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MGQ Part 3 Final Patch

December 5, 2013

And here it finally is – The patch that completes the translation of the MGQ Trilogy. If you encounter a bug or spelling/grammar mistake, please post it in the comments on the post BELOW this one. Comments about bugs or spelling/grammar mistakes will be deleted from this post, to make it more organized for me for fixing them.

This patch covers the entirety of Monster Girl Quest, assuming you have the previous two game’s arc.nsa files. It also works standalone for just Part 3.

How to acquire the game:

It can be purchased at . This is the final part, so if you were going to buy it and haven’t yet, this would be the one to do it to clear your conscience.


Instructions for combining the previous parts are included in the readme. Extract the .rar into your MGQ Part 3 directory.




As ever, try to save at the save locations. Some people lose out on stats and achievements when they save at other locations, in addition to random crashes.

Word Wrap:

Use mon_que.exe for English word wrap. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this. The previous executable is still in there if anyone wants it for some reason, but it won’t have English word wrap, of course.


Thanks to everyone that’s been following the game since it came out, and have offered their help, tips, corrections, or just mental support.

Moral Support and Translation Suggestions: Dargoth

Wordrap: SomeLoliCatgirl

Image editing: Raidis, Zinny

Text fixes for English display: TheGreatHeinrich

Keeping the game alive: /mgqg/

Spelling/Grammar fixes: Many and numerous

What’s next?

I’ll be editing and fixes any bugs or mistakes as people post them for about two weeks, then I’ll be done with the translation scene. The final version of the game will go up (Hopefully with an installer and a dedicated hosting site) along with mirrors of the rest of the stuff I’ve done so far. Then I’ll lock the site with the final post and be gone.

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    Yes! Thank you!

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    Godspeed, O noble Rogue Warrior!

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    First comment ^^,
    Anyway, I am so glad that someone decide to translate MGQ quest^^

    So thank you very much Rogue ;) I hope you have a good life (and not too many dangerous mission in your job, some people think you are workinf for the CIA and was captured more than one time by the chinese government, so good luck with your job/life ;) )

    Well, i have to download it fast…..i need more hora in my life!

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      Mega fail

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      I second that. Thanks Rogue for all your hard work and dedication. If it weren’t for you most of us would have missed out on the various awesome games you translated over the years. Indie games have truly become an awesome form of artistic expression that all should enjoy.

      As for all those “fail” posters. There is this thing called real life, and it unfortunately comes first before hobbies. If people could live on “thank yous” alone, then it would be a different story.

      Unfortunately the government wont take them for taxes, the store wont exchange them for food and the land lord will quickly hand you an eviction notice if you just give “thanks” and nothing else.

      He’s got to do what he’s got to do, be thankful that he finished where most would have just quit.

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        No really, YOU just failed. Because I believe that the “fails” you referenced were in reply not to Rogue, but to the guy who said FIRST COMMENT even though he was like 5th. But your post seemed to assume that they were implicitly directed at Rogue
        So you failed at failing.

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          “So you failed at failing”, in other words, he succeeded. however your first statement declared he just failed. which is it? or could it be that you just failed at your last sentence.

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      I second that. Thanks Rogue for all your hard work and dedication. If it weren’t for you most of us would have missed out on the various awesome games you translated over the years. Indie games have truly become an awesome form of artistic expression that all should enjoy.

      As for all those “fail” posters. There is this thing called real life, and it unfortunately comes first before hobbies. If people could live on “thank yous” alone, then it would be a different story.

      Unfortunately the government wont take them for taxes, the store wont exchange them for food and the land lord will quickly hand you an eviction notice if you just give “thanks” and nothing else.

      He’s got to do what he’s got to do, be thankful that he finished where most would have just quit.

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        Double fail. Because you double posted, and the post was a fail. But since double posting itself is a fail, I guess this is a triple fail.

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    time to fap.exe

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    Is it finally over?
    Is this what we’ve lived for?
    What is there left after this?

    Why are we still here?
    Only to suffer?

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    It’s over ;_;

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    I remember when I got my hands on this fucking thing years ago. Thanks so much Rogue! You’re a legend!

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    Thank You. really.

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    Thank you based Rogue

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    Good luck with your future endeavors, Rogue. Godspeed and thank you.

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    Aw man, I’m sad that your leaving, thanx for all of your work!

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      Is there a reindeer girl?

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        “And how the reindeer loved him. As he shouted out with glee ‘HORAA'”

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    Rogue, thanks for everything. You are the best translator I have had the pleasure of meeting. I’m sad to see you go, but I am happy we had the chance to meet. Have a good life.

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    Fapstation is on.

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    Thanks for all your hard work I’m really grateful for all you have done. I hope you someday return if not have a good life. Thanks again for this great gift to us all.

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    Thanks a lot for all the work Rogue, you rock.

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    Thanks for everything Rogue, I’m glad I got to experience this game, especially not 5 years after the point like most other translations. Good luck with the rest of your life.

    Will you still be around on /vg/ from time to time?

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    Damn… I’m so happy… Yet so sad at the same time…! Gonna miss you, Rogue. Truly one of the greatest translators ever to grace the internet with your free time. Thank you for blessing us perverts with all the horas you could possibly provide. I hope that you have a grand life full of many adventures, and maybe, just maybe…one day meet your Alice. Once again; thank you, and farewell…

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    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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    Thank you for putting so much effort and time into translating this series, you have done a fantastic job and filled the hearts of thousands of perverts around the world with joy. Good luck with whatever it is you plan on doing in the future!

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    Remember, remember, the 5th of December.

    I feel like crying tears of joy, but I’ve none left after playing the Part 1 and 2.

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    Thank you very much for you hard work and for translating every part of MGQ over the years. It is somewhat sad to know you won’t be translating any more after this, but I’m sure that you will always be remembered by everyone that has ever played MGQ in English.

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    dont go away…

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    Thanks Rogue! We wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors… unless one of those involves killing one of us in that case good luck in everything else

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    Thank you very much Rogue! for opportunity fully enjoy such nice hentai game and interesting VN! all the best to you!

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    It’s…..finally………done………….I’m so happy but yet…so sad, Rogue I just can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done! Farewell and good luck in life…

    Anyone remember when they first met Alice and had to make that decision while listening to this?

    I get this odd feeling :’)

    • Anonymous permalink

      I left her the first time, then I got snagged… in a good way :)

    • Takata permalink

      I think this is the best image in the whole series… unless there happens to be a better one in the final 1/3 of the last game. ^^?

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      *whisper* Alice is actually the monster lord.

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      I thought the same. Yet, thanks Rogue from the bottom of my heart².

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    Thank you so much Rogue =D now i can finally complete this epic journey.

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    Ara? So quick?
    You couldn’t even last until the 6th, Rogue, you naughty boy.

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    Thanks dude! Really, thank you very much! (hell of a work anyway =D)

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    Thank you so much for translating every game. You have no idea how grateful I am to you! Thanks a million times!

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    Thanks so much Rogue, it’s such a shame this’ll be the last TL from you. We’ll miss you. Hell, I’m almost sad that this patch is out now. I say almost, I do want to see game’s fucking ending haha. Anyways good luck for the future mate, you won’t be forgotten.

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      Rogue, In the name of the U.S. Forces, I Salute you sir!

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      Its teh same for me, a kind of bittersweet ending, sad its over now>

      Thank you rogue for all the hard work.

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    I have 4 finals in 5-6 days, and this comes out. Do you want to make me fail? Glorious Rogue.

    • Takata permalink

      Surely you can finish reading this final segment in less than 24 hours? O.o?

      • Alex the Lazy permalink

        that depends on if he can stop jerking long enough to finish the story.

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    ♫Blue skies, smiling at me; nothing but blue skies do I see♫

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    This bittersweet feeling of finally having the patch to end the trilogy. Happy to see it arrive. Sad to know that this means the end as well.
    Thanks for all your work RT.

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    uwaaaaah >__<)

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      right -__-” 90% of my post disappeared somewhere …probably clicked something weird…..
      basically short version:
      -thx a lot
      -and have fun with whatever you will be doin from now on
      -and if you feel like it come back again XD

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    Thank you for all of your hard work, Rogue. I’m going to check out the patch in mere minutes. Oh, yes–any answers regarding the achievement glitch (took all attacks from monsters in the second chapter)?

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    I fucking love you master rogue.
    I shall lick your annus anytime you want me to.

  49. HORA HORA ! THanks a lot !

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    I thought I was going to finally get a good night sleep…. nope. Thank you very much.

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      I just recently started playing a week ago and I haven’t slept in 4 days because of this game, my only problem is that I’m starting to run out of coffee.

      Thanks a lot for this Rogue I know what you do is hard work but would you at least consider continuing to translate games. Its so fucking annoying to find a good translator it took me a month to find you.
      Please don’t stop but if you truly want to I won’t blame you.

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    Thanks for everything you have done for us Rogue and good luck on your new adventures!

    …And don’t let the Chinese goverment capture you again.

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    Thank you and good night.

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    Godspeed you magnificent bastard.

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    its out thank you wow

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    Goodbye Rogue.
    May we meet again in the next life.
    A random Anon

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    We will all miss you Rogue once the site is locked thank you.
    They will tell tales of the being who helped spread the monster girl fetish.

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    Thank you soooo much for all your work, Rogue! This weekend will be awesome! :D

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    First of all, let me say that it really is a very, very selfless task you carry (or should I say, carried) upon your shoulders. I really think words alone aren’t enough to express the joy you have provided me with! “Thank you” is so very underrated, Mr. Rogue. You have no idea how underrated it is and because of this, I find it very hard to find any means to express the pure gratitude and amazement I feel right now other than wishing you all the best life can give you!
    I hope you have a great, great Christmas with your dear ones and best of luck in your life and travels around the world!

    P. S.: I’ll be on the lookout for any typos or mistakes present in the current patch. I think it is the MINIMUM I can do to pay back your enormous act of generosity!

    Sincerely, Mr. Sledge

    • Anonymous permalink

      I can’t add anything. This one said all for me. Thanks, Rogue. I will miss you. Hell, I already miss you.

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    Thanks for your great work. If you excuse me now, I’m busy playing… ;)

  60. Bernaregna permalink

    Rogue… I think you have done an awesome work with the translation of all the trilogy in this years. You are a rock and I think noone else could do this much. This game is the best in all Internet and I i’m really grateful to you for letting me play this game in English. Now that you’re going to leave us I’m very sad beacause the new game will not probably have an english translation. At last I honore you for your diligence and the time you spent for us…. you are a god.

    • MrSledge permalink

      Dargoth will probably think about working on it, so an English translation might not be entirely out of question.

  61. Capi Duffman permalink

    This was an awesome ride. Godspeed, Rogue, and good luck in whatever you pursue next, either in the internets or IRL.

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    Do you accept donations?

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    Thank you so much for all your selfless hard work in translating this awesome game.

    It goes without saying that without your efforts, Us english speakers would not have gotten to enjoy this unique game.

    I haven’t tried parts 1 & 2 yet but got hooked right away on part three. There is precious little of this kind of game available in english which is a huge pitty.

    So many, many thanks for making it possible for us to enjoy it.

    You are a true legend.

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    Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

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    I.. I don’t want to download it. I don’t want it to be over. ;_;

    Thank you for all the incredible work, rogue. You have brought many moments of fleeting happiness to so many people, and have remained a good humoured an endlessly calm and composed guy throughout all of this crazy journey.

    I know you don’t accept or want donations, but it would be great if there was a way we could all do something positive as payback – or just acknowledgement – of all the hard work you’ve done for us. Is there a charity you support we could all donate a little something to or anything?

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    Been waiting on this all year, thanks for doing this Rogue!

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    oh god it’s habberning

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    Thank you so much for this.

    But why are you stopping, good translators are so hard to find?

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    thank you so much Rogue for your hard work in all these years, good luck for your job and life!

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    Just another guy saying thanks, Rogue. You da best.

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    Thank you Rogue, If I come across any bugs or typo’s I’ll be sure to let you know.
    Been following this project since the first game and I know it’s been quite a long ride for you between your real life job and this, but I’m happy that you stuck with it to the very end to let everyone enjoy the game whether it be for the story or for the sex scenes.

    Seeing as this will be your last translation project I’ll wish you farewell and hope you have a lot of success out there.

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    ;_;7 You will be missed

  73. Sirius permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue!
    It’s a shame to see you “disappear” after everything you’ve done.
    Good luck with everything!

  74. Thanks for everything Rogue!
    Best of luck with whatever you plan on doing after this!

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    Thanks Rogue your the best man, ill be sad to see you go

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    Long live the king!

    Much love for taking us on this journey man.

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    Thank you so much for everything, Rogue! You’ve been a godsend. Sorry to hear you won’t be translating anymore, but I wish you the best.

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    You are awesome.

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    Gods bless Rogue.

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    Umm… How do we merge all three parts again? I’ve been abstaining from this one in a while so I forgot how to.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    So happy :D

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue Da best. Thanks man!

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for everything.
    I hope we’ll see you again sometime in the future.
    Goodbye Rogue.
    You’re a true legend.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    During Valkyrie battle when she strips she says “The I’ll tighten till you ejaculate,” or something to that regard, where it should be “Then”. I will warn if I see any more things that need to be corrected.

  87. Anonymous permalink


  88. Abelius permalink

    YES, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! xD

  89. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    Rogue, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE! I will miss you and the suspense that your efforts kept all of us in. If there is one thing I regret about this being the final patch, it’s that this is the final patch. I will miss you, but of course, all good things eventually must come to and end. You’re effort and dedication to this mammoth undertaking are most greatly appreciated. With this post, I say thank you and may you be blessed in ALL of your endeavors.


  90. Anonymous permalink

    You are my hero, Rogue

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the time and dedication translating the magnificent game, may the Monster Lord of “Hora’s” watch over you in your future endeavors. Take care Rogue, You Rock!

  92. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, your hard work will be the happiness of many people.

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    A God among men.

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    Yay. Thank you Mr. Rogue. :)

  96. Thanks for everything you’ve done

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    I miss you already Rogue ;_;

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    Love you rogue. May you find fortune in whatever you do in the future and thanks for the great amount of work you have given us.

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    Holy shit christmas came early! Thanks rogue for all your awesome translations have a great life =)

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    Thank you so very much:)

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    you will never know how much i love you..

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    the bittersweet ending has arrived

  103. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye, my friends.

  104. Anonymous permalink

    I’m the only idiot that doens’t have the arc2 that is supossed to be in the rar file? because launching standalone fails and so does trying to merge

  105. Alice permalink


    It’s about time.

    • Ilias permalink

      *let the innuendo commence*
      Fck you Alice, I was close to becoming the supreme Goddess and stuff, and you and that dickwhacking grandson of mine ruined it all..

      • Alice permalink

        That’s what happens when you’re too lonely, Ilias.
        Instead, you tried to rape your own grandson.

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    You are a legend. I will always remember how your translations made my college life more enjoyable. Thanks for your hard work and unparalleled dedication; you inspire us all to lead lives in directions that interest ourselves. I’m sure your future endeavors will be successful too!

  107. Anonymous permalink

    This is terrible… I mean that you are leaving the scene once and for all. T-T
    Rogue, thanks a lot for translating MGQ and several other games.
    We will really miss you. ;-;

    On an unrelated note, I wanted to mention that in Marunomi there is some untranslated text at the profiles of the characters.
    I just wanted to mention that, maybe Dargoth will translate this or it will be left, but actually it’s not that important.

    Rogue, thanks for working so hard on making various, good-written translations. ^-^

  108. Anonymous permalink

    wow!!! my hands are shaking* right now!!!! thanks rogue!!

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone got a save from the end of the 66% patch?

  110. Ananomous permalink

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but anonfiles seems to not be working. Though it isn’t too important due to there being other fileshosts.

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Oh god bless you, our saviour!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and everyone else’s, thank you for translating for the past years.
    May Godspeed be with you where ever you go!

  112. Anonymous permalink

    You’re amazing dude.

  113. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve refrained from fapping for about 4 months now, awaiting the time for the translation of this game to be completed. The time has finally come, and so will I.
    Thanks Rogue!

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    Thank you! So much.

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    5 months I have waited for this. Thank you so much.

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    *nearly inaudible drawn out squealing noise*

  117. My xmas gift has finally arrived!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

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    My Body. Nothing more. Godspeed and may your life be eternally blessed.

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    Thanks for translating these, I didn’t think I would fall in love with such a story. Great work.

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  121. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a bunch Rogue! Although, I’m missing the arc2.nsa file from the download patch. Is this an error?

    • The downloaded patch won’t contain an arc2.nsa, since that should either come with the base game or come from MGQ part 2.

      • Anonymous(2) permalink

        it does but the value in the Read me says “arc2.nsa 1,685,322”
        but I have this “44,892”
        is that the reason why it doesn’t work?

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I…

  123. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so so so so so so much Rogue! You’re amazing! You’re the best! You’re a god! D:
    We love you! :D
    But also kinda sad to hear you’ll be done with the translation scene after it

  124. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your work Rogue! Wish you the best in your ventures

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for your translations, and I sincerely wish you luck in any future endeavors.

  126. Anonymous permalink

    You’ve done good rogue.
    We’ll miss you man.

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue for all the hard work you’ve put in on these translations. Your work on MGQ opened my eyes to an entire genre I barely knew existed. Every time I whack off to a monster girl I’ll think of you :) Hope the future treats you well.

  128. Drasca permalink

    Thank you oh god of MQG Rogue!

  129. Kyon permalink

    Thank you Rogue. the prophet that delivered the word of Alice and to us. May the Horas forever be with you

  130. Anonymous permalink

    Just Thanks man! I’ve been waiting for this for years! As always good job!

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue!

  132. themengsk176 permalink


    -a fan

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work Rogue. I’ve bought all 3 parts thanks to your great translations. Good luck with whatever you do after this!

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Rogue, for your persistence and hardwork.! :D
    Perhaps I’ve been inspired to do translation work.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the work you’ve done, dude. This turned out to be a surprisingly good game, and I’m glad I get to finish it now.

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone tell me where the last patch ended? I can’t seem to remember or figure out which of my files are the most recent and can’t get into it to find out right now

    • Anonymous permalink

      Right after Luka and Alice had sex for the first time in part 3.

  137. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue!

  138. Anonymous permalink

    See you space cowboy

  139. afaggot permalink

    Thank you so much for everything, Rogue. You truly are a god amongst men.
    Again, thank you so much. Whether you keep translating stuff in the future or not, you have already contributed immensely to the community and we’ll be forever grateful for your effort. Thank you, based Rogue.

  140. Anonymous permalink

    I was watching videos on youtube, just passing time. I searched on google just to see if anyone posted anything else on the Thanksgiving post to help me get past the wait. I saw the whole ‘updated a couple minutes ago’. I paused, stared, and clicked. I thought ‘obviously it must be a simple update, perhaps he will take a few more days off since he found a game breaking bug or something. Then I saw the words ‘Final Patch’ the only thing I could think of was


    This will be a night the likes of which has never been seen! Debauchery and Lust shall reign! I salute you good sir, and I am going to play this game. RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW!

  141. Anonymous permalink

    ooh rogue is retiring, someone give him a 21-gun salute

  142. Zeno's Paradox permalink

    For anyone who (for whatever reason) doesnt have the 66% patch save and wants it, here is mine:
    Have fun!

  143. Anonymous permalink

    how win against arc en ciel using ganberia?

  144. Anonymous permalink

    how to beat arc en ciel?

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      In order to beat Arc-en-Ciel, use Vaporizing Rebellion Sword a couple of times, then start hammering away with normal attacks. After you get Arc-en-Ciel down to 3/4 health, you’ll get another technique. Use it and you win.

  145. AnonS permalink

    A day early! If I hadn’t already taken a day off this week I’d skip tomorrow and just play this. I don’t think I will be sleeping much tonight though.

    It doesn’t appear you need to re-convert if you’ve already combined the parts before. So it’s just simply a matter of unraring it right in your directory and continuing off of your last save if you’ve been playing from the other part 3 patches on a combined game.

  146. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work, Rogue. I just want you to know that, if nothing else, you made people happy with what you did.

  147. Anonymous permalink

    you are a god

  148. Anonymous permalink

    I think it goes without saying but Rogue, you will be sorely missed. Thank you for the grandest of efforts and best of luck for the future.

  149. SystemRust permalink

    You are the best rogue, I would love you if I was a girl! ;o

  150. Anonymous permalink

    >Then I’ll lock the site with the final post and be gone.
    Godspeed Rogue.

  151. Anonymous permalink

    can some one give me easy instructions on how to download this? im not really a computer whiz but i do love the work rouge does!

  152. Anonymous permalink

    Great Job, thank you rogue, it’s sad that you have to go…

  153. Anonymous permalink

    The Beginning of The End Times has begun, but who shall carry on the legacy of the great Rouge now!?!

  154. hellmyhand permalink

    I found a bug!
    During the fight against La Croix’s Cirque du Freak, when Salamder fades, all the sp (skill points) I’ve been saving up disappears.

    • That’s not a bug, that’s what Salamander does when her effect fades. Remember the spirits got sealed so their power went back to their original, not what they had at the end of part 2.

  155. Rouge not translating after this? Rip I Peace

  156. Randomguy664 permalink

    To beat Arc-En-Ceil (I came here looking for answers as well). Use Granberia’s strongest attack as many times as you can, then start whacking her until you get a third convesation. Then use the new skill.

  157. roger permalink

    Anyone happen to have a save file to share from where patch 62% ended? I had problems saving to patch 33% save slots during 62% (apart from unused save slots which were fine), and after patching to the latest 100% patch my save files from 62% patch have disappeared entirely.

    Needless to say, starting all over from where patch 33% ended feels frustrating :F

  158. Anonymous permalink

    Sad to see you go but, thanks for all the work!

  159. Anonymous permalink

    thank you very much Rogue-sama :D

  160. Anonymous permalink

    You are…a cruel being of godly epicness. To bring this out when I have a final paper due within 5 hours…truly cruel. Truly kind. Is this what they call a cruel kindness? Or kind cruelty?

  161. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue for everything you have done for everyone throughout the years. We will all miss you. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

  162. Anonymous permalink

    Few events really make the difference in history and this is one of them

  163. WavedashEX permalink

    Rogue first and foremost like everyone here, i must thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    You sir are not only one of the fastest translators out there, but the best and hopefully most loved.
    In honor of you, every December 5th will be special for everyone and i just hope it’s special for you too.
    I must wish you luck, because someone like you deserves it and i truly hope you’ll remember us all and possibly reconsider retiring, though it makes perfect sense to retire, i’ll wait forever(or at least my lifetime) for you to return.
    I’d hope that you’ll enjoy whatever else comes to you and maybe that you’ll even come back just asking for encouragement from us.
    Finally i’d like to thank you for spending your time on something that will be respected forever, and even if you end up hating your old work we will all cherish it.
    -One of your fans, and a worshiper,

  164. PandoraWolf permalink

    Many many many thanks for all the hard work all these years on all the games you have worked on rogue. Been here at the start and its a honor to be here at the end of your translation journey.

    Good luck and godspeed.
    Maybe we’ll see you up and going again in a couple of years or if some other game finds your interest.

    Untill then again maybe thx for the hard work over all these years and hope to see you again sometime.

  165. HingerBinger permalink

    I’m running windows 7 and crashing on every saved game I have from the 66% patch getting an error that doesn’t seem to have english characters in it’s title. Tried running with applocale as admin and without admin. can’t copy and paste the error but it reads kinda like this,

    NSAfA[fjfCu,copyright symbol,c,ft@fcfHe’s appealing to the Goddess in this situation… @
    |>The same one who ordered it to happen! \

    I said kinda like that because a number of the letters in the first line are strange to my derp eyes having accents above and below or being tiny and appearing to be in cursive or looking like a Copyright symbol. I extracted this patch into the folder with MGQ3 that I already merged with the 66%.

    • HingerBinger permalink

      Okay I underped myself a little and did figure out how to get a screenshot of the error considering my posting ate half of the original error line somehow.

      That’s my error excuse my brain no thinky moment.

      • HingerBinger permalink

        And since I’m still an idiot here’s the error with applocale running so you could probably make some actual sense of it ‘~’

        I swear I’m not totally stupid! I just play an idiot on the internet apparently.

        • Issue with your part 3 arc2.nsa file. Either named something wrong or is missing/deleted

          • HingerBinger permalink

            The arc2.nsa is there at a file size of 14,883 kb. any tips on what I should do?

          • HingerBinger permalink

            I am grateful for your time and it turns out I’m an idiot who moved some wrong files at SOME point and now I have everything working. Thanks for doing this for free and putting up with my idiot time. Sorry sorry sorry sorry. Thank you thank you thank you.

  166. Teen Gohan permalink

    thank you for all your hard work rogue you are my hero my the god watch over you and your family all hail rogue, all hail rogue, all hail rogue.

  167. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone please help me figure out how to use the Anonfiles link? The solidfiles one didn’t give me all the files i needed.

    Anyways, thanks for everything you’ve done for all of us Rogue. A true god amongst men.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind I have figured that out, what i’m working on now is trying to start the game from version 3 rather than all the way back at the start. I really just want to play this :c If anyone has any advice please let me know.

  168. Sissel permalink

    Thank you based Rogue. I’m a game developer and I will make a reference to you in a game someday. Accompanied by many horas.

  169. Anonymous permalink

    I feel like at the end of the two weeks, maybe Rogue can write a little, short memoir of his time translating this game. Think of it as a final, more personal, farewell from him to us.

  170. DonaNobisPacem permalink

    You have my eternal gratitude Rogue. Thank you for your hard work.

  171. Takata permalink

    Thanks so much Rogue. ^^ I’ll be working hard to find typos from the start to the end of all three games. You’re the only one who’s skilled enough to translate it, so you can leave the grunt work of proofreading it to us.

    Is it fair to say that Rogue has added “Hora” to the list of kinda-untranslateable words that anime, manga and VN English fans should know?

  172. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for taking time to make other peoples lives a bit better, you are a good person Rogue :)

  173. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for the ride Rogue

  174. Anonymous permalink

    thank so much rogue you are awesome!!!

  175. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything, Rogue. Godspeed, wherever life may take you.

  176. Anonymous permalink

    first of all rogue, thank you so much for your efforts. perhaps we can start up a donation fund for you?

    secondly, i hate to be THAT guy but….

    its not working for me. my arc2.nsa is around 44mb rather than 1.6gb. Anyone have any idea why?

  177. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot for everything Rogue, you’re awesome ;_;

  178. Hey rogue, I have that money I owe you. What? Don’t you remember? Back in highschool, You lent me $5 so I bang that hooker, what was her name? Alma mathers or something? Any way. I have your money now. So you know, just put up a donate button or something so I can pay you back for all your hard work. Oh, for the record, this money is ONLY to pay you back for highschool, it has nothing at all to do with your patch work. Hell, I don’t even know what a patch is!

  179. Anonymous permalink

    My life is complete. Rogue has opened the gates for me to go free in heaven. Thank you for everything.

  180. Anonymous permalink

    Well, this is the end, beautiful friends. After more than 3 years, this is Rogue’s final update. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who made this journey with us. We wouldn’t have been anything without you. Hopefully we’ve left you with some good memories. So, until we meet again, Stay Gold………… Bang.

  181. Moopz permalink

    Same here.My life is complete.You’ll always live in my memory, Rogue.

  182. Name permalink

    I… I feel like crying.
    I’ve been out of the “scene” for a while so I didn’t even know this was being translated for a while until I randomly dropped by /a/ today and saw a thread. It’s been quite a ride. Thanks for all your work.

  183. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put in.

  184. Dickalert permalink

    Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day since, well, ever. I thought I would be happier.

    Good bye and thank you, Rogue. I’ll miss you.

    ….fap fap fap fap…

  185. anon permalink

    Magnificent! The best Christmas gift EVER

  186. Anonymous permalink

    While I haven’t been around since the beginning like some of the people here I still love this game just as much as anyone, and you have made that possible and since I discovered this you have become one of the people I like and respect the most in this world. So thank you, good luck with all future endeavors, be that murder or espionage, and have a nice life.

  187. And now, i have finished the game.
    It’s already 5AM here …
    But really thanks… Without you, i would had never discover this game.
    Truly a gem and you’re truly a hero.

  188. Anonymous permalink


  189. Anonymous permalink


  190. Anonymous permalink

    Love you Rouge, stay beautiful.

  191. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have arc.nsa from part 1 and 2
    i need it >.<
    thx you

  192. Anonymous permalink

    you’re an amazing person for doing this all these years and we can’t thank you enough! take care!

  193. Anonymous permalink

    Has anybody have a save at the end of the game after beating the boss where you can go at every city? coz the game crashed and my save got deleted/corrupted =/

  194. Anonymous permalink

    So you have to pay to get the final game? Sorry guys im confused…help pls

    • Anon37 permalink

      You actually have to pay to get the whole MGQ trilogy. It’s not free.
      You can get it for free (and illegally) though, by torrent. Just search it yourself.

  195. Anon Unknown permalink

    Does anyone happen to have a 100% combined save? I tried merging my part 2 100% save after merging all three games, and it all came up blank.

  196. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry so you have to pay to get the final part of the game? i dont quite understand sorry guys im confused please help…been waiting for the game since translations begun but didnt realise you needed to pay for the third part….just need someone to confirm this….

    • AnonS permalink

      ? It’s no different than the other parts. You either pay for all the parts or you find them some other way.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rouge has only ever linked to the version you must pay for. If you got part 1 and 2 for free, then you found them by yourself online as Rouge always links to where you can buy the game. Part 3 can likely be downloaded for free somewhere online as well of course. The patches to translate it into English have always been free though.

  197. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know why but when I do copy the 2 arc.sna files over to part 3, it still crashes on the convert part. Don’t know if this has been answered but am I missing something here?

  198. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I remember playing this game. It all linked to you.
    We have grown to live with your posts, and I appreciate what you’ve done.

    I hope we can see you again ;)


  199. Kagero permalink

    Are you planning to translate MGQ Paradox? You should since idk who would…

  200. Anonymous permalink

    ;_;7 I will never forget you rogue.

  201. Anonymous permalink

    it might be odd, but i kinda wonder what it would be like to have a successor trained to continue translating. would take a while, but wouldnt that be cool?

  202. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You so much Rogue!! I really like this game, and thanks to you I was able to play it.
    Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  203. Bob permalink

    Thank you rogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…btw anyone know how to get the Disparaged by Micaela achievement?

  204. Anonymous permalink

    Alright guys thanks for the help, i thought u had to pay to get the third part.Rofl.
    P.s Rogue is a God

    • Anon permalink

      Dude, you do have to pay to get the third part… it’s just that people can pirate it online for free…

  205. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for this, Rogue, We’ll remember you forever.

  206. Anon37 permalink

    Wow.. I was just about to get all so hyped since it’s just a day before December 6, and then you freakin’ released it.
    Rogue we love you. So much. No matter what, you shall always be the best.
    *quote from the Airports post*
    He’s the translator MGQ deserves.
    We can wait, and he can take it.
    He’s a silent linguist.
    A watchful protector.
    A rogue translator.

    Thanks for everything…

  207. Frosty permalink

    Not sure if you’ll take the to read this, but I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done. Translating three full games isn’t something to be scoffed at, but I want you to know that the work you’ve done has been highly appreciated. I’m sad you’ll stop translating, but I wish you the best in the future and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Warmest Regards, Frosty

  208. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything, Rogue. I can’t determine if I’m more happy to see this fully translated, or if I’m more sad that you’re leaving. Anyway, have a good life. You’ve done so much for everyone.

    • Anon37 permalink

      And to think we’re all THIS hyped and grateful for some eroge game introducing a weird fetish..
      MGQ is just that awesome.
      And Rogue is better than the better than the best of the better than the best for translating this for us.

  209. AnonRoy permalink


  210. Anonymous permalink

    How do you get the records:

    Disparaged by Micaela
    Only remembered Amira

    • Scarlethill permalink

      Yeah i wonder the same thing .. anyone know?

      • Sherringford Hope permalink

        For disparaged, you need to surrender after she attacks Illias, she’ll then cal you an idiot, as for amira, you need to fight illias without heading to any of the quest points; head on over to the monster girl quest wiki for more details on the achievements.

  211. Such bittersweet sorrow. Adieu, Rogue.

  212. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much Rogue. Life became a bit more enjoyable when I first encountered this. Now that it’s done, you shall be missed. Good luck in your endeavors.

  213. Anonymous permalink

    im able to combine part 1 2 3 tgt but my save data is loss is this normal? not that i dont mind playing the game all over again

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      I have the same problem.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having the same problem. I have combined the arc.nsa files, the game launches, I can convert the game into 1.
      But when I try to chose save inherit, it’s grayed out, even after copying the gloval.sav from my MGQ2/save folder.

      Any idea what might be causing this?

  214. alex permalink

    (Sorry for poor English)
    I have such a nostalgia… When I started playing 1 part. My emotions for first 5 min. were like what a boring stupid game. Then that fight with slime, it was strange but I liked the way I ended up to throw salt in her. Then pretty beautiful Alice, and I really liked the way story changed (about coexistanse). And this high ranking monster Alice after 5 min. playing (and you actually think that she might be the Monster Lord), and the way she started follow Luka, asking for food. That was probably the moment I started engoying game. And I think the moment we met Granberia, and the Luka thought about what the hell? why everything is so bad. The first town and one of the final bosses. And then Alice stoped the fighting with Granberia. I don’t know why but I really like that it was quite obvious that Alice is Monster Lord and Luka did not get that, I really liked such an atmosphere, a liitle bit naive but pretty interesting. Finally I realized that the game is fabulous. The reason I think is the game is very funny, story is awesome (especially some serious thoughts about life), and of course the erotic part.
    Thank you Rogue!!!
    I was so exhausted to wait till the game is out, and now it is already completely translated. But I feel so sad, that it is gonna finish pretty soon, that I don’t really want to continue the game. I just don’t want it to end so soon. I’m so used to check updates on Rogue’s web site. I just don’t know what I’m gonna do next. I just don’t like the pain you feel when you understand that you reach the end of such a masterpiece, and now you are gonna suffer because of it. At such moments, I usually think that nothing in the future would give me so much emotions like MGQ.
    (Of course everybody will find something new that can bring some fresh emotions, but right know I don’t want to spoil the feast of the MGQ)
    Thank you Rogue again that you shed light on such a masterpiece. I did amazing work.

    • Anon37 permalink

      All good things must come to an end. It’s the sad reality we have to face…
      Though I agree it’s sad to end MGQ. And that daily thrice-a-day check on this blog that I do.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Anusroy posted some song in the previous update post about how you’re all happy about saving the world but also depressed that it’s over.

  215. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue. You’ve been a very small, but comparatively important part of my life for a couple of years now. Thanks for everything.

  216. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rouge again for taking time and completing this project.

  217. Anonymous permalink

    Long life to you, mate. Thanks again for your work.

  218. Coldblood2345 permalink

    I just put the 3 games together and I can’t save it even with the ” save location “.

  219. zaku2142 permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work Rogue~! Gonna miss you, it was a good long run T_T

    – any1 got 100% game save file? it appears that my old saves were lost (don’t work) with the new update. Maybe I did something wrong during this new update or the last (‘ 3’)

    • zaku2142 permalink

      hmm.. I’m going to see if I made a backup copy somewhere before last patch

  220. Herja permalink

    It seemed like it was just yesterday when I discovered the first game and the translation for it that you were working on. Hard to believe that this ride of fapping, sexy monstergirls, shota is at its end. You’re an inspiration to us all rogue, doing what no one else would- doing your flagship translation for MGQ and making more progress than anyone else in VH (among many other things). You will be missed greatly on the translation scene. Godspeed, sir.

  221. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue for devoting so much of your time to make this come true for us.

  222. Anonymous permalink

    Wow it’s finally done. Rogue you are a true legend, there should be a gold statue of you somewhere, take care man.

  223. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything you’ve done and all the hard work you’ve put into this. You didn’t have to, you didn’t make a dime, but you brought this incredible game to all of us and for that, Thank You!

    I think, for this, I’m going to patch the whole game and play through it all from the very start. Make it last. : )

  224. Nymous permalink

    The most valuable thing any man has is the time he is given.
    The most meaningful thing any man can do is spend that time.
    The most wonderful thing you can do with it is tell a story.
    Because when time is gone, stories are all that can be left.

    Thank you for your time Rogue.

    Oh, and you may not want to lose yourself entirely, be nice if you left the keys to someone so they can update the links later. Cya in between.

  225. Someone russian guy permalink

    You’ve made my day!

    Finally I can replay the whole game (part 1-2-3), fully understanding it. And It’s all thanks to you.

    Have you “donate” button, because this work can’t have no thanks.

    And again… Thanks!

  226. Anonymous permalink

    Dear Rogue,
    I don’t know who are you, what’s your name or where do you live.
    But I respect you more than most people I know.
    May the luck and happiness be always on your side.
    Farewell, glorious Rogue. You will be missed and never forgotten.
    Sincerely your, Siberian Anon.

  227. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue! You’re amazing! Love this series and love you for making it possible for me to play it!

  228. Anonymous permalink

    Great work Solider now you may rest, Till we meet again God Bless

  229. Rogues' Lover permalink

    I may have came in late to this game, but, I love you. Is there any way us fans can follow you and continue supporting you? Please for one last ride?

  230. anon permalink

    Thanks you. Chrismas came early to me.

  231. Anonymous permalink

    Amazing work Rogue and a big thank you. I will continue to marvel at how you are able to balance between working as a secret government agent during the day and translating MGQ at night.

  232. derp permalink


  233. Anonymous permalink

    Congratulations on completing your work after all this time. I remember when you were just some random guy on a Hongfire thread, who appeared out of the blue to translate one of the best games ever made. And now you disappear just as suddenly.

    Just remember that you’ll be missed. And thank you.

  234. Edale permalink

    I could only get through to part way through the bit where you team up with chrome…I want to play further, but I can’t.

    The body is willing, but the flesh is spongy, and bruised. (I can’t believe with all the one line quotes I find on youtube, I couldn’t fine that one from Futurama)

  235. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks again. Take care.

  236. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll miss you, Rogue. Have a great life, bro.

  237. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been following this since the very first thread about MGQ on /v/ years back before the translation. I just want to say, THANK YOU rogue. You’ve let many men and women experience orgasms and awe of the story. You’re pretty much a god in the translation scene so it’s sad to see you go but just know that for every second you live, we’re orgasming thanks to you.

  238. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for your hard work

  239. Anonymous permalink

    Farewell, Rogue. Now you shall return to your Odinsleep. Maybe, just maybe, someday we will hear from you again.

  240. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue & Rogue’s little helpers, thank you for all the effort you’ve poured into translating, editing, and tweaking this game for us. I’m sorry to see you go Rogue but, it’s been a pleasure enjoying the work you’ve done for us all.

    P.S. Does anyone know of a fix for the stuttering (backtracks every few seconds- unless I click my mouse button) music in MGQ 2 & MGQ 3? I really enjoy the BGMs, and especially the rare voice work when we get it but, the issue is starting to get to me. It’s strange because although it does the loop at the title screen (and during the rest of the game), if I click the ‘Exit’ button and not select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ the music plays perfectly fine and I don’t need to spam my mouse clicks. The problem could potentially be mine and mine alone but, if not I’d like some help figuring out how to fix it. The simplest solution is to mute it but, I want to avoid that if possible. I’m fairly certain the patch isn’t the problem and I’m not sure if it’s file corruption because all the .ogg music files play fine outside the game. Any assistance would be appreciated!

    • Anonymous permalink

      As it turns out, the laptop is just too old and uses 100% CPU just to run the game (and it runs fine save the sound).

  241. Cio permalink

    I hereby want to say my gratitude to you RT… Because of your trans i decide to bought MGQ, it was actually my first time bought something in H-section. I’m really glad that you finish what you have started. I can’t say much, but i really appreciate your trans in MGQ! And many people that helping the trans of course, i bow down to all of you!

    That was a magnificent job you have been done, in the end you have point out your retirement of the translation project, i will respect your decision, your name will be in the legend in translation history of MGQ :)

  242. Anonymous permalink


  243. Thanker permalink

    So, the time has come to kick Ilias’s unholy ass? -Grabs Angel Halo- Today the world shall be free.

  244. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, it has been an honor visiting your site. You are a gentleman and a scholar, and we are all gratefull for your work. Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.

  245. Scarlethill permalink

    Thank you Rogue for Monmusu Quest! but i noticed something real strange

    1. It says in my records that i haven’t been hit from all the techniques from part 2? i looked at every girl and saw no attack greyed out?

    2. It’s the same problem with part 3, Looked at every girl and nothing’s greyed out there either is this a bug?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I noticed the same thing… I meticulously went over part 2 after merging the files (at which point the achievement for chapter 2 greyed out) then noticed after going through and getting hit with all of chapter 3’s techniques the same issue shows up.

  246. Anonymous permalink

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! May your life be great rouge

  247. Anonymous permalink

    Well….I always check the web right before I go to bed…good thing too… after I finish this up I’ll be able to sleep peacefully. Thank you Rogue….our lord and savior.

  248. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue. You are a man amongst men. A hero… All ahil the Horas-bringer!

  249. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t understand. What motivated Rogue Translator to do all this?

  250. Anonymous permalink

    Super sad to hear that you’re retiring, though I can certainly understand and appreciate all that you’ve done for us over the years. All I can say is the best for you in the future, with whatever you may do. I certainly hope that you can put your translating skills to good use in your future career, as you’ve done a fantastic job with all of these.

    Thanks so much, and all the best!

  251. Anonymous permalink

    I Too is have a arc2.sna problem

  252. Anonymous permalink

    Another thank you, Rogue. You’ve proven time and time again that you are one of the best. No matter where you go in life, I hope prosperity follows.

  253. Anonymous permalink

    My dick was ready.

    My heart was not.

  254. Anonymous permalink

    I think that several evaluations that deal with monster fights accidentally use “Sylph” instead of “Undine”.

    Also, Shirome has “affection” for Chrome, not “affectation”.

  255. jon permalink

    you did it man you are awesome thx for your hard work

  256. Anonymous permalink

    How do i only remembered Amira.

  257. Kahzel permalink

    Wooaah BIG THX Rogue, I’ll play it imediately :D

  258. yuki permalink

    Rogue is leaving the scene? I wonder who, if anyone, will pick up the massive torch you’re putting down.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  259. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for translating this. Godspeed, I wish you all the best in future endeavors.

  260. Anonymous permalink

    Excellent! But…
    How do we merge part 2 with part 3 again?

  261. Anonymous permalink

    I will miss you Rogue. THANKS SO MUCH!

  262. Anonymous permalink

    thank you

  263. Anonymous permalink

    Thx very much (*^*)>.

  264. Anonymous permalink

    Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

    By: Winston Churchill

  265. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue delivers.
    There is no substitute for punctuality and living in a time zone ahead of me.

  266. Mediafire has deleted all your links to the previous parts, and it doesn’t appear that you’ve posted any other links for them. There’s a piratebay download for both part 1 and 2 but I’m not sure it’s completely up to date with side-stories. For instance, the Ika Musume side story was completely untranslated, but one of my friends said that his version had it translated.
    Anyway, I’m out two parts and I can’t find an up-to-date download link anywhere. Help?

    • Anon37 permalink

      He said before that he’s gonna post an update for this patch with bugs/typos fixed, and along with that are updated links to his other patches. Doncha worry. :>

  267. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot Rogue. Sad that you stop.

  268. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything hope your will have a good life whatever you are going to do next god Bless rouge godspeed and Hora

  269. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a ton, Rogue. I’ve been a fan of the game since you translated part 1 years ago.

    The final fight against Ilias had me pumped, and the translation was beautiful.

    Here’s to you. Good speed.

  270. Anonymous permalink

    Finished playing the game. I think you guys will enjoy the story more than the monster girls in this final patch, but we come for both of them, ne?

    Thank you Rouge. May the horas be with you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      hey, do you ahve access to all of your skills, like the Fallen Angel Dance, in your game, cause I don’t have it in mine for some reason

  271. True2daflame permalink

    Just like to say thanks for the hard work of getting this game translated…. Sorry to see you go but life has its ups and downs can’t stay doing this for free and get anywhere. Take care and enjoy yourself

  272. Anonymous permalink

    El i’m swimming to you babe.tks u rogue u r my god!

  273. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t even…I know how to merge and all that shit but it’s just that the game won’t start as a standalone so I can’t really do much, anyway the only arc2 file I see is one in MGQ 2 and it’s not the correct one judging by size. I don’t think the 2 links that go are missing something if people are already playing.
    This is part of the error
    | effectcut
    | mode_wave_demo
    > exec_dll “NSFont-dll/gaiji,YZ,systeam/hurt.bmp”
    So anyone feels like helping a poor heart broken anon with this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same problem here…

    • Anonymous permalink

      The epic day is no becoming the saddest day

      • Anonymous permalink

        well it;s better than the Ps3 and Xbox Lauch day

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have exactly the same issue. Both regarding the arc2 file and the error message, as shown in the link below.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Maybe rogue or someone will hear our prayers

    • Anonymous permalink

      I was having the same problem after initially playing the game fine. For some reason arc.nsa, arc1.nsa and arc2.nsa had all disappeared from the game’s folder. Putting them back in made it work again.
      No idea why that happened in the first place though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same problem here as well. This is disappointing.

  274. Anonymous permalink

    First post here. I just wanted to say thank you Rogue for taking time out of your day to translate this 3 part series. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this wonderful story at the quality we’ve come to know from you. Good luck with life, godspeed and Hora.

  275. Anonymous permalink

    First post here. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your life to translate this 3 part series for us, thanks to you we were able to enjoy this magnificent story with quality translations. If it wasn’t for you most of us wouldn’t have never had the chance to play this series nor would this game find another translator that could match your speed and quality. Good luck with life Rogue, godspeed and Hora.

  276. Anonymous permalink

    I cannot for the love of god find the Granberia ending… in the final map screen the town Grangold where she’s supposed to be doesn’t appear anywhere!

    • Anonymous permalink

      She’s at the parade grounds in Grangold.

  277. Anonymous permalink

    Might be just me but theres a bug where when I import my data I don’t get the “hit by all requestable 2nd chap techniques” even though I have checked both chap 2s and chap 3s monsterpedias, there is not one greyed out skill. I even checked chap 2s records and I already took on every move.

  278. Anonymous permalink

    It was a fun journey, Rogue. The days I spent checking this blog for updates… they were the happiest days of my life

  279. Anonymous permalink

    Can you stop using shitty free hosts, please? Google Drive offers 15GB free storage, they don’t delete your files, no ads, no wait time, no bandwidth limit, no download limits, at least 100mbit down/up speed (maxes my FTTH connection), content servers in just about every major city around the world… need I go on?

  280. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue! you’re awesome

  281. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to beat Alice’s final form?

    • Anonymous permalink

      The evaluation tells you everything:

      Only one Spirit: Preferable Gnome or Undine, otherwise the counter spirit to hers.
      Attack by her second bound instead of struggle.
      Daystar when she charges up, so don´t play to offensively with Skills.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Can u pls in detail specify how to beat her third final form ? she just randomly binds me without any warning and i cant break free even with gnome

        • Anonymous permalink

          counter her wind with your earth
          counter her earth with your wind
          counter her fire with your 4th skill (the one that always counters the next attack)

          • Anonymous permalink

            And save sp for heal, sp boost(fire) and 4th skill do not rush. It’s then very strait forward.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Im sorry your tips does help but im having trouble with her random binding attack that always comes without warning and i cant get off no matter what…

          • Anonymous permalink

            Nvm somehow managed to beat it, thanks for tips anyway.

        • Read the text – Her binds either require a struggle or to attack. If he’s “partially bound” you attack, if he’s “bound” you struggle.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Wouldn’t all out tactic that abuses her “only 2 spirits” rule be the best?

        1.Summon Gnome to reduce incoming damage; 2.Use Daystar; 3.Summon Salamander to regain SP; 4.She wastes her turn to cancel your summons; 5. Repeat from step 1.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sounds awesome at first, but not reliable. If you use Daystar, she may charge her instant death attack. She can also call a spirit, Daystar would fail too.

          • AnonS permalink

            ^This. I used Daystar only when she charged up, otherwise I was using the 6pt one mostly. I forgot which one I had up the most, probably Undine.

    • Daystar permalink

      This is kinda late, anyway, when I was playing the non-translated version of this game a few months back, I found out that her binding attack when she has NO SPIRIT summoned can only be escaped from by attacking. I think it is on where she uses the Venus Flytrap thingy to bite Luka’s penor with. XD

  282. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue for all the hard work. And Marunomi too!

  283. Anonymous permalink


  284. Anonymous permalink

    it doesnt save for me. when i try and save when its not at a save location it just makes a loop and when i try and save it at a save location it doesnt make a save file.

  285. izanagi permalink

    does anyone know what the contents of each of the arc.nsa (1,2,3,4,5,6) files are?
    I’e always been curious as to why the files are all different sizes.

  286. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue. Hope Alice bless you! Bro!

  287. IceSky22AIZ permalink

    Thanks alot Rogue, really appreciate all the work and time you’ve put into this.
    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  288. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe a kind one can upload their working arc2.nsa because the one in my folder of MGQ2 is smaller that it should and a redownloaded part 2 give exactly the same size.

  289. Anonymous permalink

    NSA is watching me fap to MGQ…..

    Jokes aside, got a bug here

    I merged part 1, 2 and 3 together and I got this at the start of part 3 during the goblin zooming through sceneries.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    • Appletoast permalink

      I got the exact same crash text..not able to find any solution to this :((

  290. Christmas DID come early this year!

    Thanks Rogue, it’s sad that you’re leaving the translation scene, but you’ve left behind one hell of a legacy.

  291. Anonymous permalink

    you’re the man.
    thanks from my heart for all your translation!

  292. meh permalink

    Oh yeah finally thanks Rogue.

  293. Anonymous permalink

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to access the old Doppelganger fight? And thank you very much Rogue good luck in what ever you you strive for next!

  294. Don't ask. permalink



  295. Kev-ab permalink

    I remember when I played the first one in japanese, just because hype. then, you appeared as a savior and started translating all,
    That day I replayed this game heartfully, enjoying it’s story rather than the CGs, since then I always waited your patches. I’m really sad that you need to leave the translating scene, but I think this game as your legacy, your way to say “I want you to know this exists” many incredible VN or eroges are often undiscovered or forgotten as they launch because “No one’s translating all this” this VN gave me a lot of great moments and laughs (and faps, I can’t lie about that).
    You and all the people that gladly helped you in this project are awesome. Good luck Rogue you deserve it.

  296. Anonymous permalink

    Just managed to get it working, thanks very much rogue, best of luck and merry christmass.

  297. Yabu permalink

    Rogue-sama!!!! q~q

  298. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all work Rogue, you are the best!

  299. Anonymous permalink

    Don’t leave!

  300. JerichoDeath permalink

    Just one thing to say:

  301. Daystar permalink

    THIS IS IT!!! The final judgment has come! Rogue, thank you so much, and for some reason, I’m on the verge of shedding tears due to happiness of the translation’s completion and due to sadness because in a few weeks, you’ll be gone… Q_Q UWAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *Sniff*

    We’ll always remember you.

    And your noble, heroic deed.

    Immortalize the horaaaaaasssss!!

    And now, my “Sword of Flaming Wisdom” is ready! Ilias, time to get… punished!!! UUUUOOOOOOO!!!

    • Daystar permalink

      And BTW, this patch is an early birthday present for me, thank you so much, Rogue, merry Christmas in advance. XD

  302. Anonymous permalink

    gentlemen… be ready to turn on your FAP engine!!!

  303. Anonymous permalink

    First time posting here, just wanted to thank you Rogue for the amazing job. Having did some translation myself i know how much it can become dull and boring, especially a long ass project like this, but you persevered on and delivered us such a nice game; its really crazy how a hentai game can have such a nice and refreshing story with some really moving scenes, and without you translating it would probably have been unnoticed by almost everyone. So thank you again for giving us the chance to play it and good luck with your life, you rock man! :)

  304. SS80 permalink

    That doesn’t work, when i extracted the game and click on the icon the game doesn’t start.
    Where did you found MGQ Part 3 directory ?

    PS: i am french so can you write simply please, and sorry if i don’t speak much.

  305. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work Rogue. Wish you all the best.

  306. AnonRoy permalink

    So, beat the final boss, had a blast (had a few, actually), and then started the end-game content, what with the exploration and whatnot. Go to Illiasburg, meet the three girls, don’t resist…

    Can’t Luka ever have have consensual sex, ideally without being kept as a fuck slave, killed, or driven mad? Seriously. “Hey, thanks for saving the world, that was really cool! Now, be our plaything hidden away in a barn forever!” Come on, I thought those girls were nice now…

    • AnonRoy permalink

      And just finished the Epilogue. Firstly, fuggin hell, Rogue. Good job. Secondly, the whole end-game everybody-rape-luka bit is well explained. TAMAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  307. Anon Unknown permalink

    Rogue, thank you for translating MGQ.

  308. Johnny not walker permalink

    Thank you soooo much for it ! you deserve a medal ;) from Alice :P

  309. Player permalink

    I’d like to report something about the patch (bug maybe?)
    It’s about exporting file MGQ2 to MGQ3. I’ve played MGQ2 and get “Second Chapter All Techniques Taken”. When I exported it to MGQ3, the achievement is in grey color (usually mean it’s not completed yet)

    I’ve tried export MGQ2 to MGQ3 without patch (in japanese language) and the achievement is in white color (already complete)
    When I install the english patch, it become grey again

    I’ve experiment the following:
    1. english patch -> export .nsa file -> export saves (Second Chapter All Techniques Taken: Grey)
    2. english patch ->export saves ->export .nsa file (Second Chapter All Techniques Taken: Grey)
    3. export .nsa file -> export saves ->english patch (Second Chapter All Techniques Taken: Grey)

    Anyone have the solution?

    • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

      I can only tell you that even if you go and get hit by every single technique in chapter 2 all over again, it will still be gray.

      • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

        I deleted gloval.sav and starts to obtain everything from scratch again(with full 3 parts combined into one this time), I used old save file(not the gloval, but the actual save logs 1-64 which I saved before every battle)for all 1st chapter encyplopedia, and I got all the 1st chapter achievement. Now I’m playing through the whole 2nd chapter again(not using any save file this time)

        I’m wondering if anyone had done the same thing? If someone did, please tell me how did it go. If not, then I’ll post my result soon.

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          Okay, I’m done, and the achievement is still gray out. I did not exploit “hit-esc-and-you-can-save-anywhere” trick even once.

          Although I did click save on a wrong spot once (I got a warning message(with Red-X and all) and no data is saved), I use task manager to “End Task” instantly after that.

          Maybe I DID got the achievement, and the text is JUST GREY for some reason.

        • Just a Puny Traveler permalink

          Is it possible that the problem comes from Doppel custom scene? When there’s only part 2, Doppel scene was access from Monsterpedia as the FINAL entry after Ilias after all.

          Of course, Rogue would surely have Doppel scene in his folder, and he said he was fine, but just to be sure.

          Might just be some random bug cause by some difference in computer, not unlike the small text problem, maybe from locale?

  310. Dino permalink

    Thank you based Rogue

  311. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    Thank you, Rogue. I don’t know why, but my small text problem has finally resolved by this update, combine with the use of Applocale(Nihongo).

  312. Anonymous permalink

    Yay! Finally! Rogue, you’re the man! It’s a pity that you are retiring, but I can say for sure that you will never be forgotten by the MGQ community.

  313. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you from Brazil. So many good games in japanese but no translator. You are a hero.

  314. Anonymous permalink

    TYVVM!!! now i can finally play pt.3 fully :)

  315. 光闇 permalink

    Love it! That final battle :o 6/5

  316. Anonymous permalink

    “How do you get the records:

    Disparaged by Micaela
    Only remembered Amira”

    • White Mage permalink

      I want to know aswell.

    • JerichoDeath permalink

      Disparaged by Micaela = surrender to the final boss on the same turn that Micaela appears
      Only remembered Amira = skip all optional content in the game, only doing the bare minimum to complete everything

      At least, that’s what I was told.

      • AnonS permalink

        Haha I want to get that disparaged one now, that sounds silly.

  317. Anonymous permalink

    why must you go :(

  318. Dimitry permalink

    Well, I guess that as follower of your talent, dear translator, and user of your product(translation)I should post here my comment. Or shouldn’t .Anyway I’ll do that.
    Firstly, I apologies for my English: I easily read text, but from time to time it can be rather difficult for me to write my thoughts clearly.
    A few words about the game directly. In my opinion, there is no point in saying that Monmusu Quest is perfect or brilliant. It’s too obvious: at any case all of us here because we keen on MGQ.I just emphasize that this game ( apart from it’s own quality )captivate me with returning old memories(MGQ takes after one of the first games I’ve played ).
    Then about Rogue’s work. He is awesome and a little weird hard worker .It is great job to translate so huge text. Especially, in so short period of time. Especially, so elaborately .Especially from one of Asia’s languages(I do not know how it is abroad,but in Russia we often use word “hieroglyphs” as synonym of some VERY complicated text or extremely bad handwriting or when both this things meet each other on one paper list or when see the cipher and e.t.c.)
    . Especially, from Japanese to English.
    Thanks to him I get lots of pleasure(mostly esthetic)from this game as plenty of other people.
    Now, It is sad to say “Goodbye!” to Rogue(Sounds funny.Isn’t it?).However, anyway I full of gratitude to him and wish him good luck everywhere he go.
    P.S.It is really marvelous to receive MGQ3 on my birthday.
    P.P.S.Let cut off sad part of post and start another one,more selfish and created to quench my curiosity.
    I was wondering, if somebody know who is going to make the MGQ4?Is that is the same person who do previous 3 ?

  319. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything you did dude. You truly are awesome.
    Best regards, and I wish you only the best of luck in the future! ^^

  320. Anonymous permalink

    I was able to fuse all the parts but the save inherit is grayed out, anyone else?

  321. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for sticking to translating the 3 games unlike some translators who don’t even finish one.

    Good luck with whatever you have planned next.

  322. Shirokuro permalink

    Hey Rogue, i heard rumors about A RPG game based on Monmusu by the same company. If it is released, would you be willing to translate it?

    I know you already said you will retire from translating, but i just had to ask

  323. Anonymous permalink


  324. Anonymous permalink

    saw this last night stayed up all night playing work in a few hours no sleep this wont turn out well

  325. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work! Sad that you’ll be leaving though :(

  326. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I’ll remember this.

  327. Anonymous permalink

    This the first time im write in this forum, you so great translator that im know,
    Thank you Very Much to your hard work Rogue im pray that you have Good Life…
    Good Bye, But dont forget all you fans, By The way sorry if my english bad….
    Greed from indonesia

  328. Anonymous permalink

    This the first time im write in this forum, you so great translator that im know,
    Thank you Very Much to your hard work Rogue im pray that you have Good Life…
    Good Bye, But dont forget all you fans, Sad that you’ll be leving tough
    By The way sorry if my english bad….
    Greed from Indonesia

  329. Kaffita permalink

    And finally, here we are at the end. It’s been a great time. I still have a hard time not believing you’re a robot! I’ve never seen one person translate at such a great speed and quality like you did for this series. Thanks for all your hard work these past few years. See you around, based Rogue.

  330. Anonymous permalink

    Gods be praised.

  331. Anonymous permalink

    Wish Homura turned to a demon and entered MGQ world and went for Luka…

  332. Anonymous permalink

    Well, I cant play it, because my arc2.nsa is 44.892 KB (not 1,685,322) and a japanease massege appear when I try to click the logo

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re not alone,still we don’t have an answer

    • Anonymous permalink

      there is a person who posted a DL to his ARC2.nsa 1 gig file above
      or Download the whole game again

      • Anonymous permalink

        Have you downloaded the game? Rogue’s patch will not work alone.

  333. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you’re a legend.

  334. Anonymous permalink

    You, sir are amazing, thank you for all your work here, it was a wonderfull game….everyone came for the fap and stayed for the story, the best game i have ever played, farewell Rogue we wish you the best

  335. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, Rogue! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release for a while now.

  336. Anonymous permalink

    merged ok but I can’t save inherit and i’ve got the arc2.nsa at 44,892 isntead of 1,685322 and no arc5.nsa

  337. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue.
    It’s strange to know that for someone who does such a great undertaking, we know nothing of you. Can you arrange some sort of sign, so we, the ones that know you from these translations, can recognize you in the years to come?

  338. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything you are a god among men

  339. Anonymous permalink

    I wish you all the fortune in the world.

    Thank you.

  340. Kurai permalink

    DONT TOUCH THAT FILE. What you need is the arc.nsa file (look carefully there is no number) from part 1 and the arc1.nsa file from part 2. The arc2.nsa that comes with part 3 should NOT be touched.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I understood that in the read me but anyway thanks for the clarification. The thing is there is no arc2.nsa in the part 3, neither mega nor solidfiles, can’t say about anonfiles I can’t get it to work. so I (and many others) are at a loss.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Likewise here, I suppose this adventure has to end sooner or later…but I’d like to get to it.

        • Kurai permalink

          Hmm in that case why dont u guys try finding MGQ part 3 from some other site or something and download it? I guess that where ever you guys got it made a mistake somewhere. The one i got is perfectly fine.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Nah it doesn’t exist yet…but you’re telling me that when you download this patch you have already an arc2.nsa in the rar?

    • permalink

      but there’s no arc2.nsa inside MGQ Part 3v1.0

      • permalink

        disregard that (i suck cocks)
        wasn’t aware i should have the japanese version

        • Anonymous permalink

          So you’re telling me that unlike the first two parts we need the jap version first and that this idea came to my head and I disregarded it because reasons?
          I feel fucking uber-idiot but thanks for the insight

  341. Anonymous permalink


  342. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all your work!

  343. Anonymous permalink

    The test of the spirit is the best part (if you know what I mean). Especially in Illias Continent and Noah Region. Too bad there isn’t any in San Ilia Castle.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Epilogue Sabasa Castle: You shouldn”t try not to avoid this place, unless you aren’t good at failing not answering tricky questions incorrectly.

  344. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone have a save that has the full monsterpedia unlocked? Most of the entries didn’t save for me for some reason.

  345. Anonymous permalink

    solved the arc2.nsa problem but still no save inherit option when I transfer gloval.sav

  346. Anonymous permalink

    I downloaded a torrent and deleted a file I didn’t think think I needed which contained the rest of arc2.nsa

  347. Anonymous permalink

    After the first part where the goblin girl runs past the forest, i get a message saying:
    NSA(insert like 20 random characters)
    099.txt line:292944

    |cspl 699,705
    |bg black,7,1500
    >bg “bg\”+Shaikei+”.bmp”

    not sure if this is related to my game or the translation. But the game crashes right after this pops up

  348. Anonymous permalink

    I got the same bug

  349. Anonymous permalink

    We’ll miss you Rogue. Thanks for all the work.

  350. Orange permalink

    I’m having a problem accessing the music after finishing the game.
    This is the only problem I’ve had. Any help would be great. Here’s the error message.

    099.txt line:306397

    mov $bgmdata078,”bgm\labo2.ogg”

    mov $bgmdata079,Biolabs

  351. Anonymous permalink

    I have the same problem of you guys, i combine all the arc files and the global save but when i try the part of “save inherit”, that option is gray and disabled. Anyone was able to fix that?, does anyone could solve?

  352. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone post a torrent of this patch?

  353. Anonymous permalink

    What I don’t understand is when I copy gloval.sav I get the combine prompt in extras not save inherit yet when I copy the whole save directory over the game sees them but doesn’t load them up but I still don’t get the save inherit option appear. I have no idea what to do, monsterpedia entries up to my latest save are all there and accessible with no issues so my only wayout of this at the moment is to start again (which in all honesty isn’t too bad) I’ve done everything else to the letter.

  354. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone else not able to open the game. Every time I run the .exe nothing pops up yet I see it in my processes in task manager.

    • Zearth permalink

      That’s happening to me. Won’t even open, just a weird caption pops up.

  355. Kurai permalink

    To the people having the save inherit problem, did you guys beat MGQ part 2 and get some message to save or w/e?

  356. Anonymous permalink

    I wondered for a long time but I am the only one who monmusu quest take all ram to run in full screen,I have 16g ram and when launching monmusu quest,everything is fine,but after playing it for 30 minute or more,my computer drastically end up with only 0.5g ram/16g…I didnt have this bug for part 1 and 2 of monmusu quest,bt it came with part 3… =/

  357. Anonymous permalink

    to Kurai: No i’m just before the end so but I didn’t have a problem importing part1 save to part 2 and I was close to the end of that section as well

  358. Hizoku permalink

    You’ll be back… they always come back, there’s too much Hora Hora out there for you to leave permanently xD

    But, thanks again for all your hard work.

  359. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue? Thanks.
    You’ve worked on this for a long time just to bring people like us a nice game.
    Your contribution to the realm is noted and appreciated.
    You’re the best. :)

  360. AnotherFakeHero permalink

    Thank you for everything you’ve done Rogue. Without you no one would have been able to experience this. Plus Monster Girls would likely not big as big as a hit if it wasn’t for MGQ for getting it started.

  361. LW71 permalink

    I usually only be a silent reader. And now since it come to and end, I want to thank you rouge, for translating MGQ. It really help me to understand the story and get the best experience with the game (also the fap lol)

    Good luck with your life dude

  362. Anonymous permalink

    So much manly love!!! Thank you Rogue, for everything!

  363. Anonymous permalink

    Got a question. Do I have to use arc.nsa from Part 1’s folder and arc1.nsa from Part 2’s folder or can I just use the arc.nsa and arc1.nsa from a combined part 2 folder that has the translation in it?

    The filesizes of arc.nsa and arc1.nsa are the right numbers, but can I use those or do I have to find part 1 and 2 again?

  364. Naraku permalink

    Thanks Rogue, for giving us the chance to experience such an awesome game. Good luck!

  365. Anonymous permalink

    You are a god!

  366. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks to Rogue and the crew. Your service to the community of perverts will not be forgotten! :P

  367. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue! I hope you have a wonderful life! It’s prolly been beaten into the forum here, but thank you! Thank you so, so much. ; w;

  368. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue, and farewell!

  369. Anonymous permalink

    • Takata permalink

      I like that the game had a nice, long anticlimax (similar to Return of the King). ^^

  370. Anonymous permalink

  371. Anonymous permalink

    *clears throat* ahem *deep breath*
    get off ur fat ass an translat this gameu lazy bum i culdve done it in 3–

    Oh he’s done. Thanks bro.

  372. Anonymous permalink

    You will be missed, Rogue.

  373. Anonymous permalink

    Good luck and Godspeed mighty Rogue Translator.

  374. Anonymous permalink

    It’s the end huh? No more horas after this….but you’ll always have the monster girls as your protectors after this. God speed for translating these games over the years. If a monster girl ever gets created, we’ll send it to you to be your wife! I wish luck in your life.

    • Darkbeetlebot permalink

      I must succeed in my quest to biologically engineer monster girls in this case.

  375. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks you rouge, thak you for your work.

    I expect that you com back again in the future, and translate more games.

    But now, THANKS YOU.

  376. Anonymous permalink

    i have an error in my monsterpedia with monster of this patch, one know why?

  377. Crimson permalink

    Praise lord Rogue and his epic band of misfits! for tonight, we MGQ!

  378. Anonymous permalink

    I think I may have found a bug.Trying to play the music causes the game to crashes whenever you try to access it after completing the game.

  379. Anonymous permalink

    Guys just an fyi. If you previously used someone Else’s save or unlocked music and monsters that where previously untranslated even through normal play installing this patch can cause game crashes to occur in the Monsterpedia and in the music screen. I believe this is because when it writes your gloval.sav or whatever file your saved Monsterpedia and unlocks are in. It does it in Japanese because it was untranslated. Then after the patch when it tries to call it via it’s English handle it throws an error. My solution is not completely tested. As i have yet to complete the game. However if you use have a complete save folder from mgq2 you can import that to mgq3 after converting. This will give you all part1, part 2 monsters and allow you to re acquire the part 3 monsters. This time with no errors. Note : Don’t panic when transferring the save files doesn’t update everything. For some reason mgq needs you to play a bit before it loads the new save data in. I am not sure what events trigger it. But this is what happened to me.

  380. I usually don’t comment on translators website or blogs but for this i must say Thanks.

  381. Salaver permalink

    Thank you and maybe one day, we’ll meet again when you re-awaken from sleep

  382. Sh4dey permalink

    Hey Rogue, if someone wanted to become a translator for these games like you were, what would you suggest to them to do and learn? Also, is Japanese a hard language to take on?
    Greatly appreciate your work and effort into these things.

  383. Takata permalink

    Possible spoiler for Tamamo:
    The upload date on this fan-drawn(?) image is 20 Oct 2012… How!? Coincidence?

  384. Anonymous permalink

    [Critical Ecstasy] has been reached!

  385. Can someone tell me why i am missing skills? Like Fallen Angel Dance… T_T

  386. Anonymous permalink

    I’m feeling a lot of mixed feelings here. On the one hand, the MGQ trilogy is finally finished! On the other hand, we’re losing Rogue. So I think for all of us, it’s a very bittersweet moment. And I for one hope that, even though Rogue is leaving us, that one day fate will bring him back to all of us.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well… He might come back for Monster Girl Quest : Paradox

      So yea, that day shall come soon enough c:

  387. Anonymous permalink


    I know how you unlock “Disparaged by Micaela” for the records. Surrender in the final battle in the very turn when Micaela appears. She is only there for a turn!

    Also: Every participant in the final battle responds if Luka surrenders. A true pathetic hero will give up by every character to read all they lines!

    • Anonymous permalink

      So, I´m asking for the third time: Does anybody know how to unlock “Only remembered Amira.” in the records?

  388. coldtoon permalink

    we have a resource hog bug and the opening theme is looping

  389. Anonymous permalink

    Now…for the bonus “SPOILER”

  390. Anonymous permalink

    I apologize for the lengthy/sappy post but I just wanted to say thank you Rogue from the bottom of my heart. When I first learned about MGQ I was just awkwardly scrolling through 4chan back in 2010 when I came upoun the title picture for Part 1. I’ve never heard of a visual novel before and I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into three years ago. A well done story with great characters, a community of people supporting the game, and of course the Translator that held everything together Rogue. After I had finished Part 1 I grew to love visual novels and they are now a part of my life. Now after three years of playing waiting and learning the long road of Monster Girl Quest is at an end. All of my love for this game and the visual novel genre in general erupted in tears during the final dialogue between Alice and Luka. And well None of it would have been possible with you, so again, thank you Rogue for allowing myself and so many others to enjoy this game to its fullest. I wish you the best with your life and luck with those pesky business trips. Thank you for everything.

  391. JerichoDeath permalink

    As some have reported, accessing the music in extras after the game is complete causes a crash.

    Here is an image of the error that is generated:

  392. Void permalink

    All hail the great RogueTranslator! a true god among men.
    srsly though. thank you.

  393. Anonymous permalink

    So…hit an issue, can’t pass by the ANgel you meet in the church because a few skills that are needed, Fallen Angel Dance, don’t show up. Any help or explination as to why this is happening?

  394. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks!! I really appreciate this! now the time has come! finally! my body is ready!!

  395. Darkbeetlebot permalink

    And now I shall write an entire novel based on monster girls.
    Of course it’ll be ironically dark. What kind of genre-butchering novel isn’t dark? (I’d like for someone to actually tell me what kinds!)

  396. RogueKing permalink

    I want to tank you, Rogue, for all that you have done. I will not grieve you, for I know that we will one day meet again. Instead, I will celebrate knowing you and remember all that you have done.

  397. White Mage permalink

    To get ‘Disparaged by Micaela’, here’s what you have to do:


    Fight against Ilias (Final Form)
    From the start/beginning
    Fight till Micaela shows up, then surrender
    She will say something to Luka about him surrendering


  398. Anonymous permalink

    For all the people with the “save inherit” problem, what you have to do is in the part2 of the game, make a save in the end (after the conversation of Ilias and Black Alice), will appear an option for a save, do it. Al least works for me :/

    • anon permalink

      It didnt work. If that worked, thisd be easy but no.

  399. Anon-kun permalink

    I get it now!! The reason why Rogue chose this day to release the patch!!
    It’s his way to cheer the world up from the loss of Mandela!!
    Rogue, you’re really such a good guy!!!

    • Takata permalink

      Err… let’s avoid trying to draw absurd links between a real anti-apartheid revolutionary, and a VN.
      I’m -sure- it was just a coincidence. o.o

  400. MGJSakazaki permalink

    This is the first time I come here in your blog rogue, i did not know the translations of MGQ had been made by you. So I THANK YOU SOO MUCH ROGUE, you done a great work, you are our hero, i’m certain that your work will stay in our minds for a long time. I’m happy and at the same time sad ’cause you are going to retire from translation, well, one day the dream must to end, but what matters is what you did. I really hope you have a wonderful life, a really happy one. Thanks again, and I’m a Brazilian, and Brazil got many people who love MGQ. Me and my friends hope you live a happy life buddy. Sayonara! o/

  401. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue… I love you :)

  402. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    I don’t spot any typo, but the angels that the hero killed, weren’t their names supposed to end with “-el”? You seem to keep the katakana spelling “-eru”. Was it intentional?

  403. Narky permalink

    You have my Eternal thanks for translating this game series. Who’d have thought that a pornographic game would have one of the best stories ever, and i owe my chance at reading it all to you. Thank You For Being Awesome :)

  404. Zabusa permalink

    Thx for the ride rogue, hope to hear from ya in the future.

    Have good luck, money and women :D.

  405. Someone permalink

    does anyone have, or know where i can find a 100% save (only care about the monsterpedia) for all 3 games. No matter how i try to do it i cannot seem to take complete saves from 1 2 and 3 and merge them into 1 save file

  406. Anonymous permalink

    Big thx for making that happen ;)

  407. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, can’t thank you enough man. Especially for getting the patch out early. I fucking love this trilogy for a hell of a lot more than the porn, so thanks for letting us play it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad that you’re not translating the next MGQ game, but you deserve a damn break. You work faster than all the other translators and you always do a good job. So thanks man, know that all the work you did really is appreciated.

  408. kalil permalink

    thanks for your hardwork rogue
    send us a text when you reach valhalla and say hi to odin for me

  409. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Rogue.
    For all your hard work.
    You’ll be remembered

  410. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry to see you go dude but thanks for all you’ve done. Without you I couldn’t have enjoyed such a great series.

  411. AnonS permalink

    Got a crash on the first Gnome fight at the end of Part 1. Any fix?

    • AnonS permalink

      Hmm worked the second time, probably an attack. I might have to start saving more often than I do, I save only after a long time.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i noticed a game crash when she uses “Gnome’s Mouth Play”. the game seems to crash after the line “nervously licks the tip” then i get this error:

        “099.txt line: 305911”
        >if %bwait= 0 texec

        im assuming it is a (hopefully) simple coding error and hopefully it will get fixed, or someone shares info on how to fix it

  412. Guy Max permalink

    thank you for your hard work I do not have any skills with languages so I really appreciate that you put the time and effort into doing something I could never imagine myself doing.

  413. A Small Town Boy permalink

    H o l – l y s h i t. so its finally over huh? And your locking the site and just gonna go poof! I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty sad at that thought. I don’t want you to stick around if you don’t but just imagining that all of this will one day fade away into the depths of internet obscurity is really tear-jerking. It was a fun run my friend. We went so far, and did so much. I Know that I will cry at the end of this game (haven’t beaten it yet). Despite knowing nothing about you Rouge, I feel a deep connection to you. Like an old friend. Is this because of my respect and admiration? Or just some weird Male bonding over porn? who knows? But I do know that I’m glad I Stuck with you and patiently waited and hoped as every day that passed, for update. Some may say my time was wasted I feel however that I couldn’t have spent it better.

    Good Luck my friend in all of your future endeavors I’m sure you will find that of which you seek.
    From yours truly Just a Small Town Boy.

  414. Anon37 permalink

    Because Rogue is leaving, this fits the situtation..

    • lixef permalink

      all of my liquid pride for rogue


  415. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for everything Rogue

  416. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work without you i would have never gotten to play this game so truly thank you.

  417. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your time and dedication Rogue!
    Despite not knowing you at a personal level, your presence will be missed. Hope to see you around the internet sometime even if you’re not doing translations anymore (ever consider a blog?).

    Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  418. Goddess Ilias permalink

    we will miss you rogue you were my best gift to the world and now that world will feel ever smaller.
    i speak for all the angles when i say we love you rogue we all love you

  419. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue, wish you the best in your future endeavors. I’ll miss coming back here and checking in on you and the game. It’s very bittersweet to see this end, and I hope very much that I will come across your work in the future.
    Godspeed you magical man.

  420. Anonymous permalink

    So sad, rogue is leaving and a great story ended. Thx for everything you are great

  421. Anonymous permalink

    well its been a long run rougue well guess imma have to learn japaneese to play future mgq games but all your work is appreciated

  422. Anonymous permalink

    thank you , i play the game on usb but i don`t know why the save slot is empty(i complete the game already)my save files have my saving and the games creat saving outside the save files after the things happened
    ,anyone know why?

  423. I have a bug where u cant see Serene Mind and Fallen Angel Dance in the Story! but in a Replay Battle i can see them… Why God why me? what have i done to you?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have that bug too.
      I lost to Archangel Ranael like 50 times before googling and realizing I was supposed to have Fallen Angel Dance…
      Going to try and replay up to that point and hope it works.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have this same issue. I’ve made it up to Knightroid without access to either skills. But, she’s kicking my ass pretty good without Serene Mind.

  424. Zearth permalink

    I love that you’ve finished this, congratulations on all your hard work. I appreciate it a great deal.

    That said, there seems to be a big problem for me. It wont even open. Clicking on the application IMMEDIATELY opens a caption saying; 099.txt line:304035

    I have no idea how to address this problem. As it stands, I can’t play this game at all.

  425. Sucubbus Sara is sooo sexy permalink

    shit i just finished the game in 1 day T_T

  426. Anonymous permalink

    You gave hope to a little boy who didn’t belive in the love of monster girls. Thank you for your hard work, I wish the best for you in your future projects.

  427. Anonymous permalink

    Save and load operations don’t work; Also, the save file in slot one doesn’t show up but the game DOES work without errors

  428. Anonymous permalink

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  429. Random permalink

    Thanks for giving me some entertainment during my winter break.

  430. Anonymous permalink

    So it’s finally the end. Thanks for everything, Rogue!

  431. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for your hard hard hard work. I have been here since the first patch of MGQ 1! You will be missed greatly..we should build like a memorial for you or something..

    • Anonymous permalink

      Maybe a palace with a gate that has a plaque “Palace Rouge” on it :D

  432. Anonymous permalink

    I appreciate it, Rogue. We all do.
    And for anyone having problems with the arc2.nsa file size, I’ve uploaded it to MEGA. Enjoy.!BQhlkRYS!b807-QL5eoiUV_G0P9lMjlTk_Q4RyyaGvnbqZkL9F_g

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks so much! that’s one problem down

    • Anonymous permalink

      i don’t know if the link is working. It reaches 100% but I cant find the file anywhere in my computer…

  433. Rogue, First of all things, I want to thank you for your efforts, as we would never be able to really appreciate this excellent piece of art known as Monster Girl Quest.

    Secondly, I’m curious on how did you manage to edit the text files so you could translate this. I’m moved by your eagerness to keep on translating this wonderful game and I, along with a group of friends, want to translate the game using your translation as a base (if you do not object against that, and you will obviously be given credit) but sadly I am clueless about the means of doing this.

    Again, thank you very much for devoting yourself to this project. You’ll really be missed when you finally disappear from the Internet.

  434. Anonymous permalink

    You still dont need arc2, just arc and arc1, when do u ppl learn to read the manual?

  435. CST permalink

    Hi, want to report a glitch and typos.
    At the Heaven’s Gate, grammatical error, Heavens, is still, in context, singular, so you look kinda trapped between themselves and itself.(by making themself)
    The true usage is itself(The Heavens is still a singular noun).
    Before heading for the Heaven’s Gate, if you go to Granberia’s room and ask about Arc-En-Ciel first and then about the Monster Lord fight, then she still talks about Arc-En-Ciel.

    • CST permalink

      Confirmed about Granberia, only happens with her, the other three are correct.

      • CST permalink

        Sorry about this, didn’t know.
        Posted in previous thread.

        BTW Rogue, thanks about this.
        You’re awesome.

  436. Thanks man.

  437. Anonymous permalink

    when I tried to merged both MGQ2 which was merged already with 3 (after patching) I followed the instruction to merged it which was copy all arc.nsa 1-5 from the old MGQ2 and ran the convert & imported my gloval save from 2. I run save inherit to continue from 2. I see goblin girl zooming thru the lanscape then encounter an error.. If I don’t do the merger the game plays ok.. How can I merge it properly to recognize my monsterpedia?

  438. angellus permalink

    Thanks a lot man
    This is great to see you go to finish and complete final game as well.
    Due to your translations i ended up buying all 3 parts of game to show support for this.

  439. Anonymous permalink

    Just beat it. It’s been a helluva ride. I’ll miss you, you glorious bastard.

  440. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue, you put so much effort and so many people have benefited from it.

  441. Anonymous permalink

    Aye just finished the game myself :) And lo and behold a satisfying ending and that final boss was epic as hell.

  442. Anonymous permalink

    Power Beryelle Vore Scene is skipped appears on screen.

  443. Anon-kun permalink

    Well, this is it. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us Rogue. Although we can do almost nothing to repay all of your hard work, let it be known that we’re eternally grateful for all those translation.
    Also, I will keep this site on my bookmark, no matter it’s going to get locked or not, and I’ll make sure to tell my children in the future the tale of Rogue, the roguish translator who worked hard all alone for the happiness of (minority of?) mankind.
    And guys, you all fellow MGQ lover, it’s very nice hanging around with you in these short time, although I only know about you guys are from the comments.

    Damn, I’m getting teary-eyed here… Shouldn’t have played alice2.ogg…

  444. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the release, man i was waiting this for 2 years, but i have a gameplay problem:
    SPOILER (maybe)

    can’t go to San Ilia, but on the wiki it says that is the last location before port natalia, some hints?

  445. Anonymous permalink

    Typo in the final optional scene with Sara, [SPOILERS] she says ‘having your bridge take the initiative’ instead of ‘bride’.

  446. Anonymous permalink

    uh, I found a bug.I dunno if it was reported, but it happens whenever I try to go to the extras menu, and then click on the music option.

  447. Adash permalink

    Thank you, Rogue.

  448. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll suck your cock if you ever want me to, Rogue.
    I’m not even gay.

  449. Dman permalink

    Thank you Rogue, all the best in your future endeavors.

  450. Panda permalink

    Never forget…December 5th

  451. Anonymous permalink

    Christmas came early. And so did I.

  452. matt permalink

    Thanks Rogue.

  453. Holy sweet mother of awesomeness. It’s already christmas! Seriously dude, thank you. I’ve already started and now I’m stuck at granberia’s fight with Arc en ciel. I can’t kill her, no matter what I do! Pls help! And thanks again! You’re the most awesome translator I (and I only) know! Good luck on your future endeavors! ^~^

  454. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question, I notice that when serene movement activates and you dodge it doesn’t have sound effect anymore, I thought it was because you didn’t have Undine with you but when you get her back, still no sound effect. Is that how the story is or maybe is something on my game?

  455. Anonymous permalink

    Dunno if anyone else had this bug already, but the game crashed for me when I guared lamia priest’s hug. Pick related.

  456. Anonymous permalink

    Solved the save problem I needed to complete part two for it to work

  457. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know if this is an actual fix, but it seems I’ve stopped my game from crashing from the arc2 file. The game final part comes with the arc2 file with the correct size, so copy all the arc files from part two except arc2 because it isn’t the correct size. Then copy the gloval.sav file as normal and the game should run fine as all 3 parts. I haven’t tested it extensively but it seems to be working at the moment.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seing as the patch_readme doesn’t mention to copy arc2 (only arc and arc1), not copying it is indeed a smart move ;-)

  458. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue! good luck on your life!

  459. Anonymous permalink

    After merging all 3 games together can’t save.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Disregard that, I’m stupid.
      Just had to create “save” folder.

  460. Woof permalink

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this! It’s been a crazy ride, I wish you luck in whatever you do next.

    Oh and also, I get an error message when I try to access the music in the extra field. Any solutions?

  461. Night permalink

    お疲れ様 Rogue.


  462. Anonymous permalink

    Could anyone help me with something?

    I would like to know if anyone could provide me with music sheets/midi for MGQ OST, because I can’t find very much on internet. I would like to learn them on piano. :/
    Or could anyone tell me what is the e-mail address to Torotoro Resistance?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  463. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue for everything that you have provided for us!

  464. AnonS permalink

    Without spoilers, are there multiple endings for part 3?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sort of… But count as bad ending, just like killing Alice in part 2.

    • Takata permalink

      They’re not -that- bad, but they don’t seem to be “true” endings at all. I’d say they’re on the same level as Tamamo’s rape-scene endings. (In all of those, she takes Luka as her husband.)

      • AnonS permalink

        How many endings are there? Is it all in the final battle?

  465. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work! Can’t thank you enough!
    Good luck with your future projects.

  466. Anonymous permalink

    thank you rouge from the botom of my heart i could never have been able to get the horas in my life if it wasnt for you many thanks from me and all the outher pervs in the world thank you

  467. Zearth permalink

    Found a glitch, I think. I was able to merge the three games, but my Monsterpedia entries for the first three games, and my accepted attack achievement is missing. The spaces for the entries are there, but the unlocked monsters are missing.

  468. Anonymous permalink

    Thank Rouge for the Journey and I would Totally support the original makers, when i get the money, I’m want to pay them double

  469. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know where the third “Other End” is? I cannot seem to find it.

  470. Anonymous permalink

    to my friend rouge through we may never know your face or name know that we have loved your work form the start and we have apreciated everything you have done know this through we have waited each and every day for your post to tell us the prgress of your work and waithed with baited breath. know this like the incarnations of the gods or the rise of a phenix from its ashes though you may lock this site there will rise anouther rouge for the must always be a rouge and when our time comes we may say we had a good life when yours comes know this you have made the lives of those who have waited for your work every day happy so when your time comes be happy and rejoice in the happynes to those you have given it to.

    i dont care if none reads this post but i hope you do rouge so raise your glasses high lads and give chears to our friend rouge forever yours your fans

  471. Anonymous permalink

    It was… it was such a beautiful journey, and now to finally be able to complete it brings tears to my eyes, you are truly a wonderful person rogue, may life grant you all the hora’s you could ever desire and may we meet again someday, until then, I wish you a happy life and pleasant dreams.

  472. Vincent permalink

    Thank you very much for all your hard work for us. Thank you for always promoting actual product to support the developer. Thank you for actually taking time from your busy life to translate for us. Thanks for everything.

  473. Anonymous permalink

    Copying the arc.nsa & 1,3,4 & skipping the 2 did help out my game is combined & running well.. Thanks for the heads up & Thanks for the translation..

  474. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    ok finished it~ damn this was good >_< i am so gonna miss it….. MGQ i mean….. since obviously there wont be part 4
    have to point out that first part was a bit grindish (but still nice) and that i lol at fact that even after it totally looked like there will be some equipment system it never appeared after all XD

  475. Kanosint permalink

    We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when! But I know we’ll meet again, one sunny day!

  476. Chewie! permalink

    You translated all of THIS? You’ve got as much determination as Luka does! You know, The one that actually finishes of course, not the one that gets snagged along the way… about 800 times…

    A sincere thanks for your effort. I enjoyed the well thought out, messed up story; and wouldn’t have been able to otherwise without your effort

    I can sum up this episode in one line.

    “This isn’t even my final form! I’ll show you my True power! Bwaaaaaaah- Tentacles…. More tentacles…. even more…. Oh my gaaaaaaad-” …. I Was never a fan of tentacles.. I was hoping the bosses would be…. sexier… Dunno what i was expecting though, bahaha

  477. AnonS permalink

    I’m still finishing up Chapter 2 on my replay, although I’m almost finished with it. But replaying this game, the story isn’t quite as good as I had remembered it. If you pay attention to it, a lot of it really is very childish in thinking, not only for Luka but in the general writing.

    It would be okay if it was for a younger audience, but I mean you’d think younger kids shouldn’t be playing this and it would have to be a bit more adult in scope.

    You can’t really take the story too seriously. I remember discussing this before with others and I had stated this game was fine without the sex and would stand on its own, but I have to admit I was wrong on that. MGQ definitely needs the sex as part of the package to really stand out.

    I still like the game and think it’s worth a playthrough or two, just I realized it’s not something I’ll play over and over again and would want to re-visit years down the line.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This is kind of what I thought about the morality. Luka is portrayed as not too bright from the start with repressing/denying his paradoxes about following Ilias and shunning monster girls while simultaneously preaching coexistence between them, doctrines which are incompatible. Luka starts losing faith as he gives up trying to convince the Noah-regioners not to have sexies with teh munsterz (“These are my beliefs; don’t want to impose”), making him seem weak. But since he was wrong about Ilias in the first place (in-universe) it is technically good that he’s dismissive like that, utilitarianistically speaking, as he starts to favor the coexistence one as the right one.

      But even Alice doesn’t seem justified very well if you think about it. Her whole moral relativist disposition, which she explicitly state at least twice (I remember after the Lazarus juice scene for instance) is presumably how she justifies not intervening with the monsters’ affairs except in the extreme cases like Cassandra and Beezlebubs. I don’t recall it ever explaining her ruling style in too much detail, but if she was a little more stern maybe the monsters wouldn’t attack humans as much. But nooooo, she wants them to ‘learn it on their own’ which make her seem lazy or cop-out.

      • AnonS permalink

        He seems to be one sided against humans, he never really is able to counter any of Lazarus’ points. Instead Lazarus is just conveniently removed from the equation.

        The monsters constantly bully around humans but that’s okay to Luka and the monster lord, but if you switch it around he flies off the handle.

        A lot of Ilias’ character and motivation are odd too. We have the “big” plot twists at the end that I can suspend disbelief for, but there’s just too many contradictions and wishy-washy morality.

        The story and characters are there primarily to push our emotional buttons, there’s enough on top of that so that we can enjoy the game and it’s a cut above something that doesn’t even try. But it’s not so deep and so consistent that doing full playthroughs and not looking at the sex scenes actually works.

        I think it’s just that JRPGs aren’t translated to the US as much anymore, and that’s the major reason why a lot of us have been so drawn to this game. There’s a few lesser known JRPGs made these days, I’ll probably give a bunch of them a shot.

        • Anonymous permalink

          DQX translation plz

        • Anonymous permalink

          I remember scratching my head at Lazarus justifying his actions by saying YOU’RE NOT WEAK SO YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE UNABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF LIKE THE REST OF US. But Lazarus doesn’t seem all that weak if he is able to commit acts of terrorism against monsters, and of course, he was in the not-so-weak party that slayed the 15th monster lord. It seems inconsistent to say that you can’t defend yourself, when the only reason that you can’t is because you’re putting all that energy into perpetrating other acts (which will in turn need to be defended against). It seems like what Luka said to the Queen Ant about retaliation/feuding is applied here too.

          “The monsters constantly bully around humans but that’s okay to Luka and the monster lord, but if you switch it around he flies off the handle.”
          Well, he’s not exactly ok with the monsters doing that either, hence working towards peace. It’s just that monsters attacking humans is a lot more common, thus harder to control, whereas Luka thinks getting Lazarus to stop seems easier right at the moment that he’s confronting him.

        • Anonymous permalink


  478. Anonymous permalink

    Found a bug.
    The game crashes when you click on the Monsterpedia to show the monsters from the latest patch. Any monster encountered before the final patch are accessible. Only the new ones causes the game to crash.

  479. Anon37 permalink

    Luka and Alice said their children will be twins right?
    In that case..
    I vote “Lance” to be the name of Alice the 17th’s twin brother.

  480. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, Rogue, I have a bit of an issue, dunno whether it’s with my files or what, but I’d appreciate some assistance with it. I had beaten the game, and went to the Extras, and went to music. Upon entering, the game popped up a smaller window saying some sort of error, and crashed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  481. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for the work you’ve done, I’m glad I was able to discover such a game.
    My english is farm from great, but there might be a typo there :
    “Overwhelmed by the magical energy […], he can’t even bring himself to cower.”
    Cover, maybe? I’m not sure if “cower” means anything or not, nor if it’s related to cows, but I don’t get it.

    I’m sad reading you’ll stop your translations, but I can only wish you the best for the future.

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      Cower is a real word. It’s what cowards do.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, thank you!
        That’s still a typo here, anyway, but I’m glad I learnt something :)

  482. Anonymous permalink

    so rouge i have a question and maby some of the people here do as well do you have a blog or some outher form of comunication like a tumbler or facebook not your real one maby one you set up because all of us here would like to keep hearing from you and seeing what u get up to it would be nice if you could because disapering into the net is heroic for someone like you but still we would like to know if we can all keep in contact

  483. NeoDarklight permalink

    Has anyone else discovered the secret epilogue yet? It’s a little white dot on the extras page, and you have to click it.

    • NeoDarklight permalink

      Scratch that. It’s just a hidden extra with an adult doppelganger.

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        Beat it. Thanks for the easter egg, Rogue!

    • Anon37 permalink

      That’s not a secret epilogue, that’s a scenario Rogue made even before Chapter 3 was released.

      • NeoDarklight permalink

        How did I not know about it?!

        • Anonymous permalink

          I didn’t know about it for a while either until like a month before MGQ3 came out.

  484. Mephisto Pheles. permalink

    Thank you Rogue, you are truly a Hero and will be remembered as our Saviour for years to come.
    Chi Pa Pa.

  485. The Perv permalink

    I always hate saying good-byes cause they always are sad, but thank you for everything Rogue! Been visiting this site for at least once every week since you completed the first patch. So that’s is going to be a hard habit to break once you lock the But anyhow, thanks again man and may you future endeavors be prosperous!

  486. Fate permalink

    I really hope you take the time to update your walkthrough on gfaqs to the completion of mgq3. I really enjoyed reading it and using it when I was stuck.

  487. Waiting for Rouge permalink

    I made an awesome prelude for MGQ 1
    Check our the paste bin and tell me what you think!

  488. Anonymous permalink

    Seems as though my monsterpedia isn’t updating for any of the endgame characters like Alice, Erubetie, Tamamo, or a few more… Any fixes?

  489. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know ow it was writen in japanese, but “Cirque du Croix”, if it’s meant to be french, is not. “Cirque de la Croix” should be written instead, ’cause “croix” is a feminine word.

  490. DrIfTs permalink

    If you guys are having problems saving the game.
    Try playing the game by “AppLocale” in Japanese.
    Here gave error any time I save, but when I played as I explained, the game saves normally.

  491. Anonymous permalink

    Now what?

  492. Anonymous permalink

    is it just me or both Granberia and Alma Elma isn’t voiced on the Ending part? Tamamo, Illias, Erubetie, and Alice does have their voices tho…

  493. Anonymous permalink

    Well i finished. Just need to get all the endings now.

  494. Anonymous permalink

    Well time I voiced my gratitude.

    Thank you for what you’ve done for us and those who like the MonsterGirl universe.

  495. Anonymous permalink

    how i feel right know after all u have done

  496. Anonymous permalink

    So anyone got the “hit by all techniques” achievement?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Me, but 2nd chapter one is bugged in translated version, so I only got it in japanese version.

  497. Anonymous permalink

    You work the hardest out of any fan-translator that I’ve ever seen. My thanks isn’t possibly enough for what you’ve done, but I’ll give it anyway: thank you. Thank you so much, for giving so many people so much happiness.

  498. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much rogue translations.

  499. firelad333 permalink

    Hello i was wondering if i buy the game from the website will the english patch be with it? Because i dont wont to pay for a game that i cant read plz someone replay to me

  500. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for the patch. I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the monsterpedia, cause when i try to look at the monsters in this new chapter it brings up an error and closes the program.

  501. Sho permalink

    Hey, Rogue.

    It’s not often I comment around here, infact this is the first time. I’m just now noticing how much work and time you’ve put into this without even so much as a cent being paid to you, thats impressive.

    You’re a good man (or, plot twist, woman?) Either way, your work is appreciated and with dedication like you’ve demonstrated here I think you’re going to go a long, long way.

    Thanks again and good luck with whatever the hell you’re up to.

  502. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t get the “Cupid’s Blowjob” entry, although she used it in the battle

    • Anonymous permalink

      Maybe you dodged it. Enemy must hit with ability.

  503. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot rogue. I’ll miss you ;___;

  504. Anonymous permalink

    thanks rouge maybe one day one of us will follow in your footsteps might even be me

  505. talacaris permalink

    Thanks for this early christmas, Rogue!!!
    Btw, does anyone know how to get the “only remembered Amira” achievement?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Go for main story without any sidequesting.

      • AnonS permalink

        I didn’t think there were even sidequests, don’t you always have to do everything?

        • Anonymous permalink

          After Iliasburg, go straight to Sentora, then go straight to the spirits. Ignore everything else. go directly to the required places.

  506. Hetment permalink

    Hey Rogue, Thanks for this patch. You have done a wonderful work! This game has one of the best story ever.
    I am having a little problem if any one of you can help me correct it. After downloading this patch and putting in my MCG3 folder, I completed the game easily, but now when I go to music section in Extras, the game crashes?.. Does anyone know why is it happening or know a solution for it?

  507. Slashe permalink

    thk for the translation but i have a problem i can’t convert the monsterpedia it’s grey i have read the readme file but didn’t change a thing some one can help me?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Make sure you also moved over gloval.sav into the save folder as well. You might have to re-convert once you have done that. My monsterpedia transferred over perfectly after that.

      • Slashe permalink

        i have done thatbut now the convert data is grey and i don’t know how to make it available again

  508. Sara calls herself your “bridge” when you marry her.

  509. Anonymous permalink

    Going to miss you man thanks for all you have done!

  510. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys I’m dealing with a small bug on my end. For some reason I can’t hear any of the Sound Effects during combat; any suggestions on what might be wrong or how to fix it? I already went to the configuration menu and set SE Volume to Max but still nothing.

    Only thing I can hear is the background music.

  511. kampretzz permalink

    My record for ‘Hit by All requestable Second Chapter Technique’ is greyed out, is anyone having this problem? I checked to my part 2 game and its still on

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have this problem as well. I double checked it by fighting each monster again and all their techniques were requestable, but still the “achievement” wasn’t highlighted.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Everyone have this problem. Looks like it is a bug
      Hopefully, Rogue will fix it in next patch

  512. When your having sex with alice in the monster lords castle she says “How goes it feel to impregnate me?”. I believe its supposed to say “How does it feel to impregnate me?”

  513. Anonymous permalink

    Kinda sucks to see u leave dude, r u gonna join other translation group or are you out of the translation stuff completely?

  514. Anonymous permalink

    So the time has come…such a bittersweet release T.T

    Well, I cannot describe how grateful I am, so I’ll just say this: Thank you. And may you have a good and rewarding life.

  515. Anonymous permalink

    Fucking Rogue, going out with a bang.

    Thanks for keeping up until the end.

  516. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for all you have done and good luck with your future plans

  517. thank you so very much for all your hard work, it is truly inspiring :)

  518. awww the Hora’s have ended. Thanks rouge for all your hard work you will always be my number 1 translator :)

  519. Anonymous permalink

    Having issues with Fallen Angel Dance and Serene Mind showing up for the fight with Archangel Ranael. SAVE ME

  520. Anonymous permalink

    I believe i have found a problem, for some reason when i patch the game to this latest patch i cannot access the music. I don’t mean that the music option is grayed out but that when i click on music a problem message comes up that forces me to close the game.
    I had a backup copy of the game and used my saves from the first copy to complete the game again without this final translation (it was only translated about the 60 or 70% patch) and found the music worked but after putting the new patch on again that problem came back. Which leads me to believe its a problem with the patch. Sorry if someone has already mentioned this, I really like the music in the game!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its in bgm in game catalog if you want to listen to it.

  521. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything kind sir. Good luck and know that you will be remembered by community you created by your translations!

  522. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue there is a bug:
    When you go to new game, if you choose to skip vore, it let’s you choose to start from the beginning, middle, or end. If you choose to have vore, it doesn’t give you this option.

    Btw the option’s title has a typo.”staringlocation” there is no space.

  523. Jim permalink

    Hye, this may sound silly but Im having trouble converting part 1 and 2 to 3. My part 2 seems fine, but when I add part 3 and then eng patch its says “099.txt line:307397 if you did it wronf, an error will crash the game” then crashes. Is there any way to get help?

  524. Anonymous permalink

    goodbye rogue, we all look forward to seeing you again but enjoy your time spent with alipheese fateburn ^.^

  525. Deranged Madman permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work Rogue! Really hoping that the series ends on a good note. Wouldn’t want anymore bodily fluids coming out, especially from my eyes. h3h3h3h3h3. It’s been real good knowing that someone like you translated the whole series. Hope you live a good life and find more happiness knowing that you’ve made many of us extremely grateful and happy.

  526. Anonymous permalink

    I keep crashing when Alice does Omega Blaze during the final fight. It is only during the final battle and it has happened on all three forms of Black Alice.

  527. Anonymous permalink

    I’m currently playing the game.. I’m missing some monsters on my monsterpedia then after checking the monstergirl quest wiki I missed on some fights a lot of them.. I’m after the Heaven’s Gate battle. During my save I checked each location on the map before proceeding I know I didn’t miss anything.. Or did I get a bad MGQ3 copy?

  528. AnonS permalink

    I don’t know why I try to play this game on Hard mode. By the end of Chapter 2 onwards it’s just pure RNG BS. Has anybody finished a full Hard mode playthrough? I’m sure it’s possible…just veeeery slow and tedious.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s easy…..until you reach Black Alice’s Final Form.

      • AnonS permalink

        lol knowing my luck, that will be one of the easy battles because of favorable RNG.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You mean the one that cancels second spirit (which for me just happened to be Salamander every three turns, so that I can easily use Daystar)

        • AnonS permalink

          That was an easy fight. Just finished the game. About 250 evaluations, but the RNG gods blessed me at the end of the game so I got through it really fast.

          I would say the heavenly knights were by far the “hardest” in the game, I think a good chunk of my evaluations were on them. But most of the game is pure RNG. You either get dodges and attacks or you do not. The exception is when you get the fire spirit and have daystar, you can beat a lot of the small fry quickly with that combination.

          I remember the first playthrough I did I had a lot of trouble with Lilim but this time the RNG gods were kind and generous, so that one was quick and easy too.

          Chapter 3 is definitely more forgiving on the RNG from the middle on, although it’s still there. End of Chapter 2 and early Chapter 3 can be brutal though. I’m not sure if a no loss playthrough is possible even on normal, but I’m sure it’s not possible on hard.

          • AnonS permalink

            lol apparently I lost to tiny lamia the most. I think that was from filling out my monsterpedia and attacks taken, I just couldn’t get one of them to hit. I think I got Ilias for Chapter 1 just off her haha.

  529. Anonymous permalink

    I think I have a bug; after beating the game I cannot find Sabasa Castle for some reason. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • nomen permalink

      Maybe yuo’ve skipped a sidequest there before, then they dont show up after the final battle

  530. Anonymous permalink

    For whatever reason, I cnnot even run the game. Is it because I have Windows 8? please tell me no. The error I get is something that says exec.dll 099.txt line 304035…

  531. pedropars permalink

    Just finished playing it.

    Thanks for all your hard work translating the MGQ games Rogue you´re awesome!

  532. Daniel permalink

    Dang this is ridiculously awesome of you to do. I’m seriously thankful for all the hard work you’ve put into translating this game. It looks like a tremendous amount of work. And I’m just so glad you had the passion and drive to complete such a huge undertaking, and for free! Thanks again Rouge.

  533. I gotta say, you are a cut above the rest. I respect you even more than Aroduc.

  534. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, I got this error :
    Can someone please help me, I just downloaded it and I haven’t done anything to it.
    I downloaded the english patch 3v1.0 and I can’t start it because of this error.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I got this same error. someone please help us fix it!

      • Kieran permalink

        Yeah i have the exact same error. not sure whats wrong or if i’m not downloading something right but i’m glad its not just me

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rouge didn’t give us the full game for a reason, you have to get the orginal game from somewhere else and parts

  535. Anonymous permalink

    Oddly enough, I’m still having word wrap issues even after adding rouge’s patch. I tried a few different links for the patch but it ends up the same each time. I’ve got my save imported successfully, and all of my old monsterpedia entries, so I know I’ve patched everything accordingly. Anyone have a similar issue, or maybe a suggestion?

  536. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not sure if it is just my setup but the text shows up all wonky in the game. Here is a screenshot

    • Anonymous permalink

      No, I have the same problem. Rouge’s patch is supposed to fix it, but it hasn’t.

  537. Drago permalink

    i’m having problem with my save files. After i Install the game, install all patches and everything, it works great and all. Maybe with a small exeption that even if i convert and save inherit, my mgq 1/2 part encyclopedia isn’t merged, But i can stand that. What’s the biggest problem is – after i restart my computer, save files are not longer readed from “save” file and the game changes save directory to main folder of the game. Well, i could just paste all my save datas to the main folder because it works anyway that way, but if i do that (actually i think game does it anyway) my sound effects (se) are not being loaded at all. So i get blank game without effects if i shut down and then boot up my comp. I beg for help.

    • Drago permalink

      Okaz, i kinda solved it. Itąs a problem with Nscript file. If i re+drop nscript from this english patch to game folder, It works perfectly fine. Though i should recommend checking what’s wrong with that file, because it’s clearly that it’s a bug

  538. Malibu permalink


    Thanks a lot rogue, just 1 observation from me: I think you should really put a save point between the fights with each of black alice’s transformations, between the fight with llias and her transformed form and finally IF POSSIBLE during the last fight with Ilias (a save point popping out with 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 HP would be great).
    Again, thanks a lot for taking your time tranlating it for us bakas.

    • Takata permalink

      Eh… I think it would detract from the mood of those fights if you could save and reload in the middle of them (even though you can actually do that in the original version (I think)).

  539. Trickster permalink

    Figured I’d share a little trick I just thought up for saving. I took note of the warning about saving, and how you could only do so at special save points formatted in Double Byte text. Well, that got me thinking, so I went out and found a Single Byte to Double Byte text converter.
    Using it, I tested if I could convert text to double byte and use it as the name for the save files instead of “Save Location”, and it worked out perfectly with no errors. Thought I’d share that for anybody who compulsively saves at every save point and ends up losing track of which save is what. XD
    For some reason, when I try to save at places other than the normal save locations, it defaults to the most recent “Save Location”. Not sure why…

    • Trickster permalink
      Above is a little modification of a text generator for that old Central Wasp Monolith thing I just put together. Original is here:
      It’ll convert to Double Byte text instantly, and is set up to wrap the same way the text for the save file will, so you’ll know how it’ll look on the slot. The white lines denote the width of the MGQ game window (814 pixels), and the space they form is centered in the web page, for those of you who are anal about the game window being in the center of the screen like I am.

  540. Pepe permalink

    Who would’ve told me that I’d end up playing an eroge for the story…

  541. Kell permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work, Rogue.
    Now to see what happens in the rest of the dream that follows the real end of MGQ 2.

  542. Anonymous permalink

    Why,why do you have to left us all Rogue?

  543. Anonymous permalink

    To the person aking me my missing monsters on my monsterpedia it’s the gap between principality nagael to power berryelle then a gap gnome (2) to virtue sikliel and finally another gap from alice (4) to black alice. I’ve finished the game. So did I get a bad copy? This game is excellent with the storyline. Can somebody help me out? During combing the first 2 games (I’ve combined them) then with the final + the patch.. I copied all the nsa except the nsa2.. Is it fixable?

    • AnonS permalink

      I doubt it’s a bug, I think I missed a few too and it’s probably through some speech options here and there. Don’t always just pick the “right” answer when you’re given a choice.

      Also revisiting areas isn’t a bad idea, sometimes you get extra things that way too.

  544. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, Rogue. You may be gone, but we will never forget you. Whenever we see a monster girl, we will remember your hard work. ALL HAIL ROGUE!

  545. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, forr all that hard work, that you have done. We will rember you, as one who translated this beautiful saga. “ALL HAIL ROGUE!”

  546. Anonymous permalink

    Looks like this is the end then.
    I’m certain that I say this for all of us here when I thank you wholeheartedly.
    Without you Rogue, I don’t believe the English Monster Girl community would be what it is now.
    Whatever you’re going to do with your life next, we will always remain eternally grateful to you for what you have presented forth to us.
    Rest assured, no matter what happens from this point on, your legacy will always live on in all of us.
    Once again, lots of thanks for your work.

  547. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue. its not many people i can say have changed my life :(

  548. CWraith permalink

    Thank you so very much.

    It’s sad to see such talent leaving, but I’m eternally grateful that you finished the project before leaving (unlike staircasesubs and dracu-riot).

    I just finished everything yesterday and was blown away, thank you again – none of this would have been possible without you.

  549. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done, Rogue. You managed to finish this big project of yours before leaving out of translation scene unlike most other fan-translators.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Only 32%?
      Our culture must be re-educated through rape!

      Or we could just get everyone here to spam click the button on that question until the statistics are more favorable

  550. Yabu permalink

    Does anybody know about the Rape Scene 4 in Other Endings?

  551. DANdy permalink

    I’m really grateful for all the work you’ve done, kind sir traslator. Now to finish the story while enjoying the high quality translation for free!

  552. Ryu permalink

    Thank you so much for your amazing work and admirable committment Rogue.
    I know that you decided not to do translations anymore after this one. But I keep the hope that “anymore” will mean just “a long time”, and that other translation projects will be in your capable hands, someday.
    Till then, take care and good luck in everything! ^_^

  553. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you’ve done us all a huge favor. You made an amazing game available to us through your translations, and I can’t thank you enough. After playing and completing all three parts, I kind of miss waiting for the next English patch from you Rogue. I can spend paragraphs talking about how awesome you are for what you’ve done, but I’ll keep it short. Thank you so much for what you’ve done. Myself and many others will never forget it.

  554. Anonymous permalink

    Never forget December 5, 2013.

    He was the hero we needed, but not the one we deserved.

    Shine on you crazy diamond.

  555. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge, I too am having an issue with the game. For some reason i can’t seem to use a couple of skills in the main game, like Fallen ANgel dance. Is there something wrong with my copy?

  556. Anonymous permalink

    I have encountered a bug in one of the extra stories. in the ika musume battle sample, the game crashes if her tentacle bind attack is used.

  557. Juanma permalink

    As was posted by some other people, once you complete the game (maybe before too but I don’t have a copy) it’s imposible to check the in-game music as it crashes immediatly. Also I noticed the new music added in part 3 is not included in the /bgm folder, like the last bosses music.

  558. Toi permalink

    Has anyone translated the profiles posted for the next game at all?

  559. Anonymous permalink

    Holy shit the final battle is awesome
    Thanks rouge for translating the epic finale of this awesome series

  560. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this series Rogue, you did a fantastic job and we are sorry to see you go.

  561. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue truly is our Lord and Savior and with this post he truly has ascended into the heavens.

  562. Thankyousirrogue permalink

    thank you sir !

  563. Anonymous permalink

    I sent an email to rogue but I’m not sure if that email still works. I’m going to post here the tl;dr version.

    To fix the Chapter 2 requestable skill bug

    – Decrypt nscript.dat
    – Go to line 309291
    – Change %count_oskill2=402 to %count_oskill2=404
    – Encrypt nscript.dat and use this new version.

    Anyone that unlocks this without this change is missing 2 skills.

    Bonus Fix:
    – Decrypt nscript.dat
    – Go to line 309295
    – Change count_oskill3>1107 to %count_oskill3=1109
    – Encrypt nscript.dat and use this new version.

    You can get the “completed monsterpedia” entry by only viewing 1108 skills and missing a elusive 1109th skill. If your OCD is strong enough to be bothered by the 1st bug then you probably will be bothered by this too.

    P.S. Duplicate post since people may not read the one posted in the typo/bug post comments section.

  564. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the patch Rogue!
    I have a question for Rogue or for the people that know the answer:
    I can’t do the save inherit thing even after copy paste my gloval.sav so I cannot load my save file. Is it something that Rogue explained in the other patch for MGQ part 3? I have been able to do the convert so I can always do a new game if nobody know the answer.

    (not sure if it’s my fault for my own stupidity or something)

  565. Anonymous permalink

    Alright so i’m at the Drain Lab and i’ve just noticed my game has a bug, before I started playing I save inherited and merged my part 1 and 2 with part 3 for the monsterpedia, I got to the drain lab and somehow felt like checking my Monsterpedia because I was bored, when I opened it all the part 1 and 2 monsters were not listed, only part 3 despite me doing everything correctly, I’d appreciate any help on this matter, I don’t want to mess around with it and screwing up my save making me start all over again…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nobody knows? :/

    • Juanma permalink

      It happened to me, you must use the “mon_que” instead of “mon_que_2-patch”, that way it will appear…or should be, that’s what I did and it worked.

  566. Thank you for your hard working…without any profit plus! Bless you have a healthy and happy life from now on. Wish to see you again somewhere in cyberspace!

    ( ; w ‘)/

  567. Thanker permalink

    I started to feel so sorry for Ilias at the end…

    • Takata permalink

      I’m hoping we see Ilias again somewhere… but I have my doubts. =[

      • AnonS permalink

        There is a sequel, although I have no idea what will be in it.

        I’m not sure that it’s possible for Ilias to be dead. If I understand the lore right, there HAS to be both light and dark in equal amounts in that world or there is chaos. The first Monster Lord isn’t dead, just sealed. Ilias has the most light power and most of the angels have been reduced in number, so without Ilias there might be a problem in the light/dark balance.

        Somehow Ilias’ light power needs to exist in that world.

  568. applemania permalink

    Thanks for translation, however i found this weird script.

    When luka meet la croix and fight her 2 first zombie. (the elf warrior + queen harpy)

    He defeat only one of them and she said

    ” If we take too much time in this showing, we’ll troble the other audience members soon to arrive.
    There’s no choice, we’ll have to make quick change in script.

    … Return Roza, Queen Lamia (obviously luka fight the elf and harpy queen but this is weird?)

    Despite how he looks, he’s tough one
    You’ll be my lover next time

    Even my snake body couldn’t bind him…”

    I found this text weird please check anyway THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK
    GOd bless you

    • applemania permalink

      Sigh If only there is edit option and i clearly dont know where to submit error typing.

      I found mistake again when La Croix tell her past story. She said that

      There’s nothing attached to her body below her own chest.
      Anyone would have realized instantly that they were going to die ”

      SHe said “they” does it mean both chrome and Shirome will die together.
      As long as i understand only Shirome who get grave wound. Thanks

      • Takata permalink

        “They” in “Anyone would have realized instantly they were going to die” refers only to Shirome.

        I interpret it like this: “Anyone (with an injury that bad) would have realized instantly that they (the person with the injury) were going to die”.

  569. Anon permalink

    Remember remember
    The 5th of December
    The translated Monster Girl Quest.
    I know of no reason
    Why the Rogue of Translations
    Should ever be forgot.

  570. Sieff permalink

    Hey, Rogue. You’re the best faggot ever.

  571. Anonymous permalink

    Amazing game well worth the wait. Thank you :)

  572. Anonymous permalink

    Many thanks ! The better story in a H game so far !

  573. Anonymous permalink

    I have a problem:
    099.txt line:308491
    Isp 702,”:a;chara\slime_h1.bmp”,0,0

  574. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you based Roguetranslator. You made it possible for us to enjoy this incredible piece of entertainment and for this I will always remember you.

  575. zent permalink

    Thank you Rogue, all of this is amaizing

  576. logicdefyer permalink

    Anyone have a part1+2+3 completed global save which has all the monsterpedia completed

  577. Guy from Ireland permalink

    Hey Rogue, my first time posting so I just wanted to say thanks for all the Hard Work you put into this for the last few years, kinda sad that you won’t be doing Paradox. I’ll miss the quality of your work and how fast you got things done, but I’m hopeful Dargoth or Some other brave soul will pickup the Sequel/Spinoff.

  578. The undergamer permalink

    Oh my Illias! you did it!But your leaving now huh….well Good luck with whatever you do man your a true bro.Fellow denizens of the undernet!Let us pass on stories of the legendary translating warrior known as Rogue!

  579. Hellwyrm permalink

    A tip of the hat to ya Master Rogue. I find it hard to say anything that hasn’t already been said by all your fans and followers on this page. If I were to venture a guess its been a long road for ya and no doubt just about every compliment and insult in the book have been thrown at you, but I for one have nothing but positive things to say. Thanks for sticking with it until the end and giving us one hell of a translation for an awesome game. I hope everything in your future goes the way a… for lack of a better term hero like you deserves. Enjoy your rest from translation I say rest because you never know what life may bring you may come back and you may not.

    Thanks again and godspeed sir.

  580. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone else having the issue of the Sabasa and San Ilia regions not showing any villages? Does anyone have an fix for it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think that’s my issue when I missed a lot of monsters is it a bad copy? I finished the game.. I finished the game it seems I missed the portion where I battle some of promestien’s monsters & chrome and some angels.. I think I missed some areas because they didn’t show up on my map..

  581. Anonymous permalink

    I beat the game yesterday. Yep, there’s like10 different endings XD… My only problem is that when I click the music section, the game crashes.. And thats about it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh and thanks a million for translating the games. You are epic in every way and I hope for the best for your future plans.

  582. Anonymous permalink

    My game crashed yesterday and for some reason it corrupted my safe file. Does someone have a spare safe file? I just defeated Chrome’s sister, so somewhere there or slightly before that would be perfect. I don’t feel like beating the game from scratch again, so please if anyone can, I’d be very grateful!

  583. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge I know you said you’re leaving after this but they announced at forth and final part to this series, I don’t think anyone else will translate it. Will you be translating that part as well or are you off the translating for good?

    • Anonymous permalink

      dargoth will be translating it, and it’s not the final part

    • Anonymous permalink

      The new one is sort of like a spin off rather than part of MGQ. You can play all parts of MGQ and be completely satisfied one hundred percent with the story.

  584. Anonymous permalink

    ahhh finally it’s the end, well then may your next travels be blessed with favorable winds! thanks for all your work, you will remain as the mgq prophet in our minds!

  585. Anonymous permalink

    When’s the funeral.

  586. Deadcall permalink

    Godspeed, Rogue.Your deeds shall never be forgotten.

  587. JustTearless permalink

    Thank your very much. I really love this game

  588. Anonymous permalink

    when i try to play the game stop and it say mon_que.exe has stopped working.

  589. Anonymous permalink

    Am I the only one here who can save at any moment, not necessarily at the “save location” ? I can save and then load after any hit during a battle till I get a critical hit, but this makes a lot of battles too easy lol

  590. Anonymous permalink

    This is just one hidden among the many,

    But… thank you, truly, for translating such an awesome game.

  591. TaichoTrace permalink

    Hey Rogue. First of all, thanks for that awesome english patch. i waited for months for this >_< and now to get to my question. could anyone give me the Folder for the Doppelgänger fight in Monmusus Quest 2? I just saw some folder like that in my version of MGQ 3 but it was incomplete in i heard it is AWESOME! wanna play that to. Could someone give that folder to me? PRETTY PLEASE?

  592. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll just leave this here:

  593. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t mean to blaspheme, but we may have a new God.

    Dargoth announced he intends to translate paradox when it comes out

  594. Scytale permalink

    Thank you for everything Rogue,

  595. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue.

  596. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot. You’re a saint Mr. Rogue.

  597. Anonymous permalink

    I need last 3 techniques but after many fights I still can’t get them. Some tips?
    Lucia – Melting Drain
    Black Alice (Final Form) – Elimination: Lick & Milk

    • AnonRoy permalink

      I believe Black Alice attempts all of her listed techniques in order, each one at a certain level of health. If you skip a level (presumably through doing a lot of damage) she doesn’t seem to do both predetermined techniques, instead just doing the one for the level you skipped… So, the only way to get ALL of the techniques, especially the last one, is to slowly chip away at her health and take all of them in sequence.

      As for Lucia, no idea. Haven’t fought her in a while.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thx I tried slowly decreased her life she finally used them. So, now only Melting Drain left.
        Somewhere I read, that it leads after Boa Worm, but she only use Boa Worm and finish me.:(

        • Anonymous permalink

          Nevermind, I have get it.Now I only need to Achievement(All techniques of Chapter 2) be repaired. Now i will be doing Only remembered Amira and I will everything :)

          • Anonymous permalink

            I can’t seem to get “Hit by all Chapter 3 techniques” despite getting the “complete the monsterpedia” achievement. Is there a technique that is not shown in the monsterpedia that is visible in the battle menu itself? Does anyone else have this problem too?

  598. Anonymous permalink

    So, basically ever since shortly after the patch came out last week I’ve been happily playing the final part. Well, and also wondering what I’d write here, because I was quite determined to write *something*, as you’re leaving the scene after all. But I don’t really know what, especially considering that many must have already written heartwarming comments (or maybe comments full or loathing?) and you’ve surely read it all already.

    Thus all I’m left with are three things I suppose, although they, unfortunately, feel fairly unimaginative as well and I apologize, should they bore you:

    Rogue, first of all, I want to thank you, not only for providing a translation, but for translating all three games (and at an amazing pace, too!). Not only that, but such niche games – or at least I feel they are – to boot. On another note, Monster Girl Quest was the first visual novel I actually *played*, instead of only acknowledging that the genre exists and I ought to look into it at some point in the far future. So I guess I should also thank you for indirectly introducing me to finally playing/reading the genre.

    Secondly, I’m saddened to see you leave the translation scene, as there’s certainly much you could contribute to it, especially given your talent and dedication. But I feel I kind of understand your decision and though no matter how sad I may consider it, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you’ll do in the future.

    Thirdly, you’re awesome. Simply awesome. Awesome, you hear?

    Hora, hora!

  599. Anonymous permalink

    Based Rogue, thank you so much for all the hardwork. I hope you keep up doing whatever you feel like, and I hope someone does a damn good game like MGQ, so we all meet again. Until that time. T-T

  600. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    ahhh i would kinda like to see anime of MGQ >_< it could be easily made since it has lot of content and jokes (thou it would greatly depend on who would be making it since if not done well it would just turn out rly bad) …. well not that i belive anyone would attempt it or anything such a shame….

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh geez, now i want it too. Goddamnit anon

      • THE Anonymous-TR permalink

        *trollface* i knew i wasnt the only one that wants it XD
        instead of mass producing random animes (that are still good am not saying they are bad or anything) they should make something epic like MGQ

  601. Annie May permalink

    I had just started the 3rd patch, got to the boss of the Drain lab, and as I was fighting the boss the power was cut. Now for some reason I cannot load my save games. I started a new one and noticed that there ate 3 images for the save games, but only the first 2 (pre-crash) have .dat files. Should I remove them in order to continue enjoying this game, or do I need to reload everything from the 2nd game and start over?

  602. Anonymous permalink

    Ok I am having an error problem with this patch.

    Is the Error message I am getting. Can only assist?

    • Jester permalink

      Did you ever figure out what was wrong?
      I’m having the same problem…

  603. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, there is a problem with the in game Music directory after finishing the game.

    An error:

    099.txt line:306397

    mov $bgmdata078,”bgm\labo2.ogg”

    mov $bgmdata079,Biolabs

    shows up and the game crashes. The music is still accessible though the folder but once you complete the game the directory just bugs out for some reason and crashes.

  604. AnonS permalink

    Down to the final week that Rogue, or Rouge as he is affectionately known on here, will exist on the interwebs.

    The lights go off on the 19th :/

  605. Anonymous permalink

    The achievement “Hit by all requestable second character techniques” is greyed out, problem is I’ve been hit by all the techniques…
    Maybe a bug? someone has it complete?

  606. Anonymous permalink

    During the fight with Gnome when she uses her mouth play. Im getting the error message
    099.txt line:305911
    A couple of others that I found were

    099.txt line: 373069

    099.txt line:295768

    All of them crash the game. Hope you can find a way to fix it. And thanks for all the awesome hard work you’ve managed to do. We’d be lot without you :]

  607. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    I am randomly loosing my entire monsteropedia for all three games with this patch, its fairly annoying.

  608. Back to the noob state permalink

    The game crashed at the first battle against black alice. Then The game cannot read my save anymore, pretty annoying… Monsterpedia is also empty now

  609. Anonymous permalink

    Do you get anything extra (like say more story or a side-story) from getting 100% completion (all text white in record tab) in the records? If not, I might just leave it alone.

  610. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the hard work over the years. It was a pleasure.

  611. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your hard work and your devotion.

  612. Anonymous permalink

    Complete the final battle and i have to say, this has been a really great game, different types of characters, a nice music and good story. Have passed three years (i think) since came out the first part and now it’s ended.
    Thanks a lot Rogue for you work and devotion in all this time, we can play this game thanks to you. And i if knew speak some of japanese, i will send thanks to the develop team.

  613. Ant permalink

    First I want to thank you rogue for your great work, You did a favor to mankind bringing this classic to the ones that don’t know japanese.

    Second I just need to coment, because I got really decepcioned with this third game, the first two were perfect, but this one has to many incoerences, and it only destroy Torotoro masterpiece. Thas is my opinion on this third game, it has its good points, i admit, but the much of incoerences and exagerations kill it.

    For the ones who trully liked I have only to think they liked because of the vore, because I saw not much more than this, and I don’t like vore, it is one of the reasons because I ended hating this game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I agree, the whole concept of part 3 doesn´t fit with the other two and fells like an after thought. It´s like part 1 and 2 are a complete story and part 3 is a bunch of creative episodes of side stories.

      Part 1 and 2 were an epic journey(with lots of satirical and humerous persiflages) with Luka and Alice, who both changed and developed by making a lot of experiences, good and bad, sucesses and mistakes. Especially Luka grows from a weak naive person to a strong minded individual by having constant (mental and physical) challenges in form of Alice and the Four Heavenly Knights. The later felt way more sympathic, open minded and charismatic than the villians in part 3, who were fairly aloof, distant and hard to connect. They were probably deeper in theory, but the whole philosophing hurts the pace of the game, as it is supposed to be easy going, humerous and simple.

      Part 3 is most of the time just a rushed revisiting of old places, where an overpowered Luka saves the day by beating everything. He never changes or learns anything in this part at all. The angels and chimeras are too bizarre and alien for my taste. I enjoyed like 40% of all Part 1 monsters. Part 3 has way more, but it is only like 20% of them, if generous.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I can totally see where you’re coming from, but from a storyboard perspective I think Torotoro was looking to end the series rather then accentuate it further. After all it picks up seconds where Part 2 ended. The Galda mechanic was probably meant to help give a sense of urgency and widespread chaos but it ended up making a large part of the game into a hack and slash. Which is my biggest complaint; that the most thrilling part, besides the end, seemed to pass by much too quickly with all the easy enemies. Makes Normal mode a let down.

        I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t as packed and brimming with the raw but elegant intensity the first two parts had but all and all the problems with Part 3 aren’t very major. It definitely was exciting and sad to see Luka and Alice use everything they’ve learned to bring the story to a close and that trumps whatever trivial mishaps Part 3 did or didn’t commit.

  614. @nonymous permalink

    If they ever make another one like this, I will sell you my soul to translate it.

  615. Alex permalink

    Thanks so much for your work rogue. I just found out the patch was released. Greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for this series and so sad to see you retire.

  616. Anonymous permalink

    Really, thank you Rogue for the amazing translations you do. It is sad to see you leave but at least you will leave a legacy.

  617. Santa permalink

    Finally finished the game :D. Thank you so much Rogue, seriously my respects to you :).

    See you part is really sad, but I wish you happyness in your life.

    Thanks for all your work and efforts till now, your example will be followed, of that I assure you.

    I found this serie by the translation of the second game. I migh not have been since the beggining, I loved to have been there. And but you gave hope to so many, Im ussually a leecher, but writting here is really worth it.

    The game was really great, but I feel that your translation made it spread way more than it would have. And although a problem when programing, not being able to save, seriously made the game more woth playing. I played it on the original to check Alice way of talking xD. And being able to save at any moment and specially on the middle of a battle, kinda kills the mood, so this way was better, I felt as If i were cheating when I saved on the middle of battles XD.


    Have happy holy days and enjoy your life, you have it well deserved, good luck.

  618. Anonymous permalink

    shortly after the first battle with sylphy at the forest of spirits, talking with the guards at san illia castle in the guard’s office

  619. Anonymous permalink

    Bug, Accessing the music option from the title going into extras > music nets me this screen. I’m running the mon_que.exe included in the release from this post, and I have not merged this folder yet with part 1/part 2 (nor am I using a save that has completed parts 1 or 2.) My system locale is set to Japanese, but beyond that I’m not running the program through applocale/local emulator. I ran the program as administrator.

    P.s. the color boxes in the background of the image linked is from MS Paint since I pasted the screenshot from the clipboard into paint.

  620. Anonymous permalink

    why no harem ending? someone go petition ToroToro for one

  621. Anonymous permalink

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you want to get around this until Rogue fixes it, just play with the executable that does not have word wrap. The line is too long and word wrap is making the dialogue box overflow.

  622. NuttyTree permalink

    Rogue, Dargoth, SomeLoliCatgirl, Raidis, Zinny, TheGreatHeinrich, MGQ, and everyone to do this … I can finally enjoy what happens in this story!!!! I love you all :D NO HOMO!!!

  623. Anonymous permalink

    when you talk to alma elma in her room and ask about hainuwele one of her lines has her name labeled as alice

  624. Anonymous permalink

    To those having the “save inherit” bug. The way to fix this is to go back to MGQ part 2 and make sure to load up a last save game near the end. Finish the by joining/saving alice. Then make sure to say yes on at the end as the save. Then follow the directions on the readme.

    It seems if you finished the last game you played by killing alice it saves that and considers the game “completed” which is why you have to start over for MGQ part 3.

    • Anonymous permalink

      THIS DID NOT WORK. Whos dumb enough to not do that? ffs

  625. Anonymous permalink

    Where is Graberia for the final ending?, i can´t find her. Also after get the true final ending i get a error when i try to enter “Music” option.

    • AnonS permalink

      She’s training guards in one of the castles, I think San Ilia.

  626. Jer permalink

    Thank you for everything Rogue. Without you I’d wager most, if not all, of us would never have been able to play this game. You are a gentleman and a saint, and I wish you well.

  627. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for doing all this, and for free, no less. This was one seriously epic game that probably wouldn’t have surfaced without you. I wonder how many other games like this just vanished into the shadows….. At least it now can definitely be said, MGQ did anything but! :D

  628. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for your translation. We are very appreciated for your work. Love it so much and I think this is a must play series VN T^T

  629. Eduard permalink

    Good day ROGUE, first I want to thank you for the work done by the translation of the game Monster Girl Quest! This game is a masterpiece!

    I’m so glad you translated this game.

    Delighted with you, I decided to translate this game into Russian.

    Rogue please tell me what programs you used to unpack / zapakovki text file nscript.dat

    Please help me.

  630. Anonymous permalink

    Help i cant get past the priest it wont let me it keeps crashing.

  631. Confused Person permalink

    Can somebody help me? i was on the part when Luka go into Undine spring to retrieve Salamander. And in my case , when i fought with the traitor , i saved the game at the save location and quit the game for a while. The problem is whenever i load my last save data it becomes like this , anybody know how to fix it? because i dont want to re-play the game from the beginning (i forgot to make a backup save)

  632. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know whether this one here will be translated by somebody?

  633. Koyh permalink

    Can i mix monster girl quest 1 and 2 with 3? if i can, could you tell me how to do it?

  634. Anonymous permalink

    Good bye sir

  635. Anonymous permalink

    What does alice mean by having a twin, a boy and a girl. Isn’t both of them must be girls?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know in english but in spanish when you have 2 babies at the same time they’re called “morochos” and if they look the same they’re “gemelos” (spanish for twins).
      There is probably an english word for it too, I could be wrong though… Anyone?

      • CelesNight permalink

        The english words we use are just non-identical twins and identical twins, to my knowledge. But yeah, twins don’t have to look alike, or even be the same gender.

        • Anon37 permalink

          Fraternal and identical twins. You’re welcome.

          And the Anon who asks why shouldn’t the children be both girls, somewhere in the story it is mentioned that when a monster goes pregnant there’s a rare occurence where a male human is born instead.
          No idea how they knew the genders though.
          In that case, Alice the 17th’s twin brother is a human-angel-monster hybrid.
          I name him Lance.

  636. Anonymous permalink

    When you click on “Auto” it cuts off the voice of the characters
    Tinkered around with the settings to no avail
    Seems like a bug to me

  637. Blake81 permalink

    I’ve found a minor bug in the game.Whenever you try to open the Music section in the Extras menu I get a CTD with this message:

    Is there anything you can do to fix that? This game’s got an amazing soundtrack, and to have that option broken is a total waste.

  638. Anonymous permalink

    So this is the end eh?
    Three years of waiting and watching, after all the posts, updates, delays and suprises, it finally came down to this.
    Godspeed in your next endevor rogue, hope you will come back to the translation community, as you can tell you have a lot of good people here, and I’m sure we’ll all be overjoyed to have you return some day,Hora Hora

  639. Unknown permalink

    same problem here,after completing the game,and go to music,an error pop out and game crashed

  640. Anonymous permalink

    once again awesome, thanks for all your hard work rogue. blessing you with a month of good luck :D

  641. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t have many words for you, but I’d like to mention I really appreciate you translating this great story, farewell rogue translator
    – Australian anon

  642. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, and goodbye.

  643. Sajuuk permalink

    Well it seems this is it then, I have followed this project from the beginning, and I must say I am glad that you managed to get all 3 games fully translated, but at the same time I am also sad to see you go, would have liked if you had translated more games, anyway, goodluck Rogue and I wish you the best of luck in live and if you ever decide to translate a new game let us know,
    Greetings Sajuuk

  644. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to get reincarnated into a new life form?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sure! Find a nearby knife, and start stabbing yourself until everything starts to get nice and dark. After that, pray to your religion for a new body. And hope your faith was enough.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Anyways, speaking seriously, go loose to Virtue Revel.

  645. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for translating Rogue and may luck be with you.

  646. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much Rogue! I know that you’ll be back when people need you the most! :3

  647. Paulo permalink

    Well, you will be gone after monster girl quest 3 heh? It was fun while it lasted, I hope you have a good life no matter where you go, thank you my friend for all the good times.

  648. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your efforts Rogue, really enjoyed part 1 and 2.
    I’ll take everyones word that part 3 is good. I can’t play it due to the save inherit bug:
    099.txt line:292944 etc… etc
    Will give it a go if anyone has a solution otherwise I’ll wait for a Final Final patch.

  649. sen permalink

    It’s been a hell of a series and i am very thankful you took the time to translate these games.

    While i must protest at you leaving there are so many good games that could be translated. a couple from eushully come to mind. however God speed to you Rouge, and maybe again in the future you will grace us with your translations thank you again pioneer of MGQ!


  650. Alche Klein permalink

    Rogue, thank you very much live on like luka

    I hate the fact that I finished the game before the english patch was released

    but then again that means I get to see the game in ENGLISH

    thanks for the upload

  651. Anonymous permalink

    Oh smokes, thank you so much for translating the series! Best of luck, and may Njord and Fūjin always have your back ;).

  652. It’s been one hell of a ride. Hard to believe it’s been two years since the first release of this series (that would come to bring about a new genre) and here we are. It’s going to be a bit sad once you go, but just like this beloved series, all things must come to an end.

    Honestly I’m not sure what to say. A simple thank you wouldn’t suffice for what you given to us, but I wish you the best luck with your future endeavors and the hardships that will come along the way. While it may be to much to be wishing , maybe someday we can all meet again my fellow Monster Girl lovers and find ourselves all giddy again when the next big Monster Girl game hits. Until then, good luck to all.

  653. Anonymous permalink

    I try my best to give credit where credit is due, and you Rogue certainly deserve it. I first stumbled upon this game and your translation blog when only the first part was out. When I finished playing the first part, after beating Gnome, I did not know what else to expect or how big this thing would be in general. Then Part 2 came out and the storyline truly unfolded and fell upon me like a hammer shattering the limited perspective part 1 had and it seemed like that was the end of it, UNTIL they slam upon us that cliffhanger to part 3. All the time, you have been there translating it for all of us, the english speaking audience.

    Working tirelessly when you had the chance ever since 2010 or 2011 up to the end of 2013. That is dedication and discipline in ones work. Too many times have I seen decent works fall down by the wayside.

    There was a time that I would never believe that games of this style would have anything more than maybe a light story without then moving on to the smut it was made for, no offense to any other good series around there that I may not know about. However, I was proven wrong with this awesome story. To quote Miguel the Cervantes, creator of the classic “Don Quixote de La Mancha: “There is no book so bad that it does not contain something Good.” I personally thank you for allowing us to read this “Book” so to speak.

    Last but not least, I won’t lie, but it really saddens me that you are leaving on a permanent basis, but I also understand that you have a life to live and run, and appreciate your sacrifice from it to bring this to us. May you be blessed in all your endevors and have Godspeed. We may have never met personally, but your ok Rogue. When the time comes for you to leave, have a nice day/night, be safe and God Bless.

  654. Hero permalink

    Help pls, when i convert part 3 they don’t show the monsters i had fought in part 1 and 2

  655. NonAnonButAnon permalink

    Hands down one of the best RPG stories I’ve seen in my life, and that’s up against Final fantasy 6 and 7. It’s all thanks to your Rogue. Thank you so very much for translating this. I am in your debt.

    • Cio permalink

      You have great taste, because exactly what i think. Only FF6 and Ar Tonelico can match the storyline for me…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Dargoth said he may do it, Rogue isn’t though.

        • Anonymous permalink

          “What’s next?

          I’ll be editing and fixes any bugs or mistakes as people post them for about two weeks, then I’ll be done with the translation scene. The final version of the game will go up (Hopefully with an installer and a dedicated hosting site) along with mirrors of the rest of the stuff I’ve done so far. Then I’ll lock the site with the final post and be gone.”

  656. Anonymous permalink

    I have a problem when I extract files of part 1 and 2 to the 3 only part 2 shows up not part 3. when I extract part 3 into fused part 1 and two everything goes well but when I defeat Alice in monster lords castle a part 3 prologue starts and right when the goblin girls walks through areas the game crashes. Please dont tell me that this is just a demo. I really want the full part 3 but I dont know what to do anymore! HELP PLEASE!!

  657. Anonymous permalink

    I have a problem. when I extract part 1 and 2 to the part 3 only the part 2 shows up. When I extract part 3 to the part 1 and 2 it works good. But the problem is that when I defeat Alica in monster lords castle the part 2 ends and the prologue to part 3 starts where the goblin girl is walking on different areas and where she says Zazoom! everything crashes and part 3 closes. What is the problem? Is it just a demo? Please someone tell me why is my christmas ruined?

  658. Anonymous permalink

    Having the same problem as a lot of other people. The game crashes at the beginning, when the Goblin Girl is zooming through the forest. Any fixes?

  659. boombome permalink

    hay rogue, i was just wondering how you do what you do, program wise.

    i’ve always wanted to try translating but don’t know where to start.

  660. iemier permalink

    Okay, I have never had a problem running MGQ before, but I’ve started using a new desktop to play it, because my laptop can’t really handle anything, anymore. The Desktop is Windows 7, and all I did was transfer the MGQ folder from Laptop to Desktop, and I’ve tried just about everything I could think of to get it working.
    What’s the problem? It crashes with… some ogg error, I believe, but all of the files are in their right place, haven’t gotten to installing applocal yet, though. I’ll try to get a screenshot, and update my problems, but until then, could someone tell me what might be going wrong?

    • iemier permalink

      Forgot to add that it crashes with this error right at the start.

  661. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rouge, sad to hear that you’ll be done with translations but thank you so much for all the work that you’ve put in. I wish you the best in whatever you do from here on in.

  662. Techies permalink

    I forgot how to fight lol :D
    Gotta start from part 1 again

  663. Revshawn permalink

    Hey there! Thought I would come by and tell you thanks for the journey! I’ve kept up with your site since Day 1. ^^

    It’s a shame you’re leaving completely, but please keep in touch!

  664. Anonymous permalink

    Achievemnet unlocked!
    I play it for the plot!
    Completed the whole part 3 without fapping or losing intentionally

    Now proceed with fapping achiviment…

  665. Anonymous permalink

    i keep getting this error

  666. anon permalink

    i keep getting this error

  667. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue, for all of your hard work.

    Truly an adventure I shared with all of you.

    I love you guys (the way Cartman says it)

  668. Anonymous permalink

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you than you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you than you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

    I love you so much that i didn’t even copy/paste all those thank yous. good luck with whatever comes next in your life.

  669. Poor Bastard permalink

    I’m hoping for some help.
    I was at the final boss battle, Ilias.
    The problem is my game errored and asked for a reconversion of all 3 games.
    After which it wouldn’t recognize any of my save files.

    I tried copying over my save files to a fresh patched game but there is no sound and an empty monsterpedia book leading me to believe my save files may have become corrupted since they don’t have the “save location” tag anymore.

    I’m hoping someone would be able to upload their save file for the final battle so I can continue on in my journey. as I think I’ll need to do a fresh reinstall and patch and don’t want to start over again.

    Thank you.

  670. Revshawn permalink

    I just thought of something.

    Throughout the adventure, you collect four elements.


    And Luka, being the person that binds them together, represents the element of heart.


  671. Anonymous permalink

    I will miss you Rogue. You’ve been like a father to me.

  672. Anonymous permalink

    Have a good life Rogue….You have offer everyone who ever play Monster Girl another sweet taste of life….may the Spirit of the Hero be with you always

  673. Anonymous permalink

    Dude, either let it go or learn to troll better. Right now you’re acting like you have little dog syndrome by only being able to use the word “fail” to troll… it’s more sad than pathetic at this point.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fail. It posted as a separate comment instead of in reply to whatever you were attempting to call a fail. Which was ironically about fails. Also I’m not the same anon

      • Anonymous permalink

        Another dick for wit brat that enjoys trying to piss people off… Boy-children like yourself should get back to the game and buy a flesh-light. Stick with that and you’ll be doing us all a favor.

    • Anonymous permalink

      i confuse

  674. A friendly anon permalink

    Touch our hearts and then be gone.
    You had a good run, Rogue. Thanks for everything. Hope this isn’t the last time I see your name.

  675. Anonymous permalink

    slowpoke here

    So what do you think about Illias in the end? Did she sincerely helped Luka just to do something god-like at least once? Or she implanted herself in Luka’s body (or his testacles to be precise) and will be reborn as Luka and Alice’s child? Because her holy power+Luka’s power+his spirit control+Alice/Dark God power = even more ultimate goddes than she was at the end. Micaele did say that she feels Illias presence in Luka. So concidering they would have boy and girl, boy will be another hero’s clone (shota with purple hair) who will fight against his sister/reborn Illias.
    Everything is according to keikaku.
    Just as expected from Kubo.

    • AnonS permalink

      If you see the endings, you should know she was right all along. I doubt she did anything and I think the series is over though.

      • CelesNight permalink

        Well, the series isn’t technically over, because there’s MGQ Paradox which takes place after the end of the game. Though I think it involves time travel in some way.

  676. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Rogue,

    This has probably been said thousands of times (literally) but thank you Rogue. I know in the end it’s just translating a porn game, but we really do appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into this project. I’m sure there are more and better ways to show our appreciation, but you never ask for it. So this is all I can give, a thank you.

    It’s been a blast for us and hopefully for you as well.

    I sincerely wish you the best
    Take care

  677. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, Rogue. This is one of my favorite games, porn or otherwise, and I never would have even known it existed without you. I know my gratitude alone probably isn’t worth the days and weeks and months you’ve put into this series, but I still wanted to tell you: I really, really appreciate it. And you should be proud of yourself, too: you’ve done a really amazing translation job.

  678. Anonymous permalink

    Ilias final form battle theme captured my soul, now I’m becoming the slave to her battle theme every time I play my online games.

  679. Anonymous permalink


  680. Techim permalink

    Thank you so much for your work on the patches..

    I just have a question though, after joining all 3 games together with the English patch,
    and on reaching the ending of MGQ 3, I can’t access the Extras: Music section anymore..
    Is it an error I can fix on my end? Or is a patch required for that?

  681. JCAll permalink

    After combining my game and importing my save, I don’t have the achievement for taking all the attacks in Chapter 2. Which is weird, because I have that achievement in Chapter 2 itself, and I’ve gone through the Monsterpedia and have every attack.

  682. Cheese permalink

    We’ll miss you Rogue!! :c

  683. Olo permalink

    when will the updated final version be uploaded? And where?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Soon™ (anywhere from now to a few days)

      Most likely on the same sites as the patch above.

  684. Anonymous permalink

    I have an issue
    in Windows the game works fine but in my new Laptop that has Ubuntu
    I use wine but the text is printed wrong
    For example Monsterpedia is printed Mo ns te rp ed ia
    I think it is something like a wrong locale
    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this

    • Anonymous permalink

      ya, change local to japanese….that should fix it…..if it works anything like windows

  685. Anonymous permalink

    Hey Dargoth said he might not translate violated hero 4. Is that something you may be willing to do instead?

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      I don’t think Rogue is gonna be translating anymore after he finishes up the translation for MGQ 3.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Do people not bother to read? Is says right there under “What’s next?” that he is done and gone after the patch fixes.

  686. Anonymous permalink

    there is a bug in the game, if you have your systems dpi etting set to anything but 100% it wont display correctly

  687. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue, please accept this TM as a token of our appreciation.

    ROGUE obtained a TM64!

    TM64 contains EXPLOSION, which will cause an intensification of one’s ejaculation while playing MGQ3 when used.

  688. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, a very great deal, for everything.

  689. Anonymous permalink

    well…. i guess this makes it a big thanks for the christmas … the christmas… christmas… THE christmas…. hora hora hora….. ~(-.-~)

  690. Anonymous permalink

    the game crash whenever i try to go to music section in extras.

  691. Anonymous permalink

    I got that bug three times so far, all I had to do was play a fresh game (no achievements and merged) until you beat the second chapter “without” seeing all H scenes or techniques. Then you can’t get it no matter what you do… unless.

    You clean out your achievements gloval, then do a fresh run-through (no achievements completed). Then just be absolutely sure that you got hit by each technique and saw every scene BEFORE you beat alice, otherwise no dice. Hope Rogue can fix it with this. I’m gonna miss the guys contributions :-(

  692. Anonynony permalink

    Merry Christmas Rogue!
    Have a good holiday season :D

  693. asdf permalink

    hey rogue, could you please help me out with this little issue, you see i’m making a mod for MGQ but when typing title = “the Goddess intentions ” , it comes out without spaces in-game. what should i do?

  694. Anonymous permalink

    WAHHHHHHH! It’s so beautiful, yet so sad! The final translation is here, but it means Rogue’s leaving forever! WAHHHHHHH! We’ll miss you, our beloved Rogue!

  695. Anonymous permalink

    I appreciate all you’ve done Rogue, Btw ae bugs and fixes almost done? Is the end near? Will the RogueTranslations religion ever be started find out next on MonsterGirl Quest Z

  696. Cal permalink

    To leave as soon as you had finished, its kind of tragic.

    Its been fun Rouge, it truly has.

  697. Dear Guest permalink

    R.I.P. in peace Rogue!

  698. Anonymous permalink

    Can get the game to work but not the english patch. Someone tell me how to make it work?

  699. Anonymous permalink

    Listen UP. I know how to fix a crash report when you start part 3 of the game.
    1. download mgq part 3 jap.
    2.extract it to the merged folder of part 1 and 2.
    3.extract the english patch to the full game (overwrite when asked).
    4.start the game and merge parts.
    5.have fun.

    Sadly this doesnt fix the music crash but who cares about music when you can play the full game.
    PS. you dont have to buy part 3 there is a free download at
    Hope this helps everybody.

  700. Zearth permalink

    So has he done all the bug fixes like he said? There’s no update.

    • Anon Unknown permalink

      He’s probably working on them as we keep posting.

  701. Mighty permalink


    Been here since the beginning when you were patching part1. Thanks so much. The game has some great CG, but being able to read and follow the story is even better. My favorite parts are when Luka edges against rape attacks and the monster’s response when he comes right away. I can’t help but laugh and its all thanks to your translation.

    Queen Harpy: Ara?

    Camilia: WHAT? But I just put it in.

    Queen Spider: How pathetic.

    You gotta see their facial reactions too. Its hilarious.

    Thanks again

  702. Thank you Rogue! :) I just started playing MGQ last week and currently in part 2! haha! Thanks for this! :) I love Alice~ <3

  703. hhhhh1122 permalink

    So when will all the bug fixes be done?

  704. Anonymous permalink

    When you are about to finish the final fight with Illias, Heinrich is not there when Luka is remembering all the people that he met over the course of his adventure. In the Japanese version, he is shown before Lukas father and mother appear.

  705. Techies permalink

    Just finished the game, It’s one of those game that you don’t actually care for the h-scenes.
    MGQ will stay in my heart forever <3

  706. Monmusu permalink

    Tears are forcing their way out of my eyes
    I’m just staring at the ending screen crying, the soundtrack is too much.. Too much feelings..

  707. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    By completeing the game I am killiing Alice!

    I will never try to finish it. Thank you for your excellent service over the past years.

    I will miss this.

    • Cory permalink

      You aren’t killing Alice unless you pick the wrong thing and screw up at a certain point, and I can guarantee you didn’t do that :) play the damn game!

  708. Dmitry permalink

    I’ll be waiting for the final corrected patch.

  709. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    I just noticed that Tamamo’s fingers look like claws.

  710. Anonymous permalink

    i cant watch some of the spin-off stories its gives some weird code and then crashes

    • Dear Guest permalink

      Fucking normalfags.

      • Anonymous permalink


  711. Anonymous permalink

    can’t open some spinoff stories…

  712. Where’s the updated version? its been over 2 weeks

  713. Anonymous permalink

    He’s probably taking some time for holidays. He’ll put it up. Just be patient.

  714. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone here having an error and crash in the gnome part when Gnome is attacking with BJ during restraint?
    All 3 parts combined and new game started and i am at this point with this problem.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I think this issue was already addressed in the previous post’s comment section and will be fixed in the final patch.

  715. Imoutocon permalink

    If you guys visited the official site of monmusu, you will see that they are currently working on a rpgmaker game.
    もんむす でりしゃす (breakfast / lunch) is 2 other visual novel in web browser/flash. Fan made with characters from monsmusu quest.
    Just a heads up.

  716. Kisshu permalink

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Can’t wait to have the final working patch that^^ Here’s a little Happy New Year picture I edited using Photoshop with some Monster Girl Quest characters.

  717. Raz permalink

    Hi guys,
    I am a bit late in the game but just started playing the series and finished part 1. Just bought part 2 and tried to download the full english patches and they both seem to have been removed from media fire:

    can someone please post a link for the full english patch for MGQ 2 that actually works? Much appreciated

  718. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know what “rape scene 6” is in other endings? I’m pretty sure I talked to everyone but I still see that scene grey’d out in my monsterpedia in between Sara and Serena.