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MGQ3 Official Release Date

May 23, 2013

Going on sale in Japan on June 1st. So that means it could be anytime from around noon May 31st to noon Saturday the 1st for people in the EST time zone. So you could be playing it (in Japanese) in 8 days from now!


Source: Official site (「もんむすくえすと!終章」2013年6月1日(土)発売決定!)


  1. Anonymous permalink

    My body is ready.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Your body is ready? MY body is even MORE ready!

  3. jaja permalink

    LOOL Dude i seriously LOL’d to myself when i saw that release date, why? Because I got so happy and pretty shocked!! haha <3 much love Rogue much love <3

  4. Flaris permalink

    And so it begins!

    Kind of funny how quickly it goes from “when is this coming?” to “OMG it’ll be out in a little over a week!” While I’ll wait for the translation, it’s pretty cool that it will be out soon.

    Can’t wait.

  5. At last… Our long waiting will be pay-off!

  6. kivkiv permalink

    AW YEAAHHH!! finally~


    You’re the best Rogue.

  8. Anonymous permalink


  9. Anonymous permalink

    Good Illias. That is much, much sooner than I expected. Good thing my pessimism let me have such a pleasant surprise.

  10. AnonRoy permalink

    Oh hell. That’s the day before my girlfriend returns from her month-long tour of Europe with her Dad. Scotland, London, Rome, and Egypt, before returning to the US and checking out Vegas before getting back. I think, throughout the month of June, I’ll be as Dry as Luka by the time Alice is done with him.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Also, I’m aware Egypt is not in Europe. Furthermore, I forgot Paris.

  11. Afaggot permalink

    Fuck yeah.

  12. AnonRoy permalink

    Question. In the English DLSite description, it references a Level Editor. Specifically:

    * Level editor – Enjoy fan created custom scenarios, or make your own! *

    Is that something new included in the game, or is it just referring to the fact that we can mod it already?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Sounds like the normal Monster Laboratory.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        I think it’s refering to the Monster laboratory. I just think hora hora(TORO TORO XD) is now including it with the game as it’s released. We’ll see when it comes out.

        I partly want it to come out for the FAPFAPFAP, but I have actually moved that to a secondary goal. I actually am really enjoying the story of the game. So much so that other than the best artwork, I skip the H-scenes till after I’m done(each third of the game, as the translation comes out)

  13. 光闇 permalink

    ^How everyone feels.

    Hoorah hoorah hora

  14. hora hora

  15. Holy crap. I waited like forever.

  16. Anonymous permalink


  17. Anonymous permalink

    And it’s uncensored. Best day ever.

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Come again? I have heard nothing of it being uncensored…

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        It probably isn’t, However the censoring is so, i guess weak that you can tell anyway.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    Oh man, I’m excited!

  19. DonaNobisPacem permalink

    Don’t fool yourselves. We all know that our bodies will NEVER be ready for this.

  20. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome, that’s one hell of a final project you’ve got there Rogue. Thanks for being awesome. :)

  21. Anonymous permalink

    isit bad that i sqee when i heard this

  22. Dasts permalink

    Oh, man, that’s gonna be great! Like always, we’re counting on you, Rogue!

  23. Anonymous permalink

    Seems, like I have to stop reading some things on the internet soon. I won’t touch this game, until rogue has completed his translation.

    • Learch permalink

      I, as well, will not touch this game until rogue’s finished translating it.

      In addition, I have decided that, for the period between the release of the game until rogue completes translation, I will abstain from fapping.

      By doing this, my body will be almost ready for the day that rogue finishes translation.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Farewell, Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian. I wish you the best of luck on your Suicide Mission.

  24. I like slime girls permalink

    Yay. I wonder how far will I get before you get the translation done~
    This game is almost the only reason I’m happy I know japanese.

  25. Takata permalink

    Can anyone translate this? (Got it from


    I hope they’re not cutting the voices for Alice, Tamamo, Erubetie, Granberia and Alma Elma, but can someone confirm that for me?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      I don’t see anything there that states they are cutting the voices… wait, Hmm…

      I think it’s sorta saying that there will be voices, but not much. I Really hope they actually aren’t cutting voices. That was the whole kicker I got from all those girls. Specially alice’s hora. Dear god her VA can make a simple word HOT.

      • Takata permalink

        I hope it says they’re just not voicing the hundred or so new monsters. o.o

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Not that I would mind that at all… so long as the VA’s are good.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          I think it’s closer to 80 new monsters, combined with 5-10 existing monsters that get to repeat.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            so basically 100+ sex scenes that would have to be voiced.

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Technically speaking, that’s more like it. Still, I doubt every single monster will be voiced. That’s a LOT of babes, and a LOT of dialogue, that costs a LOT of money and a LOT of time. Still, MGQ has seen a LOT of success, so at this point we might as well draw LOTs to see who’s right.


    • theking7000 permalink

      Hey i can translate this text for you guys because i can read japanese. It’s just saying that there will be a lot more of H scenes and enemies than the two previous title. And it will cost the same price. They say ” Maybe some people will find that there are a lot of H scenes and monsters but no one will conplaint that there are not enough of it. “

      • Takata permalink

        So… there was no actual comment on voice acting? Sounds good then. Thank you. ^^

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Sweet. Lots and Lots of H gives me Lots and Lots of Happy.

        • theking7000 permalink

          Yeah there was no actual comment on voice acting :). “物足りないという声” when you use google translation in english it says : “Voice of unsatisfactory”. They just said that normally no one will be Unsatisfied about the content of their game :).

      • Towelhead permalink


  26. Techies permalink

    Any ETA on finishing the translation ^^?

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      Between a bunch of us, we have guessed about 4-6 months.

      I believe there are more sex scenes than the other 2, which could easily mean more text. Which means more time to translate.

      ALSO, rogue, I am not nearly good enough to translate, but if you would like I could proof read some of it for you. Or if you have a link to a place that teaches how to do it I’ll see about aiding in actually placing the text into the game. Just offering, maybe streamline the process a little for you.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        I’ll offer my services proof-reading over the summer as well, little as that means. Still, from my various comments here, it should show I have a strong mastery of the English language. So, there’s that.

  27. My body is ready .?..
    I think ! :D

    • ChaoticNemisis permalink

      I’d say that, but My body is always ready, and never ready. It really depends on the content of what it needs to be ready for.

    • Kirlrik permalink

      Luka’s body is not ready.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        You would think, by now, it would be. But it’s not. Not even close. I’m sure Loli-Alice will prove that more than once.

        • ChaoticNemisis permalink

          Hmm. Loli-Alice will probably provide more “punishment” than tamamo did.

          To much denial?

          • AnonRoy permalink

            Quite possibly. Looking forward to finding out how much punishment is doled out. :D

  28. Anonymous permalink

    Arghhh my game got deleted, does anyone know how to download the full game (part one and two) and get all the full monsterpedia, want to play through again before the third part is out, id really appreciate your help thanks

    • AnonRoy permalink

      If at all possible, you should purchase the games, available on DLSite here:
      If you really, REALLY can’t buy them, then I suggest searching using their DLSite RJ codes: RJ074254 and RJ087736. Type those (separately) into google with the word “download” and you’ll start finding links.
      After that, browse some forums like ULMF to find a completed save.

      And I’ll prolly be running through the game (with cheat engine for infinite health and skill points! :D) through the week, just to catch up on aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the plot details.

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        It sucks though. I can’t seam to find a 100% save. I have played through the game many times, so much so to the point I don’t even wanna cheat my way through again. SO LONG as the save has the entire monsterpedia, and I don’t know of a software that can make MGQ saves

        • Jikorde permalink

          I have one for you.

          100% monsterpedia and all achievements.

          • ChaoticNemisis permalink

            Thanks alot. I’ve always liked MGQ just because I haven’t had any issues with it stock(unless I did something stupid). Don’t need to locale my computer or anything. Have to get back into getting all the gnomes laboratory stuff working. Same with the cecil stuff. seams to stop responding when a fight is about to take place.

    • AnonS permalink

      Should be able to find it on google pretty easily. Just type the name of the game and “download” as your query. I remember finding it that way myself.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    I will wait for your translation patch, then i will play it.

  30. Anonymous permalink

    I hope Rogue is ready & full with stamina.

  31. AnonRoy permalink

    Playing through MGQ, early on when you get Angel Halo, Alice makes an interesting comment: “Since the Sword is made of Angels, it will show its true power when fighting against them, too.” “Why would I fight an angel… such blasphemy.”

    I’m just now remembering how many small details are in this game. Lots of foreshadowing. This is gonna be fun. :P

  32. Anonymous permalink


  33. Anonymous permalink

    hey Rogue, I know you don’t do it for donations and all, but maybe when your finished with 3 you could leave a paypal open or something, as a fan of this series, there is nothing that would please me greater then to buy you a drink through the Internets after all your hard work.

    • I like slime girls permalink

      If you are interested in supporting someone, it should be the game’s creator before than rogue. Rogue definitely deserves praise, but let’s not forget who made the actual game.

      • Takata permalink

        I’m quite sure there are legal issues with Rogue accepting any payment for this. I don’t think it’s allowed since he doesn’t have explicit authorisation from the original developer.

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, I just want you to know that if my ass had a uterus I’d gladly bear your children. “Thanks” isn’t quite good enough of a summary of how thankful I am that you put your time into this for us. So I would give you a child if I could.

  35. Anonymous permalink

    So… Am I the only one looking forward to it mainly for the story? At this point I’ve gotten way too attached to the plot and the characters to focus in the incoming fap-fest.

    • Takata permalink

      No way you’re the only one. o.o I found the story to be one of the best parts of Monmusu Quest. ^^

      • Kirlrik permalink

        Story/Characters/World Design > Gameplay > Art Assets (AKA Hawt Rape)

        That is to say, they’re all fucking great.

    • angellus permalink

      Nop your not the only one, at this point naked monster girls is just bonus to great story.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This series is for many people the unexpected “came for the pr0ns, stayed for the story”, myself included. Love it and can’t wait for part 3 to be translated. My body will never be ready.

    • AnonS permalink

      I’m a big fan of the old school JRPG, which this game is a nod to. I know they still release some of those in Japan, but it’s awfully hard finding them in the US these days. I used to get translated stuff, especially back in the SNES days with patches, but I stopped that a long time ago and most translation projects never complete.

      I’m not that big a fan of the monster girls, although the femdom is cool. I will probably like the angels more than most of the rapes in this game.

  36. Anonymous permalink

    Illias is gonna watch you fap

  37. Brave permalink

    My body isn’t ready. How can you people possibly be prepared for this?

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Alright here we go!!!!

  39. Anonymous permalink

    This is gonna be the longest week ever, BUT I’M GONNA BE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Good luck and thank you for your work. Remember Rogue. I will always be watching over you. Even after MQ3 ;)

  41. Philosophical Skreetz permalink

    So . . . it starts again. But how and where will it end? Toro Toro has a lot of reputation at stake here, Because in the past, all I saw was a masterpiece, and masterpiece requires a lot of work in the end, for the ending is a cherry on top of the cake!

    • Dear Guest permalink

      In the end, everything was all but a dream.
      You know, since Luka chose “fluffy tail”.

    • Anonymous permalink

      no matter how bad the ending is it cant be worse then mass effect 3

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Why do you tempt fate? Seriously, it’s like you just challenged the entire freakin universe.

        If the ending is worse than that of Mass Effect 3, I’m coming for you.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          In retrospect, that comment sounds much meaner than I meant it. It was supposed to be a joke, and I apologize if it came off as rude, offensive, or otherwise dickish.

  42. Jikorde permalink

    Okay, so I’m replaying MGQ in anticipation of the final part and I was wondering if anyone knew if I change my difficulty after a fight, is that change permannent? Because I restarted an old normal playthrough, lost, changed to hard and it still feels easy.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It does stay, some fights/stretches are just really easy. I’m doing the same, and I find myself re-changing the difficulty after purposely losing every once in a while to make sure.

      I remember specifically that I had to avoid summoning Sylph up until I got Gnome to make those fights loseable, she’s really overpowered when you get her. The stretch from after getting Selene’s bell (so many losses on Nanabi and Mimic…) up to Sylph is pretty easy too, as is the very beginning (I think Bee Girl is the first enemy that can actually beat you reliably.)

      You can add some additional losses by clearing your mind of the schmuck bait. Summon the wrong spirits if it’s not obvious and struggle in battles when you’re supposed to attack, etc. It only takes one mistake to lose on hard for the non-luck battles, but there aren’t too many choices, so it’s not hard to make all the right choices.

      • Jikorde permalink

        The thing is, I beat Nanabi first try for the time I think ever on hard, and so I wasn’t sure if I changed it or not. Thanks for clarifying.

        • Anonymous permalink

          First try on Nanabi is either really lucky, or I was just really unlucky. That bind of hers is broken when you’re already losing 75% of your health to seven moons, plus her hard hitting normal attacks. I had to drop down to easy. I was probably starting the fight wrong, but it’s not like you have a ton of options.

          The game’s just not that hard in general though. From the developer’s perspective, it’s either make it easy, make it guessing/knowledge based so you usually lose once then know what to do, or make it luck based like the end of chapter 2. You’ll lose every once in a while, but you have to want to lose to do it consistently. Monster cuteness is the toughest enemy of all.

          • AnonS permalink

            It’s very luck based. I mean the commands are pretty simple, there’s really not too much variance you can have. Although Torotoro has said that the fights will be more complex this chapter.

          • Anonymous permalink

            It’s also worth noting that the difficulty picks up a little in the second chapter. Most of the random battles are loseable on hard, even without screwing up. In my opinion, it’s pretty well balanced for the most part, and way more refined than chapter 1.

  43. Anonymous permalink


  44. Shado permalink

    Ok, im totally ready for this… I just have to play through the first two games again, on hard, before ill allow myself to buy this amazing game filled with everything i love. An Awesome story, the gameplay is nicely done (even though the fights are easy), and monster girls. Mainly just the first and last one though :D

  45. Anonymous permalink

    Not only has Rogue Translator shown comittment, but also shows he has what it takes to make an absolutely deligthful translation. Thanks for what you have done RT!

  46. anonymous permalink

    Can I assume you will use the same 33% 66% 100% system of translation you used last time rouge?

  47. Anonymous permalink

    I hope they’ll be quick about putting the game up for sale on the english DL site. I’ve bought part one and two from there to show foreign support, but if I have to wait days I might give in to temptation and just buy it from the japanese site.

    • Riskybiscuit permalink

      I’d say buy it anyway. Can’t hurt to give Torotoro the incentive to make more games.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        He’s talking about the English and Japanese DLSites. The Jap one is known to have games from japan available much sooner than the english counterpart. He’d rather give his money to the english version, to encourage the English DLSite to acquire more and more foreign games, but if they take too long, he’ll buy it from the Japanese DLSite. Either way, though, the money still goes to Torotoro, and they still get the same incentive.

  48. Anonymous permalink

    And tghe waiting game begings.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    Oh, sweet Illias. This wait is unbearable.

  50. Anonymous permalink

    There is second part of book Monster Girl Quest – Beyond The End.

  51. Michael permalink

    So it won’t stop at a Trilogy ? 4th part ??

    • Michael permalink

      I mean about the comment above, I know this one coming is 3rd part.

      • Jikorde permalink

        There is no 4th part announced or even hinted at. It will be a trilogy, I believe it was stated somewhere that the creator had no intentions of going beyond a trilogy for this game.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          What Jikorde said. As I recall, this series was ALWAYS planned as a trilogy. Three parts, no more, no less. From the very beginning, all the way up til now, three. Not one, not two, not four, and five is right out. [/montypython]

          That in mind, given the popularity and success of these games, I wouldn’t put it past Torotoro to make a fourth game of a similar sort. Same combat, same universe, different storyline, perhaps. The Monster Girl Quest games have seen a lot of success, and there’s a very strong chance that people will want more. There is money that can be made there, and it’s entirely up to the Torotoro Resistance circle as to whether they do or don’t make another game of the sort. However, regardless of what they may do, at this time there have been no announcements or hints towards a 4th game.

          • Takata permalink

            I’ll be disappointed if they don’t properly end the main storyline with this 3rd chapter. That said, I’m not against them making “Extra” or “side stories” if they want to.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Monster Girl Quest – Beyond The End is (iIrc) extension to bad endings, when you lose to monsters.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    I can not wait to play this as a bundle. Gonna kick ass

  53. jon permalink

    this will be awesome month hey guys is English DLsite will put the game in the same day 1/6/2013 or we will wait anyone know

    • AnonRoy permalink

      DLSite is pretty… weird when it comes to stuff like that. I’d expect that, being a well-known, well-established business group, they would be on top of the situation, and would be fully prepared to release it on the same day that Torotoro does.

      However, they’ve proven themselves to be very… odd, about releases in the past, so at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

      I would expect them to realize that if they don’t release it that day, then anyone who would’ve bought it from them will turn elsewhere to get it, and DLSite will lose money as a result. I mean, the fans of this series are looking forward to it, wanting it soooooooo bad, that they’ll try and get it as soon as possible. If that means going to a different site, or even just pirating it, they’ll do it. And if DLSite realizes this, then they need to make an effort to put it up for sale on the very first day. Otherwise, like I said, they lose money.

      So, to directly answer your question, Jon, nobody knows. We hope they will, but there’s no guarantee.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m pretty sure it is pre-uploaded to DLSite and then made available at midnight.

  54. Anonymous permalink

    I love you roguetranslator
    No homo.
    Don’t let the chinese get you

  55. GenocideHeart permalink

    Chapter 11 of Monster Girl Saga has been fully proofread, and is now available on Monstergirl Unlimited and The Fanfiction Forum. I will wait to see if the people there spot any typos, then upload it on AFF, make part of my Google folder public and link to the folder so people can go ahead and see all the chapters in one convenient location.

    Those of you who have access to the two forums, have fun! And do let me know if you like, either here or (preferably) on the forums. I know it can be inconvenient to sign up, but it’s free, and it’d make it much easier to contact me. I’ll still check here for as long as this blog lives, though.

  56. jon permalink

    thx man for that i agree with you so hope they make it ready i really wait this part form lonnnnnng time….

  57. Anonymous permalink

    Comic Monster Girl Quest – Extra is being released.

  58. AnonRoy permalink

    Torotoro just released a Blog Post, going through a few questions often asked about MGQ. The original post can be found on the DLSite Blog, here: If someone would translate that better than google can, it would be appreciated. That in mind, here’s the google translation, and what I got out of it.

    Now that the last chapter also released imminent, and then get back to you about bland questions that I had.

    Set version previous chapter, in chapter, the final chapter do you leave?

    For now, we have no plans at all.

    – The contents of the save of takeover in the previous section or chapter, development of final chapter change?
    —-If you do not clear the sub-events in the previous section or chapter,
    Related events in the last chapter (including combat) will get is all cut.
    Basically, you should take over in the last chapter only after doing all the sub-events.

    Enemies and to fight by not Kona-sa sub-events in chapter and the previous chapter, there is no H scene.
    However, like Amira event when it was not acquired the orb in the middle of in the chapter,
    There are not yet clear sub events make up for, to make sense together mini-event basis.
    That sort of thing people are worried about, it’s to check out might also be good.
    Also record of adventure, such items of ……

    · The items that can be obtained in the previous section or chapter, the contents of the last chapter you sure you want to change?
    —-In the previous chapter and in chapter, items that can be acquired by a range of options there are several.
    But by its non-possession and possession, never deployment of final chapter changes.

    – If you start from the last chapter, or will any circumstances?
    It is a new start as in the previous chapter to medium chapter, has been doing a sub-event of all.
    Level start from those of all events clear at the time.
    However, with respect to items that can be obtained by choice, and it is with not possession.
    As mentioned above, it does not affect the deployment of non-possession last chapter or possession of the item.

    – You may have forgotten exchange in devil castle in the chapter, the presence of Sara?
    Luke was remembered once, but it would have become a back seat’s ask atmospherically.
    Of course, the thing if there is confidence Guranberia will not harm to Sarah.
    It should be noted that Sarah is not harmed in fact, it is like being in the devil castle now.

    – five large human chimera, though it is Devas measures came out during the last chapter! ?
    —-Are described in the final chapter of the demon picture book but ……
    Heck out (Rapunzel) is spawning type it was made first in the five-body.
    With in “machine lays” her, four bodies of four heavenly kings measures were made.
    Rapunzel is a type that specializes in reproductive function,
    In order to convey four body to remain a gene excellent, it has the performance and balanced.
    It is a plane type, so to speak, in comparison with four other body that specializes in combat ability to the four heavenly kings,
    It seems to be an individual and balanced at a high level.

    -Priest came out with Ville Iliad first, or is the same person and it had been persecuted in Luke recollection?
    —-It is a different person entirely.
    The villagers of old were persecuted Luke as outsiders, the majority were killed by the epidemic.

    – I’m hard to remember the name of the professional female Ting.
    I have to remember the name completion around the final chapter.

    -Pants of the Iliad What is color?
    —-Not put on.

    So, what I managed to garner, was that if you haven’t played through the first two, or lost your save, don’t worry about the sidequest items- they carry over. However, they’re not incredibly important. Apparently, having them won’t earn you any H-Scenes or anything special, other than maybe some XP and a feeling of accomplishment.

    Next, it’s noted that Sara is doing fine, and Granberia has no intention of hurting her.

    I have no idea what’s up with the next two, prolly going over something I’ve forgotten about.

    Finally, Illias doesn’t wear panties, so asking what color they are gets you nowhere.

    Again, if someone could provide a better analysis, it would be well appreciated.

    • Well i can translate that post for your guys( I can read japanese ). I’m not that good at english but i’m gonna try my best.

      Now that the last chapter release is imminent, i’m going to answer the questions that i have received without too much spoiler.

      -Will you sell a set version with the first chapter, second chapter and the final chapter ?

      For now, we have no plans about it.

      -Will the save of the two previous chapter (Choices we have done in the two previous title) can change the story of the final chapter ?

      If you didn’t clear some sub-events in the first chapter and second chapter… Every others events
      in the final chapter which have some connection with the first or second chapter will disappear ( included Battle event).
      Normally you should finish all the sub-events in the two previous title before starting the last chapter.

      If we don’t complete some sub events in the two previous title, there will not have new H scenes or new enemies. But, like the Amira Event if you didn’t aquire the orb in the second chapter…
      There will have a mini event to compensate the blank and to keep the coherence of the story.
      If there are people who interested in that, they can check it if they want.
      Also in the record of the adventure, there is another subject which is related to that….

      -Will the items that we have acquired in the two previous title can change the story of the final chapter ?

      There were items that we can acquire depending on the choices that we have done in the two previous title. However the non-possession or the possession of those items will not change the story of the final chapter.

      -What will happen if we start with the final chapter ?

      You will have a new fresh start with all the sub events complete from the first and second chapter.
      You will have the level of someone who have done all the sub events.
      However, with the respect to the items that can be obtained by choice you will not have them.
      Like i said above the non-possession or the possession of those items will not change the story of the final chapter.

      -Didn’t you forget the presence of Sara in the the castle of the overlord in the second chapter ?

      Luka remember it just in case but it was not the good moment so he decided to talk about it later.
      Of course, he know that gamberia will not harm Sara. In fact, Sarah is not harmed and she is currently present at the castle of the overloard.

      I will translate the rest later if i have more time :).

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Ah, thank you very much! Much clearer, and easier to understand!

        …Google kinda sucks at this stuff, huh?

        • Yeah. It’s sux :/ And at the end of my translation is Sara without the H* lol. I don’t know why i did that. The next questions are :

          – At the end of the second chapter, why there are 5 chimera against the 4 heavenly kings ? (They mean why 4vs5)
          -The first Priest who came out from “Ville Iliad”, is he the same person who persecuted luka in his memory?
          – It’s hard to memorise the name of “Promestin” ( It’s just a comment of the interviewer)
          I memorise it when we finish the final chapter.
          – What is the color of Illias Pants ?
          She doesn’t have one.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Illias is a nopan? Interesting…

  59. Anonymous permalink

    time to learn Japanese in 3 days

  60. There is monster-girl-related game that needs support. Very promising! More info there:

    • AnonRoy permalink

      I like the concept of this game. It would appear to basically be Fenoxo’s “Corruption of Champions,” with a map and automatic combat (for the moment, at least). Looks very spiffy, too.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Oh, and it’s in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Go check it out.

  61. Anonymous permalink


    • Jikorde permalink

      Rogue didn’t do the machine translation patch. If you used that patch for 2, you will have to look in 4chan for it, though it will probably be posted in the comments here at some point.

  62. Anonymous permalink

    Omg, best birthday present ever! :D

  63. Jayz permalink


  64. Duufuus permalink


    I would suggest, the possibility of only allowing people who have bought the game, and has sent you a email of the invoice (with private details covered) to be allowed the patch to translate.

    this is mainly for respect of the game creator, and the to hold off torrents of the english version being exploited.

    as stated its just a suggestion. as i know replying to so many emails would be a huge hassle. but instead of giving in to demand to get any translation out as soon as. hold off till the sales counter on the site reaches a certain number, or some other safe threshold so Toro gets something for his work.

    I’ve already bought the previous two, but i did download the game before hand. i wish to support more games like this, and toro has a great story here. i’m sure if we show support it wont be his last work.

    Thank you for all your time. and it is sad hearing that Chapter 3 will be your last translation.

    • About an hour after sending that first e-mailed patch, it would be on torrent sites or on mediafire anyway. No point, really. People will buy it or they won’t. I’d like to think he has gotten more English sales than he ever would have otherwise, even if it’s not much, and that’s fine enough.

      • Duufuus permalink

        Yeah, i guess hoping that decent people will pay for something worth it.

        but your right. there is not point managing something that will spread so easily.

        Thank you for your prompt reply!

        Also, i tried looking before, but could not find it. but a donation link? for your work. your deserve it.

        • AnonS permalink

          I’m actually more worried about the purchase being tracked to me, and the problems that could cause down the line. The overzealous US government would probably call it child porn. In Canada they actually tried to throw a guy in jail for this type of stuff. Eventually he got acquitted, but he was publicly humiliated for it.

          If I lived in Japan I’d just buy it. But if my choice was zero risk of getting in trouble or not experiencing MGQ3, I would just skip the game.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Maybe this text from the product page will reassure you: “All works represented here on are expression of creator’s fantasy and not intended to encourage actual anti-social and sexually offensive behavior. All models in each work are intended to be 18 or over. DLsite English and its contents are designed to comply with Japanese laws and regulations.”

      • AnonRoy permalink

        Aye, Rogue’s right. Most folk don’t care where they get it from, or whether or not it’s “legal” and will just download the game wherever they please. Same goes for the patch. And even if we limit it, there are always “moles” who take it upon themselves to remove such limitations. Someone would buy the game, send the invoice to Rogue, and upon receiving the patch, immediately put it up on mediafire, mega, or some other download site. In one sense, it’s bad, but in another, it’s to be expected.

        I mean, this is the internet. If you put something on here, you’d better be prepared for it to be everywhere. On the Information Super Highway, Information always flows around. That’s why DRM looks so nice to Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and more… it is literally the only protection they have against unwanted flow.

        Anyhow, wonderful idea in theory, but it demands honesty in all men. Men who, at least in part, find out about this game on 4chan. And 4chan is not exactly a home for honesty and law-abidance.

      • Takata permalink

        Looking at dlsite, there’s about 5% as many sales of Monmusu quest games on the English site compared to the Japanese site. Still, too hard to tell how many sales were actually made due to Rogue’s translation patches.

        • Delta permalink

          consider this though, right now the English site has around 36 000 members and the Japanese site 507 000

          • AnonRoy permalink

            So, 36000/507000 reduces down to 36/507, 12/169.
            13/169 is 1/13, so we can safely say the Japanese site has about 13 times more members.

            So, comparing takata’s 5%, or 1/20 sales, and Delta’s 1/13 members, we see that among existing members of the two DLSites, the japanese has a higher rate of sale among members.

            In other words, if we had equal membership numbers on both sides, there would be higher sales on the Jap side of things. For sales per member to be equal, English sales would need to rise to 1/13th of the Japanese sales, or the Japanese would need to fall to 13 times existing English sales, instead of its current 20. Or we could do some complex shit with more or fewer members, but that would just be screwy.

      • CMrCr permalink

        True indeed, who wants to support Toro will buy they game, who doesn’t want to support won’t buy it. Personally i think that something with such a fine story and also “the other pourpose” is well worth it’s price (C’mon look at how much games like cod or bf sells for and they don’t even have half of MGQ gameplay time).
        It’s also most likely that some of the purchases are induced by rougue transliting the game (it can be good all you want but if you can’t understand anything you might not want to buy it only for the CGs)

  65. Zworden permalink

    HELL YEAH!!!!
    today is a good day

  66. 光闇 permalink

    [audio src="" /]

  67. Rockerz permalink

    Now, its time to wait for rouge’s translation ………..

  68. Anonymous permalink

    Will Luka survive his trials and unify monsters and humans? For that matter will i survive the release and campaign of this game? One can only hope

    • AnonRoy permalink

      Depends on your definition of “survive,” as to what one hopes for.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    One more day for Monmusu Quest
    We will nip it in the bud!
    We’ll be ready to surrender,
    they will rape us till we drop!

  70. Anonymous permalink

    Me up to about a month ago: I’m gonna wait for Rogue to translate the whole game, then start a massive 100% complete playthrough

    Me up to about now: I’m gonna wait for Rogue to at least translate the interface and translate the first part of the game, then I’ll start playing from the beginning

    Me now: Fuck it, I’m grabbing a 100% save and starting this marathon as soon as the game is released.

    • AnonRoy permalink


      Gonna go through as many fights as I can, use ITH and Translation Aggregator to make it somewhat understandable, use Cheat Engine so I don’t die (unless I want to :P), and enjoy myself as thoroughly as I can until the english patch comes out. Then, and only then, will I actually play the game, not just the fights. :P

      That in mind, I strongly recommend to everyone who can’t read Japanese the use of ITH (internal text hooker, i think) and the Translation Aggregator. ITH Will take any displayed text in the game and instantly copy it to clipboard. ITH takes whatever is in the clipboard and runs it through whatever machine translators you want. It comes set with a few, but not all of them work. It takes a little while to understand what you’re doing with the two of them, but once you’ve got them working, they’re extremely helpful, in terms of getting you a near-instant machine translation of what’s going on.

      Keep in mind, the result of using these two programs is that the game becomes functional for english speakers. Functional, but not fabulous or amazing. They will never be able to replace Rogue’s work, but they’re a hell of a lot better than stumbling around in the dark.

      In fact, that’s a perfect comparison…

      The game without any translation is like walking in total darkness.
      The game with ITH and TransAgg is like having a candle.
      The game with Rogue’s Translation is like walking in the sunlight.

      So, you can go out at night with a candle, or wait until the morning. Your call. :D

  71. Anonymous permalink

    To anyone out there that can help me with this favor?

    Could you give me a link to a 100% completion Save that has everything from Chapter 1 and 2 ?

    I fear my save doesn’t have everything and I would really like to have one available

    Thank you very much

    • Anonymous permalink

      As stated just starting up chapter 3 will leave you at max level, missing only the optional items (which according the Toro will not effect the story either way)

      • Anonymous permalink

        I’m pretty sure it was also stated that there will be monsters you can’t fight (and lose to) unless you have said items.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Yup. No effect to the Story, but no access to a Side Quest here and there.

        • AnonRoy permalink

          Though, I’m pretty sure someone posted a 100% save up above. Check there.

          • Jikorde permalink

            No that save only contains the monsterpedia and my record, not a game save with everything, unless that is where the beat the game import save is stored, then it has everything.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I can upload my save, I’m quite sure I’ve completed everything on the games. Do I only need to copy the save folder and upload?

  72. jon permalink

    can i ask question how you use Cheat Engine in MGQ anyway i don’t know you use in the game so can tell me how?

    • Anonymous permalink

      In MGQ, I think you can only use it on your health, but I’m not an expert with Cheat Engine and probably just don’t know how to.

      Anyways, have both MGQ and CE running.
      Select MGQ.exe in the CE process list.
      Type your health in the Value box when you get into a fight and click First Scan.
      Get hit by the monster, then type your remaining health and select Next Scan. You should be left with one address in the window.
      Double click it, then change the value in the bottom window to whatever you want your health to be. Click on the square or your health with just reset after getting hit.

      • Anonymous permalink

        n MGQ, I think you can only use it on your health, but I’m not an expert with Cheat Engine and probably just don’t know how to use it on anything else.*

        • AnonRoy permalink

          In a sense, there’s nothing else to use it on. Most of the unlocks for the gallery are probably Boolean/true-false values, that are just 1 or 0, and a game like MGQ would have a thousand of those. Furthermore, each one would be separate. It would take ages to unlock every monster girl. Truly, ages. It would be faster to play the game instead. The other thing you could do with it would be changing the records, though there’s little point to doing that.

          A lot of people mentioned giving Luka more experience, so he’s higher level for each fight. However, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it actually works. Rather, I think he’s set to be at specific stats for each individual fight, with some possible variation (coming from, for example, choices like the Genie) being reflected in more Boolean flags. So, increasing his experience points would do nothing, I think.

          The last thing you could do is to freeze his SP, which is done in the same method of his Health, and is just as easy. Start a fight, enter your current SP, use a skill, enter new SP, max the value and freeze it, and you’re done.

          So, it’s worthwhile to edit Health and SP so they’re always maxed. Just be aware, if you get hit by a one-hit KO move, you’ll probably just get hit by it again and again for eternity, until you un-freeze your health (by unchecking the box next to the value. Checking it prevents it from going down. In MGQ, the first hit will be reflected in the battle gauges, but the next will be as if you were at full.)

  73. Anonymous permalink

    Tomorrow games out Tomorrow. MY BODY IS READY!!!!!

  74. Anonymous permalink

    This week went by slow… but finally, only a day left.

  75. AnonRoy permalink

    Less than that. In theory, we could be playing it in as little as 9 hours (it’s now 11:09 on may 30th in my part of the USA). In other words, when you wake up, thanks to the International Date line, you may very well find it available. Cuz we’ll be in the final throes of the 31st, but the Japanese will be waking up to June 1st, and in theory, it’s going to be released within the first couple minutes of June 1st, in Japan. So, my suggestion is… GO TO BED!!! The sooner you do, the sooner you wake up to hordes of monster girls!!!1!1one!!!eleven!!!

  76. Anonymous permalink

    It will be ages before we can play it translated unless Rogue is some kind of robot, but I’m still eagerly watching this release to find out what happens in the story. I can find the details later.

    • Anonymous permalink

      machine translations my friend they are ass but its still fappable

      • ChaoticNemisis permalink

        by the sound of it it would be better just to leave it untranslated. It’s still fapable.

      • I like slime girls permalink

        You clearly have played machine translations if you think people want this translated only cause it’s “fappable”.

      • Scarlethill permalink

        We want the awesome story too! That´s part why i played it for this long and even replay the old ones. The fappable part is just.. well fappable but the story in this eroge is out of this world.

  77. Anonymous permalink

    I am actually curious about this.Tranlationbros what exactly is the hard part in translations? Is it finding out what all the obscure characters mean or trying to translate the Japanese into English (I have read Japanese as it is written, i.e. a literal translation of each word) and I wonder what you find is harder.

    • no name permalink

      The same question i had in mind. but when i remember that rogue translated the demo in less than 4 days i tell my self nah. the full game can be translated in a month at least.

      • Anonymous permalink

        He does have an actual job though and the demo was very short. Then again who needs a life when you have monster girls ;)

      • BradMason permalink

        If you’re expecting the full game to be translated in a month, then prepare to be disappointed.

    • Open a 400 page book. Now for every single sentence in this book, think up another way of saying the same sentence, only you can’t use any of the same words. Do this for every page, and see how long it takes.

      • Inugami permalink

        You already have my respect Rogue
        but if i could
        i would just…i dunno
        pay every meal you ate for 5 years…if i could

  78. Anonymous permalink


  79. Anonymous permalink

    The game will probably be out in a second since the page on dlsite is temporarily down.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Are you kidding me?
      DLSITE will only update their daily game every morning before noon their time, now is nowhere CLOSE.

      Less then 12 hours though, for the official release.

  80. TrueKimochi permalink

    Looking forward to this when it gets translated
    . I Have my save data ready to be transferred and everything. The story is just getting to the good part and I want it

  81. Anonymous permalink


  82. Dabeavis permalink

    Hoefully the Holy Trinity (The group of 3 simple-looking angels that use paizuri attacks, where the rape scene involves six of them putting luka in a crucifix position) are encountered early on in the game, just by seeing them I think they will be my favorite enemy in this game.

    • BradMason permalink

      Snap! lol I CANNOT wait ’till I get to that part. I swear my d*ck is probably gonna fall off

      • Dabeavis permalink

        I can at least expect some good tit fucks from the first translated portion of the game, since quite a few of the monsters (mainly the angels) have those CGs revealed.

  83. AnonRoy permalink

    If you listen closely, on DLSite, you can hear thousands of people slamming their F5’s.
    Or maybe it’s all just your F5…

  84. CMrCr permalink

    Can’t be mine coz it’s already worn out, man it will never be soon enough

    • AnonRoy permalink

      What’s really gonna suck is the wait while we’re all actually downloading it, legally or not…
      “Come on… I need my Hora’s to get here quicker than 100kb/s!”

  85. Zworden permalink
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5!!!!!

  86. Anonymous permalink

    You can apparently get the game there :

    • Riskybiscuit permalink

      That one is Japan only if you plan on paying by card.

  87. Softicedragon permalink

    Oh lord oh lord…..iam so happy to be still alive. Soon i can enjoying mgq3.

  88. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t have an immediate opportunity to play right now unfortunately…. but as soon as I get home from work, I don’t expect to sleep very much.

  89. BradMason permalink

    Anyone got a rough time estimate as to when we can be expecting the release? I live in England if that helps, and it’s 9:30pm lol

    • Riskybiscuit permalink

      Judging by the fact DLsite usually updates around noon in Japan, I’d say around 3am tomorrow is a good estimate.

      • BradMason permalink

        Sweet. Looks like I won’t be sleeping anytime soon then xD

      • Anonymous permalink

        It appears people have already downloaded the game from digiket, so we are really just waiting for someone to upload it.

  90. Anonymous permalink

    I still can’t decide if I want to wait for the translation or not. It’s like I’m balanced atop a razor thin wire. If only my patience can hold out, and I can resist that temptation…I’m probably going to give in :(

  91. Anonymous permalink

    the wait is killing me…

  92. CMrCr permalink

    Umh 20.66 should be the price in euro with the conversion factor got on google. The english DL is trying to make more money on it

  93. Anonymous permalink

    Could someone link the cg’s when the game is out @-@

  94. Anonymous permalink

    IT’S OUT!!!

  95. Anonymous permalink

    It’s only out for the digiket site so far, and you can’t buy it from there unless you have a JP credit card. At least mine won’t work. DL site should hurry up before their service is worse than the pirates’.

  96. Almonds permalink

    I can’t see anything on the DLsite.

  97. Anonymous permalink

    LINKS D:




  98. Anonymous permalink

    ARRR MATEY! We pirates always prevail! Sailing the seven seas of the internet! ARRRR

  99. bagel permalink


  100. Anonymous permalink


  101. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone got cg’s yet?

  102. Anonymous permalink

    anyone got cg’s yet @__@

  103. Anonymous permalink

    cant navigate the japanese dlsite, still waiting on english dlsite

  104. Anonymous permalink

    what’s the link for english DLsite?

  105. carl permalink

    I need the cgs DX

  106. Anonymous permalink

    Out on the english site

    And, heck, 1.27 GB

    • Towelhead permalink

      ugh, I’m having problems using my prepaid card on this site….

  107. Anonymous permalink

    Bought it to support the artists

    • Anonymous permalink

      I like to support too, but no credit card. Seems no option to pay by paypal too :<

  108. Anonymous permalink

    I like to buy too, but there seems no option to pay by paypal :<

    • Almonds permalink

      You have to register to DLsite to use Paypal, which is free.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh, okay. Seems the english DLsite easier to find
        Gonna buy now …
        Thank you!

      • Anonymous permalink

        Or not… checkout greyed for paypal
        *Not available
        for items intended for adults. =.=” blame paypal

        • angellus permalink

          yep, same here, wanted to buy it but paypal is grayed out :(

  109. CMrCr permalink


  110. Almonds permalink


  111. Anonymous permalink


  112. Anonymous permalink

    Rape bait?

  113. Just a Puny Traveler permalink

    I want to see it to the end… but I don’t have any credit card…are there any other ways to purchase it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I don’t know anywhere online that doesn’t require credit card. You can try to ask your local gaming store to import for you, and then you can pay them in cash.

      That, or you can go to Japan and buy it directly. 1st one is probably more realistic.

    • AnonS permalink

      You can buy a gift card that is backed by Visa, they function the same as credit cards but they have a prepaid limit on them. I have used them before myself. In fact, that very well might be the way I buy this game, as I assume you can be as anonymous as you want that way.

  114. Incubusknight permalink

    and now time to start up the “touch fluffy tail” fan song to get hyped while waiting for download!

  115. Luka permalink

    Links or CG please <3?

  116. Anonymous permalink

    My dick is full of hype

  117. Anonymous permalink

    How do I link up my old save with this new game? Anyone know?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Most likely the same way as with Part 2.

      If you’re asking because you have the game, upload it to MediaFire or something!

  118. Anonymous permalink

    oh god it’s here. MONSTER GIRLS MY BODY IS READY!!!!!!

  119. Anonymous permalink

    I am impressed by the large amount of people willing to purchase the game to support the artists. You have changed my pirate ways with your kind hearts! Now to scrounge for cans so I can pay my credit card next month…

  120. 光闇 permalink

    DL link below this comment.

  121. Softicedragon permalink

    Oh no i cant buy it without a credit card…. :(

    • Anonymous permalink

      why don’t you have a credit card or debit card… how old are you?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Not everyone on the internet is American. Many countries have other electronic payment modalities which make credit cards obsolete for anything other than international purchases.

  122. Softicedragon permalink

    Im 23 but it wasnt necessary until yet. If i want something to buy i always use paypal but in this case it doesnt work. :(

  123. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve gotten a little bit in, some very good monstergirls and CG so far. Lots we didn’t get to see/have teased to us on site!!!

    Anyone further? We need to get a 100% save on here asap!

    • 光闇 permalink

      What’s more important is that we get DL links on here asap.

      • Anonymous permalink

        There are still people who don’t pay for this game? LOL

        • Anonymous permalink

          It’s 2013 bro, what are you implying?

        • 光闇 permalink

          We are in an economic recession; anyone who pays for anything that can be acquired without paying anything is inferior and will be trampled and left in the dirt.

          • Gutwood permalink

            Don’t get butthurt, it’s not our fault you’re tramp. Besides, the game is cheaper than most console games as it is so why don’t you keep your half baked opinions on the chan with the rest of the peasants?

          • 光闇 permalink

            Have fun being poor!

  124. Anonymous permalink

    need any sort of translation …

  125. Monkehman permalink

    I was convinced I was gonna pirate it.
    Then the pirate downloads didn’t come fast enough.
    Then the english dlsite was faster.
    Then I just bought it.

    Just proves again, like gabe newell from valve once said: Piracy is a service problem.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yes because paying for DRM and then not being able to sell what you bought after you’ve used it is much better service than just downloading and playing it without paying anything. Gabe Newell is a fucking idiot, also you can’t compete with things that are free.

      • Anonymous permalink

        gayben dont know shiet, still waiting for hl3 probably not worth the weight

      • Anonymous permalink

        Fucking Gave.
        I don’t even wait HL3 anymore. It is just ridiculously long.
        IF it will come out I won’t pay a cent to that fucking bastard. Fuck him

      • AnonS permalink

        People with money tend to buy things if you make it easy and fast. Also if the price point is reasonable. People without money won’t buy anything no matter how much DRM you stick into it. People with money who would buy something but it has too much DRM will just pirate it, because generally you have to be smart to make money, and smart people don’t like letting themselves get jerked around.

        • Anonymous permalink

          That’s a pretty damn good summary of piracy right there. I wonder how much money game companies waste by worrying about the people that would either pirate or not get the game at all, and those are the only two options. It’s a fallacy to look at every pirated copy as a lost sale.

          The people who move to piracy because of the hassle of DRM is just the second wave of lost revenue for them. It’s bad business to treat your paying customers like crap, yet the choice seems to have been made that fighting a pointless battle with prates is worth it.

  126. angellus permalink

    Bah i cant use paypal to make purchase :(

    • angellus permalink

      arrrr……. anyone know some site where i can buy game using paypal ???

    • JP90 permalink

      I thought paypal doesn’t let you buy “adult” products with it?

    • angellus permalink

      it says: *Not available for items intended for adults.

      that’s only reason i didn’t buy game yet
      need to find some site that allows to buy game and pay via paypal.

    • Anonymous permalink

      i like to buy it with paypal, but unable to. I even created an account just to try buying it and it says *Not available
      for items intended for adults.
      Now blame paypal for pirates lol

      • angellus permalink

        torotoro should just make some donation paypal account and accept money that way, i would give him 20 bucks and then torrent game later on

  127. Anonymous permalink

    I have a torrent link now.. But I don’t want to just put it here because i feel like the game should be bought more first.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Then I’ll post it

      Add torrent from URL magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5186E8CBBEE5DA55D3173317E45E830B6122A70E&dn=Monster%20Girl%20Quest%203&

      Add tracker udp://

  128. AnonRoy permalink

    First torrent is up, it seems.
    1) I’m not gonna tell you where to find it. Rogue’s site is not the place for piracy. Pirates, sure, but not piracy.
    2) As of this time, it has 2 seeds, and >500 peers. Go figure.

    • Anonymous permalink

      OMG WHERE IS…oh wait its right above your post.

      • AnonRoy permalink

        It was posted after I posted. I do not approve, but It’s not my job to moderate this site.

  129. Anonymous permalink

    So, maybe I’m just a stooge, but utorrent seems to be hating your magnet link.

    • 光闇 permalink

      Frostwire is, too.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What do you mean hate? I’m using utorrent and downloading just fine…

    • JP90 permalink

      Did you forget to add the tracker?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I get that utorrent is unable to find the URL.

      • Anonymous permalink

        i think you don’t even know how to add a torrent through url, it starts as ‘magnet:?….’
        Try this

        • Anonymous permalink

          Works now. Thanks!

          • Anonymous permalink

            Weeeeell only 2 or 3 days and we are good to go…

  130. AnonRoy permalink

    I has the game now, it is the sex.

    And I have confirmed that Cheat Engine still works in the normal way.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    >500 peers.

  132. Anonymous permalink

    fuck the link is missing nhaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  133. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone remember how to transfer MQ save data to the new one? :-/

    • Anonymous permalink

      If you want to transfer MQ save data, copy/paste the file called “global.sav” and select the second-to-last choice in the extras (you can use the translated 2nd part to help you if you are lost).

      If you want to have the full game, copy/paste arc.nsa and arc1.nsa from the previous game (I mean the two-parts combined one) and choose the last choice. If it crashes, you did something wrong (wrong files etc etc).

      • Anonymous permalink

        I transferred the save data and used the global.sav file from the game folder that has part 1 & part 2 combined. It looks like it went through but the option doesn’t appear to be gray’d out and I can essentially do it again. Is this normal?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh yeah, on the screen where you’re talking to Ilias to load the global.sav, it looks like the first option just takes me back to the title screen while the second one goes right into it and starts recapping the story so far. I’m assuming the second option is the correct one to choose?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh yeah, when you’re talking to Ilias to load the global.sav file you transferred, it looks like the first option just takes you back to the title screen while the second option jumps right into it and starts recapping the story. I’m assuming the second option is the correct one?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Oh yeah, when talking to Ilias to load the global.sav file I transferred, it looks like the first option just takes me back to the title screen while the second option jumps right into it and starts recapping the story. I’m assuming the second option is the correct one?

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh yeah, when you’re talking to Ilias to load the global.sav file you transferred, it looks like the first option just takes you back to the title screen while the second option jumps right into it and starts recapping the story. I’m assuming the second option is the correct one?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Sorry for my multiple posts… For some reason they weren’t showing up until the last post I made, even after refreshing multiple times. I wonder if someone can clean this up.

          • Pyro permalink

            No problem, from what I saw you posted & what I gathered by tinkering, the way to import the data is as follows

            Copy the following files to the root of the game directory

            I copied my entire save folder from Part 2 to Part 3

            Start the game

            The Main menu — guesses as I can’t read it, yea I need to take some courses
            New Game
            Extra << — Go here

            This will bring you to a black screen with 8 options in a bunch with the return to menu at the very bottom.

            Click the option at the bottom of the bunch which will bring up Illias & ask about arc.nsa & arc1.nsa click the top option which will bring you back to the previous page & grey out the option.

            Click the option 1 up from the grey option, this will bring up Illias again & it will bring you back to the title screen. Congrats you now have your full Monster Encyclopedia back now.

  134. Anonymous permalink

    Time to leave this blog for some months. Good luck, rogue.

  135. Anonymous permalink

    Pirate-no-more! Broke down and bought it.

  136. JP90 permalink

    Harpy Queen is looking fiiiiiiine. Why can’t Luka tap that?!

  137. Anonymous permalink

    My god Luka is unstoppable in this one.
    “Oh hey look it’s a boss!”
    Daystar -> Salamander -> Daystar -> win
    “Oh… that was easy…”

  138. KaiZoegret permalink

    OK so it was worth the money to buy this I will say that, for the content and epic final fight (one of my new favorite songs), SO worth it.
    Also u can get it with paypal just go to the G-rated section, create an account, buy POINTS, then go back and get it with points equal to the yen the game cost. This is how u subvert that no paypal thing, done many times already.

    • angellus permalink

      i registered on site and i cant buy points for paypal only via credit card

      • angellus permalink

        actually forget about what i said, you can buy points via G-rated section of site and then buy game, just did so myself, thanks alot KaiZoegret ;D

  139. My family every time say that I am wasting my time here at net,
    but I know I am getting familiarity everyday by reading such nice posts.

  140. Good post. I am going through some of these issues as well..

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