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MGQ3 English Trial

February 24, 2013

Playing instructions: Un-rar and use the mon_que executable to run.  The trial is some story and the first fight, immediately after where part 2 ended. If you get crashes, make sure you’re running in Japanese locale. If you’re still crashing, post here and I’ll see if I can duplicate.

Download link:

Release date: Still unknown. Months off, for sure. Torotoro’s still trying to release it in the first half of 2013 sometime.


EDIT 2/26: Mediafire deleted the patch again. The updated download link was provided by someone else. I’ll look into finding a new place to host the files at sometime tomorrow. If the download in the post doesn’t work (or was removed) check the comments section to see if someone uploaded it to another site until I get around to updating this post again.

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  1. Someone permalink

    yeaaaaaaaaa, ty rogue

  2. Anonymous permalink

    i love you man :D

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You sir, are a gentleman and a saint.

  4. redpanther permalink

    I love this weekend.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    shit yeah

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue! You’re still the best!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    That sure was fast. You, sir, are a demon.

  8. themengsk176 permalink


  9. Rampage202 permalink

    Thanks rogue, your the best.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    lost 25 times already ._. so much Rape <3

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Angel Paizuri, woo woo!

    • Dabeavis permalink

      Well, thankfully there’s going to be plenty more of that in the full game, a couple paizuri CGs on the site already involve other angels.

      I hope for more paizuri myself.

  12. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm what did you personaly think rogue? ~1 year time for translation after mgq 3 is out?

  13. Anonymous permalink

    That was fast. Just yesterday tried it unstraslated. Now I’m really gonna enjoy it.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Text is tiny and spaced out. Yes I’m running it properly with EAL pack and in the Japanese locale.

    Any fixes?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m having this problem, too.

      Part 2 works just fine, though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      for reference

      Part 1 and 2 work fine. Game is running and was unrared in Japanese locale.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Me too , with these problem
      Jap demo and Eng Demo are same , but we can run MGQ Part 2 correctly

    • superhatrix permalink

      Also chiming in with tiny spaced out text.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same: no problems with previous games, in Japanese locale, still having text spaced out in this one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      So I fixed this, the solution was apparently changing back to the english locale. I also re-unzipped the files in english as well.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not a damn clue why, but this worked for me too!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Didn’t work for me. Yes, I rebooted.

        • Anonymous permalink

          FUKKEN SOLVED. Replace ‘envdata’ with the file of the same name from chapter 2.

          • superhatrix permalink

            This fixed it for me. Thanks a ton.

          • Anonymous permalink

            You are a genius. Don’t know how you came up with that solution, but it worked perfectly.

  15. Dear Guest permalink

    Question: Why are present/past tense always mixed up? Is it like that in the original as well?

  16. Dastz permalink

    Wow, Rogue! Thanks a lot! You’re a hero, man.

  17. Anonymous permalink

    Ahahaha, that was a nice one, the evaluation you get when you lose, real nice there

  18. Fight is pretty easy.

    Those on hard, put up Slyph, Vaperizing Blade Blah, then attack until you have 5 Special Points, Meditate as needed, Vaper as needed.

    Easy fight.

    • Denamic permalink

      It’s the first fight in the game, what did you expect?

      • Boomer permalink

        I still wish that hard mode was harder….. Normal feels too easy, but bosses on hard mode feel just about the right amount of difficulty.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I agree, most of the monsters you want to lose to you pretty much have to lose on purpose. It’s kind of a be careful what you wish for situation. Given the battle system, ‘harder’ mostly means ‘luck based.’ That’s fine for boss battles, but would get tiresome quickly if you had to have Sylph luck to get past every battle.

          I like to factor in the urge to lose into the difficulty. Monster cuteness is a better weapon than any in game difficulty. I’ve lost to the Imp a lot more than the Chimera Dryad. Just looking at times defeated, I’ve probably gotten more game overs in this game than all others combined. Seems like a pretty difficult game to me now that I think about it…

          • Yes the Imp battle is hard :>

          • yup hardest battle in the game except when I giga her XD

      • You forget, this is part 3, and we are some 40+ levels in with 4 spirits…

        This is the big Angel fight, I expected at least SOME resistance, but I found myself having to loose on purpose, which for hard mode at this point in the story, is bullshit.

        • Anonymous permalink

          while i agree that the battle was really easy (not a challenge at all really) but reading the monsterpedia about her gives you a quick explanation of why she was so weak.

          i mean, the 4 generals were harder than her, but the ones to beat the generals were the mecha-monsters.

          • Anonymous permalink

            It’s kind of impossible to have all monsters both beatable, and loseable at the same time, given how wildly they vary in strength. The Four Heavenly Knights ‘should’ be harder than everyone else, but you still need to be able to beat them. You face Yao a couple battles before Tamamo, but nine tails is supposed to be a whole different level from eight. So how do you make Yao realistically near unbeatable when Luka doesn’t get any stronger between the two fights?

          • Anon permalink

            Also, Luca weakens the four generals greatly before they face the mecha-monsters so it’s a bit difficult to know how strong they are simply by the fact that the mecha-monsters are beating weakened generals

        • CMrCr permalink

          Don’t know if you read it well but there are various kind of angels in strength and she was one of the crappiest, the equivalent of a simple monster from mgq 1 or 2

    • AnonS permalink

      I lost with both Sylph and Gnome up on the third turn. Cupid just did her love restraint thing and Luka wasn’t able to struggle out of it. It happens, in a turn based option game like this the only “difficulty” is always going to be based off RNG.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    I can already tell how good the third chapter is going to be.I enjoyed every single part of that demo and boy did it leave me wanting for more.(You could have given us at least one more battle :I)
    P.S:The evaluation part…I have to admit I did not expect that :D

  20. Anonymous permalink

    I am prepared

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Rogue~

  22. Many thanks Rogue!

  23. Ehunkel permalink

    You sir juste made my week end, Thank you very much!

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue you’re the best ever !!

  25. Anonymous permalink

    Man I forgot all of my MGQ strategies.

  26. CwHart permalink

    Shit you work fast

  27. Nigge permalink

    Your the Fucking Best Rogue!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    This demo got me so hyped for the game, god

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue definitely faster than I could have possibly hoped for!

  30. Softicedragon permalink

    Very good trial and good translation work as always. And now the waiting for the final one and the loooong time for the translation. :(

  31. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue! Can’t wait for the full game!

  32. Anonymous permalink

    You are the man Rogue!

  33. Anonymous permalink

    does anyone know japanese name for zylphe?

  34. Anonymous permalink

    To celebrate, I’m going to upload some monster/cosplay girl wallpapers I made from virtual trading card games.
    Deity Wars:
    Legend of Cryptids:
    Magnus Ignis:
    Jewel Dragon:


  35. Anonymous permalink

    How long do you think it will take to translate part 3?

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue! Really appreciate it!

  37. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder why the background in Cupid’s fight is different from preview

    • Anonymous permalink

      Random stock backgrounds. Look through the previews for earlier games and you’ll see a lot of inconsistencies. The Crab Girl is on a different beach, the Iron Maiden is in Lily’s lab, and the Starfish Girl is on the same beach as the Crab Girl, just to name a few. I’d guess they come up with those previews before they come up with the actual story. Cupid at Remina seems like an educated guess.

  38. Xander permalink

    Fast work! Thanks alot rogue, love it :D

  39. Anonymous permalink

    MangaGamer is also translating monster girl game at the moment
    By the way, Ilias is still the one doing evaluation. She says that she is uncorrupted part of her consciousness. Too bad, I wanted a Alice or 4 knights to do this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Was kinda hoping for more options as to who does that too.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    man today is my bday and this is one of the best gifts ever XD

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue. Keep on being awesome.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast. Thanks a lot!

  43. Anon permalink


  44. Anonymous permalink

    Wah only 1 battle :( was hoping for more

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Sabasa King don’t die :<

    • Anonymous permalink

      I really hope the whole game isn’t too death filled. The demo makes things look pretty ominous. I wanna be happy while I fap, not show up to every kingdom to have all the people and monsters I’ve met dead.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Pssshhh. Given that they haven’t killed off any allies (or even enemies, in cannon endings), I highly doubt they will kill off someone as Badass as Sabasa King

      • Anonymous permalink

        Did anyone expect the cliffhanger of chapter 2?No.I just hope that the fact that no one has died yet does not take a drastic change as well.No one knows what will happen in chapter 3!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Seems you’re forgetting Lady Village (or whatever it was called).

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh yeah.Come to think of it,there was death around the Beelzebub arc as well.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Witch Hunt Village was the worst for me, the others were much less personable (just hearing about someone who’s eaten a bunch of humans isn’t as bad as seeing the victims.)

            It is true that this has been a very un-deathfilled game to this point, even during the demo it goes out of its way to explain how Cupid didn’t die. But there’s also a line Luka says to her after she says that Angel Halo is cowardly about how ‘the monsters that you’re massacring can’t fight back.’

            Between that and all of the monsters/angels who only Luka can fight who have basically said they want to kill everyone, I’m a little worried. It would be personal this time around.

          • Down with Illias permalink

            I too hope there isn’t a high death toll in the end. I was kinda bothered that Luka immediately wanted to destroy angels in the demo (though maybe that was just an error in translation). I also was bothered by how silent Luka was when Alice killed Beelzebub. Sure they had the potential to be disastrous but I think a little spaying or something would be a better alternative to death. It looks like vampires will be kept at bay but hopefully Luka doesn’t return to any ghost towns…

  46. Anonymous permalink

    many thanks rogue, especially for the amazing speed!

    this worked fine for me on the first try, only out of place thing i found (aside from something untranslated that i’m sure you left on purpose) was that when sylph vanished, there was a “/” at the end.

  47. YAYY permalink

    If the release time is like MGQ 2 repeats itself, MGQ 3 will be released in sometime during March… It will be around August before Rogue finishes translating it, though this estimate may vary…

    Right nnow m mood is the same as my username.

    YAYY! Thanks Rogue!

  48. Kaika permalink

    is it me or is the font ….super small…..
    playing it with windo mode though

    And thanks very much for translating~~

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Fixed it for me too. Thank you!

  50. Anonymous permalink

    The fact that there is good part of Ilias makes it almost certain that there won’t be glorious brutal killing at the end.
    I think the real Ilias was beaten and sealed by first monster lord long time ago, then she transformed into current Ilias.
    I hope there won’t be some stupid shit like making Ilias good at the end.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Um lets review she says “I’m the good part of Ilias” or some such but just think back to all those degrading evaluations. She’s basically saying I’m the good part, which means there is none, look how you lost filthy hero ect.

      • Anonymous permalink

        she seems much nicer than usual, she even gave me a tip to be raped differently! (not that i needed it…)

      • Brave permalink

        Well, she says she is Illias’s conscience, the last bit of light in that twisted individual, but she does not say the one giving you evaluations was always Illias’s conscience, that could be a new development.

        Anyway, she always gave you tips when there were alternate end scenes or extended scenes from moves.

        • Crimson permalink

          what i’m stating however, is that i got this impression:

          normally (part one and two) illias herself gave you the evaluation, and said you were a disgrace and didn’t condone you losing to monsters, this “illias conscience” gives you the tip without any negative connotations, as in admitting there’s nothing wrong with having sex with monsters/angels/whatevers

          i guess i’ll take the name crimson from now on.

  51. Anonymous permalink

    The big thing I’m excited for is when we got all 3 games merged into one, all translated. Then I can start a megaplaythrough where I read all the story, lose to every monster, get every item. It’ll be glorious.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You won’t survive this…But is there a happier way to die? :O

      • Lotte Silfur permalink

        Was there EVER a happier way to die? I doubt so… :)

        And a big… bigger… ah, the biggest thank you Rogue! Keep it up!

  52. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you’re a god. Thank you for everything!

  53. Takata permalink

    Translated in one day; that’s insane speed, even considering that the demo is small and using a similar engine to the previous 2 games. O.O
    Must be a new world record.

  54. Takata permalink

    Thanks very much. ^^

  55. Anonymous permalink

    … I have the biggest boner right now.
    Rock on, Rogue.

  56. Takata permalink

    I was kinda looking forward to having Alice, Granberia, Alma Elma, Tamamo or Erubetie take the job of insulting the player in the evaluation section. Oh well.

    I was wondering where they were going to use that wide-eyed image of Ilias. Come to think of it, that wide eyed facial expression was in the first game’s data files… Did they use it somewhere earlier that I’ve just forgotten?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but her attitude with the extra h-scene hints feels a little different to before:

  57. Kyon permalink

    I have always suspect this. Luka’s name is a variant of the Hungarian version of Lucia which is the feminine form of the Roman first name Lucius which is derived from the word ‘lux’ which means light. Lucifer the first fallen angel was known as the bringer of light. Many of luka’s sleeping abilities reference lucifer. Luka may be the fallen angel lucifer sealed in human form and thus the reason why Illias tries to manipulate him.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think you need another layer for your tin-foil hat ;)

    • Lotte Silfur permalink

      Lucifer? Why not? That kind of makes sense. And it might be the reason why he’s so good with the Angel Halo… According to Valkyrie: “The original fallen angel created that in order to bring ruin to the angels.”

      If we assume that the FFA (first fallen angel) was not a monster and he/she/it was somewhat closer to humans than to any other species (observing/teasing them or just playing with them), here comes the line of the wielders of this cursed sword – including Heinrich…

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’ll mark Luka spoilers here, though I think it’s common knowledge. The name thing is nothing new, there’s a whole trope on it:

        The game also pretty much confirmed he was a fallen angel through meditation (an attack that a dark angel used,) and Luka’s sleep time holy beast mode. One of his attacks is called ‘Fallen Angel Dance’.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Well the biggest question imo is how the fallen angels come into play in the story. The first monster lord can’t have been a fallen angel since he made monsters which have dark powers (as evidenced by the monster lord’s cruelty skill and the fact that Ilias is keeping Black Alice alive to maintain the equilibrium of light and dark powers). Also that would mean Alice and Luka are related.

          My best guess atm is that they are a third “hidden” faction, and could be used so as not to have Ilias as the very predictable final boss. Needless to say that last part is pure speculation and they could just as well be a convinient way to explain Luka’s powers and why he’s so special.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Isn’t the third faction already angels? We have humans (light,) monsters (dark,) and the angels who control things. Humans and monsters already balance things out, so what would another faction do?

            It seems pretty certain that Luka’s mom was an angel, so that explains him. How she got there is a mystery I guess. I have to assume that Luka’s directly descended from Heinrich, but we don’t know how he got his start either. Just a guess, but I’d just assume that Luka’s bloodline starts at Heinrich and follows a linear, fallen angel path to him. Maybe Heinrich was one of those rare male offspring (at least I assume there aren’t any angel guys around,) from an angel, and that led to Luka’s line falling from heaven.

        • AnonS permalink

          Ilias is really Luka’s sister and was pissed that Luka’s mom left the whole Angel order thing to live with humans and to be with a human man. I don’t remember the full story of Luka’s father, but I vaguely remember he was actually a good guy at the end or something.

          Or Luka’s father really was evil and he will go “Luka I am your father” at the end.

  58. ginx2666 permalink

    I just have the biggest shit-eating grin on my face.

    Thank you!

  59. JP90 permalink

    I’ve got a problem with my SP points not showing up properly. Anyone else having the same?

    • Anon permalink

      you could have simply used a skill and you would see

  60. Anonymous permalink

    JP, they use a new system since Luka has a ton of SP now. 1 big dot = 5 small dots.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    I could go on and on about how awesome this is. I could talk for hours about the implications of Illias actually having some purity in her. I could discuss into the wee hours of the morning what Alice meant by “Original Holy State”. However, I will smile and sigh in satisfaction instead.

    Rogue, take a bow. For if not for your efforts, there would be no english version for anyone to read. Moreover, you may be instrumental in the recent increase of fans for Monster Girls in general. Everyday Monster Girls did not exist before MGQ and now its on Fakku and someone has purchased the license to do an english translation of the manga. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication. When the netizen’s of the world gather at their various anime conventions, discussing monster girls, MGQ will always be there, and your name will be as well.


  62. sliding touch permalink

    rogue ùy hero i knew you ll never let me down

  63. Anonymous permalink

    Nobody’s gonna say it? I guess I will then…


  64. Anonymous permalink

    I was expecting loli Alice to give the evaluations. You know, since her power is now gone, the only thing she really does is continue being a prick towards the hero especially during evaluations :p.

  65. The Perv permalink

    Un-Hing believable! Thanks Rogue! This demo just made me realize how much I am looking forward to part 3. Of course for the story-line…. The monster rapes only make it more exciting…lol

  66. Anonymous permalink

    anyone saying he translated this in record time and that he’s a god clearly hasn’t seen his picture on the moster girl quest wiki…. he’s our holy prophet handing down the scriptures for us. but great work on the translating and glad to still have you with us to experience the final chapter

  67. angrywhiteboy42 permalink

    Thanks so much, Rogue.

    Disappointed that Cupid didn’t have any seduce attacks, of course…

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Maybe it’s just me but the demo isn’t allowing me to download it says there is an error on mediafire.

    • Anonymous permalink

      MediaFire removed it due to a ToS violation.

      • Takata permalink

        How is this violating mediafire’s ToS anyway?
        The demo is free, right?

  69. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, but the link seems dead at the moment.

  70. Anonymous permalink

    happening to m to

  71. Anonymous permalink

    Same thing for me, it says that the file has been removed.

  72. Anonymous permalink

    Ridiculous that mediafire keeps deleting your shit for absolutely no reason. Timmme to get a newww file host.

    If this isn’t up again by tomorrow i’ll put it up somewhere for you guys.

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Thnks man, appreciate it

  74. Anonymous permalink

    “Invalid or Deleted File.” MediaFire = biggest cock tease ever!!!!

  75. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone want to reup the english trial? Mediafire took it down.

  76. Anonymous permalink

    Please repost I want the english!

  77. yourfriendlyneighborhoodderp permalink

    mega is up and not on a removal spree, try there

  78. Anonymous permalink

    Why the fuck MediaFire deleted patch? There are thousands of cracks or hacked exe on MF but they deleting a free demo version instead? Brilliant

    • They deleted my whole account and every patch on it, not just the demo. Maybe it’s a clause about porn or something, I dunno.

      • I just had a look at the MediaFire ToS, and indeed there is such a clause :/
        “Distributing any Content that violates the rights of others and sexually explicit material are other examples of Terms of Service violations”

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well MEGA which is run by dot com the guy who was charged with piracy and copyright infringment is now up why not try your luck there. Your upload will be encrypted as well for what ever that is worth lolz.

  79. Anonymous permalink

    Since Mediafire kill any link you try to upload…yeah use Mega !!

  80. Imoutocon permalink

    I need lolis

  81. Anonymous permalink

    I wonder why the patches get deleted from MF.
    You think it’s some “epik trawl” from little kids who are upset over the popularity of something they can’t understand?

  82. Passing Chaos permalink

    I just noticed some thing when replaying the japanese version but when you lose by love angel’s lust cupid doesn’t lactate. that was a glitch… Thanks for fixing that Ichigo!

  83. The Perv permalink

    Hey, can anyone re-upload MQ2 patch and mods? My Hdd crashed and now I am recovering all my precious material. ='(

  84. Anon permalink

    My old computer crashed but I was able to get MGQ2 on a USB before it did then when I got a new computer I reinstalled it after downloading the Asian Languages Pack and changing the locale and it works fine for the most part except the font is really tiny and it crashes at some points, what should I do?

  85. Sherryingford Hope permalink

    @Chaos uh, that’s not a glitch, not only do I see it, but Luka mentions it as well.

  86. Anonymous permalink

    How long is it to play? If it’s too short I might wait until the full version is up.

    • Anon permalink

      1 monster fight and story of different places that Luka been with humans and monsters

  87. Anonymous permalink

    There are several that don’t have any major rule so u can put them there

  88. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Has anyone noticed some unusual things in the resources folders, such as status effect icons for the four knights?

    • Anonymous permalink

      So we probably will be able to play as Alice and Four Knights.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh my….. if we can play as alice and the monsterlords… .I wonder if we still get a game over rape :D interesting..

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          Or, maybe we will be able to call them to the front-lines in a fight as a desperation measure.

  89. Anonymous permalink

    Minor mistake in the script:

    The line
    mov %zukan_skillc2,3600
    should actually be
    mov %zukan_skillc2,3660

    Because of this, the encyclopedia doesn’t display the count for Cupid’s Blowjob.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rouge use this for upload

  91. Anonymous permalink

    I hope in the end Luka could use the power of 4 heavenly knight as his elemental source of power.

    • The Perv permalink

      I hope that they will instead us Luka’s special sauce as fuel for the powers. Hehehehe….

  92. Mighty permalink

    I just realized that Cupid’s eye pupils are hearts.

    I hope she gets more facial expressions when raping Luka.

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone that downloaded the patch reupload it?

  94. Kaika permalink

    now im getting archive corrupted….

    terribly sorry for all the trouble and thanks to anyone that would help.

  95. Softicedragon permalink

    Any informations yet how many monstergirls part 3 will have?

    • Torotoro mentioned “over 80 monsters” on twitter a while back

      • Anonymous permalink

        Over 80 sounds good.How many were in the 2nd chapter again?

        • I *think* it was around 70, and the first chapter just over 60

  96. Hey all. Looking for some feedback. Putting together a Walkthrough for the game, because A – I enjoy it, and B – Boredom.

    Let me know what you think, if the style is good enough and if it’s easy enough to follow, read and get information on each fight. I’ve included 10 pages. I’m unsure whether this format is the best, or if I should pdf it all at the end.

    Download –

    • Anonymous permalink

      There are already walkthroughs on gamefaqs.

      • I know, but I was thinking along the lines of quality over just a walkthrough, hence why I’m looking for feedback on the design, layout etc.

        • Blackstream permalink

          It seems pretty decent to me, although your walkthrough is still in the easy part of the game. I’d probably include stats of the monsters (hp, level), as well as the details in some cases of how to unlock certain hard to get attacks (like some you have to be in hard mode, or get bound by a certain attack).

          Also, don’t do what the gamefaqs guy did and completely mess up how to get imp’s rape scenes.

          • It’s still very much in the In-development stage. First I want to make sure people enjoy looking at it, then I’m probably going to re-work the fights, maybe do a page each for every monster, details on each sex scene, and how to get it etc.

            Thanks for the feedback mate!

    • suopis permalink

      You don’t need both, setting system locale and AppLocale.

  97. Ningyo no Koibito permalink

    Excellent job, as usual, RogueTranslator. How quickly you completed an English patch for the demo amazes me. Do you think it could be possible for Alipheese’s name to sound more like Torotoro’s pronunciation of her name for the third part, or is it too late for that? I was thinking Ali’spheese or Alis’pheese could work, since her nickname is a phonetic truncation of her name.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you go by the battle window, her name is “Alicefeeze”.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        “Alicefreeze: Another name for Alice’s ice attack.”
        “Alicefees: The costs of traveling with Alice.”
        “Alicefez: The Hat Alice wishes she could wear.”
        “Alicefeasible: Something possible for no one except Alice.”
        “Alicefiends: Criminals who dress up like Alice.”
        “Aliceflees: Alice running away.”
        “Alicefleas: Lamia-shaped fleas who cause itching in crotchular regions.”
        “Alicefweeeeeees: Alice striking people very hard, causing them to fly away with the sound effect ‘Fwee’.”
        “Aliceknees: Something Alice only has in her human form.”
        “Alicesneeze: Gesundheit.”

        I could go on, but I won’t. But I could.

        • Wrandral permalink

          I think Alice is an Echidna (AKA The Mother of All Monsters which fits considering she’s Monster Lord) not a Lamia

      • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

        Oh, you’re right! I didn’t notice this because I didn’t go through the demo’s graphics. That’s awesome. I guess “Alipheese” will be changed after all, since the team determined the romanisation of her name for the third part. Alicefeese works fine.

  98. AnonRoy permalink

    • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

      Hehe. Sorry. Yes, those were pretty clever. I’d actually like to read more….

      • AnonRoy permalink

        *Cracks Knuckles*

        “Alicetease: What makes Luka a lucky bastard.”
        “Alicedecrees: Royal Commands from the Monster Lord.”
        “Alicetrees: Returning the love to the tree-huggers.”
        “Alicetees: Tee Shirts with Alice on them.”
        “Aliceteas: Drink up! It’s a very intoxicating flavor…”
        “Aliceseas: Very dangerous sections of ocean. Enjoy!”
        “Alicesees: Like Zone-tan, she’s watching you fap.”
        “Alicelees: With the Power of Alice, and the Skill of Bruce Lee!”
        “AliceMcAfee’s: Antivirus software discs sold by Alice.”
        “AliceMcPhee’s: The Strictest and Sexiest Nannies on the face of the planet. Just be aware, when their time is up and they’ve done their job, they’ll simply disappear.”
        “Alicejeans: Only have one pant leg…”
        “AliceTV’s: Monster Girls on TV? FUCK YES!”
        “Alicememes: Hora Hora Hora.”
        “AliceGrammies: Making some sweet music.”
        “AliceGrannies: Former Monster Lords.”
        “Alicetrannies: Somehow, not too inconceivable.”
        “Alicepanties: P-p-p-PERVERT!”
        “Alicesanity: I’ll let you determine if this is a good thing or not.”
        “Alicehandies: Luka’s received a couple of these.”
        “Alicesandy: from when they go to beaches.”
        “Alicecandy: ‘Can we stop in town for some…’ ‘No.’ But I’ve heard it’s the best in the…’ ‘No.’ ‘If we do, you can play with my tits again!’ ‘So, where’s the town?’ ”
        “Alicerandy: Another term for Alicehorny.”
        “Alicehorny: LET’S GET IT ON!”
        “Aliceindie: She supports Skullgirls!”
        “Aliceleans: Giving you a great view of her cleavage.”
        “Alicefeeze: The inspiration for all of these.”

        • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

          Not quite as funny as the first set, but your dedication is very commendable. You’re generally witty, and I’m sure others notice that, too. Anyway, back on topic, I’m looking forward to seeing “Alicefeeze Fatalburn” in the final chapter. Or is it Fatalbern? Burn seems to be バーン (BA-N), but ベルン (BERUN) is Bern.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            You, sir, are a well-learned individual, with a good sense of humor and wit. It was my pleasure to meet you in this little internet crossing-of-paths, and I hope you go on to live a good life. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar of high caliber.

        • Ningyo no Koibito permalink

          In reply to your most recent response: Likewise. I wouldn’t say that I’m a scholar, though. My knowledge of Japanese is very limited. Nevertheless, I am very flattered by your words. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the Monmusu Quest thread of Monster Girl Unlimited.

        • yabu permalink

          Alicecandy… funny that he immediately agrees from the boob part… xD
          iirc, alice said that luka really likes big boobs…

  99. john permalink

    How do you change the text in the eroge games anyway?

  100. Anonymous permalink

    god I so want this game.

  101. Anonymous permalink

    You are awesome man.

  102. oh i love it so. though a trial is probably just to shut us up, but i cant wait now ( though we all will have to)

    on another note, im not sure if it would be hard to do or if i should put this here but i know of a small game that needs translating( your the only one i know of), it is called dark princess and is mainly demonic corruption, but is a square tile strategy game of sorts as well. here is a link to part 1 if you want to take a look( personally i really would like to see it translated but i realize you wont have time when mgq3 actually comes out,)


    creators blog

    • Wrandral permalink

      loved that game reminded me of fire emblem ( except the sex part xD) i finished the part that was playable at the time ( the last mission i remember is the one where you had captured the priestess and had to keep the ritual going while you were attacked on 2 fronts).
      What really sucked though is i could only play that game in fullscreen and couldn’t really read what ITH and Translation Agregator translated T-T.

  103. Kaika permalink

    anyone can upload their file?
    coz the file downloaded from the link keeps giving me archive corrupted error..

  104. Ido permalink

    Salve a tutti! Scusate la pessima scrittura, e che sto utilizzando un traduttore.
    Volevo chiedervi anche scusa per la lentezza di questo aggiornamento di questo libro e anche perchè non è in inglese. La causa proviene dal mio poco tempo libero( sto gia scrivendo altri libri di mia unica fattura che poi spero di riuscire a pubblicare) e anche dalle mie lacune sulla lingua inglese.
    Spero appreziate il libro se volete potete darmi anche dei consigli
    sinceramente il vostro umile Ido.

    (English) by google traslator…
    Hi all! Sorry for the bad writing, and I’m using a translator.
    I wanted to ask also apologize for the slowness of this update of this book and also because it is in English. The cause comes from my spare time (I’m already writing other books of my only bill that then I hope to publish) and also from my gaps on the English language.
    I hope you will appreciate the book, If you want you can also give me some advice
    Frankly your humble Ido.

    Donwload(Cap 1-6)

  105. Kuro permalink

    Thank you for the release just waiting for it to finish downloading.

    Just on a point of interest (New to your site) how long do you think it will take you to do the hole game? I know you have a life and won;t spend your whole time doing this i just wondered if you had a general idea.


    • AnonRoy permalink

      It depends partially on how much of the interface is changed. Going off of previous releases, I’d say it’ll be a couple months total. Fortunately, Rogue likes to release partial patches. You’ll be able to play at least the first couple monsters within the first two weeks, I would think. Though I welcome any differing opinions from others who frequent the site…

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Yes! I can’t wait for the rest of it!

  107. -.- permalink

    If you dislike vore, this post is not for you. Just scroll over it.

    Camel/DGallion. MGQ. Combined. With guest art from Yace/Rie-X. Here you are, gentlemen.

    • Anonymous permalink

      hey dude that link goes to the other product by that same author.
      or at least for me it does.

      here is another link:

      price 735円 (roughly sefven to eight dollars U.S)

      the game is really a visual novel written in java (menus and game are played though ahtml webpage style setup).

      The story text are contained within text files that can be translated and placed back into the files with minimal fuss (presumably)

      the trial comes with the first story. if the images are to be belived it is a short reteling of luka meeting alma aboard the ship and him geting to know her tail.

      the art from yace looks to be also featuring alma, but with not much to go n but a face shot icon
      what happens in that scene is a mystery

      ther is also a scene with camel’s cecil (in swimsuit it seems)
      tl;dr :

      it cost’s roughly eight dollars to see luka and cecil be eaten along with another story character and two smaller monster girls. squishing sound effects abound.

      • “The story text are contained within text files that can be translated and placed back into the files with minimal fuss (presumably)”

        Actually it’s kind of annoying. Japanese fonts are fixed-width, but the western dialog font is not. As a result, English text looks awful, and the only way to fix it would be to decompile the java, change it, and recompile. The java novel engine it uses is extremely old and fixing it is more trouble than its worth though. Rogue suggested making MGQ scenarios instead, which is a much better idea anyway.

  108. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll just leave this here while I go sob in a corner.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wha-wha-wha… huh? The fuck, man. Really.

    • AnonA permalink


    • Anonymous permalink

      I so hope that this guy dies in a fire, everything is wrong about that project.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Someone needs to bring this to Totoro’s attention because they are making money off of his copyrighted works, which IMO is worse then any pirate could hope to be.

      • AnonA permalink

        That is assuming they didn’t get permission like they said they did.

    • Meh, looking at the project, he really should have used Offbeatr (kickstarter for porn) to launch his campaign. (and included H-scenes) Other thing that I noticed, his intro video includes his children in it… which…. considering the game… might be a bad idea.

      Still though, hope it’s successful, and look forward to seeing someone modding sex stuff in. :)

  109. Sajuuk permalink

    Can we realy trust this Hero 3D game that they are making,.
    and will it have all the elelments in it you see in MGQ, (porn)
    or not, i am a little bid hasitant to give money without knowing if its real or not
    well we can only wait and see,
    but did they realy get promission to make a remake of the game,
    they said so but i am not sure.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It said it won’t have porn.

      • Blackstream permalink

        If you read the dialogue at one point in the promo video, it says that hero won’t have the adult content really, but if this game is funded at kickstarter, they will also release an uncensored version called Monster Girl Quest 3D ‘at the request of the MGQ fanbase’. Either way, the game apparently got funded one day in, so I might actually keep an eye on this. It seems so low quality though I’m not expecting anything.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Looks very promising imo.And I believe that they will fix these issues with animations and sounds,since the project already got funded in just one day.I mean wow,srzly!

        • Anonymous permalink

          I won’t buy it until the mature version is complete, at the very least, then I’ll give them my money, but not until then.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I tried it:
      – controls are quite horrible, especially the skill wheel is hard to get the skill you like
      – enemies have more non-h attack than h attacks
      – navigation is hard without a map

      But, I still somehow like it, I’m sure that these main issues will be fixed eventually and that the game will turn out quite good. For now I will keep my money though.

  110. Kusojijii permalink

    It’s still early, but I might as well drop this here:

  111. Anonymous permalink

    Whenever i go to load a save the .exe crashes. i have no idea why

  112. Hey Rogue, could you check with torotoro if this Mike Myers guy that started the Kickstarter project is on the up and up about getting their permission to do what he’s doing?
    Looking at his past projects it seems rather shady, also considering that Monmusou has art from several different artists it’s questionable if they all gave their consent to use their designs.

    In other news, we’re getting mecha loli, yay.

    • Err, Rick Myers.*

    • Anonymous permalink

      what mecha loli?

    • Anonymous permalink

      How is that guy Shady? He just planned to make a 3D shooter earlier that didn’t get enough funding. Rogue to my knowledge didn’t even ask if he could make a translation but proceeded regardless, so how is he more of an authority? If you really believe it’s not okay, just write Torotoro yourself instead of making up rumors you literal piece of scum.

  113. Wrandral permalink

    Is GenocideHeart still prowling around? I can’t access his forum and i wanted to ask him if he had an idea when the next chapter of Monster Girl Saga would be out for us to read?

    For those who don’t know MGS go there to read it ( it’s very well written ) :

    • Anonymous permalink

      GenocideHeart seems to have copied all of the parts to his story over to deviantart. the last journal entry is for this year so you may have some luck.

      though I will insist that you do not pester the author for updates. it will be here when it is ready.

      • Wrandral permalink

        first thank you for the answer
        second i wasn’t planning to pester him , it was just the lack of news that worried me , i’m very patient when a good story is involved ^^

  114. Anonymous permalink

    CG work is completed or that is what I got from google/bing translation.

    Anyone willing to translate this better?

  115. Anonymous permalink wahts the name of this game?

  116. Anonymous permalink

    are there anyother english download links because i cant japan sry and on チェリークライシス! i have to make a account and i dont wana a japanisch acc xD

  117. GenocideHeart permalink

    For those who care, yes, I AM still working on Monster Girl Saga. Chapter 11 is about one-third done (31 pages already), although I am unsatisfied with my speed due to real life kicking my ass.

    Don’t worry, I don’t plan on abandoning this. :p

    • Wrandral permalink

      ok god i’m salivating already … 1 third and and it’s already 31 pages HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hope you’ll be able to fit the Chrome arc in it since scared Alice is SO FUN

    • Anonymous permalink

      i am very excited just read chapter 1-10 you do very well in making it feel professional, too bad my favorite girl didn’t get a scene, i just love that vampire loli :P

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        I never said the Four Bandits won’t get scenes… Who knows, it may happen. :-p

  118. Anonymous permalink

    i would give you money if you have to donation section sir!

  119. Anonymous permalink

    can sb upload cecil’s adventre again, because i findit nowhere…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have the same problem, been looking it for some time but so far I haven’t been able to find it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Also, could someone upload the Doppelganger side story somewhere too.

      • Anon permalink

        If you’re playing Part 2 fully patched with the latest version (V1.05) then you’ve already got the Doppelganger fight, you just gotta unlock it.

  120. Anonymous permalink

    This game should really have it’s own page on Wikipedia…. I myself don’t know nearly enough information to put it on but it would be a lot more easier introducing it to other people.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      It has its own Wikia.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I know that. But new people don’t understand and reading the Wikia would ruin the story for them. ‘Why play it when I can read it from here’ It would be better if it had it’s own Wikipedia page because.
        1. More people would read it.
        2. Once again, it would be easier to introduce a newcomer to the series without spoiling it for them.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          I see your point and agree with it, but I’d like to point out the current popularity of this game online. Chances are, anyone who hears about it will be able to access information about either the game, or a place to learn more about the game, in the same place they first hear about it. In other words, anyone who hears about the game from someone or somewhere can get more information on it from that same place or person. And, worst case scenario, a quick googling of just “monster girl quest” pops up with the following link: which has plenty of commenters down below the article itself, lending even more information.

          So, right off the bat, they’ve got information, a place to download it, and easy access to a community for more questions.

          But again, I do agree with your point, a Wikipedia page would be useful. It simply seems a bit superfluous from certain points of view, is all.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You miss one crucial flaw, it’s page was taken down from TVTropes and it’s pretty likely it will get taken down for the same reasons on Wikipedia.

  121. kana-art permalink

    MGQ Part 3, can it play by old save from part 2?

    PS. I go back to play Part 1&2. I think it harder than first time I played them. Why?
    Now I cannot pass Erubetie(first fight). I don’t know why. I can not dodge when I use sylph or when I guard, I still to die because she attack 16xx but my HP is 4xx. When I guard its deduct to 8xx, I still to die.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Summon Gnome, then guard. You should be left with roughly 40 HP, but the battle ends the next turn.

  122. KitsuneSoup permalink

    Its weird, even though I’m loading it up in japanese locale, the text is all wonky… Any one know any way to help me there?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Read all the comment, there a solution that was given and work, you need to copy a setting file from the old game (part 1 or part 2) and put it in this trial version and text will be fine.
      Sry to lazy to check all comment, but i fixed mine with that file and it work fine.

  123. Ngy7777 permalink

    Why does mediafire delete he downloadlinks? So can you please upload the doppelganger sidestory and cecil’s adenture again…. Thanks Ngy7777

    • Celebrim0r permalink

      Try installing a Codec Pack. ( => )

      Possibly your Computer is missing something or othe .mpg codec is broken. MGQ uses .mpg Files. Try to find out if any other .mpg file plays fine outside of the game (in a video player). You could for example try to play the Effects Videos of MGQ in such a player.

  124. YAYY permalink

    It’s not really related strictly to this game, but I’ve been having a problem with most of my games. When there’s an animation or opening movie or something like that, the game screen just becomes green, not displaying anything. However, the audio is still fine. When I play the movie clip by itself, it’s fine too. The green screen appears only on the game movie clips, during the game. What should I do?
    This didn’t happen before, it just started happening one day. While I was lucky enough to finish MGQ Part 2 before it happened, I discovered that upon playing it again, I could not go through the scene where the aqua pentagon is shown for the first time. The screen turns green, and for some reason, doesn’t end. This means that if I hadn’t played it before the appearance of the green screen, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the game! This isn’t just limited to MGQ, it happens for other game movie clips as well. Not only is it plain annoying, it could also possibly stop me from completing MGQ part 3. Someone, please help.

    PS: I searched online about this, but found no solution. My youtube video works fine, whether or not my hardware acceleration is enabled. It happens ONLY when I’m at game movie clips while playing a game.

  125. Anonymous permalink

    Test out this reup of the Cecil mod. I tried it out using a “fresh” install of MGQ2 and it worked. Make sure you back up your nscript.dat file before installing. This will also remove any mods the game can see other than the Cecil mod so edit the list.ini located in your “/monster girl quest 2/mod/” folder.!hFkigQQQ!XHBojAEM6dU0EHEPMoK19ziaUaUKtnaJJbgJI3jJgS8

  126. AnonRoy permalink

    Could someone who’s fluent in Japanese translate this? Google translate is giving me nothing, and considering it’s got 3 (as in MGQ3) and 4,19 (April 19th?) this could be rather important… Especially since it’s from Torotoro’s Twitter.


    • Delta permalink

      It’s about the release date of the third volume of “Girls For M”, it’s a collection of masochistic (sp?) manga. The good stuff.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Dang, was hoping it was MGQ… Ah well. Soon enough, I’m sure. Thanks, mate!

  127. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows if the game “Monster breeding program” is being translated? I think it looked quite similar to MGQ, and it’s artworks are gorgeous

    • Blackstream permalink

      According to dargoth (who calls the game lvl1 hero), the game is not really translatable due to how they coded the game. You would I guess have to basically hack the game or get the source files.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s too bad, the game looked really awesome =/ But if someone was able to hack the game, get the source files, then send them to a translator (like dargoth), would they be able to translate the game?

        • AnonRoy permalink

          I’m playing the game presently… It’s a lot of fun, but someone needs to come up with a guide or something, cuz unless you can read Japanese fluently, you’re F***ed.

          As for the game itself, combat is mostly automatic, excepting that you can (usually) pick a Perk before combat (HP Recovery, 1.1 times dmg dealt, or higher chance of Critical Hit) and that you can level up mid-combat by pressing Z at the right times. That level resets when you exit combat, though you still gain skills and capabilities. Oh, and keep in mind that the combat itself (though poorly shown) is actually just sex. The combatants are competing to make their opponent cum first.

          There are a few mechanics in it that I don’t understand, because A) I don’t speak Japanese, B) there’s very little information online, at least where I’ve searched, and C) The game doesn’t make it obvious through course of gameplay. One example is the Boulder trap you’ll eventually run in to. While you’re running, you are given three sets of three numbers. It tells you the criteria for which numbers to pick, but it’s in japanese, so… Aside from that, there are values involved with girls who, rather than remaining random enemies, join your group of something. They get their own screens, and when you go into them, they give you a bunch of different values that change over time… These values are crucial to continuing the game, and I have no idea what they mean or how to increase them.

          Other than that, though, it’s a fun, sexy game. I do recommend it, and I hope someone figures out what everything means. :/

          PS: The Game’s Male Protagonist is extremely feminine. Be aware of this.

          • Blackstream permalink

            As far as the girls that join your group, the numbers involved with them I’ve seen as follows. First, when you unlock a girl, you’ll get one scene you can see. Sometimes there’s a chain. Anyways when you run out of events, the very lower left, you’ll see a yellow exclaimation text that I call the text that tells you how to unlock the next event. This falls into 2 main categories, either you have to get your girl score to a certain number (the first number in the upper right), or you have to get your girl H scene count thing to a certain number (the second number all the way to the upper right). You can increase both by doing the scenes that cost ‘love meter’ to the right, which near as I can tell are just a rehash of the cgs you’ve already seen but they give you score again, which normally replaying those H scenes would not. You can also get score and +1 level by doing a new H scene with that girl for the first time. Sometimes you get stuck and the only way to get score, or realistically get enough score requires more love meter than your cap, and the only way to increase that is to play through the story. There was a couple of dungeons I was in that after completing increased my cap, the most important one being the one that got me up to 200 (but I now have a 700 cap). As far as increasing love meter (not your cap, but just the meter itself) goes, that seems to be mostly running dungeons. You generally get a huge boost the first time you run a dungeon (often like 100+), and subsequent times give you a lot less (like 10-20). But if you just pop into your harem page after doing a dungeon (or sometimes just in general, but I find it’s usually after a dungeon), you’ll often randomly proc a lot of love meter. I suspect it comes from the girl that has hearts around her, and I also suspect it has to do with sexing monsters in a dungeon that you have in your harem. Also, the mating level thing is super important. You need to talk to the green plant girl and choose I think the second option to see if you have any items to give her because each item increases your mating level which is a multiplier on your harem girl score H scenes, and also I think unlock things on occasion, in addition to just giving you stats and shit.

            Also, and this is big, I’ve noticed that some enemies, possibly all enemies but definitely some, such as the queen slime girl, do more damage to you after you transform (slime girl for me would do about 8 damage normally, and went up to 20 once I hit second transform). I’ve had to win some fights by delaying my transformations so that I could damage race down a bit. I’m not sure if it’s transforming in general, or specific transformations that are weak, or what. At the point I’m at though, it’s becoming basically not a big deal anymore, though. I’ve got 3 transformations, and large chances for dodging, recovery (like 18%), x2 crit and x4 crit. And if you x4 crit on a transformation…………. Also I suspect that the transforms are just one off attacks and don’t increase your normal stats because I’ve seen my damage numbers go more or less back to normal after using it.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Wow, Blackstream… That was REALLY helpful… Thanks, man!!!

          • Blackstream permalink

            No problem. I actually got started reading your original post in the list you gave, and a little help from dargoth over at where he told me what the stats translated to on the stats page (and how to raise mating level), so it all comes around in the end :)

            I should clarify though that when I said first/subsequent runs of a dungeon, I meant each path through a dungeon.

            The scary part for me is I’m only like 60% done on cg and it seems like I’ve mostly unlocked all the levels (including the two extra worlds that are dedicated to the centaur girl and harpy girl). I haven’t ‘leveled’ my dungeon yet though, so maybe the bulk of my missing cgs are there. I might have to go back and lose a few more fights too. There’s one fight in the harpy girl’s world that’s like a 4 wave fight, and there’s extra cgs to unlock if you ‘die’ at each stage, in addition to the cgs you get for winning all 4.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Huh… This was a rather interesting game. Thanks for pointing this out. It was definitely frustrating at first figuring things out since I couldn’t understand most of it, and I felt it was dragged out a bit in certain places…but overall it was an enjoyable experience.

            Seems like I’m stuck on a certain “item” you give the plant girl though. Played through the entire game and have 94% completion for CGs. I’m guessing I’m missing a few in the “harem” section as it looks like there are still open slots to activate. However, this one item I keep triggering with the plant girl keeps freezing during the…extraction scene? Not sure what that scene is but It basically doesn’t progress after he pulls his hand out and I have to quit the game to get out. I’m assuming that item not triggering is hindering me from getting the rest of the stuff in the harem section, as they’re supposedly linked. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem.

        • Anicake permalink

          I imagine that the best way of going about it would be to have some sort of extensive written document containing translations of every bit of text that appears in the game. That would be an immense task, though, as one would have to not only translate all the text, but also find some system to make it semi-easy for people to play the game while navigating to the appropriate translation in a separate document.

          As for getting a hold of the source code… It’s never included in the actual game as far as I am aware (no reason for it to be). The game itself is compiled into machine language, which is impossible to reverse engineer back into programming language. This is why software developers sometimes release their source code, because it cannot simply be ‘hacked’ from the software itself.

          And the game itself – I’m currently playing through it and it’s really pretty good, though you’ll spend all of your time being utterly confused if you do not read Japanese.

      • Anonymous permalink

        That’s too bad, the game looked really awesome =/ But if someone was able to hack the game, what would they have to do to be able to translate it? Could they get some files and send them to be translated or am I completely off?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Came across this in the blog you linked:

      I wonder if this is worth playing? The art seems nice at least. I wonder what the English equivalent of the title is…

  128. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t mean to harp on it, but seriously, any chance of a onesyota translation down the road, Mr. RT?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I humbly and enthusiastically second this question.

  129. Shado permalink

    You know, ive followed the blog almost religiously since i started playing MGQ, and not once have i posted… Its kind of odd for me to do that, but whatever, on to the actual comment.

    Just saying, i would like to thank you for all your hard work, rogue. Im actually in the process of working on learning japanese and ill be going to school in the fall for a programming degree of some sort (ill be checking my options after i post this comment). If you have any tips for college, i would gladly appriciate them. (Btw, my spelling is terrible, lol)

    • Blackstream permalink

      Tips for college: Do the work, show up to class, study the stuff till you understand it, and use resources if you don’t (ask teacher questions during class, during after class hours, TAs, study groups). College is pretty easy as long as you don’t blow it off. It’s when you start skipping classes, showing up late, putting off homework until the last minute, and not reading anything until 2 days before your final (what a lot of people call cram time), that you screw yourself.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        No kidding. Take my Step-Sister, who we’ll call Felicity. She was an honors student all through high school. Top three students, always high marks, Advanced placement and Honors classes. It was EASY for her, because she had the formula down. She knew exactly how much she needed to study. She knew exactly what was on the tests, and didn’t go for anything but that. She didn’t understand the material, she knew it. What’s the difference, you ask? The difference is her failing her first College-Level Math Course. She didn’t understand the material- didn’t think she had to. Know the questions, know the test, right? Nah. Not in college. Especially not at the major university she went to. If you don’t understand it, then game over, man.

        So, take the time to make sure you understand it all. Show up to class on time. Do the work. Most importantly, ask questions. The fact of the matter is, you are literally PAYING for the Teacher’s time. They are your employee, and if you have questions, they will make a point of answering them. Unless they’re shit teachers.

        Oh, and one last thing: when you sign up for classes, use It allows students to weigh in on their teachers. Very popular site. You’ll find the easy teachers, the shit teachers, the tough ones, the tough ones who are worth it… etc. Use it.

        • Shado permalink

          Wow, thanks for the tips. Personally, math comes very easy to me, but hearing about an honor student failing at math kinda changes my view on this… Even though most of the tips really are common knowlege, most people dont think about it until theyre failing at the classes they thought would take almost no effort to pass.

          Anyways, we havent heard from rogue in awhile, anyone know what hes up to?

          • Blackstream permalink

            Math came easy to me too, so much so that I got effortless As all the way to calculus 3. But linear algebra and calc 4 were hard enough that my horrible study habits almost screwed me. It took a lot of effort to get a B in linear algebra and calc 4 I got a C from being so lazy. Bad study habits were the story of my life late college, there were classes I ended up completely overwealmed on and had to drop because I ended up completely unprepared for them. I still graduated, but it was a rocky finish.

    • You’ll get out of college what you put into it. I know it’s a cliche saying, but it’s true. No one ever tells you what that means though. You should treat classes as the bare minimum standard because even if you go to a top university and get all As, you honestly won’t learn much of anything. Trust me when I say that four years of programming classes won’t make you a good programmer and four years of Japanese classes won’t teach you Japanese, no matter fancy your degree and transcripts look at the end of it all.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to college (you should), but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that classes alone are enough. The best people at anything spent a lot of time and effort improving their skills — much more time than you’ll spend with classes. Things like programming and foreign languages are especially easy to study on the Internet these days so you should really take advantage of everything that’s available. Also, read a lot of books and improve your spelling and grammar. Nothing is more important than literacy.

      • Also, proofread everything so you don’t look like an idiot when you randomly leave words out. :)

      • Blackstream permalink

        Speaking as a programmer, I can back this statement up 100%. I didn’t learn anything from college that really helped me to be a better programmer, everything I learned was from teaching myself, including better coding practices. And then I got a job and I found out how much I still didn’t know, lol. It’s a big world out there. But I can say this, if you want a programming job, it’s helpful to have a portfolio of stuff you’ve made and/or worked on in addition to your degree that every other tom dick and harry that wants the job also has.

      • Learch permalink

        It may be wise to elaborate on this: this is common advice, but nobody ever explains *how* to put more into your education.

        For almost every field, there’s various extracurriculars that allow you to improve your skills in ways other than simply grinding through textbooks and the internet. For example, Engineering students will typically participate in design competitions and summer internships, Physics students have various summer research jobs that they can pick up on, Math students have insane numbers of competitions they can participate in, and Art students almost certainly have opportunities to participate in art contests of some sort.

        If you’re in a University or College, and they’re any good at what they do, you can find a professor who will tell you about these things periodically. Sometimes, they will also have sessions that help you get good at doing these things or improve your chances of getting an internship. You should do these things if you want to get good.

        You should not just “spin your wheels” by grinding through random textbooks; you don’t develop skills by memorizing information. You develop skills by doing the skill, and things like competition, jobs, and internships tend to be more about doing the skill than memorizing equations. As an example: very few Mathematicians are good at memorizing theorems. But they are insanely good at using them once they look them up.

        • AnonS permalink

          The irony of that, Learch, is that your career opportunities are determined heavily and sometimes primarily by your grades, and your grades are determined almost entirely off of your memorization.

          Our educational system is probably broken. I think at this point pretty much every level of education in the US is a straight up money pit/scam. Sad to say. MIT and Yale put their courses up on the internet now, if you just want to learn you can do it for free, but of course a Yale or MIT degree opens actual job opportunities for you.

          • Learch permalink

            Your grades are certainly determined by your ability to memorize information…

            But only if you’re in a program that’s rather poor. If you’re in a program that doesn’t work to develop your problem-solving skills, there’s a high chance that your degree isn’t going to help your career regardless of what grades you get.

            In fact, I’ve only had 3 or 4 classes that I’d consider rote memorization…I’d say that the amount of information I’ve had to memorize outright is very small for each class, and typically we’re allowed a page of notes for the tests (which is more than enough).

            I’d agree that our educational system is broken. On the subject of it being a money trap, I’m very aware that many universities (mine included) love to swindle money from upper-middle class children who do not have enough common sense to study (my university markets itself to these people. They make boatloads off of 1st year dropouts). But it’s simply not true that your grades are determined even primarily by your ability to memorize things…unless you are in high school or a terrible university.

  130. Delta permalink

    For all Imp-fans out there, here’s some fanart from jingai modoki

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Do you take requests because i would like to see a certain game translated

  132. Anonymous permalink

    Are all BGM or sound effects shared or something? I heard a MGQ BGM in Joshiraku episode 13, when the dog appears.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      They’re mostly taken from free online SFX libraries, as I understand it. Just common files that fulfill simple purposes. And let’s be honest, building your own custom sword-slashing sound effects from the ground up for a Porn Game is pretty excessive.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Thank you very much, didn’t even thought there was such a thing. This explains a lot of now…

  133. Anon permalink

    Apologies for the off topic, but this is the best place i know to contact you. you know how in MGQ 1 you said not to change the save text? well… *cough*. could you tell me what the save text is supposed to be?

    • Anonymous permalink

      when you save, you should not change the wording “Save location” since it can cause issues.
      That’s pretty much it. You can change it at your own risk.
      There are ways around it but who knows if it won’t affect the game later on.

      • Anon permalink

        huh. i had a string of symbols there, not save location. odd.

        • Anonymous permalink

          If you save at a “save location” (ingame text) then save location appears in the menu.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    you’re awesome

  135. jon permalink

    Any news for MGQ 3 i really want to come out soon it is so boring really loooong time

    • AnonRoy permalink

      1) Everyone here agrees with you on that.
      2) No news. Last we heard, Torotoro is still aiming for a release before July.

      • Anonymous permalink

        yeaa…. I’m still dying of anticipation

  136. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    I know what you mean. I did five years worth of Japanese classes across years 7-11, and yet I have probably learned more vocabulary just from watching anime with subtitles, than I ever did in classes.
    They hardly even taught any kanji beyond the basic numeric characters, sun, moon, fire, water, wood, gold, earth, hour, man, woman, child, etc.

  137. AnonRoy permalink

    Might be another false alarm, but Torotoro just put up a series of posts. These two caught my eye…



    Google Translate gives:
    “Release! Delicious Wushe mon” is because I like began, advertising in the official site. It is a very good one.

    Yara chapter in relations with the integration process and the previous chapter, I pass away at the mere thought of taking over data Yara, Yara check the flags that complicated.

    Could someone more fluent than Google please clarify that? It looks to me like the release date for something has been announced, and he’s griping a little about how complicated it is to link games together…

    • CrabGirlRedux permalink

      Not a translation, but here’s the gist of what’s being said.
      The first part: There’s a new Java short MQG side-story game being made, and it’s has some of the offical MGQ artists doing art for it, I think, and they’re advertising it on the main site. It’s being released on April 1st and is focused on vore.(
      The second part of the post: Apparently they’ve been having trouble with scripting and such in battles for Part 3, from what I’ve heard.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Well then, I guess no possible release for this month either.

        I am starting to feel like it’s going to be in June, but I’m still hoping for May release…

    • Learch permalink

      The first one probably refers to this:
      He’s advertising it on the official site, probably because he likes it. If you’ll check the main site, you’ll see it.

      Based only on my ability to decipher horrifyingly bad English, I’d guess that the second is complaining about integration with the previous chapter. It seems that he’s having problems with passing over the flags. In other words, you’re right on the mark with that one.

      • Anon permalink

        Is that Cecil from the ‘Cecil’s Adventure’ mod? xD

        • CrabGirlRedux permalink

          That’s Cecil, all right. It’s pretty noticable through her hair style, colour, ect.

  138. Anonymous permalink

    Searched this in Google: もんむす・でりしゃす!-breakfast- free download


    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, the release date of Monmusu Delicious! Breakfast is 1st of April. Don’t expect this game to be posted by someone so soon (or at all – it might be just a joke). Plus, not everyone is into vore.

  139. Anonymous permalink

    Remove the “-” in the search and you find it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I cant found , もんむす・でりしゃす! breakfast free download or もんむす・でりしゃす! breakfast without the – Any tip to found the game? Thx in advance.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        When it comes to anything hosted on DLSite, like this: The easiest way to find it is usually to use the RJ###### code at the bottom. That’s not only the ID they use for that specific product, but if it’s digitally downloaded, it’s saved as that RJ###### code. In this case, the code is RJ112196. Google that, see if you get any good downloads.

        But honestly, if you can, you should try to actually buy it. Those people worked hard on that game, I’m sure, and they deserve to be paid for the work they’ve done. Same for anything. If you can afford it, you should buy it.

        Also, I don’t think that one is actually out and available yet… I may be wrong, but that google search doesn’t turn up much. It looks like a Demo is out, but…

  140. Anonymous permalink

    Why I have this error during the spin off stories in Monster Girl Quest 2?
    I’ve just convert the arc.nsa file.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  141. sigmazx permalink

    Bought it from US DLSITE. Here:

    monmusu delicious -breakfast-

    Please buy if you want more Monster Girl Quest!

  142. Anonymous permalink

    i bought the breakfast game but i cant start it there is no exe or setup o.o

  143. Anonymous permalink

    i bought the game monmusu delicious -breakfast- but there is no .exe or .setup? how can i play or start it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah, I was a little let down as well. There is no “game,” just a few online visual novels with only one option– to restart the novel.Always read the description carefully and download the trial before you buy anything.

    • Blackstream permalink

      There’s an index.html that you open up, and you have to click the java link to see the visual novels in java/novel form (and click on the banner of the scene you wanna see). Or be in cg mode and just see the cgs which, since I do not speak japanese, is just as good for me.

      I’d say the CGs are of a fairly high quality compared to MGQ standards. I was a little bit disappointed by the Alice CGs though, that was the one I was most looking forward to, and I was hoping for like cutaways of Luka in her orgasming all over the place (which is how most of the CGs are), but it’s more of a frontal view and she sort of pushes him down, but where he enters is near the bottom of the screen so you can’t really see anything.

    • AnonA permalink

      Click the index

  144. Anonymous permalink

    WAHOOO!!! There is new patch, “momunsu quest Breakfast”. check this out –>

    • Anonymous permalink

      Its not a patch. Also, look up its been posted already.

    • CMrCr permalink

      Besides that a patch is something you can freely download, if you have to pay for it that it would be a DLC

  145. player49 permalink

    I found a cameo appearance of Alice in Corruption of Champions, a text based rpg. This is what I found in the desert area:

    “While exploring the desert, you see a plume of smoke rising in the distance. You change direction and approach the soot-cloud carefully. It takes a few moments, but after cresting your fourth dune, you locate the source. You lie low, so as not to be seen, and crawl closer for a better look.

    A library is burning up, sending flames dozens of feet into the air. It doesn’t look like any of the books will survive, and most of the structure has already been consumed by the hungry flames. The source of the inferno is curled up next to it. It’s a naga! She’s tall for a naga, at least seven feet if she stands at her full height. Her purplish-blue skin looks quite exotic, and she wears a flower in her hair. The naga is holding a stick with a potato on the end, trying to roast the spud on the library-fire. It doesn’t seem to be going well, and the potato quickly lights up from the intense heat.

    The snake-woman tosses the burnt potato away and cries, “Hora hora.” She suddenly turns and looks directly at you. Her gaze is piercing and intent, but she vanishes before you can react. The only reminder she was ever there is a burning potato in the sand. Your curiosity overcomes your caution, and you approach the fiery inferno. There isn’t even a trail in the sand, and the library is going to be an unsalvageable wreck in short order. Perhaps the only item worth considering is the stick with the burning potato. It’s quite oddly shaped, and when you reach down to touch it you can feel a resonant tingle. Perhaps it was some kind of wizard’s staff?”

    • Blackstream permalink

      That. Is awesome.

    • shakey2 permalink

      Yeah I found that when he first put it in, I thanked him for putting it in on his Futanari Palace thread.

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        There’s also a high-level Harpy that’s very obviously inspired by the Queen Harpy in MGQ. Incidentally, she’s named Sophie. Now you know where I got the name for the Queen Harpy in Monster Girl Saga. :-p

        Speaking of my fic, quick update: it’s now up to 54 pages. Should be a little less than two thirds done.

        • Sav-kun permalink

          Thanks for the heads up! 54 pages, eh? Man, I’m all twitchy for the next chapter! Considering MGQ III’s next possible update this is most welcome news!

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Up to 60 now, the entire Alma Elma fight sequence’s done. Although admittedly that was a quick one, for various reasons.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yep Fen put that in like two years ago actually?

  146. Anonymous permalink

    Uwah… Toro-toro’s twitter comment on 4th april basically reminded that there is no guarantee that the final chapter will be released in the first half of the year.

    Well… from the very start we all know that he’s “trying” to release it in the first half… not promising. But it’s ok to hope right…..

    Well I guess I’ll just assume it’s delayed. That way, if it’s released in the next 2 months, am happy, if not, I already figured it out by now. -__-

    • Anonymous permalink

      I find your lack of hora disturbing.

    • CMrCr permalink

      The release not beeing sure for the first half = even if released in the first half there is high probability of it beeing close to may’s end = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO too long i wan’t my ほらほら

    • Anonymous permalink

      Oh man, another set back? Oh well, we waited a long time for MGQ2, we can wait for part 3 just as easy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Toro-Toro must be an S. He enjoys making us feels so M about this….
      I can imagine him going “Hoora hooraa. I know you are dying for the release date”

  147. AnonRoy permalink

    Toro talked a little more on his twitter about it. He mentions that the scripting is becoming more complicated, since we’re entering the final battle… And reflects on how, in the second chapter, almost every battle was to call Sylph and/or Gnome repeatedly. In other words, every battle followed the same formula. I think he casts this in a negative light, but I’m not sure. Exact Wording:



  148. Sajuuk permalink

    so how is progress on the game itself comming along as i can’t read japanese,

    • AnonRoy permalink

      As far as we can tell, it’s close to done, but there are a lot of bugs being worked on, and those are taking a very long time to handle. It may or may not be released within the first half of 2013, as was hoped for. But it is coming along.

      • AnonS permalink

        It can be released in 2014 for all I care, I will still be around and I will get it when it’s done. I’d rather care is put into this game and it’s the best it can be, and then it makes a ton of money as well. I like this site and it gives us all a reason to come here.

  149. AnonRoy permalink








    Tweets talking about the release. The link given is the DLSite Blog. I tried to put it in google translate, but the result was very unclear where it concerned when they might release it… If a wise, moon-speaking user could translate, I and Others would appreciate it.

    • As I understand it:

      -There may or may not be an update on the site this month. As I’m sure people who’ve been following updates the main site know, they usually throw out teasers or news in two month intervals. The last update was in February so the next update was due this month. There might be some info at some other point but Torotoro can’t say anything yet
      -Torotoro is still aiming to release it during the first half of the year. However it won’t be ready anytime before June. Though that probably means it’ll release in June he can’t really promise a launch date at this time.
      -Current work is on bugs and sentence correction. Though it sounds small Torotoro says it’ll take a couple months to squash. Apparently he underestimated the amount of work required, especially in the debugging process.

    • As vertabim as I could manage:

      A release in April propably won’t happen…

      As for the progress, the fact remains that we are looking at the first half of this year. And it doesn’t look as though it will be any sooner than June.
      Even so, it is only an estimate so I can make no promises on the final release date.

      From here on it’s a last spurt of bug fixes and text editing… Even so it will take several months.

      As for why there has been such a slip compared to the schedule that was announced before the previous chapter went on sale, it’s because I strangely underestimated the amount of work involved in fixing bugs and the like. I highly underestimated you, bug fixes.

      It was a big mistake of me to announce that schedule… There was a degree of wishful thinking in that estimate as well.

      There propably won’t be an update on the official site for April, but there might be a little something somewhere else. What that is, I still can’t say though…

      At a different blog for the circle is available. Let’s put info pertaining to Monmusu on this blog.

      • …And as I realised immediately upon pressing “post”, I embarrassingly misspelt ‘probably’ and typo’ed ‘verbatim’. Oh well!

        • Anonymous permalink

          If you go to the link at the blog torotoro set up, he added some info.

          He said that the blog will be the place he add information on monmusu because some people may not check the twitter.

          There will be no update on the official site this month.
          But! Torotoro teased that a plan/project in relation/connection/relevance to “Monmusu.Quest!” may have started.

          … Kanji is pretty hard to translate sometimes. sorry if it is hard to understand. I tried my best with dictionary and my limited knowledge.

  150. Anonymous permalink

    I hate to do this here, since this really isn’t the place for it, but I’ve done a number of searches and have turned up no results, so I’ve decided to come to the ‘source’ as it were. I was wondering: is it normal for the audio in the game to skip? Like the BGM, and Alice’s voice and such? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running the game in Japanese locale settings, and the audio continues to skip without fail. I love the translation, and Monster Girl Quest is phenomenal, but this incessant audio skipping is really taking me out of the game and no one else seems to be having this problem. (Or if they are, I’ve had zero luck in finding them.) If you can’t help, that’s fine, and I appreciate you indulging me regardless. But if there IS a solution, I’d be incredibly grateful to hear it. Thanks in advance.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Actually, I’d imagine this to be the best place to ask for help. I don’t know if there’s a Hongfire or ULMF thread hanging around, but I’d imagine they’d be pretty dead right now. You could try 4chan’s /d/ board, or even /g/, but considering how many knowledgeable users congregate here, having played the two prior games, chances are this is the best place for you.

      Unfortunately… I know nothing about your problem. It could be an issue with your hardware, or you could have a corrupted file somewhere… Check your system locale, make sure everything is set up properly. And while you’re at it, run a virus check and Defrag. Honestly… that’s the best I can possibly offer you in terms of advice. I would wait around to see what other anon’s say.

  151. Anonymous permalink

    Ah, I see. I appreciate your kindness and patience; the only reason I felt this might not be the most appropriate place is because this is a comment on a general post, as opposed to one specifically for bugs, errors, and such, so I thought I might be in the wrong place.

    I think I’ll take your advice while checking back here periodically. That way, if it works, I’ll be able to respond accordingly and offer my thanks again. And if not, as you said, I might be able to get help from another anon as well. =]

  152. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have any idea what happened to the part 2 trial?

  153. So, for whatever reason, wordpress refuses to let me post my comment in this comments section – maybe it’s too link-heavy, who knows… I managed to get the post up on a separate page, though, so…

    Spoiler: new upcoming monster girl game.

    • Needs more tail-related-content! permalink

      Does it have lots of horas?

      • The demo seems to have two h-scenarios available, one with a pair of succubus sisters and one with a dryad. There’s hora in the succubus scene, whereas the dryad puts you to sleep while draining you of… nutrients.

        Judging from this, as well as the game’s general premise, I’d not be surprised to see many more horas in the full version.

        • Mori permalink

          Why does this error appear when I try to launch the game? “RGSS103J.dll could not be

          found”. Can’t play the game because of it.

          Thanks in advance and cheers.

          • This is a problem that pops up somewhat regularly with Japanese RPG maker games on English systems. I forget the exact cause, but if I recall correctly it has to do with fonts. Try installing the Japanese version of the RPG maker XP RTP package (, since you probably have the English version. Also, look in your game folder. If there’s a file named rgss103j.dll inside the game folder itself, remove it or rename it to something else. It tends to fuck stuff up, since the game needs to find the dll in the RTP library, and not in the game folder.

          • Mori permalink

            Perfect! this worked for me. Thanks again. And btw, are those bosses like the Dryad unbeatable in the trial ver?

          • Yep, I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be unbeatable. I tried grinding a little to see if I could manage to damage them at all, but they still took 0 damage from all attacks.

            Still, keep in mind that the trial is from back in early December, and it may also just be a way to restrict what you can do in the trial.

          • Mori permalink

            I see. Well, that’s a shame. I prefer to defeat the enemy first before getting raped XD thanks anyways.

  154. Douglas Reinholm permalink

    Awww, this newspost gave me alot of horas!

  155. Eadwynn permalink Anyone know when this game will release? Demo has been out for a couple of months.

    • From what I can tell by reading that site, as well as the developer’s blog that he’s referring us to, the “production will be severely delayed”.

      The latest update seems to be from the 28th of November, and although no year is specified I assume it’s meant to be 2012. It reads: pixivやブログの更新がとまっておりますが元気に制作しています。もう少々おまちください。

      Meaning he stopped updating his pixiv profile and blog, but he’s still been working on the game. He asks that his readers wait a little longer.

      Further, the page where you download the trial states that he will upload ver. 2.22 of the trial in early December, but the latest available trial is still ver. 1.11. Take this to mean what you will.

      Hope that helps.

  156. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have any idea what happened to the part 2 trial, it was my favourite one

  157. Anonymous permalink

    does anyone have the download link for the rpg maker required 2 play the demo of cherry crisis i cant find 1

  158. Anonymous permalink

    thanx but now it keeps saying something about a bitmap not bieng able to load when i try to play and then crashes
    any chance anyone knows how to fix this and thanx again pallevader

  159. Anonymous permalink

    thanx but now it keeps giving me an error when i try 2 play it says something about bitmap unable 2 load any chance anyone knows how to fix this ?

  160. Anonymous permalink

    oops sorry for the re post

  161. Anon permalink

    I’ve read that MGQ3 won’t be released before June, so is there anything else you are working on or are you taking a much deserved break until it comes out?

  162. Anonymous permalink

    ok so to be exact the error says ??????356?????
    unable to create bitmap

    if that helps narrow the cause down

  163. Michael permalink

    Dead blog.

  164. GenocideHeart permalink

    Update on Monster Girl Saga: I’m up to 74 pages and added an Alice scene to reward the readers’ patience. Well, I had it planned anyway, so… :p

    Almost done, decided to end this chapter at Port Natalia.

    • Wrandral permalink

      wow just wow

    • Sav-kun permalink

      Hell yeah, a scene with Alice! And it would seem that Totoro’s in it’s final lap to complete MSQ 3… And! Scenes! With the! Heavely Knights! Seriously, with Tamamo, that setup with the Sphinx for a LukaxGranberia and no need to think about Alma Elma! I wonder how they would pull it off with Erubetie though… some reason like “re-charging” her power, I guess? Wow, I’m going off tangent. Anyway, good news all around! Keep at it, GenocideHeart! Here’s me crossing me fingers to Tamamo and Viran scenes!

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Well, I do have plans for a couple kitsune-related scenes, buuuut, who knows whether it’s Tamamo or not? :p

        • Sav-kun permalink

          Nuaahhh! I’m taking a great amount of damage from the suspense, I tell you!

          On another note, GenocideHeart, do you know where (or what) started the niche of loli vampires? Most designs see them blonde like MSQ’s (your) Viran or Evangeline Mcdowell, Oshino Shinobu, or Mina Tepes (she isn’t blonde though)… Please bear with me, I’m having a moment o’ whimsy here… or I’m probably succumbing to the alcohol…

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            No idea, honestly. I noticed that trend in games and anime too… Rachel Alucard in Blazblue is another.

            By the way, remember that if you just want to chat, you’re better off using my deviantArt. I check it more often than here.

  165. Anonymous permalink

    Any one have the complete monstopedia for part 1 and 2? i mine got deleted and i dont want ot go through the whole game again

  166. Anonymous permalink

    Unrelated, but where can I get your VH patch? I can’t find it anywhere. I read your whole ‘how to install’ post only to find out the patch link is down :(

  167. guy permalink

    Unrelated, but where can I get your VH patch? I can’t find it anywhere. I read your whole ‘how to install’ post only to find out the patch link is down :(

  168. Eadwynn permalink

    Any group translating this game?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It just came out… You really expect someone to pick it up so soon?

    • God Damn it!
      Now I am going to be waiting on this translation forever. The wait is going to kill me. Alchemy Meister (also from Eushully) was a great game.

      The genre field lists it as an RTS!?

    • AnonB permalink

      It seems to be Eushully’s attempt at a Rance clone; pretty interesting looking actually. I’ll definitely give this a buy if a partial translation ever comes out.

  169. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys it looks like we have a new posts on Torotoro’blog…he says that they ar emakin a final run towards chapter 3 so we’re nearly there hopefully

    • Delta permalink

      Yeah he’s even put his twitter on hold, seems like he’s fully focused on the last spurt!

    • Anonymous permalink

      There is another blog update today where he answered some questions. My google translate skill seems to have confirmed the following:

      There will be H scenes with the Four Heavenly Knights in Part 3

      There will be H scenes with both adult and loli Alice in Part 3

      There will be H scenes with the Four Spirits in Part 3

      La Croix is in fact a woman, and may be related to a character we already met.

  170. Anonymous permalink

    Are you sure? Mmmmh H scenes with the heavenly knights…..^^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yep, you’ll finally get to suck Granberia’s big fat lizard cock!

  171. I’m interested in trying out the English versions of the first two parts, but the links for them don’t work anymore. Can you renew them, or send them to me some other way?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Rogue will probably include them along with part 3 for those who have just thought about starting and just give a full download of the series. If you just want to ‘try out’ the game you can download the trial for free online. Just google it. The trial itself is free, legit, and legal (but who cares about ‘legal’ am I right? xD)

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can venture into pirate territory (torrents).

  172. Anonymous permalink

    i think they’re lending their power to luka.

  173. Softicedragon permalink

    I wonder why the knights have sex with luka after he defeated them in the end of part 2. Another “special training”? Any ideas? O_O

    • Anonymous permalink

      They are just eating. Luka openly opposes Illias now, so there should be no problem with this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Most likely special training like Alice has been doing, but I suppose it can also be the result of being defeated in a spar or being betrayed. Regardless, there weren’t as many scenes with Erubetie (h-scene or not) and we haven’t seen anything hardcore with Granberia yet. These shortcomings will probably be addressed in part 3.

    • Anonymous permalink

      They need energy after losing battles against the angels.

  174. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm no release before june isnt it? I hope toro toro was joking a lil bit and can releasing it some weaks earlier. Ofc i want the H scenes but the amazing story is important for me too =)

  175. AnonRoy permalink

    Don’t know if anyone caught this, but the blog post from the 25th seems to claim that some enemies will be able to call upon either the spirits themselves, or similar magic. The post lists off the supposed effects of them doing this, and how to counteract them…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Would make sense, ending of MGQ the Chimeras called upon modified spirits… game is really gonna be nice innit.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well yea that was pretty apparent even from the trial when some of the monster girls called upon their “evil” spirits, even at the end of part2 Prometheus calls upon her version of Slyph. So yea we are gonna be seeing that a lot more.

      As for the 4 knights H-scenes. I hope it has to do with them getting captured and brainwashed so that Luka has to fight them to free and save them. Having them train you would just be a waste IMO.

  176. Anonymous permalink

    There should be multiple endings and the 4 knights H-scenes are your endings if you choose them instead of Alice!

    • Anonymous permalink

      That would be just forced, Luka has been traveling with Alice really long now so that would make little sense, anyway up to now there has never been more than ona good path to follow on decision, so i doubt there will be in this chapter

      PS: Oh man i just can’t wait i should’ve not known that it was to be released soonly, now it is like time as slowed up for the excitment

      • Anonymous permalink

        I doubt it would be forced. After Sphinx there is setup for Luka+Granberia; Alma Elma and Tamamo already showed enough interest in Luka for them to have ending too, so the only problem is with Elvetie.

        • Anonymous permalink

          The problem is not in 4 knights. There are monsters so they will be happy with any man. The problem is that Luka loves Alice and vice versa.
          I can’t imagine “good” endings with knights. Typical rape ending? Yes. Happy ending? No. You think Luka will just give up on his goal to maintain peace, on Alice and all time they spend together and just become happy with knights?

          • Anonymous permalink

            Luka gives up all the time as soon as even the weakest of monsters gets him off. I could see it, much like with the Illias ending.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeap, but as I said it would be typical rape ending with mind break. Not good one.

          • Anonymous permalink

            And I pretty sure by “endings with knights” people mean good happy ending, not the “raped for eternity against his will” ones

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            At the very least, Luka seems to have a strong affinity for Granberia, so in her case there wouldn’t be much forcing. And I’d also like to point out that Luka’s feelings for Alice may have been colored juuuust a little bit by her, you know, REPEATEDLY FORCING HERSELF ON HIM.

            Just something to keep in mind.

  177. Ido permalink

    Okay! I updated my book of Luka, Alice and Ido, sorry but is only in Italian, enjoy…

  178. Softicedragon permalink

    @Ido: Do you think maybe you or someone else can translating it into english?

  179. Anonymous permalink

    I try to check the developer’s Twitter, @torotoro_mon for updates semi-regularly…I checked this morning, Tuesday April 30th, and it was gone! Did something happen to the company?

    • Delta permalink

      Torotoro closed it and his bbs to focus on finishing MGQ 3

  180. Anonymous permalink

    It was confirmed that there will be h-scenes with knights. I wonder how they do it. Just having sex for power regeneration? I think Alice won’t like it, especially knowing that lamias are the most jealous monsters.
    My guess is that the knights will be brain-washed by their evil anti-clones.

  181. Anonymous permalink

    Do you guys check Dargoth blog?

    First, in MGQ part 3 news, Torotoro updated his DLSite blog. I posted this elsewhere but may as well add it here.

    “It seems I scared everyone more than I could have imagined. My apologies. From now on, my twitter will be private and used only for my friends, and don’t worry, the message board will be reopened when the final chapter is released.

    I’ll answer the questions I’ve been receiving to the extent I can without spoilers.

    Will there be H-scenes with the 4 heavenly knights in the final chapter? Yes.

    Will there be H-scenes with adult Alice? Young Alice? Yes to both.

    H-scenes with the four spirits? Yes. It was intentional that the first chapters of the game didn’t have any actual sex scenes with the spirits. You will have actual sex with them in the final chapter.

    Is La Croix a woman? Definitely female. She may be somehow connected to a character you’ve already met…

    Will there be an H-scene with the 5 arc-en-ciels seen at the end of the middle chapter? Each of the 5 has her own. There’s also one combined picture.

    Are there any other monsters that will make a reappearance, whether battles or h-scenes? Other than Chrome who has already been revealed, there are other monsters that will challenge you for revenge. It should be something fun.

    In addition, a MGQ-related project should be revealed in May. It’s not my announcement to make, but because it’s going to be really good, please look forward to it. Of course, the release of the final chapter isn’t far off either.”

    La Croix confirmed for Micaela.

  182. Softicedragon permalink

    Wow that was a lot of informations. Thank you very much anony. :O

  183. Anonymous permalink

    miren no hablo en ingles pero aqui en mi pais
    tengo un grupo al que le gustaria que este estee traducido en español si es posible
    pero si no diganme como lo icieron al ingles y vere como invertilo al español

    • Anonymous permalink

      Google Translated

      look not speak in English but here in my country
      I have a group that would like this estee translated into Spanish if possible
      but if you tell me as you’ll see icieron to English and Spanish as invertilo to

  184. Blackpot permalink

    i think that what the prev Anonymous is trying to say is that he wants to translate the game in his own language, and so is asking for help or something, i guess Rogue will have no problem with anyone for using his translation for that

  185. Softicedragon permalink

    @blackpot: And i think the most guys who read all the news are knowing how skilled RT is with translation.

  186. Eroico, a platformer with monster girls JUST came out. From the guys that brought us Kurovadis, get it now at…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Great game! Any links to the unlock file to get rid of those demo blocks in lvl 2??

      • Anonymous permalink

        You can edit the save files to get past them.
        I’ll let you figure things out beyond that yourself, it’s just 5 bucks so I don’t want to make this too easy to pirate.

        • Anonymous permalink

          What do each of the values correlate to in-game? I’ve figured out the magic and sword upgrades so far, and I might have figured out how to upgrade armor and health, but I still have no way of knowing if I’ve busted up those evil black blocks of demo doom. I’m also unsure what the “room” value is for, but changing it from three seems to make the game crash no matter what its value.
          Any help is appreciated!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Most of the room values other than the start are between 30 and 60.
            By memory, 39 is after the demo blocks. At the save points in the 2nd and 3rd level are also Demo blocks for whatever reason, but for the 2nd level you can jump over them (lol), for the 3rd level you just gotta try some values around 50.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Fucking awesome, man. Bought, beat it, loved it. Need more games like this. Real shame it’s short and lil wrong in a few bits.

      For example, there’s no punishment for getting raped :(… So, you could be cumming in this harpy 47 times and your bodies still willing… Not cool.

      Besides that, truly epic sprite animations.

      • I know right!? It’s also way too easy to get away. If I wanted I could get away every time before cumming.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Some of the platforming was way too difficult imo. Example: the room of spiked walls.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Kinda reminds me of that game called “I wanna be the guy” or something like that. It was an extreme platformer that is nearly impossible to finish.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Are there a lot of CGs in this game? It looks like it’s just gonna have sprite porn for the most part, and I’m too much of a visual guy to be into that. Perhaps the h-scenes involve “zoomed in” shots like one would see in Violated Heroine? I’m fine with those too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not really. It’s still fairly fun to play. Try the demo if think u’d hate it

  187. Anonymous permalink

    Oh god I’m so horny!

  188. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have the part 2 English trial?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Why do you need a trial if full version available?

  189. Anonymous permalink

    I only want the lencubus fight, she is awesome, besides i dont want to play through the whole game again, but if you know where i can get the full version that would be great

  190. AnonRoy permalink

    I feel like everyone is holding their breath, waiting for the release of part 3…

    • Softicedragon permalink

      Thats right….i want the last part so badly. :(

    • Dear Guest permalink

      I’m holding something else, but it’s all the same.
      Cheesy, I know…

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ooooh I get it! You’re holding on to your dong, waiting for the ‘release’ of part D!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I know I am. I’ve been waiting anxiously since the end of part 2.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It feels like it’s been years :(
      I just want some freakin closure. I’ll be so pissed if there’s a cliffhanger or another chapter …

      • Anonymous permalink

        They said from the start, that there would be three parts, so you could have waited…

  191. Anonymous permalink

    Hey people!
    New game, one of the best for me!

  192. anon permalink

    Well bake me up and call me a pretzel. Never would have expected to find THIS on the internet.

    P.S. It seemed the right site to put it on

    • AnonRoy permalink

      It was posted above somewhere. Supposedly, it won’t feature any pr0n, which is a serious let-down. Kinda defeats the purpose. I mean, at that point, he might as well just be porting ANY rpg into 3 Dimensions.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        That’s just because it was introduced on kickstarter, not offbeatr. The developer is planning to release an uncensor patch.

  193. jon permalink

    hey guys can i ask question is DLSITE support prepaid internet visa or not because i will make one
    so i ask if anyone know about that

  194. Softicedragon permalink

    What?!? HERO monster girl quest 3D without any H-Scenes? Oh cmon….only with both parts (amazing story AND H-scenes) the game is awesome. -__-

    • Anonymous permalink

      I read somewhere that they plan on making the game first without H scenes then port to making their own version with H scenes.

      • Anonymous permalink

        old new dude, this has been known for so long now that many people stop giving f*cks

  195. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have the doppleganger version of MQ2? I wanted to dl it but the link is down. I went and got all the scenes and techniques and everything only to realize I don’t have the version with the doppleganger.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Try the version from eroge download, and if that doesn’t work then ask someone for their copy. Keep in mind that you have EVERYTHING, in cluding the achivements to view it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I already tried every available version posted but all the links are down for every single one of them and yeah the only achievment I don’t have is the one for taking granberia’s attack. But from what i read you don’t need that one to get the doppelganger scene.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I just checked and eroge’s downloads are definitely still active. If your save isn’t working you should try to download someone else’s 100% save. From what I know, it work (at least for me).

  196. AnonRoy permalink

    So, what games do you guys play? H and Non-H?

    Lately, I’ve been playing… (all on PC)
    Sid Meier’s Pirates
    Counterstrike: Global Offensive
    Minecraft (of course)
    Bioshock Infinite

    Project X (the Sonic the Hedgehog pr0n game)
    MGQ 1 and 2
    Magical Castle Repure Aria

    And a couple DLSite games in Japanese whose names I don’t know.

    What about you guys?

    • jomppah permalink

      Lately i have been playing Osu! and CS:GO, while trying to wait for new amnesia and MGQ pt3.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Dota 2
        Various classics on various different emulators
        Some other visual novels I found interesting

        I don’t really have any h-game material to hold me together while part 3 comes out.

    • Zworden permalink

      non-H :
      minecraft (yeah)
      League of Legends
      Crusader Kings 2 (i know it cause of toro-toro tweeted about it)

      MGQ 2 and 3trial (replaying some scene)
      oppai sensou (XD)
      Violated Heroine (its a good game, really)
      custom reido v

  197. Blackpot permalink

    Did anyone had played a Vanadis game? Aside from the attractive designs of the characters I want to know if their games have a good story.

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      I don’t understand perfect japanese(just basic at best), and reading is slow for me, So I wouldn’t be able to tell you first hand. All I know is I haven’t found a translated version of any of them yet.

      I Have heard good things about them overall from some of the forums I have browsed.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      They’re alright, but not stellar. If you’re looking to buy, spend your money elsewhere. If you’re looking to pirate, they’re worth a look.

  198. GenocideHeart permalink

    GOOD NEWS! Chapter 11 of Monster Girl Saga is done on my end, and only the final proofreading is left to do. I cut the events at right before going to Sentora, after the Alma Elma fight, because the chapter was getting waaaaaay too long, and I can honestly say this chapter contains the most plot development yet, which may explain the final statistics according to Google Docs:

    Pages 0 93
    Words 0 42122
    Characters (no spaces) 0 194861
    Characters (with spaces) 0 236152

    If anyone has questions, suggestions, death threats and sacrificial virgins, you can all contact me either on genocideheart DOT deviantart DOT net, here on Rogue’s blog (although messages here get drowned out quickly), on thefanfictionforum DOT net, or on monstergirlunlimited DOT net, although I recommend dA or thefanfictionforum.

    I’ll post again as soon as I actually get the chapter online. Stay tuned!

    • Wrandral permalink

      So no Chrome in this chapter then ? Man Alma Elma really took a lot ( and she deserve it) and i’m really pumped to see her interactions with this Luka.

      I guess i’ll stick to dA to contact you then since i can’t create an account on thefanfictionforum ^^

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Actually, the part with Alma goes by surprisingly quickly. However, that’s made up for by Luka’s interaction with Tamamo changing. There’s also an aftermath to the Alma fight.

        You’ll see soon enough.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      A wild Impatience appears!

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Impatience uses Desire to Masturbate!

        Dear Guest is now Horny!
        Dear Guest jerks himself off in his Arousal!
        It’s Super Effective!

        Dear Guest has Fainted!
        Impatience gains 500XP!
        Impatience has Leveled Up!
        Impatience has learned a new move: Impulse to Tap Foot!

        What!? Impatience is Evolving!
        Impatience has evolved into…

        *Do-do-do, doodoo do-dooooo*

        Would you like to give a Name to Procrastination?

        • Dear Guest permalink

          Well played, sir. Well played…

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Hahahaha. Well, good news for you. Chapter’s halfway done with proofreading, so, if all goes well and the Monster Lord wishes so, it’ll be up this week. It all depends on my proofer, now, since he’s in the middle of a move, and thus has important things to do with his life that kinda take precedence over combing 93 pages of a fanfic with smut for errors. :-p

  199. Softicedragon permalink

    Hm short question….is there a similar game like MGQ with screens only and good voice/H-scenes stuff?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      A few(speaking relative to the number of games in other h-genre), but not many of them are translated. All I can think off off the top of my head is the Violated Hero Series, but that isn’t exactly like MGQ.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Yeah, ChaoticNemisis is about right. Violated Hero 1 and 2 are similar, and there are a good few RPG Maker games with the same kind of pr0n. There are also a lot of visual novels that have the protagonist encountering girls who are… not completely human, who coerce him into sex that is… not completely consensual. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall too many names… There’s “The Fantasy World of Mindia” RJ100008 on DLSite, which has various women, some normal-looking, some succubus-like, attempting to brainwash the protagonist by being sexy as hell in many different ways. This is an RPG Maker game, with combat involved.

      There’s also Lv1 Hero. In this game, the protagonist WOULD be a hero… if he hadn’t been captured at level one and made to f*ck and impregnate monster girls. The combat is mostly automatic, with only choosing a path in a dungeon, and hitting the Z button to “level up” in the course of the fight. This is more of a Visual Novel game, and has gained a lot of popularity recently.

      Neither of those two games are translated, to the best of my knowledge, but they serve as examples of what’s out there. There are a lot of such games, many of them very standard, and plenty with new, almost innovative mechanics, and all with some nice, hot, pr0n. But again, not all of them are too well translated.

      Your best resource, aside from asking people, is to use the English DLSite, find games that look interesting to you, then either buy them, or scroll down and find the code (like RJ100008 for Mindia), google it, and find a download, then try it for yourself. I will say, if you only care about the porn-aspect, then a lack of translation won’t matter too much.

      Sooooo… yeah. Lots out there. Mindia, Lv1 Hero, Violated Hero 1&2 (translated), Oppai Sensou, Cosplay Fetish Academy, Virgin Succubus, Succubus Quest (2 games in series), VJ007097 (don’t know the name, just code) And MAAAAAAAANY more.

      I would also suggest using VNDB, the Visual Novel DataBase, to search for games you might like, before proceeding to find a way to acquire them (usually through either purchasing or pirating).

      Happy Fapping!

    • AnonRoy permalink

      PS. Short Question got a Long Answer :P

      • Anonymous permalink

        Long but wicked … I think you answer will serve many, thanks!

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          I personally love VNDB, albeit alot of the games that I’d like to get aren’t translated in the least.

          I also don’t have nearly the large command of japanese I feel would be needed to translate them, and google translate can only take you so far XC.

  200. Anonymous permalink

    hay guys anyone know if Monster Girl Quest NG+ part 2 come up or not the story was so good i want to know the resat the story >.<

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m thinking the guy is waiting for the third game as the first one brought over elements from the second.

  201. TitanAnteus permalink

    I want to learn how you’re translating these PC games.

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you mean the technical aspects, that’s rather easy (if you know, what to do).

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        Well, If you compare it to the job of translating the game well, it is really easy(though getting access to the know-how might be challenging for the un-google-savy). Having to figure out what to keep, what to change. Sticking with conventions you use. The list goes on and on.

        To some it might not seam like a big hurdle, orit might even look like a fun challenge, but that’s them. It’s more difficult then it looks.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Once again, ChaoticNemisis is correct.

          In a sense, when you translate something, you’re creating an entirely new story. There’s nothing stopping you from changing EVERYTHING. But no one wants that, and eventually people will call you out on it. Furthermore, everyone who plays translated games is happiest when the translated version is as close to the original as possible, even if they can’t tell the difference themselves and only *think* that’s the case.

          So, due to all this, the best translators are the ones that stick closest to the original. However, this is very difficult at times, because Japanese and English don’t work very well together by nature. No, you have to put in a lot of work to make sense of Japanese, and even more to put it in the form of English Literature, which is exactly what Rogue and other translators do. Furthermore, at times the translators need to be quite creative with the translations. Let’s be fair, here: the sexy dialogue in MGQ’s English Translation didn’t come out of Google Translate. The text probably offered the framework for it, true, but Rogue polished it up and made it shiny and sexy. Same with other translators.

          And amidst all the work that they put in, through it all they are still deciding what to remove, what to change, and what to keep. A good example would be Alma Elma’s name. I don’t recall off the top of my head what it was before, some time in part 1, but Rogue changed it to what it is now for a number of reasons. This shows that things will often need to be changed and changed again to fit with the original game. It also shows that a lot of consideration goes into what changes and what doesn’t.

          Point is, the work of doing JUST the translating is relatively small, compared to all the work of translating, literature-izing, changing and not changing, reviewing, editing, polishing, and publishing to a community that will, potentially, tear you apart if your work isn’t up to par.

          Now, don’t let all of this discourage you. If you want to translate or be part of a translating team, then by all means, go for it! If that’s something you can enjoy doing, then I should hope that the level of enjoyment will outweigh the level of work for you. But be aware, the work is prevalent, and since most fan translations are free, don’t expect a lot of money to come out of it. But with all that in mind, if you want to do it, then do it!

          …why do I keep posting these long replies to things…?

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            I personally Don’t know why you post these long replies. I was thinking about basically making my previous post what yours was, but didn’t due to time constraints.

            I will say that the english language has some things over the japanese language. The number of meanings a word holds in the english language is quite large(it’s the same for japanese, but is different.) If I was to describe it, it would be that japanese is more contextual, and more so multiple uses of the same phrase/word can change the intended result. The english language has multiple words meaning multiple things, but at the same time each one that means the same thing has a subtly different meaning, or a different degree. Such an example is stupid compared to daft. I find that on paper they mean the same thing, but I feel like daft is more someone who may not be stupid is acting as such. As such I’ll say that based on words, it is easier to give the exact intended result(degree and all) through the english language.

            As an example of the above mentioned editing and proofreading, an example would be BAKA BAKA. Quite common. The easiest, simplest direct translation would be STUPID STUPID. Not very english literate. The statement is usually translated into something like stupid idiot, or the like.

            The Japanese laguage(I find) more deals with severity on repetition, situation(context) and vocalization. I find that in acting, especially VA(voice acting) that it is easier to pass over emotions, meanings, contexts and such not PHYSICALLY there through the language. This may also be the result of the lack of skilled, or lack of use of skilled, VA’s in the english dubbing of stuff(I know alot of people hate Final Fantasy, but the Dubbing of 13, and again in 13-2 where really well done.) leaves so many wanting the sub. There is just alot more emotion displayed behind the japanese language. I also find that they have quite a few “words” that don’t really have a direct translation, but are used in multiple contexts, multiple ways.

            As an example of the aforementioned added “emotion”, I’ll use MGQ’s Hora as an example. The most common use of it best directly translates into something along the lines of come on. I can’t think of any way to just say come on, that’s as sexy as the long drawn out hora, though it could just be me. I can’t remember if SORE is used in MGQ, but it has mutltiple meanings. I find that used in a more playful tone(which mostly coincides with the situation it’s used in) more directly translates into a “WHEEE” or something of the like, but have olso seen it used as a different come on statement, with I guess I’d say more of a hint of hurry up behind it.

            There, I got my long reply out for the day (your not alon AnonRay XD).

            PS With translating, multiple people CAN pull it off, but again there will be information lost between the people. I always find (cept for the extremly odd case) the best work translated by a single person. Doesn’t mean there are also people placing the test into the patch, or fine editing the text, but for the bulk of it, it’s best IMO left to one person.

  202. Delta permalink

    MGQ 3 was just announced on DLsite, slated for a late june release!

    • Anonymous permalink

      right around the corner? sweet!

      Maybe we’ll see it in English sometime in the Fall.

    • It’s actually listed as an “Early June” release.

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Hmm. Lets do a little math(with lots of if’s and estimations XC).

      I’m going to say it’s released june 15, just to be fair, and to give my maths a base(I like to imitate Jeremy Clarkson’s maths cause I find it fits better). the last part came out the 17th, and ROUGE had the 33% not even a month later. As he has stated(if my memory serves me correctly) that though he will be translating, he won’t be going as gung-ho as the last to. So I’m going to give him about a month to a month and a week to have the 33% out. I give about a month and a half for the 66%, because I feel a proportionally larger amount of text(at least in explaining things, such as the “elf village” that luka was turned away from in the first game(I can’t remember the name TBH)). That might be balanced out by the loss of other text in the middle, but I’m being forgiving here.

      Finally, for the first 100%, I will give a mointh and a half – 2 months from the 66%. I give this because I FEEL that a good portion of the scripted sex scenes will appear before the final battle, but not in the begining. Think of it as sort of a farewell ritual(IDK, just what I feel could be the case). I am also accounting for the fact that he will most likely take a break.

      That leaves us at 4-4 1/2 months for part 3. Looking at each piece, it feels about right, but the 4 months is a litt iffy IMO. as p2 came out 3 1/2 months or so after p2 released.

      this has been MATHS with CN, and a hope that it doesn’t take longer.

      • Dear Guest permalink

        This is all wrong. His name is “Rogue”.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          … I realized that AFTER the fact XC. Guess you could call me semi-illiterate.

          My bad rogue. no hard feelings?

      • Anonymous permalink

        There’s always the possibility that Part 3 is significantly longer than Part 2. I personally think 6 months is a more reasonable estimate especially since we don’t know the degree to which Rogue is going to slow down.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          That is true. I feel after looking at it again that 5 months feels more reasonable. It is a major slow down, but he I don’t think he will be slowing down to a snails pace… Unless there is alot more text in 3 than 2 had. Which is a legit probablitity.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            Just gonna say this now. I am looking forwards to who guessed the closest. I’m still sticking with my 4 1/2 months.

  203. Anon permalink

    Yea early June, really want to play it ASAFP

  204. Anonymous permalink

    Holly shit what is it? Early or late June?

  205. Dear Guest permalink


  206. Anonymous permalink

    Some monster girl games to fill in the time till part 3 is here! – survive on an island overrun with steadily mutating nympho girls! Text with art for about half the girls Sort of similar to MGQ, but more of a “true” rpg, more free roaming. – explore a fantasy kingdom, learn magic, get screwed by goblin girls. Pixel art.

    Both are free to download. ^_^

    • Anonymous permalink

      Ooops, First ones called Mutant Minx Meltdown, second ones The Lusty Lands.

    • Dear Guest permalink

      It should also be mentioned that The Lusty Lands is still a fairly new project that was started because of a writer’s block of the author, resulting in a hiatus of Mutant Minx Meltdown.

  207. Anonymous permalink

    Man, what a cop-out I was hoping we’d have somebody else do the freaking evaluations now that Ilias is batshit insane.

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