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October 21st Update Spectacular!

October 21, 2013

City: 6188/15603
Story: 23162/27500
Battle: 72135/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 101485/131806 (77.0%)


Less than 1/4 of the game to go!

  1. Super2000 permalink


  2. Keep Up The Good Work Rogue.xD!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Oh shit, its almost time! 23% left~

  4. Anonymous permalink

    You are a translating machine! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. ryukagesama permalink

    . . . soon . . .

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Wow you’re fast aren’t you, Rogue.
    This might be done by mid-November to early December.

    Hurry up guys we need to finish his golden statue before translation ends!

    • SilentWill permalink

      At the current rate he’s going, he might even be finished before 10th of November! But he did go really fast these past 7 days so maybe he’ll slow down next week to have a break or something. All and all he will probably finish between mid to end of November, really can’t wait! xD

      • Sinaps permalink

        I hope so. thank you rouge for proving yourself wrong.

    • lixef permalink

      damn but the ruby for the eyes havent goten in yet D:
      what do we do

    • Rite permalink

      The golden hora statue?

      Imagine a golden statue of him getting rape by Alice…

  7. Anon37 permalink

  8. NeoRedDawn permalink

    Based on this speed it’ll be done by my birthday! BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Oh, Rogue, you shouldn’t have! ^-^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yup, he shouldn’t have.

    • Edale permalink

      November 13th for my B-day, here’s hoping.

      • Edale permalink

        On second thought….dozens possibly hundreds of guys jacking off to my birthday present…..erm, lets re-consider that, lol.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks pal, We all appreciate your effort.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Nice! If this keeps up we will have the full game in no time!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    This is just awesome.

  12. redpanther permalink

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Will there be a lot of Hora Hora?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    10 percent in seven days? Hell yeah keep it up!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, at this rate he could finish it in two and a half weeks (~10th of novembre)

      But it is probably better to wait slightly longer and having a patch without too many mistakes(freezing is not cool). Keep your time, Rogue.

      Also: Did anybody skiped Yamata Village in Part 2? Can you actually beat Plantsect and Undines Cave without Level 2 Gnome?

      • Rite permalink

        Well, I always go according to the level of the place, starting from the lowest to the highest…

        I manage to do it after a few tries…

        Whenever you fail, ALWAYS look at the evaluation, it really and absolutely helps!

        You might want to play it slow and save, only using skills at the start and the end of battle…

        Focus on reapplying spirits and healing in the middle of battle and stockpile SP, only when it is about 1/5 or 1/6 of health left you use big skills like Heavenly Demon Rakshasa or Daystar to finish them of in 1 hit…

        Do try to have more than half health when unleashing the deathblow skill in case the enemy di not die immediately…

        • Anonymous permalink

          it’s not a bad idea, especially against plans queen.
          but again something normal like chimera or some low class angel, i think it’s better to use spirit, charge unti full, daystar, salamander, daysar.
          and you too still have alice at emergency

          • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

            Ah, so that’s the reason the battles in 3rd part are so hard, because I always forgot to used the “Alice” command. Well, it’s still fun trying to win by praying to RNG god all the time :P

          • Luka permalink

            Daystar -> Salamander -> Daystar -> Heavenly Demon Revival -> Alice

            Once we get 13SP and learn the Mini Quad Giga that would be even more devastating.

          • Rite permalink

            Woah, what mini quadruple giga???

          • Anonymous permalink

            Somewhere in the story we’re gonna learn a skill that uses all the elements like Quad Giga, Doesn’t need to charge 4 turns. Stronger than Daystar, extremely weaker than the original Quad Giga and costs 9SP.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Quad giga > salamander > repeat 3-4 times = ?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Wait – you mean there are people who don’t lose on purpose?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yes. Have you seen Virtue Revel? Of course you have. You won’t lose on purpose on that… thing.
            Same goes for other Delphinus angels.

      • Anonymous permalink

        yes you can, and yes i did.

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          and yes you would if you want the achievements. >.<

  15. Anonymous permalink

    YES!!! Keep it up Rogue!

  16. Anonymous permalink


  17. Go Rogue! You’ve got our support behind ya, so don’t give up! If you get tired, call Alice so she can use Eyes of Restoration on ya! Thanks for the effort!

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Forget that. just have her use her “Monster Lord arts” on ya Rogue. ;)

  18. Anonymous permalink

    • Anonymous permalink

      ^ On so many levels…

    • Vegeta permalink

      Well, well…nice picture for a video. Kid, I like your style!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Haha, thanks.

      • Edale permalink

        Shouldn’t you be offended that he didn’t use SSJ Vegeta’s pic? he’s showing you at a fraction of your power! heh

        • Vegeta permalink

          As long as he acknowledges my greatness I guess I could spare his life.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Vegeta, the great Prince of Saiyans, that picture does not do his splendor justice. and sadly, even Vegeta can’t be put above the great Rogue. I am truly sorry, oh prince, but even Gods come before Monarchs… >_>

  19. Anonymous permalink

    OK buddy good work but just get it done right not fast.
    Also thank you.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    @Rogue: If you get to Yamata Village in part 3 and didn´t beat the four bandits in part 1, then the text at the cat shrine after the fighting will be untranslated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That basically says “there’s nothing here.”

    • Yeah, I noticed that one and got it fixed. That text is used for lots of city locations if you skip parts.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    10% in one week??? THIS IS MADNESS!

    • Anonymous permalink


      • Anon37 permalink

        This is why he deserves a golden statue from use hora fans.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not just “this is Rogue translations”, but…

        THIS IS ROGUE TRANSLAAAATIOOOOOOOOOONS!!! (and throw some-thng/one in the hole)

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Currently playing part 3 again and I can´t visit Goldport. Is the reason my behaviour in part 2? When you have to chose to spare Lazarus or to kill him, does this decide whether you can visit Goldport later or not?

    • Anon37 permalink

      Ho, this is interesting.
      Well played, Torotoro, well played.
      So did you choose “Thrust” from Chapter 2 gold port?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah, I chose the second option.

        • nara permalink

          so what happen?
          did you kill him?
          or alice stop you in the end?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Alice stops you, regardless what you chose. But it would be interesting, if that choice determines if you can visit Goldport in part 3 or not.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Confirmed. events play out the same way either way.

    • That decision is saved, but it doesn’t impact anything.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I see. But that determines if you can visit Goldport in part 3 or not?

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          No it does not affect that. Unless I’m mistaken, Goldport can only be visited AFTER all Spirits are collected and something else I’m neglecting. >.< Hang on. Got a site you can use to check your story progression.

          It's the complete wiki for Monster Girl Quest (Monmusu Quest). Hope you find out what your issue with this part of the game is. Sorry I can't be of more help. However, I will note this: I chose both options in two separate game files. Played both up to Part 3 Goldport (and to the end of the patch) and had no problems on either file…sorry, man.

  23. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Thanks for including horas in the last patch.

  24. Rite permalink

    Btw, I notice its not even 50% translated for the city area, how come the city have so much lines?

    I understand if the story and battle have a lot of lines, story is to be expected and for battle, due to the nature of this game…

    Rogue, can you explain why is that??

    • Anonymous permalink

      The cities have a ton of lines because there is a point in the story where you go back and visit all the cities to tie up any loose ends.


      At the end of the game, you get the chance to go around to all of the locations again and talk to everyone. That’s what that huge block of city text is.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink


      • kry permalink

        *Most of the major locations, not all of them, there’s a few that don’t have the revisit option :p.

      • Anonymous permalink

        And then we get to have different endings yay~

  25. Lowlightt permalink

    Rogue please if you don’t finish it in time please take the holidays off. You deserve it and to be honest we can all wait.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      While I agree, I would like to note that by “wait,” that means “nervously awaiting the end to the most epic of all Hentai Games with barely controlled anxiety” for me. lol. ;)

  26. Anonymous permalink


  27. Anonymous permalink

    Is it just me or this game doesn’t really live up to the expectations of the last 2…A lot of the monsters are just plain gross and the script got weaker. I was also expecting some kind of improvement in the art department, but nop..and it seems to stay the same with MQG4…

    • Anonymous permalink

      MQG4? Did I miss something?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Its… well… they wrap everything up with this part 3, but the next game can be considered 4 though it is not actually called that. It centers around the way monsters are having to be dealt with in the aftermath of the resolution of part 3, at least thats what I took from the preview images.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        MGQ part 4 means a bad ending for the 3rd part. I think some well known Lamia bites the dust and in light of her early demise a fake-hero swears to make her dream of coexistence come true. But I could be wrong of course. (I have yet to finish part 2)

    • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

      Well, I really like the new artist’s work, Knightroid and Assassinroid, the expression on their face was really…expressing. (What have I written? It’s not even proper English.)

      • Anonymous permalink

        But that artist screwed up the chibi-horas! Srsrly Alice now looks like a Big-Mäc ;_;

        • Anon37 permalink

          No they’re not the same artist. Chibi Alice is drawn by the artist of Tamamo/Kitsune.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            But chibi-Alice looks really bad with her big head and crude outlines. ;_;

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah I like the normal Alice more

    • Anonymous permalink

      The reason why Chapter 3 is gross? Because Promestein’s a dickwhacker for creating chimeras.

      And Rogue said the final patch is most story-heavy. Don’t lose hope on the weak script.

      • Promestein permalink

        Oi, you keep Promestein outta this.

      • Takata permalink

        Final patch most story-heavy? That’s a bit of a relief. ^^
        Looking back at the second game, the most important story segments occurred in the final patch as well.

      • Rite permalink

        Nah, its due to the fact that Illias sucks at creating angels, is what I read in the wiki…

  28. Anonymous permalink

    woot, keep up the good work rogue. looking forward to the rest of it

  29. Raizu permalink

    Thank you based Rogue.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    L@@King forward everyday !!! Thank you so much!!!

  31. PeteTheSheep permalink

    Gah! I’m so excited now… thank you so much!

  32. Afaggot permalink

    I love you so much, Rogue.

  33. Bernaregna permalink

    You’re my man Rogue, marry me!

  34. Anonymous permalink


  35. Anonymous permalink

    Where did it have the arrow to the knee line

    • Anonymous permalink

      after you finish grand noah go back there and talk to minotauros

      • Yabu permalink

        which is the elf archer did hit her in the knee…

        • Rite permalink

          Yamatai village, enrikan or forest of spirits?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Grand Noah. There’s an elf there in tool shop.

          • Rite permalink

            Friendly fire or stray arrow?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    DO IT

  37. DigitalEnemy permalink

    yahoooo the epic game with epic translator, keep up good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. SilentWill permalink

    Wow 10% in 7 days, going supersonic speed there, Rogue! Appreciate all the hard work, keep it up :)

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      So THAT’S why he’s always flying! That way he can increase the time he has to translate a patch. If you fly across international waters from East to West, relatively as non-stop as possible, theoretically it should ADD time to your days. NOW it all makes sense. ;)

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        Not international Waters…sorry. across the world, trans-continental* Idk what I was thinking. :S

      • Takata permalink

        Err… but you’ll jump forward a day every time you cross the international date line. >.>
        Relativistic time dilation will be negligible too.

        • Hyena permalink


          He’s invented relativistic, undetectable, atmospheric flight. And, like all good inventions, it is being used for sex.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            Whether sexual pleasure for himself or for those of us he “services” by completing this translation…well….we’ll leave that one up to imagination. ;)

  39. Anonymous permalink

    yay! :3

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Well done ROgue, you are kind sir, are a hero!

  41. Ehunkel permalink

    Dammit Rogue, I can’t tell you enough how much I love you

  42. The Noble Shade permalink

    I think he want’s to hurry so he can retire.

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you are a true (fake) hero. I swear, you’re the best. Keep up the good work.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    7 days 10%? that’s an overkill right there! Take your time and my thanks

  45. Isaiah permalink


  46. Anonymous permalink

    Your awesome

  47. AnusRoy permalink

    Can’t wait until the patch is at 99% which is when Rogue will disappear for 3 months

    • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

      That would be like the massacre of Remina.

      • GoddessIlias permalink

        That would be most lovely. I’d love to indulge in all the pain tears that would cause.

        • Luka permalink

          Soon, Ilias… soon.

          • GoddessIlias permalink

            I’ve killed your love, your unborn child and you still want to fight? How miserable!
            Soon the rage will eat into you flesh and violence will be a causo of living for you.

            I always said violence is bad!

          • Edale permalink

            Violence isn’t the answer, it’s the question.

            The answer is “Yes”.

          • Luka permalink

            Ilias please… my mother was the Star of the Morning, the child of dawn. The star thrown to Earth shall obtain victory. Your argument is invalid.

            Also your final form is gross.

          • Ilias final form, I’d tap that shit forever.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    100% patch would be nice for the Halloween though!

  49. Techies permalink

    yeeeeeeeew! thanks man

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work, I hope its early november release like my math says it should be. I cant wait, i finished the 62% patch already.

  51. Lla permalink

    .good job boss

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone having trouble trying to get this achievement:

    “Defeated an enemy strengthened by Gigamander”

    • Anon37 permalink

      Beat the crap out of Knightroid until you think she’s one or two hits away from kill.
      Guard all the way until she summons Gigamander, then attack.

      You’re gonna dodge most of her attacks anyway with Serene Mind.

      • Kyon permalink

        cheat engine. unlimited health. wait

        • Anonymous permalink

          Cheat Engine for unlimited hp is for sissies.
          Real cheaters play with Luka level 500.

          • Edale permalink

            There’s a cheat engine?

          • Vegeta permalink

            You don’t know cheat engine? With that program you can basically hack every executable game as long as it’s not online

          • Rite permalink

            Seeing at the end of patch 2 I am at level 77, at end game luca should be at level 100, assuming no places and battles is miss…

            At level 500, you will be stronger than when luca defeats Illias 5 times over…

            I’d say, that, is an absolute overkill…

            I think I will try to make luca level 900 and see what happens, lol…

          • Anonymous permalink

            I tried Luka level 999 in chapter 2 back then.
            Normal attack = about 90000
            Undine + Salamander + Serene Demon Sword = almost 500000
            Sylph + Salamander + Lightning Sword Flash = almost 300000
            Gnome + Salamander + Earth Rumbling Decap. = almost 500000
            Salamander + Vaporizing Rebel Sword = almost 125000 each hit

            Now imagine Daystar and Quad Giga.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Quad Giga at level 999

          • Rite permalink

            Can you try the quadruple giga and let us all know the damage?

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Or you could play legit and on hard mode and just take it too Knightroid. I never had ANY trouble in chapter 3. minus Sister Lamia. But then I realized she had a pattern, realized shifting buffs was a LOT like Paradigm Shifts from Final Fantasy XIII, and suddenly it was so simple I never lost (unless it was an intentional loss, mind you) again. :) Cheats are for sissies who can’t play a game legitly. :P

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not all cheaters are like that. I for one only use cheats once I finish the game, just to try something new.

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          I still prefer to do everything in a game without relying on the “developers and testers powers.” That way I know my “skills” and mental adeptness are still sharp. I have always felt that cheats are for those who have to use them no matter where or when they’re used. I always felt like I was, well, cheating on the game. it always made me feel sad and embarrassed at the same time.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yes, for me cheating is bad as well. But like I said, not all cheaters (although most of them are) cheat to make a game easier. Those who do are bad and should feel bad.
            Sometimes a game gets boring after you unlock all content and stuff. That’s where cheating becomes not-so-bad, since it’s just to try new things.
            At least for me.

  53. Hey Rogue, quick question, are you stopping after the entire MGQ, or MGQ 3? I’ve heard rumors of a fourth one dealing with the aftermath of whatever happens at the end. Is that one gonna be translated or are you retiring after this one? I understand either way. Thanks again for your hard work!

    • Edale permalink

      That one’s gonna take alot longer to come out, and it’s gonna be a RPG Maker game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I believe he previously mentioned that he will take a break and won’t translate anymore. Most likely its gonna be a long break since hes translated so much that I bet hes sick of it.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    God, that’s amazing. Love this so much and was only able to experience it at first thanks to you. I’ve learned Japanese since but still don’t know enough kanji to totally understand the game, but thanks to you I can fully enjoy the amazing story.

    Now, bug report~! :D

    My achievements from part 2 broke on the way over to part 3, so I’m sad that they’re not displaying properly and sometimes not even registering properly in part 3; examples include having to beat multiple enemies enhanced by a spirit before it registered, all techniques taken in 2 not registering in 3, etc. I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this?

    • Rite permalink

      Same here, in chapter 2, it is said that I have taken all technique that can be requested…

      but in chapter 3, it says I have not done that…

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      Surprisingly yes. It’s in your save.gloval or w/e file. Just go back to before you cleared part 2 (maybe a fresh reinstall of the game files would help? Back up your game files before this…) then fight that final battle again, save your data, transfer all the stuff over again to part 3 and I promise that will fix it. of course there MAY be an easier soultion…I’m just giving you one that is guaranteed to work…it is very in depth though…if you want to try it I can give you the full details of how to.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait to fap to your work.xD

  56. Anonymous permalink

    If it helps people, i have found that as soon as you get salamander back again you can beat every enemy (not sure about the un-translated ones) but you can beat every enemy except one or two in 3,4 or 5 moves. I have played through myself and know it works again haven’t played the un-translated parts.
    The ones you cant are the main bad guys like spider princess thing who is just annoying tbh.

    • Anonymous permalink

      All thanks to Daystar.

      • nara permalink

        don’t forget that plant queen and that… distorting space angel ( i forgot her name). i have to go with defensive tactic against them

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          Yes…but the plant queen is before you get Salamander…right? And am I the ONLY one to have played MGQ 1, 2, and up to the end of the patch in 3 on hard? >.< IT's so much different…although I think it's also a little easier. or am I just a masochist? I have trouble telling sometimes. :S

          • Anonymous permalink

            My plan once final patch is released:
            >Delete all saves
            >Get an 8 hour supply of popcorn and soda
            >Be isolated in a room
            >Start MGQ on hard

          • my plan:
            fap 100 times raw
            start up game on episode 1
            fap to each monster 100 times before progressing
            carry on until I complete the game

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Amazing! your really Amazing!^^ thx for one of the best games ever <3

  58. matt permalink

    Wow. Big time update. December now looks very plausible.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    At the end of the English part of the patch, how do you get the Unfortunate Nekomata’s face off the screen? It’s so zoomed in, you can’t really see where you’re clicking.

    Though, I guess reverting to the original game could solve this but if there’s a way other than that, it would be very appreciated (Hore’s and chibi manko to the one who can help!)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Save the game, play until you see the face, go to the title screen, extras, click auto save file(?). Ilias will ask you if you want to start in the monster lord castle. click yes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        May the hore’s and chibi manko be with you!

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Great! you rock

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Gotta go fast

  63. AnonRoy permalink

    Your attention please.

    That is all.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your effort and dedication, Rogue.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    you can do it :D

  66. Anonymous permalink

    YOU SIR ARE THE BEST!!! (^,^)

  67. I hope we get to fight Ilias. I’d so want to know what she says in the evaluation when you lose to her.

    • Anonymous permalink

      We will definitely fight Ilias. SPOILER: She has 600000 HP.

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        Pssssshhhh! Push over. I hope she gets a major HP upgrade on Hard and Hell modes. like several hundred-billion upgrade. THAT would be fun. >:)

    • Anonymous permalink

      The evaluation against Ilias is with


      Lukas mother.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink


      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        Already knew that.

        I am immune to ALL your spoilers. But then again, I forget what I read on there while I’m actually playing the game…so double immunity to spoilers in general. :P Although…it makes it difficult to remember what the strategy is to beat a boss I’ve lost to 15 times in a row. >.< I hate my terrible memory. What was I talking about again? :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      Once you make your last move to defeat her there would be awesome scenes, too awesome that you can just yell “YES!”

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        Failz. you’re wrong. Just in case you wanted to know. ;)

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well, not really “scenes”. Just pictures. I guess I worded that wrong.

          • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

            And again…you’re still wrong. that’s not the way it ends. :)

          • Anonymous permalink

            Argh, I admit it’s my bad. I should have said “awesome pictures BEFORE you hit her with your final attack”. (y’know, where a lot of pics flash and Luka was like “FOR COEXISTENCE”)

  68. Slashe permalink

    i think i found a bug because the convert data is not working it’s stay grey even when i do the readme.txt

  69. linksbro1 permalink

    Wow, 10% in a week?
    Damn, don’t overexert yourself XD

  70. sigmazx permalink

    Not sure where to post this but whatever, I will just leave these here:

    Would love if Rogue can implement them as side stories in the game. If that is even possible.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much
    Rogue :D

  72. Anonymous permalink

    I have an issue where the game crashes toward the beginning of chapter three. When the goblin’s running around the game crashes between the third and fourth screen. I saw someone else had this problem earlier but I didn’t see any solutions. Anybody know a way to get around that?

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      I had the EXACT same problem. Go to your MGQ 3 folder and look at the filesizes of the arc.nsa, arc1.nsa, arc2.nsa, arc3.nsa, arc4.nsa, and arc5.nsa files. They should be:

      arc.nsa – ~708,815,869 bytes (675 MB)
      arc1.nsa – ~882,667,354 bytes (841 MB)
      arc2.nsa – ~1,725,769,295 bytes (1.6 GB)
      arc3.nsa – ~15,239,847 bytes (14.5 MB)
      arc4.nsa – ~9,249,929 bytes (8.82 MB)
      arc5.nsa – ~5,853,469 bytes (5.58 MB)

      If your’s are different sizes than these, then you didn’t copy them from part 1&2 into part 3 correctly. Try deleting the files that aren’t the correct size, then re-copying them from part 2 into part 3. Re-convert the game, and try running it again.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you very much, sir. I’ll give that a shot.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So, my files are all different sizes than that and I’m somehow missing arc5.nsa?

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          Ok. You have the readme file in your MGQ folder, correct? I need to ask you if you followed the instructions in that file, first (For MGQ 1 & 2 I mean). IF you did, then you should just have to copy arc.nsa, arc1.nsa, and arc2.nsa from part 1 & 2 into 3. I’m not sure about this next part, but I think that it is the way it worked for me, but after you load the game, part 5 should auto-generate. DON’T quote me on that. I’m not entirely sure I wasn’t just high when I was fixing my game…

        • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

          Oh and if you did not follow the steps in the readme (First, how did you manage to play two with your data from one?) then you will need to uninstall and delete your files for MGQ 2, reinstall, transfer your data from 1 into two and play through it again. After that, follow the readme’s instructions for converting 2 into 3.

          Finally, if you didn’t come by the game legally….then you got a bad copy. I want to pity you…but don’t really feel up to it. ;)

  73. Takata permalink

    I only noticed recently, but the covers for the package editions for Monmusu Quest ( seem rather crowded. They don’t look bad though.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    I play it for the plot

    • Anonymous permalink

      The defenition of plot in urbandictionary says, you either play for the story, or play for the porn.
      Which makes your statement perfect.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I play it for the justice…

  75. Kray permalink

    You sir are awesome, keep it up.

  76. spanther permalink

    Just a little question I had in mind, since I’ve played the 3rd part (in japanese language xD). Why were the monsters so bad in the third half of the game? I mean on first and second many monsters were just hot but all these “weird” monsters on this ending part after the first half of the game (angel eggs? wtf! xD) just didn’t do it for me :-( I miss the time when monsters impressed me and were hot at all, not just weird and freaky X.x Inside part 3 ofcourse there are many hot ones, but not only a few freaky ones aswell. I wouldn’t have missed these ones to say the truth hehe :-)

    Instead the producer could have included some more known and cutet/hot common monstergirls from the encyclopedia.

    • Anon permalink

      I believe they did it in order to make you not WANT to lose. Especially since most of the monsters aren’t looking for sex for pleasure really, but to hurt/stop the main character.

      I’ll also say that I’m one of those weird people who actually really, REALLY likes the newer monsters. That’s just because I like fucking freaky things in games though.

      (also does anyone else get the feeling Illias may have a thing for Luka? Call me crazy but it seems like most of the angels sent after him are trying to either convert him or in some way bring him to illias’s side.)

      • spanther permalink

        Yes ofcourse these angels are to convert luka back to ilias since she thinks he is cute (and since he is not baptisted he feels good for monster girls at sex sessions aswell! :D). Ilias is a monstergirl in some way too so yeah this makes real sense since Luka is special (never was baptisted but most other humans were usually). Well, if you enjoy these freaky monster girls then I’m sorry for complaining against them. Ofcourse it’s good if they don’t hit only my taste but other people ones too. But still, thinks like this cute blonde little angel loli, why couldn’t “such” monsters happen more often next to the weird ones? :3 It’s just that I thought “awww no good ones for me anymore”… It was no good mix I think so that I had a couple of fights in a line where I had no enjoyment at all from all of them which never happened before x.x And I really don’t complain about the digesting part (as long it doesn’t happen everywhere xD) which is kind of weird too, as long he has passionate sex which turns me on and motivates me this way beforehand :P

      • I’d tap them all hundreds of times so damn hard but Power Muzukiel is my dream wifey.

    • Rite permalink

      Well, I read in the wiki it says Alice the first simply creates better than illias…

      • spanther permalink

        Ah okay. So Ilias made crap you wanna say lol I bet Ilias won’t be happy to hear this xD

      • Anonymous permalink

        No. the angels are offshoots from Ilias’s body. Ilias had a hard time to create the humans because holy power influences soul and spirit, while Alice the first’s dark power can manipulate genes directly that’s why she’s faster.
        The reason why the angels turned into gross stuff… idk. I guess Ilias is another dickwhacker like Promestein.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Fight against the Angel Egg. Only the first angels are directly from Ilias, other hatches of eggs.

  77. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Please marry my wife, Rogue!

  78. Oldstalk permalink

    My body is ready

  79. thehidingkappa permalink

    Master Rogue….would you mind to answer several of my question…
    1. what program do you use to edit VN?
    2. is there any reference you could refer me to?
    3. what kind of difficulties usually occur when translating VN ?

    thanks in advance :D

  80. Just wanted to say, that im so happy that you take your privat time to make this for us. I know that is is a great job, but if I had the power of language like you, I would do that to help others the way you help us with getting the, after my own opinion, best translation ever!

  81. Flaris permalink

    All I can say is great job as always.

    Can only imagine the work put into translating these games. Just amazing how close you are to finishing this thing. Can’t wait to see how the story turns out.

  82. Rite permalink

    Hey guys, I found in the torotoro website a patch for MGQ 1,2 and 3…

    Do We need to apply those patch?

    Rogue, can you enlightened us regarding the official patch I found?

    Here is the link:

    Google translation version:

    • Takata permalink

      I -think- Rogue tends to incorporate any official patches into his own translation patches, so you only have to apply his patch, then you’re done. Or maybe that was some other translator… I can’t remember for sure. >.<

      Anyway, I've never applied Torotoro's patches, only Rogue's, and I don't get many problems.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hopefully Rogue does.
        But I have faith that he does.
        Because he is Rogue.
        He is our almighty Lord of eternal hora.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeap, Rogue said that he includes Torotoro’s patches into his patch.
        E.g. he included monster lab into his patch (or how was the thing for user’s scenario called)

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Don’t forget about the editing and finalization, expect late December or early to mid-January

    • shitroguesays permalink

      please explain

      • Anonymous permalink

        Rogue needs to give MGQ its final good night-kisses.

        • Anon37 permalink

          ^For some reason that sounded real sad. The game of the year of all years getting it’s ending.. ..sad.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “Rogue delivering his patches”
      Bloody epic pic!

    • Takata permalink

      I find it a little strange that someone used a picture of Moses breaking (I think) the 10 commandments for this. Does it even fit?

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Take a close look to the right upper side and you will see.

      • Takata permalink

        Upper right corner of the picture? What am I supposed to be seeing there?

      • Anonymous permalink

        He’s bringing the 10 commandments to the Israelites who suddenly worshipped a golden calf while he’s gone.
        Rogue brings MGQ patches to us who do random stuff while he’s being a spy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “After this Rogue will return to his Odinsleep to regain his god like power.”
      So that’s why Rogue’s hurrying to finish this.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    So I did inherit save files by transferring gloval.sav from part 2 save to part 3 save… And I did get the monsterpedia and all, but my save files aren’t transferred? Anyone know how to solve this?

    • Takata permalink

      If you mean the “save files” that each take up one of 100 slots, those aren’t transferred. You can use “save inherit” to start from the start of the third game. If you just click “New Game”, you’ll start from the start of the first game.

      You could copy and paste the save#.bmp and save#.dat files from the Part II game directory to the part III game directory, but I have no idea if it will behave correctly.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I tried copypasting the bmp and dat files from part 2 to part 3 back then. Didn’t work.
        So I had to replay the whole part 1 and 2 and save at checkpoint locations (Sentora kingdoms, spirit locations, FHK and Alice fights)

      • Takata permalink

        Err… that seems like it would take a while. O.O When you click “save inherit” in the third game, the game should determine just from your copied gloval.sav file that you’ve already cleared the second game. Hence, it should send you to the start of the third game. i.e., shortly before battling Cupid.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yea I inherited my save as well, but I’m so OCD that I want some saves for part 1 and 2.

  85. Nova permalink

    Nice, just don’t get kidnapped again or turn down any offers from the government for hits till your done =]

  86. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    I’m going to do something new for our illustrious Mr. Rogue Translator. I’m actually going to post my OWN post instead of simply replying to someone else’s. Yes, yes. No one was expecting that one. I know. But the big shocker is this: I typed this entire post without looking at my fingers. THAT is an unprecedented first. What do you mean so what?!

    Anyway, Rogue: Thank you so incredibly much!!! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these translations. You have worked your ass off for this. For all the hard work and effort you put in, I decided to put my effort into thanking you. This literally took me 15 minutes just to type and another 45 just to correct. I swear to God if I forget where “U”, “I”, “O”, or “P” are on this keyboard one more time….Ugh….

    Anyway, THANK YOU very much Rogue!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know that feel.. when I mix up U I and O.
      I once typed “dick” instead of “duck”

      • Anonymous permalink

        What time will your boat get back at the dick?

  87. Question permalink

    Do we need to buy this game first?

    • Question permalink

      And for the second game too.

      • Burdo Bärde permalink

        You must make buyings of all parts to achieve a clear conscience :D :D :D

        In the meantime you can play Unteralterbach from here:

        While earning money to buy mgq.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can go pirate it through torrent, but Ilias will smite you 256 times in your sleep.
      Which is sad.

      • Anonymous permalink

        But Ilias is evil! Should she not encourage people not paying for it. Im am confused.

      • Anonymous permalink


  88. SeenToMuch permalink

    I sense a big christmas present for the MGQ-fans if rogue maintains his speed. (17,July 37%, 4, October 62%). Anyway, awesome job he does here.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Your name implies so well that you played MGQ a lot.

  89. BitVyper permalink

    Trust your force, and head for the garden of madness.

  90. Angamir permalink

    October 31 special update ?? :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      YES, please Rogue :c

    • Anonymous permalink

      Halloween Update is perfect. I’m gonna guess somewhere around 82% – 85%
      Which will give us a new blogpost to spam on.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        We can keep posting here, too! We just need to focus on horas some more.


  91. Anonymous permalink

    Do not read unless you finished the game or if you don’t mind…

    To anyone who finished the game, how do you get the first rape scene for Granberia? All I got is the second scene which is one of the possible endings.

    • Alex permalink

      Theres 1 with her?…..Unless its the shitty one you get in the volcano

    • Anon37 permalink

      I’m not sure which scene you’re referring to but..

      Granberia in Iliasburg – Use Flail Wildly instead of Demon Decap.
      Granberia in San Ilia – Don’t play seriously
      Granberia in Gold Volcano – Don’t play seriously
      Granberia in Monster Lord’s Castle – Don’t play seriously

      There’s another rape scene in Chapter 3 which will surprise you XD

      • Anon37 permalink

        Oh I forgot, if you’re referring to chapter 3, then..
        First one: Enter her room in the Monster Lord’s Castle (this is the one that will surprise you) (just try all choices) (I forgot when this is, all I remember is it’s when you get to explore the castle)
        Second one: ending scene

        • Anonymous permalink

          I see. Thanks… Sadly, the game doesn’t have a lot of that kind of stuff huh…

  92. jimfalcon permalink

    holy fucking monkey shower, youre the beat mang.

  93. M3lly permalink

    Any kind souls can post a download of the game again? I am still stuck with the missing Serene Blade and Fallen Angel Dance bug.. Reinstalling doesn’t help.. New patches doesn’t help.. I suspect it could have something to do with the game client itself…

    • MrMister permalink

      Do you need the game or the .exe?

      • M3lly permalink

        I am not sure.. Probably the whole client to be safe… Really not sure why am I missing skills.. Impossible to progress

    • Anon37 permalink

      If you’re looking for a download of the whole game, go lurk in torrent sites. Somewhere there perhaps is one.
      I’ll just remind you that Virtue Revel will rape you if you do pirate it.

  94. YAYY permalink

    If Rogue translate at the speed he did from the 2nd patch to the Columbus day, the complete patch should be done around December 1st. If he goes at the speed he did from columbus day to the october 21st update, he’d finish around november 11th.


    • OneHitKO! permalink

      Hoping for a early December release. 14 December is my Bday.
      This would be a gift of a lifetime. And for everyone else an early X-mas present.

      Keep it up Rogue. Your my personal Hero.

    • Anon37 permalink

      No matter how fast, I’m sure it’s gonna be before 2014. Which is guud.
      Unless Rogue trolls us at the 99% mark when he will be a spy for months.

      • Sair Velrend permalink

        at that point i would just grab by text hooker and a dictionary and read the last 1% myself =P

        • Anon37 permalink

          No he’s not gonna release the 99% patch. :3
          He just tells us that it’s already 99% and he needs to do something. Then we will flood his blog about his death again.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            I’d love that. PLS PROCEED

      • Anonymous permalink

        Like a when Windows xp is doing a task and it’s going steadily along but always lingers on that last little green bar

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Whoo, thanks for the hard work rogue!

    Part 2 bug – no matter what I do, Ilias scene that’s meant to happen after so many evaluations won’t trigger. Reset game and tried again, still won’t work. Is this a known bug, and anyone know how to fix it?

    • Sair Velrend permalink

      the 50 evaluation scene only triggers after 50 evaluations of part 1 monsters. Evaluating later monsters doesnt contribute to the (hidden) count

  96. Anonymous permalink

    “Encyclopedia: 66/103”

    My monsterpedia has only slots for 94 monster in part 3(after Alice4 follow 28 slots). What about the other 9 entries?

    • Anon37 permalink

      They are ending rape scenes.
      You can get different endings once you defeat Ilias and explore the world.
      I can tell who those ones are, but that would be uber spoiler. So no.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So will they be listed additionally in the monsterpedia on the tenth page? I´m just wondering why they aren´t there from the beginning.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Yes they’d only be listed once you see the ending scene.

    • There are extra “endings” or game over scenes in the game that make up those remaining 9

  97. Santa permalink

    OMG, OMG, This is so cool. Keep forward, we are with you. I seriously admire your work.

  98. Chaon permalink

    You’re away so long… I hope you aren’t get kidnapped again.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue please show us the light :c (aka post some updates)

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      We could declare him MIA and speculate about his fate? To soon? It is never too soon for that!

  100. Anonymous permalink

    A new update would be cool, even if you haven´t translated much since the last time, Rouge.

    • lets just w8 till the full thing is done.. so we dont have to w8 anymore….

      • Anonymous permalink

        More updates, it’s becoming too hard to wait without them.
        We are desperate for some information.

        • suomynonA permalink

          We need some update posts so we can spam comments!

  101. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know which will be better… Full patch or updated partial patch?
    Sadly, it does nothing about a certain goddess’ elusive nipples… :(

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Dear god rouge’s been MIA for to long! Someone call in the hora-copters to search for him! Send them to Canada, Send them to Germany, Send them to China and North Korea! We must find Rouge before its to late!

    • Cory permalink

      He might be at the monster lords castle, send them there!

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m willing to go there myself! Where it is located?

    • Anon37 permalink

      I’ve sent a report now to Hora-Exclusive Search Operation (HESO) that Rogue is missing.
      Soon they will send in the horacopter search teams, equipped with hora rifles to obliterate anything trying to prevent Rogue.
      Hopefully they find him.

  103. Incubusknight permalink

    Instead of an update I’d prefer a final patch release.
    So my votes on letting rogue just finish instead of taking the time out of his scheduled to figure out what % he’s at and then type out an update, which could be time spent on just finishing.

    Just for fun,
    With less then 25% left to go, and assuming his work and real life events haven’t hindered his progress, I’d make the guess that with how fast he can work, rogue’s probably at around 90% give or take. We’ll probably see the final patch released mid or late November.
    Personally though I’m hoping for the end of the week release!

  104. Isaiah permalink

    i have a feeling that the long wait on an update post is because he will finish the game the next post

  105. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, Thanks for all your hard work bro. I wish i could translate things like this as well xD

    Stay awesome!

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