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MGQ Final Chapter Patch 2 (62%)

October 4, 2013

This is the second partial patch. It covers everything in the game up until around the 62% mark. It also contains all of Chapters 1 and 2 when you combine all of the arc.nsa files together (Outlined in the readme). If you find a crash, please comment on this post about it and I’ll work to fix it and update the patch.

Remember, you need the full version of Part 3, not the demo.

How to acquire the game:

It can be purchased at . This is the final part, so if you were going to buy it and haven’t yet, this would be the one to do it to clear your conscience.


Three locations to choose from this time. Once the 100% patch is out, I’ve been offered a location for long-term hosting away from this file sharing sites. But for now, these;

Anon Files


Once downloaded, extract the contents into the MGQ Part 3 folder, choosing “Yes to all” to overwrite anything.


As ever, try to save at the save locations. Some people lose out on stats and achievements when they save at other locations, in addition to random crashes.

Word Wrap:

Use mon_que_2-patch.exe for English word wrap. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this.


I make a lot of typos and editing mistakes – If you see any, either post a comment here, send me an e-mail, or stop by the #mgq channel in . I’m usually idling, but I check over the chat when I come back. Thank you again to everyone who submitted typos/fixes for the last patch, I made about 80 corrections (And about 150 fixes to the use of lets vs let’s).

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  1. Bbxez permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue has escaped from his captors to deliver us moar horas! Huzzah!

    • Anonymous permalink

      An arrow to the knee joke, Rogue? Really?

      • It was in the original. I didn’t put it in there, I swear. I felt sick typing it in though, if that makes you feel any better.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Arrow in the Knee was a phrase that existed before skyrim.

      • Wf71 permalink

        Taking an arrow to the knee is actually a Nordic slang that means “Getting married”

        So, rouge, you’re gonna married? :3

      • Anonymous permalink

        Where is it exactly? I can’t find it on my own ;/

  2. The Animal Man permalink

    First ha ha ha

  3. Anonymous permalink


  4. Anonymous permalink


  5. Anonymous permalink

    let the fapping begin

  6. Kamigoroshi permalink


  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you.

  8. Common russian guy permalink


  9. NightmareChild permalink

    HA First! Also, I have the game’s Background music in MP3 form if anyone wants it.

    • NightmareChild permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        Most of us knew that it’s already out in the files as .ogg right?

        • NightmareChild permalink

          Yes. Ogg, but I don’t think Ipods can play ogg files. (At least mine couldn’t.

          • Anonymous permalink

            iTunes converts any audio files to a compatible format already. Converting them anywhere else will likely just lower the quality even more.

          • NightmareChild permalink

            All that hard work… wasted.

  10. Anonymous permalink


  11. Anonymous permalink

    Is it safe?

  12. Anonymous permalink

    So begins… a new age of fap

  13. goten1986 permalink

    Sooner than I expected. Them time zones.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    You the man Rogue!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    is it really a virus…?

  16. Anonymous permalink

    i paused the download at 84.44%… is it okay to continue??

    • Anonymous permalink

      damn!! too late… my curiosity beat my fear… i already downloaded it..


  18. Anonymous permalink

    Similarly, my antivirus also caught it as a dangerous file. This issue wasn’t seen with the last patch. Can someone clarify whether the patch is working properly?

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hora Hora!! Thanks Rogue :D

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Those experiencing bad downloads.

    Annon files file is verified safe and working here.

    solid files caused an error after download and crashed during extraction.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I seriously can’t tell if the commenta above are made by some asshole thinking he’s funny are the downloads safe?

  22. Takata permalink

    I think this will be worth that risk. o.o
    Thanks Rogue. ^^

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Dunno if it’s a virus, but the game is translated x)

    • Not a virus, it was the same guy spamming about it with different names and same IP. On AV with maximum settings, the .exe can sometimes be marked “suspicious” because of the hack used in it to enable english word wrapping, but even that is rare.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thanks man

      • Anonymous permalink

        I lost my save when i patched it, write a warning to backup maybe?

        • The patch doesn’t do anything to the \save folder, there’s no way simply unraring it would erase any saves.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That’s strange any idea what might have happened then?

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Happened to me as well, the saves are still there, they just don’t show up when I start the game, backing up the saves and overwriting doesn’t do anything.

          • Did either of you go at all past the point of the last english patch? Try going into Extras -> Autosave data and see if you can load it from there?

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            It’s not actually erasing the saves, they simply don’t appear when you go to load them in the game.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Also, my Monsterpedia has been reset to pre-MGQ3 levels, scary thing is, the backed- up copy is also doing this.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Autosave data starts me at port natalia lvl 65, in part 1; also, why does the path mention combing the parts and bring over part 2 save data, do we need to do this?

          • Anonymous permalink

            In any event, could someone upload a save for the end of the first patch and the start of the second one? It would suck to have to redo a third of the game…

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            I accidentally went past the point, but didn’t save and every thing looked fine when I exited, also only went a few clicks past.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            I second this request, as it took me days to get through the first patch.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Also, it’s version .62 right?

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Could this possibly occur from saving at the wrong place while playing?

          • Yes, saving at any point other than a SAVE LOCATION risks corrupting the save. Small chance, but it’s possible. ESPECIALLY inside battles or in untranslated areas.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            The ,arc files seem to decrease in size when I unrar them into my MGQ3 folder.

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Also, why does the readme say you should have an arc 3 of over a million kb?

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            Any chance it could cause a deletion of all the saves you’ve ever made?

          • Sherringford Hope permalink

            I managed to fix it, my problem is that I was trying to use the copy of mgq3 that didn’t have my saves on it, false alarm, totally my bad.

        • Sherringford Hope permalink

          Really strange, had to put the arcs from the previous games back in so i could activate my previous pedia entries, they showed up before, but i got an error the moment i clicked on them, didn’t have to convert either.

  24. Anonymous permalink


  25. Afaggot permalink


  26. Anonymous permalink

    just scanned with malwarebytes, anonfiles is safe at least.

  27. Anonymous permalink


  28. Anonymous permalink


  29. ito permalink

    arachnephillic arc BEGINS!!
    Thanks a lot Rogue

  30. Thanks Rogue <3

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Does someone have saves from the point that the 1st patch ended?

    • Anonymous permalink


      • Anonymous permalink

        I really dont want to redo from start, and i’d also like one with the hero’s badge

  32. Edale permalink version verified as virus free. Can’t wait to play. :-)

    For anyone waiting for my MGQ3 walkthrough on gamefaqs: sorry, personal issues and family emergencies (aunt = terminal cancer) have been taking most of my time, I WILL get it out eventually, but as it stands I haven’t even had a chance to start it…

  33. Anonymous permalink

    I’m wary of the Anonfiles version because, although above the download version it gives the correct file name, when you click download it tries to download a different file name.

    Is that normal for Anonfiles?

  34. Touka permalink

    Any of these “virus” warnings are false positives.

  35. WEEGEE permalink

    When I download the .rar archive, it’s about 150 MB in filesize, but when I extract it there’s only about 40MB of stuff inside. WTF?

    Am I missing something?

    • WEEGEE permalink

      from anonfiles btw

    • 1/3 of the file size are the .nsa files and the script, the other 2/3 is the \mod \system and \ency folders. That’s probably the other 100mb you don’t see.

      • WEEGEE permalink

        The nscript is 11249KB, the .nsa files are 15239KB, 9249KB, and 5853KB.

        There’s no way that adds up to 148MB.

        • And what about the size of the stuff in the folders? Such as \mod and \system and \ency ?

          • WEEGEE permalink

            this should show the problem I’m seeing.

            The game itself seems to work fine, with one exception that the music seems very broken. The music keeps stuttering, pausing, and backtracking for no reason.

          • Yes, see how it says IN SIX FILES at the bottom? It’s only counting those six files. The folders, nor their contents, are being counted, it’s only showing you the filesize for that folder.

  36. Barack Obama permalink

    Tonight will be a good night. Excellent work as always, Rogue!

    • Asheleon permalink

      I never knew you were into these kind of things Mr President!!! O>O

    • anonymous permalink

      now i know why your government stopped. damn

    • Anonymous permalink

      He’s only half black; his father was Kenyan and his mother was Monster

  37. Anonymous permalink

    You ARE GOD !!!

  38. derp permalink

    Rouge a question, can we still be able to play from the save it ended on the first patch you made?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    I have an extra .nsa called arc3.nsa that is 14,883 kb. Is it supposed to be there?

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Working fine people! I posted about the virus before, but since many have verified and even rogue has confirmed, it is patched!

    Thanks a bunch rogue! Time to play!

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Yes, you can continue from your previous save files.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Just AWESOME!!!!!!

  43. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed most of the mods crashed a little ways in with an error that seems to indicate missing bitmaps. Is this happening to anyone else?

  44. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know if it was on the previous patch, there’s a point right after beating Virtue Revel, when Luka and Alice are searching the forest that Luka says “Yes I understand… New let’s go.” It’s right after Alice warns him about overusing his power.

    My save point was right after that angel, so I stumbled on it right away.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    I noticed most of the mods crashed with an error message indicating an missing bitmap. Anyone else getting this error.

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Is it possible for someone to post their saves from the point where the last patch ended?

  47. RF#238 permalink

    …It seems your GODLINESS has created a new religion.
    BTW, any chance of helping translate the Miu route of Dracu-Riot? Understand if you can’t; it’s a rather big request to make.

  48. shakey2 permalink


  49. Anonymous permalink

    My reaction in a nutshell.

  50. Josh permalink

    Everything was falling apart. My whole life is in disrepair. I was ready to give up. But then I saw this. This gave me hope again. This game strength to fight again. Thank you Rogue. Manly tears have been shed again.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    ^ Opss!

    Thanks Rougue :3

  52. Anonymous permalink

    just wondering if this patch include the 3.03 patch from the torotoro website…

  53. Anonymous permalink

    okay I must be doing something wrong. I have downloaded the files multiple times but every time I try to continue where I left off I still get Japanese text.

    somebody please help

  54. Anusdog permalink

    You are the man! Can’t thank you enough for your work!

  55. HamFarts permalink

    Most absolutely excellent

    you almost have my undying love, Rogue

  56. Rogue, I have no idea if you’re reading this, but I just wanted to say thank you. This game has literally made the rest of my month. Let me put it in perspective, if I may. I’ll admit that I pirate a lot of games, (MGQ 1 & 2 were given to me by a friend before I knew much about it) but I came here and looked at your blog for a while. When I realized you didn’t get paid for this, I looked all around for a donation button to donate to you (I never donate. Except to stuff like natural disasters, but that’s different.) I looked and looked, but couldn’t find anything until I saw one particular post you made (Maybe in a comment, maybe in a post, I can’t remember) that basically said “If you want to donate to me, buy and support the game.” Monster Girl Quest 3 was the first game I’ve legitimately bought in a long time (and the first computer game I’ve bought in an even longer time. Yeah, I’m kind of a cheapskate). You saying that was pretty much the only reason. If the game had already been translated and I hadn’t come to this site, I’d have probably pirated this game too. Basically, thank you. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. You’ll never know just how much you’ve done for a lot of people.

    Wow, that was kinda heartfelt for a game about porn, huh? Though, most of the people I know don’t even play it for that anymore (mainly. It’s a nice bonus though.)

    • Anonymous permalink

      That is kinda odd, huh? Going into a game like this, I never expected to get hooked on it’s story.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Is it? I love the story too, despite its being one of many love stories between a Hero and the Monster Lord…. ah yeah, call me weird, I don’t care.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t appear to be able to summon Sylph or Gnome after the patch, since no-one else has noticed it I assume it’s just a save file bug, but it might be worth noting anyway.

    • Anonymous permalink

      To follow on from this, it seems like it was totally unrelated to the patch and due to me saving at a bad time earlier on, this corrupted my file and ended up with me having Sylph and Gnome when I shouldn’t, and losing them when I “acquired” them.

      • It’s rare, but saving at any place that isn’t a “save location” has a chance to corrupt the save file =\

        • Anonymous permalink

          Definitely my own fault for getting too enthusiastic and saving during an untranslated segment at an odd time before the first patch came out, just wanted to clarify that it was not caused by the patch.


    Hey, so when i downloaded the patch, the audio is broken. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Max permalink

      I wasn’t getting any sound effects at all, but after playing with volume in the menu, all sounds worked as normal!

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Loaded it up, everything seems to work fine! Thanks a megaton, Rogue!

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Did something happen to the “fallen angel dance” skill? before this patch it was there and now it’s not. I haven’t played in a while so did Luka lose that ability or did the patch erase it? Please find out soon.

    • Anonymous permalink

      he technically still has it, but since it has a wind attribute, fallen angel and sylph are now the same skill

      • Anonymous permalink

        So you can’t select that move any more?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Once you got Sylph, it was incorporated into her power. Summoning Sylph will give you fallen angel dance and all of its effects, presumably enhanced by the reacquisition of Sylph.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Help, whenever I try to start up part 3 (in witch I replayed from chapter 1 again) It always crashes right aster Goblin girl “Zazoom”s.

    Anyone here have or had the same issue?

    • Trick permalink

      I had this happen to me as well before, what the problem was “not downloading properly”, The game needs to be re-downloaded while having Japanese as an added language, in language options. The game well never work properly if you don’t do this, hope this helps.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Say, could someone do me a favor and upload a save from the end of the first patch? I finished all the story translated by the first patch, but then switched computers and forgot to transfer my save…I’d really rather not have to redo a third of the game in order to keep playing. :P

  63. Anonymous permalink


  64. Anzu permalink

    Thank you Rogue, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have this, really, thank you.

  65. Drake permalink

    Rouge, can you help me?

    It seems whenever I try to start up part 3 (in witch I replayed from chapter 1 again) It always crashes right after Goblin girl “Zazoom”s for the 3rd time at the start.

    Any idea what I might have done wrong? o_O?

    • Sounds like you’re missing part 3’s arc.nsa file for the images.

      • Drake permalink

        Can link/ send/ tell me how its suppose to work? I’m not really good with files.

        I even transferred and merdged the nsa files from parts 1 and 2.

        Here’s how the readme file says it’s suppose to look…

        You should then have 6 .nsa files, with the following filesizes:
        arc.nsa 692,203KB
        arc1.nsa 861,980KB
        arc3.nsa 1,685,322KB
        arc4.nsa 9,034KB
        arc5.nsa 5,717KB

        But when I transfers the files it came out like this:

        arc.nsa 692,203 KB
        arc1.nsa 861,980 KB
        arc2.nsa 44,892 KB
        arc3.nsa 14,883 KB
        arc4.nsa 9,034 KB
        arc5.nsa 5,717 KB

        P.S. I know the arc2.nsa isn’t suppose to be there but the game wouldn’t start without it.

  66. Learch permalink

    Rogue, something that just occurred to me…

    About Heinrich’s line, “Move like the wind…etc.”, is that based off of the “Fuurinkazan”? (

    It never occurred to me before, but it seems similar.

    • Edale permalink

      Splitting the entirety of existence into 4 or (more commonly) 5 elements is something that happened in the past of almost every culture on the planet.

      The elements are as follows:

      Actually dozens of different possible 5th elements, heh.

      It’s more likely MGQ’s breakdown is based off of Buddhist or Shinto beliefs.

      • WEEGEE permalink

        The idea of Air/Water/Earth/Fire for the four elements was an European idea. Greek or Roman I think.

        In East Asia the classical elements are Wood/Water/Metal/Fire/Earth. No Air.

        Furinkazan was introduced in East Asia, but has nothing to do with the classical elements.

        • izanagi permalink

          Aritotle actually, he set back science by 2000 years, because his theories of 4 elements were more popular than that of another man by the name of Democratus who believed the world was made of tiny particles he called “atomos” which meant very small in Greek of that time period.
          FYI: he is also where Democracy gets its name from.

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        Actually the concept of the fifth element can be dated all the way back to the rule of Ramses II. I’m not sure exactly WHERE the concept of the fifth element originated from, but it begins to find it’s way into Egyptian Mythology around the same time that Ramses II was the Pharoh of Egypt. Albeit, it’s not the traditional Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Fifth Element structure we’re familiar with today. It’s more of Life, Death, Mortality, Eternity, Time/Space. The elements weren’t a big part of Egyptian Civilization. However, these five “elements” seem to work together in much the same way as the four + one elements do in Animism.

        Or so it seems to me. >_<

    • Anonymous permalink

      It is. That name is actually mentioned in MGQ; can’t remember where. It was either in an evaluation from Illias or somewhere else.

  67. Anonymous permalink


    thank you rogue

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Dat troll on the very end of the patchhh scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  69. Anonymous permalink

    I never had problem on using the patches bur I am getting this error , please help me

  70. Anonymous permalink


  71. Anonymous permalink

    great work :D thanks a lot

  72. Anonymous permalink

    I fucking love you rogue.
    No homo

  73. AnonRoy permalink

    Thank you Based Rogue!

  74. Anonymous permalink

    I still have the issue where taking all of chapter 2’s techniques does not register in the records section, even though all the skills have shown up as taken in the monsterpedia.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I’m thankful to god that unfortunates don’t have rape scenes. Else i would throw out my monitor outta window.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    You made me cuss out loud with the scary stunt you pulled at the end of this patch rogue :) Thanks for your hard work, and great sense of humor.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Error: Japanese words\ariel….
    099.txt line: 294118 (I seem to get several errors at the same time)
    Also have several errors at some points in the game. Wonder if a program will be made to fix problems…

  78. coldtoon permalink

    lulz a room full of kitsunes licking and sucking on cds

  79. slkj23fsdfsdfsdfherg permalink

    Error: This is in the first 1/3, right before the start of the new patch:
    “let’s go, Alice!
    Next is the Noah Region!”
    Capitalize let’s.

  80. Anonymous permalink

    In the line right after that, uncapitalize “Castle”.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Been playing through it, but it seems at least one minor issue’s leaked through from the first third: When discussing Sylph’s state in the desert, the word “week” is used in place of “weak” at one point. Haven’t seen anything glaring other than that though, so far.

  82. Takata permalink

    Just got to the end. Seemed kinda short, but had some nice parts. Maybe I’m getting faster at reading…
    Can’t wait to see Alma Elma and Granberia again. ^^

    But did you really have to put that screen-filling cat on the end?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re gonna be surprised about what they’re doing once you see them again ;)

      • Takata permalink

        Actually I happened to see a screenshot of a certain scene with Alma Elma and Granberia, so unfortunately, I won’t be -that- surprised. Still, I have no idea what the story context behind that image was, so maybe I can still be surprised by that. o.o”

      • Takata permalink

        …Well I’m assuming that was a real screenshot, and not fan art (background was the Monster Lord Castle guestroom).

        • ThePinkOne permalink

          It happens later (beyond what’s translated) in the Monster Lord Castle, where you sneak into a certain room. It happens after the Summit meeting I think?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    The fight with the Chimera Bug still have the problem when you premature cum in her oviduct attack the game crashes and sorry for my poor english and thank you very much for doing this for us Rogue may Chuck Norris bless you forever…

  84. Edale permalink

    MGQ3save.rar (19 KB)!eVIhVbzQ!CtpDLBbbCcxibI8H0zgHK3v0pbtXV8G4GHsjVac3qPY

    Save right before end of first patch. Save slot 2, rename as needed.


    Oh and Rogue, You either didn’t update the readme, or forgot to put the updated readme in the patch.

    Readme still says patch is only to 1/3 of part 3, and still has all the typos that make so many people mess up an easy installation.


    If you’ve already got the first patch installed, the quickest and safest method to install the 2nd patch is to unzip the patch into it’s own folder, then copy/move the contents of that folder into your MGQ3 folder, overwriting everything. Then run game like usual.

    This will stop any potential errors from unzipping directly into the directory, ie. your past saves not showing up any more. (don’t ask me why, but it does makes a difference)

    If you don’t have the first patch installed already, then check the posts from first patch to see the corrections to readme ’til rogue fixes it.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Even though I made sure to take every request-able technique from the second game for some reason my achievement disappeared with the previous patch. I was hoping that it would’ve been fixed with this one but I still have that problem.

  86. 真理 permalink

    You got me good with that patch ending. Thanks for your work, Rogue!

  87. Anonymous permalink

    Finished it! Damn awesome, though seems a little shorter than the first, but based on the story’s bulidup, the third part is going to be EPIC! Oh, and lulz on the garfield at the end rogue- that was too much right after fapping to Alice that I couldn’t stop laughing xD

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, you’re the best!
    Good luck with the rest, we know it’s hard, but you can do it!

  89. Anonymous permalink

    man you are amazing thank you so much for what you are doing, I already finished the second patch unfortunately lmao, and now i’m looking forward for the next patches

  90. Edale permalink

    words can’t describe how hard I laughed at the ending to the succubus village arc.

    I’ll not say more, let everyone get the full impact of the experience. ;-)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah that was just laughing like crazy at it

  91. Bernaregna permalink

    the time has come! ty man

  92. Anonymous permalink

    What the heck was that at the ending? I almost died laughing at this :’D

  93. Anonymous permalink

    The technical messages (quit game? yes/no, things like that) are translated now, something I don’t think was done in any of the previous versions of any of the games. Nice touch.

    • The only one that isn’t translated is if you hit the “x” to close the game. That seems to be in the executable itself, not in the script file…

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for taking your time and translating the game! Great job!
    Tried to install the new patch this morning (dl’ed first from anon, then mega). but everytime i want to extract it, my programs (first used winrar, then 7zip) crash when trying to access tome.bmp. any ideas how to fix this? thank you.

  95. The Animal Man permalink

    Here is the save file at the end of the first patch!rtRVRKSR!ce-fxHPDfch-xaBu1fvyyjsNCJd3KVtpBlp6rIVX7Yk

  96. Van Assassin permalink!7EM03JLK!H7ccGyQ1xlNlLzBBBS1xLByq6m4YD9EaUZ3cdhvH4fs

    here is save for the end of 1st translation. Also monsterpedia isnt mine, because i hate to loose so i dled it lol. MY BODY, IS READY.

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Is anyone else having problems with their achievements? Everything from my chapter two save carried over but not my achievement for all techniques taken for chapter two. I checked up on my game in chapter two and it shows up on there but not my chapter three, every other achievement that I’ve earned shows up though

    • Edale permalink

      It’s a bug that rogue’s been aware of since first patch released, I’m sure it’ll be fixed by the final release.

  98. Anonymous permalink

    is the end of patch 2 when the cat appears at the castle? the cat block my screen and i can’t play the japanese version if i want to unlike in the first patch where i can still play the japanese verison without problem.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    thanks Rogue,
    and take it easy with the last 3rd of the game. Would be sad if you dont enjoy translating anymore because you pushed yourself too much.

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Dear internet,

    Today I was receiving a blowjob, but couldn’t get hard because I was too busy thinking about this patch being released. I think I have a problem.


    • Edale permalink

      That’s not a problem, that’s a severe mental disassociation with reality, PERFECTLY normal, just ask any psychiatrist, they’ll verify that it’s normal for you (just don’t take any sharp objects with you when you go to see them….)


  101. Okay, I have a slight problem. Everything worked fine with the 33% patch, but I put this one into my folder and there are certain music and sounds that won’t work. The title screen doesn’t play, the sex song doesn’t play, some of the battle music doesn’t play, and the sound effects during the sex scenes don’t play.

    It worked fine before, what the hell did I do to break it?

    • Edale permalink

      Extract patch to a separate folder, and copy the files from that folder into your MGQ3 directory, see if that fixes it. (assuming you extracted the patch directly into your MGQ3 directory first time)

      • That’s the way I did it in the first place. It’s only the 62% patch that causes this problem.

      • Disregard. I found the issue. apparently my arc file from 2 got corrupted somehow, and whenever I merge it causes the entire thing to go batshit.

        Guess I need to redownload 2 before I merge it all into one game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      There are SOUNDS in MGQ SERIES?!


  102. Anonymous permalink

    In my case for achievements, can’t get the monsterpedia complete ones. Took every technique, took every rape scene, and fought every possible battle. Programming error? Or do I need to request every single technique of every single monster…?

  103. Anonymous permalink

    the monsterpedia entry gets deleted if you exit
    its a serious problem

  104. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Another MGQ save-file (33% location).

  105. Anonymous permalink

    thank you

  106. Don't ask. permalink

    All my saves got deleted after playing once :s

    Together with all the issues other people are having, what’s the possible cause of all of this?

    • Don't ask. permalink

      Other people’s saves won’t work aswell.. I want to play the second part, damnit D: !

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Rogue feasts on our tears. They must taste most delicious.

        • Don't ask. permalink

          This can’t possibly be the Rogue we know :u

  107. Kyon permalink

    Weird. did Rogue forget to translate Cupid and Valkyrie in the table of contents of the Encyclopedia. I thought that would be among the first things to be translated, but it is still there from the previous patch and this one

    • Lowlightt permalink

      They are only untranslated on the monsterpedia if you don’t have the second game installed (they share a monsterpedia page) If you have all 3 merged then it will appear translated.

  108. Goddess Ilias permalink

    And again you came one step closer to fulfill your fate.
    Only one part left and your masterpiece is complete.
    Now go Oh brave Rogue save your place in heaven and defeat
    this Kanjis so that everybody can see Romanjis.

    And Thank you for the Translation^^

    • Luka permalink

      Ilias get ready to have your crap beaten up.

      • Heinrich permalink

        That’s my boy

        • Vegeta permalink

          What do we have here, an idiot kid helped by a dead loser fighting against a stupid crazy bitch of a goddess in a world of cum-craving dumb monsters. WEAKLINGS

          • Edale permalink

            How to make people truely fear Vegeta, in five words:

            He reverse rapes tentacle monsters.

            Have fun with that.

          • Zoidberg permalink

            Why wasn’t Zoidberg invited? Zoidberg can talk too!

          • Vegeta permalink

            Quiet! I’ve had enough of your insolence! Get out of my face!

  109. Anonymous permalink

    How do you remove Garfield to continue the game?

    • JerichoDeath permalink

      Wait until the next patch~

      • Anonymous permalink

        I was able to play the whole game before this .___.
        Now Garfield is in this way… guess I have to just undo everything.

  110. matt permalink

    Thanks man. I enjoyed that. As for errors. It seems like the game becomes unplayable at the end of your patch. A giant cat takes over the screen and it crashes.

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Kejorou encyclopedia entry- says ‘me’ should say ‘men’

  112. Anonymous permalink

    “It’s no wonder Erubetie is in deep shock.\nThe sacred place she valued above anything… Detroyed (…)”
    (After Slime Bess, typo – “Detroyed” -> “Destroyed”)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same scene, couple lines later:
      “I push Eruebetie down (…)”

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would be glad if you could update your blog regulary, like every month on the 1st or something like that. I don´t care about fast progress but it would be reassuring, even if there was no to littel progress.

  114. Anonymous permalink

    “Spider Princes…? What type of monster is she?”
    “Princes” -> “Princess”

  115. Anonymous permalink

    I fixed one crash I had from the comments here but ive hit another and dont know how to fix this one

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind I used a backup I had and it now works fine

  116. Anonymous permalink

    LOL, that cat in the end of patch too, he is like “You can’t do nothing about my face covering your whole screen nigga!” Nice translation as always rogue, a few minor spelling mistakes here and there but it’s awesome. Can’t wait for the final patch!

  117. Anonymous permalink

    Naccubus combat intro:
    “The Succubus is wanderoung around the village, (…)”
    wanderoung -> wandering

  118. Anonymous permalink


  119. Anonymous permalink

    Damn I feel bad. I download this at 1am … then I look up it’s 7am and I just finished the patch.
    Nice work Rogue, after this translation, you deserve your retirement. (wish you had a successor though…) OH! and That cat freaked me the hell out though lol

    • Anonymous permalink

      retirement? no, after this is done, rogue is being tied down to a chair and forces to translate more monster girl goodies for us, forever and ever and ever.

  120. Anonymous permalink


  121. Anonymous permalink

    And now… we wait.
    Rogue, do you have an estimated late date for the patch? As in, will we get our hands on it before december/january/february/[month after], very definitely?

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have a save game file for at the beginning of this patch?

    • Edale permalink

      read the thread, 4 or 5 people have put up save files.

  123. Anonymous permalink

    Another minor concern: When Luka and Alice are on Galda, after recovering Undine, they’re discussing Ilias. At one point, Luka says “I see.. So it’s the same principal as to why nobody can touch angels.” when discussing Heaven’s properties. principal should be principle instead.

  124. Anonymous permalink

    The rape scene where Eva uses her vagina there’s a line that says “I so quickly came inside her…” I thought it sounded weird. Shouldn’t it be “I came so quickly inside her”?

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Eva evaluation:
    “In addition, she uses spirits of wind and earth. But sure to summon their counter.”
    “But” -> “Be”

  126. The Noble Shade permalink

    “I love Miko, you love Miko!”
    I don’t get it.

    I’m slightly disappointed that Walraune had no references to garlic…

    I’ve been watching a lot of DiveKick lately, so whenever I see Garf***d’s name, I think of R̶e̶d̶a̶c̶t̶e̶d̶.

    Lamiaroid’s second h-scene ends in a total cop-out, which I think is hilarious.

    You know the game over screeen from AVGN Adventures (which is quoted from his Friday the 13th review)? That’s what watching Knightroid’s scene was like, so I’m glad to have defeated her on my first attempt.

    Lastly, I clearly get confused about proper apostrophe usage.

  127. MrSledge permalink

    There’s a typo in the conversation with the Alra Priestess, after the fight with Queen Alraune.
    She says: “There are many who need you power now.” It should be:
    “There are many who need youR power now.”

    • MrSledge permalink

      Also, right after it is “Under her leadershp(…)” Should be “Under her leadership(…)”

      • MrSledge permalink

        Last one(I think I might leave the rest in the IRC or send them to you via e-mail, which I still have to find out). When talking to Erubetie:
        “It’s as she said, Eruebtie.” Should be “Erubetie” instead of “Eruebtie”.
        On a side note, it seems as if you really wanted to get this as fast as possible to all the MGQ fans. Words are not enough to describe the selflessness of your actions, Rogue. You have all my respect. As well as the horas. One doesn’t simply fail to mention them.

  128. Don't ask. permalink

    Has any of Rogue’s patches ever had this much bugs and typoes?

    • Anonymous permalink

      We wanted patch NAO so here is patch NAO… thus typos. About the bugs, I’m not sure.

    • I always have lots of typos, but I don’t believe there are any bugs in the patch. Most bugs can be attributed to improper .nsa files or using a save that has gone past the translated part, or has ever saved in a non save location area.

  129. Don't ask. permalink

    I thought the ‘good guys’ made clear to Rogue that we can wait if it means quality :/

    Going to redownload MGQ3 and recombine and put saves back in, see if the patch works on it now without making saves unusable..

  130. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you rock. IF I had tits, you’d be welcome to lick ’em.

  131. Kry permalink

    Now just wait for english version huh, i did already full playthrough with the jap version, but being as it it may, reading japanese which is my 3rd language and enjoying the game… makes my brain hurt.

    Cheers people, third patch contains the best stuff. Hype up.

  132. Anonymous permalink

    I´m a bit disappointed that you have three spirits(and with serene state essentialy four) but only use Gnome, Gnome, sometimes Serene Mind and Gnome. You use Sylph in Plantsect and that´s it. Most monsters have instant death attacks, so using Sylph isn´t even good vs the angels. I haven´t played around enough to see if you could force your way with Salamander, but it seems too much of a gamble(especially on Hard). A bit sad that they didn´t fix the problem of part 2, where Gnome is essential too.

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      I messed around with it and, if you do things right, some of those battles are only 5-6 turns long if you use Day Star->Salamander->Day Star.

      • Edale permalink

        I like day star > attack to 6 SP > ninefold rakasha > Alice attack if monster still alive.

        Or even ninefold > ninefold > Alice, that’ll give turn 3 win on many battles, without even summoning spirits, you need 12 SP for this one. Pretty sure I used this for a turn 3 win against one of the bosses….

        Really, the first 2 skills are kinda useless with Luka in angel mode…

    • Anonymous permalink

      On normal difficulty, at least, I found that Salamander was occasionally useful for unleashing another Daystar quickly after the first, typically relying on Alice for healing if needed. Of course this is extremely risky on monsters which waste turns performing some task (which does happen to be a lot of them).

      In the end though Salamander is still only really a curiosity at this point in this game. Sort of depressing, but whatever.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Daystar -> Salamander -> Daystar. Enemy ded.
      If still alive, Heavenly Demon Revival. Enemy ded.

  133. Anonymous permalink

    In the second chapter’s record, I have the achievement for taking all the techniques, but it’s grayed out in the third chapters’s record (I still have the achievement for all the first chapter techniques).

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Dat end of patch 2!
    Fucking G*rfield!

    • Edale permalink

      Everyone thinks Garf***d is Garfield, I thought it was Garfuckd (garfuced/garfuked/garfuck’d few spelling variations I could come up with)

      • Anonymous permalink

        I knew I’m not the only one thinking of Garfcked.

  135. Common russian guy permalink

    Rogue, could you tell how to remove that cat at the end.

    • Edale permalink

      easy, install a japanese version, play through it using what you know from the translation to get past everything (all monsters have a visual cue when they’re preparing to counter, so you don’t need to read the text to know when to guard). then see what comes next.

      Once you apply rogue’s patch, parts of it are changed to make the game work in English which makes the Japanese parts crash.

      Even if you could remove the cat (you can’t) you’d still not get further than a minute or two before crashing.

    • Edale permalink

      Ok, I was wrong.

      Run the game through applocal and you won’t get the crashes in the untranslated parts.

      To bypass cat-face, get to the end of the patch, then return to title, extras > load auto-save.

      “The true measure of a man is shown not by how many things he gets right, but in how often he admits he’s wrong.”

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue. You are my nigga.

  137. Anonymous permalink

    No supernova this time? I liked that ending tho, except the part everyone died…

  138. AnonPaul permalink

    Those Unfortunate Friends…. SPLOOOSH

  139. roger permalink

    Anyone having trouble overwriting saves from the previous english patch? Can’t seem to save the game on save slots that already have a save from patch 1. Luckily had a few dozen empty slots that patch 2 is able to save the game on, just worried I might not be able to save the game at all in patch 3 if the problem persists :S

  140. Sniff, sniff.
    And I though that today was gonna be just a regular Saturday.

  141. Played through this last night.
    Spent the whole night fapping, no sleep, dead tired, fucking worth it.

    You’re a god among men Rogue.

  142. Anonymous permalink

    Got this crash, pic related. Both in story mode and Monsterpedia Recall.

  143. So, typo time! And a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played yet.

    In Plansect Village, after the funeral, Priestess says “There are many who need you power now, I’m sure.” You should be Your.
    In Gold Port, when you enter the Hero’s Shrine, Sage B says “That surprise attacked shocked the world.” Attacked should be attack.

    Those are all the typos I found, but I didn’t look too hard. Thanks again for your work!

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Finished it in half a day. All went fine for me – no crashes, no problems. Thanks for your outstanding job, Rogue.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Great job Rogue!

    I noticed something strange, which probably has nothing to do with the translation, but it appears as though the Lamiaroid has extra CG that’s not used in any H-Scenes. Is that just bonus artwork?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Have you lost to her by mouth?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Of course, but there are still three CG images that are not included in the H-Scene. It’s very bizarre. Is there a third H-Scene in there that’s hidden? It’s kind of driving me crazy.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just recounted. There are six extra CG images that aren’t used.

          • Edale permalink

            Use monsterpedia to fight her, request each move in turn till you’ve done them all.

            She probably has some extended endings (where it still has the battle interface showing, and you’re still dealt damage, even after losing) that trigger by losing to certain attacks. Think the record atm is Eva with 4 extended endings, but haven’t gone through much of part 3 except for story so far.

            That said, some monsters just have unused artwork. Kraken for example has a whole set of vaginal rape pics that aren’t used in game at all. Like an extended ending or 2nd rape scene was planned, but not implemented.

          • Anonymous permalink

            That’s probably it. I’ve gone through all of those possibilities, but there are still six missing CG’s. Perhaps it’s as you said, that an additional scene was planned, but never implemented. However, there is one Lamiaroid CG that I know should have been included that is not showing up. It was in the untranslated version of MGQ3.

  146. Anonymous permalink

    2/3 patches down 1/3 to go (hopefully)
    Thanks for taking your time out of your days to do this.

  147. Michiru permalink

    Just finished the patch. Great work! Only thing at the end of the patch the Garf**d head wouldn’t move so I couldn’t even continue to see what’s ahead.

    Btw. Was that the actual name of that cat character or was it something you just put in?

  148. Anonymous permalink

    Typo during the Kejourou fight: when she summons the wind spirit, it says “Kegourou summons a spirit of wind!”, misspelling her name.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Another one in the Shirohebi fight, on the first coiling:
      “Many men wish to have a Lamia coil around them…You’re one of those types, aren’t you?”
      “Shirohebi coils around Luka’s body! Luka has been bound by Shirohebi!”
      “Many men get erect when a Lamia coils around them…I see you’re on of those types, hehe.”

  149. Anonymous permalink

    Bug after saving at the end of your patch, saves were there but no more monsterpedia entries ! Last one was the Sylph sex scene while it should be SPOILER the angel right before getting undine SPOILER.
    Did I do something wrong or do you guys are having this problem too ?

  150. Don't ask. permalink

    Quick question; how the heck do you break Slime Bess’s Bind? Neither struggling nor attacking with any spirit won’t work..Lost to her 7 times, can’t continue :u

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can break out with Gnome, but I think you have to dodge her attack with Serene Mind when she has Grandine.

  151. Anonymous permalink

    Dammit rogue Garfield’s face at the end will haunt me for weeks

  152. Anonymous permalink

    Cupid still has only 100 HP (how much does she actually have?)
    “…she enjoys toying with me using her sexual skills.”
    “She was slow to be impacted by the brainwashing(dimwitted?)…”

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows how you can make Tsuchigumo to use her last attack(male slurping vag)? I assume you have to be in a bonded state, but she only uses male binding silk then.

  154. Don't ask. permalink

    Alright, got past Slime Bess and finished up part 2. Now it’s time to resume waiting.

  155. I offer you my sincere thanks Rogue..
    This made my day , LoL

  156. anonymus two permalink

    the spinoff stories always crahs, though it happended with the last patch too. any ideas?

  157. Anonymous permalink

    Get off your lazy ass and translate this game you fat ass.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The hell do you think he’s doing? He’s translating as fast as possible while actually having a life.

  158. Kry permalink

    Speaking of which rogue, will the future 100% patch have the music section fixed, and all the music accessible through that? The black alice/promstein, and especially last boss theme are really amazing.

    • Kry permalink

      PS: if you need help with redrawing or re-typing the “you cleared the game” main menu, i’m willing to do it, post a comment here and i’ll email you about details.

  159. Anonymous permalink

    I really appreciate your work Rogue, thank you!

  160. Anonymous permalink

    If you want to skip Garf***d, save at the last possible save point, go to the extras and use the auto save.

    • There is no escape from XXXXXXXX.

      • Kry permalink

        Code in another ending for XXXXXX, that’d be evil.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If there is no escape from it, then where is it in this picture (spoiler alert: first enemy in lifting seal on Alice’s body path):

        BTW, can any1 point the direction from Europe to Succubus Village? I want to move in there… Preferably before Naccubus and Imp with her 2 friends get sealed.

        • SHE’S BEHIND YOU!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Ah… so now Alice is blinded by her… I’m fine with it.

        • Kry permalink

          You’re not gonna get past the harpy nextdoll anyways :p. When the first patch got released i got stuck there, you need to play original jap version to finish it. That’s just smth rogue has to work on.

          And yay, third patch is going to be really epic.

          • Anonymous permalink

            You don’t say…

            Still, I need to say, that I was lucky. Auto win script activated after 2nd attack and i got hit only by weak attacks.

  161. Clawfoot permalink

    Hey Rogue? Little glitch that has become a problem for those perfectionists out there. When combining parts 1, 2, and 3 with this patch, I noticed in the records it says that I have not been hit with all the requestable attacks in part 2, but when I load up part 2 it says I have been hit by them.

    Any idea on what is causing this?

    • I’m not sure what causes this. It doesn’t happen to me. Have you ever saved at a location that wasn’t a “SAVE LOCATION”? Such as in the middle of a battle?

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        I have this little issue, too. I’ve only saved at Save Locations>

        • Anonymous permalink

          Am I the only one here who’s actually able to save at ANY moment of the game, including any sentence/after every critical hit without encountering any error?

          • Kry permalink

            That has to do probably with the font setup in your system, care to write out how exactly are your localization settings, and fonts set up?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Can’t reply to you Kry so I’ll write here. At first the game worked just fine without japanese language pack or the applocale program, but after a few months and I still don’t know why the letters became smaller and harder to read so I installed both the japanese language pack and the applocale program to make sure that it’ll work but I can still save in any moment during a battle so I’ve been able to deliver only critical hits during battles lol. Maybe it has to do with the operating system, I don’t really know (I’m on Windows XP SP2, I have a very old computer)

          • Kry permalink

            That might be the japanese locale pack, for windows vista, 7 and 8 users, it’s something you can install only with the more expensive versions, that is the professionals, ultimate etc.

            I’ll have to look into it later. Rogue should know more about the issue, but it mainly goes down to recognition of western fonts, and coding, that’s why “save locations” are just additional lines of text coded in differently, and that is why they’re the only places working.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, it’s strange that it worked initially without any applocale program/japanese pack but all of a sudden the words are all messed up, I don’t even know anymore.

      • Edale permalink

        I’ve only saved at valid save locations, and have this same problem (haven’t replayed through MGQ1&2 since merging, so don’t know if that would effect it) “Hit by all requestable second chapter techniques” won’t light up, even after going through monterpedia, and requesting all attacks.

        You had me send you my gloval.sav file about this issue back when you released the first patch.

        • Kry permalink

          The thing is heavily broken, i think you should wait for 100% patch, then merge all 3 parts, and start over from the very beginning of first chapter.

  162. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Works fine, no problems here, thanks again!

    Btw, are there any horas in the 2nd patch? I will not rush through it so I do not know yet.

  163. Anonymous permalink

    The unfortunate friends killed me…

  164. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue. I beat Part 2 and while I was disappointed by the first part, the 2nd part totally made my day.

    Reason why I hated the first is because hoe exhausting it was and the monsters plain sucked. Tentacles and penis grab everywhere.

    Second part was more of the same, filler after filler but at least the art made up for it.

    Question: who is the artist behind the machine girls? His/her work is most pleasant! multiple CGs, great face expressions from Luka and the Girls and the scenes OMG. My favorite for sure!

    Now to wait for the final patch!

    Excuse me while I fix my penis. Shit is broken now.

  165. Bian permalink

    When the next patch release rogue? just want to know your plan and thank you for the patch 2.

  166. Anonymous permalink

    For all of you who are wondering if the files are legit, the one from Mega works just fine for me.

  167. Santa permalink

    OMG OMG, A new patch XD. Thank you so much Rogue, seriously you are fast :).
    We are with you. Checking right now.

  168. Anonymous permalink

    I lost the achievement “get hit by all requestable move in chapter 2” for some reason. I try redoing all of it again, by requesting each move, but it’s still not clear for some reason. Could be a bug.

    I think there’s typo in Spider Princess scene as well. Should be quite instead of quote.

  169. MudboneOG permalink

    Is it possible to just download it when it is 100% translated, or do i have to download it in parts? Thanks for the hard work!

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you just wait for the translation to be finished you’ll be able to get it all at once instead of patching it piecemeal

  170. Anonymous permalink

    Was I the only one that was glad to finally meet (and be raped by) Sister Lamia? Part 1 had it’s… moment…

    • Incubusknight permalink

      I would of been happier if she didn’t kill you, but yeah I was also glad she had a scene.

  171. Anonymous permalink

    I might be missing a few things.. The battles are getting a bit tough without certian moves in the skills tab, I was sure this patch was going to fix them, or I could’ve messed it up.

    In fact, I got no spirits or evasion moves to help me in the main game, the monsterpedia re=matches I do have…

    can someone help me a little here?

  172. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having issues with mosto f the evasive skills in the main game not being available please help ^^;

  173. Anonymous permalink

    If u do not mind I have 2 questions,Lord Rogue.
    1. Are u a boy or girl ?
    1.5. How old r u ?
    2. What made u start this translation ?

  174. Haha permalink

    Does this have the cecil side story? Searching for it for very long but can’t find it proper.

    • Edale permalink

      Rogue released 2 sets of Cecil side stories for MGQ2, not sure if they work in MGQ3 yet.

      Check past posts by rogue, was several months ago if i recall.

  175. themengsk176 permalink

    thank you again for all your hard work

  176. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, how are you able to make the translations in the game?

  177. Anonymous permalink

    Release the final patch in christmas
    That will be a perfect gift
    (Although, faster is better)

  178. Anonymous permalink

    Based fucking rogue

  179. Anonymous permalink

    Christmas present 100% translation yeaaah

  180. Durate permalink

    anyone can tell me how to get gnomaren and gigamander achievement? i beat the girl when they still summoning them but no one give the record..

    • Learch permalink

      I wouldn’t know…I’m having the same issue, actually.

      Haven’t saved anywhere but a save location, and everything. So I don’t think it’s “your fault” at all. :P

  181. Anonymous permalink

    The game crashes immediately when I try to start it. Tried to reinstall but no improvement (even when unpatched). Game did work with 1/3-patch a while ago, now it doesn’t. Locale is set to Japanese, already tried opening all the .exe’s as administrator.

    I will be extremely grateful for any help

    • Anonymous permalink

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have, still no delicious Alice

        • Anonymous permalink

          Redownload? I don’t know…maybe you’re bound to wait for the 100% translation :s

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah soooo…

            I knew it had to be something stupid. I didn’t have any speakers or headset connected, apparently the game really likes being able to output audio.

            Sorry for besmirching this thread with my stupidity, all hail Rogue!

  182. Anonymous permalink

    I never got what mon_que_2-patch was for, I mean the text is fine in the original exe, can someone tell me?

    • Edale permalink

      patch exe has the word-wrapping fix.

      Basically it makes words stay whole when wrapping text to the next line. So you get:


      instead of:

      le text”

    • the -patch executable has english word wrap. I’ll rename the executables so the english one is the default exe in the 100% patch.

  183. Anonymous permalink

    What is mon_que_2-patch.exe for? the original .exe seems fine

  184. Anonymous permalink

    “Why reason does she have” What
    “Do you remeber that hidden village” remember
    “her vaginal walls sudeenly” suddenly

    Those were the only grammatical mistakes i could find. Thanks for the hard work rogue :)

  185. Anonymous permalink

    here some interesting heinrich tale to watch:

  186. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!
    Was the H-scene with Alice the only voiced part or is there something not working properly for me?

    • Kry permalink

      The only voiced scenes in game are: Tamamo, Erubetie, Granberia, Alma Elma, Alice, and Illias.

  187. Anonymous permalink

    So this happened:

    When supposedly:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Er, imageshack deleted the first image because of boobies lol. But it shows Meditate is not greyed out while Salamander is up.

  188. Shadowblade777 permalink

    Does anyone have a save file that has the entire monsterpedia entry of Chapter 1 and 2 with all achievements related to the monsterpedia?

    Also, what is that about Garf**d? Is that Garfield, the comic strip character, or something?

  189. Anonymous permalink

    in other news today this came out:

    I have no idea what this is, but it is set in the mgq setting so i guess you guys should see it.

  190. Lee permalink

    Just found a typo, I don’t know if any one else has pointed it out, but when Luka is in the ruins looking for Sylph, and he senses the wind, there is a line that says “There’s a really week breeze coming from that way”. Just a wrong usage of weak is all.

  191. CDJ permalink

    Hello, my MGQ playing friends.

    I started playing these games for the monster girl and femdom content, but they triggered a new fetish for me.

    The fucked to death fetish, I don’t plan to die or anything, but something about the whole fantasy seems really hot for some reason.

    Is there more porn like that out there? It doesn’t even have to be monster girls or femdom related, just some girl going “You want me to suck your dick? Sure, I can do that, but you’re gonna die afterwards!”, no explanation needed.

    Live action porn like that is fine too, just nothing gory please!

  192. Anonymous permalink

    If you want to skip the cat save at the last possible save point, go to the extras and use the auto save.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So you can come here and cry that your saves are now corrupted and it’s Rogue’s fault >_>

      • Edale permalink

        I spammed through everything after patch 2 up to almost the end of the game before hitting a monster I couldn’t beat. Took about 2 hours, and I didn’t save once, so all I got were monsterpedia entries unlocked, with no danger of file corruption…btw, can’t wait for next patch some of what’s coming up looks nice…

        • Anonymous permalink

          Maybe it’s not for everybody, but for some people playing past the 62% mark could cause file corruption so it’s best to stop there. I’m just waiting for the 100% translation because I want to play it from the beggining again

          • Anonymous permalink

            I…for some reason…got a really big cat face when I hit the 62% mark. Slightly creepy, and total mood killer.

          • Anonymous permalink

            It was put there on purpose, you’re not supposed to play past the 62% mark because I already said why.

  193. Anonymous permalink

    Someone know how fill’s the ” Invited to death ” ?
    Sorry for my poor english

  194. Anonymous permalink

    Typo. Shortly after the battle with Virtue Revel
    Luka says:
    “Yes, I understand… New let’s go!”

    It should be “Now let’s go!”

  195. Takata permalink

    Rogue, I think you should have a thread JUST for the typos in the most recent release. o.o
    Going through 350 posts, of which only a tiny fraction are typos, seems kinda inefficient. People reporting typos will also be going through them a bit to make sure they’re not reporting the same typos as each other.

  196. Anonymous permalink

    rogue i have a quite important (at least for me) question.

    i have both part 1 and part 2 already finished and when i downloaded them i found out i didn’t need japanese locale and they worked. did you do this on purpose since the translation was done or did somebody else do it? and in the case you did it do you intend to do the same for this part? cause i am quite unsure about using japanese locale on my pc and i really love this game but i’m not able to afford buying it.

    • Anon permalink

      >cause i am quite unsure about using japanese locale on my pc
      you can just revert it afterwards, what’s the problem

    • Edale permalink

      If you have Japanese language pack installed in windows I’m pretty sure you don’t need to run in jap local, or with applocal.

      If you’ve applied the translation patch, you’ll need to use applocal to play the untranslated parts.

  197. Kell permalink

    I noticed this the very day the first patch was released but went of of town and by the time I got back, I figured someone must’ve reported the bug and got it fixed.

    Still seems to be there. The Insect Girl causes a game crash when you lose to her with premature ejaculation.

  198. Anonymous permalink

    Ahahahahah ! Epic end for the partial patch ^^

  199. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone filled in the taken all second chapter techniques? I know there was talk about it after the first patch.

    • Edale permalink

      bug’s still there, and a comment by rouge leads me to believe he can’t replicate the problem…which means he can’t fix it…

  200. Anonymous permalink

    Am i missing something in the second chapter, i can’t get the taken all second chapter techniques to fill in and i know i have taken them all, replayed to ensure i didn’t miss them?

  201. Anonymous permalink

    The salamander make luka in part 3 so overpowered!
    Daystar+Salamander+Daystar+Deavenly demon revival + everything dies at least up to the point of Cherub wormiel

    • Anonymous permalink

      It is a risk though, as they like to summon a spirit in the second turn. There are also other problems like bonds, invincibility(that Assassine) or something else.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well, not only the second but I got them also in the first or third turn.

  202. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know if the Goblin-girl’s power up will be used again in the future? Or if there is a scene with the new goblin girl?

    • Shadowblade777 permalink

      When Luka finally reaches Heaven, there’s scenes with Ilias’s forcing attempting a second attack, but are repelled by reinforcements. Goblin Girl is powered up for battle.

      Sadly no, there is no H-scene with the new Goblin Girl.

      • Michiru permalink

        And that is why we have side stories. I’m sure someone will do one.

        • Kry permalink

          It’s hard to draw one, i probably could but it’d take ages to draw a decent one, also, i don’t know how to code sidestories :P.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Dude what are you talking about, coding sidestories is VERY easy, creating custom sprites would be harder. My first sidestory was done in a few days and it has custom sprites (I can’t make my own sprites because I suck at drawing so I used some pics of a character from an anime) music and sound effects…

  203. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone help me? It seems Im missing some oggs in my se folder and it makes my game crash.

  204. John Die permalink

    Dat end of patch 2….

  205. Anonymous permalink

    Man I remember when I saw Alice turned into a kid I was like ah damn please don’t let that be permanent.
    Then when I saw the H-scene with Alice as a kid.
    I was like …………. UG! I WANT MY HOT BIG TITTY SASSY YOUNG LOOKING MILF LAMIA BACK! (sniff) I miss her.
    Oh hey thanks man for this public service you do.
    We need more reverse rape or women raping men in games, hentai shows, and in other porn movies and in English please.
    There far too many women getting rape porn.
    Again thank’s you are the man. Looking forward to the last patch.
    Get it done right not fast. Please.

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      Not looking forward to the next patch because it will be the end of MQG and Rogue.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Everything ends eventually. You got to deal with it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hey maybe they will do spin offs or do some prequels who knows .

      • Edale permalink

        Don’t know about Rogue, but MGQ’s far from over.

        Torotoro’s next project is a MGQ game built in RPG Maker, that allows you to have monsters as party members, will allow you to talk to monsters, during battle, in a similar manner to persona/shin megami tensei games, apparently will let you have consensual sex with your party members (if you get affection high enough or something like that), and a whole slew of other neat things. Though development is supposed to take significantly longer with this game.

        And yes, Luka is the main character.

        If I can find the link where I found out about this, I’ll post it.

        • Edale permalink

          wow, found that faster than I thought:

          A simple introduction to my next project.
          Please give me a lot more time to complete it.
          The next game is an RPG.
          The protagonist is Luka.
          If you lose, you’ll be raped by exotic women.
          H-scenes will all be femdom.
          The battles will be fundamentally the same as MGQ, except this time you have party members.
          You can easily rewatch ero scenes once you’ve seen them.
          For people that don’t want to be bothered with the game, clear data will be included so you can see the ero scenes.
          The degree of difficulty will be relatively simple, similar to DQ3-6 or FF4-6. It will be possible to raise the difficulty if you choose though.
          Even if you’re bad at RPGs, you can easily steamroll fights if you level up. Skilled players will be able to use skills and abilities to progress through at low levels.
          There will be very few riddles, and practically no puzzles in dungeons.
          There will be no way to screw up your character from misallocating stat points or anything like that. Attributes will automatically go up when you level.
          You can turn enemy monsters into your companions.
          The system will resemble DQ5-6.
          You will only be able to recruit one monster per type/species. It will not be possible to have multiple companions of the same type/species. (Not quite sure what he means by this. He probably means that you can’t have 2 of the exact same monster, but it could be read as limiting you to 1 harpy out of all the different types of harpies, etc.)
          You can recruit any monster that you fight. Therefore there are going to be a huge number of possible companions.
          There will be a base for your companions to wait at when not in your party. You can bring along 7 of them and swap members at the base whenever you’re there. It will also be possible to play with fewer, even alone if you dare.
          Even though you can have a party of 8, only 4 fight at once. You’re free to swap between them outside of battle.
          There will be various jobs that you can switch between. The job system will be extremely similar to DQ6-7.
          By raising job levels, you can acquire skills and abilities.
          For monsters you really like, you can repeatedly change their jobs and train them up.
          If you raise your companion monster’s impression of you, they will reward you erotically.
          There will be no monster fusion system or way to father children to add to your party.
          There will be a monster conversation system like in the Shin Megami Tensei series. They will ask you questions and demand items and money. Depending on the results, it will change their opinion of you, they may give you presents, and it may become easier to recruit them.

          If you didn’t already know, the game will be made in RPG Maker.

  206. Anonymous permalink

    Im going to wait the 100% instead. it just kills me to play it when in midway the game turns all Japanese again. lol

  207. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, first I’d like to thank for your hard work and sorry to see you’re done after this.

    I bought Part 1 and 2 before, but I was interested in knowing something before I buy part 3 and whether or not you know it. Does buying it off DLsite actually directly support Torotoro/Setouchi? I’m always weary about sites selling Japanese merch in english because of situations like Crunchyroll, where they say giving them money “supports the anime industry” when in reality it’s total bollocks. Not that I’m accusing you of anything similar, I just want to clarify that my money is going to who it’s intended.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      The english DLsite is litteraly the English version of DLsite, which is a large doujin/doujinsoft distributor. If you feel more comfortable buying from there japanese site you can do so but the money goes to the same place. And yes the money does go to the developer as well.

  208. Anonymous permalink

    Typo found on spider princess scene “It’s feeling quote good for me, to…” quote->quite

  209. Anonymous permalink

    Crash. Something about $haikei. No idea what that is.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Right after the Goblin runs of screen a third time saying, “Zazoom!” right? Yeah….Anyone else having that crash as well?

  210. Anonymous permalink

    Perfect timing for the semester break! What a way to release all the tension after all the exams.

  211. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    So after I begin with the Goblin Girl running of to (Idk where cause I keep crashing here), I get to the part where she’s “running” through a forested background saying, “Zazoom!” I then get this crash:

    099.txt line:293493

    |cspl 699,705
    |bg black,7,1500
    >bg “bg\”+$haikei+”.bmp”

    Debugging solutions: go.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      and that bit about debugging solutions is me asking for solutions from people. not part of the bug.

      • make sure you have the right nsa files thats what caused that problem for me

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          I checked. I do.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Any other Suggestions?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Is this what you have?
            arc.nsa 692,203KB
            arc1.nsa 861,980KB
            arc2.nsa 1,685,322KB
            arc3.nsa 14,883KB
            arc4.nsa 9,034KB
            arc5.nsa 5,717KB

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            No. from 2 on my file size is different…my copy of MGQ 3 only came with arc.nsa, arc1.nsa, and arc2.nsa…I’m guessing that’s not the way it should be?

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Correction: Only arc2.nsa is not the right size. mine is 44,892 KB.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Ty!!! I somehow copied the arc2.nsa from MGQ 1 and 2 into my MGQ 3 folder. I fixed that and now it works fine. >.< tyvm. :)

  212. Anonymous permalink

    If u do not mind I have 2 questions, Rogue.
    1. Are u a boy or girl ?
    1.5. How old r u ?
    2. What made u start this translation ?

    • 1. boy
      1.5 mid 20s
      2. Because

      • Anonymous permalink

        are you sure you’re not GOD?

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          If he were, would he admit it? If he came out and professed that he was God, wouldn’t everyone start spamming him with “prayers”? So just let him deny that he is God. We know the truth. ;)

  213. Zen_Sasquatch permalink

    Thank you so much for making the english traslation for Monstergirl quest.
    It is very well done.
    If I didn’t already know, I would never have guess that it had been translated into a second language.

    It is great to now be able to play and appreciate such an awesome game thanks to your efforts.

    Much gratitude and keep up the good work.

    Already waiting on the next part of the patch with much enthusiasm :-)

  214. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue who nonster girl do you prefer?

  215. Rogue just one questione
    Who monster girl do you prefer?

      • Bernaregna permalink

        I agreed with you

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        *Goes to click “like” button and fails miserably when he realizes this isn’t Facebook*

        It’s those times you just wish you could agree with someone’s choice of favorite MGQ Girl by clicking a simple button, only to find out that you need to stoop spending so much time on Facebook…

  216. David W. permalink

    HAHA! Out on my Birthday! THANK YOU!! :D

  217. Down with Illias permalink

    Question, at Grangold after the spider invasion the engineers say that their predecessor was responsible for the Ant rebellion and execution of criminals under the King’s nose, but she also refers to the predecessor as a “he,” Is this a translation error?

    • They never specify gender… I don’t think it matters that much, as they are unseen humans. Unless I specified elsewhere they were female?

      • Down with Illias permalink

        Well I was hoping “he” was the witch who had the guard golem execute Luka when he lost.

  218. Down with Illias permalink

    BTW, at succubus village, Luka is confirmed Shota! HELLS YA!

  219. Anonymous permalink

    “The centaur foreces Luke into her vagina in a thrust.”

  220. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge, you’re a man among many. Now that I’ve made my week of this, I shall bask in the victory that my youth is still strong…and creepily turned on by adolescents that’ll jump a boner. With that, thank you, and thank japan!

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Rogue isn’t a makeup accessory (Also known as “rouge”). The correct spelling is R-O-G-U-E.

      Also Rogue isn’t a man among many. He’s a God among men.

      • Edale permalink

        ‘rouge’ is also..french I think? for red. Originally red mages were called rouge mages.

  221. Anonymous permalink

    Hope you make the patch a b’day gift for me! my b-day : 24th nov

  222. Kro permalink

    Whenever I try to play a side story, I get an error and the game closes. Main game is fine but the side stories crash at the same point every time I try. Any clue what’s wrong? My locale is already Japanese and I’m using Windows 8 if that matters.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to combine part three with the other first two games. The side stories are referencing image data from the first games and cannot load them without all parts being combined.

      • Kro permalink

        Ahh! Thanks! I have part 1&2 on my other hard drive, guess I can replay everything till the full patch comes out.

  223. Anonymous permalink

    You should be using Google Drive for hosting your files. They’re probably the best free host right now, offering 30GB free storage space, NO BANDWIDTH LIMIT, at least 150mbps down/up transfer speed, no ads, no wait time, cache servers all over the world, direct links to files or folders, etc.

    • Kro permalink

      I dont see why they’re deleting these files, they only contain the english stuff. It’s not like you can get the game from them.

  224. I am super excited to follow this epic tale to its conclusion.

    Thank you for making the translations.

  225. Anonymous permalink

    I dunno if this was mentioned , but the First time you take control of Alice , during her *attempt* at cooking in the 2nd part of MGQ , it again shows… Luka , His HP… and in the Menu , his CG and what ever he wears…. ETC…. i just though i should mention this… cause i liked it when it was “Alice’s Face , And info in the Menu…”

    Before MGQ Chapter 3: “MGQ Chapter 2” (Warning , may contain spoilers!) – Battle Screen… – Menu Screen…

    Current MGQ Chapter 3: (Warning , may contain spoilers!) – Battle Screen… – Menu Screen…

    If someone asks me , it might some bug in the script…
    Thank you in advance for reading this…
    See you araund…

  226. Hello, Rogue~

    Excuse me… How the name Tamamo is written in the untranslated game?

  227. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I did not like those dreadful horas at all so I skipped through them all. ;_;

    The 3rd part of MGQ must contain the least amount of horas ever. This is very saddening (except the remaining entries in the monsterpedia are all horas, but I doubt that)

  228. Foris permalink

    I found two errors. First, the attack Death Sword Chaos star some of the injuries are listed as:
    Damage, damage

    instead of:


    Second, during the fight with Granberia when Luka and Granberia attack at the same time only Luka takes damage.

  229. Anonymous permalink

    I dunno if this was mentioned , but the First time you take control of Alice , during her *attempt* at cooking in the 2nd part of MGQ , it again shows… Luka , His HP… and in the Menu , his CG and what ever he wears…. ETC…. i just though i should mention this… cause i liked it when it was “Alice’s Face , And info in the Menu…”

    Before MGQ Chapter 3: (Warning , may contain spoilers!) – Battle Screen… – Menu Screen…

    Current MGQ Chapter 3: (Warning , may contain spoilers!) – Battle Screen… – Menu Screen…

    If someone asks me , it might some bug in the script…
    Thank you in advance for reading this…
    See you araund…

  230. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue…. I owe you much. Thank you.

  231. Anonymous permalink

    I have a sort of “fatal” error. I can’t beat the Seraph, because I don’t have Angel Dance. D:>

  232. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting an error after the Goblin Girl. From what I’ve read, it’s something to do with the arc2.nsa file. It’s not the same size as the one in the readme. Any idea how I could fix this?

  233. I had a crash on the forest part where you found Gnome. You can’t save in this place. Hopefully, after i fought the angels, no more problem on the other places for the moment.

  234. gbtygfvyg permalink

    I seem to be missing the fallen angel dance skill which makes Archangel Ranael nearly impossible. What the hell?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having the same problem. Any solutions?

  235. Anonymous permalink

    Chimera bug still crashes when you premature ejaculate to her rape attack. would love to hear her humiliation. thanks so much for you fine work.

  236. Anonymous permalink

    Just finished this, and i must say your little “suprise” at the ennd of the patch scared the shit out of me… but then after being scared shitless for a few seconds i found it incredibly funny while still having a feeling of lingering terror. I have never felt that way: Good job i guess?

  237. Anonymous permalink

    For gbt and the anon following, having the fallen angel dance problem… i dnt have a fix, but after losing about 12 times or so, i have a strategy for getting past archangel ranael. Open w/ DayStar, ofc. then hit her w/ a few attacks. dunno for you, but i had to meditate again at exactly 8 SP. attack to build up 8 SP again. then try to time your Daystar to counter her 3 Hit tentacle combo. mabey i just got lucky, but i managed to counter it perfectly w/ my 2nd Daystar, then just hit her 2-3 more times and i managed to get her before she got me.

    w/out Fallen Angel Dance, it becomes a SP war. u can’t win by saving it all for meditate, and most skill combo’s u throw in dnt do the trick. u will probably lose even w/ this strategy, all she has to do is save that 3Hit combo for 1 more turn.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “attack to build up 8 SP again” this is not possible. I tried everything.

  238. Anonymous permalink

    can some one please let me have their gloval.sav that contains all cgs and scenes.for parts 1 and 2? mine got deleted and I don’t want to go through the whole game again thanks

  239. Anonymous permalink

    My arc2,nsa isn’t the correct size. Can anyone tell me how I could fix that?

  240. Anonymous permalink


    I think I encountered 2 bugs.

    Right after converting my 100% MGQ1&2, the record in MGQ3 “hit by all request-able second chapter technique” remained grey, although i’m pretty sure I’ve been hit by all of them. Manually went thru monsterpedia and looking at data give me no indication which technique i’ve missed.

    another problem i’ve is when its transitioning between goblin girl3rd and 4th panel (the ship panel), the game will crash with


    099.txt line:293493

    |cspl 699,705
    |bg black,7,1500
    >bg “bg\”+$haikei+”.bmp”

    *[japs] stand for some string of japs word i cant understand (or copy and paste)

    There’s no problem with the translation patch, but problems seems to crop after the arc.nsa ‘s files are copied. Any suggestion, solutions, or confirmation on this bugs?

    (posted this on outdated thread uknowingly)

  241. Anonymous permalink

    And yeah, rouge, if it helps maybe you can include the completed arc.nsa’s (1 thru 4) in your next patch, we have no idea how to get a working arc.nsa’s, short of replaying everything. :O

  242. ThreePeace permalink

    That Cat at the end of the patch is going to give me nightmares @_@

  243. Anonymous permalink

    Once I join all chapters into one game should I be able to import and play the old saves into the MGQ3 save folder? I crash every time I try to load the old saves even though all parts were successfully joined :c

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