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Busy times

November 4, 2013

Last week was very busy, and this weekend I got sucked into Hearthstone, so not as much progress as usual. Nearly there though!


City: 6188/15603
Story: 25365/27500
Battle: 77542/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 109161/131806 (82.8%)

  1. Dear Guest permalink

    Thank god I have an e-mail alert for this blog. I nearly would have overslept. Thanks Rogue!

    • Brad mason permalink

      How do you get email alert?

      • Dear Guest permalink

        Hmm… It appears the button for that option is gone. You can still get RSS though, in the upper right.

  2. Elzard Hewie permalink

    I’ve been looking at your rate of progress since MGQ 1 and I’ve never understood one thing:
    You are almost always soooo busy and yet you are still able to do lightning progress. How do you do that ?
    One of your rouge skills perhaps ?

    • Crimson permalink

      it certainly is, he’s even implied that he just halfasses it and isn’t operating at full power.

      we may not be ready for such rouge power.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He completed the patch one day after part 3 was released, he just likes to mess with us.

    • Hizoku permalink

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      why does everyone misspell this word…..? Rouge is a type of makeup. Rogue is a devilish person. R-O-G-U-E…come on people…just annunciate it based on the sounds each vowel and consonant make. Rouge -> Roozsh. Rogue -> Roguh. It’s not that difficult…

      • Culain permalink

        Rouge is French colour for red.

        • Erica permalink

          Back when I was learning french, as a WoW player, rogue was how I remember rouge. :p

      • AnonS permalink

        It’s some weird inside joke.

      • Anonymous permalink

        The word more typically used is enunciate; although I suppose annunciate works, it has a heavily religious connotation and is not typically used to mean what you are trying to convey.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Or y’know look at the top bar of your browser where it fucking says RogueTransations

    • ELC permalink

      I’m sure it’s one of his Rogue skills, not Rouge skills. I doubt that he’s a crossdresser.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Damn you Hearthstone for distracting him from the horas!!!!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    soo close indeed. its probably the only thing i’ve been waiting for all year lol

  5. firelad333 permalink

    Come on your doing sooooo well u can complet it we know u can :D

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the update, I don´t care about the speed of progress much, I found it more important to know that there is a progress.

    Here are two Monster Girl Part 2 facts:

    Even though a lot of areas are theoretically optional and skippable, you can´t skip Yamata Village, even if it suggest it. The reason? You need Gnomes upgraded Power to survive Erubities Melt Storm in Undines Cave. She deals ~1680 damage and you have like 400-500 HP, so defending and Level 2 Gnome is necessary. Afaik you can OHKO her in the EX Mode, but you can only chose that mode after you beat part 3.

    You can use Earth Rumbling Decapitation in the Gold Region, which means in Grangolds Castle, the Succubus Village and Ladys Village. Just ignore all three places at first, go ahead to Salamandars Vulcan, lose against a monster and chose the option “go back one decision”.
    Now you can fight against the ants, the succubi and lady monsters and very often can crush them with Earth Rumbling Decapitation, as you have to call Gnome anyways and her attack is overall better than Death Sword Chaos Star or Lightning Sword Flash. This is probably a glitch.

    • Anonymous permalink

      As far as I know, even if you skipped yamata, alice will teach you the upgraded power just before undine caves…

      • Anonymous permalink

        No, she doesn´t. I believe she teaches you Level 2 Sylph after Undine, though. Maybe she teaches you Gnome after her, too, but you practically need Gnome before that.

      • Anon37 permalink

        This has been intriguing, so I tried it.
        Alice will not teach you level 2 Gnome, so you’d stick to level 1 for Undine’s Spring.
        With level 1 Gnome, you’d have trouble with the four slimes (red, green, purple, blue).
        But, you will survive Erubetie.
        Although Undine will still give you a hard time.

        • Anonymous permalink

          This is really weird. Level 1 Gnome does never reduce the damage at all. It seems to be an exception agains Erubitie.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Wow. Winning against Undine without Level 2 Gnome was ugly.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Forgot to say, you need to Guard to survive Erubetie.

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      NOT true. I survived (and on hard mode…still not sure how) without visiting Yamatai Village. It is possible. My original save file proves that. O_O ‘

    • Anonymous permalink

      EX mode? Looking forward for that.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    HearthStone… that is so cute.
    Anyway, I am sure that you do better when you are happier and more energetic. I personally think you are awesome and keep that up (=

  8. Anonymous permalink

    So, do you think this will be the last update before the final one or should we expect another?

    • Anonymous permalink

      There’s going to be AT LEAST one more update till the 100% translation for sure, regardless if he’s busy or not. (if he keeps this rate – 5% in 2 weeks there’s going to be like 2-3 more updates lol)

  9. Anonymous permalink

    At this rate, I think I can expect the full translation patch to be an early birthday present for me.

    • OneHitKO! permalink

      ikr, my bday is on 14 december. Arigato!

    • CST permalink

      hope for me, too. Mine is 24 Nov

      • Another Anon permalink

        mine was yesterday Nov 4. Great that I received this news a a gift. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

  10. Anonymousse permalink

    Hearthstone is great fun until you start getting into the ranks where it’s all about the legendaries all the time. Seriously, the guy who gets the most/fastest legendaries in play wins :(

    Can’t say I blame you though, it’s easy to get hooked. Been there myself.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thing about Legendaries is that they are mostly very situational, with only a few that are good regardless of the situation (like the dragons or Ragnaros). If you ever watch Totalbiscuit play, you’ll see he has a deck with 24 Legendaries that is very hard to win with.
      But yeah, when you first start playing it does just eat away at your time, so it’s not surprising it’s doing the same to RT.

  11. Gotta say, I’m loving these constant updates. I don’t really care about progress rates if I can hear the progress every week or two. If I had to wait another two weeks and you had said 90% instead of now being 82%, I’m happier with the 82% rather than the 90%.
    In any case, thank you for all your hard work! I hope these constant updates stick with the rest of the patch! Have a good day and many horas to you.

  12. KGB permalink

    Good to see your back rogue we were worried that the Chinese got you again it wasn’t easy breaking you out the first time your biggest fans the KGB.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    So looks like you are going to translate it to New Year?
    That would a hella of a present. Fapping to delicious monster girls all xmas holidays. Oh, Illias, yes!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I saw the CGs of final patch monsters, most of them are NOPEworthy.
      But that’s just me. Not sure if you’ll like them.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t know, I didn’t play patches. I’m waiting for the full translation so it’s gonna be incredible fap. And also VH3

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I am just happy you are informing us on a more regular basis rather then letting 1-2 months pass before a single update or word is given. Keep up the good work.

  15. I’d love to face off against you in Hearthstone sometime Rogue. My Battletag is GamerGoddess#1997 what’s yours?

    • Anonymous permalink

      No distractions pls, only horas.

      • Anonymous permalink

        No horas pls, only fluffy tails.

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink


          • Anigai permalink

            No heretics please, only 4 bandits

          • Anonymous permalink

            No 4 bandits pls, only 4 heavenly knights.

          • Anonymous permalink

            no Heavenly Knights please, only the Unfortunate Crew.

          • JerichoDeath permalink

            *zooms in uncomfortably close*

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Remember EDITING, DEBUGGING and FINILIZATION. Don’t be too optimistic

    • Anon37 permalink

      You know, Rogue already debugs his patches before releasing them. Every programmer does so. We might discover some more bugs, but they’d not be too major.
      As for editing, Rogue only edits typos. And typos don’t affect us in any way. Editing code goes to debugging.
      Finilization. Combination of editing and debugging. That’s what Rogue, and all other programmers, will do before releasing a patch.
      So, yeh. All of these three are always, always done by Rogue before giving us horas.

      • Anon37 permalink

        I’m just implying that Rogue edited, debugged and finalized all of his patches. He might even be debugging every once in a while. So, we shouldn’t worry about that, like we didn’t worry about that before.

        • Lowlightt permalink

          No he’s saying debugging, editing, take time which means the patch won’t be out just this second yada yada. He’s basically saying that it will take longer than just translating everything.

          • Anon37 permalink

            Which, we have all experienced before in the last patches. So it’s just the same, and not to hora about.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    How about everyone guesses the release date? I say the 10th of decembre.

    • Anon37 permalink

      If Rogue goes sanic speed, we can have MGQ by the end of November. If he gets some breaks and stuff, Christmas gift.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What are you talking about? You forgot he translated 10% in just one week in the previous update in “sanic” speed. If he’ll keep doing this it will reach 100% somewhere around 15th of November!! Hey, at least I cam dream about it…

  18. ug505 permalink

    Can anyone help me out? My computer blue screened while I was playing and my whole save and monsterpedia got cleared. Does anyone have a save and monsterpedia up to the latest english patch I could have? I really don’t want to start over from the end of Chapter 2…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don´t want to sound like a dick, but you need like half a hour from Cupid to Angel Worm if you skip all the dialog and play on normal difficulty.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, you need the monsterpedia, never mind then.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hearthstone skill cap is very low compared to Might & Magic Duel of Champions. If you want more of a challenge give that a try. Start out Inferno starter deck if you want a smoother start (other decks require more modification and take more advanced formation shift tactics thus it will be harder to ease into.) There are plenty of free codes for free boosters and money etc and it is FTP and can be played without spending money on a high level (have gotten several people to do so). Hearthstone is overly flashy in comparison, but the art etc is still great and the actual in game tactics and deck building is far more advanced in Duel of Champions. Here is the more important link for a free starter booster box. Very helpful for getting you started.

    Outside of all that, thanks for all the translations.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  21. OneHitKO! permalink

    A 5,8% increase in 2 weeks. That’s more than i hoped for!! Nearly there. Keep up the awesome work Rogue.

  22. Yee permalink

    I have had a problem with the game(since MGQ1). Every once in a while when i play it, the gloval.sav and the kidoku.dat are moved and then my save files and encyclopedia data don’t appear in the game anymore, Also playing through the game, all sounds are gone except for the bgm, The only thing ive done to deal with the problem is re-install the game completely and transfer the save data. This has happened for all three parts of the game on different computers. I was ok with it at first but now it happens too frequently. Does this happen to anyone else? How do i prevent this from happening?

  23. Lowlightt permalink

    Hearthstone is a hella of a game.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Please,Rogue! We all know you are incredibly busy(esp with Hearthstone :D ),but please,just a little bit more effort! Last stage! Please,do your best and fastest :D Hope u will accept this! Keep going,you are great!

    • Safety Dance permalink

      Take all the time you want, Rogue. People like this are exactly the reason what’s wrong with this world. Don’t really know if you meant it or just that you don’t see it yourself. But you sound ungrateful. Rogue is already doing this for free and in his own free time. And yet you ask him to put more effort in too it. Besides just replay MGQ 1/2 a couple of times (like i did already replayed them both 13 times) or just play something different. There are a lot of H games released and there are all fully translated.

      • Anon permalink

        He doesn’t sound particularly ungrateful to me.

        • Crucial permalink

          It’s the part about him asking Rogue to put more effort in it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I dont think I sound so ungrateful as u said it,but,anyway,i didnt mind anything like “oh god,rogue,translate it faster,dont eat,just translate,u,lazy shit”. I just wanted to tell that its better for him and us both to end this the fastest way,’cause after finish he can go and entertain himself with hookers or anything else,and we would finally play this awesome godlike game. I’m thankful to Rogue,cause he made me able to play MGQ,cause he still does it. Here it is.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    We appreciate the time you put into the patch. It’s better if you take breaks in between so you don’t make mistakes. BTW how is Hearthstone? I hear it’s addictive.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue you are the best! I can´t wait for the Hora Horas!!

  27. Cory permalink

    I have until Jan. 28th until I ship out to boot camp for the Air Force. I was so worried you wouldn’t be done by then Rouge. Great job, and thanks a ton! ^_^

    • Anon37 permalink

      Soo you’re gonna have MGQ as the last thing to do before setting off? That’s indeed a great plan of yours.

      • Cory permalink

        Not the last thing of course. I have a whole plan set out before I leave, but I have been playing MGQ since the first game was released and untranslated, so I want to be able to finish it before I go. Is that so wrong?

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink

          Boot camp is the best place to see grown up men cry for mommy. It is a litte like Monster Girl Quest but without cute monsters and no horas. Best of luck to you.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Nothing wrong. I think you thought I was being sarcastic. Which I’m not, so no worriez.

          • Cory permalink

            Indeed I mistook it for sarcasm, my fault! :P Isn’t the internet great?

  28. john permalink

    When i seen heartstone. I was thinking that you had medical condition. XD

  29. Chaon permalink

    Finally! Atleast you didn’t get kidnapped again. That’s the best!

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Late November to mid-December confirmed release date then.
    Rogue we love you.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    We are not worthy, oh great Rogue

  32. Anon37 permalink

    I’m wondering..
    Who among the 4 bosses (Eden, Promestein, Black Alice, Ilias) do you guys look forward to fighting?

    • CST permalink

      Eden could be straightforward, like say the one luka fights when he gains his angelic powers in ilias village. Black Alice, maybe, ’cause I’ve already heard a minor spoiler; Promestein, definitely, cause wanna see what she does this time. Ilias, definitely, cause I have a hunch that Alice 1 could be released to help defeat her.

      • Chaon permalink

        If you’re looking to Black Alice fight because of rape scene, you’re having a bad time…

        • Anon37 permalink

          Come on, not only Black Alice. All of them four have big, bad and booby final forms.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            They were all painted by the one artist where every monster has big boobs and the same face,

          • Anon37 permalink

            Setouchi’s monsters have 3 faces: Normal, seducing, and disappointed. And their difference with each other is just a few pixels.
            Yet Setouchi is still best artist.

      • goten1986 permalink

        Ilias, because she is my favorite out of all the main characters. <3

    • nara permalink

      promestein, because i’m curious what a mad scientist like her will do to bring us to our knees.
      And illias, because i just want to beat the crap out of her!

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        Illias, because I want to FINALLY understand her mental.

    • The Animal Man permalink

      Black Alice because she is the most badass of the 4

    • Culain permalink

      Black Alice

    • Jagman permalink

      To everyone who want Black Alice, I’ve got bad news for you.

  33. The Animal Man permalink

    Kill La Kill Ryuko turned into Alice MGQ

  34. Anonymous permalink

    what makes you think youll be fighting promestien again? as far as i can tell, theres no promestien fight in next patch area

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well my friend you have been spoilered…

      • Anonymous permalink

        ya? where in the encyclopedia is it? think i was spoiling that there is no promestien fight

    • Anonymous permalink

      Last page, left row, 3rd from bottom

  35. Anonymous permalink

    how so? thought i was spoiling that there is no promestien fight. where in the untranslated part is promestien, cus if one of them is promestien, sure doesnt look like it.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    ba, wasnt showing my comment, thats why theres two replies

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, Fight-o~!

  38. Kalder permalink

    Hearthstone… Must admit the game it’s pretty awesome, Sen’jin Shieldmasta : TAZ’DINGO!!! and YAHAHAHAHA MON!!!, anyway, keep the awesome job, without people like you… we would all be forced to learn japanese, i’m not saying its bad thing, just that its hard.

    P.D: I got OWNED by a rogue named rouge, no relation, i think

  39. nightmarechild permalink

    I’ve had a problem lately, for whatever reason I can’t go full screen. When i try, it’s the same size, but the edges go black.

  40. Virosa permalink

    You guys all assume Rogue is one person. In reality, he is legion of the underworld.

    • nightmarechild permalink


      • Turian Ambassador permalink

        Ah yes, RogueTranslator. The supreme lord of all Horas supposedly delivering MGQ translations.
        We have dismissed that claim.

        • Douglas Reinholm permalink

          I have witnessed the chaos when mulktiple persons try to tranlate a VN (Unteralterbach) they only keep on talking how to do it, but the actual work is never done.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    I haven’t played MGQ for a few days, and yesterday when I finally had the urge to play and open the game, I already knew there’s something wrong.
    There’s no music at the title screen, no BGM at most scenes such as battle scene (fortunately it’s still there when it needs the most e.g. sad scenes), no sound effects at most (so far the thing that still have SE is only Flash Kill, and some SE of the rape scene).
    Anyone know what is wrong and give me the solution ?

    • Anon37 permalink

      Try playing around with the music and sound volume in config page.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Like I said above, there’s some scene with BGM & SE and there’s some with none at all.
        That means there’s nothing wrong with the volume.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Just try, it was a problem of some people too and that worked for them.

    • nara permalink

      or you incidentally delete some bgm song?
      why not check the folder itself?
      in mgq 2 they should have 69 song

      • Anonymous permalink

        Of course I already check it. Mine is MGQ3 btw.
        The BGM have 93 files. And it includes the music that doesn’t play at the game e.g. “battle.ogg” which is the normal battle theme I think.

  42. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Take your time. I do not want you to ̶f̶̶a̶̶p̶ translate yourself to death.

    • Chaon permalink

      There are not so much fap-able scene in part 3, thought.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Agreed. Every angel not belonging to the ninth circle is absurd, most of the chimeras are messed up and the true monster girls are average at best.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Yes. All angels are NOPE, except Cupid, Valkyrie, and the normal forms of Eden, Promestein and Ilias. Count Mariel, Ariel and Ranael too if you want.

          • Anonymous permalink

            They could not afford to include proper monstergirls because we all pirated the game. ;_;

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          I really like most of the chimeras though, especially the art (and, for some of them, the scenes too).

          • JerichoDeath permalink

            I kinda like the Soldier Chimera.

      • Anonymous permalink

        So in a way, you’re ACTUALLY being raped when you lose, because you legitimately don’t want to. Let that sink in

  43. Gustavo permalink

    Do you have a date for the release of the next Patch?

    • Anonymous permalink

      31st of November I think…………………………… ;D

  44. stitch901 permalink

    Rogue; What translator do u use to translate an asd file? I’m trying to read them but, this’s ####@**$###%a is something I can’t understand!

    • AnonRoy permalink

      I believe he uses a very powerful tool called a Basic Rapid Access Information Network. In particular, he uses a special Japanese Language Pack, which was most likely installed in very small pieces, and is constantly being updated. Once the Language Pack is installed, it is able to instantly translate most text in its respective language. Each update improves its ability to translate, with constantly decreasing errors and growing improvements. Depending on the installation, it may also be able to interpret spoken japanese, and reproduce it in a conversational setting.

      Make no mistake, a Basic Rapid Access Information Network is a powerful tool. It’s a shame so few people use them.

      • stitch901 permalink

        Thanks!!! I’ll download one.

        • stitch901 permalink

          If i find one to download.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Can’t tell if serious or not….

          • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

            You can find one, just not by downloading, that’s why so few people used it. I’m trying to get one, though, and it’s not easy at all.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            @Stitch901, it can be tough to find them, because so few people have them, and the only legal way to acquire a Basic Rapid Access Information Network is to either have one pre-installed in a system First-Boot, or else have someone else give you theirs when they’re done using it.

            @Puny, it’s pretty tough. I can tell you there are plenty of illegal methods available to you, but they’re all very likely to damage it and prevent it from connecting to a new system. Not to mention the mess…

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah but you have to leave them idle 1/3 of the time or the results degrade…

      • Chaon permalink

        Can you give me a picture of this program, please?
        I just want to see how’s it looks like because I haven’t heard of it before.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Just google ‘BRAIN’

          • Anonymous permalink

            But that just gives me results about the organ in the head that goes by the same- Oh.

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Too bad that Rogue isn´t translating as fast half a year ago (not that he has to). He did 14% in ten days.

    • Deranged Madman permalink

      You sound pretty fucking ungrateful. Even with those brackets, merely stating this comparison in the first place isn’t right. He’s translating for free and in his own time. If he gets addicted to a game then let him be, be happy for him that he’s found another joy. Would you rather he just stop translating altogether? Don’t compare his translating speeds. He translates when he wants to and your statement isn’t even an encouraging one at that.

      On a brighter note, good job Rogue. Been pretty happy with regular updates.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re really entitled, do you know that? Rogue is doing this for free in his own time. He can do it however fast he wants and you have literally no moral right to criticize him.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Rogue is being paid in horas. Since most horas were in MGQ2 that part was translated very quickly. We can be grateful he’s doing this at all since there’s

        no horas left!

        • Anonymous permalink


        • kry permalink

          There’s one more hora, don’t you worry.

          • Douglas Reinholm permalink

            I love conversations about horas

      • JP90 permalink

        Geez, looks like even Rogue has his own hypersensitive white knights.

        • Anon permalink

          Is it really whiteknighting when the person being insulted really IS an entitled asshole?

          • Anonymous permalink

            No, it’s four heavenly knighting

  46. Flaris permalink

    Completely understandable, Hearthstone really can just take up your time before you know it :).

    Thanks for the progress made despite being busy and having that game take up your time.

  47. 光闇 permalink


  48. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for your work! It’s already so close!

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, do you plan on rereleasing patches (with typos fixed) for the first 2 games?
    (Not -really- neccesary since if you merge the 3 games together the patch for the third game will translate them all, but it might be nice. O.o)

    • AnonS permalink

      I think the patch is always for all the games.

      • Takata permalink

        The readme file says not to apply the patch for the third game to either of the first 2 games.

  50. Takata permalink

    Rogue, do you plan on rereleasing patches for the first 2 games, with any typos reported since then fixed?
    (Not -really- neccesary since if the 3 game are merged together, the patch for the 3rd game will translate them all, but it might be nice. O.o)

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I remeber Rogue saying that Chrome was his favourite (I think he likes swimsuits).

    This guy likes also Chrome and is quite extraordinary, too – but I do not think they are the same person:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Chrome is my favourite too, it’s pretty fast but sometimes it’s just a damn memory hog………..wat?

      • Anon37 permalink

        firefox master race

      • Anonymous permalink

        I just replayed Chrome and I can confirm there’s now swimsuit involved. I do not know why I am always connecting Chrome and swimsuits. ;_;

  52. Ryu permalink

    Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU so much for your hard work Rogue (or was it rouge?) XD

  53. Anonymous permalink

    He’s still alive!!!
    Keep it up!

    And we don’t mind if 100% patch comes out before Christmas :)

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Well, this gives me time to replay the first two games.

  55. Kahzel permalink

    No problem at all, just keep up the good work. I’m really grateful that you give your best for this. Really big thanks for your effort.

  56. Nova permalink

    Everyone needs there breaks. Just keep the good work going=] We love ya^_^

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue plays CCGs? Words can’t express my disappointment.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    I restarted the game from the very beginning and there seems to be an error with the fight against Gnome. Not sure if it’s just my computer but the error gives says “099.txt line:306424” along with some Japanese characters.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It was Gnomes mouthplay, wasn´t it? Save before the fights against Alra Arum & Alra Rooty and Lilith & Lilim, as they can crash, too. Fight those two Alras with Gnome instead of Sylph.

  59. Anonymous permalink

    I know it`s the wrong game but could you re-upload the translation path for vh? pretty please?

  60. The Animal Man permalink

    Yea i m the 160 commentator!

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Im new to this. I see his latest update on MQ3 is that he is 80% through. Is there a reason he doesn’t release a new patch with his latest progress? All I can find is the 60%.

  62. Incubusknight permalink

    62% is the current patch that is out. Rogue will be releasing the final patch once the games 100% translated.
    Forgot the reason why it’s released in three parts but I’m just going to assume that it’s easier for Rogue to release it this way.

    • The Animal Man permalink

      I think its because we asked and since Rogue loves us he did what we asked

    • AnonS permalink

      It looks like it’s about time to finally play this game through again since I deleted my save files. I think Rogue will have the final translation within a month.

      • Anonymous permalink

        More updates please, it is an addiction now)

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, Rogue – thanks. You’re the best. Without you, games like this would never be playable by the English-speaking community.

    • Anonymous permalink

      They’re still playable only that they aren’t understandable

      • Anonymous permalink

        They’re somewhat understandable if you use machine translators, but only somewhat. I usually only have a somewhat general idea of what’s going on.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    So how many ppl plan to merge all of the translations and start over from the very beginning? I know that I want to do a complete start to finish run with the entire thing.

    • nara permalink

      i’m planning to start it over with hard mode.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I always play on hard mode, it guarantees rape.

        • Crucial permalink

          Amen, Brother!

        • Anonymous permalink

          Yeah, a hard mode playtrough without losing seems difficult, as there are some luck based fights like Sarah or Tamano. Even some early game monsters like the Earth Worm or Harpy Queen aren´t guaranted wins, I think.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Before you get Meditation, fights either fall into the ‘unloseable’ category, or are pretty heavily luck based. Nanabi is always the toughest for me. You lose to Dark Elf Fencer if she uses her trance attack and Queen Harpy can easily beat you too. Those are the hardest early game, not including Mimic, who I’m not sure can be beaten on hard. She just drags you into an orgasm before you get her to half health every attempt.

            Parts two and three are significantly easier. You have to avoid using the OP moves (Undine/Serene sword and Daystar,) and then you have a chance to lose. It’s still mostly just random struggles not working though. Sara and the heavenly knights are the only one who have beaten me a lot.

    • Anon37 permalink

      1.) Delete all saves
      2.) Ask a wizard to delete your memory of MGQ (well maybe not this)
      3.) Get an 8 hour supply of popcorn and soda
      4.) Start MGQ on hard
      5.) Cry in dramatic scenes
      7.) Fap to a few fapworthy monsters
      6.) Feel awesome for playing the Game of the Year of All Years

      • Anonymous permalink

        8 hour supplies of popcorn and soda won’t be enough

      • Anonymous permalink

        ”Few fapworthy monsters”
        That’s how it started off, but now it’s more like 90% of them. This game gave me so many new kinks

    • AnonS permalink

      I have started that, but I hear that it’s not actually possible right now because of some translation glitches. I’ve meant to test that and log it for Rogue but I just have been very busy and haven’t had the chance.

      The more of us that test the more likely that a full playthrough is possible when the full release is done.

  65. Santa permalink

    Wo hoo, it sure advanceed, I plan on merging all of them. Oh god, I see it comming.

    Hey guy, I´ll share a drawing of mgq that a friend of mine made me for birthdate XD. I hope you like it as much as I. My fiend never played the game so ignore the fan xD.!AOUOprJsDgWStm8

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Hearthstone is way too addicting, I wouldn’t be surprised if rogue can’t finish it this year due to his “busy” schedule

    • Anonymous permalink

      NOO SHUT UP ROGUE WON’T DO SUCH THING…………I………hope…………… :c

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Dude. Just sayin, you are amazing for all your work. Keep it up!! (:

  68. Hora Monstahh permalink


    YEaR Of hoRAS!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why not christmas

    • Takata permalink

      I’d prefer that he finish it this year since it seems nice for it to come out within the “year of the snake” (although the year of the snake technically doesn’t end until 30 Jan 2014, I think).

      • Anon37 permalink

        “Snake” because Alice is a lamia or “snake” because… hehe.. you know.. it’s a long thing too.


    Every time is… “busy times”, “weeks of trips”… finish it now! With MGQ1 was very quickly, but now, with MGQ3….I know that it is more large than the others, but… dude… you are doing this because to get more pleasure, you know you can release it with all the time you have!. You are enlarging this project only for get more pray of this people.

    • Ilias permalink


      Sounds like a plan!

      • Luka permalink

        You’re back again Ilias??
        Well brace yourself. I’m coming for you bitch.

        Anyway Mr. Quickly, I’m sure you know that Rogue also has this thing called “personal life” like us. So be patient and let him take his time, as this is free service anyway.

    • Anonymous permalink

      From the studio that brought you
      “Get up off ur fat ass n translate this gam u lazy bum I culdve done it in 39 min”
      now brings you it’s newest smash hit

    • Douglas Reinholm permalink

      So what you are saying is that Rogue is deliberately delaying the project because he is tsundere for our comments?

  70. Anonymous permalink

    d4t 12% doe…

  71. Kalder permalink

    Blizzard should create a spell card named “Hora hora…” that destroy all minions, make both players discard their hands and get raped

  72. Anonymous permalink

    Take all the time you need, we can wait, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t even get to experience the game.

  73. jimfalcon permalink

    Youre insanely awesome man you dont know how much i love mgq

  74. Anonymous permalink

    i really want to hear this music again. on game off course.

    • Anon37 permalink

      I think that’s the music during the Next Dolls’ battles.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    I love MGQ so much bt I hate to wait

  76. Anonymous permalink

    I think that 5 years from now we should make the religion of Rogue, (well more of a religion) and teach the “unenlightened” of the horas horas that came about during his great reign and how when he or his sucessor comes they will deliver unto us more horas. That was long winded.

    • Anonymous permalink

      And the holy text will be called the Horán

      • Anonymous permalink

        … …. … LET’S DO THIS SHIT!

        • Anonymous permalink

          Creatin-myth is needed first. Zhe end of mgq 3 could serve as one when

          XXXXX dies
          and takes evil Ilias with her.

          • Anonymous permalink

            According to the amount of Xs you got there i can already guess

          • Anonymous permalink

            I wanted to believe that the Xs were Ilias, but you just HAD to put that bit about taking Ilias WITH her after. Although I suppose Ilias can take herself down with herself…

          • Anonymous permalink

            Damn! Now I know that Amira dies. How unfortunate!

          • Anon37 permalink

            ^I see what you did there Anon.
            Buut as far as I know no one dies in the end.

      • Anon39 permalink


  77. Angmir permalink

    acording to my sources Game will be translated by the end of the week
    Not that I am trying to put presure on rogue …

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Hearthstone killing horaSports, MGQ dead game. (Whoever gets these references gets a cookie.)

  79. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t take it anymore….must….have…..horas.

  80. Rogue,
    >> Thanks again for all your hard work. <<
    Will definitely donate when you put a link to do so.

    Not in it for the gold, apparently- is it the EXP or is it because you are terminally overawesome and have to bleed off some of the awesomeness to keep from exploding spectacularly?

    • Anonymous permalink

      He’s doing translation of an foreign adult games(that must be bought) for free and if he put up an donation box then it is assumed he’s doing it for profit and then terrible things will happen.

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        He’s got more than enough to live on. +all the horas he has stored in his basement

      • Anon37 permalink

        He’s an international spy. Spies are rich as fuck. Plus yeah, he’s the lord of horas.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Just bought the game and now I am just waiting for the finished translation, decided not to play until fully translated, but please take your time Rogue.

    • Sazaju HITOKAGE permalink

      I planned to do the same, buy it and wait for the full translation. Actually I am already waiting since a while, but I decided to launch myself on buying tonight and, not only it took me a lot more time to find the website to buy it (Google gave me more and more videos and wiki page but not the website to buy it), but when I finally reach it and go through all the process, my card were not accepted… because the website of my bank is in its regular maintenance!

      Crap! Why this card cannot be useful when we do things that matter?! {>_<}
      Let's retry tomorrow, hoping I will not have another problem.

  82. Jon permalink

    Hey was looking through some of your older stuff RT and I was wondering if you (or someone else) could point me in the direction of the English Patches For MGQ 1 and 2, i tried some of the links on various pages but as expected they have been removed(From MediaFire). I’m looking forward to a reply :D

    • Jon permalink

      I found a Solution through a different website. XD

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue – Found mistake in Monsterpedia entry of Kejourou. Chance ‘me’ to ‘men’.

  84. Anonymous permalink

    How about another update ob monday?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes, yes, YES! I have been checking this page every day for the past month, sometimes a lot more than once a day, and updates would change my life to better.

      Can’t wait for the 100%.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    I check this site everyday, hoping to see the 3rd patch 100% completed and ready to go, and this always pops up…Busy times, why must you taunt me?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know what you mean, I’m all for rogue taking all the time he needs but when I see busy times at the top I die a little on the inside.

  86. BradMason permalink

    I don’t think I can make it. I’m checking the site probably 4 times a day, hoping to see the 100%. I genuinley think i’m gonna die from suspense lol

  87. Can’t wait for the 100%!!! :D

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Okay i am new around here and i played MGQ 1 and 2, but i have no clue how i can get MGQ 3. I want to be ready for when is 100% finished but i don’t know where to get the game =|
    a little help?

    • "C" permalink

      Just search “get mgq 3” on google. That should be enough.

    • DuuFus permalink

      Buying it from the English DL site will help push interest of more english Hentai.

      At least English interest of these types of games. being a cheap cunt for something that only costs about 20-30 dollars. its a small thank you to the developer for the time and cost spent on making such a game for people interested in this kind of fetish, not to mention the quality of the story. (expecting one of those “still a better love story than twilight memes” ) – but in saying that it is a better love story than most movies in recent years.

      Pay the cost for a decent game.

  89. "C" permalink

    Well, I think Rogue should update his progress every week, once a week.
    Because I feel like the patch won’t get any progress since I’ve seen the same update for over a week.

    Anyway, if you want a break. Just tell us, we aren’t that selfish. :)

    • Jagman permalink

      I guess once every two weeks is fine. Once a week might have too little progress for us to be hyped with, considering Rogue does other things too.
      But meh, we only need 3-4 updates and we’ll get 100% so it won’t matter that much.
      Go Rogue go!

      • DuuFus permalink

        well, i guess since He does this on his own time, for fun, and has no reason to satisfy anyone online. i think it best that he updates when he feels like it.

        if it takes him 3-5 months to finish the last 5% of the game i wouldn’t care. the point is he’s doing this for free. only because he enjoys it.

        Expecting a systematic update schedule, simply to satisfy the naive hearts and minds of internet trolling perverts, i would not think anyone would do for free, for nothing.

        he posted before about his update schedule. and how he would release each patch. and also he’s got a life outside of doing all this. with the festive season starting, i would expect his time to be better spent with his family.

        Take your Time dude, there is no rush for an update. enjoy the holidays.

  90. Anonymous permalink


  91. Jacob Janak permalink

    I don’t know if you’ll get this, but I just wanted to thank you for being such an avid translator. Most fan translators are unreliable, slow if they actually decide to stick with a project, which they rarely do, inaccurate, overly localizing, and a number of other awful things, but you are none of them. I am horribly impressed by your professionalism, good will, and drive. I am teaching myself Japanese, and you are what I aspire to be. Keep up the good work.

  92. Flaris permalink

    I’m just looking forward to diving into this one. Just about time to do a good old replay of the first two games to be fully refreshed and ready for what’s coming.

    Going to try and be less impatient than just excited about what’s to come.

  93. DataAngel permalink

    This really is killing me though, damn wait times. Dont get me wrong, i appreciate the effort that gets put into this, but we are just so damn close to 100% that its making me anxious, plus im running out of replay room in the current versions.

  94. Zeno's Paradox permalink

    Almighty Rogue, do give us a sign!

  95. Anonymous permalink


  96. Takata permalink

    I’m avoiding that whole section of the site since I think it might have spoilers. Possibly weak spoilers, but I don’t really want to chance it. >.<
    Here's my distraction for you: trailers for the first game on android:

    Their pronounciation of the title is a bit different to what I imagined.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s great now i can go to the bathroom while reading/playing the game and probably while doing something else too.

  97. Ilias permalink

    ~hora ~hora I can be cute, too!

    • Alice permalink

      No you’re an evil old scum. *uses Monster Lord’s Cruelty*

  98. Kspraytag permalink

    For me i don’t mind how long it takes for the patch, but just a little regular update would be great, in that just knowing when to expect a post like every monday or every other monday would help keep at me from going crazy even if its just a hey guys not done yet. For me the hardest part is waiting when you have no idea when the next post will be.

    Keep up the good work Rogue

    • Anonymous permalink

      Kind of agree the waiting is driving me crazy:P

  99. Anonymous permalink


  100. Anonymous permalink

    Updaaaaate, updaaaaate, UPDAAAAATE! We need an UPDAAATE!

  101. keaton permalink

    Rouge, Keep it up man. I can’t and won’t play till it’s 100%, so getting the update from you keeps my hoping. Good job dude. ^-^

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