach me your ways great one!

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            Trolling ninja… Is the only insults you can make are copy-pasta ones? Anyways it’s funny how you can judge my entire life on only five minutes of spam. You act like 12 year olds assuming everything and making fail comebacks.

            Funny thing is instead of being mature individuals and ignoring me you decided to make everything worse and attempt “counter troll measures* All you are doing is showing your inner immaturity and overall obnoxiousness.

            See Rogue did the smart and mature thing by just deleting my comments and not making a big deal out of it. Not giving me attention and/or a shoutout.

            Even worse you think that I got “burned”.. Using copy-pasta comebacks just shows your incompetent brains are incapable of making real comebacks, and why in the fucking world does anyone say “Gandhi” when trying to make comebacks on a porn game. Fucking A.

          • Anonymous permalink

            This is a fantastic Flame War. Yes Flame. As in not trolling.

          • Bernaregna permalink

            Stop this insults, we are here waiting for Rogue’s work to be done. No need to flame each other, the best thing to do is to not spam stupid things and mantain this page clear from the rubbish. Rogue did a great work deleting that videos, let’s pray for a fast translation of the game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Tu restes quand même un enculé
            Handicapé ou pas.

          • Edd permalink

            Gay French is Gay

          • Anonymous permalink


          • Anonymous permalink

            August is (almost) over and so is my life. I can’t stand this any longer. I hope I’m getting reborn as a japanese in order to understand the final part of mgq.

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            you could try a text hooker (like ITH or agth) and Translation Aggregator to get the aid of 8 different translation sites at once. Translation sites generally suck, but combining them can at least clear up some of the stupider mistakes individual ones make. I played through the entirety of Raidy III like this and pretty much all my japanese knowledge comes from anime (meaning i stink at reading)

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            could have sworn i wrote that to respond to anonymous above me. Oh well, at least its next to their comment

          • Anonymous permalink

            je t’emmerde connard ( that means something along the lines of screw you )

            I am sure you are a typical obese american hamburger eater ( that’s how the rest of the world sees most american people …)
            At least in France we’ve got healthy and good food, not all this industrial shit …

            Your comment about Gay French isn’t justified.
            At least WE have the openmindedness to accept them, not shun them …

          • Edd permalink

            I’m not American, I’m from central EU my dear friend, and I hate French ppl like hell. Theyr like coward dogs with gay language. Deal with it…”openmindedness” rofl

          • Anonymous permalink

            Dont lose your time with this gay ass eater. He isn’t a man but a gay french sissy boy so he cant understand.

          • Anonymous permalink

            true words my friends

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’m French, i’m not the same anonymous that insult you however i wonder how you can judge a whole country like that.
            It’s like saying that all the Americains are fuck*** idiots. (and many people seemed to think that is the case.)
            Why do you hate “French ppl like hell”?
            And what’s your nationality? I’m pretty sure i can do rude comment about whatever country you’re from/or live.

            Anyway, i believe that you’re kind of pathetic to say such thing, and so are those that agree with you on this subject.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh my. You mistaken. I only refer to the so-called french guy with HIS “openmindessness” no the whole country. Beside, I know many nice french people.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh….well, i’m glad i’m mistaken in this case^^

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            Please dont shoot, all we have for weapons are baguettes.

          • Anonymous permalink

            please don’t start this shit again…..

          • Moe-chan permalink

            So sad….

          • Anonymous permalink

            Rogue is deeeaaaad T_T

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            yes he is

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

          • Anonymous permalink

            Quick! Gather the dragon balls so we can wish him back, or ask the dragon to translate the game. “IT CAN NOT BE GRANTEEEEED!!!!” ……….. :C

          • Dcjboi permalink

            you… are… god for this…

          • Anonymous permalink

            wow you must be really bored

          • Anonymous permalink


          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, I guess it’s time to get dargoth on board.

          • Anonymous permalink

            You can’t be serious…..

            Anyways, while I’m ATTEMPTING to pass my time with going to the gym, watching TV, going to the movies, etc. Has anyone actually bought and looked at this?

            I am really thinking about if I should get it or not, since I really don’t want to waste my money. But then again, I am a huge fan of Monster Girl Quest and that is why I am asking for an opinion.

            One more thing, I’m more than sure that Rogue is alive. So please stop, this is immature and inhumane -T-.

          • Waiting for Rogue permalink

            if you have the money I suggest getting it. Its from the same person who draws most of the MGQ3 stuff and it is interesting. Mind you there is not very much content but it’s worth it. So get it and support the developers, I already bought it.

          • Moe-chan permalink

            Get it if you understand japanese imo.
            Otherwise don’t do it.
            But that is my opinion. It all comes down to you.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Am I the only one that realised the only way to make my message appear at the bottom of the page is by replying to the last comment posted? Otherwise it’s just getting posted waaay before a lot of other comments :/

          • Lowlifee permalink

            Maybe it’s a side effect of deleting those YT vids?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Sore wa chigau yo!

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            anonymous, if you insist on speaking in romanized Japanese, at least write with the same amount of completion you would use in English. what kind of a person just responds “that’s wrong” and doesn’t go any further than that?

          • Lowlifee permalink

            Hehe, nice try messing with me, anon. If that was me you were err… messing with.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Come on! I was just quoting Danganronpa there… ;w;

          • Sgt. McNigglet permalink

            I will now end my life, I cannot wait anymore longer, it has been a month now.

          • Moe-chan permalink

            No loss there…

          • Sgt. McNigglet permalink

            You do not even know me, who are you to say that? August is over now, but still, I cannot take my own life, I feel salvation is near.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Not dead yet?

          • L.A.P.D. permalink

            this site is being shut down in the next 24 hours. Rogue is in jail and is in a lot of trouble for this game. There will be no new patch and i would advise you to delete the game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            … nek day

          • Anonymous permalink

            I would advise you to shove your advises into your shithole.

          • I will make an update sometime next month. I was just taking a break and i am not dead. Please stop with the spamming and no more you tube stuff it messes things up. It is very unlikely that i will release a new patch by the end of the next month. Work will be getting a lot busier and i wont have much free time.

          • Incubusknight permalink

            No problem Rogue, it’s understandable.
            Thanks for the update.

          • Anon Unknown permalink

            Thanks for the reassurance, Rogue. Maybe that will stem some of the craziness for a while.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I thought you said August was gonna have more progress, I r confused.

          • Anonymous permalink

            He lied. I guess I’ll go with the machine translation, since I was right that Rogue will not translate the game till next year. Have fun waiting for AT LEAST another 4 months, guys.

          • Anonymous permalink

            well then i shall wait 4 months ;D

          • PSA: it’s possible to impersonate rogue
            probably that faggot who spammed the videos
            there is still hope

          • Hey guys

            This is rather unfortunate news but I may be unable to finish the Monster Girls 3 translation anyone soon. My significant other has recently fallen ill and I have taken it upon myself to be at her bedside to help her cope with the pain.

            To make matters worse I’ve been having to remove porn and other adult content from the comments section, and to be perfectly honest I really don’t really feel like putting hours of effort into my work to only be cursed at when I take a break. Have you forgotten I am doing this all for free?

            Anyways I will update the site with the 53% I have already completed and leave it as it is. Don’t expect to hear from me anytime soon. If all goes well you can expect to see the translation fully completed by February.

            – Rouge

          • Scarlethill permalink

            Dont mind them Rouge, If i can wait to February being the Monmusu Quest lover that i am they can too. Anyway great job with the translation and hope your #other” feel better soon ^^

          • Anonymous permalink

            Umh after they said that it is possible to impersonate rogue it comes to mind that this is most likely fake. Atleast for something of this magnitude i would’ve made another post

          • That is what I think too, brother. Look at the first comment left by rogue, then the other one, is ending by ” – rouge “. Now, I don’t know if this is another name he goes by, but, mispelling his own name? I call fake. And as you said, another post would’ve been made if that was really true. I will try to impersonate rogue with this post, to see if it works. Please be aware that I am NOT rogue.

          • OK, so it’s easy as hell to be faking rogue. Please brethern, do not expect any of the comments here to be really rogue, unless a new posts arrive. ( Once again, I am NOT rogue )

          • Hey guys

            This is rather unfortunate news but I may be unable to finish the Monster Girls 3 translation anytime soon. My significant other has recently fallen ill and I have taken it upon myself to be at her bedside to help her cope with the pain.

            To make matters worse I’ve been having to remove porn and other adult content from the comments section, and to be perfectly honest I really don’t really feel like putting hours of effort into my work to only be cursed at when I take a break. Have you forgotten I am doing this all for free?

            Anyways I will update the site with the 53% I have already completed and leave it as it is. Don’t expect to hear from me anytime soon. If all goes well you can expect to see the translation fully completed by February.,

          • RogueTranslator permalink

            I call bullshit!


          • Anonymous permalink

            i am about to kill myself out of confusion

          • Bernaregna permalink

            Like someone said, the best thing to do is to wait for the next post of Rogue and ignore the fake comments

          • Moe-chan permalink


          • Lowlifee permalink

            Rofl, my stomach hurts! XD

          • Gigant tentacle penis Woop woop
            Three fannies!

          • guy permalink

          • Anonymous permalink

            Rogue has already said this will be his last translation. Now I understand why.

          • Anonymous permalink


          • ryu permalink

            Too many morons…

          • Anonymous permalink

            too many 10yearolds

          • Lowlifee permalink

            Just breaking the 666th comment.

          • Lowlifee permalink

            Oh wait, I wrote it… >:O

          • Anonymous permalink

            whora whora

          • I patched your anal hole with my dick

          • Bernaregna permalink

            The patch will be released at the end of September? Damn, it is a lot of time.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thanks Rogue, dont care about rage comments there and there.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Most probably.

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            no, you’re not the only one. And it seems like most responses in general put the reply down here. I just pretty much gave up on commenting since this page is still broken from that spam earlier. I plan on waiting for the next blog post before i really start posting again

          • Anonymous permalink

            Rogue I hope you get engaged in sexual intercourse with the Beelzebubs :C lol jk, but seriously….Y U DO DIS???

          • Anonymous permalink

            Is that “The Daily Planet” or “The Daily Prophet”?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Openassesness yeah. And yes, his comment about gay french is fully justified.

          • TrollingNinja permalink

            i just wanted you to off yourself and see the reality of your failures you are nothing but a sad lil shit fyi noob 12 years wouldn’t even know who ghandi is you e tard any who copy and paste nah your just not creative i wasn’t trolling was stating the obvious also sad excuse of life porn game we prefer it as eroge

          • Swedishmeatball permalink

            Failed *Face-Palm*x30

          • Michael permalink

            Yes, you deserve suicide, especially for calling an years of work blog as “shitty little wordpress site”, and technically, your spamm was a 5+ days spam rather than 5 mins spam, now get back to rotting yourself on a chair at school/home and stop being a pimple on the internet’s butt.

      • Waiting for Rogue permalink


        • False, you can tell it is shopped.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Oh god, you’re a cretin.

          • Anonymous permalink

            wrong between your own eyes and programs a picture can be proven to be fake regardless of how well done it is
            should learn how a fake picture is made b4 you say such incorrect/false things

    • Anon permalink

      Agreed, that seems to work for him.

    • yuu permalink

      what about Zippyshare?
      They are pretty tolerant, at least for the stuff I saw.

  2. Denamic permalink

    Why not torrents?

    • Damien permalink

      Because it is the worst possible option?
      At least initially, you have to be online for a long time and a high upload-speed to create more seeds.
      Moreover is not to say that people which already downloaded the patch will seeding after that.

      On a hoster you only upload it once (your upload-speed is here not so important) and a great amount of people can download it, without you having to be online or otherwise do anything.

      • Something popular like MGQ will always have enough seeders, in fact there’s already many good MGQ torrents online.

        • /\ this

        • Mike Surage permalink

          I doubt it, tested 10 torrents for MGQ (part 1, 2 or 3 doesn’t matter) 8 of 10 are dead, and some of them not even 3 month old.
          It is right that only one working is enough, but at the same show this that you are wrong.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’m sorry, this blog gets how many comments between posts? If even 10% of those folks consistently seeded, you’d have negligible downtime at first and none as more people downloaded. It’s just a matter of sharing the torrent with a dozen or so dedicated fans to quicken the spread and letting nature take it’s course.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Dude, you’re wrong. Just check ThePirateBay, there’s MGQ1+2 with about 200 seeds (up to two or three weeks ago, I highly doubt it’s dead. If anything it just has more seeds), and even MGQ3 part one.

          • Capnmaf permalink

            Maybe because people seed the latest and greatest torrents? Idiot.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Then purchase a seedbox if you can’t be online 24/7.

        • Mike Surage permalink

          IIf you are put in the money, with pleasure!

        • AnonS permalink

          You do it, instead of telling everyone else to do something. What is stopping you from making the torrent, seeding it, and posting it up on a torrent site? Then you can just link the patch on here to let people know.

      • Anonymous permalink

        but you can use ares for download torrents duh

      • Joakim permalink

        Instant message me and I’ll gladly seed for week if you need me. 40 Mbps upload speed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        its free and you pay the price by getting online day and night..

      • Anonymous permalink

        No to torrent? this is funny.. say that to my 5TB anime and Visual Novel collections.. all of them are from torrent..
        found dead torrent? no seeder? i experience most of that all the time but i always get the job done.. do more research.

        • Anonymous permalink

          You need to realize that this isn’t like a game, or anime, or novel where several people get it and put it up on torrent, making multiple possible sources to choose from. This is a single, specific, translation patch, meaning only one source since people who get it will be seeding it, not re-uploading it separately. So should it run out of seeders, then that’s pretty much it, there’s no other places to look for it. That’s why a torrent isn’t the best idea for this specifically

    • Novelsfan permalink

      +1 torrent

    • Anonymous permalink

      Some people dont use torrents. Some may have had bad experiences in the past….

  3. Rikis permalink

    Thank for gods, you are alive. Keep a good job. I can only suggest torrents.

  4. Herja permalink

    Could always try using although I don’t know if theres size restrictions on files yet or not. Last time I checked I could upload archives so its worth a shot.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    there’re plenty hosting sites that you could try: depositfiles, bitshare, ryushare, rapidgator etc

  6. Anonymous permalink

    TPB (Pirate Bay)? I can only think of them. Have you tried asking ulmf if they have any suggestions?

    • Michael permalink

      The Pirate Bay never failed me, they keep their torrents stuff clean and tidy, even fakes, get removed in the same day.

  7. Lordbone permalink

    Have you tried Dropbox? They provide a pretty personalized space on what’s private and what goes public.

    • L_Dusk permalink

      Dropbox is pretty reliable.

    • Hobo permalink

      Dropbox is great for small scale, private sharing, but they actually shut you down if there’s a huge amount of traffic on your downloads (such as it would be if you were publicly distributing a patch).

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. Anonymous permalink

    You could try 4shared dude.

    • Anonymous permalink

      4shared can be a bit of a pain to download from. It seems to have arbitrary points at which it requires sign-up.

      • Vikutta permalink

        Ahh, we all can then use a website called
        very usedful at times.. ^^

  10. The Noble Shade permalink

    I would recommend that torrents would be best, unless you don’t like them; then don’t worry about it.

  11. White Mage permalink

    Thanks for translating.
    I don’t know much about hosting sites. Sorry.

  12. cerxer1 permalink

    How about using the site, Ivan – the admin og erogedownkoad uses it, and I haven’t seen any problems with it, although I don’t know if you have to pay to use thr site for uploads.

  13. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    I have a rather serious problem, “the small-paired text of DOOM”. (Mo ns te rp ed ia)

    It’s an old problem, since part 1 I think? I’ve never really grasp the solution though.

    My PC already has East Asian Language Pack installed (I think? the check box is already checked.) And actually, just yesterday, the game works fine, without having to run it in Japanese Locale too. Today, though, the problem arised, and not even the mighty System Restore can help me. (Yes, It has worked before.) Even doing 2 weeks restore didn’t help. I really don’t know what went wrong.

    But I DID do something that might give a clue. Today I change my locale to Japanese (the first time ever.), then I install VH2 and run dargoth’s patch, and because I can’t find the app850.fon to change my locale back to Thai(default and always.), I resorted to System Restore back to 6AM of the same day. Then it happens, the small-paired text of DOOM, and for some reason, the installation of VH2 got reversed to the state before I extract dargoth’s patch.

    Running the game in Japanese Locale CAN fix the problem, the game displayed different font from the usual one it did when I run it in my default(Thai) locale(The time when everything’s fine.), and it is completely readable. But I still want to know what went wrong.

    This is clearly because of me messing with the system, but I don’t know how it happened.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    anyone knows what was added in patch 3,03?

  15. Bian permalink

    sharebeast, uptobox, sendmyway, depositfiles, anonfiles,hipfiles. No torrent please, it’s so slow to download it.

    • Capnmaf permalink

      No reason for it to be slow if there’s enough people behind it.

      • Damien permalink

        Exactly THAT is the problem-word, ENOUGH people behind it.
        At the beginning there are perhaps many people who will seeding, but after a few weeks things looking differently from.
        That is / was always been so, no matter what files (ero-games, music, images or whatever).

        A hosting-site don’t cause such problems, there is the download-speed every time the same, even after weeks.

        • Bian permalink

          You mean, i need no worry about that or is up to host to decided (slow or not).

        • Anonymous permalink

          I disagree, even years old ero games I find torrents with enough seeds to download super fast, whereas download sites its like a snail’s pace, and you are always finding broken links because of deletions, forced to go on fishy sites

          • Anonymous permalink

            Now i searched for only 3 games which are over 1 year old, i found not even one torrent, but at least 1 working download from a file-hoster for each game, strange or?

          • Lowlightt permalink

            Then you just suck looking for torrents. Torrents are hands down the most reliable way to share information on the internet period. So much in fact that all major mmo companies use torrents to distribute patches. Even Steam downloads games via a torrent client. Torrents are not only where its at but the most stable. Even 8 year old dead torrents can be revived by 1 person. Its quite handy. That being said there are countless MGQ torrents out there especially on Nyaa torrents. So it doesn’t even matter if Rogue puts it in a torrent as there will be a torrent download for it anyway.

          • Anonymous permalink

            You do realize that Rogue is creating a patch and not providing the game itself, don’t you? Considering his past posts, I’m fairly certain that he would much rather people buy the game themselves rather than download it for free.

            But anyway, seeing as this IS a patch and not a game, that will mean that there WON’T be countless torrents of this, there will only be the one, unless you somehow feel compelled to upload this yourself after downloading it, rather than just seeding it.

          • Lowlightt permalink

            You do realize anonymous not only will there be torrents of rogues patch but all the torrents of the game will include it as well…. cause thats what they do……… let that sink in.

        • Capnmaf permalink

          Not a problem-word when the torrent will be popular until the next patch….

        • Anonymous permalink

          Currently downloading via torrent, an obscure 90s OVA that you can barely find anywhere. ~1gb size, still manages to have five seeders. ETA: 1 hour.

          God yeah I see what you mean, one hour for a gigabyte OVA is too long; I have places to be!

  16. Metax permalink

    I suggest Depositfile or, i extreme case Hotfile. I know other sites but now these are the best. ^^
    P.S.: Good Work, i appreciate your translations!

    • Damien permalink

      I would cross out Hotfile.
      They delete eroge / hentai related content quickly.
      Even a patch for a eroge- / hentai-game is not safe before that.
      Since Rogue would be busy to re-uploading the patch, more than anyone could download it.

  17. Zerreth permalink

    mega is fine as long as you name it something inconspicuous. I’ve never had any of my files deleted

  18. Bernaregna permalink

    Can’t wait!

  19. Anonymous permalink

    TPB. Putting your patches there will keep them safe and easy to access. All one needs is torrent software to download.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    torrent pls^^ , dropbox might be a good backup though

    Whatever you do, don’t bother with hotfile, they delete anything that could possibly be related to a movie or game. Even got fanart folders and selfmade 3d models deleted.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Try zippyshare?

    • Yeah, I agree. Was going to mention it myself if no one else had. It’s a pretty damn good site for hosting and downloading. Easy to use as well. Although, most things I download from there are usually labeled as something very inconspicuous, similar to what I’d imagine Zerreth was talking about, so that truly might be why they aren’t taken down, but I don’t know for sure… Either way, that’s my two cents. Hope you find something comfortable, Rogue. Thanks again for all the hard work!

    • Anonymous permalink

      seconded. many uploaded doujinshi stay up for a while

  22. Capnmaf permalink

    If not a torrent, dropbox is pretty reliable.

  23. Randomperv. permalink

    I would suggest “” as long as you aren’t pushing the game it’s self but JUST the add on patch it would be fine.

  24. Derpityderp. permalink

    ziddu, i haven’t seen a single upload been deleted there, ever. I know few sites that uses it to upload jpstuffs.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    You could try putlocker, they rarely delete things and they’ve got no wait time for free users.

  26. ghedipunk permalink

    There seems to be quite a few who are very happy with torrents, and a vocal minority whose only complaint is that the download might be slow.

    Here’s my vote for making it a torrent and my vow that I’ll seed for at least a year. I’ve been seeding a 200+GB torrent for almost 2 years, what’s a translation patch compared to that?

  27. Yuuki permalink

    thank for translation patch…. its very helpful….
    if you want to upload it….. i suggest upload to sharebeast , rockdizfile , tusfiles ,
    sorry for bad english….

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe putlocker or zippyshare?

  29. Anonymous permalink


  30. Anonymous permalink

    solidfiles – no bullshit file hosting! :)

  31. Power Berryelle permalink

    Dropbox is pretty reliable, I’d say. Could use the public section to host files. Don’t think I’ve ever had a file deleted. Might take a while to upload a large file, though.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    I love you. <3<3<3<3

  33. Michiru permalink

    Dropbox stops downloads if the traffic is too high. I had a copy on there and they disabled downloads. I reuploaded it to 4shared. Alot of people seem to be using depositfiles now though. Torrents are better in my opinion as long as there is seeds.

  34. “Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.”

    damn, I thought the illermenerters struck again

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Good to know you’re alive. But yeah, even if a torrent only has like 5 seeds, since it’s a small file it won’t take long to download it.

  36. Dhalmel permalink

    Google Drive/Docs is a good alternative, they will only take down file uploads if it infringes Copyright and the Copyright holder makes a claim.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    How long until the second patch is complete ?

  38. Anonymous permalink

    A friend of mine used a site called to upload a pdf for us all to see, maybe you can use that for other files as well. I like anon files though.

  39. leatherhead333 permalink

    Mega shouldn’t be a problem as long as you aren’t naming the files something obvious. I just pick random numbers and names whenever i upload stuff and i’ve only had one file deleted so far (been using mega since launch too). It might be because this site is so popular though. If your links get a lot of traffic they are likely to be taken down at some point. It’s just a nuance of uploading =/.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    how about zippyshare?

  41. yoy permalink

    soon I’ll be able to destroy my balls to nothingness
    thank you Rogue, thank you for existing.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Torrents is the best, to get the highest download speed with it just zip the files in a archive of 10 or something.. Thats what torrents are made for, singel files take longer with torrents..

    Torrent settings should be around 200 connections per torrent and upload slots at around 11 with upload limit around 300 or unlimited, Dont matter what internet connection you folks have you just need to make the settings right to gain a fast download speed..

    Over and out :)

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue was abducted by the Mexican government shortly after posting this… no more MGQ translations :(

    • Heinrich permalink

      What number is it now (where again will turn out that it is hogwash …)?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Did Mega say why they removed your patches?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Name the patches something inconspicuous, put them in a password protected .7z (or rar/zip if you must), upload to really any free host. They’ll be less likely to delete them as they can’t check them.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Depositfiles, hotfiles ?

  47. Sajuuk permalink

    Well I use 4shared a lot, but to download it you do need to make a free acount,
    but it is a good sharing program. from that on I dont know any good ones
    and glad to have you back Rogue,

  48. Hanani91 permalink

    What about Depositfiles?

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Try Good filehosting for downloads.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Well is good website to use for downloads

  51. Anonymous permalink

    4shared is better

  52. Anonymous permalink

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Deposit and 4shared delete like crazy. Same old crap.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    You can try for the patches lower than 50mb

  55. Anonymous permalink

    rapidgator seems pretty solid to me

  56. Anonymous permalink

    you can rename it

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Deposit File might be good

  58. Anonymous permalink

    I suggest downloadani

  59. Anonymous permalink

    downloadani is good

  60. Awesomely stupids permalink

    Another Option would be to use google docs and share the fgile publicly, or DO it by URL. either way, should work, and they never delete anything as its your personal files. (apart from when they delete the account.)

  61. ZVM permalink

    I strongly suggest

    It has no download speed limits, no upload limits, and everything is free, no need to pay. And for those who need to download your patch, they don’t need to sign up either. It’s pretty straight-forward and easy to use.

    Hope this helps.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    deposit file is an amazing server. download speed is quick even for free users

  63. My Favourite of such side´s is

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Google Drive. Use a throwaway account if you have a google account already.

  65. AnonS permalink

    Torrents aren’t a good first resort on something like this. And Rogue shouldn’t be the one that has to make the torrent, anybody can make those and put it up afterwards.

    I say just split it between a few of them, and maybe some people on here can take it on themselves to reupload the patches after/if they are deleted.

  66. Michiru permalink

    Well I have a copy on 4shared myself if people still need the last patch:

    I still feel torrents are the best.

  67. Big Fan permalink

    Hi and Hello,
    Man I really appreciate the time and investment on your way to make the games accessible in English, I like to understand the details in the game, and the dialogue is Pan the most important and interesting.
    Just please help me full time invested in the game and finished alone in the first game I spent the second game and save it finished, and then as I expect the third game my computer was destroyed and erased my Hard Drive.
    So if you could send me the saving of the two games (save of the second includes the retention of the former) together it will be a big help.
    P.S. I sure that as the translator you have those saves Tank You!

    • Jikorde permalink

      That’s a lot of words to ask for a save.
      Just download that, its the gloval.sav file, put it in part 3’s save folder and chose to import the save in the extra’s.
      It contains everything from parts 1-2.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Big Fan

        yeah I know, it just that I have been waiting so much time, and i searched in many places but all of the saves were corrupted or removed thank you so much.

      • Anonymous permalink

        big fan,
        why I can’t convert with those saves only load? please i want to convert the three chapters.

        • Jikorde permalink

          If you are saying what I think you are saying, that is just a save from part 2 with everything from part 1-2. If you want to convert, have you combined all the parts yet? That needs to be done first to unlock the rest then you can convert the save.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    I can suggest or dropbox as new hosts.
    They have never let me down yet.

  69. Anonymous permalink, Russian website is very good – fast, easy to upload, no advertisements. I would sincerely advise it.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    They can’t delete your patches for being related to adult content if they can’t get into them, name them something innocuous and zip them up with a password. If they can’t see what the file is for or even what’s in it they won’t waste time on it.

    • AnonS permalink

      They can’t get into them anyway, they’d have to already have MGQ themselves in order to patch the game, otherwise the patches don’t actually have anything in them really.

      They’re being erased probably either due to traffic or someone checks this blog and then reports it after it’s posted up.

  71. pigvin permalink

    What about Wondows Hotmail, Skydrive or however it is called. You can upload 25GB to that adress and you can set file to be public or that only those with link can access.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    You could try isohunt and id gladly seed for this

  73. koorigashi permalink

    Try contacting him, he runs a weeaboo filehost and it’s limited to 25MB (for now) but it was 50MB before and I’m sure if you talked to him he’d be willing to let you host your big patches.

  74. Hey there Rogue~
    theres an interresting upload side out there, its still in beta but looks great: check it out, its worth it. x3

    Btw, I started to translate a J-game with similar gameplay like MGQ,
    do you know any easy way to create a patch file for an RPG VX-game?^-^

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I think Mega was already being used to host the files, but the file were removed eventually.

  76. Jake permalink

    Have you tried Dropbox?

  77. Anonymous permalink

    I think TPB is a good idea in the beginning. At the start it will take the huge amount of download with no restriction and then, if it’s necessary may the file get to cloud. But i think the TPB is buy sometime to us to figure it out. Hybrid option. Sorry for the bad english.

  78. Takata permalink

    Maybe use a torrent first, then provide some file locker link 2-4 weeks later?
    Or you can provide both at the start, and encourage people to use the torrent if they can?

  79. Michiru permalink

    Guys I keep telling you. Dropbox WILL NOT ALLOW high traffic with their files. They locked my account once because I had the translation patch on there.

  80. Crust20 permalink

    Well if Dropbox won’t allow it a Michiru stated then torrent might work as a few have already said.

  81. Michiru permalink

    Congratz we now have a torrent guys. Come help me seed it!

  82. Rogue, why don’t you try with this one? it hasn’t given me any problem until now, buy you’ll have to upload files no more than 200mb, or the downloaders would need to buy a premium account

  83. Anonymous permalink

    All I can suggest is send the entire ISO & Patch to a pro seeder who will be online enough for it to spread.

  84. Anon permalink

    I’d offer hosting it but I’m sure you guys’d hammer my poor little server immediately.

    If you’re interested in buying some reliable hosting I’m sure all of us would be willing to pitch in for it, though.

  85. anon permalink

    temp-share, blazing fast.

  86. Pretty much all my recommendations are already listed above. There are some really good ones up there.

    You could try Rapidshare, except they delete it in 30 days if nobody downloads which sucks.

    That or just rename your file so Mediafire doesn’t delete it.

  87. Brave permalink

    Honestly, it wouldn’t be worst thing if there was a backup upload on one of the less user friendly hosting services that never seems to delete things.

    Perhaps we’d have to jump through some hoops, but it’d be there at least.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    TPB is going to “host” the patched version of the full game regardless of what happens here. I think that the patch only will likely be abandoned in favor of the game+patch download. Uploading the patches directly to a torrent site would likely be construed as supporting the piracy of the game.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    I guess a bunch of users could just keep uploading it to various places. I was thinking Ubuntu One myself.

  90. When the patch is done il upload the full game with it i have a gift for making files stay long time online

    • Takata permalink

      Just don’t post any links to the actual game here. I don’t think Rogue wants to support Monmusu Quest piracy.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    have you tried sendspace?

  92. Anonymous permalink

    you coiuld try google docs or drop box

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Why not make a public “DropBox” or “Copy” accounts?
    I would recommend using Copy, as you get way more space for free, and can expand it with invite codes between friends or whatnot.

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      Dropbox (i am not sure about copy) doesn’t really like the massive levels of traffic that rogue would likely incite coming through to access files. Someone above (perhaps it was michiru) mentioned their account got locked when they put up a patch that way. I would assume Copy uses similar limitations since it is also free

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Anonymous Delivers, Anonfiles, and a combination of naming your zip something stupid like Magic Airport Bus, Season 1

  95. Quick Monster Girl Saga update for those who care: Due to July having so far been boilingly hot (35°C on average and humidity of up to 95%), progress on ch12 has been slow. Apologies. On the flip side, I did get a scene with Alma Elma written for much later on. Hopefully it’s as hot as the weather this month…

  96. I could maybe host it on my site. Toss me an email.

  97. koldstare permalink

    Hey,i found doppelganger in extras.
    On extras screen,you will see a white dot (bottom center) click on it and you will meet doppelganger.
    Try it. :)

  98. Avascar permalink

    You can always use this
    Pretty reliable :3

    • suopis permalink

      And works only with chrome :3

      • Anonymous permalink

        Firefox as well, there’s an addon for it.

        • suopis permalink

          It works with firefox, when they fix it to work with it.

          • passing chaos permalink

            I never had any trouble downloading from mega with firefox but I’m assuming I’m in the minority here

    • suopis permalink

      And you didn’t read post.
      “Mega is now deleting them as well”

  99. Anonymous permalink

    try using GoForFiles, it helped me a lot

  100. Hikari (Nth Generation) permalink

    If someone posts for torrent, ill seed. I leave my computer on all day, anyways.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    the pirate bay

  102. Anonymous permalink
    If you want to download form it, just uncheck the thing below the download button

  103. notanon permalink

    putlocker/firecloud/akafile/rapidgator ,but i do love if u upload it at akafile or putlocker since its easy and fast and good

  104. redtack2009 permalink

    in personal opinion i would prefer it to be anything but a torrent as i downloaded a torrent patch for mgq 2, 8 hours in and it was just over half done. after another half hour searching i found it available to download and it was done in less then a minute :S however thats my personal oppinion. officially torrents a re a quick and easy way to share files. only issue being seeding. a month of seeding is fine but of someone wants the patch 3 months down the line they will find it difficult to download a torrent with 0 seeders

  105. xerotech permalink

    what about zippyshare

  106. mazlboy permalink

    Why don´t you use, it lets you dowload at least 2 files at once and it´s fast.

  107. Santa permalink

    I vote for zippyshare too or (but I didn’t know that it had a download limit), I always seem to have problems downloading with torrents. Hope it helps. I love your work keep at ti n_n.

  108. mazlboy permalink

    Yea, torrents are a problem somentimes and are vest only whith xtremely large files when you dont need to put your whole attention.

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Too bad Toro Toro Resistance can’t be convinced to host the patches on the official site.

    • Has Rogue even asked? This is actually a good idea, and I’m not sure why Toro Toro would have any issue against it.

  110. This place is divided between 2 groups of people, the first are unexperienced in the full use of torrents, and so they demand whats longer but easier for them to use, download sites. The second group, like me, hate slow downloads and want instant torrent downloads which are much safer and easier to use for us. So

    • I disagree, it’s more accurately a split between those attempting to help Rogue by suggesting Filehosts, and a number of boorish people who seem to feel torrents are the only way to take a file from the internet to one’s computer.

      To use torrents would require a new torrent each time the patch is updated. This would invalidate the swarm each and every time, and would require Rogue to personally host the initial seed of the patch each time the torrent is remade.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That, and there are many who simply don’t trust Torrents.

        • People who live in houses made of glass shouldnt throw stones.

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            I dont believe that was they saying you meant to use. I fail to see how it is hypocritical for someone to point out that there are people who dont trust torrents

        • Syna permalink

          What the hell is wrong with torrents? =/

          • Potato Cakes permalink

            Whats wrong with them is people like me who dont have internet cant download anything from a torrent not to mention you dont know what yoir downloading half the time.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Torrents are like drugs: The only people who are really against them are people who have never use them or people who are really bad at using them.

  111. ButriX permalink

    My friend… you have a great burden on your shoulders and everybody is counting on you… But we are proud to know your name and we are praising you as our savior BECAUSE ONLY YOU CAN DELIVER US THAT GREAT EXPERIENCE OF MONSTER GIRL QUEST IN ENGLISH !.

    I know that everything GOOD will returne my friend… wish you from the bottom of my hearth the best… :)

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Try putlocker

  113. Bernaregna permalink

    You are right ButriX!

  114. mazlboy permalink

    J is right, I don´t dislike torrents, in fact, they are helpful, but they are a kick in the ass when they go suddenly “DEAD”.

  115. Anonymous permalink

    “1fichier” is a good host.
    but i don’t now if he will delete your patches…

  116. Anonymous permalink

    I would say that in my opinion Depositfile or 2shared are good ways to upload them. The only Problem is that the speed seems to be a little low, but your translations are very little, so there seems no problem (i mean: the translation of part 2 are just about 40 mb or so, so there is really no problem that you can wait 5 minutes before you can hold them in your hands. And either way, if you will wait for it, you will be much luckier to hold them on your hard drive. (derpface)

  117. 光闇 permalink

    Anyone know where where to get the new One-Syota RE117304 game for free? It’s not coming up in Google searches for me, yet…

  118. A couple of uploading sites I'd recommend permalink

    surprised no one has mentioned this. Use they upload it to 35 different sites like megashares, putlocker (a really good site) and etc. Though they have a max of 200mb to 400mb depending on the site being uploaded too.

    side note is another good uploading site.

    • A couple of uploading sites I'd recommend permalink

      another thing if you know what irc is you can use that to send to others but it’ll require other users to have something like mIRC

      • mazlboy permalink

        IRC channels are a option, but I doubth Rogue is interested in adopt a channel only for his patches.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Once more people have the patch in their possession, torrenting becomes a more viable option.

  119. Anonymous permalink

    A torrent is always the worst way to handle an initial release. Due to lack of seeds and a high number of people trying to download it always turns into a terrible time trying to get it. Put it up on a host first, a torrent’s going to be made available almost immediately anyway, and having an alternative source will make seeders become available more quickly.

    Plus there’s no guarantee anyone here promising to seed will actually stick with it, as what usually happens. Better to have a backup just in case the torrent dies out.

    • Luka The Spooka permalink

      Who seeds anymore anyway.

      • Syna permalink

        The seeders? Dude, if no one seeded, torrents wouldn’t be able to exist. XD By downloading any torrent, you answer your own question.

  120. Eduard permalink

    Upload better this on
    File in this hosting a long dont removed

  121. Anonymous permalink


  122. Bob permalink

    Putlocker lasts a long time and is the locker I like most as a free user (wait,limit, dm support, and captcha bs free)

    Use a link masker like r4dm/ncrypt so the robots don’t pick it up. Ups the lifespan and doesn’t make dl’ing any more annoying.

    No passwords though please. Torrents are always nice just to keep things floating around for others to re-up for you

  123. Anonymous permalink

    Use depositfiles, it’s russian so murrican agency can’t do much shit about it, People like anon (and me) just need to deal with it and download with patience

    You already doin great work with the patch, you don’t need to spoil these people (and me) by hosting it in a friendly site so we can pretty much rape it

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait. What? Deposit is russian? Never knew it

  124. Anonymous permalink

    TPB for the win. they have a community that seeds the good stuff for a long time. games, music files, etc etc. and yes, they have the first two parts of MGQ. if you have no issues with the fact that they host pirated stuff (der) and check much of their shit for quality, you should feel free to post there. i am sure the english speaking fans of mgq would be very welcoming of your presence :P

    im pretty sure they have your patches too.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Use Torrents…its universally efficient!

  126. Anonymous permalink

    Just use torrents and the pirate bay.

  127. I recommend 4shared or Zippyshare. Both of them seem very diverse and easy to use.

    Also, sorry to bother you but can you give an approximate date for the release of the next patch. Like, next month or in two months time or something like that? Thanks if you answer and thanks anyways if you don’t since you are working hard in translating the game.

  128. AnX permalink

    i suggest,, or google docs

  129. 1800 permalink


  130. Anonymous permalink

    July is over.
    Winter is coming.

    • Anonymous permalink

      July is over.
      Summer is coming.
      If you live south of the Equator.

    • Anonymous permalink

      July is over.
      MGQ is coming,
      Cumming is coming.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    why not just post it in some filehost even if it’s limited, email the link to someone that u maybe believe will seed and have good upload speed then let him download-> make his own torrent then maybe post here or somewhere, so at least the download link is down we have the torrent

  132. Takata permalink

    Do some download services take files down if they’re downloaded too heavily in a short period of time?

  133. Anonymous permalink

    no to torrent as other people would just do it anyways so whats the point. for the official rogue-translation use 4share or other sites. Also not everyone torrent and theirs a good reason why some people don’t.

    • Syna permalink

      Good reason? Like what? Torrents aren’t illegal. =/

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Not only are they not illegal there used by lots of companies to distribute files as well.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No to torrent? this is funny.. say that to my 5TB anime and Visual Novel collections.. all of them are from torrent..
      found dead torrent? no seeder? i experience most of that all the time but i always get the job done.. do more research..

    • shakey2 permalink

      Lots of translators do torrents, and if its the official torrent of that translator it’ll usually get even more seeds. And if he decides he doesn’t want to keep seeding the torrents there is a massive fanbase for this game who would quickly pick up the flag. Only a small portion of the fans comment on this blog I bet you anything only a small portion of the unique hits this site gets is commenting. But thats besides the point, the point is it’s not gonna hurt to start up torrents alongside the direct downloads. I hate direct downloads because they usually have a short shelf life compared to torrents which can keep going for a long time because there is no account to delete. Plus I almost always get way faster download times with torrents compared to waiting for the website download timer and/or having the download throttled by the file host.

      • AnonS permalink

        No, it’s a really niche game and torrents will die out very quickly for that type of thing. But you can start the torrent, it’s not like Rogue started the torrents that are already out there. Somebody else did.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe you can try
    Ulozto offers an unlimited space for comfortable uploading, sharing and viewing of your documents, presentations, photos, images and videos.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    downloadani maybe? the website erogedownload upload of all of their files up here.

  136. Anonymous permalink

    just use google drive or dropbox

  137. Anonymous permalink

    That’s just what a government entity would want us to think.

  138. Anonymous permalink

    use maybe?

  139. Anonymous permalink

    well ubuntu one can be used too on windows platform

  140. Anonymous permalink

    Does the cerberus’s first scene have a cg? it won’t show for me. I remember it having a scene before I added the third part. How would i fix this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      there only small picture in upper left as i remember

  141. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say thank you!

  142. Juz to be sure, is part 3 1.23GB big?

  143. Anonymous permalink might be usefull i know they useally seem to have stuff in stead of removeing it also hate to say it but mabey rapid gator. filesonic

  144. jesus permalink


  145. Anonymous permalink

    try hotfile or 2shared

  146. Fayte permalink

    try hotfile or 2shared

  147. Anonymous permalink

    Baw, Setouchi’s fanfic didn’t come out yet. Does it come out the next day?

  148. Anonymous permalink

    dropbox, 2 gb limit for free

  149. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Hotfile/depositfile are a no go. Stick with Fatty/mediafire but refrain from using obvious filenames. Putlocker does not have captchas at the moment (just like rapidshare), but I do not know how long they keep up files in general. is fine, too (captcha, but not much eyecancer and no malware overlays).

    A torrent is fine, too.

    Je am desperate for horas. ;_; Those chimeras are mostly hideous and the Chrome/Silph-scenes had almost no corruption in them. ;_; Mermaid – Queen has been the prettiest monster so far. All other looked a bit dull.

  150. Anonymous permalink

    if you ABSOLUTELY need to do a DDL, then I would suggest PMing girlcelly over at anime-sharing. (just DL’d the entire Musumakeup from ddl last night posted by that person, he/she had 5 different working up sites for 501MB parts). is kinda wound down with only Diz running it. you can always pm me it & I can create a torrent. I’m Krakr on a few anime sites. Can use Kick Ass to up your shit, that’s a very public & searchable tracker.

    On the side, torrent haters are f’kin insane. DDL links get stomped way before the seed/peer pool dries up.

    On a Final note, I wanna thank you ever so much for your dedication to this franchise. I love the game & love not having to play it with a machine translation. I’ve rarely seen an H-game with such well done character development & YOUR translation has made that possible for me. Atlas gave me headaches & made me hit ctrl the whole game.

  151. Anonymous permalink

    I wish I had a suggestion but I at least wanted to say, your translations are amazing, without them I would never have been able to get into this game.

  152. Anonymous permalink

    So….. Was anyone actually able to get “Mon-musu Quest! Beyond the End 3” at all yet…? Cause, I don’t think I ever will….

  153. Anonymous permalink

    woohoooooooooo ooooooooyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  154. zaku2142 permalink

    Mediafire is probably your best bet, just rename it to something silly and not obvious as to where it would probably be taken down.

  155. *RAAAAAWWR* still searching for an “easy” way to patch a “Game.rgss2a”-File< game data file from RPGVX, yeah I know how to decompile that file and how to patch it manually, but most ppl dont =/… does anybody knows a good and "easy to use" programm to patch the "RPG VX-Data" files in the Game.rgss2a-File? thx in advantage for an answer<3 just answer here or on my Translation blog(click my name x3) ^^

  156. Anonymous permalink

    why not its okay to me :I

  157. pavel permalink

    so 26 days passed…

  158. Anonymous permalink

    he has disappeared no more translation on mgq.

  159. Anonymous permalink

    Billionuploads seems pretty solid.

  160. Sajuuk permalink

    rogue will come back, and make this game a good translation,
    and please you guys you should not put links here to download this game,
    just buy it, and seppord the game creators…

    and Rogue good luck on translating the game, I almost can’t wait to play more.

  161. AnonS permalink

    I seem to have a bug if I start from the beginning. The game won’t let me advance text, and will just keep going into auto mode. It takes forever to get through each battle that way, in fact I can’t get past the slime out of boredom. I can increase the auto speed but then I run the risk of not being able to read the text or missing stuff as it flies by.

    • AnonS permalink

      Oops, not a bug. Under special config I must have set it to Auto and forgotten, I probably thought auto meant all the text was displayed at once like in other RPGs. I read on these comments before there are bugs for the full playthrough, guess I’ll find out as I work through the game again and try to re-complete the monsterpedia.

      I wonder if Rogue will finish translating Chapter 3 first or if I will get up to where he last patches it.

  162. anon permalink

    It took over a month for the first patch, so everyone needs to calm their tits.

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      Releasing hormones is super effective, too!

  163. Monos permalink is the BEST free file hosting site ever!

    NO spam!

    NO pop-up windows!

    NO clicking throught multiple sites! is amazing, if you want to upload your stuff to a file hosting site then rapidshare is the best!

  164. Anonymous permalink

    Keep using mediafire. Upload them in a .rar with a dumb name and a password, post the password in the blog post.

    I upload soundtracks to mediafire and they would get taken down until I started naming them “Chex Quest.rar”

  165. Vikutta permalink

    You can try That might work out! =D

  166. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    now where is rogue this days….. disappeared again?
    …Chinese…*cough*…. jail….. *cough*…again? ^.^
    and yep cant wait to play it but no need to rush just take your time

  167. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, hurry up and give us the next patch I don’t care if its at 50 or 60 percent :D just kidding take your time but if possible try to keep us in the loop.
    by the way has anyone unlocked promestein’s second rape scene?!
    also is there a way to unlock ilias’s first scene after your evaluation number is above 50? (I didn’t have 50 evaluations by the end of first part)

    • The Noble Shade permalink

      You unlock it in story mode. When Promestein asks you to surrender, respond with “submission”.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Start new game and keep surrendering to slime girl and rack up those evaluations.

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      Ilias’s first scene is triggered by 50 evaluations of part 1 monsters. The counter towards that scene isn’t shown on the Record page. So go back and get more evaluations for stuff within part 1.

      (If you’re going for full completion, and evaluate every monster at least once, you’ll get it with no issues. No need to specifically try for it.)

  168. Santi permalink

    Hello everyone!
    Firstly, about uploading: may seem a little unusual, but you can use Though it is Ukrainian service, it has huge storing space, automaticly generates torrent files, decent download speed(practicly from any country,at least from German i still had like 5mb/s, though it might was hottel connection issue), more or less easy uploading process, information can be stored there for like year no problem(if it’s “in use” could be there for years, oldest files being kept there about 5 years or so), and should have no problem with your patches. Oh, and english site version is ok.

    Secondly, a little problem of my own: How the hell i can unlock all the doppelgangers attacks? Only 2 left – last one and third from the end of the list. She just won’t use them =( .
    P.S.: sorry for too much of a text, and bad english.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know about the skill third from the end, but she uses the last skill when she has no clothes on but her pants. To get her like this, use one of your attack skills on her and she will counter with the same skill. This will then give you a new skill to use that uses 9 sp. This will hit her for 1/3 to half of her health and remove most of her clothes except her pants. She will then eventually use a binding attack that if you don’t break free of in one turn (Gnome required), she will hit you with a one-hit ko skill, which is the last skill on the list. Best to do this at the start of the fight so there is no risk of beating her too soon if you would rather not just wait for her to use the skill.

    • Anonymous permalink

      P.S. I know how you feel, getting that last skill just about drove me insane until I figured it out.

      • Santi permalink

        Thanks, much appreciated =)

      • Santi permalink

        Just did it. Thanks again. Oh, and third from the end is one of the attacks she uses when she’s in “pants only” state.

    • mikceron permalink

      On as i know not allowed porn or hentai.

      • Santi permalink

        Sexy Beach series is still there(thoug it’s only 3 and 4), as well as hentai manga/anime, and ,as i presume, you won’t be storing an actual game, but patches for it. Administration there is more concerned about rights, so, as i sad earlyer, they should have no problem with rogues patches.

  169. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know what the three new monster girls are all about when you click the ??? on the MGQ site? Is it for another game? Or is ToroToro making Vol. 19 of the sound files with pictures?

    • Santi permalink

      Maybe those are the characters for new spinoff stories.

      • Anonymous permalink

        the top one is the first monster lord and the other two are probably tow of the 6 ancestors.

  170. Anonymous permalink

    Has the government kidnapped Rogue again?

    • Anonymous permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        damn! it’s already august is over, not july

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink

          He is busy reading through our comments. I wonder if Rogue ever laughs when he translates and also if he made up jokes because those in the original would not translate.

    • AnonS permalink

      Rogue is actually Snowden. The NSA got him.

  171. Anonymous permalink

    Loving part 3…until I get to Ranael. There is supposed to be a “Fallen Angel Dance” skill, but all I see in the skills list are the attack ones, meditation, and edging. Not even “serene Mind”

    Is there something I am missing here?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      probably. i played through the patched portion of the game, but i have never lost access to those skills once i acquired them. I honestly dont know what the problem is, though, so all i can suggest is to try making a backup of your save and try reinstalling everything. It’s a bit heavy-handed, but it’s all i can think of

  172. Anonymous permalink

    Bug Report:

    When I try to access Monsterpedia I get an en error and the game crashes:

  173. 光闇 permalink

    My Mindia Fantasy World game file was corrupted! Can anyone find or share a new download link for it? I was getting pretty far and enjoying that game.

  174. Anonymous permalink

    Question: aura.ogg has an error, how do I fix it?

  175. BrianD permalink

    +1 for puush, 200mb for one acc only but it coult work

  176. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been more than a month since your last patch update? Mind at least filling us on where you are currently at?

  177. Move it you slow piece of shit, I’m tired of waiting.

  178. Anonymous permalink

    could you make another status update?

  179. TeKett permalink

    chillax ppl, hes doing this shit for free, so he can take it in the pase he whants, if you cant wait then do it yourself

  180. Anonymous permalink

    he is great keep up the good work :D

  181. Anonymous permalink

    pew pew…. I wanna see the endings so badly ;_;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  182. Anonymous permalink


  183. Anonymous permalink

    guys pls

  184. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    but rly reading comments here always makes me rofl

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      I know the feeling. Bug-related ones aside, there are a lot of strange comments floating around

  185. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks for your work so far Rogue, MGQ has been the finest H game I’ve ever played; hell, it’s pretty awesome just as a game, even without the fap potential :P

  186. Anonymous permalink

    I wouldn’t use piratebay like some people suggested because it is blocked in some places.

  187. Anonymous permalink


  188. pavel permalink


  189. Anonymous permalink

    You can name them differently than what they are like name it prototype monster fight v0.37.0

  190. Anonymous permalink

    Last night I dreamed the translation was finished,best dream ever.

  191. Bernaregna permalink

    Any news?

  192. Anonymous permalink

    Is he kill?

  193. Anonymous permalink


  194. Anonymous permalink

    I really appreciate all the work you’ve done and I’m really looking forward to when the translation is done and ready! Just take it in your own pace and don’t rush it.

    Hoping you let us out of the dark soon enough ^^

  195. Anonymous permalink

    Killed? Don’t be stupid. No one can kill a god.

    • I hope your wrong on that one or else ilias is going to be a real bitch.

      • Moe-chan permalink

        I seriously lolled my ass of at that statement.
        Best one i heard in a long time.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Unless Luka won’t try to kill her… After all Angel Halo only seals enemies.

        • shakey2 permalink

          >.> already beat the game even though I don’t fully understand japanese yet *working on that now* you almost made me post a spoiler there…

      • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

        nah don’t worry isn’t Ilias more like an angel than actual god (more like god wannabe)
        but yeah shes gonna be a bitch probably

  196. Anonymous permalink

    I think the Chinese have really done it this time

  197. Anonymous permalink

    It’s sort of like Rogue is a cult leader, and the we’re like the fanatical followers waiting just to hear him speak, then go in to a frenzy when he does. Roguetranslationsism.

  198. Anonymous permalink

    started looking on here for the funny comments more than the actual patch some people! :)

  199. Anonymous permalink

    Hey people, sorry but I encountered a problem.. After leaving the lab I cannot use Fallen Demon Dance or Serene Mind as both is missing in the moves list.. I cannot progress further as I cannot win anymore battles like that.. Anyone else experiencing this? Please help!

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      others are indeed experiencing this. I havent scrolled back up to their comments to see if someone has replied a fix to it, so you could try ctrl+f “fallen angel dance” and see who else has had it. if it hasn’t been fixed, my only guess is backing up your saves and reinstalling

  200. Anonymous permalink

    try using sharebeast ……

  201. Anonymous permalink

    He’s gone for good this time, no more translations

  202. Anonymous permalink

    can anyone help me how to beat hainuwele its hard since its on japanese

  203. Anonymous permalink

    Rip in Peace Rouge, we will miss you.

  204. Anonymous permalink

    Guys i am a friend of Rogue and nothing has happened to him. He is just taking a break from translating.

    • Chinese Government permalink

      Guys, I am also a friend of Rogue and can also confirm nothing has happened to him. He’s just having a sleepover at my place for a while.

  205. Anonymous permalink

    I guess we have to learn japanese then

    • Anonymous permalink

      Awwww crap! ;_;

    • shakey2 permalink

      I’m learning it now, if rogue was unable to finish MGQ I would definitely try to find out how to make a patch or get someone who did know and dedicate myself to translating this work of art. If not me then someone else would definitely take up the torch. Speaking of translating, I can’t wait til I can speak on a level greater than a 1st grader, there is soooooooooooo much I want to translate. Even if the comments on my translation are nothing but whining and jerks I would never give up. I die a little inside every time I see someone giving up on translating/art/writing on the internet because some internet jerkasses just wanna ruin peoples days. I’m amazed rogue rarely ever gets these people, it must be a testament to how good this game is and how awesome he is for translating it!

      • shakey2 permalink

        *scrolls down* ok I withdraw my previous statement about rogue not getting any jerkasses

  206. Anonymous permalink

    Well, he was a good man……..

  207. Anonymous permalink

    2013 a glorious year for gaming:Monster Girl Quest 3,GTAV,FFXHD.My social life will suffer from this but who cares XD

  208. Anonymous permalink

    I think it was pretty obvious.

  209. Anonymous permalink

    You guys are literally making me want to cry DX

  210. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue died again.

  211. Anonymous permalink

    Im withering away slowly each day, waiting for update :( gambare Rogue!

  212. CG Holden permalink

    Here, Rouge gave a Few people a test file without the mods to add to the current patch. its currently at 78% so far its working great.

    Happy Fapping.

  213. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Awesome stuff

  214. Anonymous permalink

    Not sure if troll, trojans, etc. But then again, I didn’t download it yet.

  215. Anonymous permalink

    Tested with avast, and Eset online scan, no virus so far, copied to the game folder and its started, . .so far so good.

  216. Anonymous permalink

    That has to be a troll playing with our feelings… T_T

  217. CG Holden permalink

    Here a video of it playing past the last part.

  218. CG Holden permalink


  219. Duufus permalink


    Reading all these posts about children not being able to keep it in their pants, its damn hilarious,

    nice one Holden, til i seen your other post you almost had me too, Ah, a nice refreshing Troll, hopefully there will be a bit more of it to help these poor souls cope with refreshing the page every minute. haha.

  220. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue has gone Rogue!!

  221. Anonymous permalink

    He’s been gone longer than 20 days before. Chill out.

  222. Mr. Happy permalink

    I check once a day. Not because I’m expecting an update. No the comments always cheer me up xD Keep up the AWESOME work rogue and to the rest of you, thanks for the giggles ^~^

    • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

      lol same here XD i mean even if patch comes out i don’t plan to play it till its 100% prefer it that way~

      • Mr. Fappy permalink

        I didnt even start playing MGQ until after the third ones first patch was released. started off like hmmm…reffered to the game i’ll give it a shot. 5 minutes in, I turn into Mr. Fappy. xD the after about half an hour I stopped losing to the monsters xD I was so intent on finding out what happened next lol

  223. logicdefyer permalink

    Sir Rouge it would be nice if you posted more on the blog , you know just let us know that you are alive ,

    • He chats in the #mgq channel on Rizon often. He’s still alive and well.

      • Anonymous permalink

        There hasnt been any update from your page as well for a while, good to see you are alive too

        • I have a VH3 Progress tab that I update (almost) every day.

        • logicdefyer permalink

          Thanks now i know where to go to check if my favorite translators haven’t been killed .
          Rest assured i will take revenge on you behalf if either of you guys are killed by something.

  224. Sajuuk permalink

    I think he just waits to post until he is ready to release the next patch, just wait and one of these days rouge will suprise us with a new patch. and we will all be happy.

  225. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue could always use Hotfile or for patches

    • Anonymous permalink

      and have his patches deleted within two minutes?

  226. Anonymous permalink

    I find the comments amusing.

  227. Anonymous permalink

    I hope the translation will be done till Christmas, that would be an awesome present lol (but….at this rate it’ll be done somewhere around February :< (37% in almost 3 months…)

    • Anonymous permalink

      well, 37% was ~in 1.5 months. Start was june, 1 and first patch release – july, 17. So, if he just don’t posts status updates, but keeps working, it has to be ~60% now.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rouge made 14% of the complete translation in 10 days. He could complete it in 2-3 months at this rate, if it weren´t for work and other obviously more important stuff. I doubt that he works every day on the translation with the same speed. It´s more like working on some days/weeks.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah, due to the fact that RT has stuff to do in life that’s equally or more important (school, family, work, other translation projects, save the world), I pretty much don’t expect the full patch to be out until Spring of next year, and even then there will be a revision or two as he goes back and tightens up everything and/or fixes bugs. So the final patch is a long ways off.

        But I seriously count my blessings: at least MGS is *done*, so he doesn’t have to change/throw out all his work every time a patch comes out and risk getting so pissed off and frustrated that he abandons it entirely. Which is more then I can say for a lot of otherwise good RPG2000 games (VH, RyonaRPG, etc), among others.

        (Seriously, VH devs, you’ve been working on this for HOW many years? Freakin’ finalize the content list and stop trying to add everything under the sun, moon, stars and cosmic background radiation!)

        Hey RT: So out of the 200 quadrillion suggestions from your loyal fans above, have you figured out where you want to try hosting next? :D

  228. Anonymous permalink

    3 months because he was busy with IRL stuff.

    The man is fast but it’s the summer. Give him a break.

  229. Anonymous permalink

    I just know that after waiting for his next patch before I can download it my internet will mess up or I’ll break my laptop something will go wrong.

  230. Anonymous permalink

    Since I can’t fap to normal porn anymore… I beg you, Rogue… please give us a new patch soon ;)

  231. Rikis permalink

    Released: アダルトRPG~TOKYO天魔~

    • Anonymous permalink

      This looks awesome :)

    • Santi permalink

      Damn you! I’ve been playing it for like 2 hours and didn’t even notice!

      • Santi permalink

        Well, looks like this game need to be translated as well, cause some monster girls requests something from you in order to be “tamed”, and some of those “conditions” I just can’t figure out, yet… Still the game is pretty good.

  232. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Every day I come here with my pants down to check for some new horas, but there are none. ;_;

  233. Anonymous permalink

    No horas?? This is madness!

  234. Anonymous permalink

    Please come back Rogue, we miss you :(

  235. Horo permalink

    Here, listen to this while waiting :D

  236. Anonymous permalink

    rip in peace

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      please either learn what R.I.P. stands for or stop pretending you dont know just to get in on an overused joke

  237. November Is Over permalink

    And so has most of my time away from home with it! I’m back at home now and able to keep going again. Only two weeks in December where I’ll be gone, so progress should be a little better than it was in November. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.

    – RogueTranslator (光闇)

    • Anonymous permalink

      kill by a goverment entity i can see some people thinking that could happen to you cant blame them lol after all your makeing one of the best monster games be turn into english so people can read it

  238. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Aww no, what happened here?

  239. Anonymous permalink

    girlfriend? i have one and i call her computer, she does everything for me without all the nagging (sometimes).

  240. TheAllSeeingEye permalink

    Crash error found while spamming Gnome fight to get “Summon Sylph while tired” achievement.
    Gnome used her mouth play move & it crashes.

  241. Anonymous permalink

    Is it just me, or did that fucking youtube shit mess up the blog-site?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nope not just you,it’s all messed up now.

  242. Anonymous permalink

    you stupid fucker, stop posting this shit and polluting the page!!!

  243. Anonymous permalink

    Try adblocking the name

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hey I played some of monster girl quest in Japanese, when the patccomes out will I be able to see the names in monseterpedia in English whn patch comes out?

      • Sair Velrend permalink

        most likely. I would imagine the game stores the monsterpedia as a list of what are essentially a bunch of booleans (true/false values) and light up the names when they are “true.” Rogue’s patches will be changing what those names are, so the booleans are likely to trigger english names in the next patches…probably

  244. Anonymous Maximus permalink

    Du elendige Missgeburt!

  245. Anonymousse permalink

    dat youtube spam, what the fuck.

  246. Anonymous permalink

    Son of a bitch, remove that fucking videos, you are too asshole to stay in this page

    • Anonymous permalink

      We need Rogue more than ever now to clean this page ;_:

      • Anonymous permalink

        The more spam you make the longer we’ll have to wait so stop being so retarded

  247. Anonymous permalink

    This shit is the reason why i love adblock.

  248. Anonymous permalink

    What a faggotery, i had to play around with the website source to stop it from displaying damn

  249. Anonymous permalink

    Well, if youve got firefox, all you’ve gotta do is rightclick on it, go to frame, frame’s source, and delete the … and if you’re reading it means you don’t need this info… derp.

  250. Michael permalink

    I actually edited it’s iframe stats with a Firefox’s inspector tool xD

    I actually wish Rogue would release the next patch in a comment here before officially releasing it on a new post, so that those not worthy of it wait longer…

  251. Anonymous permalink

    Each passing day its harder to breathe.

  252. Anonymous permalink

    Not being able to get rid of that shit doesn’t mean a person isn’t worthy.

  253. Michael permalink

    Well, we can perfectly count it as an +18 filter… xD

    Anyway, first time I tried adblock, and added an extra filter for youtube, it all looks so clean and shiny *_*

  254. Anonymous permalink

    woo, back to normal, now the only pain is the wait : I

  255. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    uwwwwah finally that spam is gone >_> rly dude i don’t know what your problem is (nor do i care) but please stop with it…. as said above there are some that actually want to read comments here

  256. Gravity is a Mean Mother permalink

    Is the stuff that guy posted gone or is my adblock being ridiculously op?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      yep, it’s all gone now. I dont have any external adblocking and i have stopped seeing it.

  257. Anonymous permalink

    where is rogue? it’s not even about the progress of the translation. he should post something like ‘i’m alive’ just so we know that well, he’s alive

  258. Anonymous permalink

    so i dunno what happen above … but just curious about the next patch status … anybody care to enlighten me bout that ??

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      Nobody really has much information that isn’t posted here (hence all the jokes about him being kidnapped by the Chinese Gov’t. That being said, apparently he shows up in an MGQ-related IRC channel from time to time so he is probably still around, just busy

  259. Anonymous permalink

    Oh, I’ll more than likely end up getting this soon. I just have to…

  260. Waiting for Rogue permalink

    February is over
    And so has most of my time away from home with it! I’m back at home now and able to keep going again. Only four weeks in January where I’ll be gone, so progress should be a little better than it was in December. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.

  261. Anonymous permalink

    Patience is a virtue. Virtues are not a necessity. Go do something else and just be constantly anticipating, excitedly, for this translation. :D

    -imaginary moral support to rogue-

  262. Anonymous permalink

    you can use

  263. Anonymous permalink

    So still no update here, huh.
    At least the fucking gayporn shit is gone.

  264. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    ummm if i am spoiling your fun then sorry but can i ask you guys to stop it kinda feels like there are no comments regarding MGQ or translation lately just a bunch of pointless(as usual) flaming or whatever you want to call it

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      we have run out of things to talk about with the current patch long ago. Bugs and errors have more or less been posted and people are being nice enough to avoid posting spoilers from farther in, so there is very little to talk about except speculations of the future. I would certainly prefer this to being forced to avoid this thread for fear of spoilers.

      • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

        well you have a point there >_> if you care about story getting spoilers is rly worse than this

  265. TrollingNinja permalink

    no i just want you to kill yourself please

  266. Anonymous permalink


    Jesus christ you’re all more cancerous than leddit and /b/

  267. ryu permalink

    Spamming and flaming in seek of attention. Such maturity… >.>

    More importantly, it’s good to hear from you Rogue. Big thanks again for your efforts and let’s hope to get the next patch soon!

  268. Anonymous permalink

    I prefer your flamepost to your trolling-gay-softporn-vids

  269. Anonymous permalink

    what the fuck?
    who spams a fucking wordpress post?

  270. Anonymous permalink

    Wow your still here spouting your words off Waiting? Ohhh and I would love copy-pasta would make my life easier if I could do that on spaghetti night. But alas I still have to make trips to the store for it instead, and any other pasta product. Mmmmm just imagine all the Lasagna I could have with Copy-Pasta.

    For one this is overall not a porn game, your continual attempts to label it as such proves your stupidity of the actual game.
    Two for someone that supposedly does not care you seem to keep coming back like a bad rash and responding.

    Now much as I hate to agree on a point with you child, Ninja really failed hard on his troll attempt. Because even if copy-pasta worked as bad as Ninja’s attempt, it’s usage on my own would provide at least a frozen generic equivalent for mass production. (You know, edible but with seasonings that are not quite known, but at least it’s cheesy enough to pass over the palate)

    *Goes off to make some popcorn for Waiting’s next eventual response*

  271. Incubusknight permalink

    It’s actually kind of depressing to see the comment section end up like this.
    I visit this page at least once a day to check up on any updates, and if there isn’t one I actually enjoy reading the comments section (when it’s about MGQ). However while some of the video’s that where posted eariler where kind of funny, it really didn’t belong, and it only ended up leading to the worst possible thing that we as fans can do, which was to take up some Rogues valuable time to clean his page up from unnecessary jokes.

    I mean seriously, we’re pretty fortunate that rogue’s here to translate this game at all, so why would folks try to possibly piss him off and have the whole translation project canceled?
    I’m just glad Rogue seems like a mature person and isn’t letting this bother him.

    Anyway now that I’ve shared my two cents on this issue’s above, I’m still hoping for an update to come. As always though I’m just going to be patient and look forward to tomorrow where an update might pleasantly surprise us all.

  272. Anonymous permalink

    I shall nod my head wisely and pretend to understand as i wait patiently for the next update.

  273. Anonymous permalink

    Waiting for Rogue – ur idiocy is kinda funny. First u mess the whole blog comment section and upset every normal reader in truly pathetic way AND then u tell us that it was thanks to that we know Rogue is back. Thing is dear disabled mate that just because he cleand up ur trash doesnt mean he is ready to do anything more than that. If i were him i would actually consider waiting longer to show idiots like u that they dont have anything to say in a matter of his own time spending. I would expect Rogue to not give a damn about u since y would he care about crying kid that has no influence on his work? Its for readers convenience that ur trash was cleaned.Thanks for that Rogue!
    I doubt if in RL u r normal person since from all readers and posters u were the only one with such pathetic idea. Also in RL ppl dont have to tolerate ur bs simply because u wouldnt dare to do sth like that. Its kinda disappointing that sad kids with so much internet-courage exsits.

  274. Anonymous permalink

    C’mon rogue, even August is here. Be our Luka and save us from all these stupid spamming…….. we all wanna finish our game….

  275. $n4k3 permalink

    it’s been 1 month since the 37% patch, what’s going on? could we have a little new rogue?

  276. Anonymous permalink

    roguetranslations will not be updated and will be taken down sometime this week. rogue has been taken to jail. There are other reasons but i will not go into them at the moment.

  277. Anonymous permalink

    O__O This Topic is a war lol I came in peace

  278. Anonymous permalink

    What day do you guys reckon we’ll get a release?

    I reckon Rogue’s just fucking with us before a post on September 1st with the release.

  279. Anonymous permalink

    @Sair He is trying to understand the last part lol. I would rather learn the language than try to decipher what the translation aggregators dump on me.

  280. Weakling permalink

    I know It’s a weird question but how can I find out the difficulty setting of my current save?
    I’m on Part 2 and I’m not sure if I’m playing on Hard or not.

  281. Anonymous permalink

    … dropbox?

  282. Anonymous permalink

    I know it’s summer and Rogue is taking a break but come on…as far as I know this is the last game he’s going to translate so after that he can rest for a very long time but for now please finish this game. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate very much his efforts but please don’t slow it down right now, it’s the final part of the game :c

  283. Twisted Fate permalink

    Anyone else thinks that Rouge will surprise us with a 100% patch? or am i being too optimistic?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nah, you’re too optimistic lol

    • Garen permalink

      @Twisted Fate, I would like to … but i’m sure he will not.
      I Garen-tee it ! (get it ?)

  284. Anonymous permalink

    @ Edd
    then where are you from in EU ?
    Roumania ? Poland ?
    Or worse, Germany ?

  285. SilentWill permalink

    It’s been a month and the suspense is killing me :(
    I don’t need another patch very soon, but can we at least know what you’ve been up to? We would like to hear more on your progress, or no progress at all is fine too, just craving for news! XD

  286. Anonymous permalink

    Wait. France is still a country?
    I was sure it became muslim/african colony or something.

  287. Anonymous permalink

    Wait. France is still a county?
    I was sure it became muslim/african colony or something.

  288. Anonymous permalink

    Why so much hate towards France ?
    Are people jalous ?

  289. Bernaregna permalink

    Let’s hope that Rogue will post something about the translation progress at the end of this month… 3 days remaining

  290. finally the YT tumb.-spammer got removed…
    and still no update from Rogue? =/

  291. Anonymous permalink

    Wait. France is still a country?
    I was sure it became muslim/african colony of something

  292. Sair Velrend permalink

    It is so difficult to follow a conversation when people all keep the anonymous name.

  293. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe this time Rogue is kidnapped by aliens because they want to play MGQ first and now he’s working for them :c

  294. Anonymous permalink


  295. AnonS permalink

    Yay it got cleaned up! Too bad the troll is still here, he should have been IP banned.

    Now that the videos are gone you guys need to just not acknowledge him. He’s just going to deflect accountability and insult you if you engage him in any conversation.

    As to the patch, my guess is to not expect anymore progress until the end of the year.

  296. Waiting for Rogue permalink


  297. Waiting for Rogue permalink

    Lol Rogue thinks he can get rid of me with a mere ip ban? He must think I am stupid or something.

  298. Anonymous permalink

    OH no, not him again !

  299. Adash permalink

    I still believe in Rogue.

  300. Anonymous permalink

    I hope we get an update on sunday.

  301. Lowlifee permalink

    Lol, this guy makes me laugh.

  302. Anonymous permalink

    When Rogue goes missing his fans turn rogues it seems.

  303. Bernaregna permalink

    Rogue is dead…

    …from MGS

  304. Anonymous permalink

    guess the the crappy ot talk is what killed him T_T

  305. Anonymous permalink

    Cease thy faggotry

  306. zaku2142 permalink

    Comment will probably be disabled due to Waiting for Rogue

  307. zaku2142 permalink

    Comments will be disable due to Waiting for Rogue’s stupid videos. Then he won’t get his kicks and I’ll be laughing

  308. Waiting for Rogue permalink

    Uploaded with

  309. Waiting for Rogue permalink

  310. Waiting for Rogue permalink


  311. Sair Velrend permalink

    i should mention Rogue drops in on some other places on the internet just to say “hi.” He is probably still just busy

  312. Anonymousse permalink

    No update for a single month and already people are talking about Rogue being dead? Pff, try waiting 6 months at a time for a single Berserk chapter to be released with absolutely no word from the author Kentrollo Miura. That will teach you what it means to wait.

  313. Suomynona permalink

    Isn’t it better that he doesn’t reply. If he doesn’t reply it either means he is dead, which isn’t likely, seeing he has the powers of god himself with him, or he is working on the translation like a horse with from those eyethingies. Third option: Personal life, and then we can only hope that his friends don’t slap him with a sausage. That might psychologically damage a guy.

  314. Anonymous permalink

    August is over

  315. Anonymous permalink

    If you were going to go to that much effort you could have at least proof read what you typed.
    there are multiple typos. The quality of the text is also too clear for a scan of a news print, preventing it from actually looking like a real article.
    Also I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as death from excessive masturbation.

  316. Anonymous permalink

    How can I send a bug? One of the Gnome attacks crashes part 2 with a weird error message.
    Or do I have to run in Japanese locale?

  317. Anonymous permalink

    can you give us an update? it’s ok even if you didn’t translate anything just tell us the status

  318. shadoman75 permalink

    i really have to say, this comment section was quite nice until i got to the burnt part of the page where the flame war started…. then it was quite hilarious. i find it really funny that people can fight over anything on the internet.
    while lurking on this comment section, i happened upon some doritos… then i proceeded to eat those doritos… that is all :D

  319. Anonymous permalink

    you sir are making my bum hurt

  320. Anonymous permalink

    currently doing my rogue raindance to make our god rogue come back! will be done in a week

  321. Sgt. McNigglet permalink

    I visit the site everyday, and everyday is another deception. I will now end my life, since I cannot stand this anymore. Thanks Rogue :c

  322. NightmareChild permalink

    If anyone’s interested, I’ve converted the ogg files in the bgm folder to mp3s, and i’ll be posting a download link on rogue’s next update.

  323. Anonymous permalink

    August is over….

  324. Anonymous permalink

    RIP ROUGUE 1995-2013

  325. Anonymous permalink

    RIP Rouge, I’ll never be able to furfull my fetish of having anthromorpic girls raping me for my semen. I can’t go back to regular porn.

  326. Anonymous permalink

    Dargoth is working on VH3.

    I am wishing Rogue will drop the bomb on 1st of Sept.

    Wishful thinking but here is hoping!

  327. Anonymous permalink

    we have to believe in rogue he can do this ;)
    dont give up :D

  328. Anonymous permalink

    how much untill your next patch will be released?

  329. YoukaiFan permalink

    Quick question: If I get Monmusu Quest Part 3 (Aka Resistance… at least that’s what I think it is called), can I apply the partial patch now, get to the point where it is no longer translated, then apply the fuller patches later on?

  330. Anonymous permalink

    Want a good hosting place? Turtleshare, they even allow FTP upload, they are new but quickly are becoming one of the best host file sites.

  331. Anonymous permalink

    You can’t be serious…..

    Anyways, while I’m ATTEMPTING to pass my time with going to the gym, watching TV, going to the movies, etc. Has anyone actually bought and looked at this?

    I am really thinking about if I should get it or not, since I really don’t want to waste my money. But then again, I am a huge fan of Monster Girl Quest and that is why I am asking for an opinion.

    One more thing, I’m more than sure that Rogue is alive. So please stop, this is immature and inhumane -T-.

  332. Fan permalink

    I wouldn’t buy it, it just doesn’t seem worth the content, even more so if you can’t read Japanese.

  333. Anonymous permalink

    What happened to Rogue?
    Is he alive?
    He didn’t update his blog in a month.
    I understand that he can be busy with his life or work but he could take 1 minute from his busy schedule and write something like “My hands are full right now so I won’t translate in this/next month”. It’s better than not knowing anything. Maybe he got in an accident or completely forgot about translation or he was abducted by UFO.

  334. Anonymous permalink

    August is almost over

  335. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rouge for your wonderful patch
    I’m a great fan.
    So when do we get the final patch for MGQ3
    Is it any time soon…

  336. Anonymous permalink

    Been a month since any update, here’s hoping we get some good news soon!

  337. Cthulhu permalink

    And what if Rogue already has translated 3rd part and just keeping it to himself?
    (My Engrish is terrybad, sorry.)

  338. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t think anyone realizes flaming at the spammer is only making more spam… If you actually care about the comment section on here, just STAHP, if everyone stopped replying the spam would literally be a 5 min fix, with all the responses now its more like a 3 hour fix…

  339. Fan permalink


    That’s not funny, but it’s a good example of how to be an ass.

  340. Anigai permalink

    quoting rogue “I’m back at home now and able to keep going again”

    LOLNOPE -insert epic rage face here-

  341. Anonymous permalink

    Well august is over aswell.
    I really love you rogue but can you at least keep in touch? I’d rather see you post that you could only work on 2% of the game than not posting at all.

  342. Santa permalink

    True, no problem, And thanks Rogue XD you rulz xD

  343. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the post Rouge, I’m sure people were just anxious to know if you were still alive and kickin’

    I’ll wait as long as it takes for the translation.

  344. Anonymous permalink

    I thought you said August was gonna have more progress, I r confused.

  345. Adash permalink

    Thanks, Rogue.

  346. Gin permalink

    August is over

  347. Bernaregna permalink

    No one beg you to wait Rouge, but I prefer to wait for Rouge’s translation than the machine one and of I have to wait until 2014, I will do it

  348. Anonymous permalink

    My summer is ruined.

    Oh well, time to get a life I guess.

  349. Just checking something.

  350. Hey guys

    This is rather unfortunate news but I may be unable to finish the Monster Girls 3 translation anyone soon. My significant other has recently fallen ill and I have taken it upon myself to be at her bedside to help her cope with the pain.

    To make matters worse I’ve been having to remove porn and other adult content from the comments section, and to be perfectly honest I really don’t really feel like putting hours of effort into my work to only be cursed at when I take a break. Have you forgotten I am doing this all for free?

    Anyways I will update the site with the 53% I have already completed and leave it as it is. Don’t expect to hear from me anytime soon. If all goes well you can expect to see the translation fully completed by February.

    – Rouge

  351. poop permalink


  352. Anonymous permalink

    It’s okay Rogue. Life is life. We can wait.

  353. mikceron permalink

    thanks for update and some news
    hope your friend (hope i understand it correctly) will recover soon.

  354. Anonymous permalink

    Could you just stop this. I’m sure there are enough people who will be fooled by this.
    I know waiting is hard but that is no reason to be a dick.

  355. Hey guys

    I won’t be translating anymore because I had a homosexual awakening and only care about gay pornography now. Sorry. jk im not sory beacuse ur all faFGetS XD fuq u nerds!! xxxDDD

  356. Waiting for Rogue permalink

    Hey guys, I truly apologize for being a gay ass fag and posting spam to feed my attention whore self. I have realized the error of my ways and will attempt to put myself in other people’s shoes before posting. I know I can’t change who I am, but I hope you guys will accept my less-than-desirable gay self, for it is not an easy disability to live with.

  357. Mokou permalink

    Ok, if rogue wants to tell us something, why not make a post of it? he alwas does that, so i won’t trust any coment of “him” until he do a new post telling us what’s going on

  358. Fou_lu permalink

    So Hard to Know who is the true rogue… I don’t know, I will just believe in anything when he makes another topic, it’s the only thing that I can think of that only HE can do.

    Until then, to me at least, all other rogue are FAKE.

  359. i’m rougetranslator for real and i love le dicks and seieki >:3 xD ;3

  360. RogueTranslator permalink

    I like to do the boom boom with the butt.

    Boom boom all day, up the butt with a coconut.

  361. Anonymousse permalink

    All these nerds raging because they can’t fap. Lolol.exe

  362. We are RogueTranslators, we are legion, expect us.


  363. Anonymous permalink

    If the real rogue wanted to say something, he would say it in a post and not here in the comments.

  364. Anonymous permalink

    Because Rogue would totally make a post saying he’s maybe quitting MGQ translation for a minimum of 6 months in the comments section of a month old post… and not just make a new update post. I don’t understand the objective of such trolling.

    There’s also the fact that Rogue’s posts use these things called commas to break up sentences, which neither of these recent fakes has done. Even the short one that doesn’t seem that fake failed a bit in this regard, but I imagine if he was going to bother to type a paragraph update after a month… he’d just make a new post. I have to imagine we will get a status update on busyness level and progression sometime soon, on the main page.

  365. Big fan permalink

    July is over.
    And it seems that August is over.
    Hope this does not mean the game is over
    Because I will never recover.
    please send a new english cover.

  366. Anonymous permalink

    i am about to kill myself out of confusion???

  367. Anonymous permalink

    Please everyone just stay calm. Rogue’ll say it officially if something important show up. We can only be patient.

  368. Anonymous permalink

    It’s amazing what desperation will do to people. Just stop freaking out, wait calmly and Rogue will post with something when he has to.

  369. Anonymous permalink

    You know what. I love the service you are providing. I really do. But I can no longer pretend that I’m not dying for that second patch. Are we getting it soon dude? The wait has been excruciating.

  370. Anonymous permalink

    To the True Rogue: I’m just glad you haven’t given up on translating it! :D Thanks for your work thus far and I hope life isn’t too hard on you in the future.

  371. AnonS permalink

    It’s almost like Rogue foresaw this troll annoying everybody. It’s obviously the same guy that posted all the gay porn links.

    He will probably get the patches taken down every chance he gets and try to screw with the torrents as well.

    We’ll all get the patch eventually, but I guess it’s good timing that Rogue will be quitting after this translation is done. It’s sad to say but really all it takes is one person to ruin anything. No matter how much work is done and how good a community is, it’s very fragile. That’s why in the real world people just don’t socialize with trolls, and then they run onto the internet to annoy everyone instead.

    Rogue is probably just going to release the full patch, check for bugs and release a hotfix if needed, and then close up shop. Probably we’ll get the patch in six months or so. Until then just do what I do and replay it.

  372. And so has most of my time away from home with it! I’m back at home now and able to keep going again. Only two weeks in August where I’ll be gone, so progress should be a little better than it was in July. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.

    So I stopped using Mediafire because they were deleting my patches, and Mega is now deleting them as well. Does anyone want to offer another alternative for hosting them that won’t require a bunch of hoops to jump through?

  373. And so has most of my time away from home with it! I’m back at home now and able to keep going again. Only two weeks in August where I’ll be gone, so progress should be a little better than it was in July. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or something.

    So I stopped using Mediafire because they were deleting my patches, and Mega is now deleting them as well. Does anyone want to offer another alternative for hosting them that won’t require a bunch of hoops to jump through?

  374. And so hora most of my time away from hora with it! I’m back at hora now and able to keep going again. Only two weeks in August where I’ll be hora, so progress should be a hora better than it was in July. Just wanted to quell any more rumors that I was killed by another Government entity or hora.

    So I stopped using Mediafire because they were deleting my hora, and Mega is now deleting them as well. Does anyone want to offer another alternative for hora them that won’t require a bunch of hora to jump through?

  375. Anonymous permalink

    The world is full of morons.
    Unfortunately, the upper bracket of intelligence are less inclined to have children than the lower ones and the media celebrates sports achievements far more than academic ones.
    Television shows aimed at impressionable teenagers and pre-teens also depict people acting like morons and makes it seem like their bad behaviour is acceptable. Any consequences of the characters stupidity is short-lived if it even exists at all.

  376. Anonymous permalink

    is he… is he dead?

  377. Zeus permalink

    hi rouge your a badass bro just ignore those angry 10 year old cock sucker your friend Zeus

  378. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, i’m not very good at english, but… i want to say you thank you for all your job and luck with the illness of the most important person for you.
    The healty of the people we love is the most important thing of the world, besides of his happiness.

    Good luck and take you’re time. A translation is only a translation, an important person is more than a translantion, much more.

    Ty for you’re job.

  379. Anonymous permalink

    August is over.

  380. Anonymous permalink

    Hey thanks for all your hard work Rouge. Put up a donation button! I appreciate your hard work.
    (just try to make sure it won’t show up as ‘porn’ on my financial records ok?)

  381. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe he’s waiting to have 1000 comment on this post^^

  382. Kyon permalink

    and so is august

  383. Lise permalink


  384. Anonymous permalink

    I used to able to find links to other related Monster girl games and projects here in the comments. Now it is a filthy den of trolls; it makes me sad.

  385. Anonymous permalink

    Jesus fucking christ the number of comments on these past 2 threads is ridiculous. Granted there was a lot more time between posts with these past two than other but shit, why is rogue getting all pussy footed when he’s becoming exponentially more popular.

  386. It’s okay guys. Rogue knows that there are people like us who support him with all our hearts. That will surely allow him to ignore the children that gather on this site. Damn, these kids shouldn’t even be on this site since they are so little so I wonder who referred them.

  387. Anonymous permalink


  388. Anonymous permalink

    Could I suggest newsgroups as a Simple easy Location?

  389. This site is awesome..I really recommend it…

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