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October 21st Update Spectacular!

City: 6188/15603
Story: 23162/27500
Battle: 72135/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 101485/131806 (77.0%)


Less than 1/4 of the game to go!

A Previous Game Now With Wordwrap

Just a quick non MGQ post – With Dargoth’s assistance, I believe I fixed the word wrap issues on Thief and Sword, an old game I partially translated about two years ago.

You can download the game here:

Patch is here:!iFIiHZib!OLKSkhyeHPL9mtaTHnyvGzsDx-APGHIciCIYHSrTtDc

If anyone tries it out, let me know if you run into a crash anywhere.

Game Information
The game is set up as a heavily branching “Choose your own adventure” type of game. There are around 525 modular scenes each with 2 or 3 choices that branch off of each scene. It’s a fairly graphic, violent, rapey kind of game (female protag). I translated all of the story scenes for one character, and roughly 2/3 of the H-scenes. The other H-scenes were translated by panop857 from the Hongfire forums.

What isn’t translated
Many pictures in the game are not translated. This includes item descriptions, some config screens, and the achievement list. The more important pictures in combat / inventory screen are translated.

What is translated
Just Shalt’s route is translated. That means all of her story scenes, all of her H-Scenes, and all of the “Shared” scenes between her and Raika.

Patch Information
Delete all instances of patch.xp3 previously in the Thief and Sword folder. Patch.xp3, patch1.xp3, etc… Put patch.xp3 from the download into the Thief and Sword folder. (Make sure it’s the only file marked patch.xp3 in the folder).

General FAQ about game:

Q. How does combat work?
A. Before combat starts, go to the item screen to pick weapons to use in a fight. The items listed in the squares on the right are the items you will use in battle. There’s no difference between
the A and B box. When you click on an item, the item description comes up. The top numbers are the offensive strength. The first number is the static damage, and the second one is the potential bonus.
The bottom number is the defensive strength. The first number is the static number, and the next one is the potential bonus. There are various penalties that can apply if your character is naked. Shalt
is best with daggers and blades, so smaller weapons are easier for her to use. Potions and herbs heal HP when used on defense.

Q. I can’t damage the final boss / other monster!
A. You must have played it too safe and didn’t collect enough weapons, then! Unfortunately, if you cannot pass a roadblock, you need to start over or take a different route.

Q. I run out of health before I kill the final boss / other monster!
A. You must have played it too risky and didn’t conserve enough health, then! Unfortunately, if you cannot pass a roadblock, you need to start over or take a different route.

Q. What are these flags and flag checks?
A. It’s the way the game determines if you have met a particular requirement, or seen a specific scene. They are important for keeping the story consistent with what your actions have been to that point.

Q. How many scenes are in the game?
A. Around 450. Around 55 of them are game over / death scenes.

Q. What are these strange images that pop up in Japanese every so often?
A. Those are the achievements. You get them for beating certain monsters, or seeing certain scenes.

Q. What’s the list of all the translated H-Scenes in the replay list?
2, 2a, 2b, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51

Q. Holy hell I game over every time. Where’s the walkthrough?

A. Right here

Columbus Day Update Spectacular

Current progress… Already past the true 2/3rds point! Thanks for all the typos posted in the previous page, I’ll be fixing them all as I go forward.

City: 4909/15603
Story: 19492/27500
Battle: 64909/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 89376/131806 (67.8%)



MGQ Final Chapter Patch 2 (62%)

This is the second partial patch. It covers everything in the game up until around the 62% mark. It also contains all of Chapters 1 and 2 when you combine all of the arc.nsa files together (Outlined in the readme). If you find a crash, please comment on this post about it and I’ll work to fix it and update the patch.

Remember, you need the full version of Part 3, not the demo.

How to acquire the game:

It can be purchased at . This is the final part, so if you were going to buy it and haven’t yet, this would be the one to do it to clear your conscience.


Three locations to choose from this time. Once the 100% patch is out, I’ve been offered a location for long-term hosting away from this file sharing sites. But for now, these;

Anon Files


Once downloaded, extract the contents into the MGQ Part 3 folder, choosing “Yes to all” to overwrite anything.


As ever, try to save at the save locations. Some people lose out on stats and achievements when they save at other locations, in addition to random crashes.

Word Wrap:

Use mon_que_2-patch.exe for English word wrap. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this.


I make a lot of typos and editing mistakes – If you see any, either post a comment here, send me an e-mail, or stop by the #mgq channel in . I’m usually idling, but I check over the chat when I come back. Thank you again to everyone who submitted typos/fixes for the last patch, I made about 80 corrections (And about 150 fixes to the use of lets vs let’s).

Next Patch Aimed for October 4th

I’m aiming to release the next iteration of the patch on October 4th. It’s a little less than 2/3rds of the way through, around 62%. Though it’s just at the 2/3rd point in terms of battles… The last portion of the game is more story/text heavy than the first 2/3rds.


City: 4909/15603     (There was a slight issue with how I calculated the city text, so this is the correct number. The last post was off a bit)
Story: 17726/27500
Battle: 58524/88600
Encyclopedia: 53/103

Total: 81212/131806 (61.5%)

All that’s left between now and Friday is a few more encyclopedia entries, and some editing. On Friday the 4th, it should be posted around 10pm to midnight EST.


Just got back from a 24 hour fun run of airports throughout the western hemisphere. Here’s a slight update before I go to sleep. I definitely want to get the next patch out before my next scheduled international trip, so that’s my goal at the moment. Nearly there!


City: 5721/15603
Story: 16293/27500
Battle: 54570/88600
Encyclopedia: 53/103

Total: 76637/131806 (58.1%)

September Ho

Very delayed patch update, work has been distracting to say the least, along with this being my first weekend back at my home in four weeks.

City: 3253/15603
Story: 13259/27500
Battle: 47563/88600
Encyclopedia: 41/103

Total: 64116/131806 (48.6%)