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September 25, 2013

Just got back from a 24 hour fun run of airports throughout the western hemisphere. Here’s a slight update before I go to sleep. I definitely want to get the next patch out before my next scheduled international trip, so that’s my goal at the moment. Nearly there!


City: 5721/15603
Story: 16293/27500
Battle: 54570/88600
Encyclopedia: 53/103

Total: 76637/131806 (58.1%)

  1. Silhouette permalink

    Every time Rogue comes back and posts, I get all fuzzy~

  2. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready

  3. shakey2 permalink

    Have you seen the next MGQ rogue? It’s being done in RPGmaker this time surprisingly…

    • i think they should use Unity engine… its quite easy to use and add some neat effects

    • Anonymous permalink

      Have a link to what your talking about, shakey2?

      • did u guys knew tht there was a kickstarter project remaking MGQ part 1 to 3D?….

        i mean… cmon… wth… rlly?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Its old news. anyways just leave them alone, they got permission from the creators so its all legit. I personally dont find it interesting in the least but to each their own. Its not like I’m gonna start judging peoples fetishes after playing a monster girl game lol

        • Anonymous permalink

          Are they serious…. Its atrocious.

        • Anonymous permalink

          This makes me angry

        • Takata permalink

          $10000 from 246 people… I am surprised at how effectively crowdfunding brings out the most extreme supporters. o.o
          Gameplay looks clunky, and the characters seem a bit lifeless, but the scenery looks nice. I thought this would have looked beter cell-shaded, but maybe that’s just because I saw Monmusu Quest first.

          • Antonio permalink

            I am wachting and hep the development of MGQ 3D in the forun What you saw is just the prototype, it is getting far much better, there is a page in wikia with some screens of how it is now.

            The game promices keep the original story and add tons of things. Lets just say the MGQ was only story, an epic story, but only story, every other aspects are very bad, the only thing that keeps you playing is the great story, remake the game in a system more enjoyable is a great thing, not an offence.

        • shakey2 permalink

          They must be taking out all the erotic content then because kickstarter does not allow such projects. Offbeatr on the other hand does.

          • I think they have a version with the erotic content in it, just not posted on kickstarter. It’s on their own website:

          • yuki permalink

            Kickstarter only denies such projects if they’re flagged during the funding period. Once the project is funded and the cash is handed over, all bets are off. Kickstarter has a very hands-off approach to everything once the funding period is over (their TOS basically says, “if the project screws you, sucks to be you.”)

          • Anonymous permalink

            If your interested in funding adult projects, go to Offbeatr. The Pockie Pussies games is and interesting one that gained 55 thousand.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That game is fucking terrible, the author is a cunt, and RT should disallow him to use his fucking translation of MGQ.

      • shakey2 permalink

        It’s on Dargoth’s blog, another Monster Girl game translator though he doesn’t do the same games as rogue obviously.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I’m pretty happy with the progress. At this rate…I’m hoping it’ll be done in 4 months.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the update Rogue, hype train go!

  6. i don't need a name permalink

    Just want to say thanks for the effort.

  7. matt permalink

    New path soon. Thank goodness. That has been excruciating.

  8. Thepain permalink

    Im ready to fap 3:)

  9. AnonRoy permalink

    I don’t think Rogue is getting killed by CIA Agents, I think he IS one. Seriously, the possibility is there.

    Firstly, we know nothing about him. The best Spooks are the ones who don’t exist, and who don’t tell anyone who they are. Simple as that.
    Next, he communicates rarely. Very few opportunities for it whilst he’s running for his life across Russia.
    He clearly has experience with other languages. If you’re doubting that at this point, I weep for your brain cells.
    International Flights. ‘Nuff said.
    He has access to analytical tools that allow him to accurately approximate remaining lines of text. Not necessarily CIA, but a spook would most likely know such programs like the back of their laser-watch.
    He hasn’t received a single takedown request of which I’m aware. Translation projects get those all the time, and considering how huge MGQ is in regards to fandom, you’d expect there to be a few naysayers in the world. Clearly, he’s got pull with some high-level suits.
    Finally, his name- Rogue Translator. “Rogue.” He used to be a spy for XXXXXX country, but he defected to the USA over tensions between the nations involved. Now an Ex-Patriot of his homeland, his only option is to work with the CIA as an informant, undercover operative, and/or translator for high-level emissaries. Even now, his home country considers him to be… a Rogue.

    So, dear Rogue Translator, rest assured, your secret is safe with us. Stay sharp, don’t get caught, and for the love of god, please don’t bite down on the Cyanide Capsule in your Molar until you finish MGQ. Please please please. Please.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Or, he’s a government agent who went rogue and is currently on the lam. Hence why there haven’t been many updates. It’s hard to find time to update this blog when you’re knocking elbows with Edward Snowden.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Maybe he IS Edward Snowden…

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Edward Rogueden.


          Ah hell. Here it comes.

          SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Only at the SUPERDOOOOME! It’s a battle of the HIGHEST CALIBER as EDWARD ROGUEDEN goes up against SETH ROGAN AND HULK HOGAN! With half time appearances by IRON SHOGUN and YEOMAN WITH A BLOWGUN, only the SUUUUPERDOME can contain all this excitement! And now a word from the man himself:


          You heard it here, folks, ONLY ON SUNDAY… ONLY AT THE SUPERDOME… AND ONLY ON ROGUE TV!

          Is it gone? Oh god, that was a bad one.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Haha… you are really funny guy, don’t you? Your mother must be very proud of you. I bet she has already committed suicid…

      • colin permalink

        he’s like the batman of translations.

    • MGQ+Rogue+AnonRoy=AWESOME permalink

      Truly? I thought, perhaps, it was some sort of Bourne Identity scenario. That he’s a defector never actually crossed my mind. Other than that, you do make a compelling argument. I wonder, since this is MGQ, if it might not even be a Men in Black type of deal. Now wouldn’t THAT be of intrigue?

      • AnonRoy permalink

        As much as I appreciate your name, mate, consider changing it to something that identifies you. A good alias is one that no one else uses. For instance, aside from folk doing it after the fact, I’ve never seen anyone else use the name “AnonRoy,” and my main alias is rarely used. Though occasionally. Which sucks.

        Also, this was me. Make of it what you will. Got three people to screen cap it, tho.
        Though, for the record, the two images aren’t actually related.

        • 光闇 permalink

          Something in another language is good because it isn’t quite as easy to steal. You can’t just type in, 光闇; you have to copy and paste it.

          • Sair Velrend permalink

            technically speaking, if you know how that is pronounced and have a japanese keyboard set up you could just type it in, but you are right in that it is indeed harder =P

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          AnonRoy, this is the guy formerly known as MGQ+Rogue+AnonRoy=AWESOME. The way I see it, you’re right good sir. So I think this is a little more my style. ;)

    • WEEGEE permalink

      His patches have been taken down by filesharing sites multiple times before. In fact, I think they’re not online even at this moment.

    • WEEGEE permalink

      Illias damn it the comment replies are broken again

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Oh thank god you made it back. I was about to send out the hora-copters to search for you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I laughed so hard at hora-copters, dear god, I love the communities of the erotic world, just look at fakku and their amazing community.

  11. Guy permalink

    Yosh Ikuzo Rouge!!!! xmas gift would be sweet for the full patch :D

  12. Georgerous permalink

    Rouge-Sempai notices us ;__;

  13. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder when’s your next scheduled international trip now, lol. Thanks for the update!

  14. antfarmkeyboards permalink

    Measure out your shampoo carefully lest us leeches wither away in anticipation. Also regardless of how you use the word bomb (ie this underwear fits like da bomb or this in flight movie bombed) it WILL be taken as a noun you will be taken away by a 300lb black chick for some anal play/facesitting or whatever torture goes on in the scary back rooms.

  15. Hora Hora permalink

    Because he’s the translator MGQ deserves, even if he can’t finish translating right now. So we’ll wait for him. Because he can take it. Because he’s our hero. He’s a silent linguist. A watchful protector. A Rouge Translator.

    • The internets. They’re yours.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Take my internets too. I’ve just ascended to, I won’t need them anymore.

        Humor aside, I’m now curious as to what kind of website is.


        Welp, doesn’t exist. Now (plural!), is… well, not too different, actually. MOVING ON!

      • Anonymous permalink

        the internets woulda been yours hora hora IF you had spelt rogue’s name right

    • Anonymous permalink

      He’s the Batman of the erotic world.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Keep on keeping on, Rogue.

  17. My body is ready.

  18. WaitingforRogue permalink

    I think Rogue is a flight attendant or a fucking plane, he is always flying around

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hes an arms merchant, didn’t you know? Hes flying in and out of war zones to sell weapons and translates eroges in his spare time. theres no other badass mofo out there like this other than rogue

  19. Anonymous permalink

    You people and your post are so random and hilarious

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Oh god YESSS!!!

  21. Anonymous permalink


    • AnonRoy permalink

      Let’s take a moment and think logically.

      We’ve established Rogue is a frequent traveler, of the sort that plans out his trips with what I would assume to be less than a month’s notice. So, right there we’ve got a max- one month. However, notice that in his post, he mentioned he was exhausted, and it sounded just a bit like he was rushed. So, we can subtract as much as three weeks, but we’ll take away one. There’s a three week eta for you. Finally, recall his usual pattern- 30, 60, 100% patches. Where’s he at? 58.1%, less than 2% to go. If he’s aiming for 60%, it’ll take him a week max to make that jump. Alternatively, if he’s aiming for 66%, we could be looking at as much as 3 weeks.

      So, I would guess with about half certainty that we’ll see a patch within the next 3 weeks. Bear in mind, this is all based on some shaky-as-f*ck evidence that can be interpreted in multiple ways, so if you or anyone else quotes me on this or holds me responsible if Rogue misses the deadline that I just set, then aforementioned quoting individuals are retarded.

  22. Adash permalink

    Thanks Rogue. You’re the best.

  23. The Anonymous permalink

    Finally my thrice-a-day checking on this site showed me something!
    And we’re close to 66.
    *copy from previous post*

  24. Anonymous permalink


  25. Anonymous permalink

    “I definitely want to get the next patch out before my next scheduled international trip,”

    And when is that?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Right after the next patch actually. Go figure.

    • I don’t know, I can get a month’s notice or as little as a few days.

      • Crimson permalink

        that doesn’t sound very “scheduled”, must suck to be called “yo bro, i need you in the corner of the other side of the world in 2 days, kthxlovebye!”

        it does sound like a pilot’s schedule though, either way best of luck both translating and traveling

  26. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    yup… the way its going we might see it before new year :)

  27. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    oh just one more thing…… let me be honest while its fun idea not rly looking forward to 3D version things like this just gotta be 2D

  28. White Mage permalink

    Great work.

  29. notanon permalink

    so i guess 10 % 20 days,and its already 58% so it gonna take 2-3 months till it reach 100% thanks rouge :3

  30. Marc permalink

    up up Rogue, up up Rogue…

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time it is hard to wait but it’s worth it.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    I wish you told us when was your next scheduled international trip, but thanks for your hard work.

  33. Anonymous permalink


    leddit is raiding this blog

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Roguetranslator – International superspy and man of mystery!

  35. Some dude permalink

    Cant wait for their new game

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Only a few hundred people respond to your posts, but I’m sure that a few thousand or ten thousand are enjoying your translations. Keep it up!

  37. Takata permalink

    If I linearly extrapolate Rogue’s translation progress over time, I predict a release date of 25 October for a 67% patch… plus or minus a week or two maybe.

    • Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, you never know when a new variable might be introduced. Hopefully, if it does, the effect will be positive.

    • Takata permalink

      I think any new variable will almost certainly be negative. Can’t think of anything that would speed up the process, but a lot of things could slow it down.

      An inverse square relation appeared to fit better using all of the data points, including the ones near the start where rogue was progressing really quickly, but that predicted a finish date around the start of June next year… that must be wrong. o.o

  38. Anonymous permalink


    • Anonymousse permalink

      Master, I’ll have a Camus while we wait.

  39. Takata permalink

    I noticed an image of what appeared to be a yuri scene between two of the main characters somewhere on the internet… I hope that’s in the next patch. ^^

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Haha, I know the feeling of continuous flights all too well… anyways, nice to see you again, and thanks for the good work!

  41. thenovaman permalink

    i cant wait for this shit !!

  42. Anonymous permalink

    ty based rogue

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Love ya man, keep on trucking you adorable little superspy/translator/sex god you.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    First time post –

    Honestly, Rogue, take all the time you need. I’d rather have quality vs. crap. As much as I’d like the update now, I’d prefer it if the translation was not impulsive. It’s too great of a series to let fall into the sullied corners of the instantly ingratiated. Even if that’s what it’s all about. Quality, give us that and it’s sure to please.

    – Till the next patch.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    First time post –

    Honestly, Rogue, take all the time you need. I’d rather have quality vs. crap. As much as I’d like the update now, I’d prefer if the translation was not impulsive. It’s too great of a series to let fall into the sullied corners of the instantly ingratiated. Even if that’s what it’s all about. Quality, give us that and everyone will be happy.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Weird time lag. I thought it wasn’t going to post. Sorry for the duplicate.

  47. AnusRoy permalink

    Hey guy this is pilot of rogue flight he is kill

  48. Anonymous permalink

    I appreciate your hard work Thank you!

  49. not-a-fake-anonymous permalink

    What if some anon kills Rogue just to mess all you guys up?

    I think we need to think about implementing some serious security countermeasures before it’s too late.

    p.s. Thanks for what you’re doing, mr. RogueTranslator.

    • The Anonymous permalink

      Let’s call in the horacopters.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        As long as no one hires Vinnie to do the job, Rogue should be able to take care of himself.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    does any one else have a problem with side stories crashing

  51. Anonymous permalink

    So I need help here. I’ve done the conversion that puts all three games together, but it doesn’t keep. I have to do the conversion every time I start up MGQ for it to work. Can anyone help me out/ troubleshoot?

  52. Take your time and rest well^^ x3

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Airports? Scheduled trips? Are you George Clooney?

  54. Anonymous permalink

    guys, i need help. since the first patch ended, i pressed some random buttons and ended up here

    but no matter what i do, i still get raped! any ideas on what to do?! i bet it has to do with some of the “new” abillitys luka got in this fight. please help! ill send pancakes, just gimme your address. im from germany btw, idc about shipping costs!

  55. anonymus two permalink

    guys, i need help. since the first patch ended, i pressed some random buttons and ended up here

    but no matter what i do, i still get raped! any ideas on what to do?! i bet it has to do with some of the “new” abillitys luka got in this fight. please help! ill send pancakes, just gimme your address. im from germany btw, idc about shipping costs!

    • The Anonymous permalink

      Those aren’t new abilities. You’re fighting alongside with Alma Elma.
      And you keep losing maybe because you’re not leveled up enough yet?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The patch fucks up during that part. Your fighting as the heavenly knights in those battles and should have corresponding avatar, health and abilities. Because of the patch, the game thinks you fight as Luka and you have his avatar and health. You can only get through those by playing the original, unpatched version.

  56. Poor fella. Rogue, you’re very busy. I want to say “Take it easy.” and yet I absolutely do NOT want to say so. My decency as a kind human being wants to let you know that it is alright to take your time, yet a powerful force within forbids it. This urge for Monster Girl Quest 3 overrides my every ingrained social rules.

  57. If you need a host for your patches drop me an email and we’ll get this set up for you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think rogue would mind if you you host his patches aswell (considering his patches keep getting taken down). The more places that host his patches, the better.

  58. Shirokuro permalink

    My nipples are so hard

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone needs to stop this conspiracy that Rogue is a spy. We all know that Rogue’s international trips are just hopping onto the Garuda Girl and landing in Hellgondo. Rogue has a difficult time coming back with all the rape going on there. Simple as that.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Just to ask, what is everyone’s favorite Monster-Girl in the series. Please, only translated portions only.

    • The Anonymous permalink

      Alma Elma
      Succubus Witch
      Yamata no Orochi

    • anon permalink


    • Bernaregna permalink

      The Imp is the best and also all the Succubus

    • Takata permalink

      Would be Alma Elma, IF she didn’t kill you half the time. x.x
      So… possibly Tamamo, Alice or Harpy Queen then. (Yes, boring choice, I know >.>)
      Harpy Queen seems even better in the third game. ^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Frog Girl
      Chimera Tentacle

    • Anonymous permalink

      Alma Elma
      Mermaid General
      Sister Lamia

      Following behind:
      Frog Girl
      Goblin Girl

    • redpanther permalink

      Dominion Endiel
      Chimera Dryad
      Archangel Mariel

    • Anonymous permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        Also the four loli bandits in no particular order. Curse the lack of an edit button!

  61. Anonymous permalink

    What is your job exactly?

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, without giving too much away, how far do you think the next patch will go? Could you say how many encyclopedia entries there might be? I’d appreciate any insight.

    • Takata permalink

      Knowing how Rogue does partial patches, he’s going to look for a story arc boundary around 2/3 of the way through the game.

  63. WildFour permalink

    Oh rogue, how can you not get aerophobia with all those flight. I’ve had the 6th one this year and I’m already close to going mad from the upcoming trip this November @_@

    • Research each stage of the flight, and what all the noises and bumps may be, so you know what’s happening. When you go through clouds, expect the plane to have minor to moderate turbulence right away, just watch the window knowing it will happen. When there’s turbulence, imagine you’re just in a car going through a gravelly/rocky road (it is rather similar). Planes can withstand a hell of a lot more than the rigors commuter flights put them through. You’re more likely to get hurt driving to the airport than actually flying itself. Good luck!

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Up to which monster does the current patch cover?
    I’m still saving for the game :(

  65. The Noble Shade permalink

    I know rogue doesn’t like it when we attempt to extrapolate dates, but I’m predicting that the next patch will be a Halloween present at the earliest, or a Christmas present at the latest. Maybe even a New Years gift.

  66. Anonynony permalink

    Go Rogue! You can do it :D

  67. y0h0g0 permalink check this link its really fun lol:D

  68. Demonwise permalink

    Since I can’t find any contact information for the creator of this blog I will ask this here since it will probably get more people to look at it and possibly even the author. Is it fair to say that the translation project for Violated Heroine has been abandoned? I haven’t seen any updates for well over a year.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question, not necessarily for Rogue, but anyone, I might have misread the first patch, but is anyone else missing the monsters in their monsterpedia from Principality Nagael to the Chimera Bug? I’ve played through the partial partial patch a few times and can’t seem to unlock this section of monsters, which i assume is a visitable town that I’m missing. I just want to know if anyone has a solution.

    • The Anonymous permalink

      You missed going to Iliasburg and Harpy Village. Maybe you directly went to Sentora after Enrika.
      You need to replay that part to get the missing monsters,

      • Anonymous permalink

        I tried multiple times to click on illiasburg after fighting Nagael, but it wouldn’t let me go there. and i couldn’t find the harpy villiage, is there something you have to do beforehand?

        • Anonymous permalink

          You need to visit it back in part 1 and then continue to play until part 3.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    I tried multiple times to click on illiasburg, and it wouldn’t let me, i assume the only time to click it was after you fight nagael, is there some event you have to trigger before it will let you? and harpy villiage isn’t even on my map.

    • It sounds like you imported a save into part 3 that skipped some areas in part 1. You might want to get another save (or start fresh in part 3 without combining the other parts).

      • Exmigrant permalink

        Alright, that sounds like a good plan, thanks for the advice. :)

        • Anonymous permalink

          your save is corrupted as dargoth stated, in previous news i wrote a guide how to avoid these kind of problems… but meh. yeah, just start over from part 3, then make a save, and after that combine the parts.

  71. ButriX permalink

    Dunno how to express the graditute for your hard work Rouge… if there is anything that you would need…. just ask :) Thank you for NOT GIVING UP ON US ! :)

  72. Anonymous permalink

    you’re awesome man, thanks for all you hard work

  73. Yay progress :D

  74. stitch901 permalink

    Rogue. The Doppelganger dosen’t to work when I go to the Extras menu, and there should be a little white dot at the bottom of the screen. Error 099.txt line 376553 pops up

  75. stitch901 permalink

    Its works in MGQ2 but not MGQ3.

  76. NeoDarklight permalink

    Anyone got a copy of the 37% patch I can direct download, with instructions? I don’t trust torrents anymore.

    Finally beat the first two parts with 100% completion first time through, and Now I want to play at least partway through Part 3. Thanks in advance!

  77. iemier permalink

    Hey, Anonroy; I’d recommend you making a Gravatar account. Surprised that you haven’t, seeing as you’ve stuck to this blog so long.

    To those that don’t know how to make an account
    (Even Fenoxo didn’t know how to make an account for the longest time, I think)

    Step one: Make a Gravatar/wordpress account
    There you go.

    Anonroy; I only bring it up so that jerks that do have decent grammar won’t pretend to be you, and tarnish your name.

    • NippleRoy permalink

      How to make an account?
      Step one/only step: Make an account.
      Wow you are the man.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Testing the posting of things, what with the blogs and the gravatars and such.

      If it works, then thanks iemier. Good call. If not, then I’ll fix it, and still thanks.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Yaaaaaaay… Also, gotta admit, “NippleRoy” is a new one.

        Very creative of you.

  78. Santa permalink

    Cool to read this, it gets me nervous and exited xD

    I will be leaving these 2 links to the 37% patch. Ignore the names and simply unrar them. (They work).

    By the way, I didn’t know about the account making, gotta go and make one, thanks for the idea.

    This one without the MOD.!QNgHwB7Y!CvLAVRkzo1LyJlC-Ml5h6kd0sEp9MYdryRGJ73aOH3g

    And this one has the MOD.!IRJlTJJC!WDX9xXjadLWOnhFegbXYtQ1vYYZHorGH2fXfdZBmHNQ

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      Very clever. VERY clever. But how do I actually access the download? It downloads on the site, but what do I do to ACCESS that download?

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        NVM. But now there was a glitch, and my computer can’t find it except with quick search. I was able to extract it, though.

        • NeoDarklight permalink

          NVM, fixed it. Thanks for the link!

          • NeoDarklight permalink

            Finished it. Now to wait until around mid-October to sometime in November, if what I’m hearing here is right.

  79. AnonRoy permalink

    You all just lost the game.

  80. DickRoy permalink

    I think that Rogue will release the 67% patch within November

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      The direct download there was the first one I checked. I do not trust a site that wants me to download a program that downloads other programs just to get the one program I want.

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