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Final progress update post

November 19, 2013

I’m at the end of the translation where I’m jumping around a lot, so it’s too difficult to try to get a line count. This will be the final progress update before I actually post about a hard patch release date.

Basically this is what’s left to finish, along with my guess on how much time it will take:

6 H-Scenes (4 hours)
3 Battles (1 hour each)
About 60% of the city text (Not sure, probably 4+ hours)
37 Encyclopedia entries (Four hours)
20 Evaluations (Maybe an hour, 1.5h at most)
Extra battle systems (This is the dicey one. I don’t know how hard this will be to add in and troubleshoot. Anywhere from 2 hours if easy, to many hours of fixing)
Editing/bug fixing (7+ hours)

Nearly there. I’d like to get the actual text all translated by Thanksgiving, and the editing done by early december.

  1. Slybilly permalink

    Your awesome thanks for taking the time and effort into this translation!

  2. sepelio permalink

    awesome thanks bro

  3. Where or how did you learn work on this stuff? Sounds challenging!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    First, also you sir are a hero.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work, you are epic!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    And how many freetime do you have/day?
    Also i just pressed F5 and this popped up

  7. Anonymous permalink

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know why but thinking of that and rogue had me in absolute stiches well done lol.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He is… A heavenly knight.

        Actually that’s kind of weird to say

        • So, you’re saying he was one of Lucifina’s rebels? That’s… an interesting hypothesis. Maybe he’s Erigora himself, there is a bit of consonance between their names…

    • Anomnomymous permalink

      “Why is the CIA chasing him dad?”
      “Because he is translating.”
      “He didn’t do anything wrong.”
      “Because he’s the translator the internet deserves, not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent admin. A watchful helper. A rogue translator”
      *dramatic music*

      • PERMALINK permalink permalink

        a blah – blah blah
        blah – a blah blah
        bla bla – bleeh


  8. Anonymous permalink

    Great! The final count down is on.
    Rogue, great thanks to you!
    Congratulations, everyone! Time to open champagne!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Just take your time. We can wait a little longer for you to get some other stuff done since you’re doing this for free.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the update! So not even a month to go!

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder,what are you gonna do one you finished translating MGQ 3? Oh RogueTranslator

    • He said he’s retiring from translating. Probably forever. He said he’s going to make one final post with a link to all his tranlations, then change the password on the account and throw the new one away. In more or less words.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        I sincerely hope that in his retirement a new hero will be born. I will awaits the day that hero emerges.

      • gpyei permalink

        What about part 4?

        • ScarletFlames permalink

          I think part 3 is the final one, according to people who played the jap version.

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Man i´m happy to see it´s about to be finished…But i´m also sad cause rogue will be gone after this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Maybe he’ll translate some other game that sometimes get suggested in the comment section.

      • Nope, once MGQ3 is done I’ll hang around for a week or two to edit and fix bugs, then I’ll be leaving the scene completely.

        • Anonymous permalink

          But we will need a hero for new monster girl game that is coming :( Anyway thanks for your fantastic job.

          • Anonymous permalink

            there is a new Monstergirl game coming out? details are wished

          • shakey2 permalink

            Yes there is a new MonsterGirlQuest game, it’s about the past. >.> there may or may not be time travel involved It’s done in RPG maker though so that may turn some people off to it. It’s canon as far as I know, check dargothTranslations blog for more info. I’m probably going to attempt to translate it myself as practice unless a more skilled translator picks it up.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Maybe Dargoth will take over he’s been working translations by himself and with Rogue on several games already…..maybe we should bug him about it XD

        • Anonymous permalink

          For what reason?

          • Anonymous permalink

            I am sure dargoth will probably step up to do it. Will still miss rogue tho :)

          • Edale permalink

            Rogue’s work has always seemed a higher quality than dargoth’s, If he picks MGQ4 up it will be interesting to see if that’s due to the translator’s skills, or the source material’s quality…

        • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

          ahhh thats a shame >_< even if you "leave the scene" it would be nice if you have time to come around occasionally ^^

          and ofc if you see a project worth your attention…. XD

        • Hellwyrm permalink

          Will be a shame to see you go sir you have done a mighty fine job with all 3 games and would love to see you continue your work if something else comes along and like THE Anon above me it would be awesome if you did come around and speak with the folks who have enjoyed such an amazing game

        • Anonymous permalink

          Awww that is a shame =<
          Oh well, thanks for all the hardwork you have done. You are truly amazing =3
          and good luck to wherever your life takes you ^^

        • Edale permalink

          Will you still pop back to fix it if a big enough bug is found?

  13. Alex permalink

    Much appreciated, twas a wondrous journey from start to finish

  14. Alex the Lazy permalink

    wow that’s sooner then I expected Rogue.

    such wonderful news!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    My dick is not fucking ready.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Keep it up dude!!! YOU’RE FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Incredible speed. I’m glad to see you’re not letting yourself get consumed in the black hole known as Hearthstone as much as I thought you would, that game is seriously addicting.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    best thanksgiving present a girl could ask for. thanks Rogue for all your hard work! I don’t use the word “hero” lightly but you are the greatest hero the world has ever known.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Nice! Good Luck with the rest, rogue!!!

    btw, does anyone know how to get the enyclopedia entries from the beginning to the latest patched part? My whole game was deleted before so while I got the save, the encyclopedia was…

    • Edale permalink

      So you’re looking for a save file? or trying to merge MGQ1&2&3?

  20. You’re a hero among man!

  21. Kyon permalink

    I really doubt there would ever be a game as great as MGQ. For your final translation of any H-game, this is the one that will turn you into a legend.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    True hero right here.
    It’s been a good run, Rogue, we will always remember you!
    Keep it up!

  23. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a good guy, rogue.

  24. Takata permalink

    Thanks so much Rogue! ^^
    I’m curious, do you have a qualification relating to English, writing, or literature? Even if someone can understand Japanese and translate it to English, it doesn’t imply they’ll have the skill to write something enjoyable to read. Your writing seems quite good. O.o

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I literally pressed F5 and this appeared, thanks Rogue!

  26. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    ooooh what good news :) cant wait till its out
    thx for the hard work

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Guys, I’m happy and sad from reading this because I’ll be able to play the last part but Rogue will leave us for good :c

  28. Anonymous permalink

    I’m guessing we only have to wait a few days from now and the longest probably next week.

  29. Zank permalink

    Oh God MGQ3 finishing translation in december and Hearthstone going OB.. how i’m suposed to manage my time?! Anyways, Thank u so much Rogue, u rock!

  30. Anonymous permalink

    My dick is not ready
    Who gonna start a nofapathon until the final patch?
    p.s. fuck I have exams in early December… well, too bad for them

  31. Flaris permalink

    Huge thanks for the great update here.

    Really are in the final stretch and that’s something to be excited about. Not much further to go which is great news. Nice to have an idea what’s left and a general timeline.

    Will just say ahead of time thanks for all the effort. Certainly more than earned the right to walk off into the sunset after this is concluded.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    Hora Hora Hora

    • Anonymous permalink

      Requesting how many hora’s are in the game

      • Anonymous permalink

        Around 100s.

        • Anonymous permalink

          What, 100?!? There’s no way that can be right!

      • ほら 1252
        ほ~ら 64

        There may be some other variants too.

        • Anonymous permalink

          very nice. thanks, dargoth.

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          So the hora did break the traditional RPG limit of 999. That’s nice to know.

      • Anon37 permalink

        I’ve been joining hora conversations in this blog, but I still don’t know what it pertains to when we use it in sentences. Does it pertain to H-scenes in general or specifically Alice scenes? Or voiced scenes?

        • I left it as a placeholder until I could think of something better to put, since I was undecided. It caught on for some reason, so I decided to leave it as is for voiced scenes.

          • Anon37 permalink

            I guess it turned out well in the end.. It’s like the trademark now XD

        • Anonymous permalink

          hora hora, you often hear it when a girl is punishing a guy in a sexual sadistic manner. I often interpret it as here here, or take that take that or take more take more. Sometimes you hear them say it like 10 times in a row. Personally I find it annoying after a while.

          • Edale permalink

            From Gabriel Blessing’s “Shirou Emiya: Erogame Protagonist” fanfic. After Shiro (Fate/Stay Night) finally snaps from everyone trying to rape him, instead of just killing him painfully, and rapes the coliseum’s dullahan with the handles of his swords, when he realizes that his refuge of pure battle and combat is also tainted with rape. Alice’s reaction:

            “Next time make sure you take your time. You have to draw it out a bit more in order to really enjoy it. Also, you used the ‘horahora’ for to early, and complety out of context. You have to use it only when it would most fully shatter your target’s pride.”

            Also, I tried the trick mentioned in that chapter of adding salt to carnie food (fried dough, funnel cakes, ect.) to make it better…that shit really works, it’s amazing.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I highly doubt Gabriel Blessing really knows what does hora means. He just made an assumption. I think it is just like teasing “come on” and stuff
            BTW. thanks for reminding about “Shirou Emiya: Erogame Protagonist”. I read a first part year ago and it was fucking hilarious. I didn’t know that he made a second part.

          • Edale permalink

            Yea, unfortunately he ended the MGQ story at the end on part 2, Afterall, what hope would Illias’ army have vs an angry Shiro?

            And I was more pointing out the effective use of the word ‘hora’ vs overusing it.

  33. jimfalcon permalink

    Youre a rock star THANK YOU

  34. Anonymous permalink

    You sir are a fuckin hero and a saint. I am curious though who would be taking your place if you left? Where do i find Dargoth’s work?

    • MrSledge permalink, good sir.

  35. Lotte Silfur permalink

    Mr. Rogue, you’re a great person and a talented translator. And in the name of our little group of fans back there in the Czech Republic, I’d like to express our thanks. We’re rooting for you and we wish you all the best. You’ve done so much for us all, there’s not enough words to describe how grateful we are. Just so you know, YOU ARE AWESOME!

    BTW, I myself work on those MGQ Beyond the End mangas (amateur translation into Czech language) and I’m trying really hard, but you Mr. Rogue are far away out of my league!

    May Ilias always smile upon you… ;-)

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for this work Rogue. I hope we find someone else which can translate the next MG Game when you ascend to heaven xD

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Are you using spiral power to force moonrunes translate themselves?
    Tell me your secrets St.Rogue…

  38. CwHart permalink

    Thanks rogue for doing this for us. It is appreciated as always. I am very curious what the chances are us getting a petition going for Toro to get someone to help them make an English copy. While I am sure not HUGE there is a fanbase for this game that will help keep their sells up. I can’t imagine finding a programmer that is fluent in both Japanese and English since it is a commonly taught language in Japan. Granted translations will seem different but hey >.>.

    Reason I am suggesting this is because Dargoth does already take on quite abit himself. Wouldn’t seem fair to expect yet another project for him to do

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was about to say that releasing eroge with loli in Muuuriica is dangerous due to obvious reasons but then I remembered that mangagamer translated and released a dozen of loli games and now translating full loli Imouto Paradise. So why not release MGQ officially?

      • CwHart permalink

        Well I do not know about an official US or UK release but a mod for English speakers that can be downloaded on the site where we can buy MGQ games. I mean its not like Toro can get in trouble over laws that do not apply to their own country

      • Anonymous permalink

        Loli is not allowed to be commercially sold on United States well not commercially anyway i think mere ownership is fine.

        • Anonymous permalink

          So why Mangagamer selling dozens of lolli games without giving a fuck?

        • CwHart permalink

 This site sells games with both Loli and Shota content. You can pay with American Dollars and European currency. Tell me, if Toro decided to translate this game to english and release it as a patch of this site, how in the hell will that make a lick of difference?

  39. Anonymous permalink

    This has just made my day! Thank you Rogue!

  40. Anonymous permalink

    You’re doing God’s work son. A veritable saint Rogue is.

    Thanks for being a champ and doing this for everyone. You’re the translator everyone needs but I wish you the best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue :) You’ve done a great job so far and we all appreciate it.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I’m surprised nobody posted this lol but heere it coooomes

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the translations Rouge. We really appreciate all the hard work and time you have invested into the project! THANKSSSSSS!!!!!

  44. KBG permalink

    Even tho this may be your last game translation i want you to know that you are truly unforgettable.

  45. Hanz Stickyhooves permalink

    I agree with everyone, You have done such an amazing job on this game, Rogue, and You revived my interest in Japanese RPG’s by translating MGQ :3

    Thanks so much for all your hard work on the series!

  46. Anonymous permalink

    Much love to you Rogue. Thanks for the (so far expected) early Christmas present. :D :D :D

  47. Coconus permalink

    Thanks man, you’re the best !

  48. Anonymous permalink

    So what you’re basically saying is that you’re the best naughty Santa on earth. I can fux with this.

  49. Goddess Ilias permalink

    You have earned your place in heaven for your work. I think i speak for the most here that we
    appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

    Now go oh brave Rogue. Take the time you need to fulfille your masterpiece.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Your grammar sucks, Ilias.

      (inb4 some innuendo incoming)

    • Luka permalink

      So you still got guts to show up here…
      Rogue’s gonna finish soon! You shall face mah angel lazors!

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue you’re the man

  51. Afaggot permalink

    Keep up the good work!

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Any of you guys have a 100% save file? I’ve come across a weird bug where I’ve reached 100+ evaluations, but Ilias’s first bestiary entry was never added.

    • Incubusknight permalink

      For Illia’s first entry you had to achieve it during part 1 of the MGQ series. If you hit 100 evaluations during part 2 or 3 it doesn’t get added from what I’ve come to understand.

      • AnonS permalink

        Can you just go into the monsterpedia and find your favorite monster girl from that part and just get repeatedly raped and evaluated?

        • Anon37 permalink

          That’s what I did. (with Tamamo)

          • Takata permalink

            I did that too (also with Tamamo). Also, I thought it was only 50 evaluations… ?

      • Anonymous permalink

        I think it’s 90 Evaluations

    • Edale permalink

      You have to watch 50 evaluations before the end of MGQ1. You’ll get Illias’s scene instead of the normal evaluation. Evaluation watched through the monsterpedia don’t count.

      Basically on one play-through, purposely lose to every single monster, and watch the evaluation scenes for them all. There are 65 or so monsters on part 1, so you’ll get it before the end of part 1, and it’s OK if you miss one or two.

      • Anon37 permalink

        False man, I got my Ilias rape scene via monsterpedia recalls.

        • Edale permalink

          When I was writing my walkthrough I tested monsterpedia recalls for Illias rape scene, it didn’t work…

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Oh yeah! Thx,Rogue! We all love you so much!!! Keep going,we trust in you!

  54. Anonymous permalink


  55. Anonymous permalink

    Roguetranslation, giving us the best christmas present ever.

  56. JerichoDeath permalink

    hora hora…

    • Edale permalink

      That picture needs a diamond encrusted ribbon on her tail.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Not much left then, nice work.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    I am standing by with the Fireworks ready to be launched.

    • Anon37 permalink

      Don’t forget Rogue’s golden hora trophy! We have to give him that.

      • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

        and what about the free lifetime’s worth of lapdances?! Who was on that one again…?

  59. Learch permalink


    I personally have fallen behind (workwise…I actually understand the material) in some of my classes, due to circumstances beyond my control (I had a single course eat up 30 hours of my life a week…so I fell behind in every other course because of that).

    However, seeing you work hard has inspired me to get my own shit together. I’m going to work hard and try to get things done, just like you.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.


  60. Seize The Day... Do what you believe it's important. permalink

    Carpe Diem Rogue… Great work. Hope you find whatever you’re looking for right now.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    My Body is anxious

  62. AnonS permalink

    Ah it’s almost over. If I start playing the game again now probably I’d be right at that spot when Rogue releases the final patch. Of course I will be out Thanksgiving week but I assume Rogue will be too and the patch won’t be released until closer to Christmas, as a final Christmas present to us all.

    It’s been a fun ride and the past few years have surprisingly flown by pretty fast when I look back at them. Rogue are you going to stick around on any forums? If you do, you should link the forum in your last blog post, if only so that we know where to ask for a patch if something happens (although probably torrents will have a complete game and the patch at some point afterwards).

    I don’t even know how I found this game and this site. I don’t really frequent any forums of this type of genre. I think it was through hongfire, maybe I should go back on that site, but I generally found I wasn’t interested in any of the games and playing through them that were on there.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Waaaahhhhh the Hora Horas are comming soon! I can`t wait! Keep up the great work Rogue!!

  64. Anonymous permalink

    rogue, thanks for translating!
    its been a honor! (salutes)

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue. You’re the best.

  66. Virosa permalink

    Hey, Thanks for the work.

    Btw isint Thanksgiving 1 month ago?

  67. KimchiTenshi permalink

  68. Anon37 permalink

    Early Christmas Gift!

    This is gonna be the best month of the year.

    Go Rogue! You’re the best and we love ye!

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted you to know that you’re an amazing person that’s probably cause the ejaculations of over thousands of men across the world..Keep that in your heart at all times, bro :’)

    That’s more than any hot prostitute ever!

    • LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

      You said it man. That’s a mouthful. ;)

  70. Anonymous permalink

    It saddens me that you’re leaving the scene after this project, but you’ve already done so much work on our behalf that I have no right to complain. Thank you for bringing the Hora Hora to the masses.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    We’re in the final stretch. I finally get to finish this amazing game!

  72. Anonymous permalink

    It takes 1 hour to translate ONE battle!? wow

  73. Doomday83 permalink

    Did a little math, at the VERY worst, if you do a little over 1 hour and a half a day starting tomorrow, and take weekends off you’ll be done by December 13th! :D

    • But between now and December 16th I’ll be out of town for 10 of those days!

      • Anon37 permalink

        Add 10 days to that.. Christmas gift indeed!
        But that’s the worst case scenario, so its all fine I guess.
        Rogue you’re the best. I may sound cliche, but I really appreciate your work on this.

        • Doomday83 permalink

          Worst case indeed, I took the longest time for each section and added a few hours to the total to account for some sort of unforeseen issue that could stall the translation like a miss interpretation or missing a section, or discovering an abundance of spelling or grammar mistakes.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Will Rogue’s computer monitor start flashing and making squirting noises when he finishes the translation?

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Seeing that Rogue translated this much so quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped the patch out on Thanksgiving. You’re amazing Rogue, thanks for taking the time to translate MGQ (◕‿◕)

  76. Anonymous permalink

    …. LOVE!

  77. Anonymous permalink

    All good things have got to come to an end, as evidenced by Luka dying from being sucked dry.

    • Anonymous permalink

      “All good things must come to an end” preferably in a big explosion instead.

  78. Kahzel permalink

    Good Job, Rogue. Thank you for your effort.

  79. WildFour permalink

    Praise the Rogue!

  80. Crimson Armada permalink

    ever since I picked this up with your translations of MGQ I’ve been a big fan it’ll be sorry to see you go but at least I can enjoy this to my heart’s content in remembrance of your efforts.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    thanks rogue

  82. nightmarechild permalink

    Hey rogue, will your final patch allow for the game to be played outside of japanese locale? I’m tired of having to switch back and forth just to play yume nikki.
    anyway onto some shamless advertising. I’ve made a blog about monster girls, so if anyone wants to check it out:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why not using applocale?

      • Douglas Reinholm permalink

        Why not use nothing?

        On Vista Business and Win 7 Professional it works perfectly without any modifications.

        I srsly cannot understand why anyone would recommend this applocale-voodoo-stuff (except for XP-users).

        • Anonymous permalink

          depends on the game engine and I’m asuming the OS. MGQ personally I have no problem running it without japanese locale.
          A few games (like the engine used in Marunomi which Rogue also translated) I do need japanese locale and instead use applocale.

          — Gin

          • AnonS permalink

            MGQ is actually the exception. The vast majority I have to run in Japanese region, applocale very rarely works for me. That’s another reason to like MGQ the best.

            Onesyota or the newer one would probably be pretty fun if they ran in US. The newest one from excess M does actually.

          • CDJ permalink

            That’s partly the patch at work though, while the unpatched game DOES run without applocale, it tends to crash at certain parts.

            I guess there are still some characters that’ll cause trouble without applocale.

    • Edale permalink

      Install Windows’ Japanese language pack.

      After a restart you should be able to play the translated sections without switching to Japanese locale, this is true of many games of this genre.

      • Edale permalink

        You can even play many of the games un-translated this way.

  83. A person permalink

    sounds like best christmas present ever

  84. Deranged Madman permalink

    Well even if you are retiring rogue, we all appreciate the hard work and time you poured into translating this series. Your name will be remembered whenever i open up the game, Rogue-sama.

  85. csuree permalink

    Wow Rogue, We appreciate your work, sorry to see you leave but we wish you all the best.
    BTW It will be a B-day present for me as I was born before Christmas :P Thank you again.
    Thank you again for your hard work

    • Anonymous permalink

      That would be an great birthday present before Christmas

  86. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, nice.

  87. Anonymous permalink

    You have given me great faps.
    Rogue, thank you for all your hard work.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks bro. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

  89. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    Go Rogue! You da man! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this. You are truly a great man and I respect you very much! Thanks man!!!

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything, appreciate all the work you’ve done.

    Cheers, and have a great thanksgiving, you definitely deserve it :D

  91. Anonymous permalink

    I looked at the CG for the scenes ahead guys. I couldn’t help myself. Ohmagerd, it’s soooo hot, I can’t wait.

    • Anon37 permalink

      Too bad, you already saw Black Alice’s. It’s better if she surprised you.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I know, but I couldn’t help it, I got curious. Man oh man though I can’t wait for her especially ;D

  92. Stefanus permalink

    Thank you very much sir.
    You are my violated and unblessed hero :)

  93. Someone permalink

    You are the best!

  94. Bigest Fan permalink

    Meaning that the sum estimated time it will take to complete this project is a day one hour and a half hour (25.5) to finish will realesed at 23.11.13, SO DON’T STOP WORKING (JUST KIDDING ;-))
    Out of curiosity, are you going to do a marathon of a day one hour and a half hour to finish or generally you’re working on projects in parts?

  95. That one guy who sought the world permalink

    You sir are outstanding. I’ve searched almost everywhere for patches and this was where i ended up at. I’ve been with this place since the first monster girl quest game patch and its been a hell of a ride. So thank you Rogue for all the hard work you have put into this and when you finish the patch you take care.

  96. Anonymous permalink

    Can you please update the link to the Marunomi English Patch?
    I want to play it but the link is no longer valid or not stored anymore on MF.

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I’d suck your dick right now. Keep it up, you are our hero.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Don’t get too fired up, I’m pretty sure he would like the most getting his dick sucked by a monster girl than you (which probably happens once a day)

      This is a wonderful job you are doing, even thought I can somewhat read some japanese and played the games without english patches, the translation its good and you are working hard, even alone.

      Keep it up, now it’s just a little step to finish the mission given to you by the gods.

  98. anno-the-nyomous permalink

    We should build an altar to the guy =)

    • Anonymous permalink

      how about a religion? It be better than Ilias’s religion.

  99. Flabby permalink

    Holy fuq I need to get ready

  100. redpanther permalink

    Go with Iilias’s blessing Rouge!

    • Granberia permalink

      Are you serious? Why would a goddess that hates monsters would bless a man that promote interacting monsters? If anything, Ilias would just curse that human.

  101. Reverend Malice permalink

    Hope it will be finished about tomorrow. It’s about 25 hours of work you got left and it’s been 3 days now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put pressure on you, but thanks for doing this for us!

    • Anonymous permalink

      are you serious did you really expect him to work 8 hours a day on translating and editing

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Stupid question.. is there anyway to donate? This is just such a awesome project.

    • Flaris permalink

      The only way to really give back for these awesome games is to buy legitimate copies.

      Rogue just doesn’t take donations for what he’s doing here. The only thing we can really offer is thanks and patience.

  103. Edale permalink

    What are the extra battle systems? They part of the main game, or only monster laboratory ?

  104. Anonymous permalink

    We know rogue dosen’t want payment for his work, but the stuff he has done has helped so many of us have even momenterally happier lives, it’d be awesome if we could do *something* good for him. Is there a monster girl he particularily likes we could commission fan art of? A charity he supports we could donate to? That second one would be awesome, actually. Peoples lives getting made better because of bizzare porn, and they would never know….

    • CST permalink


    • Adash permalink

      Maybe we could all put together a Christmas card for him. Like, everyone signs it or something.

  105. KuroNeko permalink

    Huge thanks for your time and effort Rogue. you deserve a lot of respect for doing this.

  106. Moopz permalink

    Rogue,I’ve taken you as my role-model.Someday,I’ll make use of my free time and contribute something great to humanity just like what you have been doing till now.I am sure,I couldn’t be the person I am right now without MGQ and your awesome translation.Hora Hora Horaaaaa!!!!

  107. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the hard work!

    really appreciated :D :D :D :D

  108. Anonymous permalink

    my F5 key broke =(

  109. Anonymous permalink

    You are a fucking saint. A monument to the best of mankind. Diligent, polite, skilled, intelligent, I just can’t run out of compliments for you. If I was a female I would suck your dick, and if you were a futanari I would suck yours.

  110. Anonymous permalink

    I love you.

  111. Anonymous permalink

    I thank you for all the time you are putting in this for us. I hope got something out of it as well.
    My best regards for whatever you besides translating chinese picture games.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue’s a hero in my books.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue best christmas gift giver.

  114. Luka permalink

    even though i’m part Japanese but I don’t understand Japanese at all except when it mostly spoken and my brother forced the Monster girl quest series on me at first I hated it but now I think it has an awesome story to it…. and to u Rogue thanks for translating ur awesome

  115. Anonymous permalink

    anybody know where i can get the last patch??? im kind of confused as to where it is supposed to end, i mean the last patch is. mine ended in the desert

    • incubusknight permalink

      Latest patch ended with Luka’s return to the monster lord’s castle and is about to set out again for new additional tasks.
      If your having trouble finding the latest patch, it should be here.
      If those don’t work you may as well just hold out until the final patch is released (early December at best). It’s not too much longer now.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Actually, I could be wrong but the next patch should be sometime this week, if all goes to plan. If I understand correctly, Rogue intends to release two more patches- the next one, this week, is going to have all the text translated. However, Rogue knows that it’s almost certainly going to be a bit rough- a typo here, an error there- and so once he’s released it to the fapping fanbase, he’ll be asking everyone to point out errors, mistakes, typos, and so on. He’ll then spend anywhere from one to three weeks editing, making fixes, and polishing up a final release. That final release will then be the end of Rogue Translator’s translating career, as he himself has claimed numerous times.

        • incubusknight permalink

          There you have it then. Looking forward to a hopeful release by the end of this week to go along nicely with our thanksgiving dinners.

          • Anonymous permalink

            More like thanksgiving fapping.

      • Anonymous permalink

        thanks man, much appreciated

  116. meh permalink

    When will it out from the estimated hours it will be out already?

  117. Anonymous permalink


  118. thank you for your hard work

  119. Daelan98 permalink

    Hey Rogue, i’ve been following your work since I stumbled across MGQ2. I must say that the amount of time you put into it is truly impressive. Since you say you’re leaving the scene after MGQ3 i’d just like to say thank you for your hard work. Normally I almost never post but, again, thanks a lot.

  120. Hannilias permalink

    I’m and always been a lurker. Really not one to leave comments or to participate in conversations.
    But this time I really feel like it is an important duty for all of us who’ve benefited from your hard work to thank you.

    Thank you Rogue.

    You’ve done an amazing job. It will certainly be a huge loss for the community that you’re leaving. But it’s 100% justifiable and understandable. You’ve done more than enough already at this thankless job of fan translation.
    I just hope we’ll still have you lurking around these parts.

    Thanks again dude, and enjoy your retirement from active duty!

  121. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been so long since I first discovered MGQ, and the dedication you have shown towards translating all three games is something incredibly admirable.
    Although you may be leaving, I’m sure your legacy will continue to live on.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    I was just wondering, when the patch gets completed,
    Will there be people here who will try to beat Luka’s ejac record (story-wise and losses included)?

    • Anonymous permalink

      That,I’m afraid is impossible

      • Anon37 permalink

        Impossible indeed. Can you do 10 ejaculations every 5 minutes? I guess not.
        Luka is so hardcore.

        • Anonymous permalink

          at least we can last longer than 20 seconds before ejaculating.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Unless you’ve been spying on all of us (You’re welcome, exhibitionists!), or else emailed all of us a survey which we then all proceeded to take and answer honestly (You’re welcome, survey-lovers!) there’s no way for you to know that with any certainty (You’re welcome, statisticians!)

        • Kamigoroshi permalink

          More like Core Hard get it? Hahaha..haha…ha….

        • Takata permalink

          Hm… Aren’t you open to the possibility that a monster girl could make it possible?

          • Anonymous permalink

            If only there was one monster girl… And one that was a looker…
            Closest thing is to put a squid/octopus on a woman… or on your hand…

  123. Zworden permalink

    What’s up F5 army? tired?

  124. Anonymous permalink

    I will sleep with you… im a guy, but still.. yeah. I will.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    So clooooossseeeeee a few weeks left! (or maybe even sooner)
    I hope you’ll still hang around here posting stuff about some new h-games, you’re truly great! But for some reason I think this is not going to happen :'(

  126. Anonymous permalink

    Thanksgiving’s REALLY close! Thanks so much for giving me something to look forward to.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Is he going to release the patch around Thanksgiving or after the editing in early December?

  128. Zido permalink

    I have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

    1. Does the third game conclude Luka’s story? I’ve heard about a fourth game that will take place in the past, but, avoiding spoilers, could someone tell me whether or not Luka’s story ends with this game?
    2. I’ve also heard that the third game is longer than 1 and 2 combined… Is that an exaggeration?
    3. Would it be safe to say that we’ll have the fully translated game within a month, two weeks, or what, barring anything completely unexpected?

    Also, I seriously want to thank you for this. Monmusu Quest is already an easy 10/10 for me. Eroge games aren’t meant to have stories and dialogue this amazing, but it’s easily turning out to be one of the most original plots I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I even think that I’d like to see a non-H version of the game – not because I dislike the H-scenes, but because I feel like this game could easily be pure condensed epicness if it weren’t for the fact that even the most important enemies attack you with sex. I’m not necessarily saying I’d enjoy it MORE if it were like that – just that it’d give a more pure experience, as far as the story/epicness goes.

    Anyway, again, thank you so much for translating this. You’ve brought one of my new favorite things to my attention sir, and I love you for it :3

    • Chaon permalink

      1. I don’t quite get your question. But I think yes.
      2. Of course it longer. The first and second chapter don’t have that long story.

    • incubusknight permalink

      1. Yes, The story we started with from MGQ part 1 is wrapped up here at the end of part 3.
      There is a forth game in the making but it looks like it takes place afterwards with Luka being the main character once again with a new side plot.
      2. It’s longer due to Luka having to revisit every town that he came across since MGQ1, plus new locations.
      3. Your guess is as good as ours, it really depends on how much free time Rogue is granted in between his real life job and other distractions that may pop up. As of this update page many of us are hopeful for a possible release by the end of this week and a final release sometime in December. Till then we’ll just have to wait and see and be patient.

      • Anonymous permalink

        What job does RT have anyway.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          CIA Agent, or comparable intelligence organization. We’ve known this for a long time.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Being Edward Snowden.

      • Zido permalink

        Thank you incubusknight, that’s good to know. So since he’s revisiting everything, being longer than the first two combined sounds about right. I’m willing to wait, he’s doing this for free because he’s simply a good person.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    Kinda slow uh?

  130. Chaon permalink

    So, I think you’re going to carry your patch out on X-Mas. That’s fine, take your time :)

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for this. I discovered that for some reason, monstergirl rape really really turns me on, and this helps me get in to a mood to fuck my fat wife.

  132. Michael permalink

    Quoted: ” I’d like to get the actual text all translated by Thanksgiving, ”

    Seriously, just release the translated version and we will help with the bugfinding for your bug fixing ! :D It really needs to be out way before Christmas lol, we need to be out with the family by then.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, I don’t think anyone here wouldn’t want to help with finding bugs/typos so I’m all for the release of the “raw” 100% translation patch and after let’s say a 1-2 weeks of posting bugs and typos here Rogue will fix them and release the final 100% translation patch. I, for one, would be more than glad to help with this..

  133. Anonymous permalink

    I rather he takes his time, and gives us a good version.
    so dont rush yourself, I will be glad to just play a good version, even if I have to wait 2 or 5 more months…. thanks for all your hard work

  134. Anonymous permalink

    How many awesome Rogue does it take to transalte a big trilogy of a visual novel?
    U are great man

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Will we ever find out how Alice get to the Illias continent?
    Will Luka finally man up and fuck an monster girl instead of getting fucked?
    Will we find out what happens on part 3 in english?

    • Anon37 permalink

      1.) We already know that, Alice tried to fight Ilias at the start of the story. Alice got blown away to Ilias continent because Ilias is a jagman.
      2.) No Luka stays a squish ’till the end lol.
      3.) Yes yes this. So much this.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I don’t remember the part where Alice told Luka about 1 if there were such part.

        • Anon37 permalink

          After reclaiming Undine, when they’re on Galda on the way back to the castle.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Aww man, I really wanted 2 to happen ;-;

        • Anonymous permalink

          The Queen’s Stud defeat by the Ant Queen is your best bet for number 2. Luka just needs put under temptation to do some of the work himself ;)

  136. Anonymous permalink

    thank you so much for doing this for us,even if you don’t know any one of us…. I hope I can help you to translate it but I can’t…I don’t know how to translate it….anyway,I appreciate what you did ….. keep “Rogue”-ing …

  137. Anonymous permalink

    I have exams in 2 weeks, you better not release this before those.

    • Zworden permalink

      and my exam ended after this week…
      so he better release it exactly after that

  138. An anonymous commenter with secret desires? permalink

    Rogue u just earnt all my Jar of cookies, take them please and I hope you enjoy your time playing Hearthstone, might wanna play with your fans someday (?

  139. DeadSilent permalink

    Hora.. Hora..
    I actually didn’t know and realize that they were going to make a fourth game as a backstory game!!! (if it is true that is..) either way i really loved this game!
    it has a good story to it which makes you more interested and more intense when you play it!
    It wasnt one of those games where it just repets over and over.. again and again..

    Rogue you have done an outstanding job by doing this for the online community!
    I for one dont know Japanese at all and its hard to come by let alone find English Patches for visual novels / hentai games let alone even have them requested and made so i give you my gratitude for doing this for me and others similar to me :)

    Cannot wait!! only a few more days or weeks (probably) until the last translation patch is out then we need to wait for the bug fix/typo fix but still! i cant wait to see what happens in the end!!!
    (please dont spoil it for me.. >__>)

    As for MGQ-4 (if it does get released)
    i hope you can somehow manage to fit that game into your busy schedule Rogue..
    it would help me out because of my language issue but its your call i wont force anything im just really grateful that i can play this game and know what the f@#$ is going on rather than guessing or assuming from watching the game with Japanese text on like some Visual Novels that i have previously played.. @w@

    • Anonymous permalink

      No you misunderstood him. He was not joking when he said that he was leaving the >>scene<< for good. He will not be back. ever.

    • An anonymous commenter with secret desires? permalink

      Nice comment there Deadsilent, hope He get to read it too =)

  140. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you.

  141. Anonymous permalink

    I know who I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving!! (ur awesome rogue!)

  142. Luka permalink

    So close, the suspense HNNNNNNNGGGGGG

  143. Anonymous permalink

    Merry Thanksgiving Rogue.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    I know right im basically checking the site every day. No rush rogue take the time it needs to take! But i would be a big fat lier if i said i wasn’t totally jonesin for it at this point.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    is it wrong to reload the page every 5 minutes out of boredom?

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