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MGQ2 Status and other holiday infos

December 20, 2011

Just a few things:

1. I’ll be traveling for the christmas holiday, so I won’t be around much except late at night (EST)  for a few days.

2. I already incorporated the V 2.01 patch into the English patch.

3. 50% seems to land right in the middle of the Succubus Village story. Since that’s the first story of the second hub area, I’m leaning towards making the first patch be right before that, after the whole story with Undine’s area is over.

4. It’s really sad that the Cerberus didn’t have any CGs for the blowjob. (But I think it was one of the additional scenes torotoro put in since he had extra time while waiting).


As to the percentages/lines:

Line Type: Done / Remaining

Story: 2202/ 19600    — 11.2%

Battles: 5826 / 83,000 — 7%

Cities: 660/5229 — 12.6%

Encyclopedia: 0/86 – 0%

Overall: 8688/107829 — 8%

  1. Anonymous permalink

    im first

    • Anonymous permalink

      Then I shall be second.

      • zeffy101 permalink

        I’M THIRD!! :D

        So the patch is half-way through?
        So we are getting a Half way partial patch or a full one? because im a little lost here… O.o

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Great progress. I don’t think anyone is surprised that you won’t be working as much during the holidays; I’m actually surprised, in a good way, that you’ll be working at all. I tend to drop everything for about a week and a half and pick up the pieces afterwards.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    talk about dedication hehe, still working during the holidays! Seriously thanks again RT keep up the great work :)

  4. Anonymous permalink


  5. Anonymous permalink

    This is just a suggestion, but I would recommend doing the patch as you say, right as Undine’s story ends rather than at some point mid story just because it’s 50%. Salamander, too, perhaps? They seem like natural stopping points and you did it with the last 2 elementals in the first game.

    Also, I’m curious, but what did the patch change? Minor things, I imagine?

  6. Anonymous permalink

    That’s some amazing progress really. I’m glad you’ve put so much effort in already. Will be waiting for the full patch, but still interesting to know at what points you’ll release partial patches.

    Good luck and have a good Christmas :).

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rouge wean do you think the first patch well be released, maybe I have missed something but a reply would be great.

    • If I don’t post a date, it means I have no idea when it will be done. It’s far too early to pinpoint a good date. I only give dates when I know I can meet them.

      • Squintz permalink

        Thank god for you sir. You are the Anti-Crowchild

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m glad that Rogue does not seems to bother about people urging him to translate faster, I do not care when it is finished, I’m grateful Rogue does it and it’s done when it’s done.

        You got already lots of praise but I also want to say again, thank you for your efforts and have a nice Christmas!

        • Scorpid permalink

          Kind of like those people that bug the ProjectX team and are only doing a good job at bringing the drama and making the creators drop the project entirely

      • Anonymous permalink

        Crowchild is a very talented flash producer who is notoriously flakey to say the least. Look him up on fur affinity. He constantly gives dates on his projects and then disappears for months.

        • Monti permalink

          Crowchild may be a very talented flash producer, but he is someone unreliable, after that house fire he has needed to start everything over but still, he gives dates on his projects, but what make people like Fenoxo, RT and others is that, they have a forum where they update the people that ‘stalk’ their work, but crowchild, he will just vanish out of thin air. But even though that, usually, his work is not dissapointing in the least sense.

  9. Ilias permalink

    Im still grieving about the bad ending ;_;. I wanted the thrill of being subject of Alice’s whims to continue in the 3rd part.

    Why would they do this, WHY?!

    • Anonymous permalink

      On the finishing blow, try pressing the wait button a lot. May help.

      P.S. see what I did there? No spoilers!

  10. Darkgamer555 permalink


    <3 hehe guys let's talk about about how great of a job he is doing! X3 come on now! Cheer rogue on!

  11. ShiroiRyu permalink

    Oh man ! ORLY ?!
    Already 8/10% ?
    We will have the first patch like near middle of January ! (Despite you go somewhere for Holidays)
    The 2.01 patch do what ? And for Cerberus, we can hope CG in a new patch ?

    • It fixed some crashing issues, some skills not activating right, various stuff like that.

      • AnonS permalink

        I had a crash on the Hydra/ghost fight. I hadn’t saved before then for awhile too sadly. The patch probably fixes that, I guess I’ll wait for your translation with the patch rather than bother looking for it.

  12. Ulpian permalink

    How about outsourcing Encyklopedia translation? IIRC last time someone translated it, or just made images…

  13. Anonymous permalink

    For those of you to impaitent theres a really really rough machine translation out.. and when i say really really rough i mean… Awful but more power to u if u need it that bad

    • Anonymous permalink

      Think I saw a few pics. Shows the power of something like altavista translation. Pretty damn bad, that’s for sure. I’m sure anyone coming to this site would at least wait for the partials of an excellent translation.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I recommend using agth + Atlas + Translation Aggregator combo. You will get nice (as for machine translation) text.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    merry x-mas, hopefully you have a nice time and we can wait for the full version of the Game
    I cant wait for it, but a genius needs time, to finish this great work XD

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Enjoy the holidays Rogue, we’re all looking forward to the translation release but don’t overdo yourself where you get burned out by it.
    Also, I agree with you on the disappointment of the lack of some monster girl CG’s. Maybe we’ll see new CG’s come out with future patches.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Question! Are you going to merge translation from first part with second, so we could play start to end in english while playing 2nd game?

  17. Hop permalink

    Might be unrelated, but how in the world am i supposed to kill this huge gigantic beast inside the castle? greenish hair and horns, upper body human and lower body huge monster thing with a pink tail end.

    When I get her down to 0 she just recovers 3000 and the fire girl thing tells me smething in japanese :C

    • Hop permalink

      nevermind just use 4 points attack when the fire girl shows up!

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome!! keep it up!!
    This game is nearly unplayable without the English patch, so you are the one making the game interesting!

    Thanks for you’re effort!! I RELAY appreciate it.

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Is this part of MGQ longer then the first one?

  20. jon permalink

    good job man iam waiting for your first patch

  21. Anonymous permalink

    Nice :D Good work ! I hope you’ll finish it soon but don’t work too much, keep enjoying your chrismas holidays ^^

  22. Anonymous permalink

    I love you man, you do great work.

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone have advice for beating Granberia in the castle? I’ve tried everything I can think of but she either dodges or shrugs it off :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind, I tried using Undine before and she seemed to dispel it so I’d quickload, but using it seems to dispel her defenses.

  24. Anonymous permalink

    Is the 50% patch going to include that city with the ant queen? The one between Undine’s Fountain and the Succubus Village.

  25. Anonymous permalink

    8% in 3 days is quite nice. Take it slow on christmas and continue with more speed after holiday.
    Best of luck.

  26. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve been playing and unlocking stuff with chiitrans because I can’t wait apparently, but I’m definitely planning on replaying the game once the 50/100% patches are out. I’ve gotten the gist of the story, but I know it’d be a million times cuter with it in something I can read naturally.

  27. Anonymous permalink

    You rock, RT. There are translation companies that can’t match this speed!

  28. Anonymous permalink

    If I’m reading you right, I take it that you enjoyed the Cerberus otherwise? I personally didn’t care that much for the artist that did that one. I really enjoyed some of the new monster girls, but it seems that for a few of the artists the scenes were unfinished. I’m really hoping that a later patch will finish those properly. Either way, I’ve enjoyed this new chapter, and I suspect I will enjoy it much more when I can properly understand it (especially the ending). Thank you very much for your fine work.

  29. Dan permalink

    I’m already playing with AGTH and Atlas, and I got the new Sword Technique:
    瞬剣・疾風迅雷 <– I don't know what the first kanji means, but the second is "Sword" and the four after mean "Shippu Jinrai" <– Hurricane Thunderclap =D

  30. Anonymous permalink

    Myself so far alot of the art and story are not that great from looking at the pics my favorite art is the 4 knights alice and the Succubus village with spurattic art i like like here and there most monster girls don;t get full scenes it seems just lilttle boxes as u die horribly P:) oh well.

  31. I like slime girls permalink

    Hey, you’re slowing down.
    Come on, work faster :/

    Heh, just kidding. Seems like I’ll be able to play this actually pretty soon.
    (Though I would’ve loved if the game had come out a few weeks before and maybe you could’ve surprised us with a christmas patch, oh well)

  32. Anonymous permalink

    That’s some progress– nearly 10% within a week. Pretty good!

  33. Anonymous permalink

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  34. Trowa permalink

    Enjoy the holidays!

  35. Anonymous permalink

    Is this the percentage of the patch you plan to release or the whole game.

  36. Kaika permalink

    Take your time Rt!
    and also Merry Christmas!!

  37. Kyon permalink

    You sure do work fast, Merry Christmas

  38. Davion N permalink

    Just need to know; – What font have you been using? On Monster Quest 1, it was all horribly jumbled; – Literally looked something like Pig Latin. I tried my best to read it, but…

    I appreciate all the work, thank you. Gods know that I thank you. But this is driving me nuts, I can’t even get past the part with the Goblin in the first one, I just get such a head-ache reading…

    Sorry to bother you, RT. But…I dunno. If you can give me a name, then I can probably find it. Thanks, man! Thanks a hell of a lot. I never could translate something like this, and if the Monster Quest 2 translation is even half as good as the first is, I’ll add you to my nightly prayers.

    (Did you english-ify some of the jokes, or use your own? I laughed so many times reading the dialogue!)

    If you want, you can E-Mail me.

    One final time, sorry for being a bother!

    • Jos permalink

      It helps to read RT’s full text on part 1 release.

      “The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!”

      “You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.”

    • The font used is MS 明朝 .

      I changed a few of the jokes, yes.

  39. NoName permalink

    Will you update the first english patch? It’s just that the first part of MGQ was updated too. Don’t know what the update did, though.

    • I added the newest patch to the MGQ2 script I’m working off of already. Since that script includes all of part 1’s script, a separate one for part 1 isn’t needed.

  40. Anonymous permalink

    You’re a machine, RT. You’re already super-cool-bro tier for translating this in the first place, let alone doing it for free and including stuff like the Monster Lab, so don’t let the people demanding constant status updates bug you too much – However long it takes, we appreciate the hard work. Just wanted you to know we’re not all expecting the patch two weeks after release!

  41. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue

  42. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue!

    Was wondering, theres gota be a way to crowd source the translation.

    Maybe you can test it out, send out 1000 lines and have a bunch of us submit translations either by googling it / etc.

    Then you could just review and select the best submitted ones.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Which would probably result in more bad than good, just wait patiently.

    • I was actually thinking of a system just like that. The issue is getting enough people interested. I know it’s very possible to work off a machine translation (With some basic knowledge of japanese grammar) and tweaking it a little so it makes sense. That’s what someone did for some of the H-Scenes for thief and sword with me, and it can work quite well.

      I was thinking of making a website that could be connected to, and would have the entire script of a game segmented into “screen switch” areas (For example, all the text between changes of backgrounds or images). Each line would be available for two people to translate. Once they’ve been translated twice, it would go to a review portion where someone could pick one of the two lines to include, neither, or create a third. If the two lines look too different, then they probably aren’t right, so you would choose neither.

      If you could get 200 people interested in doing just 50 lines a day, you could finish just about any game in a week. It’s something I’m seriously considering at some point. If it worked well enough, you could even start being paid for by VN and game companies in Japan for extremely quick (albeit potentially lower quality) translations based on royalties. Say they would transfer 40% of the english sales to the site. The site would then distribute the amount of money gained to the contributors based on a percentage of the amount of lines done.

      • Kanosint permalink

        I’d defenitely be interested. I am quite capable of turning machine translation to palatable text at that :3

      • Squintz permalink

        Do it.

        • Monti permalink

          I’d be very interested in doing something like that.
          Sounds engaging and fun. ^.^

      • Anonymous permalink

        Interesting idea. You’d need a few “Real” translators to facilitate this, because there will be some parts that the machine will just choke on, but this will knock out a bunch of the simple stuff that is tedious and/or repetitive that slows down translators.

        And it’ll be a hell of a lot more readable then some of the other “Professionally English translated” attempts I’ve seen on DLsite.

        That said, I could see myself putting a little of my free time into participating in something like this.

        • Yeah, of course. Also the system (which relies on high numbers of untrained people using machine translators) would break down completely on the introduction of slang or “stylized” writing. A good example that comes to mind would be the CORE route in Daiteikoku where they speak in nothing but katakana. I don’t know if machine translators would be able to figure out any of it (But they might, dunno, never tried).

          I absolutely wouldn’t do it for MGQ since I like doing it, but attempting it on another popular game (To increase interest) would be worthwhile. Perhaps on the Henshin game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well, a similar system was already tried on Mahou Shoujo Subaru. The project finally died because of DCMA, but it didn’t work too well before. Many errors and some lines simply not making any sense in context. Main reasons probably was there was no QA at all.
            Thread at hongfire is
            I’m not sure, but I may even have the latest patch file lieing around somwhere…

          • Interesting, I’d have to see how it was set up. I think the “two separate people do same line and then have a third compare” part is absolutely critical in getting things that make sense. There has to be a QA aspect or it falls apart.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Here are the first 100 lines of the translation.

          • That isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. With a small bit of editing, you wouldn’t be able to see any issues at all.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah, but somebody has to do it.

            Basically a QA guy would have to do the following: Check the spelling and grammar, comform different styles of writing and, most importantly, make sure, that the translation is right. While the first point is quite doable with a good understanding of English and the second one is mostly tedious, the third point is what may cause problems.
            You need to know the game (and I don’t mean just checking the infos on DLSite), have at least a basic understanding of the plot, and should check back in the game if the translation makes sense compared to what’s happening in the game.
            (Well, since you translate yourself, you should already know that, but maybe someone else reads this too ;).)
            And I think that’s what many people wouldn’t want to do, because it ruins the experience of playing the game just for fun. “Real” translators have the advantage that they (most of the time) already know the game before they start translating (I think even you play the parts normally before you start translating them), so they get to play it before they have to analyze it.
            Some of the lines in the translation are even from me, so I know that even translating single lines can ruin the experience of “playing it for the first time”, not to mention checking complete parts of the game without knowing them beforehand.

            tl;dr: I don’t think there would be many machine translators willing to QA over a long time. Especially, if they are interested in the game themselves. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I’m expecting.

      • I like slime girls permalink

        I don’t think it’s such a good idea.
        Come on, look at the fansubbing scene. You get people who supposedly know japanese, and they still translate these anime with really easy japanese, with dubious ability. Of course lots of fansubs are pretty capable, but we’re talking about people who actually know japanese.
        Having random guys translating and then reviewing yourself, seems more of a pain than just translating it in the first place. And having a thirs person who doesn’t know japanese check the translation, doesn’t seem too helpful either.
        HOWEVER. You can’t loose too much trying. You could try it on a trial of one of the upcoming VNs, or something like that.

        Only real problem, and this you really can’t avoid this, is that the writing style would differ greatly form line to line. It might result in something very annoying to read.

        • I like slime girls permalink

          But, I’m on vacations, and I actually know a decent amount of japanese… So I’m interested. Heh.

        • Monti permalink

          Also comes into the problem of writing styles, believe it or not alot of people write differenly, some are simplistic, others are influenced heavily on detailed, if you have 20 peoples translating the same thing, their is bound to be a conflict in writing styles. Be like with the people that draw the characters, their are two and you can obviously tell their are two different people because the way the characters are drawn are different.

      • Anonymous permalink

        honestly if you post it on 4chan/etc and post it around to a few anime sites you’d get plenty of people interested.

        Would love to chat about this further if you wanted some help (code monkey here)

  43. Luke permalink

    Thank you ver much,Rogue!!!
    I love your work primarily due to this blog….by keeping your fans up to date,
    you keep us interested and excited!!! Many thanks, and Merry Christmas!!

  44. Galv permalink

    Same here!!
    Work as a Collective to get MGQ2 ready before 2011 finishes =)
    I personally dont have knowledge of japanese grammar, but i can turn machine translations into something decent.

    After everyones finished, a simple grammar checking test and voila! Game translated!

  45. Anonymous permalink

    you sir….are a god/godess!

  46. Anonymous permalink

    RT, I love the shit out of you.

  47. Malcanthet permalink

    I’m interested, Rogue. I’m a writer and Game Master for many tabletop and online RPGs.. so I’d love to actually help with this which is now my favorite game. Hell I’m even running a Pathfinder Campaign based in Monmusu Quest’s world..!

    • Kanosint permalink

      Heh, with rules for ‘losing’ a battle and the like? :P

    • ScarletRose/Serpentcross permalink

      Wait … you are called Malcanthet (queen of the succubi in D&d multiverse for those that doesn’t know) You run pathfinder and in a campaign based on Monmusu Quest?
      Any chance we can lay it online?
      Of course if I can be a wicked thrall of malcanthet or a pure succubus .. and of course .. I’m one of the Herorapists :P

      • Malcanthet permalink

        You’re both right. I run it online. I also made up a rules system so people could resist orgasming that’s pretty fun… I’d been working on it long before Monmusu quest. SADLY I am full … I’ve got 6 players. I run it right in the canon Monmusu quest universe too and several of the iconics are there. (Well they all are, really.)

        The party! –
        Bard/Fighter, has been learning a monster technique and is one of the few followers of Ilias left (despite open mindedness)

        Sorcerer(Shadow(Shadow mastiff, twice removed))/Rogue. He’s actually got an Orcish Monster cohort called Mimi. (she’s pretty gas, Barb levels rawr!)

        Ranger(Trap variant) With an enchanted Angel bow, she was an ex bandit and is struggling to follow the party, but has grown attached to them.

        Witch – Kitsune character, the only true blue monster PC, she gains tails as she gains new spell levels (She can even use fluffy tail attacks the more she gets). She’s also the serious party healer! (And she can suck em off to restore spell slots..but oh no, they might get corrupted! yay corruption mechanic)

        Inquisitor (Heretic, to Ilias. Long dark past, was part of the Cruetz, was an evil man but turned away yet still tries to appease Ilias and avoid all those who would do him ill. Attached to the Witch since she was friendly, helpful and kind)

        Fighter(Archer variant) This guy seriously made a simple Blue Slime NPC into a dark slime by giving into his lusts and feeding her lots and lots of semen…the Slime NPC wanted to retain her sentience in any way possible. He was glad to provide.

  48. Febo permalink

    Keep up the good work! Also maybe you could write a brief (and spoiler free) review of MGQ2! I am certain you enjoy it but it would still be enjoyable to read.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    I have a question Rogue, do you actually fully play the game before you start translating? Or do you just translate all the way? Because reading all the text is sort of like playing the whole game…

    • I went through the game first for the first game, obviously. For this game I decided to translate it as I go to keep my interest high the whole time.

      • Anonymous permalink

        hehe, I wonder if thats why your so fast at translating it ^^

  50. Anonymous permalink

    Wow Rogue you’re becoming famous! Even my friend who isn’t even interested in hentai games has heard about you!

    • ScarletRose/Serpentcross permalink

      not interested in hentai games?
      Are those guys still in production?

  51. Anonymous permalink

    thank you for the great work – translating such a long game in such a short time! ganbatte ;-)

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