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MGQ2 Full Patch

March 31, 2012

Well, it’s the full translation patch of the second game! There’s only the third and final part to go!  As always crashes are possible, so check back here to see if a fix was posted before posting in the comments about it!

How to acquire the game . It’s made by a small group that commissions artwork. That means additional sales should lead to more commissions, for a higher quality game! If you aren’t going to buy it anyway, then you should easily be able to find a less legitimate version on your own.

Patch Location

How to Install

Unrar the contents of the .rar to your game directory (It’s the directory that contains mon_que.exe). Overwrite all files it asks to overwrite. Depending on where you downloaded the game itself from, it may have already been pre-patched. MGQ Part 2 is not the same game as Part 1. They are separate games.

Issues with the Patch

  1. Saving – Due to the way nScripter handles saving, you can only save at specific points in the game. Only save when you see “Save Location”, and don’t change the comment text. I know you can save it anywhere by crashing the game, but that can corrupt your save file.
  2. Loading old save files. There may be a freeze when loading old saves. If you cannot load your old saves, load your autosave. Choose “Extras -> Auto-Save Data -> Yes”
  3. I had to disable certain parts of the Monster Laboratory Side-Story creation script in the game since it was interfering with save files. I’ll fix it when Torotoro fixes it, since it’s an issue in the original script as well. It only interferes with battle-making, not normal scene creation.

Common Issues/Questions

I’m trying to load an old patch, but it isn’t working/putting me in a strange place/I can’t progress!

Any save file BEFORE the end of the 66% patch is a valid save to load from. ANY save created after the appearance of the final “Save Location” of the 66% patch is not guaranteed to work. If you’re stuck, you can try loading from the autosave (In the extra menu).

I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.

How do I combine Part 1 and Part 2?

To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the “arc.nsa” file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this arc.nsa file into Part 2′s folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite the current file. ONLY arc.nsa, not any other nsa files. Then launch the game, go to the extra menu, and choose “Part 1 Conversion”.

How do I import my save from Part 1?

Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”. Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2′s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2. Do not do this unless you chose to create cleared save data at the end of part 1.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those who’ve helped by pointing out mistakes and by editing images or hacking the executable (SomeLoliCatgirl, Xilium, Zinny, The guy who sends me comprehensive mistakes via e-mail). Also to TheGreatHeinrich for the text fixes, spin off story compatibility and numerous other things.

Contact Me

Either post here or send me an e-mail at .

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      • your dl link is missing arc file

        • that i cant overite becuase ITS MISSING

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            can i like post a screen shot for you…i really wan to continue part 2..=(

        • Kevin permalink

          what’s a dl link i have the same problem here too

          • Kevin permalink

            i’m getting an error here that says :

            NSA( some mathematical symbol, it;s the F(X) funstion syombol) as far as i can type, i already write out…please help..thanks

            099.txt line:19811

            >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

          • AzureW0lf permalink

            I’m having the same problem when i import the MGQ1 data and load it to start part 2

          • Anonymous permalink

            Im having the same problem too, i have no idea what to do…:(

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        • Rouge is a color, rogue is a sneaky person.

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            Rogue actually means an outcast or someone or something who is under noone’s control.
            It’s just usage of the word has changed over time.
            D&D started using it as a replacement for the name of the thief class in 3rd Edition onwards.

          • IzanaginoOokami permalink

            also Rogue Trader is the name of the original version of Warhammer 40 000
            and Rogue is a female member of the X-Men who drains life force energy and mutant powers through skin to skin contact, and has a white skunk stripe through her otherwise reddish-brown hair.

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        if you try to correct every little spelling mistake on the internet, you are going to be wasting quite a bit of time. just ignore it.

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    Hey Rogue,
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    The problem with the green/blue orb is fixed with that patch?
    I remember you have to download something that someone posted in a comment so u could go on after the end of 66% patch.

    • Yes, it should fix itself assuming you aren’t trying to load a save past the end of the 66% patch.

      • Ethan permalink

        Yep, I loaded my save file before the fight with granberia (at that moment I had 4 orbs)
        and now I am at the scene where Alice tells Luka he needs 6 orbs for the garuda girl and now I have 3 orbs (red, yellow, green).
        Thank you for your hard work. ^^

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    Savor this, people! Part 3 is still in development! It’ll be eons before the next one, and you know it’s going to end on a high point that leaves you craving more. Just like last time.

    Rogue, you are a god! We love you. Now that it’s complete, will you allow us to donate you monies?

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    So what’s next after a break? (you really should take a break your speed is incredible)

    You going to finish off VH or a completely new game?

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    So far it doesn’t look like I need applocale (Just like I didn’t need it for Part 1’s 1.10 patch.) but maybe I’ll run into trouble further down the line…let’s wait and see.

    In any case, thanks for all your great work Rogue.

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    it is crashing i’ve patched it by un raring but now the english crashes but the japenese one stays

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    What am I doing wrong?

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      The error is probardly one of these.

      “I crash very quickly at the start of the game!

      You need to run the game in Japanese locale. Either set your computer to it, or use a program called Applocale. (Search google for instructions).

      The text is all compacted together, and nearly unreadable!

      You need East Asian Language packs for the font used in the game. Search Google for East Asian Language Pack for how to install it.”

      Copypasted from what Rogue has written.

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    so i installed patch that worked then followed the part one conversion instructions under extra to copy over “arc.nsa” no crash said it worked but then, when i clicked new game it starts me at the beginning of part 1. was this the point of that conversion?

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      miss read instructions and my fault ignore post

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    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    thats the crash anyone know how i can fix this?! please help

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      i’m getting this too….please help us.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same problem…

    • Lizler permalink


      NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

      099.txt line:19811

      >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

      And changed their locale an redownloaded and did everything else, what worked for me is instead of downloading from eroge download and rar-ing 4 parts, I torrented

      Then did all the right steps. I think the eroge one was corrupted or something just couldn’t unzip right, I don’t know. But I got it!

      • Travis Ray permalink

        you sure that’s part 2 and not 2? .-.

      • Travis Ray permalink

        and plus, that doesn’t even download MGQ 2 nor part 2, that downloads something else

    • Yidi permalink

      I Figured It Out!(1) Copy all your Arc.nsa in MGQ 1 and paste to into MGQ 2. (2) Launch MGQ 2 and covert MGQ 1 and 2. (3) go on until the error, and close MGQ. (4) copy the original Arc.nsa in MGQ 2 and replace the ones u put in. (5) Make sure that MGQ 1 gloval.sav is copy and pasted into MGQ 2. (6) Launch MGQ and it has all ur data. WITHOUT DOWNLOADING EXTRA STUFF!
      (note: this is if you downloaded from

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ae(I) tried doing this and it still crashed, and Ae did it exactly how you did it, and Ae did get it from that site…..

  102. Anonymous permalink

    I crashed in the middle of the Lilith & Lilim fight. x:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here. Sometimes after they use the move Laughing Geld, with the words “One of Lilith’s small fingers gently tickles the tip of Luka’s penis”, an error message comes up saying:

      099.txt line:178003
      |skip 2

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have the same problem. After the move Laughing Geld, when it says, “One of Lilith’s small fingers gently tickles the tip of Luka’s penis,” an error appears saying:

      099.txt line:178003
      |skip 2

      • deathbybiscuit permalink

        Same problem here, goddamn it I was enjoying the fight too.

      • Anonymous permalink

        also of note is that it only crashes when the move hits… that line of text is the same as when Luka dodges, only the ‘hit’ line causes the crash

        this problem is really hard to avoid for me D:

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same, Something is broken here.

    • Anonynony permalink

      I crashed at the Succubus village too. Crashed with this error:
      099.txt line:178003
      |skip 2

      Fixed it by downloading and installing patch v0.6 and played through that part then reinstalled v1.0. Seems to work well now ^_^

      • Zukks permalink

        Same problem during this fight, with the same skill, but the V0.6 patch is not anymore avaible anywhere on the web… Could someone re-upload it please, or Rogue fix it?
        I made myself wait for the full patch (wasn’t easy, but didn’t want to be frustrated), and now I don’t have the working old version…

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    i have downloaded it now in just 3 minutes …
    thank you Rogue

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    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    been having this at the beginning. what am I doing wrong?

    • Hajduk permalink

      I’m having this problem too. Merged everything right but it doesn’t work. Help?

      • Lizler permalink

        me too! Other people say it’s because they merge arc1.nsa but I did not, I’ve redownloaded a bunch of times now I don’t know what to do. My locale is changed as well.

      • Zakaris permalink

        Did anyone happen to figure this out yet? I just downloaded it andits started fine, but when I merged the two parts it’ll crash at the end of the intro when you import the save, during the transition from the continents to the actual story. Haven’t even had a chance to play it yet and it already looks like I never will :( Help?

        • Anonymous permalink

          Ae(I) just finished part 1 like about 1.5-2hrs ago, just finished doing everything to making it english,did the conversion, and it crashed on me here also, hmmm…. Ae’m gonna try redoing everything for part 2 to make it english, but not do anything with the arc.nsa file to see if that works…..

          • Anonymous permalink

            and also, Ae f’d up a lot of times when trying to install the english patch, was curious if there’s a way of deleting them, ’cause when Ae try to, it keeps saying that it won’t ’cause it says a certain file is being in use even though Ae don’t have the game open…..

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    what do import my save files from part1?Or combine Part 1 and Part 2?

    • Anonymous permalink

      and how take achivment “forced to come in one turn”?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Combining causes:
      -The game will gain the entire Part1 scenario. From the Start to Gnome.
      -The newgame option will now place you at the Start of the quest instead of just after Gnome. This is forced. No option.

      Loading Part1 save will:
      -Import your global stats (# losses, # of Evaluations, ect…)
      -Import Monsterpedia Entries
      -Immediately start your quest just after Gnome. (In case you combined Parts)

      • Anonymous permalink

        And combining is needed for some side-stories to work correctly.

  121. Anonymous permalink

    and in first part i can’t take achivment “forced to come in one turn”

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      If you unlocked the instant-KO attacks, then just request one. Succubus’s Infinite Pussy does over 1000 damage, to your 600 HP, for instance.

  122. Anonymous permalink

    rogue many of as thank u a lot ,and wholeheartidly but if u please help with this problem also many of us have

    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

  123. Anonymous permalink

    I’m confused, why are the 3 new scenes in the mod folder in Japanese? Was this on purpose? I thought that Rogue would have translated these scenes to English, at least the Ika one?

  124. Anonymous permalink

    fap fap fap

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  126. george permalink

    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    help with this plz

  127. Anonymous permalink

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap – me gusta

  128. Anonymous permalink

    Also I get an error and a crash when I choose either option at the beginning of the 3rd spinoff story that Rogue added.

  129. lamia permalink

    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    I ve got the same problem :(

  130. Anonymous permalink

    During the Crab Girl’s Hellish Penis Wash, there is a typo where she says “you come!” when it seems very likely she means “you came!”
    It’s not a bug, but I figured you’d want to know about it.

  131. Anonymous permalink

    Chipapa! Chipapa!
    My dick’s going fap fap fap!

  132. HELP permalink

    Hey I have both the games but if keeps crashing during the twin succubus fight whenever they do the tickling finger attack and I cant contiue the story

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Screenshot? or post the exact line of the error

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Nevermind, I found the bug.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Ah, gracias. I can bring up the save as well if you want to work from that.

  133. Anonymous permalink




    Joking aside, here’s an additional thank you message to add to all the others. You just made this weekend awesome.

  134. hi guys ,for those with some kind of problems ,are sure u ve downloaded the game and not just the patch ,part1 and part2 are different games

  135. thanks a lot Rogue-san n team!
    God bless you all

  136. Anonymous permalink

    Our semen shall block out the sun!

  137. Anonymous permalink

    The last option for “Skip seen H-scenes” in the Special options is still untranslated ;).

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    I think I speak for all of us when I say… Thank you

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    My penis is ready

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    キタ━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━ !!!!!

  141. Anonymous permalink

    yo dude I was wondering about the extra content stuff and the spin off stories. The only ones that work for me are Ika, the little pot thing, and the cat girl, but the rest gives me an error and crashes the game. How do I fix this? Because I really want to see the vampire loli again.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      You need to combine Part 1 and Part 2 together into one game. Part 2 by itself doesn’t have all of Part 1’s files, which most of the custom scenarios use.

  142. Anonymous permalink

    umh my game jumped the part of the queen elf why is that?

  143. Anonymous permalink

    Urmh i dont know why but my game went straight past the crab girl fight and all the part in wich succubized sara and queen elf are. i’m tryng to play the game all over again to see if it fixes it

  144. PerBert permalink

    Thanks Rogue… words fail to describe how awesome you are :D

  145. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Much Appreciated!!

  146. wysiwyg permalink

    It’d be interesting to see how many copies of this dslite sells during the next week compared to last week through Friday…

  147. Anonymous permalink

    Well I’ve got no crashes but, The Elf queen repeats a line twice, “Prepare yourself, human. Prepare yourself, human. I’m going to take everything from you” That could be normal but I’m mentioning it in case

  148. wysiwyg permalink

    Also, thanks Rogue! Toro Toro should totally allow you to accept voluntary donations though.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Except for he does happen to link to free versions of the game that youre supposed to pay for

      • Lunaris permalink

        No, he gives a link to a site that allows you to download a “trial” version with the option of paying for it. ($30-ish)
        And how dar u slander Rogue.

  149. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, Rogue, Thank You!

  150. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much good sir :D

  151. Jonathan S permalink

    Thank you very much for all your hard work

  152. Lunaris permalink

    Thanks a lot good sir. You are a true gentleman and scholar.

  153. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t know if this has to do with the patch but whenever I play the game I can’t make the text go forward by clicking, it will only go forward if I click ctrl and it will slightly fast forward (which I don’t want). Do you have any idea what would fix this?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I can click on stuff in the menu but as soon as I load my autosave clicking doesn’t work to advance the dialogue, I don’t know what is causing this but I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with the patch a couple of times and it hasn’t fixed it.

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        You should be able to advance it with the space bar or enter key. I don’t know what could be causing this for you, since everyone else is able to advance text just fine.

        • Anonymous permalink

          I honestly don’t know either, I think it might be something with my computer and having tried both space bar and enter key, they don’t work but ctrl does. I’m doing my best to figure out how to fix it (reinstalling hasn’t worked). If anyone else has any ideas, I’d like to hear them.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Yeah it’s happened to me, just restart your computer…

  154. Anonymous permalink

    What’s the purpose of combining Part 1 + 2? Is it just that you have them both as one “game” compared to 2 separate ones? Is it recommended to do it? If you combine them both can you play through Part 1 then Part 2 without importing a save game?


    • Anonymous permalink

      Yeah it just combines the two into one. I would recommend it because some side-stories require Part1 data to function.
      And yes after getting gnome you will continue into the next part like it was never even split.

  155. Anonymous permalink

    Help, I can’t seem to be able to leave the port? I already picked all the options, I have three orbs and two of those gems the sages want, is it a bug?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have this same issue I think. Right after you talk to the Lamia and get info about Sara being kidnapped again, I can’t leave the town. I have clicked on each npc about 3 times.

      • After talking with Amira, I believe you have to:

        Talk with the woman
        Go to the port
        Talk to the woman again
        Talk to the officer

        • Kurasoryu permalink

          I don’t know if it’s the same error, but after taking the silver orb, all i’m able to do is go either the Shrine (since i’m still missing 1 orb, i can’t do anything there) And in goldsport i’ve talked to absolutely everyone, quite a couple of times, but the story doesn’t advance

          • Kurasoryu permalink

            I just saved an old save, and was able to continue, the only problem, is that last time, i went first to sabasa castle, and then to gather both orbs.
            My guess, is that goldsport bugged because the officer saying that sara was missing reappeared, so maybe, there was a problem flag-related. But well, seems like i can keep going on right now

  156. Anonymous permalink

    The extra’s work for me, but when I reach the end of some I get this error. Then a crash.

    (japanese text)
    099.txt line:19811

    |;(japanese text)
    if%bwait= 0 texec

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Can you post a screenshot, I can’t make sense out of that without a picture of the game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Hmmm. It seems switching to Japanese locale fixed the crash.

        • Travis Ray permalink

          how do you do that? by changing the language or from USA to Japan? ’cause Ae’ve(I’ve) tried doing both, but doesn’t work, and plus Ae can’t change the language, ’cause Ae need to download the Eastern Asian Language pack……

  157. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, you are sound for your age. Thanks for this.

  158. Venithil permalink

    You have my eternal gratitude, dear sir ;)

    Thanks and I hope life will be good for you.

    Hora, hora.

  159. Anonymous permalink

    i seem to be unable to leave the port? I already picked all the options but I can’t leave, is it a bug? I have three orbs and two of those jewels the sages want.

  160. Sheepdog87 permalink

    Dude you are the fastest translator I’ve ever seen thanks for the english patch!! I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next

  161. Afan permalink


  162. Anonymous permalink

    I made sure not to start part 2 until the full patch was done. And now it is. My dick is very ready. Thank you Rogue.

  163. The line “The story was told that monsters slaughted the humans in Remina…” has slaughtered misspelled.

  164. Anonymous permalink



  165. Anonymous permalink

    I won mgq2 . now cant wait for mgq3

    • Anonymous permalink

      MGQ3? How can there be something else? The game ended at the end of 2.

      …you weren’t a Heretic, were you, sonny boy?

      • Anonymous permalink

        ur wrong. theres multiple endings. if you got the correct ending, you would clearly know it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        if you play in to end of game you understand that the game not ended and you stil most fight angel force in the MGQ3
        sorry my english is bad

      • Anonymous permalink

        There are three endings. One is the real ending that transitions into Part 3 (cliffhanger), one is a false ending that stops at Part 2, and the last one is the bad ending when you lose against Alice.

        • What'sausername? permalink

          What do you mean “bad ending”?

          Hora hora.

          • Johnny Cool permalink



            Good Ending: Don´t kill Alice
            Bad Ending: Kill Alice
            No Ending: Lost agains Alice

  166. Anonymous permalink


  167. Anonymous permalink

    There is crash when u have been defeated by tamamo after the second round the game will crash at the sex scene.

    • Ethan permalink

      Also I requested that she defeats me in round 1 with her mouth
      and in the rape scene the game crash

    • O-(-'.'Q) permalink

      Crash error message is 099.txt line:172291. Crash is apparently caused by an inproper line break after the first sentence causing the second sentence to not completely fit within the text box.

      If you request a mouth defeat or if she defeats you with her mouth during the second half of the fight you’ll get this crash. Avoid these outcomes (letting her beat you in the first part of the fight is ok though).

  168. james123 permalink

    GO rogue go
    please translate TAT ( thief and troll)

  169. Viktor permalink

    Thank you! You are a Hero!

  170. Anonymous permalink

    Your amazing man. There aren’t many people who would do this much work this fast for nothing, and those who do would have taken a long time to do so. It’s really appreciated.

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    Rogue, I just want to say that you’ve inspired me to learn Japanese. It is now the only class I truly enjoy taking in college.

  173. Anonymous permalink

    thanks alot i bin waiting :)

  174. Anonymous permalink

    Is there any advantage to continuing off of a Part 1 save?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can get some optional items in part 1 you obviously won’t have if you start a new game in part 2.

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    Thank you Rogue :))

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    WHY did they put that goddammed Dryad back in the game?!

  180. Anon permalink

    Outstanding work as always, Rogue. I’d invite you to a drink if i could, but ill drink for you tonight while playing this regardless.

    Big thanks, i mean it, seriously

  181. Esker permalink

    I crash silently about five or ten seconds after starting the game, regardless of whether I go into a menu option or not. This was an issue with the previous patch as well, but I decided to see if it would be fixed in the final patch before complaining.

    No, it’s not a locale thing since I’m running in Japanese locale to begin with.

    Is there a log I can enable somewhere to see what the fuck is up?

    • Esker permalink

      Okay, I just redownloaded both games in their entirety and redownloaded the patch and started from scratch (I needed to replay for the missables anyway).

      Still crashing like a bitch. ;_;

      • Esker permalink

        Using the “no wordwrap” version of the executable makes it run fine. This at least makes it playable but any ideas of what the issue at hand is?

  182. Anonymous permalink

    Welp, time to fap. I was waiting for the full patch to play this game. Thank you based RT.

  183. Jason permalink

    Would just like to reiterate what everyone above me is saying;
    Thank you Rogue, you are, quite simply, the best.

  184. Scarlethill permalink

    Who is the last entry in the Encyclopedia?

    • Lunaris permalink

      Shouldn’t it be Illias after getting evaluated 50 times?

      • Anonymous permalink

        its illias (you get this entry if you decide to kill alice)

  185. Anonymous permalink

    I got a weird glitch after I installed this patch… Basically I am stuck autoscrolling through the options on any menu. Like on the titlemenu, it will highlight new game and then rapidly go through all the options. I cannot move my mouse during this, can only click to select an option. Kinda like a roulette I guess.

    And during anything with a text box, it just goes through it all automatically.

  186. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, man, I really appreciate this… charity, this supreme act of selflessness, hard work, and great taste *cries*

  187. Zero permalink

    hello i just don’y get what the problem is when i launch the game it just say


    bg “bg\bg001.bmp”,10,1000

    bgm”\title.ogg” ”

    something like this and then the game crash after i hit “ok”
    Help plz i don’t get it

  188. Anonymous permalink

    If Lilim And Lilith use “Laughing glend”, the Game crashes. I can’t advance, please fix this Rouge. T_T

  189. Anonymous permalink

    Really thanks man, hope one day we cross our penis :D

  190. Anonymous permalink

    i was so horny since mgq2 comes out that i was not rdy for waiting longer.^^ Now i play it again just for the epic story. Any details about mgq 3? Maybe a status report or something?^^

  191. H-Fan permalink

    Woo Woo! Much thanks Rogue! :D THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

  192. Myndt9 permalink

    If Lilith and Lilim use “Laughing Glend”, the Game crashes. please fix this Rouge. T_T

  193. Anonymous permalink

    I keep getting stuck in cities, the leave option stays grayed out no matter what I select. First it happened at gold port but when I went back to an earlier save it happened at the city with the ants.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Double or even triple check each option. Sometimes one of them changes when you click another one (for example, in Gold Port after you choose “Port”, some of the options change dialogue which check flags to unlock the leave option). I have no problem getting past each city.

  194. Gobbler permalink


  195. Anonymous permalink

    Glorious! Oh, god, the tears! Why won’t the tears of joy stop flowing?

  196. Anonymous permalink

  197. Anonymous permalink

    And then the Lord spake: I shall grant upon thee comprehension of what happens behind those graphics. And he inspired one man till he became His prophet. And 4 months later the miracle took place and suddenly everyone in the world understood and appreciated the craftsmanship of a certain japanese group of people.

  198. Anonymous permalink

    Why is there no change in the game whether you choose STOP or THRUST with Lazarus? It just has the same dialogue either way. P.S. The music in the following scene is too amazing for words.

    • Your decision there is saved. I’m sure it will be used later on.

      • John permalink

        Will it be used in the 3rd part? coz there was no other instances of that choice that affects the story in part 2.

  199. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, SOS GROSSO PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re a genious man, you don’t know how happy you made me XDDDDD
    thank you for everything man

  200. Anonymous permalink

    I cannot leave the port after hearing about sara being kidnapped again. The option to leave is greyed out even after clicking all of the npc’s several times.


    • Anonymous permalink

      D’oops, I got it. You have to talk to the mysterious woman again after going to the port a 2nd time.

      I don’t like change.

  201. Anonymous permalink


  202. Anonymous permalink

    who is the last entry in the monsterpedia Im going to try and get 100 evaluations incase it’s Ilias again

    • Anonymous permalink

      You need to finish the game with a different ending. SPOILER ALERT: Kill Alice.

    • Anonymous permalink

      It’s Illias

  203. Anonymous permalink

    i got a boner just from looking and seeing that the patch is done ^_^

  204. Anonymous permalink

    I get this error too

    does this mean I have to run a Japanese Locale?

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Read the top. You must patch Part 2, NOT Part 1. Part 2 is a standalone game in itself, so if you don’t have it, you have to download it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I am pretty sure I did patch part 2. After I perform the patch, the game does start up and it states on the title screen Monster Girl Quest Part 2 in english. The menu is in english and the beginning is in english. It is just up to that point where the error comes up and crashes.

        • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

          According to the error, you didn’t. The reason it’s crashing is because it’s calling an image that comes ONLY from Part 2. I believe it’s in the arc1.nsa file. Check the size of that file; if it’s not 861 MB or so large, you have the wrong file.

          Best option to take is to download the original Japanese Part 2 (if you don’t already have the zip file for it) and patch it from there.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Thank you for your help TheGreatHeinrich. I was able to patch it properly. I just reinstalled it and it worked like a charm. Thank you once again!

  205. ShiroKuro permalink

    Oh god, have my babies!

  206. shdwdrgnix permalink

    I made an announcement video for this patch, I hope you don’t mind too much.

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    Game crashed while Tamamos naked rape scene.

  210. Anonymous permalink

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    Who’s awesome?
    You’re awesome.

  212. shadowmane4 permalink

    I am fighting against Erubetie and I have to do at least two more move to beat her, but for some reason after using Salamander the Death Sword Chaos Star does not become what ever the next level of that skill is call. Please fix this problem. Or tell me how to fix it. Other then that I can rest until part 3 is available.

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      Did you get a flash and some dialogue from Salamander before using her? Because if you summon her too early your Vaporizing Rebellion Sword won’t work, and you will lose.

      • shadowmane4 permalink

        Had the flash and the dialogue from Salamander, but no Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, just Death Sword Chaos Star.

  213. Pedobear permalink


  214. Kwijybo permalink

    Thankyou sir. And I hope the existence of your translations encourages more people to support these games and their devoloper by purchasing them.

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    you’re a good man rogue…

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    Sir, I thank you in the name of all man kind, you have done an amazing thing here.

    Thank you.

  217. Zigafolk permalink

    I didn’t touch folder with saves(from 0.6 patch), but game doesn’t see them at all. how to fix?

  218. Anonymous II permalink

    thx for your hard work rogue :) you should take some break now XD and we all hope to see more projects from you later on

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    Awesome! Thanks so much for this patch, Rogue!! You know we’re all super grateful! Can’t wait to finish up this awesome story! Love you, man!

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    now to wait for a guide anyways i cant find the gems

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    So the squid girl’s side story is untranslated, why is that?



  229. EsTark permalink

    Thank you :) great work *thumbs*

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    Hey Rogue, I was wondering… Since your skill has obviously improved, maybe someday you could redo Violated Heroine in your free time.

    • Alcadias permalink

      Also, late to say, but it looks awesome. Thank you very much for your hard work.

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    Can’t wait for Part 3

  242. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome work. Loving the game. Now here’s a problem.
    Continually crash during twin succubus fight.

    Following error;

    099.txt line: 178003

    A somewhat tedious workaround was to go all out and hope for the best. Got me past the bug in question after several tries. Still, figured you’d want to know.
    Otherwise, great job! Cheers!

    • Anonynony permalink

      Install patch v0.6 and play past it, then reapply patch v1.0
      Instead of hoping for the bast :P

  243. I like slime girls permalink

    I guess I might as well play it again now that it’s translated. Reading your translation having read the original text before should be fun.

    I also skipped almost all sex scenes so I have a lot to read hehe.

  244. Anonymous permalink

    TY rogue. I owe you.

  245. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Rogue, just completed it. Nice Work!

    Though how do you get the entries in the monsterpedia to stay once you’ve gotten access to them?
    Mine seem to wipe after I close the game. when I reopen it, it shows ?????? in the entries again as if I never played the game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I checked and there seems to be a problem with the combining and importing the saves from part 1, for some reason it doesn’t keep anything recorded in the monsterpedia after you close the game if you import the gloval.sav.

      Hope there is a fix/solution to this.

    • Anonymous permalink

      No one else having this problem??? =/

      • Anonymous permalink

        I have exactle same problem. I dl game two time from different sources and everytime I have same bug. Monsters from encyclopedia are erased after Iexit the game.

  246. Creep permalink

    my game crashed and my saves wot show no how do i fix ?

    • Creep permalink

      wont show now how do i fix this

      • Creep permalink

        never mind game was screwing with me that happens every now an then

  247. Anonymous permalink

    The ending to to part 1 was good and all, leaving me wanting more… but the ending to 2? This is even worse. I just wish I knew when 3 was coming out… the ending to part 2 is just a great, great ending.

    I wonder if it’s bad that an H-doujin game has a more compelling storyline and characters then some ‘professional’ games…

  248. tg99 permalink

    I seem to have some sort of orb problem that neither this patch nor the other orb-specific patch seems to fix.
    I just finished fighting demon-sara and had the choice to tell the king ‘truth’ or ‘lie’ and im at the map, where the only option to go is Shrine, where alice says i can’t go because i don’t have all the orb. (my inventory shows that i have red, yellow, blue, green, purple)
    Am i missing an orb?

    • Anonymous permalink

      You’re missing one. There are six orbs, not five.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Weren’t you given the option to go to Natalia and beat Poseidoness? If not, load up a save at a point before you get to Gold Port. That should fix it.

  249. Anonymous permalink

    And lo, the floodgates opened, and much fapping was released upon the land…

    Has anyone told you that you are awesome? Because I agree with those guys.

  250. Anonymous permalink

    I am wondering. Why do you do that ?

    You must put 80% of your free time in translating. Doing it 1 hour a day is one thing, most of your free time is another thing. I’m grateful, I certainly wouldn’t have know もんむすくえすと otherwise and it’s a great game but seriously, how can you do that for others ?

    Did you want to improve on translating ?

  251. Anonymous permalink

    Um, the newest 3 additions to the side-stories are untranslated (pot, squid-girl, and ???). For the third one, I’m given a choice right away, and either choice brings up an error and crashes the game.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’d like to know why too, can someone explain

      • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

        You see the part of Rogue’s post where it says “I had to disable certain parts of the Monster Lab?” That custom scenario uses commands (“var” or variable) that use the disabled part of the game script. It was disabled because, for whatever reason, having it enabled causes the game to freeze when you’re trying to load from an old save file. Loading save files after it has been enabled, though, work fine.

        Like Rogue said, it is a problem with the original Japanese script, and chances are it will probably be enabled (thus, breaking old saves) when Rogue finishes the custom scenario after-patch. ToroToro didn’t come up with a solution, but then again you can always load from the autosave feature and create new save files that will work.


  253. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, Rogue!

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    thanks a lot “bro of the year 2012 Rogue”….LoL

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    Rogue ? I have one question for you if you know (or can send a e-mail) : Do the normal or hard difficulty will change something in the last part ?
    When i say “change”, i speak about the story or a last boss or something like that ?
    Not about the attacks the monsters girls use.
    Why i want to know what ? Because, i finished the second part today.
    I won against the last fight and i wanted to use the Giga attack …
    So i have the last entry in the encyclopedia.
    But the problem is : In hard, the fight are so much based on luck and i never won after like 25-30 fights. So i play in Normal to finish the game a second time (with the good end).
    How i can win when i take 1000 damage each turn with only 800 HP heal ? :/

    • Anon permalink

      I highly doubt, that difficult will affect ending of the game, only things like hero’s proof and other items D:
      But if it really affect then you can complete game on hard after release of 3rd part o_O

      • Chibishiroiryu permalink

        Or i hope i will have the luck to finish it a second time with hard difficulty. ^^’

  258. shdwdrgnix permalink

    Hey Rogue, have you considered translating Thief and TROLL while waiting for part 3? Its the sequel to thief and sword.

  259. Buu permalink

    You are fucking awesome Rogue! I’ll be busy for a while

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    I did it! I didn’t fap till full patch
    Now I can fap to fluffy tails with all my heart
    Thank you, Rouge, thank you! You a God, indeed!
    p.s. Will you translate side stories as well in future?

  262. raza permalink

    thank you for this ahh what a happy accident it was when i found your first translation ahhh boredom downloads lol

  263. Anonymous permalink

    Excellent! Anybody know how to get the “Forced Masturbation” achivement?

    • Anonymous permalink

      I got it during the fight with the Vampire just before you go to the prison on Hellgondo.

  264. Monti permalink

    I seem to have a problem with the Monsterpedia.
    Whenever I defeat a monster past the Dagon It does not show up on the Monsterpedia, help? :c

  265. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you

  266. Anonymous permalink

    This may sound wierd,but I was waiting for this patch,because of the story in MGQ and the battles,but not so much for the H-scenes (altough Sara and Tamamo made me lose it) and I have to say,that this game has one of the best storys out there in the aspect of story telling (not that much in the story itself).I especially liked how you get to fight the 4 heavenly knights one by one in that room and how they each taught you something new about the elemental spirits and such.Also the music in this series is so damn good.So thank you Rogue for translating this game and making so many people around the world at least a bit happyer.As for me I will probably play the whole game over again from the begining,so I can feel the magic of the series one more time and altough it will not be so enjoyable as the first time,it will still feel pretty amasing.Can’t wait for part 3,or should I say chapter 3,of the game.Best of wishes to you and all the people who play this game.

    • Chibishiroiryu permalink

      Hey, i thought the same.
      But the H-Scenes between Alice & Luka were so good … :)
      Like the last “rape” before fight part. ^^
      And yes, the music like Black Alice is so damn good !

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      I feel the same.
      This game isn’t only “my thing” because of the many H-Scenes with Monstergirls. I also really like the story and overall setting of the game a lot. I like the humor, i like Luka & Alice, I love the conversations with her and like you said the soundtrack just kicks ass! Of course, the H-scenes are a big part for me too in it, but I also love the rest of the game on equal terms! It’s just one big amazing package for me and I really love it. Can’t wait for the final part! :D

      • IzanaginoOokami permalink

        The new chimeric monsters look dangerous.
        Part two actually has previews of at least 10 monster girls, that will be in the last part,
        not including Black Alice, Illias, or Promestein.

  267. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone know how to get Tamamo to use Moonlight Rendezvous? Trying to complete the monsterpeida.

    • It’s an instant kill move from mounting, thus you can’t have Slyph summoned while fighting her. Use undine then switch back to Gnome (her attacks hurt to much with out gnome) and wait till she grabs you.

  268. Anonymous permalink

    Is anyone elses Audio all laggy? for some reason the game is taking up almost all my cpu.

  269. Sinaps permalink

    thank you very much. i praise and worship you for translating the game.
    now to play XD…

  270. Trick Fairy’s entry says “do not be underestimate.”

  271. raza permalink

    i downloaded an unpatched version from here there is four mediafire links

  272. Dave Nguyen permalink

    Thank you very much for the patch !!

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    I am just wandering are you a god or a TRUE GOD DAMMIT!?!?

  276. Anonymous permalink

    Crash bug in the Lilith & Lilim fight:

    It seems to only trigger on Laughing Gend, and the crash hits after the damage message but before the health bar gets updated.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same here.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Posting to confirm having the Lilith & Lilim crash issue as well.

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Just tried it in the Monsterpedia requesting “Laughing Gend” – It crashes. Confirmed.

    • MeZelf permalink

      I had this crash too.
      Although it happened at ‘random’ different times during the fight.

  277. Yuhan permalink


  278. Anonymous permalink

    Missing the final monster in the monsterpedia.

    Anyone got a save file with her or tell me how to fight her?

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      At the Final Fight – Dont wait… Kill her. Then you’ll get the last “encounter” in the Monsterpedia. It should be quite obvious who it is. ;D

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same as me. I’m assuming it’s going to be Ilias again like in the first game, but you never know. If that is the case then I would assume we have to get another 50 evaluations or so.

      • Anon permalink

        just kill Alice in final fight and Illias will rape you for eternity ;) (and will appear in monterpedia)

  279. “I look down at misery” should probably be “in misery.”

  280. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    Aaaaaand I’m done with Part 2! That was amazing… as expected! :D I just love this game!
    It was kinda obvious that it would come to this at the end seeing how there is a Part 3, but I really like the way it turned out. Now I really can’t wait for Part 3 after that cliffhanger! I hope they’ll give out a ETA for Part 3 soon! Can’t wait!

    Thanks again for translating this awesome game, Rogue! :D

    • Anonymous permalink

      How did you get past the succubus fight?

      • nightgalez permalink

        use the 66% patch….past that point…then upgrade to full patch….
        damn easy….LoL

        • Monster Girl Lover permalink

          Yeah, I played the 66% Patch until is was over and then used the 100% patch to finish the game. Therefore I had no problems with that. But like I said a few posts earlier – I tried the fight in the monsterpedia requesting “Laughing Gend” and it crashed. So it’s a confirmed crash. I hope Rogue releases a fix for that soon. I also heard there is one in Tamamo’s battle. I’m gonna try that now – I have to complete the Monsterpedia anyway~ ;D

  281. BitVyper permalink

    Oh snap, it’s Atma Weapon.

  282. minoru permalink


  283. Anonymous permalink

    i follow the instructions in the readme and copy over the globalsav file into the save folder but the option to convert tyhe saves doesn’t become clickable, help?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Same problem here. Any fix for this situation?

  284. cyb permalink

    Great job translating this! Many, many thanks!

  285. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, great work. However, I get a crash error when I fight the twin succubi at the end of succubus village. I get them almost all the way down in health and then the crash window pops up .

  286. Rogue is Awesome! permalink

    AWESOME! I was up all night thinking about this and it’s here!!! Thank you SO SO SO much! Can;t wait for part 3 =).

  287. Someone permalink

    I can’t win against sara…
    here move are to anoying and powerful…

  288. Anonymous permalink

    good work, man.

  289. Anonymou permalink

    You are the patron saint of fan translations.
    You are fantastic, Rogue!

  290. FDemon permalink

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    Thank you! your a man amongst ants

  292. Anonymous permalink

    i thought the side story with squad girl was supposed to get translated? did that fall through or something?

  293. Anonymous permalink

    This game is amazing, as i said before your a legend

  294. zyxyz13 permalink

    rogue you are awesome tyvm for your work!!!!!!
    my question is why can’t i finish the monster dictionary in part one it shows up as question marks, the genie, the fairy and ilias… i defeated all the genie and the fairy to fill the dictionary and i have all 50 of the required evaluations, is it something i did wrong or is it in the game that way ?

  295. Anonymous permalink

    Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”.
    Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2’s \save folder.

    “After that, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2.”

    Once i get to this step the conversion option re-highlights itself and the save tranfer option stay’s blacked out, What do i do so i can transfer my files over to part 2?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Regardless of what i do the save file i transfer over just doesn’t work, and yes the save file has a full clear save file

      • Anon permalink

        When you beat Part 1 by itself (i.e. beat Gnome), Ilias asks you at the very end if you want to export your save for Part 2. You MUST choose “Yes” otherwise the Part 1 Save Import will not work.

        • Anonymous permalink

          i Did choose yes but it still doesn’t work, i even redid the gnome fight just to redo the option, it Still doesn’t work >.<

          • Anonymous permalink

            The save file i move automatically gets overrighted whenevr i open the game and go to the extra’s menu with the save file it was before i moved it, so Wtf do i do to get it working?

          • Just a puny traveler permalink

            It may be just some problem that hard to explain in words, try to re extract the Game THEN transfer the save file BEFORE combining two games, if that’s still not the case, then… I don’t know…

  296. Can’t wait for the final part, so epic

  297. Dakufaia permalink

    I have a problem when I have to go to the “Shrine” by more that I click, enter or space, will not let me enter, all you do is blink

    • nightgalez permalink

      before…this problem occur when it’s still untranslated…
      make sure you fulfill all the requirement before going to the shrine……

      selene’s purple orb…….north queen orb…south queen orb….and also kingdom saraba event about saving the kidnapped princess…..

      If you don’t complete it…then you won’t be able to move forward….just load from the last 66% patch end….damn easy…LoL

  298. Anonymous permalink

    Just wondering, the last three (newest) spin-off stories (including Ika Musume), are they supposed to be translated? They’re still in Japanese for me.

    Once again, thanks for all your hard and fast work.

  299. Anonymous permalink

    Just wondering, the last three (newest) spin-off stories (including Ika Musume), are they supposed to be translated? They’re still in Japanese for me.

    Once again, thanks for all your hard and fast work.

  300. Anonymous permalink

    ^Please ignore the duplicate comment, I thought it didn’t show up at first after refresh.

  301. Anonymous permalink

    *final Fantasy7 Fan-fare music plays *

  302. Anonyman permalink

    Thanks for translating this, as always.

    I just experienced a bug myself, at the very beginning. I ran the game with Applocale, set to Japanese, but it keeps bugging out at the line, “Alice silently glares at me.” The error window’s something like this.

    Some Japanese characters/ero_makituki2.ogg-then more japanese letters
    0.99.txt line:19856
    |name “”
    |>Alice silently glares at me.@
    >dwave 1,”se\ero_makituki2.ogg”

    Then after I press OK, it just crashes. Any suggestions?

  303. Hey this is weird I don’t see the anon who posts you aren’t finished yet? its only text. yada yada… I wonder what happened to him.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      It’s finished now, and since it’s anonymous, he might be here without anybody knowing, searching for some other way to troll.

  304. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah can’t go any further once I reached the succubus fight. Is there anyway to cheat and do a one hit kill so I can move on?

    • The elder succubus in the castle? Just summon water, and leave trance mode with 2 action points then use Salamander and just use your most powerful attack 2 should end the fight (not the giga summon)

  305. Anonymous permalink


  306. Rogue is Awesome! permalink

    in the part where Luka goes to meet the Kraken, she says “…Ah, Of course. The hero and the silver haired monster that I married.”

    I married? Did she mean to say You?

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      As in Kraken is like a priest performing the wedding ceremony.
      It is like: hero and silver-haired monster that I married to each other

  307. kampretzz permalink

    Rogue, Am I blind or the Alice human form H-scene is not in the monsterpedia?
    Can you modify the list to make this scene available?
    if can’t mod it, can you please make the monster laboratory ver of it, with the voice and all.
    if not, anyone have the save data, just right before the H-scene is appreciated
    And anyone know how to get the hero’s proof?
    thanks in advance

  308. Anonymous permalink


  309. Anonymous permalink

    Well, I missed every single jewel. I wonder if it’s worth it to start over so I can get the hero’s proof…

    Anyway, thanks so much for the translation rogue1

    • nightgalez permalink

      those item is categorized as other…which mean not important at all….LoL

      the LoL item you really need is the Orb…6 in number…that’s all

  310. Sinarra permalink

    My deepest gratitude to you Rogue! Had you not taken it upon yourself to translate this gem of a game, terrible language learners such as myself would never be able to experience this unique story. Thank you!

  311. Anonymous permalink

    Ok, Whenever i try to Do the Save transfer to This it Never works, every time i move the save file (Which has a Fully cleared file mind you) to MGQ2 save folder it automatically gets overwritten by a 42kb file with the same name, even thou the file i put in the folder (which is the save data from MGQ1) is 13kb regardless of what i do the Game auto replaces the save file with the 43kb version which prevents me from converting the file, Could somebody give me some help here so i don’t have to replay all of part 1 so i can play part 2.

  312. Anonymous permalink

    You’re not going to be translating the third one? Didn’t you say that some time?

    • No the third one isn’t out yet. He will translate the third one (if he feels like it) when it comes out.

  313. Zoro permalink

    I guess the end wasn’t here
    See you guys next year when the last part arrives!
    If we’re still alive.

  314. Anonymous permalink

    Great job and all, but
    even with this patch, the text is still small and compacted, with the East Asian Language packs already installed.
    So my question is, to everyone, is there a way to un-jam the text even with the East Asian packs installed or is there a certain language I am missing?
    But once again, great job, don’t let these various problems discouraged you.

    • Anonymous permalink

      – Use AppLocale to open game file
      – Set language to Japanese
      – Now text are readable ^ ^

  315. Anonymous permalink

    anyone have a save file for right before this patch? I seem to have lost mine and i really would rather not have to play through the first 2 parts again. Thank you very much if so.

  316. Anonymous permalink

    Just wanted to say I finished the game with the patch and I loved it! Thanks so much for the hard work Rogue, keep it up! The game and your work on it are both extraordinary. I saw a glitch with the BGM once or twice, but I think that was just a computer error to be honest, since it only happened twice and fixed itself after 10 seconds or so. Again awesome job, I’m gonna be working on filling out the monsterpedia next :P
    On a gameplay related note, does anyone know what the final monster slot is and what it takes to fill it? I’d imagine it relates to the evaluations, like with Illias, in the first one but now I’m curious XD

    • bikkethepirate permalink

      you get it by killing alice instead of sparing her

  317. What'sausername? permalink

    Oh wow, I feel like such an ass after getting the “forced an enemy to eat quadruple giga” achievement. Use it on the imp.

  318. Anonymous permalink

    For fuck’s sake. Lillim and Lillith are such bullshit. Zero issues through the rest of the game on hard mode, then I have to reload 8 goddamn times against them on normal, after the 12 times on hard. The entire battle is “Did SP/Level Drain get through Sylph? If yes, reload game.” That isn’t challenging, it’s tediuous.
    And then Alice freed them right afterwards. I ended up skipping all the dialogue afterwards, I didn’t want to deal with it any more. I hope those anti-monster extremists burn that whole damn village to the ground.

  319. Anonymous permalink

    Argh, that Succubus village final battle! So tedious. I hope the anti-monster extremists burn that whole place down. :(

  320. Anonymous permalink

    The last part is so incredible. I was holding my cock through the whole thing.

    I am not feeling part 3 monsters but we will see.

  321. Anonymous permalink

    ok im stuck i missed somethin in the gold port stuff and i dont have a save point before then can someone get me a save file before gold port so i dont have to go through the whole game again?

  322. Anonymous permalink


    Rogue, you fucking rock.

  323. Anonymous permalink

    something fucked up in my game can someone please get me a save file like right before gold port so i dont have to play both parts all over again

  324. Anonymous permalink

    issue with 099.txt Line:17003 (error on that line (during lilith fight)), recurring error just thought i would let ya know rogue for the future.

  325. Anonymous permalink

    I guess you could say, we really got a “laugh” on that “gend”. Ha, haha. But seriously please fix this asap Rogue.

  326. oh my god it came out!!@~!~!#@~@#~! permalink

    i’m a fan of your translations in a country called Korea,,
    i figured it woul’d be best if you knew that someone is selling your patches for money in korean file download sites….

  327. oh my god it came out!!@~!~!#@~@#~! permalink

    oh! by the way,isn’t there a spelling error in yuki onna’s rape scene?

  328. Anonymous permalink

    Luka became such a badass at the end.

  329. Alucard permalink

    how to beat Erubetie immediately use Gnome and then Guard, otherwise Luka won’t endure Melt Storm. Wait a turn, and Undine will intervene.

  330. Anonymous permalink

    i wanna Be raped by angels so badly…….

  331. Kvothe permalink

    Well after playing from 7pm – 1 am (From beginning to end) I have to say rogue, Great job! Not a single error the whole 6 hours. Now for the mild spoilers (If you haven’t played, look away)

    The chimera plant vore… that was the hardest fight in the game for me. Erubrite came close, but eventually I found a way to get past that fight easily. Chimera plant was just a pure pain..

    I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing, But I managed to go the entire time without fapping. Im in it now more for the story than the fap material (DANG YOU CLIFFHANGER!) You know… I actually felt kinda sad when I thought I would have to kill Alice…

    • Sinarra permalink

      That’s exactly how I felt Kvothe, I was yelling at alice through my screen that I wouldn’t do it. As for not fapping imma girl so there’s nothing to fap^^, I am really in this for the epic story and my love for Alice

    • Anonymous permalink

      I actually did kill her to see what would happen. I teared up a little when Luka opened the chest and pulled out what was inside of it… (I knew it’d be something sad, but that really got to me.)

    • raza permalink

      i went back and killed her for the scene with illias to finish the monsterpedia. but still don’t like her lol

  332. Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

    Apparently the side stories that are in your file are not the translated versions, I am getting the Japanese versions…

  333. Anonymous permalink

    it call STARLESS
    it has good artwork
    check it out here

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Rogue already said that he won’t do this one, because it’s not “his thing”.
      And furthermore… if you look closely you’ll see that it’s already in the prcoess of being translated by Peach Princess.

  334. Anonymous permalink

    After playing up to Lilith/Lilim, I get an error message in Japanese during the fight, then it closes out. It only happened twice, and I’m past it now. I just figured this’d be the place to mention it.

  335. Anonymous permalink

    thanks for your hard.

  336. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you very much for the post.

  337. Someone permalink

    what is the alma skill who give the second rape scene,
    and how I can beat her?

  338. Monti permalink

    Still Having that problem and no matter what I do I can’t fix it. Whenever I beat a monster past Dagon that monster does not show up on the Monsterpedia.

  339. Anonymous permalink

    You guys make it really hard to read all these lol but anyways this is my problem so far I haven’t seen anyone with the same so please help me<3

    My crash happens right when I start the game.

    PS:Just send a email it's easier then reading though all the comments please.

  340. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, totally awesome! Go Rogue!

  341. HeartofShadows permalink

    Wow.. Erubetie’s scene was just something akin to evil… Next to the queen elves but erubeties was just worse..
    Made me feel all sorts of wrong..
    I mean the second battle not the first.

    Thanks rogue I appreciate your hard work.

  342. Dargoth permalink

    Only typo I noticed was a “you’be” in the Tamamo fight. That week of editing paid off. :)

  343. what do u do at the part when u need to find 2 orbs 3 loccations comes up instead of 4

  344. nightgalez permalink

    just finish playing it till the end….and it was so good….
    thanks for your hard work Rogue……

    The ending is really awesome……LoL

  345. Anonymous permalink

    Ok, I’ve been having that crashing right after it starts problem too and when it crashes there is a red line around the window of the program. However it seems that if I open the game with the mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe it doesn’t crash at the start.

  346. Anonymous permalink

    Funny how they made better endings than Bioware.

    • Creep permalink

      its not part 3 ….. dun dunn doooooonnneee ( but you cant really fail endings in visual novels … or can they >..> hmmmm school days )

  347. Anonymous permalink

    I have also been having that problem where the game crashes about 5 seconds after I start it and a red line appears around the window when it crashes too. However, when I use mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe to open it, it runs fine.

  348. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    who on earth drew the hentai Ikamusume?

  349. Anonymous permalink

    Oh glorious day, I can finally continue this old adventure. Thanks so much!

    On a side note, these spin-offs are pretty cool. It provides an interesting way for fanfiction artists to have at it.

  350. bookies permalink

    GREAT! I just finished the game. I wonder when the Part 3 comes out? Thanks Rogue, you made my day.

  351. Elzard Hewie permalink

    @Rogue Translator:
    I have a little report for you which I would advice that it should be put in red in the main page of explanations in the every patch. Keep a backup of your saves ! ! !
    Yesterday my PC crushed (not the game’s fault!)and I had to reset it (it happens really rare !) it happened just at the end of the game when I was facing the heavenly knights. But after I started MGQ2 it had a tiny mini problem – my saves and records and every progress of the game was destroyed ! ! !
    After I diagnosed the problem I found out that gloval.sav (for the other files I’m not 100% sure but for this one – definitely !) was empty. Absolutely nothing was on it ! The best thing which I could do is replace it with an MGQ1’s gloval.sav and my saved places through the game worked again. But – all my my CG, reports (wins, losses, evaluations) etc. were lost with 0% of recovery.
    In short – If your PC crushes gloval.sav BURNS ! So for your own good guys – make buckups of the game’s saves often !

  352. Trestor Nakkren permalink

    Thank you!!

  353. Anonymous permalink

    help please,can’t save, everytime i saved at save location the pictures on save data won’t change and when i load it i get back to the scene where the picture is not where i saved it. any solution ?

  354. Anonymous permalink

    can anyone help me ? everytime I try to save the picture of the scene on save data won’t change and when i load it turns out that it wasnt saved at all. In other words, I can’t save help please

    • Anonymous permalink

      never mind, I already found the reason also sorry for the double post

  355. Anonymous permalink

    Best April Fools ever.

  356. Billy permalink

    Damn it I just fapped.

    Thanks Rogue =D

  357. yuri9 permalink

    Getting an error at the Lilith/Lilim fight:

    Tried fighting so many times and the game keeps crashing!

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Yeah, that’s already a confirmed crash. Since the 100% patch their “Laughing Gend” attack triggers it. I tried it in the Monsterpedia myself – it crashed. I hope Rogue releases a fix for that soon.

  358. Jokzer permalink

    Thanks for the translations xD you’re the best
    I thought it was gonna be an April Fool’s joke haha

    Oh and something I noticed that the developers did wrong
    When you go to Meia’s house to get the orb, Alice actually has her ribbon even in human form.
    Look to the left of the screen and you can see a bit of the ribbon =P

  359. Anonymous permalink

    God this is so much fun. I actually don’t mind taking my time…for reasons, because I do want to make this last. It’s going to be terrible I know when I get to the end and have to say “part 3 is when?”

    It’s been really good. Always enjoy more Alice “hora.”

  360. Mysticgardengnome permalink

    I can’t get the rar open tried using Jdownloader and then 7-zip, is the something wrong with it?

  361. Anonymous permalink

    champion. did the whole world? a favour

  362. Anonymous permalink

    I think it was mentioned but I am ‘bumping’ with the Tamamo rape scene bug, crashes the game about 7-8 lines into her rape scene.

  363. Ramenguy007 permalink

    So will you go back to translating Violated Heroine after this?
    Just been wondering about that for a while, never had the guts to ask until now XD

  364. Anonymous permalink

    ya the lilith/lilim fight has a bugged move, but it wasn’t hard to get past it – i just refought it and it didnt happen again

  365. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much rogue… been looking forward to this.

  366. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for all the hard work, especially since you didn’t mess with the patch for the sake of april fools.

  367. Anonymous permalink

    Before the wyvern figth the game crashes.
    It just says mon_que.exe has stopped working. Never got this befor. Any ideas?

  368. Anonymous permalink

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know you put a lot of work on translating Monster Girl! But worry not; your efforts were not in vain, we will play the shit out of it! Cheers! Love from Greece ^_^

  369. Anonymous permalink



  370. SFrame permalink

    I LOVE YOU ROGUE!!! \(*T▽T*)/

  371. Anonymous permalink

    Is it just me or is everyone else’s monsterpedia crashing if you try to view monsters from part? Though the recurring characters are fine though (Sara, Crab girl, Heavenly 4 etc)

  372. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you rogue, thank you creator of monster girl quest….. T.T such an amazing story

  373. Drunk Loli ogre permalink

    I keep hearing that Part 3 is not going to be released until next year, though nobody seems to be providing any link to this. Is it on Torotoro’s website or something?

  374. pinkheart257 permalink

    You guys make it really hard to read all these lol but anyways this is my problem so far I haven’t seen anyone with the same so please help me<3

    My crash happens right when I start the game.

    PS:Just send a email it's easier then reading though all the comments please.

  375. Anonymous permalink

    i just finished the game……..omg the story is fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  376. pinkheart257 permalink

    Okay sadly I tried to fix it myself since no one was commenting me and I think I made it worst….

    Please someone I’m not computer smart T.T

  377. Anonymous permalink

    I’m so happy dude. I literally jumped off my chair when I saw this, and shed a tear.

    thank you so much dude.

    I really mean it.

  378. “Here, lets make you come inside me again…” is missing an apostrophe.

  379. Monster Girl Lover permalink

    I’ve got a question about the Imp (awesome monstergirl, I just love Arekishi’s work and I REALLY like the “battle” with her: it’s funny and her H-scenes are really hot~).
    But now to my question… maybe someone knows: I finished her wholly in the Monsterpedia, but when I look at her CGs there are additional Blowjob Cum- and Vaginal Sex Cum-Scenes with her (Multiple cumming). In the battle, you’ll lose if you cum like we all know and when you do she either switches to her Handjob-to-bottle (=I love that stuff xD) Finish or her Titjob Finish. So how can these additional Vaginal Sex and Blowjob Cumming-Scenes be triggered ingame? Or are these just bonus CGs for you to simply look at? Does anybody know?

    • Anon permalink

      Imp is such a cutie little one ^_^
      That is so mean for Luka to use quadruple giga on her >:F

    • Anonymous permalink

      (I’m not english, so sorry if there is any grammar mistake in my answer)

      These two scenes are actually part of the game. In fact each time you attack the imp, she proposes you another way of losing. So :
      1. Don’t attack and simply wait => Bottle scene
      2. Attack one time and wait => Blowjob scene
      3. Attack two times and wait => Titjob scene
      4. Attack three times and wait => Vaginal sex scene

      I too love the bottle ending x) Hope this comment helped you.

      • Monster Girl Lover permalink

        Yeah, I know how to get to the different scenes – like I said: I finished her wholly, meaing I got all her attacks and her 2 Rape Scenes (=Titjob and Bottle Scene). But what I meant is: If I look at her CGs in the Monsterpedia after finishing her there are ADDITIONAL scenes for the Blowjob and Vaginal Sex Scene (where Luka cums multiple times, not just one time). When she uses this scenes ingame, Luka cums and then she switches to either the Bottle or Titjob Scene as a Finisher – so there is no way to keep her at doing you with her mouth or her vagina like the CGs show. And my question is: How do you get this additional scenes you see in the CGs ingame? Or are they just bonus cgs for you to look at? :x

        But thanks for the comments anyway. ^^

        • Anonymous permalink

          My bad, i misunderstood your question ^^’
          So no, i don’t know :s But i’m interested too if somebody know.

        • Anonymous permalink

          Succubus witch also has a naked footjob cg but it is not in any scene. So yeah bonus cg.

          • Monster Girl Lover permalink

            Oh, you’re right. I forgot about that. Thanks. Okay, Bonus CG it is then. I’d rather have that as an ingame Finisher scene, but that’s cool too. ^^’

  380. pinkheart257 permalink

    I’ve really tried to do all this myself and it seems no one will help me by the like 40 comments that didn’t care…Well I hope you guys enjoy the game I’ll just have to wait for a later patch or something.

  381. Anonymous permalink

    I shall sleep till part 3 is out.

    So long, my friends!

  382. Anonymous permalink

    Just finished this…. thanks alot for translating this awesome game.
    And ending indeed was alot better than that of Mass effect 3 ;D
    This is first and only game of this type that i actually bothered to read lines and play it for story and not cg’s.

  383. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so fuckin much just finished playing it cant wait till part 3

  384. Kusojijii permalink

    I have two comments, both underwater:
    1) A three-pronged spear, where all prongs face the same direction, can also be called a “trident”.
    2) A spouse marries another spouse. The priest weds the couple. So I *think* that it’s wrong to say “you’re the couple that I married” instead of “I wedded”.

    • Yes but you forget the Krakken isn’t all that intelligent and such so it makes since for her character to word it like that rather than word it properly.

  385. idmb22 permalink


    Thanks for your hard work translating it.

    Does anyonw knows if I am able to buy the game from the official site since I am from Europe? I would much appreciate an anwser because I am not sure if there could be potential problems trying to purchase it.

    If it is not possible, is there other way to purchase / adquire a good version of the game? I do not want a bugged one.

    Thanks in advance.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Yuhan permalink

      Yeah you’re able to buy it and it’s 100% safe. I did it myself and I live in western EU

  386. Anon permalink

    I finish the game, and not a single fap was given that day, coz I was too caught with the story ;D
    It was bloody hard to resist urge to fap seeing naked fluffy tails but now when I complete the game I may go frenzy %))

  387. Anonymous permalink

    Waiting for 3rd part~
    I heard it will be released in this summer, is that true?
    Hope they don’t go valvetime

  388. Nexus permalink

    Okay I have an issue. I’ve checked over every single entry but I seem to be missing soemthing in the monsterpedia. I have all moves, all rape scenes and all monsters….but it still says I haven’t completed it. Anyone know what the issue could be?

  389. Nexus permalink

    Just a note, I HAVE compelted aprt 1’s monsterpedia but part 2’s is the issue.

  390. Anonymous permalink

    I’m missing a monster too. Not sure if it’s suppose to be this way. But i have “???” right between Gnome and Alice (2). Is that a missing monster or just the heads up that part 2 is starting?

    • Anon permalink

      I’ts Ilias, to get it you must have 50 evaluations

  391. Anonymous permalink

    Is it possible to request that you remove Erubetie’s “Divine Gale” attack? Not being able to save during combat makes her fight pretty much impossible…

    • Anon permalink

      dunno I beat all of the four knights on first attempt
      but had some problems with giganto weapon

      • Anonymous permalink

        Lucky you, this is my 20th attempt at Erubetie x_x

        • Monster Girl Lover permalink

          I beat Erubetie(2) on the first try too.
          The Giganto Weapon was the hardest fight for me so far in Part 1+2.

          • Kvothe permalink

            One way to save during fights, (I don’t recommend this all the time, as it is rumored to sometimes crash the game, though it has yet to happen to me) Save as normal, it will say error, then you just hit esc, and it takes you back.

            Sometimes, this can lead to different moves being used. Ex: I saved when bound by the Chimera. When I loved, it used a different move instead of the binding one.

    • Anonymous permalink

      You can indeed save during battles, just copy some random japanese words (google translate is helpful for this) and imput that in the name instead of the english stuff.

    • Erubetie has 2 hold attacks, 1 you must struggle three times in a row with gnome to escape and the other you must attack twice to escape. Nothing to ruff. Just summon slyph and gnome and save the rest for healing.

  392. Anonymous permalink

    Just finished part 2 and it’s really awesome!!

    Really can’t wait for part 3, The plot and new character is just too awesome!!! ARGH!!!!!!

  393. Mr. Rogue, ive done everything you said regarding the unreadable text and i cant seem to fix it u.u
    Installed language pack, used japanese as uni code language, even used app locale and text is still at micro scale.

    Any idea on how to fix it ?

    Best Regards R

  394. Anonymous permalink

    Nice work and thanks for sharing it with us! Anybody else royally pissed and want to go kill off Ilias? Eager for the next part in the series.

  395. TheGreatHeinrich permalink

    (Reposting because I commented on the wrong blog post :S)

    So here are the crashes I, and several others, can confirm:

    Crashes at Lilith & Lilim’s “Laughing Gend”

    Crashes at Tamamo (2)’s rape scene after her BJ.

    Are there any other text-related errors? I keep seeing errors that point to filenames which I am not getting, neither am I getting any custom scenario-related crashes. I can upload an updated script that fixes those crashes on Rogue’s behalf.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Crashing from the laughing gend can be prevented by doing single clicks rather than repeatedly clicking through the attack. That’s what I did, and it worked for me.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The game crashes on the 3rd custom scenario that Rogue added to the game. There are 2 choices at the beginning of the scenario and picking either of them results in a crash.

  396. Someone permalink

    One thing suck in this game, some battle can be only be win with luck…
    like alice battle.

    • Anon permalink

      After getting all that insanely powerful upgrades to four spirits, Alice final battle is easy as fuck,
      the only dangerous thing in that battle is her triple magic attack, but to use that she need to concentrate so just guard and everything will be okay
      I avoid something like 70% of her attacks

      • Dargoth permalink

        Like he said, it’s random. You could win the fight without taking a point of damage, or you could get hit by those 800-1000 point moves five times in a row and have no hope of winning.

        • Anon permalink

          dunno I beat her six times and she never reduced more than half hp
          her normal attacks takes only 150-200 hp and you can avoid all her magic attacks with 95% chance

      • Brave permalink

        On normal I don’t believe you can lose unless you intend to, on hard it is trickier.

  397. Shunrei permalink

    you’re the best dude! FTW!

  398. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the great work Rogue.
    Do we know when part 3 is coming out. Because its gonna be hard to wait :S.

  399. Someone permalink

    FUUUUck I finished the games!!! I want to know what appen next so bad!!!! thank you Rogue I hope you translate the third part too.

    • Someone permalink

      One question, what I have to do for having Ilias in the monsterpedia?

      • Nope. permalink

        1st entry : 50 evaluations.
        2nd entry : ”bad” ending. (no spoilers for you)

  400. troll permalink

    i forced the imp girl to eat my Quadruple Giga hahahahaha!

    • Monster Girl Lover permalink

      Yeah, I did too. But I felt really bad about it. She’s just too cute. I love Arekishi’s work. x3
      I hope he returns with more girls in Part 3! As of now you can see that there will be atleast one more from him in Part 3 according to the official Monmusu page (the Gargoyle Statue). Can’t wait! :D

  401. Just a puny traveler permalink

    Finally… the day has come… this is… the Day of Judgment!! (Over-exaggerating)

    Thank you Rogue! We will make sure your hard work will be put to good use! Rest for awhile.

  402. Anonymous permalink

    Well, it’s the full translation patch of the second game! There’s only the third and final part to go!


  403. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you so much, amazing work! ^_^

    Also just curious.. i was able to extract the files from arc.nsa, but not arc1.nsa.. even though it said it did so successfully.. nothing happened.. anyone got an idea on how that works..?
    I used the nsaout files to extract.. please help, i want to make my own scenes but don’t know the filenames for part 2 of mgq. Extracting them was the easiest way to find out.. :P

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advice. ;)

  404. Anonymous permalink

    Potential Spoiler:
    On the Alice battle now, I’m starting to feel sorry for that pot of nabe.

  405. Anonymous permalink


  406. Last Hero permalink

    Excellent as always, Rogue. Thank you.

    I am having a problem, though – while I have no trouble saving files on the game, for some reason, the Monsterpedia doesn’t remember the enemies I’ve fought. It’ll record them the first time I fight and list in the Monsterpedia, but if I turn the game off and come off, the Monsterpedia will be empty again. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  407. Incubusknight permalink

    Thank you rogue for all your hard work.
    Beat the game yesterday and the story was very enjoyable.
    No crashes or bugs on my end, however I do remember seeing two text errors while playing.
    Don’t know if you already had someone point them out but here’s at least one of them.

    Before the battle with the elf queen:

    Hope it helps.

  408. some guy permalink

    For the people who get crashes when playing through the spin-off stories, they try to use graphics from the first game, so they only work, when you merge the two games like described in rogue’s post. This should fix most issues regarding the spin-off stories.

  409. some guy permalink

    *the game tries

  410. Anonymous permalink

    i have everything all set but when i start from where i left in part 1 a box comes up with some text in it and then the game closes when i press ok. What do i do so the patch version should be able to fully function properly?

  411. Anonymous permalink

    for all of you guys having problems with lillith i have a save right after on normal if you would like it tell me its not the best save but it will get you through the game

  412. Anonymous permalink


  413. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks a whole lot Rogue!

    I am so damn surprised that MG is a Hentai Game with such a deep story and good music

    In Part 1 I thought this is pure amusement, onec alice joined it was more than just a boy getting raped by sexy monsters, then after having gnome and sylph I realized this was more intense

    And in Part 2 all the ending, especially with Alice…. the music… I was more touched, than I was expecting…

  414. Anonymous permalink

    I really wanted Luka to travel alone in part 3. Got tired of this Alice and her bitchy bitchy mood.

  415. Anonymous permalink

    i ve fighting this for quite a day and found the solution,
    this error

    NSA(japanese text)BG\bg077.bmp(japanese text)

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    is because u are trying to put your save file into the trial of the game , download the full game and then try again to put the data here are some links

    rar 2

    then install the translation
    then put the gloval.sav into the monster girl 2 save folder
    go to the game and import the save game from extras menu
    here we go

    worked fine 4 me

    great translation rogue u are a trully god among men

  416. Anonymous permalink

    I also experienced to bug in the fight with lilith, but after that crash the game suddenly refused to start again, showing this error everytime I try to run the game :(
    Does anybody knows what might be causing this and how to fix it?

    099.txt line:186633

    | saveoff
    | lsp 107,”:a;system\logo.bmp”,79,100
    > bg “bg\bg001.bmp”

    • Anonymous permalink

      Nevermind a reboot helped

    • pinkheart257 permalink

      I’m having the same problem no one has really helped me yet.

  417. Anonymous permalink

    Hello. I have all monsters in the Monsterpedia but not Ilias(1).
    I read you get her after 50 evaluations, but I have done already 52 and she is missing. Is it not possible to get her anymore in part2? (I have linked the games)

    • Zeons permalink

      get bad ending,


      Ilias will offer her body to Luka for eternity in heaven

    • Anonymous permalink

      beat the game after getting 40 evalualtions

    • Anonymous permalink

      Has to be part 1 monster evals, part 2s dont count

    • Anonymous permalink

      Attack Alice after you beat her.

      • Random Troll permalink

        Faggots, he asked for Ilias(1) not (2) you illiterate fucks.

  418. Zeons permalink

    Luka should tell Alice a ghost story to defeat her instantly….

  419. Zeons permalink

    Rather than waiting for part 3, I wonder about the final part

  420. Anonymous permalink

    Im still having a problem with the monsterpedia, whenever I defeat a monster past Dagon, it does not appear. Please, someone help.

  421. Ton permalink

    Awesome patch rogue! And no errors like the 66% patch :D

  422. Kalil permalink

    just question
    anyone knows if the game “Princess X -Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!” have an english patch or englsih version?

  423. tajuan permalink

    when i unpatched 1.0 it was in japanese i think and when i loaded a file it crashed…..Help would be nice

  424. Xilium permalink

    Here’s a quickfix for the Lilith & Lilim fight until a patch update comes out. Should rectify the problem of crashing when clicking through the text too fast or skipping. Just unpack and place in game folder, overriding old nscript file.

    Based on previous patches, the issue appears to just be a missing “\” at line 178009.

    • i don’t know how to put the patch in :(

    • TheGreatHeinrich permalink

      That line isn’t supposed to have “\” which is why I took it back out. The reason it’s crashing is because the text “>One of Lilith’s small fingers gently tickles the tip of Luka’s penis! @” is too long. Replacing “@” with “\” fixes it.
      I’m gonna avoid posting temporary fixes as Rogue is probably waiting to find everything first before posting, to avoid having people download every time a new fix is posted (last time, I think he changed the download link a good 3 times for the 66% patch).

      To put the temporary fix, patch your game using Rogue’s download, then download Xilium’s file and replace “nscript.dat”

      • Xilium permalink

        I see. I’ll remove the link then and just have people wait for Rogue’s patch update.

      • Yeah on previous patches I would quickly re-upload a fix if it was a critical progression-stopping crash. These two (Lilith/Tamamo) are annoying, but workaroundable at the moment, so I’m holding off.

        • Anon permalink

          How can I work around Tamamo’s crash? I’ve tried the game with and without text-wrap, but I still can’t get through that scene.

          • I meant workaround as in they aren’t game stopping. You can watch her scene, then load up the second half (where it crashes) through the encyclopedia.

        • Anonymous permalink

          how are they not game stopping. The laughing glen crash has happened every time, I have tried to finish that battle for the last hour and it has crashed everytime. It to the point that I don’t even want to attempt to play because ill get 3/4th the way tru the battle then crash.

  425. Douglas Reinholm permalink


  426. Anonymous permalink

    Crashed during the Tamamo losing scene, then lost all of my progress up until the Queen Elf/Fairy part. Can I get my save files back somehow?

  427. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue, great work, thanks a lot!
    so now, waiting for part 3 ;-)

  428. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone knows when part 3 is done? Haha ok in 16 days the second part is 4 months done but maybe a lil status report? Mmmh? Someone pls?^^

  429. hora hora permalink

    Anyone knows when part 3 is done? Haha ok in 16 days the second part is 4 months done but maybe a lil status report? Mmmh? Someone pls?^^

  430. Dennir permalink

    What a cliffhanger *_*
    Simply amazing! I look foward to see Luke and Alice fighting together.

    Luke was really badass close to the ending…

  431. bob permalink

    umm is there a part 3 and if there is when is that coming out

  432. anon permalink

    you dont have to click to make text go fast, you can hold ctrl

  433. Anonymous permalink

    We need a forum to discuss about the end ! I’m just mad since i finished this game.

  434. Anonymous permalink

    Anyone figure out how to get the Hero’s Proof in the adventure record?

  435. The Behemoth says “I’ll make sure to torment you’re” instead of “your.”

    • You also missed comas in “base shaft and tip” in the same fight.

  436. Atrax the tracker permalink

    Hey yo,i accidently overwrote my old save file,anyboddy happens to have the last save file (66 %) ?
    Link would be nice :)

    • Anonymous permalink

      you want a save at the 66?

      • Atrax the Tracker permalink

        at 66 % ,yes .The last Save before third patch.To be accurerately After Salamander. :) . If anybody has , i would appreciate it.

  437. Dusk at Dawn permalink

    Tamamo’s rape scene seems to constantly crash my game. Dunno if it’s just me, but all other things work, except that which you already said won’t work. Never had an issue w/ lillith/lillim, but that might just be because I beat them with almost laughable ease. Later on in the game, wayyy too many monsters can be ownz’d by Undineing until 4 sp, SDing out, and Salamandering the rest of the fight. But that’s an issue with the game itself, not the translation.
    On a side note, I somehow ended up starting a new file with the five basic skills, and Lightning flash in place of thunder. Also, I have three spirits, up to Undine, and all at 2 sp. I have no idea how this happened, but I can’t re-trigger it, so it isn’t really an issue. Just cool.

    • Dusk at Dawn permalink

      Okay, Now I’m a bit bummed out. The god-mod file fixed itself after the slug girl fight(presumably when I learned Decapitation. I think I figured it out, with it having something to do with a series of saves I have before lillith/lillim. I was extra cautious before that fight, because if MQ crashes on my p.o.c. laptop, the whole thing tends to shut down, just to spite me. Somehow one got converted into the new file, I think. By the way, awesome job on the translation- most VNs I’ve played tend to get kind of … stiff, for lack of a better term, a good ways into the game, due to lack of enthusiasm. This stayed consistently fluid throughout. I’d say I was waiting eagerly for part three, but I can’t honestly I’ll be checking. I’ll probably lose interest in a month, and end up checking a year from now, when I clean out my memory. Good luck with life, and the like.

  438. Kusojijii permalink

    One more thing: I’m fairly certain that 八尾 is pronounced “hachibi” instead of “yao”. In the MGQ popularity polls, she’s towards the end, between the Basilisk and the Hitode, and it’s ordered with the aiueo order, so it’s probably hachibi.

    • Dargoth permalink

      Good catch with the poll ordering. Not that it makes any difference what her name is, but it does seem inconsistent that the other Kitsune was named Nanabi and this one is Yao instead of Hachibi.

      • Yeah, originally she was going to be Hachibi to match up with Nanabi… But everyone had already started calling her “Yao” on the English forums before the game even came out, so I just left it as that. She’s also referred to as Hachibi in the image files, so clearly that is her “true” name, but she isn’t a major character so it isn’t that big of a deal imo.

    • Drunk Loli ogre permalink

      >#27: Beelzebub
      What the fuck Japan

      • Random Troll permalink

        What’s so surprising? Beelzebub is the lord of flies, remember castlevania?

        • Drunk Loli ogre permalink

          Yeah, except that losing scene is one of the very few that even bothered me and it was seriously pretty gross.

  439. Helping however I can permalink

    Yo Rogue, first of all thanks for translating this game.
    Haven’t read (and won’t lol) the huge wall of comments so I don’t know if someone already told you about this but there is an error during the “Lilith & Lilim” fight, each time they use the attack called “Laughing Gend” the game crashes. It still crashes even if you play in japanese locale since I already tried it.
    OS: Windows XP SP3 (if it helps for anything)

    And for anyone stuck in that battle because of the crashing you can still get through it if you defeat them before they use said attack. Just keep reloading the fight until you’re lucky, try to end the battle quickly using strong attacks.

    Sorry if there is any grammar mistakes, I don’t speak english.

    • Anonymous permalink

      i think this is a problem with the text lenght. To fix it you need to use the NOwordwrap exe

  440. Anonymous permalink

    There is a bug during the Tamamo rape scene,
    099.txt line:172291

    • Anonymous permalink

      I somehow managed to get through the entire scene (even though it has crashed before for me)…Try viewing it through the encyclopedia instead of in the actual game.

      • Anonymous permalink

        umh never experienced this but and i’ve gon trough her scene quite a lot of time already :P

  441. pinkheart257 permalink

    Okay someone told me that I needed to download the base game for my patch to work.So could someone tell me where they may have got theirs it would help me alot.

  442. Anonymous permalink

    You made my weekend awesome, sir.

  443. Daath permalink

    A part of me thinks it would of been funny if as a April Fools joke, Rogue held off the upload for a few days and said he lost all his work.

  444. Anonymous permalink

    So, unlike the part 1, this one ends in a battle… Or is it just me that didn’t figure out how to beat it? If you kill her you get raped by the angel for all eternity, if you don’t, you get raped by Alice for all eternity…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Anon, you don’t have to kill her, just wait a couple of turns to get GOOD END

      • Anon permalink

        good end?
        To get an awesome cliffhanger end
        Can’t wait for the 3rd part ^_^
        p.s. How could someone kill Alice?>:F
        I just couldn’t kill her in my first time, so I wait for 2 turns and everything was good :)
        It was so hard for me to press attack button to get Illias ending
        and her treasure in treasure chest
        I cried ;”(

  445. CDJ permalink

    Just finished the game, didn’t experience a single crash all the way through. And I did get to see all of the Succubus sisters and Tamamo’s skills and scenes so I don’t know what to say.

  446. Wow, didn’t really expect it to be finished yet. As always, fast as usual. :D

  447. Anonymous permalink

    I’m having problems on how to get the third ending. I got the one where Alice winns and the one where you kill Alice and that angel forces you to have sex with her. But what is the third one and how do you get it?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hehe….never mind i figured it out after a little experimenting….

    • Anonymous permalink

      when you’ve beaten her, with some dialogue at all, when she has a sliver of hp left, wait like a couple of turns. The true “ending” will reveal itself, to be concluded in the 3rd part

  448. What exactly do you have to do to complete the Monsterpedia? I not missing anything, got both Ilias entries and everything, but the Record says I’ve only completed the second part.

    • IzanaginoOokami permalink

      Have you gotten all the rape cgs/scenes?

      • I missed a couple on some monstergirls who had more than one, I guess that must be it..

  449. Anonymous permalink

    1. How do you get reincarnated into a new existence?
    2. How do you get invited to death?
    3. How do you get killed by a group squeezing dry?
    4. Could anyone tell me how to get all the moves from the last 4 heavenly knight battles? Those are the only ones that I am missing.

    • CDJ permalink

      I think some of those achievments are just as teaser for the next part, like the first one had a counter how many times you came while having anal sex with a girl which I don’t think was even possible until the 2nd part except for the egypt lamia scene which didn’t count as it was just part of the game over cutscene.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I suppose you could be right about the first 3, but I still really want the 4 heavenly knight moves. Once I get all the heavenly knight moves I’ll have taken all attacks in Part 2.

        • Dusk at Dawn permalink

          Heavenly knight moves? Hell, I’m still trying to get the kraken to use tentacle smash. 2 days of on and off playing, for no results. I got all tomamo’s, though that’s mostly ’cause I’m a kitsunemimi kinda guy. Only one that gave me trouble was the last, and I have no clue how it was triggered, only that it did.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I haven’t been able to get the emasculation move or the last move for Tamani.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Do you get some bonus when you complete the achievements or is it just for the hell of it?

          • Anonymous permalink

            I’m just doing it so that I have completed everything in the game and I got everything last night.

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      You get invited to death by attacking Queen Harpy or the Iron maiden while they are in their dangerous counterattack stance.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I did this to the Queen Harpy but I still did not get it in the adventure record? Can you not do it from the monsterpedia?

  450. demokratiefeinde permalink

    Yeah! It’s 2nd April today and guess what? It’s my birthday!!! And what do I see here? Full Translation! Hooray for this nice birthday present! xD

  451. Anon permalink

    Any information on whether they are making part three right now or holding off till later?

  452. annon permalink

    *does the happy dance*

  453. Anonymous permalink

    I still need help with the problem im having with the monsterpedia.

  454. Anonymous permalink

    Can’t seem to find a way to get past Granberia the during the Heavenly Knight battle, do I just keep damaging her until a flag comes up?

    • Dusk at Dawn permalink


      I was stuck there awhile too. What I did, if I remember correctly, was to summon all the spirits, beginning with Undine. Last should be Salamander. Use the VRS. Resummon Undine, then use, in order, VRS, Serene Demon Sword, and a normal attack. Then use QG. She’ll wait for it. The last three attacks don’t really matter, I think, only the damage, or the number of turns, but it’s what I did, and it worked. Good luck with the next fight, though. It’s a pain and a half. Particularly if you don’t know how to actually win, and you listen to the evaluation.

      ************SPOILERS END******************

      • Brave permalink

        Summon Gnome, Sylph, and Salamander
        Use VRS (you can use other attacks afterwards for some dialogue, but it isn’t required)
        Summon Undine, get the scene to upgrade her
        Start the real fight, keep all of your spirits up and chip away until she asks you use to use Giga.

    • Anon permalink

      Just listen to everything they say and you can easily beat all of them on first attempt

      • Yes and no, most of us play on hard difficulty and many battles still come down to luck.

  455. Anonymous permalink

    There is a crash during tamamo’s rape scene :\

  456. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you again sir, you are a giant among men. :) For some reason I have a blast with this game and your translation allows me to enjoy it.

    Now I’m off to buy a few copies of the game for real to support the folks who made it.

  457. Good Job!! Remember Rogue, I will always be watching over you. Even in the Internet!!!!

  458. Anonymous permalink

    I. Can not. Wait. For part three. But for once I’d like to see Luka rape something, either in story or monster lab.

    • Anonymous permalink

      umh this is one of the best “male getting” raped games against thousand of normal rape game why would u want it in there. Leave uncontamined this wonderful game

      • Anonymous permalink


        Seriously this game fills a niche with some quality work. If you want normal rape there are at least 100 games like that for each one reversed. Oh and btw go play rance.

        • First off Rance doesn’t rape girls shows how much you know. Second whats wrong with having some Pro Luka seanes. It seems like this is a case of I want it my way and no way other syndrome.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Uh, Rance sure does rape. A bunch. From the game I’ve played with him in it (that Japan conquering strategy game). Sure, they tended to enjoy it eventually, but it’s still pretty much rape by my book.

            And, isn’t this a case of you pretty much wanting every game to have content for you? Plenty of games out there aren’t really to my tastes, and I have no trouble accepting that. Different games are for different folks and tastes. Why can’t you accept that yourself? Maybe because you aren’t as much in the niche audience as we are and you’re used to getting what you want.

            So, to echo your own words, this seems like a case of “I want every game to cater to me” syndrome. Ultimately, you’re the entitled one.

  459. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for the patch, i can finally continue the story

    I have a problem and i dont know if others have it, an error message appears when I play any of the spin-off stories

    • Anon permalink

      You need to combine Part 1 and Part 2 together because most of them use images that don’t exist in Part 2 alone. One of the scenarios will always crash due to something in the script that was disabled intentionally (it’s in Japanese, so it really doesn’t matter).

  460. pinkheart257 permalink

    Okay I was able to get the game itself in rar parts but need some info on putting it together can someone help?

    • Ryu permalink

      Basically you should unrar the files on a folder. You can start from the first part, it will automatically unrar the others too.
      When you do and you open the folder, you will see an icon with a face. Click it and the game will start in japanese.

      To attach the english patch to the game, just go back reading Rogue’s esplainations, they are way far clearer than anything i might write with my horrible English ^.^

  461. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you!

  462. Anonymous permalink

    my heart was not ready for Alice.

  463. anon permalink

    how was palstine able to gather data from the knights when they never actually showed their full strength.

  464. Fonfon permalink

    Thank you, Rogue, for all your hard work to give us this awesome translation. You’re doing payless work just to give us this, and I and many others really appreciate the effort.

  465. Malcanthet permalink

    Rogue is now many people’s reason to masturbate. Again.

  466. pinkheart257 permalink

    Well in the end I think I may have gotten it all to work? With only help from Ichigo Gyuunyuu at least their is one person who cares thank you.

    • Abel permalink

      Glad you’ve got it working! ^_^ Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did.

    • Jake permalink

      I think you had the same problem I’m having right now. How did you fix it?

  467. Anon permalink

    Luka stronger than Alice-check
    All four knights acknowledge him-check
    Everything is ready for happy wedding end in the 3rd part ^_^
    except for beating Illias and Black Alice,of course, but we all know that is going to happen
    The only thing that concerns me wouldn’t it turn in some sad story like sphinx’s?
    but considering that Lika has angel blood in his veins maybe he can live as long as Alice or she will become human

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Or Luka can become a monster. That was also an option for Sphinx’s lover. Sphinx never elaborates on it though…

      • Anon permalink

        Yeap, I remember that, but I highly doubt that Luka will agree to turn into monster so I don’t consider this as the possible ending
        I think they would need to become an example of happy coexistence between human and monster, so they will stay as they now. I hope angel blood will really make Luka to live as much as Alice, it would be too sad if he will die early after everything they went through together ;(

        • Ryu permalink

          Maybe in the end Alice will become half human and Luka will become half-monster… who knows? Alice has finally come to trust at least a few humans, and you might say that most of Luka’s best friends are monsters at this point of the game.

          I don’t think it should turn the same way as it did for Sphinx but i guess there will be a final decision to take, again ^_^;

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Why would Luka not agree? He LIKES monsters – most humans wouldn’t do that due to fear of the unknown, but that’s not a problem for Luka. He has next to no attachment to humans, so there’s little fear of being rejected by the human side…

          Actually, there’s no fear. Grand Noah Queen is fine with monsters, Sabasa king is part monster himself, Sara GOT TURNED into a monster (and if the Worm Villager is any indication, sealing her only means her powers are temporarily suppressed and will eventually return in full force), Grangold King has strong hints of being shipped with a monster himself (lol Ant Queen), and the rest of Luka’s close friends are either monsters themselves, or are fine with monsters. He should take issue to becoming a monster… why exactly?

          If there’s something he’d take issue with it’s becoming even more angelic than he is. Right now, Angels are the unquestionably evil side for him, and he’d be more uncomfortable with being part angel than being a monster…

          • Anonymous permalink

            This is… actually a very good set of points. You’ve convinced me; I am now hoping for Luka Monster end; co-rule with Alice, maybe? :v:

          • Anon permalink

            I know that he loves monsters and all his friends monster but I think he will say something like 1st Sabasa:”I was born as a human and want to die as a human” but who knows? Maybe it will be final decision to become monster or not

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Technically Luka wasn’t born as a human, he was born as a half angel, so that excuse doesn’t fly. He was never fully human to begin with…

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’ve been leaning towards the thought that Luka’s some kind of fallen angel for a while now. Between his mysterious mom and his powers, both meditation and the destruction he pulls when asleep, he seems like more than just a human with some angel blood.

      Personally, I think the whole one in a million chance that’s been thrown around a few times for monsters having a male son is gonna be relevant. Maybe Luka’s the male son of an angel? That would probably make him live as long as Alice right there.

      If he is just a normal human, becoming a monster would still be cool. I’m not too proud to live an extra thousand years with a hot monster wife like the Sphinx guy.

  468. Anon permalink

    Still nobody can figure out how to get the game to save and load anywhere? I know you can hit ‘escape’ when the ‘Don’t change the text’ box comes up, but sometimes that fucks up the global save file.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Could doing that trick affect the Monsterpedia at all?

  469. kurtirving permalink

    Thank you God ^_^

  470. Anonymous permalink

    wow, this is amazing.. I know what i’ll be doing all week :P
    also, does this mean you’ll be picking up VH Translation again!?

  471. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue YOU ROCKS MAN greetings from mexico = )

  472. Amz permalink

    I seem to have the same problem as Monti and somoene who uses the default anon, about the monsterpedia. And usually I would just look at what others said but since no-one has came up with any solutions Im asking, can someone help?

  473. Anonymoose permalink


    I’m not sure if this solution works for everyone, but for me, I just clicked on “mon_que_NOwordwrap” instead of “mon_que.” It should have a pouty Alice as its icon. Once you get past the fight using that file, you can go back to playing the game using the “mon_que” file.

  474. Anonymous permalink

    Hey just started part2 and I have a question. I’ve been able to load and play the last save file you can make in part one but in my items all I have is an iron sword and some clothes no orbs or anything from part1. Is this good or bad? lol

  475. Noctaelius permalink

    Thank you and great Job, i wanna know about when come out the third part, anyone knows anything about that ???

    Sorry for my bad english

  476. Anonymous permalink

    Can anyone tell me the way to beat Tamamo in the Monster Lord’s castle? I’ve literally tried everything I can think of, and I can’t even get past the first part. I summon Gnome first turn (anything else means I lose,) and I summon Sylph next turn, which is also the only option.

    After that, all my attacks and skills do no damage, and summoning Undine/Salamander just gets them canceled and me knocked out. No matter what I do, I get bound after three turns and lose. The game seems to be hinting at me re-summoning Gnome like Sylph against Alma Elma, but that option’s blacked out since I still have Gnome summoned. The other likely attack is earth decap, but that does nothing just like everything else.

    The fact that no one else had problems with this battle (and I haven’t had a hard time with any other fight,) makes me think that there’s something wrong on my end. I’ve been able to play the game just fine so far outside of Japanese locale, so hopefully that’s not the problem, I really want to get to the ending…

    • Abel permalink

      Once Tamamo catches you with her tails, you simply keep struggling. After you break free, you get to have the actual fight.

    • Anon permalink

      Summon Gnome, then Sylph when she bound you, just struggle 3 times and Luka will tear off one of her fluffy tails (NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO)
      maybe you forget to heal after 1st hit? Heal yourself to full hp, maybe it will help

    • Anonymous permalink

      Now I feel stupid, that worked, thanks. I tried healing and struggling before, but never at the same time I guess. Eventually I got frustrated and started reloading once I got bound. Ironic that Tamamo scolded me for giving up too easily :P

  477. yuri9 permalink

    So anyone know how to unlock the last monsterpedia entry?

  478. Febo permalink

    You are the absolute greatest Rogue! Thanks so much!

  479. Anonymous permalink

    Good work Sir. Thanx for all your hard work.

  480. Rogue, in your opening paragraph, you state, “There’s only the third and final part to go!” Is that saying that there’s a Part 4 as well (i.e. ‘final’), or was “and final” just an additional descriptor for ‘third?’

  481. Anonymous permalink

    You Freaking Rock Rogue!

  482. Anonymous permalink

    In the fight with lilith and lilim the game crashes when they use the penis tickle attack. Anyone know how to fix the problem?

    • nightgalez permalink

      use the 66% patch….past that point…then upgrade to full patch…. damn easy….LoL

  483. Anonymous permalink

    I am having a strange crash when I fight Lilith and lilim as well

  484. Anonymous permalink

    You are godlike. Thank you so much.

  485. annon permalink

    *sniff* *sniff* the contenst of that treasure chest. ( when you get there you will see)

    • Ryu permalink

      I understand… even if this is only a game and i might sound stupid, it still brought real tears to my eyes and real sorrow to my heart.
      Personally, i consider it a losing scenario of the game… and really the saddest of them. BUT, as always in the game, you have a 2nd chance to do the right thing!

      And now i’ll be waiting anxiously for MQ3, the final chapter !!!

      I’ll say that i don’t mind pirate stuff on the internet but in this case, i’ll gladly buy the 3rd part of this fantastic game as soon as it’s available.

      • Ryu permalink

        Of course, when it came to that, i totally discarded the “treasure chest” option in first place. I didn’t like Ilias from the start of MGQ1 ;)

      • Anonymous permalink

        I acquired a (debit) mastercard, just to purchase this serie legally.
        The best way to deal with pirates is not better protection (or DRM) but to deliver quality.

        Seriously I play this game for the story (and maybe for a few h-scenes(mostly Alice).

        I had trouble (emotionaly) to get the altenate ending.
        I was sad the chest opened and wanted TO PUNCH I**** WHEN I SAW HER( didn’t trust her during MGQ1).

        The (canon) ending was F**CKING EPIC.

        Does anyone know what release date part 3 is?

        • Aaron permalink

          I think its already out but am not sure since i can’t read a word outside of English but from what i can tell from the screen shots on the main page it looks like it is out.

          As far as I can tell that is might be wrong

    • Anonymous permalink

      don’t tell me :( i already knew it but every time i try it i can’t avoid to get depressed and the first time even shed some tears. It is just too sad

  486. IzanaginoOokami permalink

    Alice is the most awesome eroge heroine ever.

  487. Anonymous permalink

    It’s a bummer Selene/Selena didn’t have an H-Scene. I was so looking forward to it!

    • Anonymous permalink

      Wait for it. I am quite sure they will find a way to make her come back and fight luca. Just as I am sure the queen of Noah will return for a scene. You don’t make a nice cg if it won’t come back later on > lamia nun .

  488. Anonymous permalink


    I fukken knew it.

  489. CDJ permalink

    Is all of the music borrowed from somewhere else, (I know some of the castles used classical orchestra pieces from Beethoven, Mozart, or one of those guys.) or are there some original compositions as well?

    The song Alice3 is fucking amazing and if it’s borrowed from something else I have to know what it was!

    • Almost all of the music are either remixes or nods at other JRPG’s, for instance the Witch village theme is from FF7. The normal battle music is a nod and wink at pokemon for instance.

      • Trowa permalink

        I’d love to see a list, like wiki’d. A lot of them did seem vaguely familiar but I never made any connections

    • troll permalink

      and the town theme is from one of devil-seal h-game.

    • AnonS permalink

      Which one is Field 3? I think that’s a really good theme and maybe I’ve played the game it’s from before but I can not place it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Alice3 was my favorite as well. I was really enjoying the story up to there, but once that started playing in the background of the big conversation, the game just became so much more epic. I left a save there so I could play the song whenever I loaded up the game.

  490. Anonymous permalink

    where’d I go wrong? =\

    need help here real bad

  491. Anonymous permalink

    Has anyone else had a problem with Frost Ozma and Omega Blaze temporarily freezing their game? It’s been happening constantly for me. It’ll go back to normal but it just broke the flow of the final battle.

    Also, how do I get the encyclopedia entries to stick around? They keep on clearing whenever I close the game. I’ve beaten the game but I don’t have any of the entries.

    • troll permalink

      nope the game doesn’t freeze for me and about the monsterpedia i don’t know sorry

    • Anonymous permalink

      Monsterpedia keeps clearing for me too, there seems to be an issue with the conversion and save from part 1 which is causing this.

      Need a asap fix.

  492. When I’m fighting Lilith and Lilim midway through a popup appears and my game crashes :/ wth?

    • Anonymous permalink

      use the nowordwrap exe it should ifx it until rogue fix it on the normal exe too

  493. troll permalink

    its the lauging gendskill that cause the pop-up, wait for rogue to fix it or you can try to reload and fight her again, sometime the pop up won’t appear if your lucky.

    • nightgalez permalink

      use mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe to play the game…
      nothing will matter anymore….LoL

  494. Typo, Alma Elma 3 Fight, her vaginal hell move stage 5 is listed as “5 Step Vaginal Hell: 5th @Prison”

    I assume there wasn’t enough room for the word fifth but the @ needs to be taken away regardless. Good luck and happy hunting for more.

    By the way thanks again Rogue. You’re the best.

  495. Anonymous permalink

    if the part 3 comes out.. when will it be? does anybody has any information?

  496. Anonymous permalink

    when part 3?

  497. raza permalink

    how do you get that succubus to use minimum phantasm: hell is there a certain condition i have to meet?

    • Anon permalink

      I think it is random

      • raza permalink

        yay more death lol to heaven

        • raza permalink

          i may have figured it out maybe i have to do it on hell mode in the monsterpedia problably lol

          • Incognito permalink

            It is random. She used it to finish me the first time I fought her using normal difficulty.

    • loki permalink

      she starts using phantasm attacks when her health drops below half but sylph’s wind will guard agianst them she will only tattack three times at most in normal combat.

    • Just don’t summon slyph.

  498. Lunar permalink

    Does anyone have it where there are no sound effects, like I figured the voiced encounters with alice would be in part to but i hear no voice on them, in part one I can still hear them voiced but in part 2 I dont hear any voices and some sound effects seem to be missing

    • Lunar permalink

      I get no attack sounds or anything, only background music

      • raza permalink

        i know you may have checked already but is the config menu on it set to low?

        • Anonymous permalink

          I’m getting the same issue. My SE is turned all the way up in config.

  499. Rehgar61 permalink

    You’re a hero!

  500. Anon permalink

    How can I get Tamamo’s moonlight rendezvous?
    I lost to her 10 times but didn’t get that rendezvous ;(

    • troll permalink

      hard mode probably?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Reset spirits with quadruple giga put gnome on. Stay alive. You are welcome.

      • 光 闇 permalink

        Reset spirits at the beginning of the battle? But there aren’t any spirits summoned when you first enter a battle… Your walk-through seems to be missing several steps.

        At what point do we reset our spirits by using Quadruple Giga? At a certain HP mark, or after a certain turn, or as soon as Sylph and Gnome are both summoned? Or as soon as she takes off her clothes? Very unclear here.

        Are you saying we need to summon Gnome immediately after using Quadruple Giga?

        Stay alive with just Gnome summoned until she uses Moonlight Rondayvoo?

        Thanks for providing more concrete and comprehensive help. I’m stuck on acquiring this move, also.

        • Her battle is split into two parts, part 1 requires you to summon gnome then summon slph in that order then struggle three times to break free from her hold, after words gnome reaches level 3. Now the real battle begins

          During the real battle you get full hp and skill points and you should have gnome and sylph both summoned. The technique you want to see is an insta kill technique that is blocked by sylph. To see it you need to either go into water trance and leave it, or as above use giga to drop the elements. Then resummon gnome as her attacks will kill you with out gnome out. Then wait and heal until she hits you with the technique.

          Short Answer
          1. Get to real battle
          2. Unsummon Slyph
          3. Summon Gnome
          4. Guard and Heal.

  501. Lunar permalink

    Is there a way to copy my part 2 saves over to another version of part 2? i cant figure it out.

    • Anonymous permalink

      What…? Just copy and paste the save folder or the files in it…

  502. Alucard permalink

    Rogue can you translate 姫狩りダンジョンマイスター (Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister) or can you tell me if someone translated it i really wanna play this game i played the God Catching Alchemy Meister and loved it (sorry for my bad eng. And jap.)

  503. Anonymous permalink

    thanks, rogue :3

  504. Tokuro permalink

    The monsterpedia not working. I try to choose one and get error. Help me, please

  505. GenocideHeart permalink

    Does anyone know how to get the Queen Elf’s Heavenly Thrusting and Energy Drain attacks?

    • troll permalink

      heavenly thrusting i got it from hell mode and the energy drain let her do the eye of obedience.

      • troll permalink

        heavenly thrusting – eye of paralysis i think

        • Both energy drain and heavenly thrusting our from being grabbed by the elf girl, sylph prevents both so just don’t summon sylph.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Thanks to everyone.

  506. larek permalink

    I’m regularly crashing during the Lilith’s Fight (there’s at least one other post about this.)

    What I can add is that it is always during there Laughing Gend attack, but more specificly when “One of Lilith’s small finger gently tickles the tip of Luka”

    The other versions of Laughing Gend don’t crash.
    Soft Palm

    Also if Sylph blocks it with wind (so no damage is taken) doesn’t crash

    The error is

    099.txt Line 188003

    My best guess is the error is in what ever is said next (likely Lilim’s Tickle)

    My suggestion for those trying to avoid the crash is to do damage quickly (only gnome/take the hp loss), as after taking 50% damage the pair don’t use Laughing Gend really at all. so then heal up and take them them down.

    • larek permalink

      Opps thats a typo is line 178003 so “099.txt Line:178003”

  507. Anonymous permalink

    Hey rogue, thanks for making the game avaible for the English-speaking.

    Without you none of us would even have heard of this EPIC story/Game.

  508. Tokuro permalink

    Please, I need help. The error occurs when I choose any character from the monsterpedia after Granberia (3). When I try to select one, I get an error screen and pressing accept, I close the screen. Please aid would be welcomed.

    PS: I’ve beaten the game, I have every Monsterpedia complete, and look forward to the third part of the game. Rogue, a professional job, very well done.

    099.txt line 207295

    • Have you tried running with Applocal?

    • Anonymous permalink

      It appears you’re missing files from the “ency” folder, where the English encyclopedia entries are stored. Rogue’s patch should have all the files you need.

  509. woo nice job and thanks big time

  510. Andreas.g permalink

    Amazing game just like the first part your amazing for translating it rogue :D Now i just wonder…. when is part 3 getting released? x)

  511. John permalink

    I literally cried during the quadraple giga attack on ALICE…. Just for the sake of an ending i had to go through such pain… Now would like to see more of these 2 in the 3rd part… Hope it comes out soon.

    Last but not the least. THank You Rogue !!

  512. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for your time and work.

  513. Alucard permalink

    Field Theme 2 > O-Life Japan – Lullaby of a Demonic Hell

  514. acecards permalink

    just experienced a crash when fighting lilith and lilim…something about line 18 and a but of jap stuff ,sorry didn’t printscreened(pressed enter by instinct meh :( ) i forgot saving since undine so it will take a while but i will get there again eventuall…will keep you posted
    thanks for the awesome work :)

  515. Anonymous permalink

    Okay, I REALLY need help. I’ve downloaded the game and the patch AND Applocale. I have installed the game, unrared the patch in the game’s directory and load the patched .exe from Applocale using the option second from the bottom when it asks for a Language. Only everything is STILL in Japanese! I can’t read ANYthing. PLEASE HELP

    • Anonymous permalink

      Never mind, figured it out. Applocale shuffled the list differently for choosing region so I was choosing the WRONG one.

  516. Mikami Teru permalink


  517. Anonymous permalink

    I have no way past the pirate ship boss fights atm

    My game freezes and goes absolutely unresponsive when Alice joins in and casts frost ozma or her flame spell.

    I’ve tried reinstalling clean, but it still didn’t work. I’m on XP sp3.

  518. Great job permalink

    Played it, no problems what so ever. Great work Rogue!

    And are there people that can kill Alice? Highly doubt it ;)

  519. Anonymous permalink

    The game keeps crashing on Lilith and Lilim fight for me. Must be that Laughing Gend move… How can I get past it? Will they use it on normal?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Played it on normal, had indeed one line error. Reloaded, played the scene again and had no problem with it.

  520. Alice permalink

    ……. Damn Perverts.

  521. Anonymous permalink

    Have every monster on the monsterpedia and took all their attacks, however, it still says that my part 2 monsterpedia isn’t complete. Do I have to see all the CGs?

  522. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you, thank you very much! :D!

  523. Shirokuro permalink

    I cant wait fo the third part of this game, the story, i totally loved it, thanks dude, you are awesome is not enough, but still :D

  524. Dr.mister permalink

    anyone else having a weird audio glitch where if there’s any dialogue going on, the audio will repeat a small portion over and over until you advance the text?

  525. Niseng permalink

    Guh…. there goes one of my best week end ever xD thanks so much. I’m both happy and disappointed. Because now i have to wait for the final chapter >:^D.

    Again thank you for translating this

  526. Niseng permalink

    This game Rocks!!!!

  527. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks man really really TYVM !!!

  528. MGQ FAn permalink

    MGQ Rules !!! TYVM for the translation !!!!!!

  529. Alice permalink

    This game deserves an anime or manga.

  530. Anonymous permalink

    Experts believe we might see part 3 release a few days after Fallout 3.
    Time to dance people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      whatchu talkin bout willis?

      Fallout 3 has been out since 2008.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I meant halflife 3. Was a joke at the *Insert franchise* takes 10 years to develop the third installment. Halflife, Diablo etc.

  531. Kalil permalink

    did anyone got hit by tamamo’s moonlight cannon?
    i went throught hell to get on that far in the fight so i dont let myself be hited by it

    • Anon permalink

      If you get hit by that cannon, it would be normal rape scene

  532. Anonymous permalink

    Pls fix the spin off story. It still gives me error. T_T

  533. Anonymous permalink

    The spin off story is still bug

  534. SupremeVictory permalink

    There are several “save locations” in any of the three locations on the last island before and after some battles.

    Otherwise, I just want to say this translation rocks. The way Luka talks down on Alma for playing with him in the castle and makes her fight seriously was bad ass. Luka has matured so much and the story line is just awesome.

    I changed the battle them for some of the boss fights to Breaking Benjamin- Into the Nothing.

    I promise you none of you will be disappointed, especially when your fighting Giga and the Nights.

  535. Marovus permalink

    Guys .. use the Quadruple Giga on the Imp fight .. ROFL

    • SupremeVictory permalink

      You can also use it on Tamamo if you dodge her Moonlight Cannon.

      • Anon permalink

        and if you a heartless bastard you can use it on Alice ;(

        • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

          100% competitionists might as well, it gives extra dialogue.

          • Kbc permalink

            I actually liked the detail that the dialogue changes if u kill her with quadruplegiga.

            But seriously, who was dumb enough to press attack on the first run?

  536. Anonymous permalink

    The spin-off story requires the Part 1 of Monster Quest….. Just import it just like in the instructions above…..

    I know….. It crashes when I tried to play them before the import….~

  537. Anonymous permalink

    Yao: Is that look because I’m using my ass?
    Me: No, what’s wrong with your face?!

    All the same, just completed the chapter, the new chimeras more nightmare fuel than anything else, glad to finally fap to Beelzebubs in context and the ending is making me pine for chapter 3 SO HARD.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Yao reminds me of a mix between Naruto and Gin from Bleach.
      Went ‘NOPE’ a few times during the fight at first, but then I fapped and never looked back.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I’m a little worried about how the monsters are gonna be handled in part 3 now that Luka’s basically at god level. The imp in the Monster Lord castle was a nice touch, but just adding a joke battle every five or so wouldn’t work throughout the whole game. I’m not a big fan of the lifeless chimera things either. Angels are pretty good, but I hope they find some way to keep a nice mix of strong and weak monsters. Some of my favorites were the cuter, less threatening ones.

      • troll permalink

        maybe luka angel halo cant hit angel?

        • What'sausername? permalink

          Alice already said that angel halo could hit angels, way at the beginning right after the earthworm girl. So pretty much right after Luka gets the absurdly evil sword.


        • Anonymous permalink

          I figured we were heading for a Metroid like start to the game where you lose most of your powers, but that wouldn’t work if the angels are at Luka’s level to start, they would just have to get stronger throughout the game while Luka gets ridiculously strong.

          • anon permalink

            dont forgot the knights lost so they are strong

          • Woof Woof, Im a dog. permalink

            Note that after you fought the knights, you were strong enough to fight a being who could two shot you, you could develop complicated strategies that would allow for all spirits to be active + healing (And in a few levels you will be able to do a special attack EVERY TURN.) Angels will be weak against the average game breaker.

        • raza permalink

          that would kinda make no sense what with it being made of angels souls you know but ya gotta wonder what will the sealed version of an angel look like i can only assume something hillarious. Also maybe heinrich did the exact same thing as luka’s dad killd the monster lord then decided he wanted co-existance bet that they’ll free his spirit in the next one from that prison. hmmm lots to think about

      • You forget why luka’s stronger than the monster girls, the elemental summons. But the angel side is getting artifical mass produced versions thus Luka will be fighting monster girls (already stronger than him) who also have elemental summons.

        • Anon permalink

          If anyone would use elemental powers, battles will be like- Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, You hit for 100 dmg, miss etc
          so I hope it wouldn’t be so D:

          • troll permalink

            that will suck monkey ass

          • raza permalink

            maybe they will only be able to use a single element or two at the most so you may still have an advantage

      • Random Troll permalink

        I don’t think you have to worry. You could say about any monster girl in any shape that it’s strong because of magic. There has to no justification that it’s strong, so nothing stands in the way for cute lolis in part 3.

  538. Moura permalink

    Could anyone upload a save right before the last battle of the game?
    Made the mistake of saving right after the battle…and don’t want to re-start the game just to see the bad ending >.<

  539. Anonymous II permalink

    damn… just finished it and the plot at end is just awesome 3 different endings and if you do the good one plot just goes to a really awesome level cant wait on 3rd part :) it will be interesting change now that you fight alongside monsters….. i wonder just how insanely powerful will luka be at the end

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well he is going to have to slay a god so im guessing pretty insanely powerful

    • Anonymous permalink

      Just making sure but the 3 endings are…
      Lose to Alice
      Defeat Alice
      Do not defeat Alice

      … right?

      • Ryu permalink

        Yes but the true ending would be the 3rd one: refuse to give her the coup-de-grace.
        That is the only ending that prepares the way to the next chapter, so both the losing and killing ending are to consider losing scenarios in a way… and killing Alice would be the worst way to lose!

      • Anonymous II permalink

        yeah these 3 are but by plot you have to go for 3rd one XD thou 1st one isnt that bad either

  540. William permalink

    So, I’d just like to report a bug that happens during Tamamo’s rape scene during the final fight with her. Error is as follows;

    099.txt line: 172291

    |name ” ”
    |>I writhe under her, trying everything to escape from this painful pleasure. @
    >>But even though she’s so tiny, my attempts at getting her off of me are
    fruitless. \

    It’s not game-breaking, but I thought you’d want to know about this bug. I went into the Monsterpedia and accessed her Rape Scene through there, and it works fine — the problem seems to only be during the rape scene that ensues if you lose the fight with her. Besides this bug, I have not experienced any others while playing the newest patch.

    Thanks again for the translation, Rogue.

  541. Anonymous permalink

    Hey guys i need some help.
    I’m unable to find gnome on my skills menu, only sylph. So now this make it almost impossible to progress. I’m stuck at the part when you fight the nekomata.

    • Theres your first problem.. you don’t fight the nekomata ;) give it the fish.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I forgot where you get the fish, i read it somewhere but i don’t have it so the fight starts automatically.
      Still gnome doesn’t show up in story mode, and she is required to beat some of the monsters.
      But she’s shows up when i recalls battle though.

      • troll permalink

        my gnome showed up when i do the story battle.

  542. Anonymous permalink

    anyone else find tanamo fight ridiculously retarded? ive lost 20 times now and im doing the god damn attack heal rinse and repeat….and finally when i got her down i was skipping through and i didnt read it and got hit with moon cannon >.> he comes another 20 fucking tries

    • Anonymous permalink

      seriously wtf. this is a fucking rpg this fight shouldnt take 30+ fucking battles and 2 hours. fucking game devs get ur shit together

    • Anonymous permalink

      I won by saving my pips.

      Decap. at the start attacking 3 times and using Decap. again if not low on health.

      Basically saving the pips for heals, Gnome, Sylph and only using Decap. when full.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Tamamo’s battle on normal is easy and pretty simple.However I have yet to beat her on hard,not to mention hell,while the other Heavenly Knight have already been defeated on hard difficulty.She is just a bit overpowored compared to the other 3…or is it the other way around?

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        You got very unlucky with the RNG on her then. Generally speaking, the hardest Knight is Erubetie, due to her obscenely high damage output and her having a number of instant kill attacks. You outright lose if you have no countermeasures during two of her attacks (and the counters are two different spirits, so pray she doesn’t do the wrong instant kill in her opening turn OR ELSE), and you need to break free of two others.

        On Normal, it’s easy enough, but on Hard she has a small chance of opening with either Meltostorm (which often breaks through Sylph and will do over 1500 damage if Gnome isn’t up) or Neverland Frontier (which is an auto-loss if Sylph isn’t up, period). So you have to choose which of the two to summon first and then pray she doesn’t use the wrong attack.

        And on Hell, the likelihood of her using either as her opening move is even higher.

        • Kalil permalink

          Erubetie!!! no fucking way
          tamamo is way more difficult than her, i really like tamamo but she doesnt play around when she wants to screw you (hehe i made pun)

          but seriosly in some point of the figth i was with low hp and fight for my life to get 3 points of SP. ok mdidation then what would she do
          1: grab you with her tail. need strugle for 3 turns, there it goes your medidation.
          2: use the lick attack that puts you into trance and by some reason sylph will not portect you that happen not 1, not 2 but many fuckking times.
          3:she use one of two versions of the nine moons, (one hit you 3 times with 300+ damage the other hit you 9 times) either way death.

          all my battles i face that situation i mean ALL.
          only alice can be more difficlut than tamamo (in one battle she used mosnter lord cruelty 6 times in a ROW, strange enought i win that battle)

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            …Again, the RNG is screwing you, Sylph should dodge Tamamo’s lick 90% of the time. With a normal RNG, she will miss most of the time.

            And Alice is hard? Put up Sylph, Gnome, Undine, Salamander in this order, spam Serene Demon Sword for 4000 damage a pop, watch her die so fast it’s not funny. With both Sylph and Undine up, even Monster Lord’s Cruelty will miss nearly all the time. If Granberia weren’t scripted she’d kill you faster than Alice.

  543. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Rogue, just a heads up on some bugs –

    I have also confirmed the “laughing gend” crash bug through recall. Someone posted an image of it already so I won’t bother to.

    As well, all the monsters in the monsterpedia past Granberia (3) get wiped when the game closes. I tried running the exe as an administrator, so it’s not that. I tried both the normal and non-wordwrap exe just to be sure.

    I would do more testing to save time for you, but I have no clue what to look for.

    • larek permalink

      I am running as administrator and the mosterpedia saved fine through Alic(3)

  544. Anonymous permalink

    you’ve got to be kidding me

    • Anonymous permalink

      LOL with 1mm HP left hahaha
      I also had a hard time in that fight because of the crashing but keep trying till you get lucky.

  545. Anonymous permalink

  546. Anonymous permalink

    that ending mad me gag. what bullshit

    • Anonymous permalink

      seriously wtf. you come to love alice then bam you kill her ilias gets her way and you completely forget about alice… fuck you japan

      • MMMM people who havn’t gotten the true ending yet.

      • Ryu permalink

        LOL… hey guys. The killing ending is the saddest losing scenario. If you wanna see the true ending of MGQ2, which is also the intro scenario for MGQ3…. just DON’T KILL THAT GIRL! …By the way, you should not need someone else to suggest that XDDD

        • Anonymous II permalink

          well duh >_> thats the first thing you should think of …..of course you dont go and kill great character like Alice just cuz she feels like it… i expected something like this happen soewhere in the fight so when she was asking to finish her off its common sense to not do it

          • Random Troll permalink

            These are the guys who grew up with GTA:

            It walks – kill it!

  547. Anonymous permalink

    hmmm raped by alice for eternity…..

  548. Anonymous permalink

    i got hit by monster lords cruelty 3 time in a row…than a tail bind….

  549. loki permalink

    you have to click wait 2 times after alice stops fighting you to get the real ending and all out war between the “old” and “new” faith. Not saying anything more than that on the subject until more poeple figure out the trick.

  550. CWK permalink

    Is there a release date for the final part yet?
    sorry I don’t know when the second part was released so i don’t have any idea when to expect the final part of this juicy story :)

  551. Anonymous permalink

    dude ilias looks fucking funny as hell when she gets angry. she has the bat fuck insane eyes

  552. Seink permalink


  553. Anonymous permalink

    oohhh look a treasure chest. *opens it*. starts crying

  554. 007 permalink

    How to unlock the last monster of the game ?? Can anyone please help me ?????

    • Anonymous permalink

      last monster is ilias. you must kill alice (dont..please…)

      • Ryu permalink

        Also, it is a rape scene just like the first scene with Ilias (the one you get after 50 evaluations).
        It’s not like you are going to kick Ilias’ ass…. which i would have loved to do!

      • Haley permalink

        ;-; Doing this for the monsterpedia hurt so much. Alice… I’m soooorrrryyyyy >_____<;

  555. Anonymous permalink

    Hey kinda off topic, what is the url for the popularity list?

    • Dargoth permalink

      1. Alice
      2. Alma Elma
      3. Tamamo
      4. Imp (wtf?)
      5. Witch Succubus
      6. Queen Harpy
      7. Vampire Girl
      8. Granberia
      9. Luka (wtf??)
      10. Kitsune

      • Ryu permalink

        It’s clear that human-looking monsters get to the highest ranks in a popularity contest (except for Alice, who’s obviously ontop and one of the best game characters ever, if not the best one period^^).
        And then… we have Luka at #9… LOL. Maybe it’s a clue that several girls are playing this game too? XDDD

      • John permalink

        exactly…girls votes go to luka…!!

        • Ryu permalink

          Except for Sara. She obviously voted Granberia ;P

          • Anonymous permalink

            Speaking of Sara, wth happened to her? After she disappeared with Granberia she just kinda vanished.

      • Monster Girl Lover permalink

        Why did you write a “wtf?” after the Imp? The Imp Girl is awesome! I can totally understand why she’s ranked so high! ;D
        She’s just too cute and like I said already 2 times here in the comments: I just love Arekishi’s work! x3

        • John permalink

          Sara is somewhere in the Monster Lord’s Castle. After the fight with the 4 heavenly knights and Alice, Luka did not have much time to take a look around the castle since the uprising started. Sara will definitely come in the 3rd Chapter.

          • Anonymous permalink

            I just found it funny how there was no sign of her anywhere. I’m sure she’ll turn up in the 3rd chapter too. Probably wasn’t good for the mood to have a human princess checking things out during a fight against all the top monsters.

      • Flaris permalink

        A pretty good poll result. Though I probably would have put Tamamo in second only behind Alice who’d be there for sentimental value alone.

        I can see where the Imp’s popularity came from there. May have been weak, but was plenty cute.

        With Luka….well I suppose the main character should be there somewhere in the top 10.

  556. Anonymous permalink

    ….damn perverts
    ….damn honest
    fuck i laughed so hard i woke up my roommate and his one night stand

  557. Anonymous permalink

    Somehow I get the feeling llias is a monster and I do mean a in-game monster when I say so.
    I feel Ilias could be the first monster lord she’s not really a goddess and her power is limited as stated from the ending, plays a wannabe black and white sorceress till Luka’s father happens… Then Luka comes in and then we find out that Luka’s father was a hero that almost killed Ilias and then Luka goes dues ex machina and banishes Ilias with the hentai sword into a dove lol. After the battle humans and monsters fuck happily ever after.

  558. Anonymous permalink

    fucking hell yao is such a tease. would have loved a preggers scene

  559. Anonymous permalink

    Somehow I get the feeling llias is a monster and I do mean a in-game monster when I say so.
    I feel Ilias could be the first monster lord she’s not really a goddess and her power is limited as stated from the ending, plays a wannabe black and white sorceress till Luka’s father happens…

    Then Luka comes in and then we find out that Luka’s father was a hero that almost killed Ilias and then Luka goes dues ex machina and banishes Ilias with the hentai sword into a dove lol. After the battle humans and monsters fuck happily ever after.

    • Anonymous permalink

      wtf are you smoking willis?

    • CWK permalink


      • CWK permalink

        But seriously, when DOES the third part come out?

    • I think you are confusing Luka’s father with the great Heindrix or what ever his name is.

    • Haley permalink

      Er… Not so sure about the rest of it, but I do have the same thought that Illias isn’t actually a Goddess.

      Would explain her hatred of Monsters(i.e I am one but I don’t want to be one. I have to destroy everything that reminds me of it) not to mention, the game’s flipped the classic good and evil thing around so much by now that I wouldn’t be surprised if Angels were some form of monster as well. =P

      • John permalink

        Illias may be a corrupted or bad Goddess. Just like Black Alice who is the worst considering the other monster lords .The good Goddess may be the one that had fallen off (Illias’s Right Hand).

        • Haley permalink

          Has there been any mention of a second goddess? I don’t seem to recall anything about that. Perhaps I should rephrase my whole thought as I’m not sure about the definition of “Monster Lord/Goddess/monster/angel”

          Obviously, you have the easy way out which is they’re from different factions? I believe would be the best way to put it, but given that magical energy is created from semen and i’m guessing that angels run off the same power source (Why else would they be trying to rape Luca in the third chapter?) Is there a notable difference between angels and monsters?

          If I was to apply that logic to Illias, since she and Alice have fought before, and i’m assuming Alice must have been able to hurt her a bit at least, Is there any difference between them aside from beliefs?

          Given these two questions, I’m kinda torn between lumping angels and monsters all together and there has to be something else we don’t know(which will probably be revealed in chapter 3) to distinguish them.

          Either way though, it’s purely a theory at this stage with no concrete evidence to support my thoughts.

  560. Believer permalink

    The sign off storied son’t work always get an error then it closes is their a patch for this?

  561. John permalink

    whats the relation between the legendary Heinriech and Luka ( any other relation other than owners of the Angel Halo ) ?

    • CWK permalink

      I think it’s hinted like this: Heinriech is Luka’s great X ? grandfather.

      • John permalink

        thnx mate… maybe true.. But i thought that Heinrich would appear at the prison just after the angel halo was shining when Luka was about to leave. Just wondering how Heinrich managed to defeat Black Alice ( Luka was trained and helped by Alice along the journey ) But Heinrich gained that legendary status all but alone. Or Maybe there was someone who helped him? So much possibilities.. so much to think.. this sure is an epic plot !!

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          Sylph explicitly spells it out to you – Heinrich was her old master. He had the Spirits help him too, and Quadruple Giga was HIS technique.

          That said, don’t forget that Marcellus also made it to the Monster Lord’s castle. He had a party, but he DID NOT have the spirits, which means Luka’s dad and his friends were insanely strong to manage without Spirits augmenting their strength.

          • Anonymous permalink

            Also don’t forget that Alice the 15th basically sacrificed herself; she wasn’t really trying to defeat the four Heroes. They weren’t that insanely strong because otherwise little Alice’s attack shouldn’t have killed two of them and severely injured the other two. The four of them might have been able to conquer any other monster as a group, but the Monster Lord is in a league of her own.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Dude, little Alice BLINDSIDED the four of them right after her mother did that peace speech. They actually believed her, and didn’t expect a monster to come out and try to kill them after the ML pleaded for peace.

            Even the strongest man in the world would fall like a little punk to some pencil necked geek if said geek came out swinging with a 2×4 when he’s not expecting any hostility at all. And Lazarus and Marcellus then had to fight their way OUT of Hellgondo with no Garuda, no healer and no mage. Just the two of them and their weapons.

            If that doesn’t tell you these two were really strong to not only take Alice’s attack but also to fight their way back after being wounded, I don’t know what does.

        • CWK permalink

          You mean defeat “Alice” not “Black Alice” right?
          Luka has never seen “Black Alice” before, just that we have been shown who she is and that she has some relation to Ilias.

          • John permalink

            Luka defeats Alice 16th. But the 8th monster lord Black Alice was a bad monster and she was killed by Heinrich right. Thats what Alice says to Luka. Thats what i was referring to.
            I hope that Luka Boy is going to defeat Black Alice too in the 3rd part. :) :)

          • Anonymous permalink

            Well Black Alice was sort of “killed”, Illias saved her.

          • CWK permalink

            Interesting, Illias saved a monster… DAT HYPOCRITICAL BITCH! D:<

  562. Anonymous permalink

    sweet! thnx rogue, also can’t wait to look forward to the violated heroine updated patches (which might be a bit of a pain in the *** considering all the rework they’ve done to it…), still, keep up the great work, only wish i could translate too…

  563. Gabriel permalink

    Bro the patch works fine but i got this problem, when i play spin off stories the game gives an error and closes, you know why?

  564. Anonymous permalink

    Rogue while waiting for part 3 could you translate few spin-off stories? Like squid girl and picnic with Alma.

    • Haley permalink

      Considering Rogue already has a post on squid girl, it’s safe to say he’s working on it.

  565. Billy permalink

    I need help from anyone who could provide it, thanks in advance. This is really troubling me and I’ve had a hard time trying to fix it.

    Every time I start up the game, it starts normally; it shows “Monster Girl Quest Part 2” in English, and then the various options “New Game, Load, Configure”, etc. However, when I click on ANY of the options (usually Extras, as I’ve put my arc.nsa file into the directory and want to combine the two games), I get this error message. Before anyone asks, I have made sure I am set to Japanese locale.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated, I am at a complete loss.

  566. ).o permalink

    (not an error) When i played the battle against alma elma (3), the evaluation said losing to a certain skill leads to a different ending…But i checked the entry in the monsterpedia and there is only 1 rape scene…Is there really a second one?

    • If you lose to alma before she gets serious you see an alternate rape scene. It’s an extended move scene rather than a full rape scene much like the succubus breast finisher or or crab girl 1’s special service

      • GenocideHeart permalink

        Notably, it’s also the only scene besides the Colosseum one where Alma doesn’t kill you. She instead keeps you because you’re tasty.

  567. kana-art permalink

    I can’t play side story. It error too.

  568. Anon permalink

    I can’t get it, how can someone lose to four knights or Alice more than once?
    they always tell you which skill to use, you need only to listen carefully what they say and their battles would be piece of cake
    I never lose to anyone more than 2 times (not counting battles when I was doing it on purpose, of course ;) except for Giganto Weapon (I died them 5-6 times ;()

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      In Erubetie’s case, the battle is pure luck. It hinges on you surviving Meltostorm (which can oneshot you from full health if Gnome isn’t up) and avoiding her three instakill attacks. Neverland Frontier is an automatic loss, Divine Destiny you break free within 3 turns or lose, and Heaven’s Prison also you break free or lose. Her other skills aren’t a problem, but if Erubetie spams Meltostorm, you will be too busy healing to put any sort of offense up and will lose.

      So basically sacrifice your firstborn to the RNG god and pray.

      • Anonymous permalink

        One more thing, if you play the game in hard mode (like I do) the battles last longer.

      • Haley permalink

        She’s a pain to get all her techniques for >_<;

        Took me around 5-6 deaths to get all her instakills =/

        Then again, that's better than the elf queen and her energy drain.. So many ways to get stunlocked into oblivion if you don't have gnome/sylph up…

        • Haley permalink

          Now that I recall properly, Tamamo can hit really really hard if Sylph decides to be wonky and not dodge anything 4/5 times in a row ~_~;

          Alma has at least one charm/paralyze attack available even with Sylph on that hits on a low(but not 0%) chance.

          Granberia is kinda hard to lose to though!

          • CWK permalink

            “Granberia is kinda hard to lose to though!”
            Nevertheless, we all still did! :D

  569. lollercausts permalink

    For more side stories, check out Gnome’s Laboratory

    Rogue, might want to put this into the links section or somehow mention it in the main post?

  570. Anonymous permalink

    Jesus Christ, that last third felt so much longer than the rest. I was wondering what they were gonna go on for the third game, and then it happened…

  571. Kbc permalink

    Calling it right now, luka is the reincarnation of the 1st monster lord

    The same monster lord that was previously and angel before being banished to the earth, hence becoming a “fallen angel”

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      Um, the First Monster Lord was an equal to Ilias, not a Fallen Angel. The one who ‘fell’ was Ilias’s right hand (wo)man.

      And I strongly suspect you met her, too. If there’s any parallels at all between biblical God (who wasn’t nice at all in the Old Testament, in fact he was a lot like Ilias, smiting anyone who didn’t obey him without question), then his right hand angel was Michael (not Lucifer as some think – Lucifer was passed up in Michael’s favor)… and there’s that odd woman in Enrika named Mikaela, who seems to know Luka very well…

      • John permalink

        agree with you. That Mikaela girl and that village in Illiasburg surely will come up in the 3rd chapter. Maybe after Luka overthrows Illias and Black Alice Mikaela becomes the real goddess and thus peace is achieved.
        i really wonder that the makers of the game had the entire story framed out before they even started developing the 1st chapter. There were hints in the 1st chapter itself regarding what is going to happen in the 3rd chapter.

        • CWK permalink

          Yeah, even with Luka and his heritage. We don’t fully know him that well and apparently he has some power to do with angels too (explained by Tamamo about his ring).
          Luka might also be a decendent of Heinrich (In many scenes against ancient foes, they hint that Luka has similarities with “that hero 500 years ago”) and while Heinrich is locked in that prison, Luka might be able to free him and some explanations will be given then. Since Heinrich is a core witness to the truth 500 years ago, he might have some hindsight on Ilias, the angels and the chimeras.

          Btw, since the Four Heavnly Knights and any other monsters or humans can’t touch the new monsters created, doesn’t that make Luka the only one who can harm them in anyway? Alice once said that the Angel Halo can seal even the Angels themselves, so I was just wondering if Luka’s the only one who can defeat those heavenly creatures.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Chimeras can be touched just fine, Alice kills a lot of them in Remina. It’s angels that are the issue, but personally I think it just requires a lot of magic. Magic is, by definition, not an earthly power.

          • John permalink

            in btw, until now Luka does not have any magical attacks right ? just making sure.!!

          • CWK permalink

            Luka just has magic embedded in his attacks.
            btw there’s a post further down where i’ve given a website that lists funny things in MGQ and somewhere in the SPOILERS (ALERT) it said that Luka is a descendant of the fallen angel.
            It also says that when Luka sleeps, he awakens his angelic powers and go into “Lukafer” mode. I don’t know how accurate this document is, but it’s a very interesting and quite valid assumption, given all the hints we have so far.
            Here, I’ll re-post the link here so it’s easier to get to:

          • CWK permalink

            From another URL:


            “Badass Abnormal: Luka is far more powerful than any human due to his heritage as the son of a human and an angel, letting him take on monsters that would require armies of normal humans to defeat. Since half-angels are more powerful than full angels”

            “Luka’s mother’s ring, which is brought up multiple times and from which Alice feels no magic whatsoever.”
            “The depleted magical ore serves to “seal” Luka’s incredibly potent angel powers.
            The mystery behind Luka’s powers he can only use while unconscious.”

          • John permalink

            that was something to note…Luka getting insanely powerful while asleep. But Luka’s mother is said to be a normal human who died of illness. Maybe she adopted Luka from the fallen angel and that ring he holds belongs to his real mother-the fallen angel.

          • CWK permalink

            Was just replaying MGQ part 1
            So i guess the hint that Luka’s heritage is from an angel comes from this scene:

            Alice was training Luka and told him to meditate and said:
            “Don’t grumble.
            It’s said that the fallen angel Erigora was able to immediately heal all
            of his wounds by meditating.”

          • CWK permalink

            Also, when i fought Nanabi and fell asleep, she attacks and when Luka dodges, the name of the move was “Fallen Angel Dance”
            Luka then attacks with “Ninefold Rakshasa”
            then Luka attacks with a move called “Heavenly Demon Revival”
            then finishes with a (i presume) magical attack called “Daystar”
            I think this fight has the most hints of Luka’s heritage.

            Btw, I don’t think we’re ever given Luka’s mother’s name right?

          • CWK permalink

            Another thought that crossed my mind was the fact that Luka’s ring has sealing properties, and tvropes said that Luka’s true potential was being sealed by the ring.
            I wonder what happens if Luka takes the ring off…

  572. If anyone still has the crash problem during the Lilith fight, it seems to be tied the the executable file that is used to run the game. In other words, if you run the game from the other executable file called mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe, then the problem will not arise. At least it didn’t for me.

    So to spell it out, this is a workaround to the problem:

    1. Save the game right before the Lilith/Lilum fight.

    2. Exit the game and open it again with the mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe file that is located in the same folder as the executable that you usually use to run the game.

    3. Load the save and win fight…

    4. Ahahah yeah right. I mean lose the fight 400000 times, and once you’ve fapped to the point where tears don’t even come out any more, beat them and save the game again.

    5. Close the game and open it up normally, loading the new save game.

    I know there are other fixes out for it at this point, but thought I’d let people know anyway in case they don’t want to download anything “unofficial”.

  573. John permalink

    Why dont we create a group in FB for MGQ so that we could discuss the plot and possibilities? any takers ?

    • CWK permalink

      I don’t think some of us are willing to openly join and discuss this topic without an anonymous identity…

      • AnonS permalink

        lol as much as I love this, I’m not going to create a new facebook account and then go through that.

        We can keep using this blog or use the hongfire thread that this blog spawned from afaik. I plan to keep checking this webpage until it dies.

  574. CWK permalink

    Lol just found something hilarious and thought I’d share :)

  575. John permalink

    Illias – Get up Faggot…

    that was funny.. lol !! But at last he should have gunned down the Illias Bitch too instead of sweet Alice

    • Anonymous II permalink

      YEAH finally idiotic hero sees what Ilias is like

  576. John permalink

    I guess this is the homepage of torotoro. Iam not sure as i dont read japanese. VNDB says this is the homepage.

  577. John permalink

    There was 6 months gap between the release of 1st chapter and 2nd chapter. the 2nd was released in December 2011. 6 months from that will be June 2012. That means 2 months from now at the least. :( :(
    Just wild guesses. !!

    • Anonymous permalink

      You wrong, the 1st chapter was released in March, so there was 9 months between them. Then the last chapter will supposedly release in September and the Trial Edition in June.

      • Anonymous II permalink

        really? thx for the info a lot :)
        now just plot is interesting enough to keep me playin this game i just cant wait on it to be out

      • John permalink

        sorry. you are right.!

      • CWK permalink


  578. Anonymous permalink

    So Rogue no that this is done are you going to work on VH?

  579. Anonymous permalink

    Found a crash when playing the side story of the harpies

  580. Anonymous permalink

    I have a big problem, when I try to load a game, the Save Location text doesn’t appear in any save, and when I continue, the text comes out extremely small. Yes, I have East Asian Language Pack already installed, and this only happens in my Laptop. In my Desktop, where the files came from, the game works perfectly. I have a small hunch that this has to do with the two txt files that are supposed to be in Japanese, but they’re all glitched out, like this:


    IDK if this is the problem, but if it is, can someone help me please?

  581. Anonymous permalink


  582. SupremeVictory permalink

    Ilias is a bitch, but she’s hot. Her poses and facial expressions during the good ending are sexy. Just something about a goddess plotting something devious.

    She reminds me of Myria from Breath of Fire 3 who wanted to rid the world of the brood (dragons). She is nice and sweet until you question her methods. Ilias isn’t as “motherly” as Myria is though. In fact Ilias is more frightening and just evil.

    Myria sees the dragons as beings with too much power for their own good and she fears it. Ilias just thinks of monsters as simple lustful beast who don’t have feelings and aren’t capable of love or peace. This is evident when she mocks Alice for keeping the bow Luka bought for her in a treasure chest in the bad ending. I thought that was pretty low for a goddess.

    This part 3 has my blooding boiling. I’m just guessing, but the monster that Alice and Luka rode on should crash down into the castle and save Luka, Alice and the Heavenly Knights. They can regroup somewhere else while they are recovering and go from there. Now its a monster-man hunt for Luka and his comrades by monsters under Black Alice, the chimera and Ilias’s angels?

    Can you just smell an epic adventure from that scenario?

    • GenocideHeart permalink

      The difference between Myria and Ilias is that Myria was somewhat justified in seeing Dragons as dangerous. Aside from BoF Dragon Quarter where they trashed the world, all it takes is an ambitious git like Jade popping up among them to cause most other races to face imminent extinction.

      Do note, as well, that she does keep her word to the letter if Ryu accepts her offer. She lets him roam anywhere in Station Myria so long as he doesn’t leave, and does her best to make his life here good, like she did for Teepo. It may be a harsh choice, but Myria actually keeps her word and does go out of her way to try and find a solution that lets her spare Ryu and his companions, whom she intended to send home to their lives after they forgot a possibly painful separation.

      Myria was a well intentioned extremist. Ilias is just an insane tyrant, from what I see.

    • Anonymous II permalink

      YUP you couldnt say it better :] chimeras and new monsters (meh not interested) , angels , and powerd up monsters from black alice,

    • Haley permalink

      Personally, I’m seeing Luka end up being some kinda Monster/Black Knight in the end. Kinda reminds me of that series of shorts on why you shouldn’t kill the Monster Lord/Maou.

      I just can’t find Ilias interesting on a personal level though… She’s just too crazy for me. Killing off monsters just because she dislikes them and trying to recreate the world because they’re actually starting to get along doesn’t seem like something anyone should do.

      • AnonS permalink

        Most of the monsters kill people or enslave them. If we were in that Monster Quest world we’d try to kill them all off too. They’re strong and extremely dangerous. The best you can hope for is they rape you and go away. And honestly being raped by something hideous like most of these things would be in real life would probably be worse than just getting killed quickly.

        • GenocideHeart permalink

          To be fair, the monsters rape people BECAUSE they have been driven in a corner. They need human semen to even reproduce, but thanks to Ilias’s idiotic laws brainwashing nearly everyone, most monsters are finding their numbers steadily dropping, and have to take grim action. This, unfortunately, caused a number of races to get very angry at humans for putting them in that position, and caused the hatred to increase, to the point the monsters just don’t care anymore whether what they do is evil or not.

          Erubetie is a good case. Her profile mentioned she once wanted to live in peace with humans, but seeing her people’s suffering poisoned her mind with hate. It takes a considerable effort for her to TRUST a human, which is why the fact she decided to put her money on Luka is amazing. She doesn’t expect him to deliver, but wants to hope for the first time in a long while.

          Another good example is Harpy Queen. She KNOWS what she is letting her people do is wrong, but her duty is first and foremost to her kind, and she squashed her feelings on it for the sake of her tribe’s survival. She still has so many doubts she can barely put out half her power when fighting Luka. Her heart just isn’t into it because she KNOWS she’s in the wrong.

          • Haley permalink

            ^ pretty much a textbook answer right there.

            I’d toss in the succubus village as well, all they wanted is semen. Sure, they CAN be deadly,but they don’t HAVE to kill. With volunteers from other villages, their dream becomes a reality and their “threat” reduces dramatically. It’s not a perfect scenario as they may get bored,etc(As Lazarus rightly points out to Luca, monsters are generally stronger than humans, no question about it.) but co-existance and the challenges it poses has the focus of the game for the past 2 chapters.

            Much like co-existance between races in real life, it’s not something that can be just taken care of in a snap, what the storywriter can (and arguably is) doing is showing the player multiple scenarios where co-existance either exists or evolves towards something more equitable(the ant people and… that town for instance).

            More importantly, I would say that less than half of the monsters you fight are outright unfriendly, most of them are just minding their own business when prey/food walks right into their midst. Sans the Vore monsters anyway, most of them just make you into their (generally willing) slaves.

            True, enslavement IS bad, but if it’s a wiling buyer and a willing seller (i.e the person in question doesn’t mind being a slave. Look at the village near the Yamata no Orochi, Harpy Village, Succubus Village), I don’t see much of a moral issue with it except perhaps enticement via sex.

          • GenocideHeart permalink

            Enticement via sex is what the world has been going on since the beginning of dual-gendered life. XD If females weren’t capable of luring males in with the promise of sex, there’d be no life to speak of beyond bacteria on Earth. Enticement via sex can only be considered a moral issue if someone is a prude of the worst kind. Which is why I dislike most RL religions. If God/YHVH/Allah/Insert deity here didn’t intend for us to enjoy sex whenever we wanted, he wouldn’t have made it so unbelievably FUN. But no religion ever considers that.

  583. AnonS permalink

    I must be the only one that hasn’t started the final third yet. I’m waiting for the right time to start it. Until then I am playing other inferior games.

  584. SFrame permalink


  585. Anonymous permalink

    so i was playing then i blue screened and now my save files wont read when i enter the load menu anyway to fix this?

  586. Anonymous permalink

    well i started the game over and i noticed my save files now go into the monmusu quest 2 folder instead of the save folder so i tried to put my old save files into this and now i get a 099.txt line;188611 add$savetime,@saveminute ; add $savetime

  587. Anonymous permalink

    sooo not sure if its posted yet i looked around but dint see it i might be wrong though i had a crash in the succubus village two times in a row on last boss ill post the pic of what it says

  588. SupremeVictory permalink

    The succubus witch has some of the hottest CG attacks in the game. I fight her on Hell mode sometimes just to get raped and I try to win. On Hell mode though, sometimes Sylph doesn’t block Mini Phantasum (which she may use on the first turn) or protect you from the kiss trance.

  589. Anon permalink

    Hey Rogue, you said you will include the spin off story stuff in a later patch in your last post. Does that mean you’ll translate some of the best Japanese custom scenarios or that there’s something in the game engine you still need to work on?

    Also, what about the numerous other bugs/typos/crashes people have reported here and at other places–any word on that?

  590. Anonymous permalink

    YAY!!!!! Now I can understand it again! Now all that’s left is to wait for the conclusion!, anyone know when part 3 is coming out? Soon, or next year?

    • CWK permalink

      There’s a post further up saying that since it took part two around 9 months to come out with the full version, counting from when it’s released, the third and final part will be out around September.

      The trial version will be out around June though.

      But these are just estimates, so don’t quote me or the post further up on it.

  591. Anonymous permalink

    I got a problem with a boss. The Giganta weapon (in the monster lord castle), there have no music. No big deal. But when i use Undine power, my screen close. No big deal, i beat it without her power but when i finish (get the exp and everything) i want to save but the game crash. I retry 3 times and it do the same thing ( and because its a long boss its very annoying). It is the same problem for everyone or do it have a solution for this problem ?