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It’s been fun

I first started translating MGQ Part 1 May 25, 2011… At that point, I was doing it mostly for my own entertainment. I thought a few people would care about the translation, maybe a couple hundred tops, but it would be too niche or out there for people to really care. A year after it was finished, the patch for Part 1 had been downloaded more than 550,000 times. I’m glad so many more people got to enjoy this game because of my impulsive decision to try to translate it for fun. I had a lot of fun translating it, and I hope you all enjoyed being able to play Torotoro’s game. I can honestly say everyone I’ve met during the course of these few years has been great. Something about the realm of porn on the internet suddenly turns people civilized and friendly, it’s quite funny.

Games I’ve done:

Complete MGQ Trilogy – For the full patch, please see this post.

Thief & Sword (Shalt’s Path only) – For the full patch, please see this post. 

Violated Heroine – My patch covered about 60% of the total available content of the game as of December 10th, 2011. Since then, I’m sure the game has expanded dramatically. An awesome group of people have continued the game, their SVN for patches is located here. I’m not sure how much of my stuff is being used (if any), or just how much bigger the game has gotten since then.

Marunomi: The full game (Plus patch already applied) is here: Anonfiles . Fun game that some may have missed – Despite the name, there’s little “actual” vore. It’s more tentacles than anything. Fun little battle system too.

Desire Dungeon – Joint with Dargoth . More monster girls. See Dargoth’s post here for the patch and instructions.

As a side note, anyone wanting to use my scripts as a base to translate them into another language has my permission. You just can’t charge for them. The original creators (Torotoro, etc…) also have my full permission to use the scripts for whatever purpose they want (including making them an official translation and charging for them, if they want).

What’s next for MGQ?

Torotoro is making a new game in RPGMaker – MGQ: Paradox. You can find some translated information on it on Dargoth’s site. Dargoth has expressed interest in translating it, so you best follow his site and look out.

Looking for other titles?


1. Monster Girls: Violated Hero series. See Dargoth’s site. 

2. My favorite Eroge: Sengoku Rance. Translated by Yandere Translations

3. New English VN: One of the creators is Raidis, who helped with MGQ: Love Despite


1. Henshin!!! – Hilarious, great CGs and actually unique.

2. Pregnant Brave – Another hilarious game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game is as stupid as the description makes it sound.


Well, it’s been a fun ride. With this post, I’m changing the password to everything associated with RogueTranslator, and locking all of the accounts down. From now on, anyone using this name is not me, and anyone posting on 4chan or other sites is not me either, even if they manage to crack the tripcode! Thanks for joining me in having fun with these games. Have a good life!

MGQ Complete Updated Patch

This patch incorporates all of the suggestions and bug fixes from the previous thread – There are some lingering issues with the old side stories from part 2, but it’s not something I have the time to go through and debug with every case. Unless there’s a critically glaring crash or bug found in this version, this will be the last patch I put out. I’d prefer it if you bought the game from the English dlsite. But I’m fine with someone creating a pre-patched version of the complete MGQ trilogy and hosting it wherever they want. Just don’t charge money for it, or I’ll do bad things to you from the shadows (Haha, it’s a joke. Or is it?).

Also vote for MGQ Part 3 in the /v/gas where it shows up, even though they’re a waste of time.


To install, just extract in your MGQ Part 3 directory and choose “yes” to overwrite anything prompted.



The end:

Assuming nothing critical goes wrong in the patch between now and tomorrow night, I’ll be putting up the final goodbye post tomorrow night at 10pm EST. Once that goes up, I’m changing the passwords to everything associated to RogueTranslator that can be found, and retiring the name forever. From then on, anyone posting as that name (even if the tripcode is used or cracked by someone), it’s not me. I’ll never ask for money or donations under any name, so don’t give any money to anyone.


MGQ Part 3 Final Patch

And here it finally is – The patch that completes the translation of the MGQ Trilogy. If you encounter a bug or spelling/grammar mistake, please post it in the comments on the post BELOW this one. Comments about bugs or spelling/grammar mistakes will be deleted from this post, to make it more organized for me for fixing them.

This patch covers the entirety of Monster Girl Quest, assuming you have the previous two game’s arc.nsa files. It also works standalone for just Part 3.

How to acquire the game:

It can be purchased at . This is the final part, so if you were going to buy it and haven’t yet, this would be the one to do it to clear your conscience.


Instructions for combining the previous parts are included in the readme. Extract the .rar into your MGQ Part 3 directory.




As ever, try to save at the save locations. Some people lose out on stats and achievements when they save at other locations, in addition to random crashes.

Word Wrap:

Use mon_que.exe for English word wrap. Thank you to SomeLoliCatgirl again for making this. The previous executable is still in there if anyone wants it for some reason, but it won’t have English word wrap, of course.


Thanks to everyone that’s been following the game since it came out, and have offered their help, tips, corrections, or just mental support.

Moral Support and Translation Suggestions: Dargoth

Wordrap: SomeLoliCatgirl

Image editing: Raidis, Zinny

Text fixes for English display: TheGreatHeinrich

Keeping the game alive: /mgqg/

Spelling/Grammar fixes: Many and numerous

What’s next?

I’ll be editing and fixes any bugs or mistakes as people post them for about two weeks, then I’ll be done with the translation scene. The final version of the game will go up (Hopefully with an installer and a dedicated hosting site) along with mirrors of the rest of the stuff I’ve done so far. Then I’ll lock the site with the final post and be gone.

MGQ Typos/Mistakes

Please use this post for MGQ Typos/Mistakes/Bugs of all kinds. I’ll delete any comments that aren’t about one of the above three to keep it organized. I’m planning on fixing anything I can in the next two weeks and posting a final version. Thank you to everyone that has always assisted with this!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those in the US, anyway. As I said before, the next post will be when I’m done with the translation portion and putting a date up for the patch. This is that post!

All that remains now is bug checking and editing, which will still take quite a few hours. I’m planning on the patch being done and out by around 10pm on Friday, December 6th. I’m going out of town for Thanksgiving for the next 5 days, so that’s the major slowdown here.

City: 15400/15400
Story: 27500/27500
Battle: 87250/87250
Encyclopedia: 103/103

Total: 130253/130253 (100%)



Final progress update post

I’m at the end of the translation where I’m jumping around a lot, so it’s too difficult to try to get a line count. This will be the final progress update before I actually post about a hard patch release date.

Basically this is what’s left to finish, along with my guess on how much time it will take:

6 H-Scenes (4 hours)
3 Battles (1 hour each)
About 60% of the city text (Not sure, probably 4+ hours)
37 Encyclopedia entries (Four hours)
20 Evaluations (Maybe an hour, 1.5h at most)
Extra battle systems (This is the dicey one. I don’t know how hard this will be to add in and troubleshoot. Anywhere from 2 hours if easy, to many hours of fixing)
Editing/bug fixing (7+ hours)

Nearly there. I’d like to get the actual text all translated by Thanksgiving, and the editing done by early december.

Busy times

Last week was very busy, and this weekend I got sucked into Hearthstone, so not as much progress as usual. Nearly there though!


City: 6188/15603
Story: 25365/27500
Battle: 77542/88600
Encyclopedia: 66/103

Total: 109161/131806 (82.8%)