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Next Patch Aimed for October 4th

September 30, 2013

I’m aiming to release the next iteration of the patch on October 4th. It’s a little less than 2/3rds of the way through, around 62%. Though it’s just at the 2/3rd point in terms of battles… The last portion of the game is more story/text heavy than the first 2/3rds.


City: 4909/15603     (There was a slight issue with how I calculated the city text, so this is the correct number. The last post was off a bit)
Story: 17726/27500
Battle: 58524/88600
Encyclopedia: 53/103

Total: 81212/131806 (61.5%)

All that’s left between now and Friday is a few more encyclopedia entries, and some editing. On Friday the 4th, it should be posted around 10pm to midnight EST.

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  2. Silhouette permalink

    Yay~ Fuzziness

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Great! Thanks a lot!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    almos there

  5. Anonymous permalink

    more horas incoming


    Rogue is deleting translated city lines gg

    • For anyone interested;

      When I do the battle scenes, every so often I’ll need to change a line such as

      $sel1 \
      > \

      So that it will work with English text. Which adds an extra line. Since the city text is at the very end, it all gets pushed down 1 line each time I do it. Apparently since the start of part 3, I did it a few hundred times…

      • Chance Vance permalink

        IT’s gotta suck having to correct all that.

        We appreciate what you do for us bro.


        AW yes Rogue replied to me be jealous all of you

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  8. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time mate, we all appreciate what your doing for the community

  9. Afaggot permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work.

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    Yesss! We love you, Rogue!

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    going to be a good weekend

  12. Holy sweet mother of Alice, you just made my entire night! Maybe my month! I hate that I’m working all day the two days after you’re expecting it for, but I’ve waited this long! I can’t WAIT! Thank you for all of your hard work, you don’t know how much you’re making people happy. BRING ON THE HORAS!

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    Wow, I seriously underestimated you.

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    faster plzz…..

    • SilentWill permalink

      be patient, he’s basically doing this for nothing in return.

      • Cio permalink

        Don’t feed the troll. :D

      • Anonymous permalink

        I understand but she could be faster and not slacking that much…

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Blasphemer! Everyone knows Rogue spends all of his/her free time in a dark, secluded office in his/her home, cuffed to his/her desk until he/she finishes the translation that he/she is doing for free without receiving any form of compensation! He/she slaves away without any sleep because that’s what he/she is all about: completely slaving over something for absolutely no compensation! It’s why he/she doesn’t get a paycheck from work, and always masturbates but never allows him/herself to orgasm! It’s all about the virtue of doing things without compensation or reason! For Rogue so loved the world of MGQ, that he/she sent his/her only begotten son/daughter to bording school, to atone for the tiny bit of slacking he/she did.

          Have I gotten my point across yet? I certainly hope so, it was oh-so-fun to write that that i didn’t pay attention to whether or not it made sense. :P

    • magic9mushroom permalink

      If you think you can do better, by all means go ahead.

    • Marc permalink

      And quality > fast…
      Up up Rogue, up up Rogue…

  15. raza permalink

    Wow i just drop in for the hell of it from time to time and generally when i do you have an update I should do this less often then you’re taking up precious hours of doing nothing xD

    Suppose we’ll be rolling in the final part by christmas what a nice present “family what did you get for christmas raza?”
    “Many laughs and battles and a few failures……….oh the rape scenes lmfaoe* (laugh my ass off evilly)

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      And then MGQ becomes a family game……..WHAT

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    Ooh wow! On thursday Agarest rolls out for the PC and friday is MGQ patch day? Weekend will be SO perfect! Gotta start fortifying the door and boarding the windows… :P

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    You go girl!

  18. Durate permalink

    I hope can get Gnomaren’s achievement in next patch

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I hope this patch goes to a certain place because of the one monster fight i like there.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Woooooooo!!! Great news, should get us the four spirits back, possibly to the scene with chibi alice.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I recently bought the games, and I was wondering if there’s any place to find the most recent versions of the previous patches? I found the 1.1 for the first one and a 1.0 for the second, but there are posts here about other patches and I couldn’t track those down. Sad :(

    Looking forward to the 3rd patch, and seeing how the story ends. In this next version you’re putting out, will the story bits be complete? That is to say, is the game playable to the end, but with side bits, monsterpedia entries and H scenes missing, or are you going from beginning to end?

    Keep up the good work!

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  23. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, are we able to download the partial patches or are we just waiting for the whole patch to come out?

  24. Takata permalink

    Yay, sooner than expected! ^^
    I’m hoping that yuri scene is in this section of the story.
    Will the typos listed in the release post for the 37% patch been fixed in this one?

  25. Takata permalink

    Hm… only 62%, but it’ll probably be nice to have a long, strong finisher. ^^

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    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Amen derp! At first I was looking for the “like” button…then I realized this isn’t Facebook. *facepalm*

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I can appreciate the need to balance work and time-intensive hobbies (translating in your case, indie programming in mine). I am sincerely grateful for all the effort you’ve put into translating this trilogy. I feel like you might be burning out on this project (typical, in my own experience with long projects), but keep pushing steadily forward; the end is in sight.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    And just something for Rogue to think about: What is your favorite monster girl throughout the series? Which did you enjoy translating the most? What character did you want to see more of in the game, h-oriented or not?

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  30. Adash permalink

    It’s going to be a gooooood weekend.

  31. WEEGEE permalink

    What job do you have that requires you to go on international flights so often?

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    Nice nice finally keep up the good work

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    U just made my day a hell lot better :D

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    Please allow me to have your babies Rogue

  35. AnonRoy permalink

    So much happy.

    But now no one will see my comment proclaiming they lost the game over on the other page… Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

    Still, looking forward to this.

    • The Anonymous permalink

      Yay AnonRoy you got a gravatar!

    • Ciol Nirrep permalink

      You have my thanks AnonRoy, I lost the game once again….

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    I love how you fast you are translating this. It’s okay to take breaks you know?!?

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    There is a special place in heaven reserved for Rogue

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Honestly… eventhough I don’t know you, Rogue…. you are the first person I felt in love with. (and I’m 32)

    Man, I don’t even care if you’re a male, female or a nasty monstergirl.

  39. Bernaregna permalink

    Good job Rogue!

  40. The Anonymous permalink

    Rogue I love you.
    This is the most perfect way to end my semester.
    And I just need to put this:

    I estimate this patch to be up to reclaiming Undine.

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      could you please not post the same video to every blog update?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think they should keep doing it, playing this song while reading the comments is a blast XD

  41. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Please do not finish translating MGQ because after thtat there will be no more horas. ;_:

    • Edale permalink

      MGQ4 is going to be an RPG maker game, already been announced. Even if it’s not called MGQ4, Luka’s the main character.

      • Anonymous permalink

        How do you know that?
        Link to the source?

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink

          No Alice no horas. Thanks for the spoilers anyway, I’ve alway suspected it to be a very, very sad ending.

        • Touka permalink

          Dargoth’s blog.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    going by enxyclopidia entry’s this patch will only take us up to the battle before you reclaim the fire spirit ergo we are only getting another 12 monstergirls this patch :( and none of those look all that great as far as monstergirls go :( sad face thanks anyway though rogue you rock :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      He mentioned it’s gonna be at about 2/3 point in terms of battles, so no, I think it’ll go past that. Probably somewhere near Undine.

    • No it goes a lot further than that… There are 25 more entries, not 12.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    he did say that most of what he has to do now is finishing up encyclopedia entries. So I imagine we will get alot more than 12. Just my guess though. Totally stoked about the patch anyway.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Praised be thy name, based Rogue. Man, I sure hope this patch will get Eva’s (that black haired succubus) scenes translated…

    • The Anonymous permalink

      It will. I presume Eva’s in Succubus Village, which you will go to before getting Undine in Gold Volcano.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Really appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you.

  46. White Mage permalink

    You are awesome and a miracle. :p

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Now I know what I’ll be doing in the weekend.
    Thanks a bunch Rogue!

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Saturday: Test results came out bad
    Sunday: Spent entire day preparing for mother’s birthday
    Monday: Woke up with hangover
    Today: Chemistry test. Expecting bad results
    Wednesday: School possibly cancelled
    Thursday: RWBY episode 12
    Friday: MGQ 3’s next patch

  49. Anonymous permalink

    are we able to get these update patches?

    or do we need to wait for a big one?

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    • AnonRoy permalink

      How did you do that? You spelled “Rogue” right, but then three seconds later you got it wrong… Are you a Failwizard?

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  52. Anonymous permalink

    BTW there is comic I read the title is
    Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou its somewhat like this story maybe ?

  53. Bakor permalink

    BTW there is a comic I read lately, the totle is
    Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, its somewhat like this game maybe ?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Barely, although it doesn’t have rape, battles, gods, weird swords, horas and idiots.

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        It does have a famous hentai mangaka writing and drawing it, though. Seriously, you should check out his earlier works on e-hentai.

        • shakey2 permalink

          There is more than one of those working on it.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    brace yourselves, more horas are coming.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    yesssssssss master brings preciousssssss our precious

  56. stitch901 permalink

    Rogue, Will you have fix the Doppelganger so the Second Chapter Monsterpedia Complete for MGQ3? Because I still have the error #099.txt line:376553.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a good kid.

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  59. Anonymous permalink

    A song i recon best describes rouge

  60. Rick Myers permalink

    I could totally translate this in like 3 days. What is taking so long? I want my money back!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Here is your 0.00 in currency you used to pay for free translation.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You forgot the processing and handling fee. If the refund of 0.00 is to be credited, the person / people doing the processing still have to be paid.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What type of currency do you want it in? USD? Yen? Peso?

    • The Anonymous permalink

      Sure you can translate the text in 3 days, but you can’t translate the program code in 3 days.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    than do the translation on your own Rick.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    :Rogue delivering his Patches :D The picture is so awesome and its hit exactly the Situation^^

  63. Nattly permalink

    I’ll be torn between Monster Girl Quest and Wind Waker HD… GOD DAMMIT!

    • Monster Girl Quest or Wind Waker HD? Easy. Does Wind Waker HD have Horas? I DIDN’T THINK SO!

  64. Anonymous permalink

    thank you rogue, from the bottom of my heart!

  65. How come there are still 10000+ lines of city text while other progresses look normal? ._.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seriously, people are waiting for free translation someone does in his free time, while translator clearly sacrifices his free time, and yet make weird demands or question the translator. Disgusting.

      • It is not a demand, I’m merely curious. You are the one who thinks disgustingly.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Afaik you can visit the whole world before the final dungeon. So every citizien and villager gets new text.

          • Ooh! That sounds fun! Dammit, if only I could learn japanese faster I would be finishing the game by now :D but go Rogue! Lot’s of people are cheering for you…lol!

    • There is a lot of city-based text at the end of the game is why… It makes it a little bit lopsided.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Aw, you remembered my birthday ;D! Thank you so much!

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Hi just wondering you say your done with translation scene when mgq3 is translated, will your site still exist or will you shut it down?

    not that it happens alot anymmore but just wondering if a computer crashes needing a format will you still be able to use your site to get translated patches in the future?

    ps: thanks for your hard work and goodluck in life whereever it takes you.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      In theory, it should stick around a while. The site is hosted by WordPress, which has big, always-on servers. Rogue would have to either break the rules or request his site get taken down, or else destroy ALL of WordPress’s servers to take down this site. Or maybe just the server that has his site in it… Not entirely sure how their file structure works.

      Anyhow, it’s prolly gonna stay up.

    • I’m going to make a final post with all the stuff I’ve translated through the years and a link to them, then change the password to the site and let it sit until wordpress deletes it or it somehow gets erased.

      • Anonymous permalink

        For some reason that sound so sad… T-T

      • Anonymous permalink

        No matter what, you shall still be our hero.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        And then we’ll all put it in a torrent and seed it for the rest of our lives in your honorable memory.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are a god among men.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Hey I have a problem with the 1st patch. When I die to the angels in the forest where sylph is it automatically skips the vore scene. Explanations?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Turn vore scenes on in the settings screen thing.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Screw around with your Config and your Special Config. Pretty sure there’s an option in one of those two to automatically skip the vore scenes. If you’re already aware of that, and you’ve messed with it, and it’s still going on for only that one encounter… then I’ve got nothing for you, good luck and good bye.

    • Edale permalink

      Main Menu < Extras < Special Config < Vore Scenes = on.

    • The Anonymous permalink

      You’re actually lucky you have vore off. Berryelle and Revel are disgusting.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      If your loading from a save it might turn these on or off again.

  70. AnonRoy permalink

    You know, when you think about it, the title “Final Fantasy” applies more to MGQ than to the actual games.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue!!!!!!!!

  72. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work sir.

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  74. Anonymous permalink

    Fantastic news!! Thank you very much, sir Rogue :)

  75. Anonymous permalink

    You know, I may be the only one who feels this way, but the part three monsters are lack luster and really aren’t that fap worthy. Loved part one and two, even the more bizarre monsters like the Monster Fly were amazing, and this coming from someone who is impartial to all bugs.. I even liked some of the spiders <— Extreme arachnophobia. But the angel monsters, they are just gross or unsymmetrical for the most part. I literally skipped my usual die first then beat them strategy almost the entire first patch.

    That said, Rogue keep up the good work :D Really do appreciate it.

    • I found only a few of the first 1/3 of part 3’s monster that great. But I like pretty much all of patch 2’s monsters. The final patch has some really good scenes/monsters, too. Basically, Patch 1 is the worst, 2 and 3 will be good.

      • Anonymous permalink

        General Mermaid is still my favorite of the whole series including one and two but yeah the game either hits it out of the park once or twice or fails hardcore when it comes to fapness. Still alot of the ones that are good IMO are really really good

        • NeoDarklight permalink

          Pretty sure there’s an internet rule stating “It’s somebody’s fetish. No exceptions.”

          • Anonymous permalink

            Rule 36: If it exists, someone has a fetish for it. No exceptions.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That’s 35.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Er, misread that. yes it’s 36.

      • goten1986 permalink

        Paintgeist >>>> Chimera Tentacle = Chimera Tongue >>>> All Patch 1 monsters, IMO.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    based rogue

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue said above that there’d be 25 new monsterpedia entries. So I went to the wiki and counted the monsters. It will go past getting Undine back and up to fighting Laplace.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      You know, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’m probably a bit too interested in Laplace.

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        Yeah. Never had a super robot in a fantasy setting before. :mspa:

  78. Rite permalink

    I think this part 3 focus more to the story and battle than the fap…

    All Hail Rogue!!!

  79. Anonymous permalink

    So at this rate 100% will be done for christmas?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes. a perfect Christmas gift isn’t it?

    • Takata permalink

      I think he would have to speed up quite a bit to meet that target.

  80. Drawner permalink

    When I try to play, all the english texts appears in very small words with lots of space between them. Recently I tried to install the Asian Languages system but failed, is it related? How could I solve that?

    • Anonymous permalink

      region > administrative > japanese local probably?

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue will forever live in our praises. We should erect a monument to him!

    • Anonymous permalink

      we already do while playing monster girl

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        You mean that 30 foot tall statue in the back, right?

        • Anonymous permalink

          That’s not done. We still have to coat it in gold.

          • NeoDarklight permalink

            Wait… I thought it was supposed to be SOLID gold… Oops.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            No, no, no… We build it out of Marble, to be classy, then cover it in Gold, to be fancy, then spray it with that Neverwet stuff so it never rusts, to be techy. Cuz that’s Rogue: Classy, Fancy, and Techy.

          • NeoDarklight permalink

            But gold doesn’t rust… Maybe you meant Teflon do it never gets dirty?

  82. Lion permalink

    So I’m guessing no one else has a problem with the vore scenes in the forest where slyph is. Because i have vore scenes toggled but in that area for some reason its not working.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Holy shit you’re all fucking faggots, jesus christ.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    I want more Cecil vore. :I

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Today is the day of the massive sperm genocide

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Now, now… my hype meter is at OVER 9000 HORAS!

    • Anonymous permalink


  87. Anonymous permalink

    figured i hadn’t checked your blog for a while, saw this post, mind just went “hehe…hehehe…ITS TODAY AHAHAHAHAHAHA, i love rouge so much” hora to all and to all a good hora

    • Rick Myers permalink

      Ok, so you love rouge. Is this really the best place to vent about your crossdressing addiction?

      • Anonymous permalink

        You do realize that love is not restricted to romantic stuff?

        • Rick Myers permalink

          I don’t know. Do you realize “rouge” is the French word for red and in English usually refers to a type of makeup?

        • Passing Chaos permalink

          Rick was just making a joke out of your misspelling of Rogue

  88. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder, will you release a complete 62% patch (including the 37% one) or will you just release a file with the new 25% translated stuff? (Sorry if I didn’t get the numbers right, just couldn’t remember well). I hope you get my point ^^

    • Lowlightt permalink

      It will do both. It will both upgrade the existing patch as well as install both.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you very much for the clarification : )

  89. Question permalink

    Do we need to buy the full game first before installing this patch or do we just install and play?
    Cos I installed part and cant even start it up.

  90. The_Crazy_Dude permalink

    Nice 173 comments on both posts

  91. Adash permalink

    The wait is exquisite.

  92. Anonymous permalink

  93. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready.

  94. The Animal Man permalink

    M i the only one who plays this for the story

    • Anonymous permalink

      you and me both brother i like the Naughty stuff like anyone but i looove the story more.

    • Anonymous permalink

      We all came here for the H, and stayed for the plot.

      • CwHart permalink

        What he said, I wanted some sexy monster girls to dominate the main character, but I never knew I was going to become invested in the story

    • CDJ permalink

      It’s nice to have a backdrop for all the fucking and reverse raping, but ultimetly it’s just a pornification of random old school JRPG clichés to me, and to be honest, I don’t think the game aspires to be more than that.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Good things that its just your opinion!

        • CDJ permalink

          Sure, it’s all just an opinion and there’s absolutely no problem for you to be invested in the game’s plot, I do think it’s disingenious to say you enjoy the game more because of the plot than the porn content though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Agreed. I think they do a great job of just putting in a simple story that ties things together and keeps it moving. The game would probably be worse if they tried to overdo it with a complex plot or twists, and it’s a big step up from games with no substance outside of H at all.

  95. Kamigoroshi permalink

    My Penis is ready

  96. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    So…ummm…anyone actually KILLED Alice at the end of 2? Does that even work? I refused to try….the bitch took Luka’s Virginity.

    (Yes I generally speak with more refined dignity than this. But I’m tired and just got done watching the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series………seriously if I have a reason to be in an ill-speaking, improper-grammar type of mood then it comes after watching THAT thing…although after about episode 30 it was actually a little funny from time to time…it still makes me want to commit intellectual suicide though….so not much different from the original Anime I suppose.)

    • CwHart permalink

      One: Personally I think the show is hilarious
      Two: Why watch something you dislike?
      Three: Yeah I did I am a completionist after all and had to see the ending, even though it made me abit teary eyed.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I actually killed her first because I thought that’s the end of the game (and I felt REALLY awful, didn’t believe it had to end this way) then I lost on purpose for erm…science, and THEN I got the right ending lol

        • Takata permalink

          How could you!? You seriously didn’t think of just guarding after her HP gauge hit zero?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Not really…I felt so bad thinking that killing her is the only way that I totally forgot about the guard/wait options :< but as I said then I lost on purpose so Alice can have her way with Luka for the rest if their lives lol

          • Anonymous permalink

            I guarded ONCE the first time, but she was like “what are you waiting for” and it never occurred to me that something different might happen if I do so just once more. So I killed her, but only because I had at least tried not to, albeit not tried hard enough apparently.

    • Durate permalink

      same here bro, just for 100% progress?? i don’t think so.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes if you kill Alice you get a Illias H scene

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        I did, but immediately regretted it. The Illias H scene was so weak that it didn’t even need censoring. If there wasn’t text stating the sex, I would’ve just thought she was peeing on him.

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Today, we will have the new partial patch Dudes !
    Thank you for your hard work Rogue.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Do you need the other 2 parts to run part 3 or can you just play part 3 on it’s own?

  99. Anonymous permalink

    Testosterone levels rising. . .
    Checking for boner. . .
    Erection confirmed. . .
    Let’s do this shit!

  100. CwHart permalink

    Not to be a party pooper but we don’t know for sure if it will be out. Granted Rogue prolly would have informed us if anything went wrong, but ya never know/

    • I have never missed putting out a patch by the date I’ve given (sometimes I put it out a day or two early too, if things go well). That’s why I don’t give estimates way before hand… Once I give a date and time, it’s solid.

      • CwHart permalink

        Sorry dude you are always consistence, I just know sometimes things happen that no one can see coming. But look forward to the patch as always. Thx for going out of your way like this. Since I somewhat caught your attention, and i am sure you’ve been asked this thousands of times, how did you learn Japanese?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You got scolded for doubting, you heretic!

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Yeah! This is Rogue, not Valve!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Valve would translate parts 1&2, but not 3

  101. Anonymous permalink

    Guys its still hours, calm down.

  102. Georgerous permalink

    Thanks My Lord…

  103. Time Lord permalink

    its only 1:04 pm in New York so were in for a wait yet.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    2:33 PM 10/4/2013 …Only a few more hours.

  105. Jizzwizz permalink

    Everyone told me I needed to paint my room white, I told them wait til friday.

  106. Anonymous permalink


  107. Anonymous permalink


  108. Hey AnonRoy, you took my advice, good on ya.

    Question: Do you play ahead while the game is being translated or wait for each one?

    Sidenote: Might not have noticed/cared but I keep the I in my name lower-cased because just about every darn website that has name bars uses the font where I looks like l. It’s horribly annoying being called Lemier all the time. (Ramble over)

    • AnonRoy permalink

      As for your name, that makes sense. As for the gameplay, I make sure to play ahead! The only way to do it without knowing Moonspeak is to use Cheat Engine to set my health and SP to never drain, then just use Daystar again and again and again. But even so, I definitely play ahead just so I can know what to look forward to, and in the case of certain monster girls, “enjoy” the CG.

  109. Anonymous permalink


  110. Terminally Enraged Black Man permalink

    You know. I really have to thank you Rogue. Unlike most, I didn’t stumble onto the gem of a game looking for fap material, nor did I even know what I was getting myself into. I just remember telling a friend I wanted a more challenging game to play, and then he sent me this. And I played it. And now here I am, eagerly awaiting the this, this wonderful patch.

    I came for the challenge.
    I saw Granberia.
    I conquered every battle.

    • Skyt permalink

      Does that mean you do nightmare mode? I don’t get much of a challenge on another mode.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think the challenge was more completing the game and all. Its one step forward and two steps back to see the rape scene, followed by re-watching over and over and over again.

        • Terminally Enraged Black Man permalink

          To be honest, I’ve seen seen less than 10% of the scenes. I really dislike losing. That said, I’m probably going to wait until Part 3 is done then try the whole encyclopedia on hell. Hopefully all without losing. But unlikely…

  111. AnonPaul permalink

    Got my popcorn, soda, and tissues all within arms reach.

    • Anonymousse permalink

      Just a friendly reminder to remember to wash your hands. You don’t want dick on your popcorn, nor, I am sure, do you want popcorn on your dick. Although some might.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Damn I can’t wait to see more of the story although I’m not sure if the 2nd patch of MGQ 3 is as story heavy as last 38% or first 37% even.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Who /tv/ here?

    I’m a big guy FOR YOU

  114. Anonymous permalink

    so tomorrow morning in my time zone? great! thanx man

  115. NoFuture permalink

    Holy fuck MGQ Patch + League of Legends finals on the same day…


  116. Anonymous permalink

    Am I the only one more interested in the storyline and plot then the loss scenes? Whenever I lose, my response is to usually swear, mash ctrl until the dishwater sounds go away, take a moment to laugh at Illias’ mocking, and then challenge the monster once again. If I lose again, I might even start to take it personally.

    Turn off hard? NEVER!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Trust me you’re not, I came for the H-scenes but I stayed for the story.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    Well… I know what I’m doing Friday night… refreshing this page

  118. Anonymous permalink

    the next patch is not available?

    • AnonJohn permalink

      No, it’s only 7:20PM.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Hey, Johnny. Good to see ya.

        And remember, Rogue said between 10 and midnight *MST.* So make sure you correct for timezones. Even if it’s midnight for you, it’s not for us here in the Mountain Standard Timezone. Currently it’s about 5:30 in that Time Zone, so you’ve got about 4.5 to 6.5 hours remaining.

        • Edale permalink

          Rogue said EST (GMT-5), not MST (GMT-7).

        • Anonymous permalink

          Between 10 and midnight MST? Does it not say EST, or did I miss a random update in the comments??

        • AnonJohn permalink

          I did, I live in the EST time zone he is using. 8:20PM now.

  119. Anonymous permalink

    Is everyone ready for the Spermian genocide of 2013?

  120. Korimade permalink

    Rejoice brothers the time is soon.

  121. Anonymous permalink

    So am I the only person refreshing this page every 5 minutes?

    • Randomguy664 permalink

      I’ve been here for at least five hours.

      Clearly, I should be doing other things. But I love this fucking game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No man, I’ve been doing the same thing…

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      And now you know what Homestucks do every day.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    it is 8:40 est here, my body is ready

  123. The Animal Man permalink

    I wonder who will see it first, sure hope that its me.

    • Eevee permalink

      Well i go to sleep now because its 3 am but when i wake up i heave it waiting for me

      • Kamigoroshi permalink

        10:00 EST = 5:00am Here but I’m not going any where until I’m done fapping even if it kills me

    • Anusdog permalink

      The question is: who will cum first ;)

  124. Anonymous permalink

    The first couple he patched were shitty, but I have a pre-boner cause of the next set.

  125. SeenToMuch permalink

    Serious Bro, very well done. Your patches for part 1/2 made my day (or even many weeks more :D ) and i believe much of the community here will agree with me. Take as much time as you need for the last translation of MGQ, most of us can endure waiting, don’t hesitate.

  126. Anonymous permalink

    F5 F5 F5 F5

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Let the hour of 1,000 F5’s…BEGIN!

  128. Anonymous permalink

    my body is ready

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