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MGQ Typos/Mistakes

December 5, 2013

Please use this post for MGQ Typos/Mistakes/Bugs of all kinds. I’ll delete any comments that aren’t about one of the above three to keep it organized. I’m planning on fixing anything I can in the next two weeks and posting a final version. Thank you to everyone that has always assisted with this!

  1. Lumarin permalink

    Doppel Girl’s rape scene has a typo, “Pressing back down into *my, me* feeble counterattack is shut down.” It should be “me, my”. If I see any other typos I’ll post in here. Thanks so much for the patch Rogue!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    The issue with Chapter Two’s “take all techniques” achievement is still present in mine. I really wouldn’t mind except for the fact you can’t get all the achievements without it. Amazing work Rogue. It’s sad to see you go.

  3. This ain’t typu but bug. When you select spin-offs, and then “Battle Sample”, after few screens game crash.

    • Anonymous permalink

      -This game crash applies to both the Nabe Battle Sample and the Ika Musume one, but I also got it to show up for Cecil’s Satania fight. Whenever there’s a bind move, both get an error with a bunch of Japanese text followed by:

      099.txt line:295768


      After you hit “OK” on the error, the game exits.
      (uploaded a screenshot of this at

      -Also, for Spin-Off Stories in general, the translated text for various actions and events in battle reverts to Japanese text, and a lot of random \? symbols show up at line breaks. This applies to both Luka and Cecil.
      It mostly applies to the surrender line and status effects, though I can’t be sure that’s all it applies to.

      -Taking damage in Spin-Off Stories results in a missing space or line breaks, i.e. “Luka got hit!Luka took 9 damage!” Text affected this way seems to ignore the word wrapping patch and gets cut in half (like thi
      s, for instance).

      -The Cecil battles misalign the menu items as soon as you enter a battle proper:

      -The Charybdis ending where Cecil is defeated by hugging results in graphics getting left on the screen:

      -Finally, two related Cecil bugs: the Satania After ending has music continue into the “Eval/Retry/End?” screen. This probably isn’t intentional.
      The Charybdis ending where Cecil ends up in the drink has the same issue AND lots of squishing noises, and this is a definite bug since those sounds continue even if you hit Retry and are battling Charybdis again.

    • That was a battle sample back from the very first mod stuff. I removed it because it isn’t really applicable anymore anyway.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    The issue with Chapter 2’s “Take all techniques” achievement is still there in my game. I wouldn’t really bother you with it except that getting the “Monsterpedia complete” achievement becomes impossible. Have you figured out the cause of this bug?
    Regardless; great work Rogue. I’ll be sad to see you leave.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    During Valkyrie fight she says “The I’ll squeeze you till you come” or something where it should be then after she strips mid battle.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Small typo in intro, can’t remember exact wording, but it’s between Saharan King and the messenger. Line is something like, “Their attack is direct at Sahara!” Which should read directed.

    Thanks for all your hard work Rogue!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    During Laplace’s post-battle scene, the line “If this lab was to fall into enemy hands…” should read “If this lab were to fall into enemy hands…” because she is using the subjunctive mood.

    Love you Rogue!

  8. The Valkyrie evaluation “Spending twenty years thinking she’s punishing someone” where it should be “twenty thousand”.

  9. LoL_guy_in_a_WoW_Universe permalink

    After the summit of Monster and Human Leaders from the world over, Luka is talking to himself about how early it is for bed. “Should I talk a walk around the castle…” talk -> take.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    After the big human-monster summit in the castle, Luka is free to walk around and talk to different people. When he chooses to talk to Alma Elma about Hainuwelle or whoever, the name of the speaker of the dialogue box changes to “Alice” instead of Alma Elma when she says “Hehe, are you worried?”

  11. Anonymous permalink

    my game crashes when i try to look at the music section in extra’s menu

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Luka converses with “Soldier” in Illias village. The soldier says, “Oi, Luka! You did it! Not even the Monster Lord, you defeated the….” Perhaps “even” should be replaced with “only.”

  13. Anonymous permalink

    When using save inherit to bring over MGQ2 data, it mentions a “gloval.dat” instead of “gloval.sav”.

  14. Takata permalink

    Typo Report 1:
    So as not to stretch the post too much, I’ve put my first typo report on pastebin. This one covers from the start of the first game to before Irina Mountains (bandits’ location). There are also a couple of lines where the words only wrap correctly in the backlog. I’ve typed up the lines as they appear in the 3v1.0 patch and put my comments after them in brackets.

    One line in particular I’d like to ask about: Not a typo, but seemingly an inconsistency.
    “Today is Ilias’s birthday, so you’re trying to receive your baptism.”
    Alice says this shortly after Luka finds her. It doesn’t make sense for a goddess to have a known birthday. It would make more sense for it to be Luka’s birthday, so he’ll be “of age” and elegible for a baptism today. Is this really correct? O.o??

    • No, it truly is Ilias’s birthday, or at least a day the citizens celebrate it. It has to be a known day, as that’s why Alice was able to know just when Ilias would descend. Fixed all the other stuff in your pastebin, thank you!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Luka converses with “Soothsayer” in Succubus Village on his peace world tour. She says “To thank that you would go on to save the world…” Perhaps “thanks” should be “think.”

  16. Anonymous permalink

    While Luka converses with Sara during their “wedding night” Sara asks “Are you ashamed of having your bridge take the initiative on your wedding night?” “Bridge” should be “bride.”

  17. David permalink

    during the meet up at the monster lord castle(after Luka and Alice have sex, when they 4 knights are talking, the graphics are kind of trippy. just after alice mentions getting her original body back, tammo is speaking, but part of the graphics from the bottom of etribute and alma appear. then during the next part of the dioluge part of tammos tails are in the background.

  18. AnonRoy permalink

    Encyclopedia Entry: Themis Trap displays as Trap Themis in selection list.

  19. Edale permalink

    Laplace: “I am the first ever cyborg created completely from scratch. I am a complete machine.”

    I’m not sure what the original Kanji said, but a being that’s 100% machine, with no organic parts isn’t a cyborg, it’s an android.

    “I am the first ever android, created completely from scratch. I am a complete machine.”

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Just a minor thing currently but during the defeat scene after being beaten by Cirque Du Croix (in this case it was the harpy and the elf) there’s a line that reads “Ever since then, I was the zombie monsters toy.” I’m not exactly a huge grammar buff I think that there should be an apostrophe so that it reads ” monsters’ “.

  21. Anonymous permalink

    And just another minor note for that battle, Alma Elma’s restoration ability Succubus Kiss lacks a space between the two words, like most other abilities.

  22. Anonymous permalink

    Kind of minor, but one of the monsters is called “Dragon Zombie Girl” in the Monsterpedia, and then “Zombie Dragon Girl” when you actually go into her entry.

  23. Amay permalink

    After the whole fighting scene with Alipheese the Fifteenth, La Croix says, “No, your damage should be even higher! Especially after battling with Alipheese the Fifteenth…” I think the “should” is the typo and be replaced with “shouldn’t”.

  24. Anonymous permalink


    099.txt line:305911

    >if %bwait= 0 texec

    Appears for me at the gnome fight if I request gnome’s mouth play.

  25. htyik permalink

    When you have nighttime fun with Alice after exploring the Monster Lord’s Castle (after the meeting between all the leaders), any time when the text would normally load halfway and have to be progressed by another click, the text is all there. In this case, the click takes you to an extra blank screen rather than revealing the rest of the text that should be hidden. (I hope this was a clear enough explanation).

    • That was in the base game too. I think it’s a buffer used for the autotext if you put the text on to scroll automatically?

  26. Anonymous permalink

    After defeating Heaven’s Gate, Luka thinks to himself: “Beyond there lies the Heavens themself.” If you’re going to use “the Heavens,” then it should be “lie” and “themselves,” to agree with the plural subject. Of course, you could use “lies,” “Heaven,” and “itself,” if that seems more suitable to you.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    During Promestein’s flashback, there is a typo in a line saying “After arriving at an answer, all she gets is another equation. Her endless goal just keeps GUTTING pushed further back as soon as she thinks she has reached it.”

  28. James Snow permalink

    Minor estethic flaw:
    In the Encyclopedia, the pictures for the navigation (page back/forward) are slightly misplaced on the first six pages (“330,500” for backward and “450,500” for forward instead of “320,500” and “480,500” like on pages 7 to 10).

  29. i think chrome’s name should actually be translated as Kurome: Kuro for black, you know since her sister’s name is Shirome: Shiro for white. an obvious word play reflecting their appearances

    • I’d agree with you, and it is a pun. But in the source files he lists her as “Chrom”, instead of Kuro. So I went with Chrome in the end (Before Shirome was even hinted at). Too late to change now.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    When you quit the game by using the cross, the confirmation message isn’t translated, although it is for main menu or in-game menu command.

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Some typos early in the game:
    When Alice introduces herself, there’s no puctuation mark.
    In the scene when you first reach Iliasburg, the tense switches between present and past.
    First Granberia H-scene: “Ever pulse” -> “Every”
    After defeating Granberia in the first fight: “unsightly event going out” -> “going on”

    Also, word-wrap doesn’t seem to work 100% correctly, if you use the “click to continue”-option and then continue in the same line.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    In part 3, after the reunion, in the conversation with San Ilia King, Queen Fairy and an purple Fairy, it is written “… These girls helped changed my mind.” sounds a little weird. shouldn’t it be eiter “with these girls help changed my mind” or “as these girls helped it changed my mind”?

  33. Anon permalink

    I cannot get the “Defeated an enemy strengthened by Gnomaren/Grandine” achievement despite defeating the lamia nun and the mermaids while they have said buffs activated. I tried defeating them just after the turn they activated it, by attacking normally and countering but I still didn’t get the achievements.

  34. Alkenstine permalink

    found a grammar error in ch.1 of all things when Alice is talking about how the fallen angel healed his wounds by meditating it says “their wounds” but it is singular up to that point

  35. Kaz permalink

    I don’t know if it was already reported, but I fond a repetition of words when Salamender’s talking during the last Quadruple Giga against the final form of Ilias. (I don’t know the quote anymore, but there were two “by” or “to” (I’ve seen both, but I don’t recall the other’s location.))
    Anyway, that was a great series I could play, thanks to you, man!

  36. htyik permalink

    Doppel Luka is listed as Doppel Girl in the Monsterpedia, and then in her entry she’s called Doppel Luka (I assume Doppel Luka is the correct one).

  37. Anonymous permalink

    After Erubetie defeats Amphisbaena, she says, “The device is safe. I focused the explosion in wards.” Either that’s supposed to be “inwards”, or something with the word wrap makes it look like two words, even though it’s one.

  38. Kisshu permalink

    This part looks wrong what she says

  39. Anonymous permalink

    In Gold Port at the end, Arakure says “Thanks a million, man! You the best!” You should be you’re.

  40. Takata permalink

    [Possible Bug]
    I can’t hear any voices during Alma Elma’s and Granberia’s yuri scene.
    Is this really unvoiced? This -is- an h-scene, and other h-scenes with these two characters are voiced… so why not voice this one? Would have added so much to it. =\

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Girl A in Happiness Vil. at the end of the game says “We managed to repulse the invaders with the Harpies help.” There should be an apostrophe after harpies, and harpies shouldn’t really be capitalized in this context.

  42. CST permalink

    Hi, want to report a glitch and typos.
    At the Heaven’s Gate, grammatical error, Heavens, is still, in context, singular, so you look kinda trapped between themselves and itself.(by making themself)
    The true usage is itself(The Heavens is still a singular noun).
    Before heading for the Heaven’s Gate, if you go to Granberia’s room and ask about Arc-En-Ciel first and then about the Monster Lord fight, then she still talks about Arc-En-Ciel.

  43. Anon37 permalink

    Kejourou’s monsterpedia entry still says “toying with me” instead of “toying with men”.

  44. Anonymous permalink

    Just a question, I notice that when serene movement activates and you dodge it doesn’t have sound effect anymore, I thought it was because you didn’t have Undine with you but when you get her back, still no sound effect. Is that how the story is or maybe is something on my game?

  45. Anonymous permalink

    After integrating all 3 parts, my play-through starting from the very beginning crashes at the colosseum in part 2.

    It’s marked as line 21316, when Luka says, “It looks like she’s being attacked without mercy, but she’s really just biding her time for a counter attack. She must be incredibly powerful. Her opponent is fast, but fairly feeble…All it will take is a single hit.”

    However, the dialogue box is too small. There’s only enough room up until “All it will take is a singl” and it cuts off there. I have an image, but imgur is being stupid at the moment…

  46. Anonymous permalink

    At the start of the scene that plays after you finally defeat Ilias’ final form, the text says “The only other existence was darkness, with which I was completely repelled from.”
    This should read simply “which I was completely repelled from.”

  47. Shadowblade777 permalink

    -In Chapter 2, “Succubus” is labeled as a chief, but in Chapter 3, she’s a mayor. Inconsistency.
    -Opening Music in Extras causes crash.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    When you go to Harpy Village after the final battle, one of the characters is listed as “Deputy Village Mayor” and in the text boxes while talking to him he’s called “Deputy Village Chief”.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    After the final battle, when you go to the Guard Room in Sabasa Castle, one of the guards says “They’ve been getting in a lot fights, but nothing serious…” That should be “a lot of fights”.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    In the evaluation for the final Black Alice fight Ilias advises Lukas counter(Daystar) against Black Alices charged up move. This works, but simple guarding suffices as well. It would be helpful to include this, as one could think that you have to use Daystar by every means, even though you could also use Guard. You can´t always afford to have/use 8 SP in this fight after all.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    After the fight against La Crox in the biolab, “Three of members of Cirque du Croix now stand guard behind her.”.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Typos and tense mistakes up to Enrika:

    Alice first story h-scene: Pleasure was unbearable -> is
    What a pitiful man, Hahaha -> hahaha
    I’m fill with shame -> filled
    Iliasburg: Soldier A: monster’s -> monsters
    Armor Shop: looks to plain -> too
    Church: priest’s are usually boring -> priests
    Amira: Suddenly appearing before me was -> is (Next page again)
    Earthworm Girl h-scene: I slowly nodded -> nod
    Goblin Girl: In front of me appeared -> appears
    hammer that was way too big -> is
    Four bandits: so it’s like that is it? -> that, is
    Vampire Girl h-scene 1: separate from the sexual pleasure -> Separate
    Bee Girl h-scene 1: change in licking brought -> brings
    My increasingly sensitive glans -> Maybe “Because of my…”?
    Happiness Village: There I saw -> see
    Harpy h-scene: Let’s make sure I get pregnant -> Harpy is talking
    Her insides were warm and moving around like it was -> are warm and moving around like it is
    Even though it was my third time, there was a surprising amount -> it’s my third time, there is
    Happiness Village: you’re already stong -> strong
    While watching the woman prepare to attack -> women
    Harpy village: tallest tree, was a huge house -> is
    Harpy Twins h-scene: Several tense mistakes
    Harpy village: I can only stare at Alice’s greed, -> greed.
    Dark Elf Fencer h-scene: As she says the -> that
    As soon as her lips touched mine -> touch

    • Anonymous permalink

      Aboard the ship: From the bow of the ship, the [Posiedon’s Bell] is softly glowing. -> Poseidon
      San Ilias’s library: But usually they possess books in storerooms -> storerooms.
      Fight with Cobra girl: But it doesn’t seem like the Cobra Girl would let my by anyway! -> me
      Lazarus bombs Sabasa’s pub: I don’t even even listen to humans and monsters -> two even’s
      Witch Hunt Village: However, as soon as she become a Lord, -> became.
      Suck Vore defeated: She want back to normal. -> went
      Aftermath: Please, take anything you wish from our village that you desire… -> seems redundant?

  53. When your having sex with alice in the monster lords castle she says “How goes it feel to impregnate me?”. I believe its supposed to say “How does it feel to impregnate me?”. Sorry about the post in the other section :P

  54. Anonymous permalink

    While being raped by Tamamo’s true form after the final battle, she says “Sticking themselves into me, wanting to come out everything they have.” This doesn’t sound right. I’m not sure how it should be fixed, but maybe something like “Sticking themselves into me, wanting to shoot out everything they have.” The meaning depends on the original Japanese of course, just saying that what’s there right now doesn’t make sense grammatically.

  55. Anonymous permalink

    While mating with Alice in the Monster Lord’s castle, she says
    “Hehe. You’re awake.
    Even while you fainted, you still came inside me multiple times.” and then
    “Although most were pathetically empty… Haha.”
    The first page’s vocals clearly end with “Hehe. You’re awake.” The length of the vocals do not account for the whole next line. The next set of vocals is much longer than the second page of words, so it seems that “Even while you fainted, you still came inside me multiple times.” needs to be moved to the second block of text.

  56. Shadowblade777 permalink

    -In Chapter 2, Selene’s ghost addresses herself as “Selena”. However, in Chapter 3, its “Serena”. Inconsistency error.

  57. Anonymous permalink

    I got this too. If you try using Quad Giga against Ilias (Final Form) to shorten the fight, she blocks that with Ultimate Messiah–the weird bit being Luka saying, “Alice took 6123 damage! I’m sorry everyone…”

    There’s a pause between the “Alice took 6123 damage” and Luka’s name appearing… I think there’s a missing code tag there that would normally break those two lines into two boxes.
    (I’d also change “I’m sorry everyone…” to “I’m sorry, everyone…” since there’s usually a pause in that phrase if you say it out loud, but that bit’s small potatoes.)

    • This is a holdover issue from how the script had to be changed to accommodate Alice taking damage in Luka’s place. It only occurs under certain situations, and it would be rather difficult to fix without remaking a lot of stuff… So just don’t use quad giga, hah.

  58. Anonymous permalink

    Grammatical typo I guess? When Alice finishes w/ her mom:
    Alice continues staring at the spot ‘her mother just was’, even after she vanishes…
    A few ways it could be fixed, how about “at the spot WHERE her mother just was”?

  59. Anonymous permalink

    “…These artificial monster’s brains are those taken from beast monster’s, are they not?”

    It’s near the beginning and said by Tamamo if that helps. It should be “monsters’ brains” and “beast monsters”, i.e. the apostrophes are wrong. I haven’t really played much further, but if there’s no foreshadowing or anything in the lines “[…] monsters’ brains have been taken from beast monsters, right?” or something similar might be more elegant, as “are those taken from” sounds very literal to me. Thanks for all your hard work at any rate.

  60. Anonymous permalink

    Micaela: “It’s true I don’t have the power I once did…”, shouldn’t it be “I once had”?

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Versus Mariel, ‘naturally tightness’ should be ‘natural tightness’.

    And not really a typo, but directly after the very first choice on the world map, when the town (Iliasburg I think) is getting attacked, it says monsters are sieging the city. A less awkward verb here would be ‘besiege’, or ‘laying siege to’.

    Thanks immensely for your efforts.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    In the haunted mansion, just after the painting fight Luka approaches “the sound of the scream”. While it makes some kind of sense, I feel it ought to be “the source of the scream”, as he’s specifically moving downstairs, i.e. where the screams come from.
    Another minor nitpick from recent memory, Micaela speaks about the air “in the surface world”. I’ve been wondering whether “in” is correct; maybe “on” might be the correct word here. On the other hand, the issue might be circumvented by saying “the surface world’s air” instead.

    • Fixed – like “in” the surface world because the Heavens almost seem like an alternate dimension or something.

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Two things about the forest:
    Alice says “… after going to so much effort to strip you …”, but isn’t it rather “through such an effort” or something along the line? “to so much effort” sounds odd to me.
    During the scene with Gnome “… Gnome’s vagina suddenly squeezes down, using her own vagina to greedily milk out my semen” sounds slightly odd. Maybe lose the “own”, though the repetition would still be there then. Alternatively maybe re-write it as something like “Gnome’s vagina suddenly squeezes down, greedily milking out my semen”?

  64. Anonymous permalink

    In Sabasa one of the people you can talk to, “Man”, says “The King declared we would resist Ilias, and wouldn’t bend his knee to her.” It’s not clear whether the king said that the Sabasans would resist Ilias or him, as the second half of the statement is about the king (“his”), whereas the former might be a typo, i.e. it’s either “he” instead of “we” or “we wouldn’t bend our knees to her”. It might be helpful to add something to make the statement clearer or to fix it, if it’s truly a typo.

  65. Anonymous permalink

    Luka replies to Kejouro “… but your persecuting against other monsters, too?”. It should be “you’re”.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    After Plansect Village Alice says “I said before, but it is taking a great toll on you”. It should be “I said it before”, maybe even “I have said it before”.
    Just before the Salamander scene, Luka says “And I have to thank you for helping those people from the poison”. I’d change it to “…for saving those people…”.

  67. Xephious permalink

    In the Hidden village in part 3 after Micaela explains Luka’s abilities to him Luka says “In addition, Fallen Angel Dance can avoid status affects. I make sure to remember it all/”

    Should be “I’ll make sure to remember it all.”

  68. Anonymous permalink

    In the underground lab, after defeating the Drainroid:

    The sentence “Their semen is precious strategic resources.” should be “Their semen is a precious strategic resource.”

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Harpy Queen: Skill Name: Queen Tit Fuck, Requestable Skill: Royal Tit Fuck
    Leech Girl: Skill Name: Fluid Suck, Requestable Skill: Semen Suck
    Rafflesia Girl: Rafflesia Girl was filled with a sticky mucus -> is filled
    The Rafflesia Girl grows, and turns into a normal Rafflesia -> shrinks
    Meda h-scene: The moment when I came, the tentacles all started wriggling around in a panic, as if they were all trying to be the first to get a taste. -> The moment when I come, the tentacles all start wriggling around in a panic, as if they’re all trying
    Treasure cave: That little fox from before was standing in the passage-> is standing
    Spider Girl h-scene 2: my body being melted was bringing -> is
    Just like you right now, Hahaha! -> hahaha
    Tamamo’s fluffy tail: Her soft fluffy tail felt amazing -> feels
    sent me right into a trance -> sends
    Suddenly, I was alone inside the cave. -> I’m
    Tamomo h-scene: Sometimes tightening tightly around me, and other times loosening so it was just tickling. The alternating stimulations made my mind go blank. -> it’s just … make my mind
    Fight Alice: Finally, my head sank into Alice’s mouth. -> sinks
    Alma Elma Mosterpedia Entry: “Arumaeruma” instead of “Alma Elma” at the end of page

  70. Anonymous permalink

    All the angels whose names end in “eru” should actually be “el”. Means “light” or something like that in Hebrew. Standard angel naming convention. All the named angels in the scene at Heinrich’s seal have this error, for lack of a better word. Might be others I can’t recall.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Underground Lab Scene: “I move ahead, avoiding the escaping Chimeric monsters. Non of them to try fight me… They seem to be powerless experimental failures”. Fix: Try to, not “to try”
    Underground Lab Scene: “But it doesn’t seem as if every one of them is powerless…”. Fix: (Reworded) But it doesn’t seem as though all are powerless…”

    Harpy Village: “Come on, just try putting in the tip at least”. Fix: Come on, just try putting the tip in at least.

    Monster Temple, after the boss is sealed: “And near the edge of the shrine, the pale snake is trying to secret away.”. Fix: sneak away

    Plant Village: “And in Plan Village… A horrible scene was awaiting us.” Fix: And in Plant Village…

    Angle Dungeon Scene: “Her endless goal just keeps gutting pushed further back” Fix: Her endless goal keeps getting:

    Succubus village ending: “To Thank that you would go on to save the world…” Fix: To think that you would go on to save the world.

  72. James Snow permalink

    A mistake you have in the script since Part 2: In the “Most Lost to Monster” line, you need an additional space at
    (right after the second quotation mark and before the brace, where I put the underscore)

    The missing space causes the game to sometimes mess up the dispaly of the “Most Lost to Monster” line in the Record. It doesn’t always cause the glitch, it seems to depend on which monster is the one displayed. You can test it with the Lamia (from Part 1), I always get the glitch if she’s the monster I lost to the most. Narky mentioned in the comments above it also happens when it’s the Imp.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    In Succubus Village, when confronting Eva there’s mention of “Succubi”, e.g. when she says “Just a weak Succubi not even worthy…”, however, it should be “succubus” in that case, as she’s talking about herself, i.e. a single succubus. The might be true for the part before, where it says “Her … abilities are far above any Succubi they’ve ever seen before.”, though I’m not sure here, as the plural may be applicable as well. However, I still feel as if “any succubus they’ve ever” sounds more correct.
    Eva also says “All dreaming that this day would come…!”, whereas I think it should be “Always dreaming..:”.

    When you visit the cemetery in Goldport, it says “… the three who knew about my parent’s past are gone”, however as Luka reminisces about both his parents I think it ought to be “my parents’ past”.

    After Wormiel it reads “After she was sealed, the wall turns back to its normal lava and rock.
    Once all presence of the angel had vanished, the serene atmosphere returns to the hot volcano.”
    Firstly, I think there’s something missing in the first sentence, e.g. “its normal form/status/whatever of lava and rock” or “its normal lava and rock form”. Secondly, I feel it should be “has vanished”.

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Sea Cucumber Girl: Her interior was warm -> is
    Way to San Ilia: Suddenly, a monster appeared! -> appears
    Lamia H-Scene: Even though I’m beaten eaten alive -> being eaten
    San Ilia: The walls were covered -> are
    Granberia (2) h-scene: it was warm and puffy -> It’s
    Page 257: Skillname “Handjob”, Requestable Skill “Massage”
    Port Natalia (Meia’s quest): Luka was forced to buy “Baked Sea Anemone”! -> Grilled Sea Anemone
    Also, when there’s laughter (hahaha or fufufu) after a comma, you generally seem to have startetd with a capital letter. I won’t list every instance anymore.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    When La Croix uses “La Croix’s Mod” there seems to be a slight mistake in the text which makes it so that there is no space between the text and the damage information, e.g. “La Croix … Luka’s penis!Luka takes X damage!” whereas it should be “… penis! Luka…”

    Furthermore, after the entire thing there is a mentioning of how “Three of members of Cirque du Croix now stand guard behind her”, her being Chrome of course. It should be either “Three members of Cirque…” or “Three of the members of Cirque…”

    After the flashback showing us Shirome’s death, La Croix says “So with that leftover affectation Shriome had for you…”. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be “affection”.

    There’s also issues after the summit, as others have already pointed out, most obviously the thing about “talk a walk”.

  76. James Snow permalink

    In the fight against the Zombie Girls (Group), the script line
    cspl 700,702:print 99,4500,”system\breakup.dll/urb”
    should be
    csp 700:print 99,4500,”system\breakup.dll/urb”
    Currently if you beat the first Zombie Girl (C), all three of them get the sealing animation, instead of only the first one.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    I may know what he’s referring to. It’s possible to beat the Orochi fight without Tamamo engaging offensively… Although the Orochi immediately switches her attacks to Tamamo once she’s jumped out of your bag, Tamamo only starts attacking after you summon Gnome again. If you don’t summon Gnome again, you can slowly reduce Orochi’s hp by yourself to win the fight. (Tamamo still takes your sword to deal the finishing blow.)

    As for the skills not working, I’m pretty sure only the Death Sword Chaos Star doesn’t work on Orochi. She says something like “your fancy tricks won’t work on me,” while taking no damage.

  78. Shredder permalink

    In the figth with the Queen Alraune:
    “Let me nectar melt you away”

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Sea Anemone h-scene: Even though I knew, my death was inevitable, I still tried to endure the rising desire. -> know, my death is inevitable, I still try
    I finally realized that -> realize
    Unable to endure nay longer -> any
    Anglerfish Girl h-scene: Then I noticed a strange sensation. -> notice
    Sea palace: At the end was a regal looking monster. -> is
    The marriage ring for Meia is called “Pledge Ring” in the story and “Ring of Promise” in the inventory
    Haunted Mansion: Next to the house was a small cemetery. -> is
    Ghost Girl: her honey pot was surprisingly soft. -> is
    Zombie Girl h-scene: Her cold vagina wasn’t too tight. -> isn’t
    But the sticky liquid felt -> feels
    Haunted Mansion: In the middle of the room, the girl was standing -> is standing
    Frderika h-scene: But there was no chance that Chrome-> is
    Frederika was doing just as ordered -> is doing
    The zombies surrounding us were sent away as Chrome slowly unwound the bandage again. -> are sent away … unwinds
    Haunted Mansion: the floor had started to crack -> has

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Ilias handjob-scene (after 50 evaluations): the pleasure was incredible -> is
    Spirit Forest: Alice was still waiting with a bored look on her face. -> is
    Tarantula Girl: But it wasn’t just her flesh, I was forced -> isn’t just her flesh, I’m
    Tarantula Girl h-scene: it felt surprisingly cool. -> feels
    The silk inside of her started to move around as it stuck-> starts to move around as it sticks
    Minotauros evaluation: with muscles for a brain defeat you. -> to defeat
    Sabasa: we were in the middle of a desert. -> are
    Lamp Genie h-scene: After my ejaculation was finished, she started -> is finished, she starts

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Err… There is no damage reduction from Gnomaren. %damage_keigen_el variable is removed from the *enemylife sub-program. See the line 298175 in the original japan script. Please fix this.

  82. Anonymous permalink

    Mummy girl h-scene: makes me body shake. -> my
    In an instant, it had tightly -> has
    The accompanying pleasure was -> is
    Cobra Girl h-scene: that tightness was overwhelming. -> is
    Nefertiti Lamias h-scene: The oldest Lamia was surprisingly hot inside. Small ridges lined the walls of her pussy that rubbed -> is, line, rubs
    ridges inside of her dug -> dig
    The feeling inside of her was -> is
    her pussy was tighter -> is
    Pyramid: The sense of power coming of her was -> is
    Sara h-scene: Her rough tongue shot -> shoots
    Sara suddenly started -> starts
    But her face was full -> is
    Lily’s Mansion: She want back to normal. -> went
    Worm Villager h-scene: But above all was the suction… -> is
    Iron Maiden: Skill Name: Nightmare Embrace, Requestable Skill: Invitation to a Nightmare (She has the Invitation to a Nightmare Skill, but it’s just her opening and waiting to counterattack)
    Iron Maiden h-scene: I had no choice but to ejaculate. -> have
    Sandworm h-scene: The bizarre feeling was unlike anything -> is
    Safaru Ruins: a small girl was standing alone. -> is
    Gnome fight: Game crashes if the line “Gnome puts the tip of Luka’s penis in her mouth and nervously licks it!” is used for Gnome’s Mouth Play. I suppose it has something to do with the line break, so you should probably shorten it so it fits in one line.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Lamiaroid oral scene:

    Your penis stands no change…

    change –> chance.

    Also, the bug with ‘Defeated an enemy strengthened by Zylphe/Gnomaren etc. isn’t a game bug, it’s a typo in the Achievements.

    Those four are SUPPOSED to say “Defeated BY an enemy strengthened by ___”, to which they’re being checked off just fine :)

  84. GC345 permalink

    It looks like Eva’s Succubus Footjob must hit 3 times. Damage is 110-120, all others normal attacks hits 300+. Japan version have this too… To fix this – add skip 1: to the start of line 258428.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    During Promestein’s and Black Alice’s meeting Promestein says “As long they don’t interfere.”, it should be “As long as they don’t interfere.”

    When, shortly after that scene, Tamamo asks whether everyone is ready to go I have an error that only shows Granberia’s lower half. Also, her name isn’t displayed, making it an empty box saying “Yes!”.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    After defeating Amphisbaena, Erubetie says “I focused the explosion in wards”. Unless it is supposed to mean that she put up some magic wards or whatever (if so, a clarification might help), it should be “inwards”.

    Just before Eden rushes off, Promestein says “Even more, it seems as though the spirit’s power has returned”, it should be ” spirits’ “, i.e. the apostrophe needs to move.
    Shortly afterwards, Black Alice remarks “But is expecting that from her a little too much?”. I feel as if the sentence structure is all messed up here. Maybe something like “But isn’t that expecting a little too much from her?” would be more appropriate?

  87. Anonymous permalink

    A longer one. Sorry if it comes off as self righteous.

    During the final phase, Dragon Pup says “I’ll never forgive myself if I ran away here!”. It’s just my feeling, but maybe make it either “I would [or ” I’d “] never forgive…” or “I’ll never … if I run away here!”, so will + run or would + ran.
    Sometime during or after the Black Alice battle(s) Alice says something and Luka comments “No sooner are the words from her mouth, when a powerful feeling…”. I think there’s something missing, e.g. “No sooner are the words spoken, when…” or “No sooner have the words left her mouth, when…”
    During the final attack there’s a few: Undine says “… That’s why, we must win this battle…” I think the comma needs to be removed. Shortly afterwards Salamander comments “… You aren’t allowed to to follow in his path!”, there’s a “to” too much.
    Just after the battle/final attack: “—I was alone, for an eternity. The only other existence was darkness, with which I was completely repelled from.” I’d lose the “with” or maybe change it to something like “which completely repelled me”. Also I think the comma after “alone” might be superfluous.
    Shortly afterwards, Luka comments “Simply watching over would have been enough”. Maybe make it “Simply watching over them [or “over the world” or something similar] would have been enough”. As it is I feel as if it’s a bit too literal and a word’s missing, i.e. watching over WHAT?
    Then there’s a bit after Luka wakes. For example at least Alice and Micaela both say “Ilias’s”. I’m not 100% certain, but I think the translation is overall a bit inconsistent when it comes to names that end on s and similar sounds, making it sometimes (I’ll use “Ilias” as an example, not basing it on quotes) Ilias’ and other times Ilias’s. This might be worth looking into again, along with an issue of plural s and apostrophe (e.g. spirit’s when spirits’ would be correct) to make the translation as a whole more consistent. It would be an immense amount of work however. And technically the Ilias’/Ilias’s thing it’s not wrong, just inconsistent!
    I think there’s also a slight contradition when it comes to Luka’s perception in Enrika and what is being said, for it is said that the people of Ilias Village have moved back, yet when Luka arrives he says “But when we arrive, there is barely anyone here. Outside of the people from Ilias Village, there’s barely any native Enrikans either.”, but a few lines later he says “I don’t see anyone from Ilias Village…”. The way I read it, it’s meant to say that there’s a few village people and the leftovers of the Enrikan natives, yet he says there’s no villagers shortly afterwards, hence the contradiction. Also I feel the first quote might need polishing to make what I (!) feel it’s supposed to convey more obvious and clear. Maybe something like “But when we arrive there is barely anyone here, outside of a the people from Ilias Village. There’s barely any native Enrikans either.”

  88. Anonymous permalink

    Revisiting Ilias Village: “Ronnie fell during the angel’s attack”, as far as I know it were several angels, thus it should be “the angels’ attack”.
    The Priest in Sabasa’s church says “There are many who have lost their place, and are wandering lost…” I feel as if there’s something off about the “wandering lost” part. Maybe something like “wandering around lost” or “wandering forlornly”?
    Sphinx in the dungeon says “But it’s better than keeping everyone away, and letting it slowly fall in to ruin.” Should be “into ruin” I think.
    When talking to Tamamo at the shrine there might be an empty space too much when she says “… worship at the Fox Shrine? That’s admirable of you”. To me it looked as if it were “… Fox Shrine? That’s admirable…”, i.e. too much space between the question mark and “That’s”. Might just be my eyes though.
    Alra Priestess says “Your actions and sacrifice for us have brought this wonderful coexistence.” I think there’s first of all something missing, that is, I feel it should be “… have brought us this wonderful …” and secondly, it might be “sacrifices” instead of “sacrifice” though I’m not sure on that one.
    In Grand Noah Castle one guard says “There were some drunk people rioting after the Colosseum match, the machine monsters arrested him only …”. It should be either “There was a drunk person …” or “… arrested them only …”.
    Witch Succubus says “To thank that you would go on to save the world.” Should be “think”. Succubus (the mayor) herself says “There has been some nasty things being said behind my back recently”, which feels rather jumbled up. Maybe make it something like “Some nasty things are being [or ‘have been’] said behind my back recently”?
    In Gold Port, “I hope no group like Ilias Kreuz ever form again”. I’d make it either “ever forms again” or “will ever form again”. Then there’s the sages… they start by saying “… Well done, defeating False God Ilias”. That’s technically not wrong, but everywhere else she is, I think, referred to as “Goddess”. Then there’s some minor thing about their book, as there should be singular quotation marks within the quote, i.e. ‘Shoot the Moon’ instead of “Shoot the Moon” (but really, that’s beyond minor).

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Same person here.

    Something else about the ending (the stupid apostrophes again):

    “What do you think would happen if news of the monster’s leader suddenly dying got out?” should be ” monsters’ “.
    “Of course… Once the world is at peace, lets go on another journey again.” should be “let’s”.

    However, I haven’t updated my translation *I think*, so *maybe* I’ve got an old version anyhow.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Frog Girls hscene: weakened after my orgasm -> Weakened
    Frog Girls Monsterpedia entry: Their skill full use -> skillful
    Alma Elma 2 Monsterpedia Entry (Pose): Bukkake 1 belongs to the first Alma Elma Monsterpedia entry only, it doesn’t fit her pose on her second entry (the cum looks like it’s hanging in midair), so maybe you should remove it.

  91. Anonymous permalink

    From, well, just before the final battle starts: “With Alice at my side, I charge in to the final battle!” it should be “into”. Also I think the comma isn’t necessary.

    By the way, I think someone has already mentioned it, but SAVE LOCATIONs between Black Alice’s and Ilias’ forms would be really nice.

  92. GC345 permalink

    Game is finished at least once and all 3 parts are merged. New Game – no selection of the starting chapter if “Vore Scenes”=Watch. – Line 77, replace *sean0001 to *sean0000x.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    “Luka ‘s sword flashes, following the flow toward his opponent!” should be “Luka’s”.

  94. Seyser Koze permalink

    This is actually from part 1. After you rescue Sara at the pyramid, talking to the “Elder” in Sabasa leads to him mentioning Yamata-no-Orochi in the “west.” Should be in the east, I would think.

  95. Unown permalink

    Probably I’m too late, but here is some typos I’ve found.
    There is also a graphic bug.

    Anyway thanks for you hard work!

  96. James Snow permalink

    In the fight against Alra Rooty and Alra Arum, the script line
    cspl 700,702:print 99,4500,”system\breakup.dll/urb”
    should be
    csp 700:print 99,4500,”system\breakup.dll/urb”
    Currently if you beat Alra Rooty, both of them get the sealing animation, instead of only Rooty.

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Nekomata h-scene: As I came inside of her, the relentless tongue continued -> come, continues
    was followed by a lick of her rough tongue -> is
    Samurai Elf h-scene: she forces her ass down into me -> onto
    Right as the feeling of an ejaculation was starting, -> is starting
    starts to press into my twitching penis -> against
    Kunoichi Elf h-scene: as her soft walls starts to move -> start
    Yamatai: She didn’t come here to destroy it did she? -> it, did she?
    After everything was over, Alice appears. -> is over
    Caterpillar Girl Monsterpedia entry: Her primary method if feeding -> of feeding
    Alra Rooty h-scene: As soon as they stopped moving -> stop
    Alra Parasol h-scene: All I have to do this, -> is this
    everything I can do hold on. -> to hold on
    Dorothy h-scene: the digestive juices acts -> act
    Raffia Monsterpedia entry: She’s once called “Rafi” (sounds cute :))
    Deana game over message: Stuck in her predatory organ, Luka is digested. -> was

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Ilias’ “Thunder of Judgement” seems to have a mistake. Or at least the one used when Alice protects Luka before the final blow, as it reads “A road of thunder crashes down!”, but I think it’s supposed to be a “rod of thunder”. Even that, however, sounds more like an item than an attack, firstly because I (!) associate rods in fantasy with something akin to magic wands and secondly, because thunder and lightning are quite different phenomena, the former being only sound, though I think it’s supposed to be a lightning attack. Maybe make it a “bolt of lightning” or something?

  99. MisterSheep permalink

    Unless Carmilla’s attack “Graveyard of Lilys” isn’t talking about flowers, then it should probably be “Graveyard of Lilies” instead.

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Jelly Girl h-scene: as it freely flows all directions -> in all directions
    Fill my blue body with your white semen…/Her blue body moves around/mixes with her blue slime -> I’d rather say, her body is green.
    Jelly girl evaluation: Slime’s use binds -> Slimes
    Blob Girl Surrender: You want me to be dissolved? -> You want to be dissolved?

  101. MisterSheep permalink

    In Archangel Mariel’s first rape scene, Luka narrates: “I want to come… I want to ejaculate as she steps on my foot.” Luka probably wants her to step on his penis, not his foot.

  102. MisterSheep permalink

    Archangel Mariel’s second rape again: “Each quickly cycle pulls and pushes”. Should be “quick”.

    (yeah… i should probably have put these all in one post instead of three)

  103. Anonymous permalink

    Automata Girl h-scene: contracts even tighter before -> than before
    Grangold Castle (after ant girl quest): still leaving it all up the Ant Girls!? -> up to
    Macubus: Her tail and wings vanish as she the girl collapses-> either she or the girl, not both
    Maccubus h-scene: This Succubus was laughing as she easily forced me -> laughs as she easily forces
    , and makes sure she sucks out -> and she makes sure she sucks
    Maccubus game over screen: Luka is raped until he is sucked dry -> was raped until he was
    Mincubus Monsterpedia entry: She’s once called “Minccubus”
    Lencubus: Not sure if that’s intentional, but her requestable skills are only requestable after she used them at least twice
    Lencubus h-scene: Barely a few minutes had gone by with her slow movements before I already was feeling -> have gone by, before I’m already feeling
    Succubus Witch Monsterpedia Entry: A powerful Succubi -> Succubus
    Succubus village (after quest): Name of Mincubus is written Minccubus in the name field of the text box when you talk to the Sisters
    Cassandra h-scene 1: Cassandra’s flesh digests the remains -> digested
    Cassandra h-scene 2: My body itself dissolves, turning into liquid and absorbed into her body. -> and being absorbed

  104. MisterSheep permalink

    Lucia’s rape scene: Lucia says, “Hahaha… So you finished? Did it feel coming inside of my tongue like that?” Should probably be either “How did it feel” or “Did it feel good”.

    Miko Lamia’s rape scene: Narration says, “After fighting for so hard, it’s a miserable fate…” Should be “After fighting so hard”, or “After fighting for so long”.

    Themis Trap fight: Narration says, “Breathing in the gas, Luka is deprived of his sanity! Luka has been seduced!” The “trance” status effect icon is the one displayed, not the “seduced” icon. This one probably isn’t your mistake, but It might still be worth mentioning.

    Ferme Sara rape scene: Near the beginning of the scene, she says, “When I was living, my pussy was able to make any man come.” For this dialogue box and the next one, there’s no name in the name box. It’s empty, like it would be for narration lines.

  105. MisterSheep permalink

    Lamiaroid rape scene one:There are a couple of lines labelled Lamiaroid in the name box that probably belong to Luka, when she’s covering up his mouth for the first time. (The lines are “Ahh… Nnng!” and “Nnnnn!”

    Lamiaroid rape scene two: Near the beginning, the narration says, “With a kissing noise, Lamiaroid takes in the tip of my penis into her mouth.” The ‘in’ doesn’t need to be there.
    And then later in the same scene, maybe halfway through, Lamiaroid says, “And if I use those same muscles here… Your penis stands no change, just like my prey.” ‘Change’ should probably be ‘chance’.

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Magma Girl h-scene: It was a bliss -> is
    Dragon Girl h-scene: accidental stimulation, my penis -> stimulation of my penis
    Salamander: What’s wrong? That it? -> That’s it?
    Are you going to finish from this? -> to be finished
    Crab Girl (2): Haha, you come. -> came
    Grab Girl (2) Monsterpedia entry: since her last met her -> since he last
    Starfish Girl h-scene: His life ends with a trade for his body for pleasure. -> of his body
    Beelzebub: The two Beelzebubs eagerly suck on Luka’s penis -> three Beelzebubs
    Beelzebubs h-scene: The worst part of it all, was the horrifying -> of it all is the

  107. Anonymous permalink

    I’m stuck at level 69, i kill loads of monsters and still not lvl up.

  108. Anonymous permalink

    So… I have every achievement but “Hit by all requestable final chapter techniques.”

    Completed Monsterpedia is lit, so I got that one. And I’ve doubled checked to be sure that I have been hit by all the techniques. But for some reason that third chapter one is still greyed out.

    I’ve never saved outside one of the save locations, either.

  109. datorxd permalink

    after the first line in black alice battle the game exits with an error 00.txt


  111. Anonymous permalink

    Hey not sure if you still read these or not seeing as how the game has been out for years now but I was wondering about the first fight with Gnome. In the middle of the fight Gnome tries to say a line of dialogue but it gives me an error and crashes the game. I’m assuming this is a missing line of text and the game doesn’t know how to handle it so it just crashes but I’m not much of a tech wizard so I’m probably wrong. I downloaded the game from a YouTube video link so I’m pretty sure the guy who linked the game could’ve left some files out of it. Are there any fixes for this or anyway to check if there is missing text? Any response is most appreciated.

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