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MGQ Complete Updated Patch

January 2, 2014

This patch incorporates all of the suggestions and bug fixes from the previous thread – There are some lingering issues with the old side stories from part 2, but it’s not something I have the time to go through and debug with every case. Unless there’s a critically glaring crash or bug found in this version, this will be the last patch I put out. I’d prefer it if you bought the game from the English dlsite. But I’m fine with someone creating a pre-patched version of the complete MGQ trilogy and hosting it wherever they want. Just don’t charge money for it, or I’ll do bad things to you from the shadows (Haha, it’s a joke. Or is it?).

Also vote for MGQ Part 3 in the /v/gas where it shows up, even though they’re a waste of time.


To install, just extract in your MGQ Part 3 directory and choose “yes” to overwrite anything prompted.



The end:

Assuming nothing critical goes wrong in the patch between now and tomorrow night, I’ll be putting up the final goodbye post tomorrow night at 10pm EST. Once that goes up, I’m changing the passwords to everything associated to RogueTranslator that can be found, and retiring the name forever. From then on, anyone posting as that name (even if the tripcode is used or cracked by someone), it’s not me. I’ll never ask for money or donations under any name, so don’t give any money to anyone.


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  1. Trickster permalink

    Well, this is it then. All that’s left now I suppose is the permanent host site post, if that’s still happening. It’s been great watching this game unfold and the patch be made, and I’m certain this game wouldn’t have gained nearly the following it has and deserves without you. I wish you well in whatever you do next.
    Maybe drop us a cryptic little note every now and then. :3

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything, Rogue. Godspeed and good luck.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    But… what if they release a new MGQ, like Heinrich’s tale or something… who would translate it? :(
    Rogue don’t go, i’m sad now

    • Edale permalink

      MGQ Paradox is already being developed. So far Dargoth (VH translator) and Ntelliware (MGQ3D developer) have both mentioned the possibility of translating it. GOing to be a RPG Maker game though.

      • Sylphtastic permalink

        I’ll try to help (or break some plates) in translations whenever I can.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I really do hope they decide to do it. My life would feel incomplete otherwise. Meanwhile, I will go cheer them on, in the shadows.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Good night, sweet prince.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all that you done for all of us, We wish you good health and fortune. Take care of yourself.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    rip sweet prince

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Bye bye =’c

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I guess this is it…many thanks on translating these games. I wish you luck in whatever you may do…

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Father! Is it over?

    • At long last. No rogue translates forever, my son.

  10. Up Down permalink

    A true patriot

  11. Fingers permalink

    Rogue. I love you. Farewell, my dearest love.

  12. Dear Guest permalink

    Thank you, Rogue. You have brought a moment of light into my sad life.

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Sad way to start the new year, but thanks for everything Rogue!
    by the way, if you’re unable to buy mgq and want to try it, there’s a torrent on the pirate bay that has the full game translated.
    dont think this patch has been added but its better than nothing

  14. Rogue, I don’t have words to thank you for all.
    MGQ is one of the best games I’ve been played, and I would not have done it without you.
    Good luck and my best wishes!!!

  15. GC345 permalink

    Dear Rogue, why did you dirty hacked “Hit by all Requestable Chapter … Techniques” section? You just need =262, =404, =443 and =1009 terms… It is working perfectly. I don’t understand the using of >.

    • Because people always break their saves by saving in non save-location areas. This gives them some leeway. I’ve gone through a lot of broken save files and it happens enough where I figured it’s better to give everyone a window of wiggle.

  16. been playing this game since u first started translating it years ago, my favorite game of all time xD
    thank you rogue

  17. Takata permalink

    I wish I could have taken a really close look at more of the VN, looking for typos… >..<

    Thanks so much Rogue. ^^ Why the password change though?

    • I’m guessing so that he won’t have a chance to back out. He’s kind of forcing his own retirement. I think, at least.

  18. Takata permalink

    …odd, some of my post got omitted. Hopefully our combined efforts created a translation with less typos than the average professional release. Some of them have quite a lot, which seems odd for a professional release.

  19. Takata permalink

    I’m not in a place where I can play VNs openly now, so good thing it was released when it was. ^^

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much for everything Rogue. Your heroics in this age will never be forgotten.

  21. Anon37 permalink

    Rogue, as everyone said, we love you. We appreciate all your free translation on this amazing eroge.
    Dammit, it’s just a simple eroge with weird fetishes and I’m being emotional..
    It’s been fun stalking this blog, where I get all fuzzy when a new update is up.
    Goodbye, you legend. :<
    Thanks for everything…
    (I guess I'll play the Rogue class in MMO's more commonly now)
    And to end this…

  22. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    Thank you Rogue for everything you have provided. I commend you for working with a working around a shitty game engine all by yourself to translate this series into a language it barely supports. There are a few minor trivial details I could iron out with a few more tricks, such as the odd string spacing and the empty voiced lines.

    I would really like to see a fully functional English version of the side story feature. I did it before and I could do it again. It sucks that so many workarounds have to be implemented just to get that damn thing to work properly.

    • Feel free to make any unofficial fixes or patches and putting it up on the MGQ wiki or something! Your text fixes were great.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue are you going to release the system you use to update the script? If there is a new update from torotoro then it would be useful. I doubt you do this manually for each update.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Why is it always the good ones that leave us first!? Thanks for everything man, truly you’ve done a service none of us will forget.

  25. AnonS permalink

    You might want to make a note of this somewhere, but what are we supposed to run? I have mon_que and mon_que_2-patch as well as an old version. I am just running off mon_que, but those other ones must be there for some reason.

    This patch seems to be a little quicker for some reason.

    • Use the mon_que.exe from the patch. The only other mon_que in there should be something like NOWORDWRAP. Get rid of the other executables, they must be from old patches.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    Man, this is really sad, I am gonna miss you man. Another great translator/group will be leaving the scene :(

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Dear Rogue, I’d like to thank you again for everything you’ve done for all of us. You made this world a better place. You were, are and always will be an Inspiration – yes, with a capital letter – for generations to come.

    Live long and prosper!

    We wish you the best of luck wherever you may roam

    a group of fans from the Czech Republic

  28. Tonc permalink

    Thanks for everything Rogue.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I hope MGQ3 wins /v/GAs.
    We’re only second place in the least worst award 2 years ago…

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Always sad to see a translator go. Well, maybe you’ll stay with us with another name, so should I really say goodbye?
    Anyway, thanks for all you’ve done up until now, you brought some good games over to the English speaking community. I wish you the best in life, whatever it is that you’re gonna do.

  31. Narky permalink

    ToroToro Resistance gave the world one of the greatest games i have ever seen, and you took that game that few others would have translated, recognized it for what it is, and gave it to the English speaking world. In my eyes, you are just as important to the story of this game as the original writer, after all, it was your translation of his words that gave me so many feels, both happy and sad. If this is really the last time you will be associated with this game, then I and every fan of this game needs you to know:


    And now to send you off right!

  32. redpanther permalink

    Happy New Year Rogue, and see ya around!

    P.S. I hope that Ilias gonna appears again as a superboss in the next(?) game!

  33. Naraku permalink

    See you Rogue, thanks for all your hard work!

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Based Rogue, thank you for everything.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    The /v/ga doesn’t have Dual Destinies as an option for best soundtrack.

    Instantly lost any respect I had for it.

  36. Caspia permalink

    Well this is it then. It’s one hell of a ride these past years, but it’s got to come to an end at some point. Thanks for translating this awesome series rouge and others, and also for all the good times it brought to us all. Maybe we’ll see you again someday or not.

    Nonetheless, wishing you the best of luck throughout the rest of your life in whatever path you choose to take. You helped give us one heck of a experience and now it’s time for you to go out with a Bang. Stay gold Rouge.

  37. Edale permalink

    It’s been a blast rogue, my only question is, what if something major is found with the patch after you lock the account tomorrow?

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue!

  39. Kurei permalink

    Thanks for everything you have done. Best wishes for all your endeavors.

  40. Alex permalink

    Goodbye Rouge, you will be missed by us all.
    Best wishes for the future.

  41. GC345 permalink

    And yes, big tnx for these translations.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    You’ll be missed Rogue. Thank you for everything!

  43. Anonymous permalink

    Thank Rogue we’ll never forget you !

  44. Anonymous permalink

    It certainly was a wild ride from the most early of beginning to the final step. Godspeed Rogue, we will remember you.

  45. You have been a paragon of smut for a long time, and with your leaving, there will be quite the void to fill. I hope that, while you are stepping into the shadows, you still find time and desire to use your skills for the occasional project in need. Even if you don’t, you’ve earned the retirement. Have a great year (and future years too)!

  46. Anon Manon permalink

    Rogue, thanks for your hard work translating this! We are all indebted to your selfless service! May your future days be filled with many horas :)

    Now, there is just the small matter of me being unable to launch the game. I wonder if you or anyone else here can assist in this matter. The error message I am getting is here: [IMG][/IMG]

    I am using Windows 7 and did not combine anything from Parts 1 or 2 with the extracted Part 3 folder. I just launched the mon_que executable directly and this is the error I am getting. Launching the old_mon_que_NOWORDWRAP executable results in the same thing.

    Any help would be most appreciated!

    • Anon Manon permalink

      Oops, let me see if I can fix that image link…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, as you can see, the problem is with NSFont. Those are some funky looking characters you got there. It would be a shame if the issue was with your System Locale. Because then I’d feel like you’d have shamed our sendoff for Rogue with such idiocy.

      Imagine if it is. It began, and ended, with anons asking for help with an error they could have fixed by following instructions.

  47. Man, thanks for everything Rogue. Without you, I don’t think my christmas vacation this year would be that much memorable. haha! xD anyway, thank you and take care! :)

  48. Anonymous permalink

    Well it has been one of hell of a ride. Thanks for everything Rogue and good luck in whatever you aim to do from now on. :)

  49. Sylphtastic permalink

    It’s over isn’t it? but I don’t really like goodbyes, so I’ll still see you same time, different dimension.
    Thank you very very much RogueTranslator!

  50. thereallegendaryboya permalink

    Thanks a lot Rouge, and…

    So long Space Cowboy!

  51. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue.

  52. Dmitry permalink

    Just don’t know what to say.
    Thank you for everything,happy new year and goodbye!

  53. Anonymous permalink

    still not working achievement “Defeated an enemy strengthened by Gigamander” :(
    may be issue with my save, but i tryed to get it with all who have it(except Alice).

    • It’s defeated BY an enemy strengthened with

      • Anonymous permalink

        Sorry. my bad.
        Didn’t notice change in new version :(

      • Takata permalink

        Ehehe… Goes to show this game is a bit more about being defeated by monster girls than defeating them. xD

  54. Xander Tyrann permalink

    Thank you Rogue!!!
    You will be sorely missed :*(

  55. Anon Unknown permalink

    Thank you for everything, Rogue.

  56. *Tips hat.* Goodbye Rogue. Thanks for the inspiration.
    (Shameless advertising:

  57. Anonymous permalink

    im seriously gonna cry now… calm me rogue ;_;

  58. Anonymous permalink

    … It was a fun journey, Rogue.

  59. Olo permalink


  60. Crucial permalink

    I kneel down for you Rogue.
    Best of luck and godspeed.

    I wish to ever hear of you again.
    Alas, all good things must come to an end.


  61. AnonRoy permalink

    You know… I’ve been following this blog since Rogue was about halfway through translating chapter 1. Until recently, the only other place I saw “MGQ” pop up was 4chan, with a few threads on ULMF and such every so often. As of late, though, I’ve seen this game pop up all over the place. Kotaku in particular was the first to catch my eye, but there it was. People are voting for this game to be the best of the year. THE BEST OF THE YEAR. This is a freakin PORN GAME. Half the enemies you fight are nude, and every single one of them wants to forcibly FUCK YOU. But even so, this is a game with such amazing writing, music, visuals, and gameplay, that in spite of the (pretty fetishistic) porn content, it’s earned a place next to games like Bioshock and GTA V. This is not only ridiculous in and of itself, it’s groundbreaking.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not winning many of these awards and polls. And that’s okay. Just being a porn game on that list and not having “Leisure Suit” in the title is extraordinary, especially considering how very graphic this game is. And in all fairness, we’re not even playing a full RPG. You don’t have to worry about healing items, or keeping other party members alive, or even experience points! It’s all handled! Realistically, this is just a suped-up Visual Novel.

    But again, MGQ IS BEING VOTED AS ONE OF THE BEST FUDGING GAMES OF THE ENTIRE MOTHER-LOVING YEAR. It is a PORN game, with extremely SIMPLE gameplay mechanics that bring NO major innovations to the table, that uses still imagery, with virtually no 3D mechanics other than some standard spell animations. It’s full of women who are, to say the VERY least, unrealistic, and caters to male fantasies. THIS IS THE GAME WE ARE PLAYING. And it’s being voted for as the best of the year.


    Simple. Because Torotoro Resistance made an amazing game. Take away the porn, what do you get? You get the tale of a young boy, who was denied his chance to be a so-called hero, going on and doing heroic things anyway. He fights to protect people, find peaceful solutions, and unite groups that were previously at war. HE ENDS FUCKING WARS. (Heh heh. “Fucking Wars.”) He travels the world, changes everyone he meets, and not only begins, but makes significant headway in eliminating racial and religious prejudice that has been in place since the beginning of their written history. He overcomes racial barriers, shows people where they were wrong, and leads them on to better solutions.

    Then, he takes the ultimate symbol of evil, his travel partner, the Monster Lord herself, and not only completely changes everyone’s view of her, but changes her own heart as well, to the point where they marry. But that’s not all! He fights a force of angels, robots, and monsters warped and mutilated into something horrid, keen on destroying all life in the world. He fights corrupt super-scientists, destroys a truly evil monster lord, and even kills his Goddess, who was commanding the aforementioned destruction of his world.

    And throughout all of that, we hear an excellent soundtrack. Some of it is stock music (I think), but the best of it was hand-crafted and made just for this game. We get hilarious comedy and outrageous humor as a course of the game (I mean, who wasn’t laughing at the Unfortunate Lamia?) We’re treated to superb voice acting, and although most of us can’t understand a word of it, we know exactly what they’re saying.

    Which leads me to the single most important thing that we must all be aware of, and remember whenever we play this game. There is one person who is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing this hilarious, emotionally powerful, epic, faptastic treat to the eyes, ears, and genitalia, that is being voted by many as one of the best games of the goddamn year, to the English-speaking world.

    And we call him Rogue.

  62. Well, good luck to you, Rogue.

    Since the blog is closing, might as well post one more time. Chapter 12 of Monster Girl Saga is basically done, just needs a couple more scene and a lot of proofreading. Yes, it’s tremendously late. Yes, you can yell at me for my slowness. I’m really sorry. D:

    But at least it’ll be out soonish, right? :p

    Anyway, good luck, Rogue. Hope life treats you well.

  63. meh permalink

    Well Now what am i going to do with my life i feel emptiness…………

  64. Rogue, we’ll miss you. Enjoy the retirement.

  65. themengsk176 permalink

    thank you again for all the hard work and dedication to this silly little game.

  66. Anonymous permalink

    This actually is the only game or soft I paid for in the last 6 year.
    As I already said, I don’t know who are you, Rogue, but I respect you more than most people I know. Surely you already granted a special place in heaven for you altruism. Your translations are better and faster than translation from so-called “professional” just usa (especially this fuckers, they just take fan translations), mangagamer etc. And you didn’t ask for money – it is quite the contrary, you refused to receive any donations. I would myself give you at least 100 bucks if you made paypal account or something.
    I don’t know what did you make such a tremendous work for free but if there were more people like you the world will be a much better place.
    Sincerely yours, Siberian anon.

  67. Zearth permalink

    Thanks so much, I can already see the chapter two technique thing is fixed. Now to play it!

  68. Albedo permalink

    Thanks for all you’ve done. Here’s a little thank you MGQ photo I used Photoshop on.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    It’s been a good journey with you, Rogue. Eternal thanks for everything you’ve done. I sincerely wish you a wonderful life.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all the Monster Girls Rogue! You were a beacon of hope in this vast desert.

  71. Anonymous permalink

    And thus, the Roguetranslator, having finished his divine work, returned to his Odinsleep to regain his godlike power.

  72. The Perv permalink

    Rogue, you are my hero and one of the best damn translators out there. Thanks for you hard work throughout the years and farewell my friend! I hope that you will prosper in everything you do!

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye Rogue… And thank you….

  74. Anonymous permalink

    Heinrich that is supposed to appear when Luka remembers the people before he defeats illias isn’t there. Which is sort of a major thing.

    • GC345 permalink

      Correction – only if you fight her in Monsterpedia. Story battle is working ok. And yes, original japan version has this flaw too.
      Can be fixed by adding mov %ivent16,1 command in the *zukan_irias4_kaisou subprogram. Line 342479 as the example…
      *Censored*, MonsterGirlQuestWiki is shutted down. I have the forum page on this wiki for bugs/glitches and fixes. When the site will up – I will add this bug to my page.

  75. Anonymous permalink

    It’s nothing major, but when Alma Elma joins the fight against Ilias and counters with Knockout Palm, it says Luka deals **** damage instead of Alma Elma deals **** damage.

    • GC345 permalink

      Well, this fight is a big heap of bugs…
      Line 291519, start from mov $ori_name,”AlmaБ@Elma “:. Б@ is just unicode symbol 12288.
      And again – japan version has this too…

      P.S. the MonsterGirlQuestWiki page is
      If you found a bug/glitch – post on this forum, I will try to fix…

  76. Marc permalink

    Thanks Torotoro, thanks rogue…

  77. Mateo permalink

    Yeah. I had to combine all parts since i wanted the full monsterpedia and in doing so had to start all over. I got to the end of part 2 and started 3 but when the goblin girl starts to run. It crashes every time. If there was some sort of fix that would be great.

  78. ArcCain permalink

    Could you re-upload the patches for the first two games?

  79. Anonymous permalink

    all the best and thanks alot

  80. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for everything Rogue!

    I hope your new-found free-time is well spent!

    I’ll prolly be coming back here every Jan 2nd for the rest of my life to pay my respects, haha.

  81. Anonymous permalink

    Honestly, if it wasn’t for people like you, I don’t think that I would’ve ever gotten into visual novels.
    Thank you.

  82. Frustrated permalink

    How to get the doppelganger? I already got the achievement second monsterpedia unlocked but didn’t see anything appear below Illias in the monsterpedia.Is there a patch I’m missing?

  83. Anonymous permalink

    Is there a 100% save yet?

  84. Anonymous permalink

    Having trouble running the 3rd part. For some reason when i extract the MGQ3 i don’t have an arc2 file O.o Someone please help

  85. kuroizz permalink

    anyone didnt play this part yet?
    if you dont please uplouade your game save please
    my game got deleted last week so i redownload it and must redo it and that taking alot of time :C
    sorry for my bad english

  86. Anonymous permalink

    thx for everything rogue, thx too you we could play the best game ever made

  87. Anonymous permalink

    thanks so much for everything rogue

  88. ValorousTurtle permalink

    Thanks for everything dude, been playing this since mgq1 was out, thanks for everything and goodluck and godspeed with life!

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I can’t run any of the spin off stories and cannot find any information on why this is happening. Every time I try, I get an error message of some kind and the game crashes. If you know anything PLEASE post/reply.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Hey, I can’t run any of the spin off stories and cannot find any information on why this is happening. Every time I try, I get an error message of some kind and the game crashes. If you know anything PLEASE post/reply.

  91. kana-art permalink

    Thanks you Rogue.

    And someguys, please help me.

    How to pass this state? When I use the last girl of 4 heavenly knights (Sorry I can not remember her name, Gerberra or some name like this) that I can not pass.


    • Santa permalink

      What worked for me were three following vaporizers, two normal attacks, and one butcher (the first attack), after that her hp is low enough, and you should check skill, there is the way, I hope it helped… Hopefully is was that.

  92. Voltune permalink

    Hello everybody ! and most importantly, a salute to you Rogue, who made it possible for us to play this absolutely magnificent gem !

    I’m in a kind of… Annoying thing if i must say : My save slots are full (Yes, 100) and it’s not enough, I’m still just in the beginning of the Gold region, and i don’t want to overwrite other saves. Is there any way whatsoever to “expand” it to, let’s say.. 150? 200? XXX?

    I’ll be very grateful to anyone who might give me an answer, thank you in advance !

  93. Santa permalink

    You can’t get more slots, but you can copy your old saves and make a folder outside of the game for them, and that way continue saving. Just name them in a way that you reccognize them. Goom luck friend.

  94. Anonymous permalink

    Just finished MGQ3, but i deleted all my old stuff, does anyone have the complete monsterpediea from all three games? i would really appreciate it

  95. Anonymous permalink

    Hey man, I just finished MGQ 3 this morning, I think I should say this to you: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such epic RPG this past 3 years

  96. Anonymous permalink

    wonder what this error is about

  97. Anonymous permalink

    Ya kno this is First(time) hentai game gave a god damn tear.

    Not finish part 3 yet but man… I am your follower since The MGQ begin so I’ll play for your reti’ and for thanks to make such a wonderful English patch from a wonderful Game.

    theres nothing to say, Thank you Rogue and Torotoro We love u guy <3

  98. steve permalink

    Please, i cannot find anywhere how to get the english version of part 2 or 3, everytime i try to download it, i get a bgm error just before i go to noah region. Can someone point me to a website where i can correctly download, or help me get this working. I really want part 2 to work, i sooo enjoyed part 1. I have bought both from the dlsite

  99. steve permalink

    That site doesnt work for me, it says that i have to upgrade adobe and i start getting pop-ups

  100. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your hard work !

  101. Anonymous permalink

    I know it’s been more than a month since the release, but I think this is really relevant:

    he best “My Body is Ready” GIF I’ve ever seen

  102. steve permalink

    Really, i cannot get the part 2 in english, anyone able to show a site with a good english DL

  103. Anonymous permalink

    For some reason, whenever I close the game after playing, then reopen it, all my data resets. It goes from merge with a full encyclopedia completely empty, as if it had never been merged. What do I do?

  104. Anonymous permalink

    I know its been said a hundred times before, and that it will be a hundred times again, but thank you Rogue. You deserve every single word of appreciation and more.

  105. Anonymous permalink

    We shall make a memorial for Rouge!

  106. Just one happy anon. permalink

    Thank you Rogue for all the amazingly fast and free English patches you have provided for us in all these years. This may only have been a simple eroge with weird fetishes, but your efforts had allowed ten of thousands of us to enjoy something we otherwise would not have, and for some, discovered their true sexual fetish. Stay safe and live happy. Tonight I will fap in your honour.

  107. Remdur permalink

    Thanks for the hard work Rogue ! It’s a really good game. I had some prejudge regarding H-game wich I thought was everytime a game where the scenario is alaways a mere pretext to do many H-scenes…. But I was wrong. This game is trully amazing, the battle system is great, the story is entertaining, the OST’s are beautiful… I’m glad I came to know that game. Really, thanks a lot. However, I have a little problem with the game. I downloaded the game, combined with part 1 & 2, imported the save file in order to begin at part 3 and everything is working well…. Except that the saves from part 1 & 2 doesn’t work anymore.

    Indeed, the game recognize the save files and they appear in the load menu, but when I load one of the save file from part 1 or 2, I have a black sreen and the game crash. Because I’m really stupid, I have erased my folder with just MGQ 1 & 2, including my old save file from those two part. Of course the save file in MGQ 3 directory is the same, but I suppose he’s already different because I have combined and import the global save.

    So… Does anyone know how to do in order for my save files to work again ? I would be really thanksfull if somenone can help me !

    (Btw, I’m french so sorry If I’m not perfectly understandable x) )

    • Santa permalink

      Sorry, but Old Saves from game 1 and 2, don’t work on game 3 :(. There are 2 options.
      1.- Get games 1 and 2 (preferibly 2, as it works with both saves) and use your old saves on that one.
      2.- Play 3 from the beggining, create separate folders for your saves of 1, 2 and 3 as you will need them (The games is far too long for those saves files).

      Keep Back outs of everything. Hopes that helps at last a little. Good luck :).

  108. Scott permalink

    Does this patch work for all three games? I’m looking into buying all 3 from the english site and i have no idea if the games come in english or if i need to download a patch for it…

    • Santa permalink

      Yes, it does translate the 3 games.

    • Santa permalink

      That site is in english only, the games are in japanese.

      Sorry, it does translate the 3 games, and with that one you can play the 3 games, but you still need 1 and 2, because some archives from 1 and 2 that have to be copied to the 3rd game.

      Otherwise you would start from the 3rd part only.

      Hope it helps

  109. Tony permalink

    Ok big problem its been stated b4 but i can’t seem to fix it there is a crash problem in part 3 right at the beginning when the goblin girl says”zazoom” the game crashes with an error message and i can’t fix it. Plz help.

    • Santa permalink

      Desinstall and Reinstall the game. It happened to a friend and he solved it that way.

  110. qrushen permalink

    can some plz re-post 1 and 2 translations. i just finally got the game and the media files are gone 0w0′

  111. Anonymous permalink

    the game doesnt open once i unrar the patch, (it opens in japanese) but after i unrar the patch it no longer opens, i have noticed there isnt an arc2.nsa (there is 1,3,4 and 5 plus the normal arc file) not sure if that could have somthing to do with it, would really appreciate some help

    • Santa permalink

      You are talking about Monster Girl Quest 3 right? Well, that’s weird, the patch here should only have arc3, 4 and 5. While the game has the arc (normal), arc1, and 2.

      Which patch is it? If possible, put screen shots.

      Most probably you will need to redownload the game and the patch.

      Don’t erase the ones you have yet till you make it work.

  112. iXephyr permalink

    Anyone got a pre-patched version of Chapters 1-3 that’s hosted on MEGA (not a torrent site)? My internet provider (Virgin) doesn’t really take kindly to torrenting.

  113. You can save anywhere by clicking save and where to save it. If the pop up comes just lick Alt+F4 and it will automatically save.

  114. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a lot man. This was much needed, you’re a savior

  115. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much for translating this. Can anyone reupload this patch?(part 3 complete patch)

  116. Jesus permalink

    How do you download this? Ive literally looked everywhere on the internet, its absolutely nowhere anymore, was I just too late? All I can find are patch files for the game, why not the game? Did the creators take them all down?

  117. Sorrowless permalink

    The spin-off stories crash.

  118. Anonymous permalink

    I will say thanks for your work on the translation but sadly I swapped computers and forgot to transfer the file for the translation and now I cant get it since the download for the translation was taken down :(.

  119. Anonymous permalink

    For people downloading the MGQ3 patch, if you come up with an error check that the arc1 data is the amount it shout be according to the “patch readme” instructions. if it isn’t correct(less than in my case) the MGQ2 arc1 should be the same and can be moved to the MGQ3 directory to successfully combine the parts. in this case just replace the existing file as with the “arc.nsa” file. I recommend copying the MGQ3 arc1 file somewhere else just in case it wasn’t the problem.


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