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A Previous Game Now With Wordwrap

October 17, 2013

Just a quick non MGQ post – With Dargoth’s assistance, I believe I fixed the word wrap issues on Thief and Sword, an old game I partially translated about two years ago.

You can download the game here:

Patch is here:!iFIiHZib!OLKSkhyeHPL9mtaTHnyvGzsDx-APGHIciCIYHSrTtDc

If anyone tries it out, let me know if you run into a crash anywhere.

Game Information
The game is set up as a heavily branching “Choose your own adventure” type of game. There are around 525 modular scenes each with 2 or 3 choices that branch off of each scene. It’s a fairly graphic, violent, rapey kind of game (female protag). I translated all of the story scenes for one character, and roughly 2/3 of the H-scenes. The other H-scenes were translated by panop857 from the Hongfire forums.

What isn’t translated
Many pictures in the game are not translated. This includes item descriptions, some config screens, and the achievement list. The more important pictures in combat / inventory screen are translated.

What is translated
Just Shalt’s route is translated. That means all of her story scenes, all of her H-Scenes, and all of the “Shared” scenes between her and Raika.

Patch Information
Delete all instances of patch.xp3 previously in the Thief and Sword folder. Patch.xp3, patch1.xp3, etc… Put patch.xp3 from the download into the Thief and Sword folder. (Make sure it’s the only file marked patch.xp3 in the folder).

General FAQ about game:

Q. How does combat work?
A. Before combat starts, go to the item screen to pick weapons to use in a fight. The items listed in the squares on the right are the items you will use in battle. There’s no difference between
the A and B box. When you click on an item, the item description comes up. The top numbers are the offensive strength. The first number is the static damage, and the second one is the potential bonus.
The bottom number is the defensive strength. The first number is the static number, and the next one is the potential bonus. There are various penalties that can apply if your character is naked. Shalt
is best with daggers and blades, so smaller weapons are easier for her to use. Potions and herbs heal HP when used on defense.

Q. I can’t damage the final boss / other monster!
A. You must have played it too safe and didn’t collect enough weapons, then! Unfortunately, if you cannot pass a roadblock, you need to start over or take a different route.

Q. I run out of health before I kill the final boss / other monster!
A. You must have played it too risky and didn’t conserve enough health, then! Unfortunately, if you cannot pass a roadblock, you need to start over or take a different route.

Q. What are these flags and flag checks?
A. It’s the way the game determines if you have met a particular requirement, or seen a specific scene. They are important for keeping the story consistent with what your actions have been to that point.

Q. How many scenes are in the game?
A. Around 450. Around 55 of them are game over / death scenes.

Q. What are these strange images that pop up in Japanese every so often?
A. Those are the achievements. You get them for beating certain monsters, or seeing certain scenes.

Q. What’s the list of all the translated H-Scenes in the replay list?
2, 2a, 2b, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51

Q. Holy hell I game over every time. Where’s the walkthrough?

A. Right here

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, dear Rogue and Dargoth. One day you must let me know how you get all the energy to work so hard.

  2. Culain permalink

    If somebody has a completed 100% all scenes save can you post it?

  3. Anonymous permalink

    it says ????syntax error when I start?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Try giving it a normal name if you install it (like “yukari” and not “~yukari”. It worked for me.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It didn’t work any other ideas?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I got it to work using LocaleEmulator,

          It seems to be a requirement to play many of these games on a western setup.

          • Anonymous permalink

            worked great for me. thanks.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I get this error:

            ファイル C:\?yukari\TAS\TAS.exe は開けません.

          • Anonymous permalink

            you also have to install it with locale emulator

          • Anonymous permalink

            So I have to install le before installing TAS? Goddammit. I screwed up. So I uninstall TAS then install using le? How do I do that?

          • Anonymous permalink

            So uninstall TAS then install using le? Do I just right-click? Which one do I use on the setup file? the ‘run in japanese’ or the ‘run with app profile’?

          • Anonymous permalink

            run in japanese. And always open it in run in japanese after install

          • Anonymous permalink

            Working now. Thanks.

    • Anonymous permalink

      this is also happening to me

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I finished the game whit both characters so long ago, is the same but with diferent Rape Scenes
    Sometimes i wonder what Raika says, also, i prefer Raika’s Moaning, they are so sexy!

  5. user permalink

    Any chance for a non MEGA mirror?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    ow yeaaa thanks man

  7. Anonymous permalink

    sorry, but how do you use the .xp3 file? :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      “Put patch.xp3 from the download into the Thief and Sword folder. (Make sure it’s the only file marked patch.xp3 in the folder).”

      Just copy it in there.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I have to burn the game onto a blank disc?

    • Anonymous permalink

      disc images can be mounted by software like daemon tools light by using a virtual drive.

  9. Anonymous permalink


  10. shakey2 permalink

    This game looks like a deliciously old school dungeon crawler. Thanks for introducing me to another good game rogue!

  11. Edale permalink

    Would LOVE a 100% save, or whatever’s needed to unlock all replay scenes.

    • Anigai permalink

      you sir while you probably won’t see this are 3/4’s as awesome as rogue, just tested it and works awesome 100%.

      these super long (450 choices i think) multiple path games aren’t my style normally (not to this extent) but still your awesome man.

      But c’mon, you still could never beat rogue, he’s shits awesome…….. Dargoth too

  12. Anonymous permalink

    the sidebar (save, load, skip, etc) is translated but all of the story text is still in japanese, did I do something wrong?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    If anyone is interested, the latest game in this franchise, Thief and Troll, has been fully translated into English (the storyline that is, only 50% of H scenes are translated so far).

    • Edale permalink

      with a post like that you need a link to the translation’s page.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Crashed on option 444

  15. Anonymous permalink

    For people having trouble with this, try playing as Shalt (the left side woman). They have only translated one route.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    This is a bitter example of why Rogue is one of the very few translators in that scene I trust. IIRC, he translated Shalt’s path just because he liked her, and someone else was going to volunteer to do Raika. There may have been several people, but to this day the game is still only partially translated since they never finished their half. Always disappointing.

  17. Rogue is posting game download links? O_ó Never imagined that is gonna happen^^ x3

    and still waiting for the translation of the 2.route ._.

  18. Asheleon permalink

    Can someone please help me this this? ;_; I cant play because of this error ;_;

  19. Asheleon permalink

    Worked >:D Thanks bro!~ :D And I will remember your advice always :O I did see this in comments before but I was too lazy to test it to see whether it would help me or not xD

  20. Corrupt Hero Luka permalink

    Ty for your hard work rogue! And maybe someone now where can i download skundtrack to this game cuz i cant find it anywhere (sry for bad english)

  21. pigvin permalink

    So, about crashes so far:

    – at point 109 if you miss choice (114 or 115), new blank page for in-game text comes up and you have to load it up again to choose. Same happens if you skip after selecting 109 previously.

    – at point 63, at rolling the dice, if you win, one of Horace parts starts (351). After that, when Horace (normal pose, seems like she wants to say something) instead continuing, text does not shows up and you have to change path before 63 or lose, which does not have any major consenquences for the story.

    ATM, I’m close to finishing Shaft part and will go onto the Raika’s part later on.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was having the same issue when I used ctrl to skip text. It seems like when the game is loading the next scene/image/etc too fast it tends to hang. Slow clicks seem to work best. A question though, what is the point of the arena, does it unlock anything?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was having the same issue when using ctrl to fast forward text. It seemed to me that the game would hang if you weren’t giving the game enough time to load the next scene (Kind of like what would happen with Oblivion, now that I think about it). Just go through it at a slow pace and it should be fairly stable. Another question though, what is the point of the arena, does it unlock anything?

  22. Isaiah permalink

    i got the game to work but everything is in japanese even when i put the patch in. Anyone know why?

    • pigvin permalink

      Get “Locale Emulator”. Install it, install the game with it (right click on T&S setup exe and you’ll see icon of LE) and run the game every time with it (right click on TAS.exe and find LE).

  23. Isaiah permalink

    Mainly the text for the story

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Run into this error at 112

    • pigvin permalink

      I’m getting that as well. When I start translating what is untranslated and if I find how to fix it, I’m let you know about it. ;)

  25. Anonymous permalink

    this Locale Emulator program everyone is raveing about contains at least two Trojan installers, is there an option to run this game that is not a virus?

    • pigvin permalink

      It’s not a virus. :|
      I have it, nothing’s wrong. Nor it seems like it did any harm to other users. Open Google, write Locale Emulator and open 1st link. There it is.

  26. wolf evanse permalink

    faq yeah had been waiting for so long thank u i love xD love this eroge :3

  27. Anonymous permalink

    You ever going to finish Thief & Sword? o,.,o The game looks great…

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Ugh the walkthrough is unintelligible for me. Can someone help?

  29. Anonymous permalink

    mega link is invalid, please fix it!

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Mega is dead. Can you give another link please???

  31. So has anyone got another link for the download?

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