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It’s been fun

January 2, 2014

I first started translating MGQ Part 1 May 25, 2011… At that point, I was doing it mostly for my own entertainment. I thought a few people would care about the translation, maybe a couple hundred tops, but it would be too niche or out there for people to really care. A year after it was finished, the patch for Part 1 had been downloaded more than 550,000 times. I’m glad so many more people got to enjoy this game because of my impulsive decision to try to translate it for fun. I had a lot of fun translating it, and I hope you all enjoyed being able to play Torotoro’s game. I can honestly say everyone I’ve met during the course of these few years has been great. Something about the realm of porn on the internet suddenly turns people civilized and friendly, it’s quite funny.

Games I’ve done:

Complete MGQ Trilogy – For the full patch, please see this post.

Thief & Sword (Shalt’s Path only) – For the full patch, please see this post. 

Violated Heroine – My patch covered about 60% of the total available content of the game as of December 10th, 2011. Since then, I’m sure the game has expanded dramatically. An awesome group of people have continued the game, their SVN for patches is located here. I’m not sure how much of my stuff is being used (if any), or just how much bigger the game has gotten since then.

Marunomi: The full game (Plus patch already applied) is here: Anonfiles . Fun game that some may have missed – Despite the name, there’s little “actual” vore. It’s more tentacles than anything. Fun little battle system too.

Desire Dungeon – Joint with Dargoth . More monster girls. See Dargoth’s post here for the patch and instructions.

As a side note, anyone wanting to use my scripts as a base to translate them into another language has my permission. You just can’t charge for them. The original creators (Torotoro, etc…) also have my full permission to use the scripts for whatever purpose they want (including making them an official translation and charging for them, if they want).

What’s next for MGQ?

Torotoro is making a new game in RPGMaker – MGQ: Paradox. You can find some translated information on it on Dargoth’s site. Dargoth has expressed interest in translating it, so you best follow his site and look out.

Looking for other titles?


1. Monster Girls: Violated Hero series. See Dargoth’s site. 

2. My favorite Eroge: Sengoku Rance. Translated by Yandere Translations

3. New English VN: One of the creators is Raidis, who helped with MGQ: Love Despite


1. Henshin!!! – Hilarious, great CGs and actually unique.

2. Pregnant Brave – Another hilarious game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game is as stupid as the description makes it sound.


Well, it’s been a fun ride. With this post, I’m changing the password to everything associated with RogueTranslator, and locking all of the accounts down. From now on, anyone using this name is not me, and anyone posting on 4chan or other sites is not me either, even if they manage to crack the tripcode! Thanks for joining me in having fun with these games. Have a good life!

  1. Thanks for everything! Enjoy your new found free time.

    • Anonymous permalink

      nearly cried after reading the post… will miss you man

    • yuki permalink

      So long and thanks for all the fish!

    • i down loaf a version but not seeing any like part one or 2, just MGQ but japanese, i’m not sure if i’m download the right version so i wanna ask what’s that ver and you have any of that translate patch of it?

  2. AnInnocentBystander permalink

    Fare thee well, Rogue. It’s been a hell of a ride, and thanks for everything you’ve done.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rouge! You’ll be greatly missed.

  4. Acher permalink

    Thank you for everything, the whole 3 years was worth it and I have to agree that I started to play this for the lewd part but turns out I’m following up for the story.

    Thanks for bringing this gem up and translated it.

    • pigvin permalink

      You know porn (any kind, any type) is good when you start following the story. :D

      • Anonymous permalink

        You might wanna check that statement bud…….

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll always remember you! ;_;7

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a million for everything Rogue! Your name shall not be forgotten! *bows*

  7. The Perv permalink

    =) Will miss you and thanks once again!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue. Spend your future blessed knowing you’ve helped over 550,000 people fap to monster girls.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    There’s too much to thank you for, Rogue. I sincerely wish you the best out there. You are forever my hero. Never forget.

  10. Trickster permalink

    Fare thee well, King of the Monster Girls. Your presence will be missed, but your legacy will never die.
    Know that your loyal army of fans is here for you if you ever decide to come back.

  11. Dern permalink

    Thank you so much for everything, Rogue. I cannot possibly thank you enough. MGQ has changed the way I look at media and my life (pretentious as that might sound), and you made it possible for me to experience it.
    Best of wishes to all your future ventures, and thank you for all that you have done. Have a great life!

  12. Kamigoroshi permalink

    Thank you for all you’re hard work Rogue

  13. Anon37 permalink

    MGQ is amazing. Thank you for translating this for us. It seems so small for just a simple eroge about monster girls, but it turns out it’s one of the best games ever. We appreciate your work, and we love you for that.
    We have built a huge mansion with a golden gate emblazeoned with “Palace Rogue”. We hope you like it.
    Best wishes, Rogue!

  14. Zin permalink

    It was a fun while it lasted Thanks Rouge!

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll miss you. :'(

  16. PeteTheSheep permalink

    I don’t really know how to properly express myself about this… but for the work you have done, and for the projects you’ve shared, and for the joy you’ve added to my life, I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

  17. Subaru permalink

    Thank you for all your hard work. My you find good fortune in all your endeavors.

  18. AnonRoy permalink


    And let’s be fair, everyone, Rogue had one badass combo going.

  19. Barack Obama permalink

    Your benevolent work for the community will not be forgotten.

    Thank you for everything, Rogue. Godspeed.

  20. wice permalink

    Thank you a thousand times!
    Have a good one!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been a fun ride, thanks for doing this. Hope you have a good life

  22. BloodedgeDragon permalink

    I will always remember you. You made a really good work in everything that you did, I am truly sad that it will have to end like this. When I first started MGQ, I tought it would be a simple eroge game, but it turned out in a really good game with a really good story. Your work will never be forgotten, by me at least.(Sorry if my english is bad, I am actually brazilian)
    As we say here in Brazil:
    Valeu cara, boa sorte no que você vai fazer.

  23. Random permalink

    Goodbye forever.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye and thank you.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Farewell Rogue,never again will these eyes gaze upon your translation’s beauty.

  26. Takata permalink

    It’s been fun for us too. You can leave the VN translation scene knowing that you did more than enough, and you did it to a really good quality. ^^ Monmusu Quest must be one of the strongest examples of where you come for one part of it (reverse-rape, monster girls), but come to like another part even more (story, characters).
    I only found this game by chance. Plus, since VNs of this length seem to have a very low chance of translation, I guess we can all feel lucky that Rogue translated it. ^^

  27. Takata permalink

    Oh, and thanks for the clarification about Ilias’s birthday. I guess that means it was Ilias’s first birthday after Luka passed a certain age milestone.

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot. And good luck in the future

  29. Thank you and take care! :) you made me love alice more. haha! good luck on real life man. :)

  30. OfficeCasual permalink

    It’s been a wondrous journey, I wish you the best throughout your life

  31. AnonS permalink

    Thank you for everything and enjoy your life.

    And if you ever do get the desire to translate again or show up in one of these communities, know that you’re always welcome to do so.

    As I look out my window right now, all I see is white snow covering everything. Somehow to me it’s fitting that it ends in this setting. I knew I had to check and see this last message before I went to sleep. It’s like another chapter has ended in my life, a feeling I only really get when I finish a great work that has been released over time, like a TV show or book, and yes in this case, a computer game.

  32. Caspia permalink

    You did a great job rogue. Now take it easy and enjoy yourself now. Someday, we’ll all meet again hopefully.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    so long space cowboy

  34. Rikis permalink

    Thank you!

  35. Anonymous permalink

    If there was some way we can give you a standing ovation in person. Thank you so much for all you done May life be kind to you as you have been to us. I hope there will be some more reverse rape game made that you can easily play………. cause I can’t seem to get Violated Hero to work dammit.
    But we can all agree that Monster Girl Quest or in Japan Monmusu Quest! is one of kind. Lets hope it starts a new trend.
    And yet I love the thought of being a 12 year old boy being raped by a triple “D” milf.

    • Takata permalink

      I particularly like stuff with a shota protagonist, busty heroine and femdom too. ^^ Manga like Aki Sora and Brandish come to mind. I mostly skip the forward-rape scenes in Brandish though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The game was maximizing its fetish potential. As you probably noticed, Japan doesn’t care about fictional little girls doing naughty things

  36. Kagero permalink

    Thanks for all you’ve done! You will be missed…

  37. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you have single-handedly shown the internet what a community translation can be. Your work has showcased not only your mastery of two languages, but of a natural ability in creative writing and interpretation, a competency with the concepts of programming, a grasp of basic sociopolitical issues surrounding your work, and good sense in managing telecommunities

    Your character has been impeccable, and you express yourself with precision and wit. We truly were not worthy. It might just be pornlol, but you should know that your work has proven that you are an awesome human being. Thanks for everything!

  38. hiallofyou permalink

    Thank you Rouge, for allowing this game to reach its full potential. Thank you for all your hardwork. Good luck in whatever you plan on doing after this!

  39. Anonymous permalink

    3 years… Christ I feel like I’ve lost a friend even though I’ve never even posted.

    *Salutes* You will be missed, sir. Thank you for everything you have done and all the time you have given. May you find all the happiness life has to offer you.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all the translation!
    This is one of the best eroge i’ve read

  41. DHS permalink

    Well as everyone here has said it already: Thank you Rogue for everything you have done. The time and dedication you’ve given is something we’re all grateful for.
    You’ve motivated me to start learning whats necessary so that later on I may as well be able to translate things for other people. If everything goes well that is.

    Farewell and wish you best of luck with anything else that lies ahead.

  42. WEEGEE permalink

    Rest In Peace.

  43. Haggath permalink

    A massive thank you for your splendid work with the game. To actually go and complete the translation for a trilogy of games with infallible punctuality and to do it all for free – you, sir, are quite the individual. You have mine, and I believe several thousands’ others, respect and gratitude.

    On a side note, I’ve also noticed with amazement how the topic of pornography can take turns for extremely sophisticated and meaningful conversations. In fact, this particular franchise has given me some motivation to try my hand on creating monster girl fiction of my own, fiction that would be both intelligent and enjoyable. That motivation is all thanks to your work.

    Best of luck to you in your future endeavours. We will not forget you.


  44. SFrame permalink

    Only 3 years eh? It feels like 5, but whatevers. 3 years ago, I was still a stranger to eroge. Back then I was still fucking hookers in GTA4 and modding Tes:oblivion. Thanks to your translations, I became more and more interested in games like MGQ, eventually learning some Japanese.

    We’ve come a long way. Glad to be in on it, but gonna keep this short.

    Thanks for the mammaries, Rogue! Live long and prosper! \\//,

  45. Cio permalink

    I Just want to say THANK YOU and BEST for your future Rogue! It’s because of you i decide to support MGQ and many H-game that have great story and gameplay!

    Farewell, i just hope you just retiring from transaltion but still active as a forumer or poster just we can just communicate about games, etc…

  46. Anonymous permalink

    You did great work Rogue. I hope other people will find inspiration in your achievements and emulate you.
    Enjoy your well-deserved rest and perhaps we’ll see you again one day under another alias.
    Thanks for everything.

  47. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You for everything you have done for us. Good Bye!

  49. aadajo permalink

    over the years that I have waited maddeningly for this game to be completed and over the months for it to be translated I have been impatient as a new whore on the job. I thoroughly enjoyed the game of Monster Girl Quest 1-3 that you have freely translated for us Rouge we all thank you. I loved and will continue to play it having fond memories of the years and months of waiting for you to complete it. Your works are rare and good to have on the internet. If I knew you in real life I would buy you a beer not some cheap crapy beer but a few good ones instead till you got drunk.

    I think we all say thank you for the help and the time you have gratefully offered us to provide the translation of the greatest hentai game that I have ever played. So I won’t say thank you but will instead say this.

    From the bottom of my heart thank you for your work your time and dedication to this game so that we can all play it thank you Rouge you have entered into my good books as both a person and as a game coder to be respected.

    Take care and good bye

  50. Anonymous permalink


    You will always have a place in my heart and my H-games folder.

    Since you won’t accept tips for fairly good reasons I will drink a beer for you.

  51. Karma permalink

    Thanks rouge your fucking awesome i never posted here before but i really should have cause i was always checking your site waiting for the next chapters progress. thanks so much for bringing a great game to another audience with no payment other than our gratitude. hopefully u might return someday as the puckishrougetranslator when the world really needs another MGQ translated. take care tho and i hope u live a long and happy life.

  52. redpanther permalink

    Good bye and good luck!

  53. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything these past three years Rogue! お疲れさまでした!

  54. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for all your hard work man; goodbye and good luck for you

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work and time. Good luck with everything.

  56. Anonymous permalink

    …Thank !

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy your time in Mexico dude.

  58. Something permalink

    My first was MGQ 1 and its thanks to you that I could play that game (Best game ever for me)
    Thanks a lot Rogue !
    Be proud of what you have created, you made something amazing.
    We will never forget you.

  59. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. Like most everyone here, I played for the obvious reason for a while. Then, I stopped losing on purpose. Then, I began to actively save before every battle and load if I ever lost. It was at that point, I realized I was now playing for the plot. As weird as it sounds, I wish there was a patch to remove the porn aspect so I could share it with some of my friends. It would succeed as a standalone game. At least, that’s what I think.
    On a more serious note, everyone here realizes how crazy hard you’ve been working on this. I can’t even imagine how long each day you worked (for free) on this. Now that all of that free time is being turned onto something else, can you imagine how the world may change? “This translation takes half a year!” *Does it in a week*
    Imagine all of the other things you could do?! “Ending human hunger will take several hundred years!” *Does it in one*
    “Unlimited Energy will take thousands of years to accomplish!” *Takes five years*
    I can’t even say you’ll be a rich man because you don’t take money. I have to admit, I would probably not have that kind of dedication. After seeing 550,000 downloads, hell, if every one of those only donated one dollar, you’d have over half a million dollars. That’s only one chapter, and it’s the very beginning of this game’s fanbase. Also not taking into account that some of those people would be donating even more than a dollar (Though, some wouldn’t donate at all I suppose)
    You really have given us something amazing. This has progressed past the porn (mostly). The only time I can remember surrendering in chapter 3 was to get the achievement for being disparaged.
    Anyway, I guess it’s about time to wrap it up. Thanks a lot for all of your hard work. It’s simply amazing how much this game evolved in the eyes of many. And just as amazing that it’s only through your hard work that we got to watch and play it. Thanks a million rogue.

  60. Anynomous permalink

    Rogue, you just might be the most appreciated man in the world of porn, lol! ;)

    Thanks for all you have done over these three years, and may you have a long and blessed life, full of horas! :)

  61. Denamic permalink

    Thank you for all you’ve done, and thank you for not quitting before the translation is done. You even made a bugfix. You rock. Wish you all the best.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks once again rogue. You totally rock. And your so right about porn on the internet. i guess it’s every guys common ground. It’s a shared vice, like smoking only everyone does it.

  63. Moxie permalink

    Man, we’ll miss you Rogue…
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for us.
    Best of luck in your endeavors and Ilias bless

  64. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You Rogue!!

  65. Curian permalink

    Have you seen this news ? MGQ3 almost got Game of the Year. So pls be proud for translating it ^_^

    • Takata permalink

      Gaaahhh…. only 24 votes short. >.< Too bad I don't follow that site. A bit grating that the author called the voters "pranksters", but I guess that's just normal. Still, almost any publicity is good publicity. ^^

    • AnonS permalink

      lol how did that happen? Without Rogue that’s not even possible. I want it to win now just to increase the legend of Rogue. He came out of nowhere, and then disappeared just as fast.

      Looking at the other games on that list…2013 really was a poor year for games. Why shouldn’t MGQ win it?

      2012 had Skyrim and I believe SORR. If SORR had come out this year I’d have considered that the easy win too. Bethesda has something for this year probably so hopefully 2014 is better. I can safely say I got more enjoyment out of MGQ in 2013 than any other game released in 2013.

    • Anon37 permalink

      MGQ should have won.
      And it’s amazing how MGQ can curbstomp everything.
      To think, people are voting for a PORN GAME ABOUT WEIRD HYBRID MONSTER WOMEN RAPING A SMALL BOY, as the best game of the year.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Yeah and i love how they dismiss it as pranksters cos a bunch of people from 4 chan started campaigning for it and rounding up votes and making sure fans knew they COULD vote. And then after mgq3 nearly wins they dismiss it as trolling. 4chan can’t make people vote something in. I missed this but you can be damn sure i would have voted for mgq3 and it would have had absolutely nothing to do with 4chan.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    Au revoir Rogue
    “Au revoir,” it’s French. It means, “ciao.” “Ciao,” it means, “adios,” “auf Wiedersehen,” “sayonara,” which all, very loosely translated means “Good-bye”.

  67. Anonymous permalink

    Not monster girl, but if you’re looking for something new to try, this One-Syota game I’ve been playing lately is pretty great. It’s straight shota femdom.

    It has a sequel too, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

    Neither is translated, but imo this game doesn’t really require tanslation.

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Thank You for everything!!

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, this is my first time commenting on any of your posts, but I’ve been with you since the beginning. That you so much for all your hard work, it certainly is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful life, and take it easy.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Farewell, and thank you for all the hard work translating the series. It will be hard to find another good monster girl hentai game with as deep of a story as this one had.

  71. JCAll permalink

    I don’t know what else there is to say, but Good Luck and Thank You.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    You’re alright Rogue. You have a good one yourself

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue and good luck in life, your work was much appreciated. If you ever start a blog, I’ll be sure to follow it ;)

    As somehow who can’t stand femdom, MGQ has been an unexpected gem. I waited for each patch with great anticipation and savored every moment of the game. I originally started it on a whim because I thought Alice was good looking, but stuck to it for what is now one of my favorite stories ever.
    So once again, thank you.

  74. Not going to cry. Not going to cry… Damn it.. Seriously, I really think I will cry over this.
    Rogue. Thanks. Inspiring me to become a writer, translating this game, and just being a fantastic person.

    I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. With you gone there’s no longer a central authority for Monster Girls. I suppose I could try monster girl Unlimited. Or perhaps the Monster Girl Quest Mod Site:
    hmmm. Then again, there is my own blog,

    Master Rogue. I will think of you every time I play an Eroge. (but not while i’m fapping. Cause that would be weird.)

    Goodbye Rogue, and may your life ever be fruitful.

  75. BloodedgeDragon permalink

    I still can’t get over this post… Seriously, it’s like the 10th time that i came back to it.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    I guess this will be my first and last post, Thank you Rogue, your professionalism and commitment to bringing us these games will be missed far more than I can express in these lines of text. I honestly hope you’ll come back to us one day, and in the meantime, we’ll raise a pedestal to your awesomeness.
    It really has been fun Rogue, even now, I can’t believe it has to come to an end. TT_TT

  77. Anonymous permalink

    Farewell Rouge. Farewell.

  78. Kurei permalink

    Fare thee well Rogue. Your dedication and actions will not be easily forgotten. We hope to see you again in the near future. Until then my best wishes with your life and the things that you love.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot for all of your work, man! Enjoy the hell out of your life!

  80. Anonymous permalink

    It’ll take some time to readjust to not checking this page every day. Thank you Rogue, you made a lot of people happy.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue! Although why do are you lockingup your wordpress page/giving up your image of roguetranslator?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Although why are you locking up**

    • Anonymous permalink

      He’s retiring the Roguetranslator name and going back to being an Internet anon

  82. Somefaggot permalink

    As always, thank you so much for everything. Godspeed, Rogue.

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything, Rogue!

  84. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  85. Anonymous permalink

    Well, he’s gone. And it makes me feel like it’s time to leave as well. Rogue has shown me how great VNs are, and because of MGQ, I’m playing a lot more VNs. I feel like more of a gamer now, now that I think I have a favorite game from each genre of game. No, I feel like I’m more of a well rounded person because I was given a chance to experience MGQ, along with other things.


    • AnonS permalink

      Where are you finding these VNs? I might need to look into it too. I primarily like playing games for story anyway.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Erogedownload. Search it on google, and go to the site. Click downloads, and you’ll see a list of every single halfway-decent English-translated VN in existence. I recommend, G-String, Muv-Luv, Sharin no Kuni, and Grisaia.

  86. Zearth permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue, it’s been amazing! Goodbye and good luck!

  87. Anonymous permalink

    It is like the end of a manga… Why does the hero always need to leave WHY? (Well at least he is still alive:p)
    I wish you the best life could ever reserve, and Sayonara

  88. Jojo permalink

    Thanks for all you did .

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you.

  90. Destroyer140 permalink

    I still remember the day sometime about 3 years ago when one night I was just searching for some new “porn game”, back then I wasn’t even know the term “vn” (let alone the whole monstergirl phenomenon). If I downloaded a VN I usually just skipped through it for the CG pictures, how ever, that day this changed when I ran into the first MGQ (packed together with the back then currently about 75% patch) and decided to actually “read all that text if it’s english for a change” and from then on the more I played the less I did it for for porn but because I actually got interested in the story. Technically it was the first ever VN I “read” but without you it would have been probably just another vn I skip through and probably wouldn’t even start reading VNs at least for a good while. So thank you for all the hard work and time you put into translating it, not to mention you did all of this for us for free, so the only thing I can do is at least thank it. I still can’t barely believe that this blog which I continuously checked back on for 3 years with anticipation will no longer have anything new.

    In any case. Thanks for everything you did for us, and may you have luck with and enjoy whatever you will be spending your free time on from now on!

  91. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks alot for translating all these years. Been playing since the first patch and its been an amazing story through all three games. God Speed … ;_;7

  92. darkmage0707077 permalink

    Your amazing translations of MGQ and Violated Heroine (when you were doing those before the dev team revealed they have no intention of completing that game ever) are single-handedly responsible (heh) for introducing me to the amazing and wonderful world of story driven Japanese hentai games (True Love 95 being another favorite I’ve unearthed recently) and dating sims in general. Luka has become one of my favorite fantasy heroes of all time, and his dynamic with Alice will not soon be forgotten. I still remember being startled and intimidated by Granberia’s challenge in Illias Village, and laughing out loud at Luka’s stupidity as he had to be taught fighting moves from his very “nemesis” because she pitied his stupidity. I also fondly recall being moved to open tears at the conversation Alice and Luka have in Chapter 2 she reveals her past to him for the first time, and the “damn pervert” gag still makes me laugh every time.

    Thank you, Rogue. This series has become my secret treasure, something I long to share with the world because its splendor deserves to be shared, but loath to for fear of what the outside world would do to this masterpiece. No matter how big or small this game and series get in future, know that you have brought joy to my life over these last several years, and that I wish you all the best in your life and your future endeavors.

    May your Alice or Luka be as wonderful to you as they were to each other in this game, and as Luka said:

    “We’ll continue traveling and working for that brighter world. Our adventure isn’t over yet!”

    • Galileo007 permalink

      Amen. “So we will carry on together, in our dreams”. -Luka

  93. You did gods work, I thank you for it <3

  94. HellionZ permalink

    I can personally say that Thank you for your work. We could not have learned the MGQ storyline without you. I can honestly say as well that it brings a tear to my eye that it is over, but it was extremely fun. Thanks bro, and stay awesome.

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Godspeed you magnificent bastard. Thank you for everything you have done and I wish you luck with all future endeavors.

  96. Bye Rouge I’m sure no one will forget how much you contributed into completing the MGQ Patches these past 3 years it saddens me that you wont be doing anymore translations but hey we all have lives I’m just glad you brought me a different kind of visual novel that I ended up loving both content wise and godly story wise. Thank you for translating my all time favorite game when I’m back on my feet and get employed I plan to repay Totoro for this game by buying all 3 games in the future but for the moment Rouge your going to be on my desktop for a while again thank you for having something for me to look forward to in my life.

  97. Anonymous permalink

  98. Anonymous permalink

    Here’s to a final farewell salute. Thanks for all your hard work and good luck with whatever you decide to pursue next!

  99. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
    ― Dr. Seuss

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, have a good one.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    Godspeed, Rogue. Thank you for everything.

  102. Anonymous permalink

    You da man. You´ll be missed.

  103. Omni permalink

    Glad you enjoyed the ride, thanks for everything!

  104. My dick was beat into oblivion and it was all thanks to you. Bless you sir, you are a national treasure.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    Good luck in your endeavors. You will be missed.

  106. snowshadow2867 permalink

    It saddens me to see something so great in this small community leave. You’ve changed a lot of westerners view of japanese games, and it will never be the same with you gone. You will be missed, as the great translator of the internet!

  107. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been a pleasure and an honour, Rogue, thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into translating these games for us to enjoy.

    Here’s to you, wishing you the best in all future endeavours, your work shall not be forgotten.

  108. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue, have a good life. :)

  109. Anonymous permalink

    Take care of yourself and thank you for giving us the chance to play such a wonderful series.

  110. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you’ve had done during these 3 years, I’ll never forget MGQ nor you, have a good life, you deserved it! ;D

  111. Anonymous permalink

    I guess two of the things that made MGQ more special than other eroge’s are this site and Rogue.
    Atmosphere here feels like when Steve Jobs died.

    It’s been a fun journey indeed.

  112. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything! You will never be forgotten!

  113. Anonymous permalink

    I wish you the best of luck. Live a strong life!

  114. Anonymous permalink


  115. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for your great work!
    i wish you the best of luck

  116. Anonymous permalink

    Best of luck, Rogue, in everything you do from here on out! And, hey, if you’re ever in need of a job, remember this because I’m sure there’s some translation company that would hire you after hearing you did an entire several-hour game mostly (or was it entirely?) by yourself.

  117. Anonymous permalink

    This is sad…

    I feel empty…

    I’m crying

  118. logicdefyer permalink

    noooooooooooooooooooo you cannot be gone rogue

  119. Despite knowing that you likely won’t see this now, I still wanna send you off with my thanks for all that you have done for us perverts. You gave every last one of us a great deal of entertainment, and I’m sure everyone here appreciates and loves you for it. I know I do. Hate to see you go, but you obviously can’t be stuck doing this forever, so I’m actually happy that you’re leaving on a good note, and on to something better. Farewell, Rogue. I’ll miss your handiwork, man… Live an awesome life full of adventure! Goodbye!

  120. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for all the faps and feelings!

  121. Luciano permalink

    Thank you for your hard work!
    A good luck in your life :D

  122. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue. You’ve done a lot of stuff and I hope you know you’re appreciated. Have a good life!

  123. Anonymous permalink

    *salutes* A job well done sir. Please do have some much deserved R&R.

  124. Anonymous permalink

    Your deeds will never be forgotten. I hope you will be happy for rest of your life. Take it easy.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    The journey is over.

  126. Kero permalink


  127. James Turok permalink

    Have a good life Rogue, and thanks for the translations towards an awesome game.

  128. KaiZoegret permalink

    It was a great run, and the work was well worth it. To me this day shall always remain as a personal kind of holiday, for the role that MGQ plays in my life. It remains one of my top games due to the genre and the story. And I wont forget who made that possible. So here’s to you Rouge God. He came and did what He needed to and was gone just as fast. Enjoy the rest of your life wherever it takes you.

    Also I feel this is fitting to the ocasion:

  129. Ben permalink

    Thank you for everything Rogue. It was a fun and amazing journey, and you were the reason we all got to experience it. Farewell friend.

  130. Anonymous permalink

    You too Rogue, you too.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue. Thank you so very, very much for doing this for us. Your translation was top tier and this game only reached what it did because of you. Best of luck on whatever you’re doing next!

  132. Anonymous permalink

    Seeing you go is sad, but you left a legacy that none of us will ever forget. May you live on forever in our memories.

    • Shado permalink

      you know… read through the entire post, went down the comments and listened to a few songs, and i was pretty sad about all this, but didnt shed a tear just yet… until i saw ALICE2.ogg, and me, knowing that song damn near by heart, i burst into tears…

      We will all miss you rogue, and youll have a special place in all of our memories… and if i cant get through this song without crying… its all your fault, just so you know ;’P

    • Galileo007 permalink

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but this song need words when it picked up. “We will resolve, we will resolve, and carry on…”

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Well ty for all your hard-work rogue. Since your gone you won’t be able to help, but when i try to download the english patch for mgq1 the site is gone. So to the many people out here, would you happen to know a download site for mgq1. I’ve searched for hours and cant find one, it would be a big help considering ive bought the game but idk japanese.

  134. WildHawk permalink

    even if you don’t read this thank you so much for translating this game with out you who knows if we would even know about fairwell rouge you where the best!

  135. Sieff permalink

    Appreciated, Rogue. Appreciated.

  136. Monmusu permalink

    Thanks Rogue, We’ll miss you.

  137. My dick took off and went into orbit around Jupiter, and it is all thanks to you. Bless you sir, bless you.

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue, with my best wishes for you.

  139. meh permalink

    Thank you very much rogue

  140. Anonymous permalink

    good bye everyone it was a pleaser to travel this road with u all and i hope you all of you guys have a good life especaly u rouge

    on a side note saying good by is sad its like the ending to angel beats so if thats the case bye *high five*

  141. Anonynony permalink

    Thanks a 500 times and 500 hundred more! I hope you lead an awesome life furthermore.

  142. Venithil permalink

    It’s amazing what simple and silly things can cause us to think of other people fondly.
    Regardless. You have sacrificed almost 3 years of your life, with breaks of course, to, for free, translate a game that turned out to be a pretty awesome experience in both gaming and erotica, for a bunch of people, most of whom you don’t know at all.

    You deserve utmost respect and salutations for such an act of altruism; you also do deserve your rest. Thank you for everything you’ve done – thanks to you we’ve been able to see a game that has it all – fun battles, adult content, and just a little bit of morality and life lessons – translated into a language friendly to everyone all over the world. We were able to enjoy all the monster girl perversity AND we were able to see a good love story to its very end. And I can’t get over the fact that this entire experience was due to one person deciding to do such a translation on a whim.

    May your life from this point be an epic and enjoyable experience.

  143. Anonymous permalink

    so long, farewell….etc.

  144. Anonymous permalink

    So long and thanks for all the fish.
    Shame to see someone who contributed so much to the internet life of so many leave the scene but thanks for the great stuff and godspeed.

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much Rogue! I can’t express my gratitude with words for your masterpiece!
    I’m honoured to read your translation! This is a bit exaggerating but you help people to realise that racism is bad via MGQ
    Angels, Monsters, Humans have no difference after all…
    Viva ROGUE!

  146. Zackhario permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work, your effort will never be forgotten. We’ll miss you.

  147. Anonymous permalink


  148. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a real good guy, thanks man, this is something I’ll remember

  149. Someone permalink

    Poland will always love you Rogue thanks for everything you are god :)

  150. Anonymous permalink

    We LOVE you.

  151. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything…. Goodbye…

  152. JollyGamer123 permalink

    You were my hero dude and I’ve supported you from the beginning. Rest easy legendary translator you will be remembered as a hero among us for a very long time. You were the inspiration for others to step up and start translating themselves and i applaud you for your heroism. Am I exaggerating no… no I am not. Thanks dude you will be missed….

  153. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for everything you have done. Wish you good luck in your future endeavors! Take care man.

  154. Anonymous permalink

    We’re even more taken aback by your work than what you were by our reception. As long as there are Horas in this world, your kindness shall not be forgotten.

    And Rogue goeth into the… niiiiiiiiight~

  155. Alex permalink

    Thank you so much rogue, for all that you have done. I really wish you the best for anything upcoming.

  156. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything you have done. Especially MGQ, your work is great. This game… i dont even have words to descrive it. Again thank you.
    Still is kinda wierd why are you quitting like this? I understand you maybe don’t want to translate, but locking every account?

  157. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    I guess this is good bye. I hope you found happiness in whatever you do.

    My final wish for this blog is for someone like you to appear once again. I want to see the glittering ray of hope again in this lifetime.

    Best of luck, thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

  158. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything man, it’s been a fantastic ride. I hope you find all you want in life. You will be missed!

  159. Bastin2 permalink

    Thanks for everything, goodbye and good luck. :'(

  160. Anonymous permalink

    Three years ago i stumbled upon MGQ and had a lot of fun (nudge nudge) with it. Been following you since. Thanks for the hard work Rogue! Live long and prosper.

  161. minic78 permalink

    I’ll remember to thank you every time I replay the series (which is going to be many, many times). Good luck!

  162. Zeno's Paradox permalink


  163. Monmusu permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue, Best wishes for your life ahead.

  164. Learch permalink

    Rogue…You’re a hero, and you’ll be missed.

    You, too, have a good life.

  165. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder what will Rogue do from now on.
    Will he go on in his real life like none of this ever happened. Will he start translating again with another name?
    Regardless of what he chooses from now on… Well, you know how that continues, right?
    Have good luck and a good life.

  166. Ridwee permalink

    Thanks for everything these past few years Rogue!!

    Have a good and fun life!!!

  167. Maritan permalink

    Thank you for everything rogue!
    I never would have known of this game had it not been for your translation efforts.
    I’ll probably make an artwork in your honor when I have more time as a goodbye! It was fun, good luck with your life!

  168. Guy Max permalink

    where can I download the patch for 1 and 2?

  169. Guy Max permalink

    nvm i found them in their comments

  170. Anonymous permalink

    A thousand thanks will not be enough
    To describe the gratitude that we have
    And a thousand tears won’t be enough
    To describe the loss that we felt
    You are The Man Rogue, and we always be in your debt.
    Regards, anon

  171. Takata permalink

    Er… Thanks to Torotoro for writing Monmusu Quest too. ^^”

    • Anonymous permalink

      We don’t have to thank him, we gave him moneys.

  172. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work I just wish i could play part 3. My game crashes at part 3’s very beginning.

    • Anonymous permalink

      same for me, I can’t find a solution anywhere

  173. Glories permalink

    A glories end for a glories man thanks for all your work

  174. pedropars permalink

    Thank you for everything rogue!

  175. Anonymous permalink

    So, this is it, eh? Who ever thought that MGQ could be the best game of the year before RogueTranslations decide to translate it? Surely no one. Now, the game itself almost got such title thanks to him.

    It’s truly unfortunate that you decide to stop translating after this, but I’m sure you have a good reason for this. Thank you for your hard work and may you enjoy your life you lead right now!

  176. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a legend man, thanks for the dedication :D

  177. Anonymous permalink

    Others here have said it with better words that mine, but I still have to say: Thank you for everything you have done Rogue, and good luck with whatever else you may do.

  178. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye Rogue, and thanks for everything. I wish you the best luck.

  179. Anonymous permalink

    I guess Rogue just disappears off the face of the Internet after this huh? Kind of strange, but oh well, hope he finds his rest.

    Just that after this patch as I was compiling the music into an MP3 OST did I notice some inconsistencies with naming, but oh well small details.

  180. Anonymous permalink

    You will be missed kind sir!

  181. Anonymous permalink

    U r still missing MGQ part 2 patch

  182. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue. You brought me a story that has made me a better person.
    You have done everything perfectly.
    The trilogy…
    The ending…
    The updates…
    Perfect. You do not milk this for more, you do not downplay it, you did it all flawlessly. This is a perfect run, not some stunt, not some accident and not something you gain from.
    A work of love, woven together by one man.
    Been here since the start, and I’ll probably be here if you ever come back (doubt you will, but still.).
    Well played, it’s not that it’s hard to play like this, it’s just no one bothers to put the effort anymore.

  183. Anonymous permalink

    So long Rogue! And thanks for all the translation!

  184. Anonymous permalink

    hwhat a cool way to disappear hah seee yah brotha!

  185. Anonymously Touched permalink

    Farewell dear Rogue. It may sound dramatic but the game you translated for fun literally changed my life for the better. All i really want to say is: Thank you and have a great life and I hope the new found freedom you now have will suffice for all you’ve done.

  186. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye, Rogue.
    You will be sorely missed, but your legacy will continue to shine on in the world of Monster Girls.
    Perhaps one day someone else will pick up after you, and they will point out that it was your work that gave them the inspiration to do so.
    Wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing from now on, godspeed to you.

  187. kalil permalink

    thankyou rogue

    id like to express this feeling better but i dont know how, but thanks to you i could fully enjoy one of the best games created

    so really thankyou

  188. Anonymous permalink

    750/750 tears stacked. I will follow your path one day.

  189. Anonymous permalink

    *Salutes in silence*

  190. Cheese permalink

    You’re the best, Rogue.
    Thank you for everything.
    You may be gone, but you wont be forgotten. ;_;
    ‘If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.’

  191. Anonymous permalink

    You’re the best Rogue, we will miss you ;_;

  192. THE Anonymous-TR permalink

    thanks for everything and good luck at whatever you will be doing from now on :)

  193. Axel permalink

    Translations are and will always be appreciated by the community. People like you give us a chance to enjoy marvelous works that we normally could not. I myself have the intention of doing some translation works when I finish learning Japanese cause there are many manga, VN yet to be translated which should be >.< Till next time bro, happy new years for you.

  194. Hengagenga permalink

    This is my first comment here because i could not let you leave without a proper farewell: I am impressed by your work. I only found this game by a coincidence and i am glad as hell that i found it. I hope you will have a good life. I really appreciate your work

    • Anonymous permalink

      I found it by coincidence too, think I was just looking up the word “Dryad” to figure out what it was and came upon the Chimera dryad’s page on the mgq wiki

  195. Anonymous permalink

    You’re so awesome ,Rogue. have a good time and this is a word from my bottom heart.
    THANK YOU!! very much…

  196. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work Rogue. Thanks for everything! :)

  197. Krossis permalink

    I don’t often care for goodbyes or the long thank you, but if anyone deserves it its you. Thank you for all your time and effort you’ve put in to this. Not many people are willing (or actually able) to translate the awesome hidden gems out their, especially for no payment other than our thanks. Torotoro and Kenkou Cross may have reintroduced the monster girls genre, but if it wasn’t for you i and many others around the world would never would have been able to been able to embrace it the way we have or possibly at all.

    You gave me my chance to enter the the Otoku world with MGQ. Before this i didn’t know what anime, manga, eroge or even what “Baka” meant (I know that’s pretty much 101 and my god its embarrassing to admit that) and thanks to you im now an avid Otoku who enjoys reading Ubell Blatt, Bleach etc and watching Hours of Anime at a time.

    I know its sappy and all but you’ve made a major impact on my life and i cant imagine it without you. whatever you do next in life i wish you all the best and all the happiness in the world, you truly deserve it.

    You’ve made the world a better place, one translation at a time.

    Thank You Rogue

  198. Anonymous permalink

    Thank for everything bro…..Hope Hora Hora Blessing will be with you forever

  199. Anonymous permalink

    Just to think no one will ever know who Rogue really was. Truly a selfless hero who will be preserved in our hearts!

  200. Anonymous permalink

    Farewell Rogue.
    Thanks for everything you have done.
    I hope for all of the best for you in the future
    Hora hora

  201. Anonymous permalink

    You know what … I actually miss waiting for a patch. Gave me something to look forward to lol. Funny that XD.

  202. Lowlifee permalink

    Farewell and thanks. It’s been fun :)

  203. Sajuuk permalink

    well I will miss you RogueTranslator it’s been fun playing the translations you did.
    take care in life and best wishes

  204. Anonymous permalink

    quite a sad departed :(

    thanks for all the hard work rouge !

    have a good life for you too buddy !!

  205. asfaruto permalink

    Godspeed you Rogue. In every monstergirl thread you shall be remembered and praised. Farewell.

  206. derp permalink


  207. Anonymous permalink

    I just want to thank you for all the wonderful memories. It’s been an honour to be apart of your translation exploits. This story has changed a lot of us (for better or worse) and it’s one of those rare moments like Ghost in the Shell. You walked into the cinema to see boobies but got so much more. My only regret is that this has to end.

    Thank you so much! You’re my hero, RT!

  208. Someone else #7 permalink

    I have nothing to say but that we will never forget you and you will always be somewhere in my heart and in my HDD hidden in my porn folder. What you have done for me and many like me is incredible and I hope you will grow ever better at everything you do besides this.
    You are my hero that I can tell no one about.

  209. zanky permalink

    thanks rogue. TT-TT

    the first time I play monmusu1 is the make me like monster girl

    I’m really happy you can translated it in english. XD

  210. Anonymous permalink

    :( no dont go rogue

  211. Santa permalink

    Thank you so much Rogue, amn, you are the best, I don’t have word… thank you and good luck with life.

  212. RageGoria permalink

    may the hora be with you

  213. Just as a heads up to anyone who still comes here, Chapter 12 of Monster Girl Saga is basically done. Just need to wrap up a scene and proofread, and it’ll be ready for consumption.

    Godspeed, Rogue, and thanks for tolerating me plugging my own fic. That was very generous of you.

  214. Anonymous permalink

    And so drops a lone manly tear…

  215. Anonymous permalink

    Some day, Rogue… Some day. We’ll all have a beer in the sky.

  216. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for translate the MGQ trilogy and other monster girl base game. we will miss you, sir. (T_T)>

  217. Anonymous permalink

    Good luck in the future

  218. Nanashi permalink

    Many thanks for having made this game accessible to the english speaking community!
    Like many others, I came for the H and somehow ended up staying for the story and chars too. I’m not sure about it being the best eroge I’ve played, but it was nevertheless a quite pleasant experience, and it was part of what made me begin reading eroges in jap and take an interest in translation.
    The day I do begin to translate, I won’t forget to mention you as one of those that inspired me.
    This being said, godspeed Rogue!
    本当にありがとうございました、そして お疲れさまでした!

  219. Anonymous permalink

    YOU CAN’T LEAVE US NOT AFTER EVERYTHING THAT WE’VE BEEN THROUGH. NOT NOW, NOT EVER. ;__________________________________________;


  221. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for everything, I wish you well in your future endeavors. Stay safe.

  222. Panda permalink

    Thanks for everything, i never knew i would of liked a eroge like MGQ.

  223. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so, so much. It’s been a great ride, checking in every now and then for the release. Have a great life ahead!

  224. Might as well post here too. Update on MG Saga, chapter 12: Done. Final stats:

    Pages 0 83
    Words 0 40191
    Characters (no spaces) 0 185775
    Characters (with spaces) 0 225198

    Will post tomorrow in the usual places (TFF, MGU, dA and AFF).

  225. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for everything bro *sniffle* (TuT)
    I wish you a best life.

  226. Nonimous permalink

    Thank you so much for translating a wonderful game. :D
    Stay healthy my friend! I wish you the best life.

  227. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Thank you very very much for all the hard work you’ve done, Rogue! You’re awesome! Have a good life! :D

  228. Anonymous permalink

    I´m pretty sure you are partially responsible for Monster Girl Musume being in the top seller lists thanks to your hard work at spreading the Monster Girl love with your translation, Rogue.

    Thanks for everything you did! I wish I was half as awesome as you to give something back to the community. Maybe one day…

  229. Frank permalink

    Seriously, thanks for sharing your translation with the public, you put in tons of effort on it out of pure love for the series. Okay, maybe not “pure” love but still…

    Hope life treats you well wherever it may lead.

  230. Zyoshiro permalink

    Thank you, Rogue…..This game was just amazing and had a really nice story and characters and I really enjoyed it. And because of your translations, we were all able to play and experience it.
    Wherever you may go after this, I wish you good luck and godspeed.

  231. Anonymous permalink

    Your translation of MGQ1 was what got me started on all things eroge in the first place. Thanks for everthingbro, we’ll never forget you. :'(

  232. Anonymous permalink

    thank you rogue ill never forget your kindness

  233. Anonymous permalink

    thanks bye

  234. Anonymous permalink

    Ya kno this is First(time) hentai game gave a god damn tear.

    Not finish part 3 yet but man… I am your follower since The MGQ begin so I’ll play for your reti’ and for thanks to make such a wonderful English patch from a wonderful Game.

    theres nothing to say, Thank you Rogue and Torotoro We love u guy <3

  235. Daystar permalink

    Thank you so much for everything you have done, Rogue, we’ll miss you! Q_Q

    Being able to learn lots of things from MGQ was only made possible because of your translations, and all of your time and effort for doing such. So thank you, and farewell!

    (Until we meet again should you decide to come back with another name huehue).

  236. Kasouya permalink

    Just want to say
    Thank you Rouge it’s been Fun!!!

  237. Grateful_user permalink

    Thanks for ur hard work!

  238. James Turok permalink

    You did a great job Rogue, maybe someday you will work on a new project.

    Cheers, mate.

  239. Anonymous permalink

    rogue, I’m sure i will be the person number 67564 and maybe you will never read this but, I simply never thought YOU could go away someday and I will almost cry for all this, I feel like you are more than a page in wordpress, you are our friend, and i really hope you will come back anytime for us, we will be waiting you friend, I enjoy one of the best games in my life thanks to you
    I’m actually in shock for all this
    Live the life that you deserve

    I talk for 550.000 people, we love you rogue

  240. Eevee permalink

    Anyone got a download link for monmusu delicious lunch ?

  241. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything! You will be missed and good luck in everything! You are the best! :^)

  242. I remember when I first started playing MGQ part 1. I loved playing it! Someone, like rogue had the most time translating this game, is something to not take in for grant. Which staircasesubs are totally not(they gave up and didn’t finish the project half way). Then to part 2, it got really interesting. Finally for part 3…..I knew it was going to be a blast(cum wise), but realized that…the adventure would be over. I’m so glad to have you part of the game rogue, and the time spent. To me, I had a wonderful experience! Best of luck rogue! Hope you comeback someday, meet again in the duture!

  243. Thanker permalink

    This game is one of the best RPGs ever. I just wish a version without all the porn was released so it wouldn’t be looked down upon since it’s an eroge. Actually, I believe one company is making it without the porn. It’s being made under the name “Hero”. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.

  244. Ryu permalink

    I like the idea that people is still lingering around here to post a thank you for your kindness and effort Rogue. That’s what I’m doing now after all ;)

    Just like the whole MGQ saga, coming to your blog was just for fun and kinks in the first place, but it gradually turned into a feeling of friendship and community :)

    Thank you again and hope to see you online again.

  245. ShinkuDragon permalink

    There just are no words for what has happened in here for the last three years. You’ve been an amazing translator and an even more amazing person. My only regret is not knowing who you were, but alas i wish you luck on any new enterprises you may embark on.

    Hopefully, the name “roguetranslator” will apear once more. I’ll remain hopeful.

    But until then, this is farewell, you shall be missed greatly.

  246. Anonymous permalink

    Uhm just saw this now.

    Man.. thank you….

  247. Lorenzo permalink

    super thanks for you hard work man, we all love you! good luck and have fun!

  248. Shadowstep permalink

    If anyone is still here, I have a MGQ related problem. I have all of the parts and all of the translations and they are in great working order. I can play through the whole game. I follow the part combination instructions in the readme and they combine, but only for that session. If I open the game, combine the parts, close it and reopen it. the parts are separated again. I want to know how to permanently combine the parts. I haven’t finished the game because when the parts uncombined it resets the encyclopedia. I’ve had this problem since the second part came out but thought that the third part might fix it. If anyone can, please help.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I had this same problem and it was because I marked the MGQ folder as ‘hidden’ in it’s properties.

  249. Anonymous permalink

    I know I’m way late with this, but I still wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts Rogue. It’s sad to see you go, but reading everyone’s heartfelt goodbyes was a real treat. Thanks everyone for proving that MGQ isn’t just an eroge game.

  250. Anonymous permalink

    I downloaded part 3, merged them, given that it’s impossible for me to continue from part 1 and 2 due to the import save function does not works for me i started from scratch and then i arrived at the last part, i defeat part 2 end boss and after i should start part 3 i get that error, any ideas?

  251. Anonymous permalink

    This is my first time ever posting on here. I’ve been with you since around July ’11, when a friend told me about MGQ and the translation efforts. Thankful for your work ever since. You’re an amazing dude, Rogue. To some people, you may have just translated some porn game, but it was a pretty awesome adventure. Good game, good game. All the best.

  252. Anonymous permalink

    We will always remember and worship you Rogue! You will remain in our hearts and our hentai for all of eternity!

  253. Shuzagki permalink

    Where can you download part 3? I have parts1 and 2 and you will be greatly missed Rouge thank you!!! for everything

  254. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ won the entire /v/gas. yay.

  255. Anonymous permalink

    does any one have a full save with completed monstopedia from all 3 games? mine got deleted and i really want the girls from the 1st 2 games game again, thanks very much

  256. Anonymous permalink

    just come back to see if anyone i know still around

  257. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t seem to break this habit of checking this page every day

  258. Anonymous permalink

    u prolly won’t read this but i also want to thank you for you hardwork :)

  259. Dani permalink

    Thanks for all Rogue :)

  260. Eevee permalink

    Rogue may be gone now but the community can still live one. If you want to keep the community alive you can use my forums. My forums were created for my but they have been dead for a long time so we are free to use them for MGQ. SO IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THE COMMUNITY ALIVE GO TO

    And also note that you don’t have to register to be able to post on it.

  261. redwalker permalink

    i hope im not too late for this, but i want to thank you for translating these wonderful series.

    these series left behind a warm feeling in my heart, and i want to express my gratitude for it.

  262. snooze permalink

    Thank you.

  263. Dariel permalink

    Thank you for all your work! it has been a great ride. We all wish you all the best!
    And while these works have been of somewhat perverted nature, they also have something simple and cheerful. Thank you for sharing it with the community

  264. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I thank you from the bottem of my heart!
    Without your work I would’ve never been able to play that wonderfull game we all love.
    For sure, everbody who downloaded that game first probebly did this for the content .. but everybody who isn’t a heartless person stay for this mind-blowing story.
    In first place it’s an H-Game for sure, but I often got the feeling that they put more effort in the story and the characters.
    It’s such an intense Game that it almost makes me sad, that it had to end .. it fills me with joy and sadness at once
    So, again … I really, really thank you for this absolutely awesome translating over these years!

    After all, I have one request to ask and I really hope anybody can help me with that.
    Since I love this game so much, I want to translate it in my own language, for the people who would like the game, but aren’t good at english at all and thus, don’t played it yet
    But it would be my very first translation and I know it will take me a very long time to translate every conversation, monsterpedia, spin-off storys and so on …
    (Off course I would some things left untranslated, for example “Four heavenly knights” or “Spirits” because it sounds way better!)
    But still I want to try it!
    The problem is, that I really have no Idea how I could start …
    I don’t know what kind of programs I would need, what I need to open to translate it, or anything …

    Thus, I hope anybody here could help me to begin, even if you, Rogue, probably never read this…
    I really hope, anybody can help me with that issue of mine

    With this final words,
    an anonymous, german, fake tranlators request is done ;)

  265. Anonymous permalink

    Well, i’m not very found of writing in this kindo of blogs or anything like that. I’m more like a anon style type of anime hentai fan guy. I go around many forums and websites for these kind of games and i do some translation of engines mostly.
    All of this to say …. that i never found a guy like you rogue, that endure such fucking croud. I mean in all those posts except this one, there were guys full of hate of waiting and all the possible shit, but you endure it.
    That makes a mark at hentai gaming, a good contribute for the rest of the world enjoy it. So thank you for your patient at keeping the spark alive until the end of the game. :)

  266. WDemon permalink

    german translation started a few days ago
    Deutsche Übersetzung hat vor wenigen Tagen angefangen

    search facebook “Monster Girl Quest Deutsch” if you are interested
    schaut auf Facebook nach, wenn ihr ihr Interesse daran habt

  267. Anonymous permalink

    I still wach here every few weeks in the hope of him lying and still updating something. This translation development has been one of the best things in my life.

  268. Ryu permalink

    I miss this place a lot

  269. me too ^^”

  270. Shado permalink

    … i kinda miss rogue… o.o

    • Yabu permalink

      same here…
      but he’s still be a hero in our hearts…

    • Anonymous permalink

      those are from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia, if there is one guy to be credited with launching monster girls into popularity it’s him.

  271. To the anon above me here:

    Just wanted to say I’m offering my services to anyone interested. I’m a somewhat new writer so I charge 10 cents a word. Reply if interested.

  272. Anonymous permalink

    Anybody has a link to the full version of Pregnant Brave ?

  273. We miss you so much

  274. raza permalink

    If he ever comes back to read this he’s gonna get one hell of a surprise with the amount of people who’ve said thanks and good luck :)

  275. Anonim permalink

    Thanks! Mgq was my first eroge about monster. Thanks to you i have discovered a new world and my life has become better. THANKS!

  276. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks rogue, I just thought it’d be right to leave my 10 cents of appreciation for all the work and effort you’ve put into this. I hope you had fun and that you’ve been able to keep some of those friends throughout your time on the net! If you come back anytime, we’ll always be here~ XD
    Best wishes,
    Someone on earth who cares.

  277. Hey Rogue, I’m late but I really wanted to say thanks man, really.

    Monster Girl Quest was freaking amazing, I started to play it without too much hopes but damn it was so fucking amazing (I fail to describe it with words) and not only for the H, at the end I felt so much feels (and that’s supposedly a H-game).

    So thanks again for your AMAZING work, until meet again. :D

  278. AnonS permalink

    So it’s been over half a year now. I might replay the game, RT probably will never come back, and we still don’t have a great forum or website for the game. I wonder if anybody still cares, I have it on my HDD still and maybe I’ll play it through again on EX mode.

  279. Anonymous permalink

    Pokemon Omega RubyAlpha Sapphire is being abbreviated as “ORAS”
    Monster girls confirmed for Hoenn remakes

  280. Anonymous permalink


  281. Eevee permalink

    Hey guys check out the new Monster Girl Card Game

  282. Shado permalink

    i cant explain why i still come here, every few months, but once again, here i am… i feel like something is seriously wrong with me xD

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re not the only one…
      But seriously, why di he leave l̲i̲k̲e̲ ̲t̲h̲a̲t̲

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know that feel. I keep coming back every month or so out of habit.
      Rogue is gone forever. Clearly this is a sign of the end times.

      • Anon S permalink

        I keep coming back too. I wish he would have stuck a link to another forum or something so all of us could have gone there.

        I don’t even think the game was that great. It was just this niche little community we had, that was all our own really. Not corporately driven or anything else, just a good old fashioned group of people around a similar interest, enjoying something together. Like when we were kids probably playing JRPGs and talking about games with our classmates and friends. I think most of us are older and those days are long gone, but this gave us some of that back.

  283. Nate permalink

    I’m just now arriving to the scene (8-12-2014) and I love how much work you’ve put into everything! I want to go out and purchase all the games because of what everyone has said about them, and I’m pretty excited. I went to download the trial, and it seems up my alley, so I looked up the patch you’ve provided. And it’s gone. All of it. All the mediafire links go to a page that states the files have been removed because they violated some sort of term in the contract.

    I…I’m speechless. You’ve put a lot of work into making something playable for people, and now it’s gone. Pirate bay might have it, but I’ll be honest, I’d rather pay for the game and patch it than pirate it.

    So, if anyone could help, that would be awesome.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Look up the MGQ Complete Updated Patch post. The patch covers all parts, not just 3.

  284. Anonymous permalink

    MGQ Paradox demo was just released.

  285. Anonymous permalink

    check out fuwanovel or erogedownload they still have the old patches as well.
    But the best option is to fuse all three games with the latest patch and play trough it like that.
    As that makes for the best experience.

  286. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, Paradox RPG trial is out!

  287. Anonymous permalink

    It seems it was only yesterday when I was coming to this site 5x a day waiting for Rogue to update.

    • Anon S permalink

      I can’t believe it’s been 8 months almost. It will be a year’s time before we know it, and who knows how long this site will even stay up. If it goes down, unless the torrents have the patches in them, MGQ’s patch might just be lost for good.

  288. Dreamhaxor permalink

    for some reason i feel sad every time i come back here… it truly was,,, fun…

  289. jab permalink

    I miss you rogue ;__________;

  290. Nightgalez permalink

    here…a beautiful christmas carol story about Erubetie as the old grumpy women…
    I personally love this…

    • raza permalink

      That was perfect night loved lazarus being the past and a luka that lost a fight being the present XD

  291. DarkenCross permalink

    I can not help but thank you, if it were not for you I would never have enjoyed this great game, you’re a big guy

  292. Rhaskal permalink

    So sad.. Sometimes i check this site and read the older post, and it was really fun! If it wasn’t for you, i would never know Monmusu Quest. Thanks Again Rogue!

  293. Lucifer Nemesis permalink

    I haven looked here for a long time, so it’s sad I missed the time you left. However once something ends another begins, so I wish you luck and only the best in your future. Thank you for all you did, have a great time.

    Also thank you to the community which supported these projects and the translator.

    Godspeed to all of you.

  294. Anonymous permalink

    came back here just for the nostalgia.
    thanks again, rogue.

  295. 69eyes permalink

    wrote this as an wont reach you anymore..thinking you will never read this almost makes me cry..leaving this here nevertheless

    Dear Rogue,

    I have problems finding the words to do this in an adequate way, but I wanted to express my deep gratitude for the work you have done!
    Having played through chapter two of MGQ it has definately left it´s mark on me. If you can see beyond the erotica, this game has a lot more to offer: it has a fascinating world to explore, characters you easily get attached to and a storyline with heights and depths – the writing might not be the best, but it was enough to evoke great feelings (not only sexual :P).
    Beeing able to experience this is all thanks to you! I can only imagine the trouble translating and all the hours of work, there must have been a great passion for this project – and it is most appreciated, with the words of a fellow MGQ-fan: “your efforts had allowed ten of thousands of us to enjoy something we otherwise would not have”.
    I cannot thank you enough and for that I will stop rambling now, for I stil have a third and final chapter to play, but please be assured that whenever I will lsiten to “Alices Theme #2” in the future I will reminisce in fond memories -again- thanks to you. I know it is not much, but I felt a great urge to write this message.

    I hope this messages reaches out to you and this is not a literally dead letter box..

    Stay safe wherever you are, live happy..
    Yours faithfully,

    a fellow gamer

    ps “this game touched my heart (and my prostate)” sums it up quite nicely :D:D

  296. Droopy-Eyed Samurai permalink

    Ten months since you left, man. Just know that you’re getting a national shoutout someday. I’d be glad to go on TV and pay my respects to a legend amonst men.

  297. Jester permalink

    I may be late in saying this, but thanks for the translations. ^w^
    Have a nice life. :,D

  298. Hengagenga permalink

    Today, i got here again, just by coincidence. i cant believe it has been so long already. miss you rogue

  299. Hora permalink

    here i am again 2014-11-18 i just keep comming back to this page and see if you came back but you didin’t and that makes me cry a little every time. Thanks for everything :(

  300. A forever fan of MGQ permalink

    19 November, 2014

    How long has it been?
    Since I visited this website many times a day, waiting anxiously for the next translation part.
    How many times have I visited this post?
    Even though i know you’re not coming back.
    I don’t even care anymore

    Everytime I see this post, it kills a part of me, because I knew, one of the best translator in the world isn’t coming back
    Tears and blood have been shed, in the adventure of our brave hero, Luka
    Which you translated, and shared to all of us

    Shall you didn’t translate this, many souls shall be left wandering, for an adventure so epic, to be carved into their hearts.
    And thanks to destiny, for you translated this game, and many of those souls found happiness.

    A thousand ‘thank you’ will never be enough to express my gratitude
    A thousand praise, and I’ll still feel indebted to you
    You work shall left mark on my soul, and my mind

    Thank you, Rogue, for everything you’ve done
    And for whatever you’re doing right now, I knew you will be doing great

  301. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone thanks you in their unique way
    I don’t know what to say and thank you is not enough
    Thanks to your work everyone was able to be part of the greatness that is MGQ

    Thank you for taking your time and giving this gift to everyone
    Thank you for all the moments of happiness and sadness
    Thank you for all of your effort

    I know this is not enough, I know I have a tons of things still to say…
    You gave us some much but you didn’t receive more than a “thanks”
    I know that maybe you will never read this but just if… just if you happen to do it
    I want to make you know that your work is something to me praise for

    Thanks for everything

    I wish you happiness in your life

    This is it, no more words to say
    No more tears to cry…
    No more…

    Farewell sweet prince

  302. Anonymous permalink

    came back here just for the nostalgia.

  303. 69eyes permalink

    dropping by every now and then to look for the new comments…

    happy thanksgiving, rogue!
    hoping that you at least browse through this torrent of gratitude once
    thank you

  304. Anonymous permalink

    Man, This brings me back!!

  305. Anonymous permalink

    AnusRoy? You still around? :D

  306. Sky permalink

    Thank you Rogue. You will not be forgotten.

  307. Anonymous permalink

    I still have rogue’s rss feed on my toolbar.

    ……..just in case…..

  308. Anonymous permalink

    Almost one year has gone past…

    We still love you, Rogue.

  309. Anonymous permalink

    Rouge, you have my thanks
    it’s been a great time

  310. 69eyes permalink

    merry christmas, rogue
    thank you for the gift you made

  311. Anonymous permalink

    Happy new year Rogue!

  312. Anon permalink

    Tried going to the website to download this game for the 22 pounds / dollars, and all I could find was the Oriental version. I keep seeing things like MGQ 1 2 3… and then Monster girl quest : Origins -Assaulted by the Vamp-… The link I got was from a yahoo question… … I want to start the game from the beginning to experience everything, and I would prefer if I could do it in a text that I can read and understand. If anyone could lend me their knowledge with this, I would appreciate it. I keep getting links to this, and links to that, and the majority of them keep being dead ends.

    • Anon permalink

      Update… Just found the text is either like Chinese or Japanese, I am trying the demo out as per request from the developer to see if it’s compatible with my Windows 7 32 bit operating system… Well, it had a error in text I couldn’t read that forced the game to close. It appeared to happen at the very first, I couldn’t even seem to make it past talking to some angel lady, whom of which I didn’t understand anyway. I’d appreciate it If anyone could help me, I would really like to enjoy this game.

      • Anon permalink

        Update… Perhaps it is just in my head, but I have this sinking suspicion that I am in the afterthought portion of this game and will be unable to enjoy it due to the dead links or versions of said game being in a format Windows 7 won’t allow me to use, let alone the language barrier or patches that won’t work for a specific version of the shell I am trying to load. I really hate that, and I don’t want to spend 25 dollars on a game that ‘might’ work. Kind of reminds me of -Duamutef’s Glorious Vore RPG- .. Was fun as hell to play in Windows XP all them years ago, but once every other version of windows came out, the game became unplayable for me, even after trying all updates and downloading required DLL’s and gaming shells, nothing worked. Myself pray that I am wrong about this game. I keep watching videos on Youtube for scenes related to the MGQ, and it looks really exciting, to be honest, I’m kinda bummed. Still, I have hope but I digress. I came across MGQ merely by accident. Looking up porn for vore I found Gulp Quest, and a user on the link placed information about MGQ and I was immediately heading in the direction of wanting to try… please don’t tell me I am too late or fubared on the entire thing.

        • Anon2 permalink

          On the off chance that you come to check back on this, the game’s fan base is by no means dead at all, but you are posting in the wrong area. Rogue stopped translating the games, so most of the followers of the game are elsewhere. A couple of good places to ask around for information on your issues will be:

 – This is the blog of the guy who’s going to be translating the 4th installment of the series when it releases this year. The comment section of his blog are far more active.

 – This is the wiki associated with the game series, and is still updated nearly daily with chatter and player made mods of the games.

          As for your issues, I’ll try and address the basics of them here for you. The game is made in Japanese, there is no English version available for purchase. The link you have from Yahoo answers is the appropriate place to purchase the game. Then, if the download link isn’t dead, Rogue here has a translation patch that will turn the game to English for you. That should be under MGQ Part 1

          • Anon permalink


            I just recently tried downloading patch for MGQ 1 and it is no longer on media flare, attempting to look over dargoth’s information. Thank you for the help, I will let you know if I come up with any success.

          • Anon permalink

            Recent updates on my finds:

            Went through and . There were no current links to the patch fixes for MGQ 1 that weren’t already taken down from mediaflare. And Dargoth’s translations only seemed to cover MGQ 2 and 3. Was worth a shot I guess, though now I am stuck with an unplayable MGQ 1 on my hard drive that I just recently purchased from the download website for 22.4 USD.

            Thanks for trying to help.

          • Anon2 permalink

            I don’t still have the translation patch, but I have a copy of the game with the patch already applied. Leave me an email you can access, a temporary one if you’de like, and I’ll email you the link to the file.

          • Anon2 permalink

            Nevermind, it looks like a couple of people left you links for the patch on Dargoth’s blog! A couple of people linked you the translation patch there so I hope it works for you! If not you’ll find far more people there, some of whom may be helpful.

        • Anon2 permalink

          The crashing is likely due to your PC not being set to a Japanese Locale, however Rogue’s Patch /should/ fix that.

  313. Anonymous permalink

    Happy new year and thanks for all the translations rogue!

  314. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been years since I last came to this website since I was busy with real life stuff. I still remember the good ol times with the community, 4chan, rogue, and everyone. It saddens me to know rogue is gone but then again everything will eventually come to an end.

    I just want to say thank you for everything. You will never be forgotten. The hero

  315. Dreamhaxor permalink

    Happy New Year Rogue, you ware the best at what you did…

  316. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been a year, and it still saddens me
    Happy new year rogue

  317. Santa permalink

    It feels like forever xd. TT___TT miss you Rogue. Happy new year.

  318. Anon2 permalink

    Happy New Year Rogue! Are you going to play Paradox when it comes out?

  319. 69eyes permalink

    the year has passed…and a happy new one to everybody!
    i stil miss you, rogue, be safe!

  320. Anonymous permalink

    this page still fucks me up

  321. Anonymous permalink

    Why do I keep coming back here, even after a year ?
    Maybe I’m already nostalgic ^^”

  322. Anonymous permalink

    One entire year without rogue…

  323. Ido permalink

    Hello Everyone! Ok I’ve created a book about the story of MMQ. But is a fan story, I changed a lot of the true story. And unlucky is writen in Italian. SO if you want read take and share!

  324. Anonymous permalink

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who holds out with just a sliver of hope that one day, rogue will come back. Doesn’t even have to be for translating, i just want back our hero. A year without you has been tough. I hope your life has changed for the better

  325. UDZ permalink

    Rogue you are our hero, thanks for everything

  326. Time permalink

    2015-02-13 still checking for an update from Rogue

  327. Hey There permalink

    I come here every 1-2 Months. I’m not expecting anything but I just impulsively do it. So many feels.

    • Anon S permalink

      I know, I drop by every few months too. Maybe one day Rogue will pop back up. I think he got too busy to keep going, but it’s actually a rare thing to have a community spring up around you and stick around so long afterwards. He’s probably worried about NSA spying, in a free world maybe he could embrace this perverted community more.

  328. Anonymous permalink

    I feel that if he does pop up again later it will be under a different name. I feel this post is likely saying he is allowing this persona to die.

  329. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone should check out the monmusu quest! paradox rpg that just came out. It looks interesting

  330. Anonymous permalink

    Good night, sweet prince.

  331. Anonymous permalink

    And then he returned to his Odensleep…

  332. Anonymous permalink

    Come Back! Come Back!!

  333. Anonymous permalink

    even if he wont post anything anymore, he will still be around following the work of Dargoth and Torotoro, you dont spend countless hours of translating something, that you aint interrested in.

  334. Reupload please i cannot download with

  335. Dreamhaxor permalink

    same as many people, i come here from time to time… a man can hope can’t he?

  336. Anonymous permalink

    20.04.2015 Just checking. Still nothing. Still hoping. Still admiring!

  337. Anonymous permalink

    5 points to who ever translates this text






























































































  338. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very very much for your translation, try MGQ3 as we speak, the first two were quite awesome.

  339. kana-art permalink

    Help me please. Who know, how to get vampire girl in team?

  340. Anonymous permalink


  341. Galileo007 permalink

    Your name will forever sound among the fandom with the highest honor. We owe you more than words could say, so I will just salute to you. I hope life fares you well, Roque. o7

  342. Ido permalink

    Is passed 4 year since the first traslation of MGQ. I want to ask Rogue, you are fine?

  343. 7/11/15 and I just checked in again. Over a year and a half now since the last post. I’ll drop by Dargoth’s next. It’s kind of funny but also those were happier times for me too.

  344. Anonymous permalink

    Paradox remind me of you Rogue…wish life goes well for you…once again thanks for the legend work!

  345. Anonymous permalink

    FAK. I miss this moment, I really feel like Luka the hero. I miss the adventures we partook Rogue and everyone else here. I missed playing the first game, then, ending up here. The adventure was fun.

    Either way, there is still an adventure out there. Let’s do this alice! T_T WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~

  346. Again permalink

    It’s currently August 20, 2015.

    I’ll keep visiting this place from time to time as It’s a memorial to the hero who alone, took on Ilia’s forces single handily.

    You may rest in peace now, oh blessed soul.

  347. Just coming back to say one last thing. I tried to get in the team translating mgq paradox but was told i cant join them.

    • Well, Rogue says this is a fake, but I guess it’s amazing it took this long to happen haha.

    • Anonymous permalink

      have you no shame? using rogues account ?

  348. Anon S permalink

    9/30/15. Fired up MGQ for what will be my final playthrough. Should take a few days, up to a week. Then I will erase the game and probably never return here again either.

    We’re getting to the 2 year mark, Rogue won’t be back and while the ride was fun, MGQ is not a game that you keep replaying. The story and gameplay simply are not good enough to stand through many playthroughs (I did replay it already several times). I’ll check out Paradox, Dargoth’s translation should be getting to a decent spot by now, but somehow I doubt it’ll be the same experience as MGQ was.

    It doesn’t look like anyone else really is coming to this section anymore either. I’ll turn the light off on my way out.

    • Anon S permalink

      And that’s that. Played it on EX mode so it was fairly quick. Can’t imagine being able to get the game and patches again, so I’m done.

      Some plotholes and flaws but otherwise it is a fun experience really. That was also actually the last bit of “porn” I had on my computer. I used to have hundreds of gigs of stuff but in the past year or two I kicked the habit. I guess now with even this gone that’s complete.

      Paradox doesn’t seem to be translated at all really yet, but the game sounds solid. More of a JRPG and an alternate version of MGQ it sounds like though.

      • Anonymous permalink

        If you liked MGQ, you should stay informed for future games of the same series;
        They will eventually do a MGQ2 without RPGmaker.
        But in any case, i will miss your messages on thi s page Anon S.


  349. Deku permalink

    Glad to see that the update has kept this active.

  350. Anonymous permalink

    anyone know where you can download the translation patch 3ver1.1

  351. Rogue. I just recently played MGQ and i thank you so much for this translation. This game was one hell of a ride and its funny that until this year 2015 i was just a guy who watched anime,read manga and light novels and now im here playing eroge xD. Thank you so much for the translation you deserve every bit of positive feedback that you get. Your hardwork opened the hearts and minds of many people and helped us become more open minded human beings. All through porn XD. All jokes aside. Thank you Rogue. You deserve to rest. Have a great life!

  352. Ido permalink

    It’s been a long time… Dargoth can’t give your quality for MGQ Paradox. I still hope to see the 40% of the traslation after 5-6 moth.
    Fuck, I really miss you man! Your wotk was one of the motivation why MOnster Girl quest series be so popular… but I know, you don’t watch those post… I’m like a dog who barking at the moon.
    I want say only one things, thanks… thanks very much!

  353. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue come back to us, we need you again

  354. Anonymous permalink


    I still check this page every once in a while for new signs of life or our lord and savior Rogue to revive like some modern Jesus. I’ve followed MGQ since part 2 was released and I loved following the game with everyone else waiting for the translation. Some might think this an exaggeration, but I honestly believe following MGQ releases has been my favourite times on the internet. It seemed after part 3 was out and all was said and done that modern disastrous feminism became more prominent and the internet just became a sharing ground for hate and idiocy [ok my bad, idiocy was always a big part of the net].

    I miss you Rogue and I miss the community that waited with glossy eyes for your next post and treated it like kids would Christmas. I still sometimes enjoy MGQ every now and then and I’ll probably still appreciate it for quite a few years. Your work is on the internet, maybe forever, and people who explore monster girls will always come across your work and efforts.

    I hope you’re enjoying your life Rogue, Godspeed to you.

  355. Anonymous permalink


    still dropping them shenanigans with MGQ

    still good shit

  356. Anonymous permalink

    Merry Christmas Rogue! Found your page again just half a minute ago so I decided to leave this here!

  357. Anonymous permalink

    I love you guys all. I found this again after a couple of years and I am wondering where do I get my patches from now all of the updates do not work anymore. Can’t really read Japanese, does anyone know of a patch that still works for part 2 and 3?

  358. Anonymous permalink

    Can someone help me? i’m having some kind of trouble.
    I’ve downloaded the 3-parts and played until lv 7, stoped for about 2 months and continued until lv 70 in 2 weeks, i’m at the second visit to the abandoned Mansion, but after taking a break from this game again for a week, it suddenly stopped working, it still loads the game but when i try to load a savefile , the game won’t even register my clicks, when i hover my mouse over something it keeps blinking.

  359. Anonymous permalink

    You must have saved in an area where you can’t save, try loading an earlier save and continuing from there.

  360. Anonymous permalink

    Toro made a new monster girl game. Rouge your legend never ends in the community.

  361. Anonymous permalink

    Holy fuck man it’s been awhile the nostolgia is suffocating

  362. Anonymous permalink

    5 years ago. thanks

  363. Anonymous permalink

    It [i]has/[i] been fun. Shame he didn’t stick around to help with paradox but i guess he’s already made his sacrifice for the monster girl community

  364. sdf permalink

    We’ve come far. Seinarukana’s even out now. The nostalga…

  365. Mederic64 permalink

    Don’t know if you still read those comments, but know that VH translation is still kicking and it’s complete, as of today. And I think it’s thanks to you. Thank you, and peace.

  366. Anonymous permalink

    Hope you’re doing well. Never forgot the sleeping god rogue.

  367. Anonymous permalink

    Paying respects… thanks rogue…

  368. Anonymous permalink

    I miss you Rogue. Hope you’re doing well, and mad respect for ending it all on a high note.

  369. Anonymous permalink

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 and a half years since this post now. Time flies

  370. Anonymous permalink

    2 and a half years? Man rogue you really beat the company to translations. they just recently released a fully translated version of MGQ1 on DLsite and are currently working on the others

  371. Anonymous permalink


    Goodness, the first time playing this I was a freshmen in HS. I found this game on a porno website, fakku i think. But then wanted to see who translated it n stuff. I remember playing it every morning LOL before going to school. Ah. Good times T)T

  372. Anonymous permalink


    Paying Respects to a man among men. The hero we did not deserve but who took our dreams and made them reality. May we never forget him

  373. Anonymous permalink



    Seriously though, it’s been one hell of a ride since the beginning of MGQ’s translation. Just coming back here and going through the history of it all is making me feel nostalgic…

    Hah. Nostalgic for porn? Well, Torotoro and Rogue managed to do it.

  374. Anonymous permalink


    I’m never going to forget the days I was waiting for all these translations.
    This place was heaven, great job Rogue, HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

  375. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder what rogue is doing now

  376. Anonymous permalink


    Rogue you gave me the best porn i ever had , i started monster girl quest for the porn and stayed for the story. You are awesome man

    • Anonymous permalink


      same over here, inb4 happy christmas you all

    • Anonymous permalink


      I sometimes return here just to remember all the time i spent here so long ago, miss you Rogue and cheers for everything!

  377. AnonS permalink

    We’re coming onto the 3 year anniversary. Who knows how long this site will remain up.

    I haven’t played the game again since that last post I made, but I recently thought of this again.

    So I was thinking we should all just show up to the reddit sub for this game, and then just make that active.

    I’m generally not a fan of reddit, but there is no question it’s an easy site to use and a lot of people use it. Maybe we can link a discord on there too. Let’s get this community back!

  378. Anonymous permalink

    25/12/2016 Happy Christmas rogue!

  379. Anonymous permalink

    Happy new year Rogue 2017 1 01

  380. Dhariuz T permalink

    Thanks for your work, time, and effort put in this.
    A really good story MGQ is; wonder if someone is planning translating the new MGQ game realeased in 2016

  381. Takata permalink

    Monmusu Quest h-anime released about a month ago.
    This VNs universe just keeps getting bigger.
    No real adaptation of the story (which is probably infeasible), but it’s something that might draw a little more attention to the series.

  382. Anonymous permalink

    Happy easter 2017 and bless you Rogue. Hope you’re having a nice time doing whatever it is you do nowadays.

  383. Anonymous permalink

    So I just came across this fency /vg/ post. Is it true? Do you walk among us plebs again?

  384. Reydan permalink

    Man, I just randomly remembered about this place and everything you have done, hope you have a good life, I wonder if anyone still visits around

  385. Anonymous permalink

    I know it’s been years but I just wanted to say we still remember you. Your dedication makes me smile to this day.

  386. Anonymous permalink

    May 2018, randomly had a bout of nostalgia and started a new playthrough of MGQ. Reminds me of all the good times I had with it the first go around, years ago…It’d never have happened without you, Rogue. Maybe it’s a bit weird to feel nostalgia from a *porn* game of all things, but hey.

    Best of luck to you, whatever you’re doing now.

  387. Anonymous permalink

    June, 22, 2018.

    Remembered this site and decided to come visit again. I was pleasantly surprised that others haven’t forgotten either. It made me happy to see that. Maybe no one in particular will read this or even pays it much attention…but I can’t help but come back and jot something down. A “we’re still here, and we still remember” of sorts… Thank you for everything, Rogue.

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