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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013

To those in the US, anyway. As I said before, the next post will be when I’m done with the translation portion and putting a date up for the patch. This is that post!

All that remains now is bug checking and editing, which will still take quite a few hours. I’m planning on the patch being done and out by around 10pm on Friday, December 6th. I’m going out of town for Thanksgiving for the next 5 days, so that’s the major slowdown here.

City: 15400/15400
Story: 27500/27500
Battle: 87250/87250
Encyclopedia: 103/103

Total: 130253/130253 (100%)



  1. Anonymous permalink

    You are a GOD!

    • xarvi permalink

      I’m planning on the patch being done and out by around 10pm on Friday
      December 6th.

      • Anonymous permalink

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Jagmann permalink

        As someone from the eastern part of the world, that’s not trolling at all cuz it’s already Friday here lol.

      • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

        lololol yup exactly what i thought ….. oh tommorow at 10! ………………………………………………………………….. and another week

        still :) good to hear the news

      • norem permalink

        Its already December 6th :l

  2. Anonymous permalink

    it’s OUT!!!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I love you :D !

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Well done. Thank you. :) One more week.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Well done! Can’t wait to play it! Thank you!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    pls fugg me

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I have waited far too long, my body is ready…

    • Anonymous permalink

      so did i, my hand is… i.. i mean.. NOBODY CAN DEFEAT LUKA… THE KING OF SURRENDER

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your work! Enjoy your holidays!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    holy shit this is literally the best thanksgiving ever

  10. Anonymous permalink

    U MADE IT ;3

  11. After constantly translating hentai scenes of monster girl raping poor Luka for days in a row I wonder if Rogue has funny dreams. :-p

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know I have them after playing the damn game for a few minutes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        It may be saddening, but because he is translating it all day he has become immune to the power of hore

  12. Anonymous permalink

    so you won’t be puting this version out so people write where bugs is?or it’s not stable at all?

    • Anonymous permalink

      He likely wants to check for any bugs that might break the game and remove those highly obvious ones first as he always does. Then let everyone else point out the subtle ones that he missed when they actually play it. Plus, he will still have to go over lines to check the grammar, spelling and punctuation to ensure it is readable and makes sense.

    • Anonymous permalink

      After all this time, you’re seriously worried about just one more week? lol

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Yay! We will miss you.
    You really should have put up a donate button…

  14. Anonymous permalink


  15. Anonymous permalink

    all hail rogoueeeeeeeee!!!!!

  16. Anonymous permalink

    WOO! WOO! WOO!

  17. I wonder if these side-story CG sets have ever been discussed about. Both this and it’s predecessor revolve around a male angel getting raped by past Monster Girls.
    I’ve tried finding download links for this set but I haven’t had much luck finding one for this specific one.

  18. Anonymous permalink


  19. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy your deserved free time, we will wait patiently. Then you can perfect your Swan Song (or Harpy-Mindrape Song)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think you mean Magnum Opus, not Swan Song. By this point, I’m pretty sure rogue has been gifted immortality by the gods.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Oh and with 10PM you mean as usually EST, right?

  21. Anonymous permalink

    if it would be released on the 5th it would be the perfect birthday present :3

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for putting your time into this to help a bunch of nerd strangers :) I agree with one of the above posters; you should have a donations button. Enjoy your Thanksgiving trip!

  23. Anonymous permalink


    I’m ready. And unzipped.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    HE’S DONE!!!!! Thx for all your hard work! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  25. Dee permalink

    Have a great thanks giving also dude.
    Thank you so much for all the work you are putting into this awesome patch.
    Really looking forward to it :-)

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I want marry alice

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’ll have to defeat her in a battle….so no chance lol

      • Anonymous permalink

        Different anon here, I’ll settle for losing to her and getting a loser’s ‘punishment’.

        • Anonymous permalink

          So 5 minutes of pleasure and then die? :\

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Five minutes of AWESOME pleasure.

            …and then die.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well that changes things

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have Cheat Engine, that won’t be a problem :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      You thought MGQ 3 ending was Luka marrying Alice? I got bad news for you…..

  27. Anonymous permalink

    I want marry alice I’m only waiting for this reason

  28. Anonymous permalink


  29. Flaris permalink


    Definitely thanks to Rogue for such amazing work and effort.

    Luckily….I think, I’ve got finals up next week so should be sufficiently distracted while waiting for the bug checking to complete.

    Again thanks a ton for all the effort.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    You are a GOD! 100% True! ^^

  31. Unflock permalink

    It’s perfect! You’re the best!

  32. Anonymous permalink

    we should make rogue a golden chibi-alice statue, w/ an engraving that says; “hora, hora, come back soon, we will be waiting” (not really, gonna miss ya, a work ethic like yours is truly something in this day and age)

  33. Fortunately, the patch is just around the corner, meaning we will finally be able to see the ending of this masterpiece. Unfortunately, it also means that we have to say goodbye to one of the greatest fan-translators of the age… Still sorry that this will be your last project, but I thank you for all you have given us up until now. I am truly grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, Rogue :’)

    • kry permalink

      One advice, play with your headphones on, volume – as high as possible without hurting your ears!
      Derp, music during the boss battles is awsum.

  34. Ehunkel permalink

    I love you.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work. I wish there was a way we could give back to you…

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You Rogue!! I love you!

  37. Goddess Ilias permalink

    You are the rebirth of Jesus man Thank you very very much.
    God bless you happy Thanksgiving for you. and thank you for
    sharing this Joy with us.

  38. And the award for the best blogger goes to... permalink

    This is my first post here, but I’ve been following this wordpress since MGQ 1. Rogue, you are the best of he best when it comes to translations, and one of the hardest working people that I have seen on the internet. I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into making this game enjoyable for the English internet, and will truly miss you deeply. I have seen people who make their fans angry, sad, and dramatic, but not one, NOT EVEN ONCE, have I seen that from you. Your posts are the only things that I can depend on, and because you have made my experience so enjoyable, I will be getting my MGQs LEGIT and also leaving a bit for you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my hora.

  39. And the award for the best blogger goes to... permalink

    No donate button? No, seriously, Rogue.

    • Trent permalink

      Agreed. We need a PayPal donate button.

    • Lowlightt permalink

      Rogue from the beginning has said he doesn’t want donations, as they can be tracked breaking his CIA cover.

      • its a fan translation ..dont get it..all anime did that

        • Anonymous permalink

          Even anime fansubbers ask for donations for various reasons. Rogue is doing this for free whether we like it or not. I, personally, hate it. I want to shove my money down his beautiful, god-like throat.

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s loli/shota porn, not Dragon Ball GT bootlegs.

  40. We all commend your quick work rogue and im not just speaking for myself. Your doing a great job.
    Keep up the good work and have a Happy Thanksgiving

  41. Anonymous permalink

    The Lord almighty himself has blessed this Christmas.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Yay! Thankyou Rogue!

    Also I’m a girl and I like this for the story (don’t even ask how I got into it in the first place XD)

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fuck off, cunt.

      • The Animal Man permalink

        You fuck of retard.

        I was actually wondering if any girls played this.

        • Anonymous permalink

          There’s at least two, cause I saw a alice cosplay by a girl that wanted to make this game more widespread.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Hit the bricks, white knight.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Watch out for the tough guy. Fortunately my serene mind will save me. Send more angry messages please it will make you feel better.

            I only like girls so sorry guys. Hoping for more Cecil’s quest and with yuri scenes rather than just getting eaten. CecilxAlma ftw

          • Takata permalink

            Two episodes of Cecil’s Quest, and no Cecil x Alma Elma scene was a little disappointing. o.o
            Aside from that, it seems like a good side story.

      • Anonymous permalink

        A girl? Would you like to marry me? :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      A girl? Would you like to marry me? :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hora Hora on that. Makes two of us.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Marry me?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I was joking, but you are an interesting girl. The propability of meeting someone who likes this game is far too small.
          Or perhaps I misinterpreted your question. You might seriously be considering the proposal, but wondering who “me” is…

  43. DvS_Dragon permalink

    Awesome work, would be a sweet birthday present for me if you’re done on Dec the 6th.. XD
    Thanks Rogue! ;)

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you! Thank you!

  45. Someone permalink

    This is your ticket to Paradise, dude!

  46. Zearth permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! What you do is amazing, I can’t thank you enough!

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You much, Rogue. You are truely awesome :)

  48. Anonymous permalink


    We’re waiting for this!

    Thank you very very very much T_T

  49. Juanma permalink

    So near, yet so further >_<

  50. Shirokuro permalink

    I love you! No homo. At least you are cute and…Whatever, thank you!

  51. Anonymous permalink

    I want your man juice.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    This last week is going to feel like a friggin month lol (curse you, time perception!)

  53. Anonymous permalink

    This is going to be the longest seconds of my life.

  54. firelad333 permalink

    Thank you soooooo very much ive been waiting to play this since june and im soooooooo happy to play it on the 7th :D

  55. Anonymous permalink


    • Anon37 permalink

      Lolyeah, I tried telling my friends that MGQ’s awesome because of the story but they called me a sicko right away when they saw a screenshot.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I won’t even try talking about MGQ with my friends from obvious reasons :c

        • Terminally Enraged Black Man permalink

          Hah. I actually talked about it to three of my friends. After showing two of them the Iron Maiden, one never so much as allows me to speak vaguely about the subject, and the other wants to play it because he likes the story, but he can’t really get down with the whole “let me mock you while I rape you” routine. The third guy already played it, so we always just look at each other and yell crab battle. That said this patch is what I’ve been waiting for. The best quality work for the end of an amazing game.

  56. shadoman75 permalink

    Well, well, The Rouge Translator is almost completed with his work on MGQ3, and once you’re officially done with it, you’re leaving… although its nice hearing from you, for the patch update, its… almost depressing, seeing this almost done, knowing that you’ll leave soon after. just know, that most of us will miss you, when you’re gone, and the people that don’t, are just trolls, or people that don’t appreciate true works of art. the story, as you saw it, was a work of art, and i know, personally, how hard it is to translate a story that was created in a different language, especially with the gaps in translation that are the reason why online “translators” come out all weird. Anyways, i hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well (if youre an American, if not, then i hope you have a great day/rest of your 5 days with your family) :P

    • Anonymous permalink

      That’s Rogue, dummy.

      • shadoman75 permalink

        So, it looks like you’re one of the trolls that I mentioned.

  57. Fenrir permalink

    Thank you so much for your great work spreading the gospel of the monster girls. I really wish you had a donate button. I also plan on buying all 3 games once they come out in a bundle‚ if they havent already. Really‚ thanks for everything.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The gospel of the monster girls is called the Hor’an

  58. Anonymous permalink

    What will happen after this?

  59. Don't ask. permalink

    Best Sinterklaas (Google it!) present ever!

    Though, sadly, we must say bye to Rogue.. We’ll miss you, Rogue, and never ever forget you and your outstanding work ;A;!

  60. Anigai permalink

    i agree with the other guys rogue, we’ll be sad to see you go but thank you for everything, maybe you’ll make a comeback one day ;)

    but jeez i have a welding test on the 13th ill be fucked for that now that ill be play mgq 3 lol

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Basically you know that scene in man of steel where they destroy that city and the ground keeps rythmically pounding. That only with no death ray. Powered by pure weight of synchronized faps…. That is what’s going top happen.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    You are awesome man

  63. Anonymous permalink

    thank you, really.

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Good eveing. In less than an week, people from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest fap fest in the history of mankind. “Mankind.” That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the twenty eighth of November, and you will once again be giving thanks… Not for turkey, family, or feast… but for Rogue. We are faping for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the twenty eighth of November will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: “We WILL fap into the night” We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Thanksgiving Day!

  65. Anonymous permalink

  66. Anonymous permalink

    You are such a tease! But thank you for all the effort that you have put into translating this for everyone.


  68. Anonymous permalink

    Incredible. Translating all this in a mere 6 months, very impressive. Gokurosamadeshita.

  69. Ilias permalink

    I Love You!

  70. Anonymous permalink

    its done where the link owo

  71. KGB permalink

    Rogue you are truly the best

  72. Santa permalink

    OMG I can’t believe it, is just as you said, a Christmast Present :D. Rouge you are seriously fast, thank you so much and more than anything yllthe patch will be out after my Finals XD. Bless you, seriously have good days :).

  73. Anonymous permalink

    I’m planning on the patch being done and out by around 10pm on Friday,
    December 6th

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Happy thanksgiving and thank you, Rogue.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving, your work here has been greatly appreciated. This is one of the best unofficial translations for a game I’ve ever read. The amount of time and effort you put into this makes it evident what a labor of love it has been over three games. Thanks again.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Here is the countdown using est (new york time) as a base, hopefully it is right…

  77. rite permalink

    Here is the countdown in est time using new york as a base, hope it is right…

  78. Anonymous permalink

    I’d like to thank you for all the work you have done (for free at that), and I know I speak for all of us when I say we will be sad to see you go. Thank you for your consistent cooperation, despite the circumstances in your own life, and the pressure from some of the more…unappreciative fans. May you have success in your future endeavors, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Great its finally done, FINALLY!

  80. Abelius permalink

    Thank you so much. The quality of the work you’re doing here is incredible. :-)

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Nice work, and enjoy your turkey-day.

  82. Adash permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving, Rogue.
    I’m thankful for all you do for us.

  83. Sieg permalink

    Thank you very much Rouge!

  84. Anonymous permalink

    i hope you got backup for patch and eat that turkey slowly so you don’t die

  85. Mephisto Pheles. permalink

    You are a fabulous Person who deserves to be recognised as a Hero to all Communities.
    Manly tears shed for you my friend.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    AWW YISS!!!

  87. ButriX permalink

    Much thanks to you and kind fortune i wish ! Because if you didnt do it… we would lost a lovely experience of Monster Girl Quest ! The best to you Rouge ! :))

  88. ThePain permalink

    MOTHER OF GOD!! its DONE!!!

  89. Anon37 permalink

    Rogue: Soon enough you just can’t take it.
    Rogue uses Release Date Announcement!
    MGQ Fan takes 1337 damage!
    MGQ Fan: Aaaaah!
    MGQ Fan attacks! But with the speed of the wind, Rogue evades it!
    Rogue: I will destroy you with all the hype..!
    Rogue uses Hype Trance!
    MGQ Fan takes 9001 damage!
    MGQ Fan is stuck in a trance!
    MGQ Fan: I can’t take it anymore..
    Times defeated: 609
    MGQ Fan succumbs to the hype, with his head about to explode from a week of wait.

    But in all seriousness, Rogue, words cannot describe how much we appreciate your work. Thank you. Best December ever.

    • Anonymous permalink

      MGQ fan has 1300+ health?!
      No way i fapped for 6 months in a row atleast once per day and i only have around 500 or less!

      • permalink

        You cannot dream of matching a man who fapped every single day of his life since the age of 5…

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Since the age of FOUR, bitches!

          I still remember the moment I found that magazine scrap under my Dad’s side of the bed. It was the same one that cemented my fascination with impressive mammaries.

          • Anonymous permalink

            What was your first time doing yourself? Mine was an accident

          • Anonymous permalink

            My mom told me an interesting story a long while ago.

            Apparently when I was 3, I had this stuffed rabbit about the size of a child that I would hump. They threw it out after they caught me doing it naked. :-(

  90. MadGod permalink

    I’ve been on a few VN translation blogs and I gotta say Rogue is the most loved translator in the world and rightly so. You’re leaving the stage with people cheering for you, not many can boast that.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think people who translate hentai games boast much to anyone.

  91. kana-art permalink

    Rogue, you are wonderful guy. That ‘s Great. “สุดยอด”

  92. Thanks for all the hard work!

  93. Jasmine permalink

    Can’t seem to download patches for parts 1 and 2

  94. Miguel permalink

    If you would kindly teach me I’d pick up where you leave off.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    You fully translated this chapter in only 170 days since your first progress update back in June!? Now that’s the fastest progress I’ve ever seen in a project. You must be a superhuman or have an unimaginable sense of diligence to accomplish this in such a short period of time. Thank you very much for your hard work for translating this game.

    • FurthestBen permalink

      His dedication is like when Issel in Highschool DxD was trying to learn dressbreak

  96. Anonymous permalink

    you should set up a tab for recruiting members to help you do this stuff. Im willing to help out :)
    i probably saids this a lot of times, but i cannot contact ya.
    -happy thanksgiving!…

  97. FurthestBen permalink

    The Hora’s of pleasure will continue!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Sweet, thanks for all the translating, going to miss you bro.

  99. Anonymous permalink

    You are my Kami-sama, Thank youuu super much TAT

  100. Stefanus permalink

    You are and always be my violated hero for translating this hot great scary weird nice masterpiece Visual Novel

  101. Axel permalink

    I am getting the patch on the day of my birthday…best…birthday…EVER!!!! Literally

    • FurthestBen permalink

      uhh besides the fact that loads of people will be fapping on your birthday

  102. Anonymous permalink

    Taking this chance to express my gratitude lest I be forever ashamed afterwards.
    Thank you Rogue!!!

  103. Anonymous permalink

    thank you man, you sir are a genius.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the great translation of the three horas rogue. Even though i’m really sad to see you leave, yet I congratulate you – you did something only a few can. Do not worry about the future releases though. I’ve started studying japanese a good while ago. My greatest disadvantage is my speed of learning, but the biggest advantage – i’ve never in life given up on such a big task. It’s sad to see you leave, but remember, you are a great inspiration to everyone. if you see your name as “person of inspiration” in any kind of future translation – then i’ve been successful. Thank you again for your great work.

  105. Kahzel permalink

    Good Job, Rogue. Thank you for your effort.

  106. Sampietrotti permalink

    AWESOMEEEEEE!!! Seriously man, it’s time to put up a donation system! You DESERVE something more than a “thank you” for all you’ve been doing until now! Let us contribute!

  107. Anonymous permalink

    man the CIA will hire you for translating their stuff next

  108. Anonymous permalink

    I love you so much Rogue. Thanks for all your hard work. :3

  109. That’s it. I’m not sleeping tonight.

  110. Anonymous permalink

    Yo is anyone having a problem with the encyclopedia having the first 2 entries Valkyrie and Cupid in Japanese?

    • Lowlightt permalink

      That happens if you don’t have the monster girl quest 1 and 2 installed if a remember correctly.

  111. Anonymous permalink


  112. Anonymous permalink


  113. pol131 permalink

    i have been following your work on MGQ since the first game and it has always been perfect so rogue you have my thanks , even here in france we love you

  114. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the hard work.

  115. Anonymous permalink


  116. _______ permalink

    Kane’s vision is at hand… [c] Cabal of NOD

  117. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for all your hard work translating this game, and I look forward to the final patch…

    … but why does it have to come out right before finals?!

  118. Michael permalink

    Damn, I had hoped that those “few more hours needed” would’ve been done before thanksgiving, we’d have another reason to give thanks to, but it’s past now.

    Well, no looking at a free horse’s teeth ^^

  119. Anonymous permalink

    Alipheese bless you for your kind contributions to the community.

  120. Anonymous permalink

    If there’s a sidestory with (spoiler: Homurakuma) in MGQ, I’d take that side story, play it and let Luka lose~

  121. Anonymous permalink

    Friday huh? Well..

  122. Anonymous permalink

    My vision was once dark but now i can once again see the Horas. Are you Jesus Rogue?

  123. Anonymous permalink


  124. Anonymous permalink

    If the laws of nature would allow it, I would bear that man’s children.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t wait. And thank you again for your hard work, Rogue.

  126. Anonymous permalink

    thanks based rogue

  127. Anonymous permalink

    For me now there are a few thoughts to be had, Is there multiple endings, since in extracting all the CG ive notice a few picture sets marked ending1,2,3…, also trying to get the 100% monsterpedia achievements going to be hard since many of the angles are are weird to the point of upset stomach,

  128. Saraswati permalink

    Hello there!!! Writing you from Ukraine. I want to thank you for all your jard work!!! Because of you i was able to see such story)))
    So my thanks to you and i wish you everything good in this world. ^_^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Примерно земляки) Русскоговорящие и тут)

      Great thanks to Rogue! He is popular in every corner of the Globe)

  129. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue’s without a doubt the best translator out there.
    Inhumanely quick translations and I’m pretty damn sure Rogue’s a kind person.
    Rogue definitely puts many of those translations teams out there to shame.
    I think I’m going gay for Rogue. <3

  130. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a boss, man. What would we do without you?

    Nothing. That’s what!

  131. Anonymous permalink

    • Anonymous permalink

      When I posted this I intended it as praise, but it also seems to hold symbolic significance that Wreck-it-Rogue must now fight the bugs…

    • Anonymous permalink

      huh… I intended that video as praise, but now that I’ve actually watched it, I realize that it also seems to hold symbolic significance as Translate-it-Rogue must now “fight the bugs” contained with this patch.

      • Anonymous permalink

        …..and I thought that didn’t post the first time. And now i’m just making the mistake worse by posting this third apologitory comment.
        Uh……yeah so thumbs up and all that

  132. Anonymous permalink


    • AnonRoy permalink

      What is a Fapsfor and how do I give it?

      • Anonymous permalink

        You sir know verywell what to fapfor, and also one does not simply gif fapsfor

  133. Anonymous permalink

    I wish you an happy Christmas and merry new year Rogue.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Like a Sir!

  135. Anik permalink

    Don`t you leave us after this translation……..

  136. AnonRoy permalink

    Since everyone is posting youtube videos, here’s one with Music.

  137. Kisshu permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work^^ I can’t wait to have the English patch for this game :D I’m sure others have already asked you this, but how do you make a English patch for any pc game like Monster Girl Quest? There’s this one other PC game I really want to make an English patch for that’s called Lightning Warrior Raidy 3. I’ve been waiting a very long time for an English patch for that game but nobody ever made one. I’m sure it’s not easy at all to do what you’re doing, patching a pc game in English an all, but I wanna learn. Where do I start? Any good websites you know that may teach me how to do all this like make a patch?

    • Coldblood2345 permalink

      I have find a web full of people who have similar goals. look at a web called fuwanovel. I hope it will help you.

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man good job !

  139. It’s my first time commenting here and even though I only started following this wordpress after MGQ2, I just HAVE to say thank you so much for all your hard work from the bottom of my heart for these past months of translating and if I actually have any money, I would literally donate it to you.

    Best of luck to whatever you will be doing after this and thanks again for all the hard work!

  140. Anonymous permalink

    You can’t do this to me. I have a test on Tuesday 10th, how am I supposed to study if you make me get glued to my seat and finish the game. I cannot just wait to play it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Study NOW. You have enough time until friday.

    • Yabu permalink

      Or just study now and take the test and reward yourself after that grueling test…

  141. Kusojijii permalink


  142. Cirno permalink

      </ ̄ ̄丶
     \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ I’M THE STRONGEST!

  143. Anonymous permalink

    hey, rogue i hope you will see my comment, can you please translate that sde-story cecil’s adventure? it’s really cool and looks much like the main story but when i reach into that forest i always get a bug and the game crashes

    • Touka permalink

      It has already been translated and was included in one of his patches.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    Please Finish it quickly dude! :) i am waiting since i can’t procced now thanks to your patch 2 not makeing it able to continue ouo

  145. Master Mink permalink

    You sir are awesome.

  146. RogueKing permalink

    I’m just staring at my calender, yelling “HORA HORA HORA!” at it in different tones, pitches, and voices. I believe it is slowly working.

  147. Anonymous permalink

    Congrat!! welldoing, ;p

    I hope u rest well and move on next project soon …

  148. Britannia permalink

    There’s another sidestory release coming out in December if people are interested:

  149. Anonymous permalink

    is this game will be translated too?

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Not by Rogue. He’s stated numerous times that this is his last translation project. After this, he’s going to post every patch one more time along with the last one, and then disappear. I’ve heard Dargoth might be interested in translating the next MGQ Game, but don’t quote me on that.

      • Anonymous permalink

        oh, okay thanks

      • Takata permalink

        -Every- patch with updated bug and typo fixes? That’s good. Where’d Rogue say that? ^^?

  150. Anonymous permalink

    So clooose no matter how faaaaaaaaaaaar

  151. derp permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t think you can actually fap to MGQ 3.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Challenge Accepted

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        Some of us can do it. Like me. -Roid chimera is one of my favourite archetypes.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Let’s see if you can do Chimera Bug.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I loved Chimera Bug. My friend, the sicker the better for me. You are looking at a man who fetishizes the Xenomorphs and Predators.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Then all hope is lost.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Ha ha ha that ship has sailed. What can i say for us Xenophiles strange is an instant turn on. It’s awesome BECAUSE it’s weird as fudge. I know that can be a bit hard to understand. But a body like that .. well its a female … and it’s an adventure. All in a neat little package. What red blooded man could resist. That’s our perspective. At least it’s mine.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Chimera bug’s really not that bad, and I’m someone who prefers the more ‘normal’ monsters. At least she just goes crazy fucking you. They can’t all be super cute.

            Now Power Berryelle on the other hand, she just gruesomely devours you in like three sentences with nothing fun happening for you in the meantime…

            Anyone who can’t fap to MGQ3 hasn’t gotten to the Mermaid General yet :)

        • Anon37 permalink

          Let’s see if someone can fap to these guys:
          Power Berryelle
          Virtue Revel
          Virtue Silkiel
          Throne Eggiel
          Cherub Wormiel
          Some girls from the last patch too:
          Drain Plant
          Draco Zombie Girl
          The Next Dolls
          Black Alice’s final form/s

          • 光闇 permalink

            Yup, all.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Already done that….

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’m so happy there’s people like me in this world…

          • Anon37 permalink

            The least NOPE I can give on that is on Wormiel.. and even then it’s still a lot of NOPE.

          • Anonymous permalink

            You gotta do what you gotta do.

          • Daystar permalink

            Me can fap to almost any girl in that game as long as they have them paizuris and looks decent/cute/beautiful enough. D:<

            Even Wormiel. 8D

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’ve already looked ahead at the CG. Yeah you KNOW i’m looking forward to the Next Dolls x3.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Hi guys what’s going on in this thre-

          • Anon37 permalink

            Okay I might accept the fact that some people fapped to these…
            EXCEPT FOR REVEL.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I mean, one of the rules of the internet is ‘if it exists, someone faps to it’. This really shouldn’t surprise people.

            Even some of the scarier monsters usually have something good about them though. I mean, if you’re playing the game in the first place, chances are you’re okay with some weirder stuff. It’s not too hard to enjoy most of the scenes in the game, even if not all are going to be totally faptastic.

          • Anon37 permalink

            Of course I’m not surprised.
            I’m just pointing out in a (failed) comical way the grossness of Delphinus’ angels.
            Although anyone who fapped to Revel is hardcore.

      • Anonymous permalink


        i thought the succubus village revisit was good….and don’t get me started on the conclusion.

  152. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    Good work, agent rogue. You’ve contributed so much to our society. Just a little more and you will be able to leave with pride. We will definitely send Horas to you.

  153. Hohoho permalink


  154. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you seriously are amazing. I read the time left in the last post an i thought “I guess that means that we will have it by the 15 if he works hard on it” Then this post comes on and it’s all like “Oh hai guys, I finished translating, I just gotta sort out bugs” and I’m like… man, that was seriously fast.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    As soon as I saw this I finished up the monsterpedia in chapter 2 and the english patch in 3 to et right to it, you’re the best Rogue!

  156. mr sage permalink

    i fucking love you

  157. Anonymous permalink

    My body is READY!!!

  158. Anonymous permalink

    probably gonna need to change my pants before and after the patch is released

  159. themengsk176 permalink


    you will seriously improve my holiday season

  160. Unfortunate Poster permalink

    Unfortunate Friends, Assemble :D

  161. Anonymous permalink

    We may think our bodies are ready for this but…..THEY……NEVER…..ARE!

  162. Anonymous permalink

    Really, i agree to the rest of the community.
    Rogue, you do a supreme job. I cant even imagine how many hours of your live you spend on making weirdos like us happy ;-) You work fast AND maintain a high quality…
    And I also agree concerning the “Donate” button… you defnietly need one!
    Greetings from India (yes, even here the word of MGQ was spread ;-) )

    • AnIndianTooHere permalink

      Don’t think you’re the only OR the first.

  163. Dreamhaxor permalink


  164. Fawkes1989 permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve been looking foward to this. It is one of the best Eroge out there. It is one that honestly, could function sufficiently without the H scenes. (but we all want them anyways :3 )

  165. Namiirei permalink


    Thanks you for your work and for letting us discover this wonderful serie, one of the best eroge without ant doubt.

  166. Anonymous permalink


  167. Daystar permalink

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ROGUE!! From the bottom of our testi–… HEARTS!! And to think you did all of this for free… Q_Q Spending your precious time translating this wonderful game, for a noble cause; to make otakus, perverts and weirdos like us happy…. you’re a Hero!! A Gawd!!

    All hail Rogue!! Ave!

  168. Anonymous permalink

    >tfw after this it’s all over

  169. Anonymous permalink

    What’s that? It’s Tuesday?! Damn, I thought it was Wednesday! Might as well find a way to go forward in time. In all seriousness though, only a couple of more days to go. Patience…Patience…(ಠ_ಠ) Oh right, patience is a virtue. Forgot about that.

  170. The GeeK permalink

    Awesome Well done!!!!

  171. raza permalink

    Finally after all this time……….I can finally read what it says I CAN READ YEAH!!!! :’)
    the only thing i’m not looking forward to is losing………..I LIE XD
    but to some i have the game set so it skips already viewed h scenes don’t need to go down that path again thank you very much :P

    So anyways thanks for letting me be able to read something in english that I wouldn’t have a hope in hell in reading if it wasn’t for you, it’s been both fun and interesting being one of the many voices on this blog now i wait patiently for when you kill those bugs with excaliware the bug destroying digitized sword of legend only possesed by a few and passed on from translator to translator in a bid to help the world read vn’s XD

  172. Anonymous permalink

    im coming im comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing SPLOOOSH

  173. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the final update, looking forward to … friday.

    Small request: in previous TL’s the file sizes of “arc.nsa”, “arcX.nsa” were listed in the readme,
    are the filesizes for a “merged game” (part 1->3) listed in this final TL readme (arcfile sizes)?

    Tnx for the hard work and Happy Horas!

  174. Anonymous permalink

    The moisture levels intensify….HE’S HEATING UP!

  175. Anonymous permalink

    The Hora is almost upon us people…..prepare yourselves for battle!

  176. Anonymous permalink

    We are not prepared…

  177. Anonymous permalink

    I’m just wondering, what happens if you use cheat engine when Luka and Alice are fighting in the forest when they first met lol
    “Bitch, you just jealous of my super angel swagger.”

  178. Anonymous permalink

    Sooo….even if the patch is out how do i buy/download chapter 3? or Rogue will release the chapter files+ translation?

  179. Anonymous permalink

    Nooooooo, my country’s 13 hours ahead of US time. I have to wait till the 7th, This maso can’t wait longer!

    Anyways good job rogue, you are by far the fastest Visual Novel translator(the others even translate in groups and can’t beat your speed)

    Finally I can see Alice and Tamamo again! yay!

  180. Anonymous permalink

    First I must thank you Rogue for you’re great work! And now I want to ask what’s with the logo at the top of on the official website of ”Mon musu Quest Parsadox RPG”? Is this a sequel of part 3 or is it a further spin-off like Mon musu Delicious Breakfast and Lunch?

  181. Anonymous permalink

    Aaaaaa i have 13 hours ahead country time too. This is just fcking killing me!! I donno if i can survive that long!!!

  182. Anonymous permalink

    196205 seconds left askjasksjaksjla

    • Anonymous permalink

      Pff no, there are only 192910 seconds left

  183. Anonymous permalink

    Oh gods its just only one day until the patch!

  184. ALBert Wesker permalink

    Albert Wesker: I don’t need anyone else. I have Uroboros! In less than five Days we’ll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment. MONSTER Girl Quest will be released into the atmosphere ensuring complete global saturation.

    • ALBert Wesker permalink

      **Albert Wesker: I need Rouge. I have Eorge! In less than five minutes we’ll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment. MONSTER QUEST GIRL 3 will be released into the atmosphere ensuring complete global INTERNET saturation.

    • Force Commander Boreale permalink






      • Cross permalink

        Christ, some of us just want some nice vanilla eroge at the end of the day man. You need to get some sun.

      • Anonymous permalink

        As one who does not dwell in a basement I find this discriminatory.

      • Anonymous permalink

        This was the single best thing I’ve ever seen

  185. AnonS permalink

    Replaying the game but probably Rogue’s patch will be out before I get to Part 3. At the very beginning who does Granberia think teaches Luka? She’s scared of Alice despite claiming she wanted toe challenge her? Or was it because Alice was just being forceful at the moment and it caught her off guard?

    Alice also hints that she’s really into Luka pretty early, all the way back at that inn, I didn’t really catch that the first time.

    • AnonS permalink

      A couple of hours into the replay and it really is nice how well this game is paced and how much it foreshadows. Hopefully the replay doesn’t get stuck or anything, has anyone done a full replay yet?

      I’m maybe halfway through part I, it’s going fast and I understand now why people were saying this is so easy on Hard mode. I do die sometimes randomly, but it’s not too bad. I wonder if my luck will hold out or if I will start getting more auto deaths as the game goes along, especially as the fights get longer. I wonder if maybe the auto deaths got turned down with the latest chapter when you combine them, although I remember auto-dying repeatedly to the mermaid queen several times in a row (auto death is when the game does something that you can’t escape or guard against and just instantly finishes you).

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ve done a full re-playthrough of Part 1 and 2, no crashes. :)

        • Anon37 permalink

          Some people have crashes on Gnome when she uses Gnome’s Mouthplay, Alra Arum+Alra Rooty when Luka dodges with Sylph up, and at Lilith&Lilim during the tentacle attack thing.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Really? I remember having some problems with Gnome & Lilith&Lilim on MGQ 2, but replaying it on MGQ Final, I haven’t encountered any of those crashes…

      • Anonymous permalink

        They definitely tuned down the auto-losses in part 2. The majority of part 2 is super easy, and it would be almost impossible to lose altogether if it wasn’t for the fights at the end dragging the average up. Sylph won’t block a status effect every once in a while, that’s about it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gnome fail, and that’s a lot of insta-losses avoided.

        The thing about part 3 is that you have to avoid using Daystar, otherwise it’s the easiest of the three (at least to the 66% mark.) Enemies just go down too fast if you go all out trying to win. Drag the fights out longer though, and there are a good amount who can lock you into a cheap OHKO. Probably more than the other two.

        Off the top of my head, Promestein, Raneal, Muzukiel, Mermaid Queen, Revel, Kejourou, Eggiel, Arachne Lord, Spider Princess and Eva can all beat you without you being able to do anything about it. It’s not easy being Luka :) A few more I guess technically could lock you, but the dodge rate on Serene Mind is really high for some fights.

  186. SystemRust permalink

    You are the best rogue, I came on to the site just to reread the awesome message you left for your fans.

  187. Anonymous permalink

    Waku waku doki doki

  188. Force Commander Boreale permalink

    Wah… I love shotas!

    • Anonymous permalink

      You should really rephrase what you say. Shota means little boy. Basically you said I love little boys……

      • Force Commander Boreale permalink

        I know that i was talking about the succubus village with that guy that said the same word…..and jizzed in his pants.

        • minic78 permalink

          It’s moments like that one (among other things) that make me excited to replay the whole thing after finishing part 3. The dialogue is hilarious at times, good thing Rogue is a fantastic translator, otherwise the humor (a huge part of the game) might be lost on us.

  189. Anonymous permalink


  190. Takata permalink

    I’m currently replaying the 3 games from the start to look for typos. I’m up to the Irina Mountains now (when I’m seriously looking for typos, I’m an extremely slow reader >.<), and I've found quite a few, but I'll post them maybe when I leave Iliasport…

    One line in particular has been bothering me for a while. Shortly after Luka finds Alice, she says: "Today is Ilias's birthday, so you're trying to receive your baptism." It doesn't make much sense for a goddess to have a known birthday. It would make more sense for it to be Luka's birthday, so he's now "of age" and elegible to be baptised.
    Is that translation really correct?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Come to think of it if Lucifina(Luka’s mother) is the SECOND angel that is an direct offspring of Illias wouldn’t that make Illias Luka’s grandmother?

      • Anon37 permalink

        Yes, so the Ilias raep scene is incest. Luol.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Nothing weird with that, especially if another extreme is interracial sex (monster, plant, zombie, angel+human).

  191. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  192. Zeno's Paradox permalink


  193. Anonymous permalink

    Hi! I just learned about MGQ and I’d like to get Part 2 but it’s down on Mediafire apparently. Could you please reupload it? Thank you so much!

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Wait for tomorrow. As I understand it (and I could be wrong) Rogue intends to upload the final patches for each of the three games tomorrow, including the final patch for the final chapter. After that, he’ll end up disappearing.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He does stay some weeks/months to fix bugs and stuff, though.

  194. Anonymous permalink

    I´m bored.

    MGQ3 Out (Japanese) – 78 Comments
    MGQ3 Translation First Update – 256 Comments
    MGQ3 First Status Update – 299 Comments
    MGQ3 Update – 85 Comments
    MGQ3 Second Status Update – 192 Comments
    MGQ3 1/3 Point – 149 Comments
    MGQ3 First Patch Date – 141 Comments
    MGQ Part 3 First Partial Patch (37%) – 759 Comments
    July is over – 676 Comments
    September Ho – 387 Comments
    Airports – 173 Comments
    Next Patch Aimed for October 4th – 272 Comments
    MGQ Final Chapter Patch 2 (62%) – 462 Comments
    Columbus Day Update Spectacular – 85 Comments
    October 21st Update Spectacular! – 303 Comments
    Busy times – 268 Comments
    Final progress update post – 290 Comments

    Happy Thanksgiving! – Currently ~350 posts. Maybe 50-100 comments more?

    MGQ2 Full Patch – March 31, 2012 – 1,270 Comments – is there a post with a higher comment rate? I hope the next post will top it with like 1500-2000 comments.

  195. Culain permalink

    Ok everything here’s a hint of advice. Prepare your body. Don’t jack off from now until it’s released, your body needs to build up.

  196. AnonRoy permalink

    Dude… I’m gonna miss Rogue…

  197. Grandma permalink

    “it will be over soon…”

  198. 光闇 permalink

    < 24 hrs !!!!!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Err…no? It´s one day and ~seven hours for everyone. Even though it is 10 PM in 25 hours in my timezone, I still have to wait ~31 hours just like everyone else.

  199. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone else get a crash upon opening the music section?

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