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Columbus Day Update Spectacular

October 14, 2013

Current progress… Already past the true 2/3rds point! Thanks for all the typos posted in the previous page, I’ll be fixing them all as I go forward.

City: 4909/15603
Story: 19492/27500
Battle: 64909/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 89376/131806 (67.8%)



  1. Zank permalink

    Keep it up Rogue
    We all love u from bring us more Hora Hora’s!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This seems to be going at a nice pace that’s good. – Gin

  3. Anonymous permalink


    Now I would like to have a ~70% patch with the three dungeons after undine already translated. But have your own pace, just as always!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanx, cant wait to see it done :D

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah Rogue!U’re hypin me like hell! ;D keep goin with the great job of yours bro and take ur time!!We all luv u!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks for your hard work and good luck in completing the translation.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    thank you.

  8. We love you Rogue!

  9. Digi permalink

    Many thanks Rogue, when I think about it for someone who started in June you’re translating this really quick and I appreciate please take your time and bring us a fantastic experience! :D

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Take your time, Rouge.
    You’re my Hero. :))

    • Anonymous permalink

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        *Hisssssss!!!* Burn the music track! Find all copies of this song and purge them!! She’s a witch! She turned me into a newt! …….I got better…

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Conquistador Girl appears!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Huh, didn’t even know today was Columbus Day, and it looks like only 32.2% left to go.

  13. Don’t go too fast! We don’t want the Chinese Government incident to happen again, you barely escaped last time!

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Since the game is Japanese, wouldn’t it be the Japanese Government; not the Chinese?

      • No, no, it’s the Chinese you gotta watch out for – the Japanese are an alright bunch!

        • Anonymous permalink

          Except for all that disgusting porn they produce to corrupt our youth!

          • Anonymous permalink

            But it’s an eye-opener!

          • Kro permalink

            The youth shouldn’t be looking at porn so you can’t blame them!

  14. shakey2 permalink

    Rogue-san good work! You are one of my main inspirations to become a translator!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t hear sound effect or alice voice anymore I can hear BGM but no more sound effect what happen?

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Ok…I’ll approach this from a logical point first…please don’t get upset if it sounds like I’m talking down to you….I’m not.

      Have you checked the effects volume setting in Options or Config? If that’s too low, you won’t hear effects and voices.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Mr Rogue. You’re our hero

  17. This is part of the first patch, but I’m playing the part using the second patch, so I think you may have missed this:

    “Why reason does she have to concern herself with a deserted village in the middle of nowhere?”
    Why should be what.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    You really are great. Thanks for putting in all the effort on this!

    Closing in, bit by bit!

  19. Anonymous permalink

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    Rant over.
    Any way thanks for all your hard work . You are the man. Keep it up. And god I hope Alice gets back to her old self Man I miss my hot big titty sassy lamia.
    Yea I had a lot to say. Hope that’s cool.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Try typing “girl rapes guy” with the quotation marks. That makes your search engine search through file names with that specific order of words. Without the quotation marks, a search engine just searches for links with the words in them in any order. Girl Rapes Guy gets you hits from links with Girl, Girl Rapes, Girl Rape, Guy Rapes Girl, etc., etc. With the quotation marks it searches for Girl Rapes Guy specifically in that order first.

      How to beat Search Engine failz 101. ;)

      • SereneDemonSword permalink

        ^ Oh my thanks!
        That’s gonna help me for lots of things (mostly school research).

    • Anonymous permalink

      But Mgq is nothing like porn. It is a nice story plus some horas.

      • Remora permalink

        i think it still porn, what make mcg different from any porn is it has a great story
        if you deny it is porn, it means you dont acknowledge mcg.
        at least that was what i thinking.

        sorry for my bad english still learning

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Screw the typos, they are really minor and most people really don’t mind, just focus on translating.

  21. Undine permalink

    So.. 5% = 10 days
    If we follow this rate then… 38% = 76 days
    Plus those days when Rogue does his job as an international spy.

    Christmas = 72 days from now
    Final patch can be a late Christmas gift perhaps.

    Either way Rogue, we LOVE you. You are our hero.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That would be 5.8% and 32.2% left soo it is 55~56 day

  22. Bernaregna permalink

    I’m your devote fan

  23. Can’t wait until you finish the last bits! :D

  24. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    ooooohh good news :] cant wait to see how this end (yes i actually care about the story)
    so not gonna start playing till 100% is out >_< i think its worth waiting ^.^

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think each and every one of us here played MGQ for the H, but stayed because the story was awesome.

    • Honestly, with that first part of the third game, who could say they’re here for solely for the H? XD I’m here for the story as well. The two H’s (Hentai and Hora’s) are just a really good bonus.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue is a scholar and a gentelman. Thank you for your updates!

  26. Anonymous permalink

    When I’m trying to watch “Alice and Luka new life” side story on MQ3, I keep getting an error that shows Japanese letters, then “099.txt line:374501”, then it shows more Japanese letters with “$mon_labo_mon_ini_cmd”. Any idea on how to fix this problem, because whenever it shows up, the programs closes.

    • SereneDemonSword permalink

      I guess that’s because the side story is made based on Chapter 2’s nscript. Nope, no fix for that unless the guy who made the side story updates it to be Chapter 3 compatible.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Maybe merging all parts together may help.

  27. NonAnonButAnon permalink

    You rock! I just wish there was a way to donate to you or something. It’s getting close, so I might just replay part 1 and 2 again in anticipation.

    • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

      porbably gonna do that once it hits 90% XD

    • Remora permalink

      how about you buy the original copies?
      of course you already have it , right?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Replay part 1 and 2 again. It’s nostalgic.
      Plus you get to use the oh so awesome Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust again.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rouge thanks so much for your hard work in translating this awesome game!
    Although I am curious, Your posts where you inform the community that you are not dead seems like you travel alot. May I ask what your job is? It sounds really interesting!

    • Anonymous permalink

      He is an international spy of misery. In contrast to his rather grim work he brings us horas and understanding.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I know a simple THANK YOU isn’t enough for your work, because without you i would never find and play this awesome game. I Hope there are more guys like you outside my window…we need such badass guys :D keep it up you are the best

  30. ImaSpy permalink

    Keep up the good work man both on this and yanno being a spy and that :) jokes aside we all really appreciate your work :)

  31. Mezzed permalink

    What are your plans for after this game Rogue? My curiosity has been spiking here lately. Do you plan to tackle more of Torotoro’s games? Or perhaps join up with Dargoth in some grand scheme? Regardless Rogue, You have everyones hopes and support. I hope to see more of you in the future Mighty bringer of Horas!

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      He said he was going to settle down and retire.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you are my hero!

  33. BitVyper permalink

    Government shuts down, Rogue speeds up… coincidence? Admit it, Rogue; you are Barack Obama.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the effort you’re putting into translating the game, Rogue! You rock!

  35. Mezzed permalink

    @ Douglas Thanks man. I remember someone else asking before hand and I just couldn’t find the post. Whose throwing the retirement party? Have to make it a good one for Rogue. :D

  36. Anonymous permalink

    100% patch would be perfect for Halloween.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Halloween is too soon.
      Expect it on Christmas maybe.

      • The Noble Shade permalink

        I’m thinking New Year’s. Possibly Valentine’s Day.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ohoho.. We shall celebrate Valentine’s with our dear monster girls lol.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    I just realized that you can use both Salamander and Gnome if you call Gnome after Salamander. Is this intended? I don´t get it, as I thought Luka can´t use two spirits at once yet.

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      Salamander is mostly considered a debuff at this point in the game. if you could cancel salamander’s power by calling another spirit, you could keep your SP maxed indefinitely by calling her repeatedly, yet still be almostly completely free to heal. I am sure that this is not glitch solely for that reason

      • Anonymous permalink

        Makes sense, but you can still abuse that if you use Sylph or Serene Mind and switch then to Gnome. It seems not exactly well thought out, but then again, the gameplay is fairly simple itself.

        • Sair Velrend permalink

          i fail to see how using gnome to cancel out those two constitutes as abuse. You still use the SP to make the switch. the only difference is that salamander has the effect where she maxes your SP upon summoning, which could be abused only if there was a way to cancel out her power and reactivate her repeatedly

      • Anonymous permalink

        Back in chapter 2, when Salamander is at level 2, you can’t summon other spirits when she’s active. So it’s a bug, actually.

      • Reventiz permalink

        Yeah, although Salamander can already be abuse. I don’t see a reason for calling any other spirit in part 3 (I played as far as patches goes) after getting Salamander back, just use Daystar at start of a fight, then call Salamander, Daystar again and then Heavenly Demon Revival. That destroys almost every enemy, bosses included. There are rare exceptions to this, in that case just use Alice, either Omega Blaze or Monster Lord’s Cruelty. Only weakness of this is part where you call salamander and enemy use one of those unbreakable bonding attack.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Salamander is glitched. You can even meditate. Rogue will fix this next patch perhaps.

      • Sair Velrend permalink

        huh, that’s interesting. i guess that’s what i get for taking the spirit at her word and never trying it out myself =P

  38. gbtygfvyg permalink

    Anyone have an issue where they don’t have the Fallen Angel Dance skill? It’s not in my skill bar when I fight Archangel Ranael so I can’t continue without it. She kicks my ass everytime I get her to 1/3rd if her life left.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s not a glitch. After you get Sylph back, you activate Fallen Angel Dance by summoning her instead. It mentions that in the dialogue, but I understand that it’s fairly easy to miss.

      • gbtygfvyg permalink

        Unfortunately the problem is that I don’t have Sylph in my skill bar either.
        I fixed the issue though, my save never transferred properly so I ended up missing like the entire beginning section of what happens after part 2.

  39. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not sure if this has been fixed yet, but I found a typo in Spider Princess’ scene: “It’s feeling quote good for me, too…”

    I dunno if that’s already been noted, but I just thought I should mention that anyways just to be safe.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    can anyone upload arc.nsa of mgq part 1 & 2

  41. RikoKazuragi permalink

    When do you think you will release the next patch? Btw, I was a fan of your translations from the beginning.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Keep calm, and touch the fully tail.

    • Anonymous permalink

      One does not simply, be calm when touching the tail.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    So, after saving Enrika village I can’t access any other quests on Ilias continent and the only thing I can do is to go directly to Sentora. Of course I have talked with everyone. Does anyone know what may be the cause?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Did you skip the harpy village in chapter 1?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Nope, but I have skipped Fairy Island in chapter 2.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    ima laugh if he finishes on Nov. 18’th. right now im living w/ my parents and siblings of ages 11-23, keeping my Hora life as secret as possible. if he finishes on my birthday, it’ll be like ur friend giving u a quarter oz for christmas, too funny…

  45. Anonymous permalink

    I think I encountered 2 bugs.

    Right after converting my 100% MGQ1&2, the record in MGQ3 “hit by all request-able second chapter technique” remained grey, although i’m pretty sure I’ve been hit by all of them. Manually went thru monsterpedia and looking at data give me no indication which technique i’ve missed.

    another problem i’ve is when its transitioning between goblin girl3rd and 4th panel (the ship panel), the game will crash with


    099.txt line:293493

    |cspl 699,705
    |bg black,7,1500
    >bg “bg\”+$haikei+”.bmp”

    *[japs] stand for some string of japs word i cant understand (or copy and paste)

    There’s no problem with the translation patch, but problems seems to crop after the arc.nsa ‘s files are copied. Any suggestion, solutions, or confirmation on this bugs?

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